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Former head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Melnychuk escaped during arrest of accomplice. Crimean residents are forced to go to the Russian elections.  Ukrainian partisans in the Donbas spread anti-Russian Cards.  Militants opened fire 30 times yesterday. Novozvanivka shelled with 120 mm shells.
Update (Nelson) at 1445. One soldier injured during the past 24 hours, no dead.

Kyiv, Ukraine
29c / 84f | Hi RealFeel® 30c / 86f Precipitation 1%
Partly sunny and very warm; a nice end to the weekend

Nelson - Yes. Really quite warm today. And similar weather predicted for the start of next week.

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How Putin is messing with American heads (Financial Times)

Attempts to sow doubts about the integrity of the US electoral process are already succeeding

There is no textbook on what to do. The US has a history of meddling in other countries’ politics during the cold war — and since. But Russia’s thinly-disguised intrusions into the 2016 election is the first time the US has clearly been the object of such attention. Moreover, the Russian bear is pushing at an open door. All Vladimir Putin needs to do to cause trouble is to sow doubt about the integrity of the US electoral process. Large numbers of Americans already suspect the November result will be rigged. So does Donald Trump, who is the first US presidential nominee to invite a foreign power to leak material that would damage his opponent. If ever US democracy was vulnerable to skulduggery that time would be now.

What chance does it have of succeeding? To some extent it already has. In a Bloomberg interview last week, Mr Putin offered a blatant non-denial denial that Russia carried out the recent hacking episodes. “To do that you need to have a finger on the pulse and understand the specifics of domestic political life in the US,” he said with a knowing smile. “I’m not sure that even our foreign ministry experts are sensitive enough.” The Russian president might as well have winked at the camera. Nobody, from the cyber security firms looking into the hacking of US political outfits, to the FBI, which is investigating them, doubts Russian intelligence agencies were behind the breaches................

Access complete text of the editorial:   Financial Times
Russia to turn into reservation of poor and aggressive people – Levada think-tank head

Commenting on the inclusion of the Russia-based Levada -Tsentr thinktank in the list of foreign agents, its head Lev Gudkov said the law gives Russia a black eye and will lead to the social, moral and intellectual degradation, Slon reports Sept. 10.

The law on foreign agents bans links of the Russian scholars with their foreign colleagues.

It will lead to isolation and turning the population into a reservation of poor and aggressive citizens cherishing the illusions of their national supremacy, the Levada head said.

The government accused Levada of being on the payroll of the US government and NGOs.

“We have never made a secret we got funding for our social surveys and polls from abroad,” the official said.

When the Russian government ends with sociology, it will repress history, economy, genetics, physics – same as it was in the Stalin days, Gudkov said.
Manafort, who served the Party of Regions continues to operate clandestinely Trump campaign

Odious politician continues to work with equally odious candidate for US president.

Political technologist Paul Manafort continues to lead the election campaign of presidential candidate Donald Trump USA. This is referred to in Article Natalka Songs Online

The authors drew attention to the fact that Paul Manafort released almost quietly, "taking into account the tendency of Donald Trump to dramatic gestures and loud." The employer Manafort officially accepted the resignation of chief adviser thanked for their cooperation and for the next few weeks slightly softened the tone of statements, referred to in the article. And despite the odious politician officialdom not only continued to work at the headquarters Trump, but to lead it.

"According to several sources say goodbye to valuable employees Trump could not, so, in fact, not planned. He changed the official campaign, but continues to manage the affairs Manafort - though dark corner, "referred to in the article.

Earlier sensational article The New York Times, citing NABU stated that the name Trump appears 22 times in the documents of the so-called "black accounting" Party of Regions in five years, and payments equal to 12.7 million dollars. The purpose of payment is not specified. Sam spin doctor swears that did not receive money from the "black cash" Party of Regions. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine will allow the elections to the State Duma, if not in the occupied territories

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed strong protest over the intention to hold elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

Elections to the State Duma of the Russian diplomatic missions in areas on the territory of Ukraine is possible only after Russia's refusal to conduct elections in the occupied territories. This is stated in the press service of the Foreign Ministry in Facebook .

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed strong protest over the intention to hold elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine - Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol.

Such actions of the Russian side contrary to the fundamental norms and principles of international law and the laws of Ukraine.

"Foreign Ministry requested the Russian side with the requirement not to hold elections in the temporarily occupied territories. In the same context, we noted that the holding of such elections in the premises of diplomatic and consular missions of Russia is impossible," - said in a statement.

It is noted that under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the Russian diplomatic missions must respect the laws of Ukraine as a state and not to use their premises for purposes incompatible with the functions of representation, the laws of Ukraine and multilateral and bilateral international agreements, signed by the Russian Federation....................

Access complete text of the editorial in English: In Ukrainian/український

on Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:49 amNelson
Darth Putin et al.

