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In Kiev attacked the embassy of the Russian Federation; unknown fireworks launched into the building.  The situation in the zone ATO: Adventure day 30 times fired Ukrainian position.  More than 66 million dollars confiscated Lazarenko Antigua and Barbuda.  More than 66 million dollars confiscated Lazarenko Antigua and Barbuda

Kyiv, Ukraine
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"Russian pigs, you are not welcome": Kiev night fired at Russian Embassy on the night of September 17
In Kiev on the night of September 17 unknown threw firecrackers and fireworks fired at the building of the Russian embassy.

This is with reference to eyewitness reports " Country ".

It is reported that about 1:00 am to the building came about 20 people who set fireworks and gave a "volley", then left the scene.

According to Reuters , the protesters wore masks. They unfurled a banner with the inscription: "Russian pigs, you are not happy. Today fireworks, and tomorrow will grads" and chanted "Freedom for the prisoners Kremlin" and "There will be no elections," referring to the elections to State Duma in the occupied Crimea. In Ukrainian/український
Journalist Graham Phillips tried to disrupt the Ukrainian release of prisoners

A well-known advocate Graham Phillips insulted Ukrainian hostages "DNR" in the release

While transferring prisoners propagandist began to insult hurt Ukrainian. It is reported by TSN .

During the exchange known promoter Graham Phillips began to insult Zhemchugova that due to stretching undermine remained without eyes and hands.

"Provocateur inappropriate shouted words of brazen smile and took off Ukrainian reaction to the video. Fracture adequately respond to accusations villain, stressing that it is in their land where he was born and raised. Even in fast he became ill," - said in a statement.

The man admitted that Phillips still forced him to become inflamed.

Yesterday it was reported that Ukrainian Vladimir Fracture and Suprun Yuri released from captivity . After the explosion on the stretch fracture blinded and lost both his hands. In Ukrainian/український
The building of the Consulate General of Russia in Kharkiv on Sunday, September 18, during the vote in elections to the State Duma guarded by 700 policemen and natshvardiytsiv.

This was reported by UNIAN with reference to the Main Department of communication Natspolitsii in the region.

"Police will monitor compliance with the order during the voting in the Russian consulate in the street Maksymilianovskoyi 22" - said in a statement.

Total to policing during the election NEA involve 500 police and 200 soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Recall that on the night of September 17 in Kiev unknown threw firecrackers and fired fireworks Embassy of the Russian Federation . According to the Kiev police, the incident no one was hurt.

As reported by the "Observer", the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov complained to France in Ukraine because of fireworks near the Russian Embassy. In Ukrainian/український
Kadyrov wants to match World Cup 2018 football in Chechnya

Chechen Republic will fight for the right to host matches of the World Cup 2018. This Friday, September 16, said so. Acting head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, his words transmits TASS .

"The [Minister of Sports of Russia Vitaly] Mutko about this tough stance, I spoke to him about it at the beginning. Yet chances are, we will fight to at least one match in the Caucasus held, particularly in Chechnya. For this, we created all conditions, "- said Kadyrov.

In Grozny located "Achmat Arena" - home stadium of local football club "Terek". Opening Arena on 11 May 2011, at sporting events capacity is 30.6 thousand people. In Ukrainian/український
Took off his responsibility, Putin said, what can help Ukraine

Russia is ready to mediate to resolve the conflict in Ukraine and guarantor of possible agreements, but no more.

This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports "Interfax".

"What we can do - is to create the conditions for negotiations themselves take part in it as mediators and guarantors of the agreements", - Putin said.

"That is what we can, and we want to do, if they want our partners in Kiev", - said Russian President.

The rest, according to Putin, "can only do Ukrainian people and its representatives." In Ukrainian/український
In Poland held commemorative events to mark the 77 anniversary of Soviet aggression

In Poland held commemorative events in the 77 anniversary of Soviet aggression. On this day in 1939 the Red Army invaded the territory of the country.

It is reported by "Polish Radio".

As a result of the violation of Polish-Soviet pact, under a secret protocol signed by Ribbentrop Pact Molotov.vidbuvsya-IV division of Poland - between Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania and the USSR.

Polish President Andrzej Duda today laid a wreath and lit the icon lamp Warsaw monument to the fallen and murdered in the east.

In the courtyard of Katyn Museum in the capital of Poland was laying wreaths to the fallen information tables 1939.

Polish Defense Minister Anthony Matsyerevych said that the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany would not only destroy the Polish state, but the memory of its defenders.

"But the Poles, after various historical turmoil, many years later, return this memory now," - said the head of the Defense Ministry.

On the eve of Polish experts committee, which is investigating the circumstances of the crash near Smolensk in 2010, killing 96 people, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski, said the falsification of records black boxes Tu-154.

As informed "Radio Poland," the Polish registrar was removed a short period, the place which was inserted on the Russian segment of the registrar. In remote segment contained information about the problems of engine, generator, altimeter that occurred when the presidential plane was flying at an altitude of 15 meters.

In 2011, a preliminary inquiry has called the crash the result of mistakes Polish pilots and poor leadership from Russian air traffic controllers in the conditions of dense fog. A separate report by Russian experts pointed to the likely presence in the cockpit of the commander of the Polish Air Force and contained speculation that he could insist on landing, despite the bad weather conditions.

