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Please scroll down to view news items added during the day.

In Donbas killed one Ukrainian military.  In Donbas increased the number of non-combat losses among pro-Russian militants  Police fired tear gas at protesters to "Kyivmiskbud" .  In the US State Department told why the sanctions were effective against.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Poroshenko dismissed the head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Melnychuk

Earlier, the prosecutor general said that the investigation examines the role of the governor in the history of the bribe through which detained the deputy

President Petro Poroshenko dismissed the head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Maksym Melnychuk. The corresponding decree №389 was published on the website of the President yesterday, September 9. It states that the governor dismissed, according to his application.

Recall Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that the investigation examines the role of head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Maksim Melnichuk in the history of the bribe, the suspicion of which was delayed his deputy Igor Lyubko. Lutsenko also said that "a few days ago Melnychuk immediately resigned."

Note earlier edition of "RBK-Ukraine" reported, citing a source in the presidential administration and the faction "Block Petro Poroshenko" that Melnychuk September 1, wrote a letter of resignation. In Ukrainian/український
The former wife of "Svoboda" Miroshnichenko, he beat his daughter for every word in Russian

The former wife of deputies from the party "Svoboda" Igor Miroshnichenko Galina Kalchenko said he beat their joint daughter Lyubava lips for every word spoken Russian.

According to Galina, even during the honeymoon she realized that she was the difficult living with Miroshnichenko.

"Igor is not like me. Not like that I speak Russian, I want them, I drink Pepsi-Cola. His life - the struggle, he finds the object and begins to fight. In the past, his life is I was. and our daughter, which he shouted: "Do not you dare this suchoyu language talk" - and beat the lips, when she even say a word in Russian. my grandmother he was not allowed to see his granddaughter - also because the Russian language " - said Galina.

"Our family life has never been particularly happy. We met another faculty of journalism, I studied Exchange under. He began to make love to me, we have a lot of walking, a couple of times kissed, but he was so much pressed and jealous of me that I gave him vidkosha "- says Kalchenko. In Ukrainian/український
Clownery continues: "FSC" intends to open a "representative office" in Austria

This news has become an unpleasant surprise for Austria

In the breakaway "FSC" announced their intention to open a "representative office" in Austria. Information on this site, cooperating with "FSC".

According to one of the so-called "People's Council deputies FSC", "representation" will deal with "information and educational activities" and to coordinate the delivery of the occupied territories Lugansk humanitarian aid. This cell allegedly lead the Austrian social activist Alfred Almeder.

In turn, Ukraine's Ambassador to Austria Scherba commented Alexander told TSN that this news came as a surprise not only for him but also an unpleasant surprise for Austria. Scherba said that will raise the question "FSC representative" in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria.

"There was a certain group of enthusiasts who suddenly intensified. We know that they are because they occasionally at events laid out tray under the name, such as "to support the FSC." I think that now this tray will be renamed simply "of FSC." It was a matter of time until one of the many not well employed Austrians who support the "FSC" starts handing out business cards that it is their representative, "- said the ambassador.

Ukrainian same Scherba advised "not to overestimate this clowning" and added that "in fact, the world does not recognize, do not recognize and will never recognize this comedy."

Scherba also said on his page on Twitter, which Almeder, which "delegated" representatives "FSC" allegedly did not really want to lead any related organization. "Vaudeville with" FSC representative "continues. Austrian, who had this "honor" nor sleep nor spirit. He says so in the "FSC" traveled, but the ambassador does not want to be ", - wrote a diplomat.
In turn, the Austrian edition of Die Presse notes that Almeder even had no idea that violate Ukrainian law, traveling to the "FSC" without permission from the Ukrainian side. The publication notes that Almeder is only a cashier in "Working Union of humanitarian aid to Ukraine" and manages - left journalist Leo Gabriel.

