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Putin runs out of cash to support Donbas and Crimea – Russian expert.  Trump deems Putin to be better leader than Barack Obama.  Russian Black Sea Fleet warships took aim at Ukrainian border guards’ vessel in Ukraine’s exclusive maritime zone.  Russian terrorists attacked Ukrainian troops 20 times yesterday, used 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Paralympics 2016: Ukraine has gained the first "Gold"

During the first day of competitions Ukrainian athletes won 9 medals

Ukraine national team at Paralympics in Rio won the first gold medal. Swim champion in the 100m at the back became Poltavets Evgeny Bohodayko. Its result 1:10:55. In Ukrainian/український
on Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:40 pmAdmin
The EU extended sanctions against Russia

At the meeting of September 7, 2016 the Permanent Representatives of the European Union decided to extend for six months the personal sanctions against citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, which ends September 15.

It is reported by UNIAN .

"Coreper (Committee of Permanent Representatives. - Ed.) Confirmed the intention of the Council to extend for six months the EU restrictive measures in respect of acts against the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. They include the freezing of assets and travel ban on 146 individuals and 37 legal entities persons ", - said the source.

He noted that changes in the list of individuals and entities who have fallen under the restrictive measures is expected. However, changes are not excluded in justifying their inclusion in the list. In Ukrainian/український
Belarusian severely punished by the withdrawal of Russian flag at the opening of Paralympics 2016 (PHOTO)

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) decided to deny accreditation Andrew Fomochkina Belarusian delegation, which came at the opening of the Games-2016 with the flag of Russia.

This was on his page on Twitter Director of Public IPC Craig Spence.

"IPC revoked the accreditation of the person who came out of the Russian flag during the parade of the Belarusian delegation at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio" - wrote Spence.

Thus, the representative of Belarus will not be able to attend the Olympic venues during the 2016 Paralympic Games.

As reported by the "Observer", in Belarus explained the work of his compatriot gesture of solidarity with Russian athletes. Previously, the entire team of Russia was excluded from the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro due to doping scandal. In Ukrainian/український
At the latest in November, Ukraine will receive a visa-free - Klimkin

Germany "in no way an obstacle to Ukraine visa-free," Klimkin assured

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin hopes that the issue of visa-free country will be decided in October-November.

He said this after a meeting with German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, reports Ukrinform.

"Maybe it will be October, beginning of November can. I really hope so, "- Klimkin said.

He said that they Mezieres "very thoroughly" discussed. And during the conversation confirmed Germany's position on its consistent support for Ukraine towards a visa-free regime.

Germany "in no way an obstacle to Ukraine visa-free", - assured Klimkin.

He reiterated that the issue lies in the fact that the European Parliament must approve a mechanism to respond to threats and "then the way will be opened."

In addition, during a visit to Germany Klimkin met with President of the Bundestag Norbert Lammert and the group of deputies of the ruling coalition. "The purpose of the meeting - companionship with many members of Parliament with a view to bringing that Ukraine is important to support has been consistent," - he explained the reporter. In Ukrainian/український
On the side of the "DNR" fought 40 French far right - media

According to Gogo, as the French took part in the fighting and working in the so-called press service of the "DNR"

In the conflict in the Donbass in the ranks of militants samonazvanoyi "DNR" was found about 30-40 French citizens.

The broadcast of the public told a French journalist and co-author of the presence of French citizens in the ranks of militants Paul Gogo.

"At one time or another in the Donbas 30-40 were French citizens. It is difficult to say how many of them there is left to present. Perhaps a dozen, "- he said.

According to Gogo, as the French took part in the fighting and working in the so-called press service of "NPT".

"Most of them came from among the French extreme right. Some are there for ideological reasons. It is mostly older people who already had experience of war "- said the journalist.

In addition, he said, goes to Donbas and French youth who have an idealized vision of modern.

"They dream of a strong Russia - Putin's Russia. And, oddly enough, they dream about strong women. Some even come there in search of strong women ", - said Gogo.

This conclusion, he said, can be done by examining the pages of these people in the social networks - where you can often see photos of women with Kalashnikov machine guns, women, tanks and more.

"It's a delight" great Russia ", which seems strong compared with Europe or the United States - countries that in the opinion of these people rot", - concluded the journalist. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine Defense Ministry and the Pentagon signed a cooperation agreement

For the first time a document is signed for five years

Today, September 8 in London ministers of defense of Ukraine and the US signed the "Concept of development of partnership between the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense of the United States for five years." The press service of Defense Ministry of Ukraine.