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  5 ч.5 часов назад
Happy birthday Bashar al Assad. Today's load of barrel bombs for use in civilian areas is on me.

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  21 ч.21 час назад
Ed @Snowden makes me laugh. He thinks Russians have human rights.

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB  10 сент.
Which part of the Syrian ceasefire will Russia honor?
10% - Cease
90% - Fire

ilsa vaiksalu ✘ ‏@Ilseeke 9 сент.
The main goal of "Russia Today" is to never let you know what's going on in Russia today.

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB 10 сент.
A ceasefire involving Russia works this way:

DonaId J. Trump ‏@realDenaldTrump 16 ч.16 часов назад
Unlike the leaders we have here, Putin was very smart in invading Crimea and undermining the West. Terrific leader!

The Moscow TimesПодлинная учетная запись
Russia's secret service now has to tell you if it has broken into your home:
[this is a real heading!]

Soviet Sergey ‏@SovietSergey 10 сент.
I see you polished your head, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Darth Putin ‏@DarthPutinKGB 10 сент.
Darth Putin Ретвитнул(а) Soviet Sergey
In the KGB i was called "mud guard". Shiney top, shitty underneath.

Last edited by Nelson on Sun Sep 11, 2016 9:00 am; edited 1 time in total
Deputy Governor of Kyiv region arrested upon receipt of UAH 200,000 bribe – Avakov

The National Police and the Prosecutor General’s Office in a joint raid have detained deputy chairman of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Ihor Lyubko at the moment he received a bribe, according to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov.

The minister said that the official extorted a UAH 200,000 bribe from his subordinate for “non-obstruction” in transferring him to the position in another public entity. "On September 9, the employees of the economy protection department of the National Police along with the PGO arrested deputy head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Ihor Vitaliyovych Lyubko, who through his intermediary Yuri Vladislavovich Pudenko, head of the health department of the KRSA extorted and received undue benefits in the amount of UAH 200,000 from his subordinate for non-obstruction in her transfer to another public authority," Avakov wrote on Facebook. According to the investigators, Lyubko together with Governor Melnychuk a month ago received unconfirmed information that the head of the agribusiness department of the KRSA had paid a $15 million compensation to the farmers in line with the budget program. "As far as in their understanding, such a sum could not be paid without some interest without a certain kickback, they began to demand part of the funds that the said official had allegedly received, threatening her with dismissal," reads the statement............
Leshchenko gives preliminary explanations about apartment purchase

192 sq m is a big apartment! "Downtown" Kiev will be more expensive than outside the centre.

What amuses me. This guy will probably be persecuted, but those who made billions over the past couple of decades, Yanukovich, Tymoshenko, Akhmetov - nothing happens about them.
And if people lent this guy money - including his girlfriend, well... Not exactly Ukrainian mafia material - unlike many others sitting in the Rada.
With eye on West, Belarus votes in slightly freer election
Lawmakers loyal to hardline Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko look set to retain power in an election on Sunday, but the easing of restrictions on opposition candidates could help the ex-Soviet nation further improve ties with the West.
The opposition, which has not been represented in the 110-seat parliament since 1996, is not expected to win any seats, but in a concession to Western calls for greater transparency its contenders have been able to register more easily. External monitors will also be given access to the vote count....

Basically a Putin ally. Putin's best friends are all dictators!
2 years after cease-fire weary Ukraine still at war
....As awful as the full-scale war was, some on Ukraine’s front lines found it preferable to the seemingly endless grind of today’s smaller clashes.

“In 2014, we suffered losses, but we won, we went ahead. We squeezed them, we beat them, they were afraid of us,” said a Ukrainian sniper who gave his name only as Corporal. “Now we’re bearing the same losses, but standing still.”


3 days' old. Apologies if posted previously.
Putin’s Ukraine plan means ousting Merkel and Hollande

The recent G-20 meetings in Hangzhou, China, provide a useful balance sheet for assessing Russia’s status in Europe.

While Russian President Vladimir Putin showed that Russia is not as isolated as many in the West think it should be, Putin failed to convince France and Germany to pressure Ukraine to implement the Minsk II cease-fire accord.

Russia cannot be isolated if there is to be a nonviolent resolution of the war in Ukraine. It is clear that neither Europe nor the United States knows how to achieve its strategic goal of removing Bashar al-Assad from power in Syria without dealing directly with Putin, who is generally acknowledged to be driving the Syrian agenda.

It is also clear, however, that sanctions will remain as long as Moscow does not implement its obligations under Minsk II, and that neither France nor Germany will help Putin decide Ukraine’s destiny without Ukraine’s presence at those discussions. Thus, there was no repeat performance of the Munich conference at Hangzhou, nor will there be any time soon.

