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37 attacks by Russian forces. The number grows and grows.
At the point of the last ceasefire it was 10 or 20.. Yesterday 30 attacks. And in the last 24 hours, 37.
Putin kicking the war and death off once again.
Update - no Ukrainian dead or injured yesterday. Slava Ukraini!

Another warm day predicted. Near 30. Mid 70s
Currently 20 at 0800 near the capital. Blue sky. Sunshine.

Moscow Grafitti. Thanks to WSJ correspondent Rotman for this. Mesto Putina - Putin's place.

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In Kiev, the security forces detained a woman - promoter "of Russian world"

The woman ran a series of anti-Ukrainian communities in social networks

In Kiev, arrested a woman who was on the orders of Russian curators led anti-Ukrainian propaganda

The press service of the SBU.

Zloumyshlennitsy accomplices used together with one of the social networks to spread calls for violent change of the existing power and encroachment on territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, as well as financial support to terrorist organizations that operate in the temporarily occupied territories.

Attorney General's Office has approved the notification of suspicion under Part. 1, Art. 110 of the Criminal Code a citizen of Ukraine, which made public calls for actions to change the boundaries of the territory and the state border of Ukraine.

"Yes, it was found that the said person, while in the city. Kiev using actual hardware and Administrator in community-oriented social network" VKontakte "placed the calls to the President of the Russian Federation to introduce the country's armed forces on the territory of Ukraine for its accession the Russian Federation ", - the press service of the GPU.

The said person is detained in order st.208 Code of Ukraine.

Suspect a preventive measure in the form of detention. In Ukrainian/український
It is known as the head judge Christine Lagarde IMF on illicit payments

In France, the appointed date of the trial of the head of the International Monetary Fund

Sitting in the case of the International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde on illicit payments to businessman Bernard Tapie 400 million euros will start on 12 December.

It is reported Reuters citing a court decision.

"The court ruled that Lagarde December 12, appeared in court in the case of payments in 2008 to businessman Bernard Tapie 400 million during his tenure as finance minister of France," - said in a statement.

The Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal of France Lagarde in court ruling on bringing her to justice in December last year.

"She will present" - commented the information Lagarde lawyer Patrick Maisonneuve.

Lagarde is accused of negligence by the payment Tapie 404 million euros in 2008, when she was Minister of the French economy.

Lagarde has always denied any guilt, saying that acting in the public interest and respect for the law. In Ukrainian/український
In the village Lugansk militants attacked Ukrainian soldiers, killing two soldiers

Today, about 16.00, the position of one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lugansk area villages were attacked by hostile DRG

Today, September 12, 2016, about 16.00, the position of one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lugansk area villages were attacked by hostile DRG, killing two soldiers, the press center ATO headquarters.

According to current information, today, September 12, 2016, about 16.00, the position of one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lugansk area villages were attacked by hostile DRG.

As a result of the battle, two soldiers were killed and five wounded, one disappeared without a trace.

As for the losses of the enemy in battle information specified.

As reported by "head office", the militants a day 17 times fired on the positions of Ukrainian military. In Ukrainian/український
According to the German government supplies of weapons to Ukraine only hurt the peace process in the Donbas

Currently, the supply of lethal weapons Ukraine is not on the agenda in Germany

Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrew Miller in an interview with "Commander" told Berlin that the issue of whether to supply weapons Kyiv, decided long ago and formulated its position at the beginning of the conflict in 2014.

"Currently, we have to state that the issue of supply of lethal weapons Ukraine is not on the agenda in Germany. Germany, on the one hand - our key political ally, actively helping with the reforms on the other - intermediaries between Ukraine and Russia. In other words, if Germany began supplying weapons to us, it would, according to the government, would damage this important function, to use the terminology of Bismarck, "honest broker" - said Miller.

The diplomat said that at the same time, many people, particularly in Ukraine, underestimate the crucial role that Germany plays a military-political and military-technical sphere.