"This is the first time in history, we signed a document on cooperation for such a long period - the minister of defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak. - This document is aimed at supporting defense reform in Ukraine and will help implement programs of bilateral cooperation, transfer of military technology, logistic facilities, services and personnel training.

As part of the "Concept of Partnership" cooperation involves four main lines of effort. Particular the strengthening of the defense capability of Ukraine, the implementation of defense reforms in order to create modern Armed Forces.
Also signed concept envisages improving defense planning process based on capacity and management of defense resources to the formation, training, development and support of troops. Another focus is to improve cooperation in defense technology and support integration of the defense sector.

"This is a new page in the history of Ukraine-US relations and we will write it together," - said US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. In Ukrainian/український
Russia lifted into the air more than 20 fighters from airfields occupied Crimea

A Russian military exercises in the occupied Crimea flying fighter

Aircraft fulfills the Southern Military District reflection massive raid conditional enemy during the exercises "Caucasus-2016", said the Defense Ministry on Thursday.

"As part of the exercises" Caucasus-2016 "more than 20 fighters of the Southern Military District for 10 minutes for the alarm had been raised to repel massive air strikes conditional enemy. Crews 30cm Su-Su-30M2 and Su-27SM3 4th Army Air Force and Air Defence and the Black Sea Fleet carried off on airfields Krymsk, Belbek, Saki to intercept aircraft ", - reported in the department of Information and Communications of the Defense Ministry.

In addition, "to prevent a rush of enemy aircraft in the airspace YUVO conditional intended use calculations worked out anti-aircraft missile systems S-400, S-300 anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes" armor-S "- said the agency.

"Aircraft crews and air defense units of the Southern Military District performed conventional air guided missile firing weapons anti-aircraft missiles in all detected air targets," - said the Defense Ministry.

In the role of a conditional enemy flights carrying out pilots and Far Military transport aviation aerospace forces and operational-tactical and army aviation Western and Central military districts.

"In order to maximize complicate the work teams radar detection of air targets in more than 50 crews VKS, ZVO and TSVO performed simultaneously entering the zone defense YUVO at various speeds, altitudes and directions", - reported in the military.

According to the Defense Ministry, during training pilots distant bombers Tu-22M3 perform flights at supersonic speeds, the crews of Tu-95MS missile at high altitude. In Ukrainian/український
Trump admires Putin that "greater leader than Obama," and dreams of the "excellent relations" with him
Republican candidate said that the political system that exists in Russia, he did not like

US presidential candidate from the Republican Party billionaire Donald Trump said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a "great leader" than Barack Obama. He said this during a forum on security in the channel MSNBC, writes Deutsche Welle .

Trump pointed out that very respect of residents and would have a "great relationship" with Putin. "I think that I'm with him ladnatymu. He is a leader. Greater leader than the leader was our president "- said Trump. He also believes that Putin holds the country under "very strict control."

Meanwhile, the Republican nominee said that the political system that exists in Russia, he did not like. US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, who also participated in the forum, said that in case of election ochilnytseyu countries, the United States will not send ground troops to the Middle East to fight terrorist groups.

"We will never again send ground troops to Iraq," - said Clinton. It also ruled out sending ground troops to Syria by its leaders. Thus, it intends to continue the policy of Barack Obama, who also exclude such plans. In Ukrainian/український
Azarov will receive a pension in Ukraine - the judgment

The Pension Fund has appealed the court decision to pay pensions Azarov

Podolsky district court of Kyiv ordered to restore pension fund calculation and payment of pensions of former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko at his page in Facebook.

"Podolsky district court of Kyiv ordered to restore pension fund calculation and payment of pensions Mykola Azarov. Recall that we cease to accrue and pay him to retire in early 2015 ", - wrote Rozenko.

He added that the Pension Fund has filed an appeal.

Recall the decision of the Appeal Court of Kyiv on February 4, 2016 was reversed investigating judge of Pechersk District Court of Kyiv on 21 December 2015 on the arrest of pension (payments) Azarov.

However Directorate of Special Investigations Main Investigation Department of the GPU during the preliminary investigation of the criminal proceedings regarding Azarov repeatedly appealed to the corresponding request to the investigative judge of the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv.