Politicians and analysts often overuse or misapply the Munich analogy in world politics. But the core analogy of four great powers determining the destiny and territory of an absent fifth state retains its salience here: While Putin’s immediate target is Ukraine, ultimately he wants to reorganize Europe much as Hitler did at Munich.

Indeed, from Putin’s standpoint, the greatest gift he could get would be to make Germany and France complicit with Russia in the crime of destroying Ukraine’s de facto independence and territorial integrity.................
Lukashenko called Russia a "monster" and discussed establishing relations with the EU
Sunday, September 11, 2016, 14:11

President of Belarus said that Minsk establishes relations with the EU is not to the detriment of such assumption and called unfounded.
It Lukashenko said in comments to journalists in Minsk, Interfax-West.
"The Slavs blood to live with neighbors in friendship and harmony. From this it" - he added.
He also noted that Belarus multi-vector policy.
"I do not think there is Belarus, which criticize it. In the East live our brothers. They are people with whom we will always be together. We can collide, diverge, converge, but we will always be together," - said Lukashenko.
"As for the West ... We trade with them today 2% more than with Russia", - said the President of Belarus and added that the country needs technology and investment.
"Our destiny is we - the bridge between East and West. While we are between these monsters - the EU and Russia - we have to play this role. Thus defined," - concluded Lukashenko.


Headline overdone, in my opinion.
Belarus dictator Lukashenko says that Belarus is " between... [two] monsters - the EU and Russia..."
Out with the Old, In with the New for Russia’s Political Elite

Putin won’t take all the members of the old guard with him in 2018. They will be replaced by a generation of special service operatives, security guards, and technocrat-apparatchiks in their forties and fifties, who will stand by Putin in 2018 and beyond

Photo: Anton Vaino

By Andrei Kolesnikov, Carnegie Moscow Center, Aug 24, 2016

The surprise replacement last week of Sergei Ivanov, a longtime ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with former head of protocol Anton Vaino as presidential chief of staff sparked a whole host of speculation, most of which can be safely disregarded. But, digging through the unfounded forecasts, one can find a clear message.

A comparison of Vaino’s credentials to those of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev suggests that he may very well become the new prime minister. Like Vaino, Medvedev previously worked for the central government and was also known as a businesslike and responsible official. Like Vaino, Medvedev was presidential chief of staff and was not considered an independent figure. But the main point is that the regime needs to prepare a new generation of the elite to stand by Putin in 2018, when his current presidential term ends, and beyond. As chief of staff, Vaino will be instrumental in preparing this new wave of politicians.

Putin won’t take all of the members of the old guard with him in 2018, as demonstrated by the recent removals from their posts of former Russian Railways boss Vladimir Yakunin, drug czar Viktor Ivanov, Federal Guards Service head Yevgeny Murov, and customs chief Andrei Belyaninov. The list of retired “friends” will only get longer. They will be replaced by a generation of special service operatives, security guards, and technocrat-apparatchiks in their forties and fifties...................

Access complete text of the editorial:
on Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:01 amNelson

Most attacks in the Mariupol area. Least in Lugansk (north).
Russia sent to the occupied territories of Donbas heavy military vehicles, including tanks , "Grad" and 300 tons of fuel

The next rotation of the occupying forces is scheduled for 11-12 September.

Russia sent the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass heavy military vehicles, including tanks and any "hail." This statement by the Chief of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on Facebook.

"Employees of the State registered ordinary facts of supply of weapons and military equipment, and fuels and lubricants with the Russian Federation. Railway Station "Dovzhansky Nova" (Sverdlovsk region) came from five platforms military equipment (two tanks, two 122-mm MLRS "Grad" type truck "KAMAZ"), four tanks with diesel fuel (200 tons) two tanks of gasoline (100 tons), "- said in a statement. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:51 amNelson
No dead, one injured in the ATO zone yesterday
Day in ATO: no dead, wounded one military
Sunday, 11 September 2016 12:59
During the last day of hostilities in the area ATO no Ukrainian soldier died.
This was at the briefing on September 11 MOD spokesman for the ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk.
According to the headquarters, one military wounded near Vodyanye.
"The situation in the area of ​​ATU showing signs of a de-escalation remains controlled. Militants continue to resort to armed provocations mostly with light weapons," - said Motuzyanyk.
In particular, in Lugansk area 6 times the militants violated the ceasefire, at the Donetsk - 10, Mariupol - 14.
Militants opened fire 30 times yesterday. Novozvanivka shelled with 120 mm shells

In the Mariupol sector, the militants fired at Hranite, Shyrokyne, and Talakivka from machine guns and small arms.
The situation in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area retains signs of deescalation and remains under control, Censor.NET reports citing the ATO press center. In general, the number of attacks and provocations by the militants has not changed.