Recall, September 1, Russian media announced the opening of Ostrava in Czech institutions, called "representation of the NPT." In Ukrainian/український
Between Putin, Hollande and Merkel are secret arrangements - Dmitry Timchuk

Putin received assurances that Germany and France will put pressure on Kyiv - Dmitry Timchuk

After a series of negotiations with the head of France Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Putin suddenly announced his return to Normandy format, which refused earlier. Leader "Information resist" Dmitry Timchuk believes that this indicates the existence of secret deals between politicians. This Timchuk said in comments to "Commander."

"Apparently, Putin received some assurances that Germany and France will put pressure on Kyiv to Moscow upheld condition - otherwise I do not understand. Instead Kyiv - Poroshenko is clearly defined in his message to the Parliament - said that such conditions are unacceptable, "- he said.

Timchuk explained - Ukraine seeking first ceasefire removal of heavy weapons, the withdrawal of Russian weapons, taking border control Kyiv - and then have local elections. This option rejected by Moscow. "Now Putin vychekaye a while until it becomes clear that this is not an option. I think that even if Poroshenko submit such bills - of course, on his behalf and under control of Deputies - they just will not be accepted by Parliament. Moscow then again rozhortatyme escalation to continue to put pressure on Kyiv ", - the expert added. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:36 pmAdmin
Four soldiers killed in eastern Ukraine

UPDATE: Andriy Lysenko, Ukrainian Presidential Administration spokesman for the Anti-Terrorist Operation, said one soldier was killed and two more injured during an attack by separatists around the eastern town of Maryinka.

Four Ukrainian soldiers were killed and four more wounded fighting in the Donbas conflict zone in the past day, Ukrainian TSN news network reported, citing its own sources.

One of the injured is in serious, but stable condition. Despite the new ceasefire agreement in late August, the militants fired grenade launchers and machine guns in the town of Maryinka...............
"Plastic bags on face, electric shocks": human rights activists tell of systemic torture of Ukrainians in Russia

Head of the Crimean Human Rights Group Olha Skrypnik during a Kyiv press conference has spoken of a systemic use of torture against Ukrainian citizens who are held as political prisoners by the Russian security forces, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

"Indeed, we were afraid that in this case [the case of the so-called Crimean "saboteurs "], torture could be applied because, unfortunately, it is a constant practice of the security forces in [the Russian-occupied] Crimea and in other cases of our Ukrainian political prisoners. If you remember the case of Oleh Sentsov, Hennady Afanasiev has told exactly what torture techniques were used against him," she said.

"We see almost the same methods if you remember the case of Oleksandr Kostenko and Andriy Kolomiets. They also named the same methods – duct tape, plastic bags over the face, electric shocks. That is, what we are seeing now is not the first time when the people who have become hostages of politically motivated cases reported almost the same kind of torture techniques. That is, we are now talking about a systemic practice, applied to the Ukrainians, who have essentially become the Kremlin’s hostages," said Skrypnik..................
on Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:19 pmAdmin
Russia halts diesel fuel supplies to Ukraine

The Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) on September 9 cancelled most of the earlier issued permits for diesel fuel exports to Ukraine, according to OilNews citing the importers of Russian diesel.

"On Friday, the majority of permits, earlier issued by FSTEC, were zeroed. Deliveries are halted. Ukrainian companies are urgently submitting new documents in order to unlock the Russian imports. Russian suppliers have no information on the causes of the regulator’s move," said one of the importers of diesel fuel from Russia’s Volgograd. A relevant notice regarding the decision of the Russian FSTEC was sent by Russian suppliers to the majority of their Ukrainian counterparts.

At this point, the information has been confirmed of the halt of deliveries from the enterprises owned by Lukoil. At the same time, there is no confirmed information at the moment on the situation with the supply through an oil pipeline of Prykarpatzapadtrans................

Dmitry Tymchuk: A military expert told the purpose for which Putin continues to escalate in the Donbas

Tymchuk, Putin understands that if it continues to escalate in Kyiv will be only two options: either to accept Moscow, or carry out a new wave of mobilization.

Russian President Vladimir Putin understands that the Ukrainian army major problems with staffing personal composition at the forefront in the area ATO. About this in comments to "Commander" told the leader of the group "Information resist" Dmitry Timchuk.

"This is a real problem. I do not want to call the numbers as it secret. I think that Russian intelligence about it too knows "- he said.