Decision of the Court of 24 February 2016 stated request was granted and re-arrested on retirement saving accounts Azarov.

As reported, March 30, Kyiv Court of Appeal upheld the arrest pension bank account of "State Savings Bank of Ukraine" former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov. In Ukrainian/український
Interpol has confirmed the arrest in Panama Kaskiv

Ukraine sent Panama original request for extradition Kaskiv

Interpol has confirmed the arrest of the former head of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine Vladyslav Kaskiv in Panama. This in Facebook wrote Deputy Attorney General Eugene Yenin.

"Just received through the Interpol official confirmation of the arrest in Panama Vladyslav Kaskiv," - wrote Yenin.

Earlier in the GPU said that tonight Kaskiv was detained . The department said that because of the time difference and circumstances of official confirmation from Interpol arrest will only late at night.

Yenin said that Panama on August 25 issued a warrant for provisional arrest ex-officer, involving the arrest of 40 days. In addition, Ukraine has transferred the original extradition request Kaskiv.

In the GPU also said that Kaskiv tried several times to leave the territory of Panama. In particular, was going to flee to Cuba. In Ukrainian/український
Poland checks Moscow in latest battle over European missile defense

TO and Russia are in a missile race, and Poland may have just raised the stakes.

The Polish government announced Tuesday that it would buy the U.S. Army's Patriot air-and-missile defense system, a move widely seen as a response to Moscow's upcoming deployment of nuclear-capable missiles to Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea.

Five other NATO countries already deploy the Patriot system — which can knock down missiles, drones, and small aircraft — but none are as far to the east as Poland, nor so close to Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave which is already bristling with missile systems and other advanced Russian military hardware.............
Russia’s Trump, Zhirinovsky, wants to Build a Wall, Ban Muslims, and Nuke the White House

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the far-right Russian pol loves the idea of building walls and banning Muslims. He says he’s fighting corruption, but excuses Trump’s shady Russian connections

Vladimir Zhirinovsky recently boasted of taking a DNA test to prove that he’s related to Donald Trump. The 70-year-old Russian right-wing nationalist and populist who founded the (not very) Liberal Democratic Party often is compared to the 70-year-old American populist now slightly ahead in the contest to win presidency of the United States. Zhirinovsky is called a “Russian Trump” and Trump, at least in Russia, is labeled an “American Zhirinovsky.”

What similarities do Russians see in them It could be their brash, fiery rhetoric, the roughness of their style, the way their faces distort with anger, or, as one Russian pointed out, the way that spittle tends to build on the corners of their mouths.

Certainly they share an ability to feed the public with fury, and change their message as they find convenient. Depending on what tune he needed at any given moment in the political arena, Zhirinovsky can act as the Kremlin’s clown or as a calm, even cold, opposition leader.
Russian Black Sea Fleet warships took aim at Ukrainian border guards’ vessel in Ukraine’s exclusive maritime zone. VIDEO

The incident occurred with the participation of the Russian warships and aircraft as Podillia coast guard ship and patrol airplane of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine were carrying out missions in the north-western part of Ukraine's exclusive (maritime) economic zone on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was stated by the press center of the State Border Guard Service.

"As Podillia coast guard ship was passing through Karkinit Bay and approaching Holitsyn and Odesa gas fields, the warships and aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation started hindering the legitimate activities of the Ukrainian vessel by carrying out dangerous maneuvers in violation of universally recognized principles, norms, and rules of the international law. In particular, the Russian Armed Forces' Su-24 bomber made several circles over Podillia coast guard ship at dangerous altitude," the statement reads.

Besides, the Russian Smetlivy escort vessel with its artillery system aimed at the Ukrainian coast guard ship and Priazovye medium recon ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet carried out dangerous maneuvers creating the preconditions for a navigation incident in the area of the illegal operation of the Russian-annexed oil rigs.

"Despite undisguised acts of provocation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the crew of Podillia coast guard ship acted decisively and achieved its objectives in the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine," the State Border Guard Service stressed.

The agency reported that during the surface picture monitoring, the State Border Guard Service had once again collected evidence of the Russian Federation's aggression, seizure of assets, and illegal industrial activities in the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
No grounds for Russian criticism of NATO's support for Ukraine, - Stoltenberg

The Russian Federation has no reasons to criticize the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for its support to Ukraine.
Secretary-General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg said at news conference in Tbilisi on Sept. 7, Censor.NET reports citing Europeiska Pravda.