"You do not believe it, but at first reserved for Germany Ukraine does now much more than the overwhelming majority of other states - members of NATO. Here are a few specific examples. First, in Germany for the treatment of constantly our military heroes ATO. Our wounded more than Germany, accepted no other country in the world. Specifically, August 23, the eve of the 25th anniversary of Independence, "Air Hospital» Luftwaffe my personal request to the leadership of the Defense Ministry arrived in Kyiv and taken to hospitals for treatment Bundeswehr six of our guys. Overall, Germany has provided intensive treatment and rehabilitation of 88 of our soldiers. And this is only the financial cost at tens of millions of euros, not to mention the chance of a new life for our defenders. I regularly visit the wounded and saw firsthand how those who were brought on stretchers, were returning home own feet "- said the ambassador.

The second block assistance - a study of the army. Miller said that this somehow very little say and write.

"We started last year a series of exercises in the" training of trainers ". The first unit went to our military surgeons to reduce mortality soldiers on the battlefield. In the Bavarian town of Feldkirchen and our 25 local doctors were intensive first aid by NATO standards, received certificates, now they continue to this method of teaching colleagues. This summer in Kamenetz-Podolsk, on the basis of our Center Demining Armed Forces, held a similar training for local engineers. More than a month German experts have trained our staff best practices and eliminate disposal of explosive devices. It is estimated that in the Donbass about 4000 square kilometers of mined area! Post-war Yugoslavia just resting. By the way, we also gave Berlin Sapernoe appropriate equipment - 50 detectors 100 thousand. Euro ", - said the diplomat.

Melnyk also said that the end of the year Ukrainian side in Germany will hold the next seminar is like a two-week train the trainer in the field of strategic communications at the Center for operational communications in the Bundeswehr. Mayen 30 for our military experts. In addition, the request is Ukraine Germany increased from 14 to 20 the number of soldiers who will long training units in the Bundeswehr.

"Thirdly, we have successful cooperation in the field of material support of our armed forces. In particular, Germany has sent modern equipment for our military hospital in Zaporizhia 110 thousand euros. Bundeswehr gave us drugs and medicines for 200 thousand. Euro. In the near future we obtain protective equipment to help counter threats from chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. "- Said Miller.

The ambassador noted that Ukraine will continue for a moment does not stop and continues efforts to convince, seek allies in different political circles. The main focus - to detect radar installations artillery systems. In service with the German army is complex or Cobra BÜR. Such systems can monitor a radius of 40 km enemy artillery fire.

"I tell our German friends, if any of these systems could actually affect the end the Russo-daily attacks by terrorist forces of our troops and civilians" - said the diplomat.

Another example - anti-tank systems "Milan", which in the coming years is to update the Bundeswehr. This defensive weapons would be important for our country to deter a possible large-scale offensive Russians. In Ukrainian/український
Lytvyn has decided to remind myself: ex-speaker demands to restore relations with Russia

Former Head of the Verkhovna Rada believes that relations with Russia "sooner or later will improve"

Former Parliament Speaker and now MP from the faction "will of the people" Volodymyr Lytvyn said the need to restore full economic, humanitarian and educational contacts with the country-aggressor, ie Russia.

This Lytvyn is convinced that the cooperation with Europe Ukraine gets nothing. However, many lost because of the "suspension of economic relations with Russia."

Lytvyn also lamented the lack of "serious economic effect" for Ukraine to cooperate with the EU.

"I think there is a work of genuine Ukrainian: like those who are richer, more civilized countries. Here, the principle - those that are close, they are always here and not going anywhere, and we have to try to open a window to Europe and other countries. But I think that there is nothing we get, and here - lose ", - said the deputy.

Lytvyn said that Ukraine is important to start anew to build contacts with Russia in economic and educational spheres.