According Tymchuk, Putin understands that if it continues to escalate in Kyiv will be only two options: either to accept Moscow, or carry out a new wave of mobilization. "Knowing how Ukrainian society is tired of the war - the third year already goes as far as the decision is unpopular, it will create an extra point destabilization in society. Putin Poroshenko deliberately wants to put before such a choice. But what would be the Ukrainian president - I can not say, "- said Timchuk.

As previously reported, Timchuk believes that discontent among the militants "L / DNR" because of rumors about the "drain" Russian President Putin project "New Russia" will never turn into riots . In Ukrainian/український

The Kremlin is actively lobbying easing the EU sanctions against Russia

Klympush-Tsintsadze fears that the continuation of sanctions against Russia would be difficult

Continued economic sanctions against Russia is not an easy issue, because Moscow is actively lobbying in the European Union regarding the question of removal or weakening. In an interview with Ukrinform reported Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Klympush Joanna Tsintsadze.

"I fear that this decision (continued economic sanctions - Ed.) Will not be a simple matter. Russia actively working, so that the various political forces in different countries or lobbied opposed easing sanctions despite the fact that Russia is not fulfilling its obligations and that it continues to violate any principles of international law, that despite all these are obvious things, "- said Klympush-Tsintsadze.

She noticed that experts, politicians and journalists have to do one the front and "reasonably explain what is the essence of why sanctions were imposed and why it is important to continue." In Ukrainian/український
Trump attacks U.S. foreign policy, political press corps on state-owned Russian television network
....Trump came under fire within minutes of the interview airing. Veteran GOP strategist John Weaver, a vocal anti-Trump Republican, expressed incredulity on social media.

“Condemning the free, 1st amendment protected American media on Russian owned @RT_com is outrageous, even by the lowest of Trump standards,” Weaver said in one tweet.

“I’m just stunned at the insanity of the campaign staff to even consider, allow a @RT_com interview, given the Russian ties already,” Weaver wrote in another tweet.

The Trump campaign played down the interview Thursday evening, explaining that they did not realize it would be broadcast on RT....
Behind The Scenes In Ukraine, Ties To Putin Help Power Broker Pull Strings

More than a decade ago, Viktor Medvedchuk became known as the "Gray Cardinal" because his low profile masked unparalleled clout in the halls of power in Ukraine.

These days, detractors have another nickname for the millionaire tycoon and backroom politician with close personal ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin: they call him the Prince of Darkness. ....
Medvedchuk said, who actually against European integration of Ukraine

Medvedchuk believes that Ukraine in the EU do not want to see not only the European politicians, but also of many countries

No prospects of European integration in Ukraine not because our country does not want to see the EU not only European politicians, but the population of many European countries. This is the opinion leader of the "Ukrainian choice - right people," Viktor Medvedchuk.

The reason for such a policy reaction was the statement of Prime Minister Groisman the immutability of Ukraine's European choice.

"Very clearly expressed known friend and" lawyer "Ukraine in the EU, former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, concerning the prospect of membership in NATO, Ukraine should not this even dream of, and as for joining the EU, it is at least not a question short term ", - said Medvedchuk.

He added that solidarity with Kwasniewski and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer of Germany and other European policies.

"Kyiv to do a lot more before thinking of joining the European Union. And beginning to lift the economy. But the problem is that after euromaidan economy is experiencing a severe crisis. When in 2013 Ukraine's GDP was $ 183.3 million, in 2015 - just $ 90.6 million. With the per capita GDP Ukraine has become the poorest country in Europe and even behind many African countries. Go into the EU with such baggage is simply impossible, "- said Medvedchuk.

But the saddest thing, in his opinion, that see Ukraine in the EU do not want to not only European politicians - and acts against the population in many European countries.

"... Even in 2014, the year on a wave of euphoria and seemed to support Ukraine, it does not like to see in the EU. According to opinion polls published in the French Le Figaro, Ukraine's membership in the EU rejected 71% of French citizens and 62% of Germany. 64% of French citizens did not want to be helped country was on the verge of bankruptcy Ukraine. The figure in Germany - 57%, "- said.