According to Stoltenberg, Ukraine is an independent state and it has a legal right to ask for support and to receive it. So there are no grounds for criticism against NATO for supporting the democratic government, the secretary-general said.

The diplomat reminded that NATO provided support to Ukraine through several trust funds in logistics, management, and military sector reforms areas.

Stoltenberg said that the Ukraine-NATO Commission had been set up as a platform for practical and political cooperation between the two parties. The secretary-general noted that NATO summit in Warsaw this summer was a key event for setting NATO's policy towards Russia, which is military reinforcement, but also includes a political dialogue.

According to Stoltenberg, military reinforcement and dialogue can go together - the reinforcement is needed to conduct this political talk with Russia. Russia remains NATO's largest neighbor, so the Alliance needs this dialogue to prevent incidents like the one in Turkey, Jens Stoltenberg stressed. In Ukrainian/український
Trump deems Putin to be better leader than Barack Obama

Republican nominee Donald Trump called Putin a "far more" capable leader than President Obama at Wednesday's Commander-in-Chief Forum.

Censor.NET reports citing NBC News.

Trump noted Putin had an "82 percent approval rating," predicted he would have a "very very good relationship" with Putin, and compared Putin favorably to Obama.

"The man has very strong control over a country," Trump said of Putin. "It's a very different system and I don't happen to like the system, but certainly, in that system, he's been a leader, far more than our president has been a leader."

Trump said he would not be influenced by Putin's praise of him as "brilliant" (Putin denied a report he used the phrase) on a policy level, but also indicated he would repay it in kind on a personal level.

"If he says great things about me, I'm going to say great things about him," Trump said.

The U.S. presidential election is to be held Nov. 8, 2016. In Ukrainian/український

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Putin runs out of cash to support Donbas and Crimea – Russian expert

The window of opportunity is shrinking for Pres Putin in Ukraine since he has no money to feed and support Donbas and Crimea, Russian political expert Dmitri Oreshkin said, speaking to Krym, Realiji (Crimean Realities) Sept. 7.

“Crimea and Donbas must be fed. Putin feels he has to withdraw from Donbas as it is beyond his means to support it (food, electricity, gas, water, weapons, ammunition, fuel, etc.).

He cannot unleash a major war because the world is on the stand-by, and new harsher sanctions will be imposed.

At the same time, Putin wants to have a brave face, showing he is a winner,” Dmitri Oreshkin said.
Russian terrorists attacked Ukrainian troops 20 times yesterday, used 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers, IFVs, - Staff

The situation in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone is under control as the cease-fire deal is generally observed.
Censor.NET informs citing the situation report by the ATO Staff press center as at 6 a.m. Sept. 8.

According to the Staff, the Russian occupation forces opened fire on Ukrainian soldiers' positions 20 times over the past 24-hour period: eight attacks recorded at Donetsk, nine - at Mariupol, and three - at Luhansk direction.

"At Donetsk section of the front, the enemy committed provocative attacks near Avdiivka using 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers, machine guns, and small arms. Machine guns and small arms were employed against Verkhniotoretske and Luhanske. The invaders shelled Novoselivka Druha with grenade launchers.

"It was tense in Shyrokyne at Mariupol direction as the militants fired at this village with 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers and machine guns. The enemy also provided harassing fire with small arms near Marinka and Starohnativka. Besides, the militants employed IFV guns, machine guns, and small arms against the defenders of Shyrokyne.

"The enemy fired at Novooleksandrivka at Luhansk direction with grenade launchers and machine guns and attacked Popasna with small arms," the latest update reads.

It was also noted that the enemy used no heavy weapons.

Besides, three occupants' UAVs were spotted flying over ATO forces' positions at Luhansk and Mariupol directions.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine strictly observe the Minsk accords. The units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces carry out operational coordination, improving their professional skills and weapons proficiency at the specially equipped training grounds in the anti-terrorist operation zone. The range practice is conducted according to the military units combat training plan pre-agreed with the local authorities," the ATO Staff press center added.

As reported, the Russian proxies attacked the Ukrainian troops' positions 21 times Sept. 6 using 120 mm and 82 mm mortars, machine guns, and grenade launchers. In Ukrainian/український
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