"I think that sooner or later they (relations with Russia - ed.) Will improve, or never existed. For example, I suggested at the conference in Zhytomyr Ukrainian teachers to make an appeal to the representatives of education in some of the following messages: we are born and teach children not to kill them. And this view is supported and educators in Russia. No one will deny. This unnatural in the XXI century - declare the character of a man who had killed many more people. We should not be barbarians! "- Said the MP. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine this week brings proceedings against the Russian Federation to the UN tribunal - Klimkin
The Foreign Minister said that Ukraine will accuse Russia of violating key international conventions

Ukraine this week to submit a claim to the UN International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea regarding violations of in accordance with the Convention.

This was announced on Monday, Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin in the program "Freedom of Speech" on ICTV.

"The first big action will be just this week, it relates Convention on Law of the Sea. It is comprehensive, because it includes such fundamental issues as the use of marine space, violation of environmental safety and cultural heritage ", - said the Minister.

The Foreign Minister said that Ukraine will accuse Russia of violating key international conventions.

"The first convention - a convention to prohibit the financing of terrorism, the second - the Convention for the Prohibition of Racial Discrimination. We have a clear process of consultations and then move or to arbitration, or submission to the International Criminal Court ", - he said.

Klimkin noted that under these conventions Ukrainian side and demand appropriate compensation from Russia.

"Any action which is carried out under these Conventions, including Convention on the Law of the Sea, involves three stages: the law of restitution and compensation rights. And of course, we get to compensation ", - said the Minister. In Ukrainian/український
Saakashvili called the deputies who submitted to him a statement about the crimes accused him of to the GPU

As stated Saakashvili, MPs who accused him of crimes, "not that ran"

Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili called crooks, parliamentary bosotoyu and a disgrace to any country deputies previously filed against her in Ukraine Prosecutor General Statement of crimes around Odessa port plant.

As he told the TV channel "112 Ukraine" deputies statement is poverty, and that "these people call themselves MPs and all politicians in this country", is, according to him, shame.

"I have to comment on the poverty of these deputies, these rogues, this parliamentary bosotu that's just a shame for any country. People died on the Square, because this bosota these thieves and crooks entered the parliament, it is a shame, including two Georgians were killed in Maidan. Shame on these people call themselves MPs and politicians in general have in this country. I hope this is a temporary situation, and it will change, "- Saakashvili said.

As stated Saakashvili, MPs who accused him of crimes, "not that ran". In Ukrainian/український

Local residents block pro-Russian militants' approach to firing points at Donetsk suburbs

The population of the temporarily occupied areas of Ukraine's east is getting more discontent with the criminal actions of the Russian occupation forces.

This was announced by the press service of the Main Intelligence Department of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, Censor.NET reports.

"On Sept. 10, after the command of the separate artillery brigade (Donetsk) of the 1st army corps (Donetsk) of the Russian Armed Forces many times ignored the demands of local residents to stop shelling ATO [anti-terrorist operation - ed.] forces by hiding in residential areas, the locals blocked the approaches to firing points of the brigade near Rutchenkove railway station (southwestern suburb of Donetsk) by creating a banket and imitating its mining with relevant area markings," the message reads.

The agency also noted that on the same day, a separate artillery brigade commander of the 1st army corps was buried, who died on Sept. 8 after an extended illness. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine gathers evidence to try to force Russia to court

General prosecutor to target officials in absentia then go to The Hague over Crimea (Financial Times)

Ukraine is amassing evidence to bring cases in the International Criminal Court against senior Russian officials and generals for annexing Crimea and fomenting the two-year war in eastern Ukraine that has claimed nearly 10,000 lives.

Yury Lutsenko, Ukraine’s general prosecutor, said that Kiev planned first to prosecute Russian officials in absentia in Ukraine, then take action at the court in The Hague where they could “face the fate of Slobodan Milosevic”.

His comments came after Kiev prosecutors last month published extracts of potentially explosive phone intercepts. They featured Sergei Glazyev, Russian president Vladimir Putin’s adviser on Ukraine, in early 2014 directing activists in Crimea and south-east Ukraine to stir up unrest as a pretext for Russian military intervention................