He noted that in Ukraine, according to sociologists, the rapidly growing number of opponents of EU membership.

"The number of supporters of Ukraine's accession to the EU this year decreased by 8.3%. In 2015 more positively to join the EU were 56.3% of respondents, more negative - 24.4%, undecided 19%. If this trend continues, the number of Eurosceptics soon exceed the number of supporters of EU membership ", - predicts head of the" Ukrainian choice ". In Ukrainian/український
Commentary: Any Vote Is A Vote For Putinism

....t must be recognized that the Putin regime has nearly completed the transformation from a so-called hybrid regime to full-fledged totalitarianism. I know this statement might be received skeptically, since the term "totalitarianism" is normally associated with mass repressions. However, in practice, the distinguishing characteristic of a totalitarian regime is the intention of the authorities to control both the actions and the thoughts of their citizens.

In order to see that totalitarianism is already a harsh reality in Russia, all you have to do is look at the statistics on the criminal prosecutions for "thought crimes," such as posting or "liking" things on social media. Or consider the intensity of the brainwashing being done by the propaganda machine.

Using elections as a means of political struggle in a totalitarian regime is -- by definition -- impossible.....


Excellent article by Kasparov. In my opinion, the greatest chess player the world has ever seen.
Strongly recommended read.
on Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:04 amNelson
Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Kiev

....Millions of viewers watched Ukrainian singer Jamala win the 2016 contest, held in Stockholm last May.
Her song, 1944, had been the target of criticism, as its lyrics referenced the deportation of Crimean Tatars under Josef Stalin, which some said broke Eurovision rules on songs that contain political messages.
However, it scored a resounding victory, winning 534 points, largely drawn from viewers' phone votes.
The 2017 contest will be held in Kiev's International Exhibition Centre, which has the capacity for 11,000 spectators.
The semi-finals will take place on Tuesday 9 and Thursday 11 May, with the grand final on Saturday 13 May....
on Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:53 amAdmin
PGO promises to strip more MPs of immunity

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine (PGO) is going to submit motions on stripping certain lawmakers of immunity after adoption of amendments to the Verkhovna Rada regulations rendering the MPs’ escape impossible.
As reported by Censor.NET, Deputy Prosecutor General Yevhen Yenin said on air of Pohliad TV show broadcast by Channel 5.

"You'll hear more names once we ensure the adoption of certain amendments to the Verkhovna Rada regulations, which, for example, will prevent a people's deputy from leaving the country after a motion on one's detention, stripping of immunity is filed," the prosecutor said.

Besides, Yenin added that although the PGO was not a subject of lawmaking, the agency was still actively working with the MPs in this direction.

Ukrainian Pravda earlier reported that the Prosecutor General's Office was drafting a motion on stripping Opposition bloc MP Vadym Novinskyi of parliamentary immunity. The lawmaker disproved this information. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine suspends gas imports from Poland over gas pipeline leak; repairs underway

....Ukraine has capacity for reverse pipeline imports of gas from Poland equal to 4.3 million cubic meters (mcm) a day. Ukraine imported 28.4 mcm of gas from Poland in the first seven days of September....


Building up supplies for the winter.
September. Wow. So far, very very warm, and no rain. Perhaps 25C today. Comfortable. T-shirt and shorts weather.
Statistics: Ukraine sees 0.3% deflation in August

....The service noted in August last year consumer prices fell by 0.8%, as a result in annual terms (compared to the same month last year) inflation in August accelerated to 8.4% compared to 7.9% in July and 6.9% in June.....


Food prices have been very stable during the past few months. And, of course, in August there is an abundance of produce from people's gardens for sale on the streets and small markets.
Prices have basically steadied. But, obviously, imported goods' prices are 100% in the hands of the exchange rate.
And during the past couple of weeks the hryvnia has fallen significantly against the dollar and euro.
It is now back - very close - to 30 to a euro.
If the Rada now stops gas and electric increases for a year a so, then inflation will fall to near zero.
But that depends upon the real gas price.
Man with Ukrainian insignia beaten up in Russian-occupied Crimea. (PHOTOS+VIDEO)

A man with Ukrainian insignia on his bike was violently beaten up in broad daylight in Russian-occupied Sevastopol.
As reported by Censor.NET citing 24 Channel, the man was attacked by a passer-by who introduced himself as a policeman.