30 cease-fire violations by paramilitary groups were recorded along the entire contact line yesterday: 14 in the Mariupol sector, 10 in the Donetsk sector, and six in the Luhansk sector. In particular, in the Luhansk sector, Novozvanivka and Popasna came under grenade launcher and machine gun fire. In addition, the militants mortared ATO forces' positions at Novozvanivka with 120 mm shells.

In the Mariupol sector, the militants fired at Hranite, Shyrokyne, and Talakivka from machine guns and small arms. Vodiane and Pavlopil came under grenade launcher fire, while Shyrokyne was mortared with 82 mm shells around 11 p.m.

In the Donetsk sector, the militants opened provocative fire at the positions of the Ukrainian Army at Avdiivka, Verkhniotoretske, and Novhorodske from grenade launchers, machine guns, and small arms. Avdiivka was mortared with 82 mm shells.

"Despite all the provocations, the Ukrainian military unswervingly adhere to the Minsk agreements," the report reads. In Ukrainian/український
Former head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Melnychuk escaped during arrest of accomplice

The former head of the Kiev Regional State Administration Maksym Melnychuk escaped during the arrest of his accomplice and may be wanted.

This was stated by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov Censor.NET reports citing Espreso.TV.

The decision on the degree of his (Melnychuk) involvement and, therefore, the adoption of search measures will be made upon analysis of operational data by the court. He might be wanted by authorities as well," Avakov said.

The official has also said that Maksym Melnychuk escaped during the arrest of his accomplice.

It was reported yesterday that Kyiv Regional State Administration Deputy Head Ihor Liubko has been exposed as being on the take. As noted, Ihor V. Liubko, with the help of another top official within the administration, acting as intermediary, extorted and received an improper benefit in the amount of 200,000 hryvnia (about $7,500) from his subordinate to allow her unhindered transfer to another public authority. In Ukrainian/український

on Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:09 amAdmin
Nadia Savchenko got in an accident

In the car, which was the MP, a drunk driver crashed.
In Kiev on the night of September 11 drunk driver crashed into a car MP Hope Savchenko. It is reported portal on his page on Facebook.

A vtomobil, Savchenko passenger who had stopped behind the car BMW, which broke the wheel hitting the door that stuck out. At the time of the stop the driver, who was heading in the same row, did not have time to react and rammed the car Savchenko.

It is reported that affected by the accident there. In Ukrainian/український
Russians suspected of Ukrainian tourists traveling to the Crimea for espionage

Volunteers urged to go to the occupied Ukrainian peninsula and photograph military installations.

Ukrainian volunteers together with the Kherson authorities have developed billboards, urging citizens gathered in the Crimea, to photograph military equipment, bases and radar. This writes the Russian newspaper "Moskovskiy Komsomolets" .

"These" monuments "are located in Kherson and exits from the city. According to the volunteers themselves, billboards placed velvet eve of tourist season in Crimea. What exactly created these posters - is unclear," - writes the Russian edition.

"Just in time for peak season. Boards on the outskirts of the city towards the Crimea, the train station and the city. I would like to thank Kherson authorities on areas for volunteers and willingness to experiment. I think this will not stop ideas a lot," - wrote in social networks Anton Hojo idea generator. In Ukrainian/український

Crimean residents are forced to go to the Russian elections - rights activist

Elections to the State Duma should pass 18 September.

Under the control of "power" in the occupied Crimea makes people go to the elections to the State Duma, threatening dismissal and reduced wages. This was stated by chairman of the Crimean Human Rights Group Olga Skrypnyk TV channel "112 Ukraine" .

"We have had several complaints about the fact that the de facto" Crimean government "uses the so-called administrative resources to force people to go to these elections. For example, under threat of dismissal or reduction of salary. We collect this information, and if it is confirmed a few facts, then we will write about it in more detail, "- she said.

Skrypnyk said that in terms of international law, these elections are illegal. According to her, in a way Russia "once again trying to legalize their presence in Crimea."

As reported, on the eve of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed its strong protest over the intention of the State occupier temporarily hold elections in the occupied territories of Ukraine - in Crimea and Sevastopol city and asked the Russian side with the requirement not to hold elections in the temporarily occupied territories.

The department also stressed that the holding of elections of deputies of the State Duma of the Russian diplomatic missions in areas on the territory of Ukraine is possible only after Russia's refusal to conduct elections in the occupied territories. In Ukrainian/український
Ukrainian partisans in the Donbas spread anti-Russian Cards

In eastern Ukraine intensified Ukrainian partisans.

In the occupied cities of Donbas began actively Ukrainian partisans who spread anti-Russian postcard. This in Facebook wrote pro-Ukrainian activist Lily Ivasik.

According to her, Ukrainian patriots who are forced to live in the occupied territories, according to Russian mercenary scum and murderers.

"These are distributing leaflets Russian partisans in the occupied territories. Donbass - is Ukraine, "- she wrote. In Ukrainian/український

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