Access complete text of the editorial:
on Mon Sep 12, 2016 7:47 amNelson
Thugs and kisses
....There are good reasons to worry about Mr. Trump’s personal connections to the Putin regime (or to oligarchs close to that regime, which is effectively the same thing.) How crucial has Russian money been in sustaining Mr. Trump’s ramshackle business empire? There are hints that it may have been very important indeed, but given Mr. Trump’s secretiveness and his refusal to release his taxes, nobody really knows.

Beyond that, however, admiring Mr. Putin means admiring someone who has contempt for democracy and civil liberties. Or more accurately, it means admiring someone precisely because of that contempt.

When Mr. Trump and others praise Mr. Putin as a “strong leader,” they don’t mean that he has made Russia great again, because he hasn’t. He has accomplished little on the economic front, and his conquests, such as they are, are fairly pitiful. What he has done, however, is crush his domestic rivals: Oppose the Putin regime, and you’re likely to end up imprisoned or dead. ....
Local residents block pro-Russian militants' approach to firing points at Donetsk suburbs, - Defense Intelligence

The local people in the Donbass finally beginning to realise that, for Putin, they are simply cannon fodder.
Their "Russki mir" is not what it once seemed. Reality is beginning to set in. Putin is an imperialist nutcase. And they are simply nothing. Ants on the ground.
Ukraine's underground gas stocks exceed 13.1 bcm
.... In August-September, NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine planned to pump 14.5 bcm of gas into its underground gas storage facilities by the start of the next heating season. However, in the end of August, the Government decided on the need to bring the volume of gas stocks in the USFs to 17 bcm. State-owned Naftogaz of Ukraine plans to buy gas using its own funds and a $300 million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

While gas is cheap, probably a good idea to increase stocks.
Already quite near the initial planned reserves' total.
12.09.16 13:39 No casualties in combat area yesterday, - ATO speaker
No Ukrainian soldiers were killed or injured in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area in the east of Ukraine on Sept. 11.
This was announced by the MoD speaker on ATO matters Andrii Lysenko at a news briefing on Monday, Censor.NET reports.
"Yesterday, no Ukrainian military were killed or injured in combat activities," he said. ...

I haven't read that in a long long time. Slava Ukraini.
Ukraine Chases Cuts in ‘Unrealistic’ Budget to Meet IMF Pact
....While revenue rose an annual 4.6 percent in January-July, spending jumped 21 percent.....


Spending up 21%?! On what?
I notice absolutely nothing where I am.
Armed forces is a possibility. There is a war going on against Russia.
Russian Artillery of the 136th Motorized Rifle Brigade Identified in Ukraine

On September 6, 2016, InformNapalm published the article “The tankmen from the 136th Motorized Rifle Brigade, who had fought in Ukraine, have been identified”, which revealed the identities of 10 tankmen from the 136th Motorized Rifle Brigade (unit 63354, Buinaksk, Dagestan) of the Southern Military District of the Russian Armed Forces, who were sent on a “Ukrainian business trip” in the autumn of 2014. The article pointed out that, though previously the main focus of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) investigations was placed on the detection and identification of units, armaments, and the geography of events, it was now the time to address the gaps and reveal the identities of Russian war criminals. This new report will discuss the artillery troops of the same brigade, who had been involved in the shelling of Ukrainian villages and towns.............

Good evidence.
In English.
Belarus opposition wins parliamentary seat for first time in 20 years: electoral commission

At least one Belarussian opposition candidate was elected to parliament on Sunday, the central election commission said - the first time a politician opposed to hardline President Alexander Lukashenko has won representation in 20 years.

The result will not change the political landscape in the former Soviet republic, once termed Europe's last dictatorship by the United States, but it signals the authorities are making some concessions to Western demands for democratic change.........