It is seen on the video that when policemen arrived to the scene, the man who committed the beating shook hands with them.

Social media users report that the beating man was a Russian policeman plainclothes. The beating was initiated by his pregnant wife - she noticed Ukrainian insignia on the victim's bike and caused a disturbance.

After police arrived, no one hurried to provide aid to the victim, although he had signs of brain commotion, the social media users reported. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:35 amAdmin
4 Ukrainian military killed in Donbas – media

Four Ukrainian soldiers were killed and four others injured in fighting in the Donbas conflict in the past 24 hours, Ukrainian news service TSN reported, citing its own sources.

One of the injured is in serious condition, but stable. Despite the pronounced ceasefire, the militants fired rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns in the town of Maryinka. It is has been disclosed that one of the victims is Vadym Matrosov, an intelligence officer of the Donbas-Ukraina battalion, with the nom de guerre "Boatswain." He showed himself as a true warrior during clashes with the enemy.......
The Daily Vertical By Brian Whitmore: Putin's War On Facts

The Putin-model Kremlin handles somethings well – and others less well. As Brian Whitmore points out succinctly and correctly in this Daily Vertical, the Kremlin’s greatest problems come from its utter inability to deal with facts and truth. Of course, Putin & Co have the perfect vehicle to deal with those pesky people who choose to retail these scarce commodities; you are designated as controlled by a foreign source, thereby making you subject to a whole raft of burdensome regulations, thus assuring that your days as a purveyor of facts and truth are effectively over. / Brian Whitmore (VIDEO report)
PGO ready to file charges against several lawmakers

Prosecutors are ready to file charges against several lawmakers, but Rada needs to approve new standing procedures to stop the suspects from fleeing abroad, deputy PGO Yevhen Yenin told journalists, UNN reports Sept. 9.

As soon as Rada passes the law stripping lawmakers of their immunity against criminal prosecution or making it impossible for suspects to flee from Ukraine, you will see a number of new suspects with criminal charges, the official said.

PGO cannot initiate laws, but we closely cooperate with lawmakers to make it happen. In Ukrainian/український
"Who is she? I don't know this name," - Opposition Bloc leader on notorious Russian journalist Stolyarova's employment by Inter TV channel

Opposition Bloc faction leader Yurii Boiko said he did not know Maria Stolyarova, former Inter TV channel editor deported from Ukraine due to a scandal.
He said this in a commentary to Censor.NET correspondent on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Friday.

"Who is she?" Boiko asked and said he did not know this last name.

Another Opposition Bloc member Mykhailo Papiiev, answering the question on Stoliarova, said that HR policy is an "individual issue."

As previously reported, unknown persons set tires on fire outside the building of Inter TV channel in Kyiv Sept. 4. Next day, a rally of ATO veterans started near the office. On Tuesday, Sept. 6, some 50 protesters blocked the building, police arrested six of them.

Later, President Poroshenko ordered Prosecutor General Lutsenko to personally control the situation around Inter TV channel.

Earlier, SBU expelled Inter TV channel's journalist Maria Stolyarova from Ukraine in late February 2016. She was banned from entering the country for a five-year period.

[url] In Ukrainian/український[/url]
Kremlin scenario: The Washington Post described as Russia provokes catastrophe in the elections in the US

Russia wants to spread America's confusion, chaos and undermine the credibility of the presidential office - the US media

US investigating possible Russian secret plan to disrupt the elections in November. "Those who are unfamiliar to such stories, the headline in The Washington Post this week, as I can imagine, it seemed strange. It sounds like a thriller or a film with Harrison Ford in the title role, "- writes columnist for The Washington Post Anne Applebaum.

"There is a scenario in which the investigation is already implemented in other countries," - says the author, and makes assumptions that could happen in the next two months.