Ranks as joke of the day.
1 seat, in a parliament of 110, after 20 years of dictator Lukashenko.
And Reuters write about the dictator making "democratic consessions"  to the west?!
Belarus. Another "Putin style" democracy.
The number of Ukrainians who visited annexed Crimea this year decreased - monitoring (ISLE)

Obviously people visit family there.
But the days of Crimea as a tourist destination are over and gone.
I would say, finished for good, as Ukrainians will discover new destinations, particularly Turkey. Warmer, better beaches, cheaper, better food.
Add to that the possibility in the New Year of a visa free regime with Europe, and the destruction started by Putin will be complete.
The Crimea now is a military base, not a tourist destination.
Brent crude trades below $ 48 per barrel (Investfunds)
2 minutes ago

Crude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 44.97 -0.91 -1.98% Oct 2016 2:17 AM
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 47.11 -0.90 -1.87% Nov 2016 2:17 AM

Natural Gas (Nymex)
USD/MMBtu 2.84 +0.05 +1.68% Oct 2016 2:15 AM

Basically good news for Ukraine. As long as the price stays stable around 45.
And the gas price always lags the oil price, so Ukraine should get cheap gas this winter.
Maybe 180 or so. Cheaper than Tymoshenko's bargain price of 450 with Putin, in the days when the Kyiv Post couldn't fail but to kiss her butt on every conceivable occasion. And it still does, you say?
Scandalous British minister and father of Brexit Boris Johnson comes to Kiev (

Visiting with some foreign ministers!
Ukraine has enough nutters without this fruitcake visiting.
Johnson is perhaps the only politician I know who can make Donald Trump seem normal.
He also has Russian blood in him, and wants to do business with Russia. To compensate for the expected business decline following Brexit.
Money before morals.
Ukraine may get visa-free regime with the EU in October or November - Klimkin (European Truth)
Monday, September 12, 2016, 8:47

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin hopes that Ukraine will receive a visa-free regime with the European Union in October or November.
This Klimkin told the TV channel "Inter" on Sunday evening.
"I hope that decision will be made either in October or November," - Klimkin said.
According to Klimkin, all EU countries supported granting Ukraine visa-free regime.
"Today there is no country that would not support granting visa-free regime for Ukraine with the European Union. The problem is only that the European Parliament is discussing the mechanism of fixing migration risks and respond to them" - said Klimkin.
As reported, September 5, at the meeting of the Committee on Civil Liberties and Home Affairs heard the speaker of the Ukrainian issue, which recommended to approve the proposal for the introduction of Ukraine to the list of countries with which the EU introduces visa-free regime.


This has been on the cards for over one year.
I first thought September 01. But that date has passed.
Now I would think that 01 January 2017 will be the date.
As Klimkin points out, the thousands of migrants from Syria and Africa arriving every day are complicating matters.
As Putin well knows - hence his continued bombing in Syria. It simply makes things worse for Ukraine.
Ukraine has resumed gas imports from Poland (RBC-Ukraine)

Following earlier problem - depressurizatiion - in the pipeline.
Yesterday separatists fired 37 times at ATO positions
KIEV. 12 September. UNN. During the last day of the Russian-occupation forces opened fire 37 times on positions of Ukrainian defenders, reports UNN with reference to the press-center ATO headquarters.
Shelling and provocative actions of the occupiers are mostly unsighted and provocative nature to cause fire response from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but Ukrainian defenders strictly observed the Minsk agreements.
Thus, the direction Mariupol recorded 20 violations "regime of silence." The enemy resorted to armed provocations near the water, where the prohibited agreements Minsk 122 artillery caliber fired Ukrainian strongholds, and defenders Shyrokynoho mortars used 82-gauge.
Also, gunmen opened fire on the BMP-2 in Shyrokynomu and granite, Marinka, Starohnativku, Shyrokyne and Talakivku fired zhranatometiv, machine guns and small arms.
In Lugansk area recorded 9 violations "regime of silence." Occupants fired from infantry combat vehicles, anti-tank missile systems, grenade launchers, machine guns and small arms on Novooleksandrivtsi.
In Donetsk area recorded 8 violations "regime of silence." Provocative attacks of the enemy were the positions of Ukrainian defenders in Avdeevka and Luhansk with grenade launchers, machine guns and small arms....
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