1. Trump, who advise people with ties to Russia, will strengthen its repeated statements that "the elections rigged."

2. Russia will continue to distribute and publish materials are obtained by hackers during the attacks on the Democratic National Committee fund "Open Society" George Soros, former NATO Commander General Philip M. Breedlove, and possibly others, to not only discredit Hillary Clinton, but and the democratic process in the US, says Applebaum.

3. On election day or the day before Russian hackers try to break the system of voting in the US, the author writes. It refers to the estimated cases of hacking computer systems at polling stations in Illinois and Arizona.

4. Rosiyyany tried to overthrow election chaos. They may try to facilitate the election of Trump. Or - and this, of course, will be even more catastrophic - they might try to fudge the election on behalf of Clinton, says Applebaum.

5. As soon exposed, begin hysteria in the media, litigation, mass rallies, the constitutional crisis - which followed by confusion, chaos and undermine the credibility of the presidential office, said the article.

6. What likely not be evil, or even not taken, the journalist continued. But rumors of election fraud can cause the same hysteria as the real election fraud.

"Whatever happens, the political process would be undermined, public confidence will fall further and attractiveness of American democracy in the country and abroad will decrease. And this, of course, the whole point ", - concluded the journalist. In Ukrainian/український
Russia took up the development of a new generation of hyper-sonic weapons - Czech media

Russia is working on two main ways to use hyper-sonic technology

Russia took the sixth generation fighter development, which includes both manned aircraft and drones. Speed ​​latter is likely to be hyper-sonic, that is at least five times greater than the speed of sound, says Czech edition ECHO24 .

"These news event took skeptical or even smile, but underestimate the capabilities of a field of hyper-sonic weapons would be extremely short-sighted," - says the publication.

Information about the sixth generation aircraft company published "Kret", which is primarily engaged in military electronics, so probably partially justified, there were opinions that it is nothing more than an attempt of the company to attract attention to the state budget it allocated financial grants. "The fact that the alleged Russian project hyper-sonic fighter is an absolute novelty, but we know that other super-fast weapons system developed in Russia for several years because these projects are a continuation of those that appeared during the Cold War" - said in the article.

In addition, we know that today Russia is working on two main ways to use hyper-sonic technology. The first development - new rotary devices for intercontinental missiles. Unlike conventional warheads to targets that move on ballistic trajectories or maneuvering, the new device, developed in the so-called project "4202", also has the option of performing combat and, apparently, has its own engine. Thus, it is more of hyper-sonic cruise missiles, which aim to deliver ballistic media.

"There has been several trials of this device, and it is estimated that around 2020 it will be adopted by the Russian missile forces. Sometimes there are reports that some original version is already in the arsenal. But of course all this wonderful material for propaganda, which never forgets to underline that such weapons could easily overcome any particularly American, missile defense "- the newspaper writes.

The second direction of development of hyper-sonic weapons in Russia - it's anti-ship cruise missiles and precision-class "air - surface". In Russia there are several types of supersonic anti-ship missiles, so the desire to create hyper-sonic vehicle in this category (it will be given the name 3M22 "Zircon") - a logical step. In the future hyper-sonic missiles will be equipped with various types of surface ships, submarines and bombers.

"Despite the difficulties, it is expected that within a decade hyper-sonic weapons are weapons begin to flow in most developed countries. And if in the medium term will begin a "traditional" (ie intergovernmental) armed conflict, it is likely that there this kind of weapons will play a very important role. The famous geopolitical analyst George Friedman even hyper-sonic weapon carries the three technologies that will decide the outcome of the war "- sums up edition. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:50 amAdmin
In Donbas killed one Ukrainian military

Over the past day in the area ATO killed one soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Last night in the area ATO killed one Ukrainian soldier, two soldiers were wounded.

This was during the briefing, spokesman for the Defense Ministry ATO Andrei Lysenko.

"For the past day because of fighting one of our soldier killed, two wounded and the losses suffered our Ukrainian troops under enemy fire due Mariinsky" - said A.Lysenko. In Ukrainian/український
In Donbas increased the number of non-combat losses among pro-Russian militants

In units militants in the area ATO increasingly emergencies occur where they die

In the area of ​​ATU among militants increased the number of cases that lead to non-combat losses. This is stated in the message main Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on Facebook.

"Significant physical and psychological burden of a long stay at the forefront and regular exercise without adequate rest and systematic cases of abuse on the part of the officer led to the increase in the number of incidents in parts and connections of Russian occupation troops including those that lead to non-combat losses. September 8, resulting in disordered shooting for "stress relief" in a state of nervous breakdown, soldier of the 7th separate motorized rifle brigade (Debaltseve) 2 AK (Luhansk) Armed Forces Alexander V. Kovalev (03/17/1976 r.n .) shot his "fellow countryman" citizen of Churina Ivan (born 07/05/1987, Moscow,). To hide the fact that extreme events Command Brigade freed the victim the previous number and ordered to inform relatives about his suicide, "- said in a statement.

It also notes 7 September, when attempting to illegally leave the forefront and committing armed resistance, wounding a soldier assault 9 separate mechanized regiment of marines (Novoazovsk) 1 AC (Donetsk), a citizen of the Armed Forces Byednova Gennady Petrovich (08/01/1988 r.n ., m.Voronizh).

In addition, 6 September, while in a state of psychosis metalkoholnoho, committed in revenge for systematic beatings inflicted stab wounds and a Russian officer, soldier 100th separate motorized rifle brigade (Donetsk) 1 AC (Donetsk) Armed Forces Osanov Artem (21.07 .1984 born). In Ukrainian/український

Last edited by Admin on Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:51 am; edited 1 time in total
Prosecutor General's Office is preparing a new submission for the removal of immunity of deputies
GPU make such representations after amending Council Regulation, which will prevent the escape of Deputies.

Prosecutor General's Office intends to submit for lifting the immunity of a number of MPs.

This is in the air "on Channel 5, " said Deputy Attorney General Eugene Yenin.

According to him, the agency will make such representations after amending Council Regulation, which will prevent the escape of Deputies.

"Once we ensure the adoption of certain amendments to the regulations of the Verkhovna Rada, which make it impossible, for example, departure of MP after submitting his request for detention, removal of parliamentary immunity, you'll see new names," - he said.

As is known, currently in Parliament recorded several bills designed to restrict parliamentary immunity in case of request of security officials about their arrest.

At a recent press conference, Speaker Andrew Paruby announced the development of a mechanism that will allow such MPs to leave Ukraine for lifting immunity. In Ukrainian/український
Police fired tear gas at protesters to "Kyivmiskbud" (VIDEO & PHOTOS

On the Internet there was a video of fights in "Kyivmiskbud" in the capital using smoke bombs and tear gas

On Friday morning, reflecting the storming of the building "Kievgorstroy" , police used tear gas to those who grappled in fight.

During the protests, which resulted in clashed with the use of smoke bombs, protesters also waved and shouted and knocked bits. In Ukrainian/український
In the US State Department told why the sanctions were effective against

Sanctions have kept the Russians from being able to do something even worse than they already have done - US State Department

In the US State Department believe that sanctions against Russia are effective, although not yet made the Kremlin leadership expected to go on concessions. First, sanctions kept the Russians from being able to do something even worse than they already have done. Secondly, sanctions have forced Russia to accept the Minsk agreement seriously. This was told the coordinator of the US State Department policy of sanctions Daniel Fried in an interview with Latvijas Avize .

However, the official acknowledged - yet the sanctions do not really pushed the Kremlin to the expected adoption of the decision. "Violence is increasing in Ukraine, people in the fighting killed every day. Despite the fact that the armistice, to improve the security environment is difficult. We must be patient, firm and resolute, "- he said.

"Latvia in this sense - an example of indestructibility and patience, because Latvia in the policy of sanctions was one of those who was in the forefront. As you know, Russia also imposed appropriate sanctions, and they attacked the Latvian economy. I hope that Latvian entrepreneurs reorient their export markets ", - he added. In Ukrainian/український
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