April 10, 2010 in the crash of Tu-154 Smolensk killed 96 people, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, the leaders of the armed forces, Chief of General Staff, representatives of the Sejm and Senate, the Office of the President, the last president of Poland in exile Ryszard Kacharovskyy representatives senior military commanders, political parties, public and religious figures. In Ukrainian/український
NATO fighter aircraft intercepted Russian military aircraft over the Baltic (Latvia)

Today the alliance fighters were raised to intercept Russian military aircraft IL-20 near the border of Latvia

Today the alliance fighters that patrol the skies over the Baltic, escorted Russian military aircraft IL-20.

It is reported "Channel" 112 "referring to Twitter National Armed Forces of Latvia.

"September 17 fighter air police climbed to intercept the Baltic Sea near the border of Latvia IL-20 belonging to the armed forces of the Russian Federation", - said in a statement.

Recall that in August it was reported that NATO fix activation flying spy planes over Russia Baltic.

In 2015, Russian military aircraft near the border of Latvia recorded more than 270 times.

As reported by "head office", US intelligence agencies are expanding operations to Russia, and their scale is bigger than ever after the "Cold War." The newspaper Washington Post , citing anonymous sources in the federal government, wrote that the strengthening work involves covert operations of the CIA, attract capabilities NSA electronic surveillance, satellite systems and other opportunities to gather information. The article said that the intelligence agencies that previously turned its attention to Russia, focusing on the terrorist threat and areas of military conflicts also carried out a redistribution of resources.

Sources Washington Post said that these measures shall be taken in an effort to restore the US intelligence capacity, which continued depleted, despite Russia's desire to reaffirm itself as a world power. Over the last two years, according to sources, Moscow their actions caught the US by surprise. As examples they called annexation of Crimea, intervention in the war in Syria and a possible involvement in hacker attacks against the United States and Europe, the newspaper said.

According to the Washington Post, the fight against terrorism still remains a top priority in the work of American intelligence, but officials say the recent directives of the White House and Managing Director of National Intelligence for the first time since the Soviet collapse raised position of the list of priorities of intelligence.

US officials stressed that while the need to strengthen intelligence on Russia is considered an important priority, there is no intention to transfer the CIA and other intelligence agencies in the state in which they were during the "Cold War," the newspaper said. Former officials recall that at the peak of the conflict, US intelligence agencies often allocate 40 percent or more of their staff and resources to collect data about the Soviet Union and its communist satellites.

According to Washington Post, officials argue that today the CIA and other agencies allocate to activities associated with, no more than 10 percent of its budget, but this figure has increased over the last two years. In Ukrainian/український
Stockholm may refuse to hear Ukraine in a multibillion lawsuit to "Gazprom"

This was stated by the head of the NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" Andrew Kobolyev

Stockholm arbitration may refuse "Naftogaz" of the lawsuit to the Russian "Gazprom" on transit contract in 2009 due to changes in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the statute "Naftogaz Ukraine". Told the head of the NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" Andrew Kobolyev the sidelines of the Forum YES Ukraine 2016.

It said "5 channel."

"The greatest and most terrible consequence that we can get - a refusal to consider the Stockholm arbitration case against the transit of" Gazprom ". In this case "Naftogaz" requires "Gazprom" 12 billion dollars, the introduction of virtual opportunities reverse guarantee gas transit for the future and a lot more then, "- he stressed.

Recall specified amount of claims NJSC " Naftogaz of Ukraine " with the claim to the Russian gas monopoly "Gazprom" regarding retroactive changes to natural gas prices, reimbursement of overpayments made ​​on 20 May 2011 and the abolition of the provisions of the contract that prohibits realization of him natural gas outside Ukraine is 14 billion 230 million dollars. USA. This is stated in the report JSC "Gazprom".

"We specify the amount of claims" Naftogaz Ukraine "to JSC" Gazprom "has made more than 14 230 million dollars. USA ", - the report says the company.

It also states that the oral hearing scheduled for September-October 2016 decision by the arbitrators is scheduled for the end of March 2017. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Sep 17, 2016 4:08 pmAdmin
SBU found two arms caches in ATO area. PHOTOS

The SBU officers together with the police have found two arms caches in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area.
Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the SBU.

The law enforcement officers seized four RPG-26 grenade launchers i n the attic of an abandoned house in Pavlopil village in the Donetsk region.

Moreover, the law enforcement officers seized four RGD-5 grenades with fuses and a large number of 5.45 mm caliber rounds.

The criminal proceedings have been opened under Art.263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
Week’s balance: IMF tranche, slap in Russia’s face, and "honest budget"

Executive Directors of the International Monetary Fund decided to disburse the third tranche of the loan for Ukraine, the National Bank eased forex restrictions and lowered the discount rate, while the Government has tabled in Parliament a draft budget for 2017- these are the main economic news of the past week.

The main news of the past week was the long-awaited decision of the IMF to continue cooperation with Ukraine and allocate the third tranche of the loan amounting to $1 billion. The IMF kept even the outstanding optimists anxious, having reported on its positive decision late at night Kyiv time. Anticipating a positive decision of the IMF for Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko even crossed himself in a rare religious move during one of his public appearances, thus evidencing the fact that the Ukrainian authorities were not 100% confident in the IMF loan approval. And immediately after the IMF Executive Board, the President did not even wait for the official announcement of the Fund, being the first to deliver the good news on Twitter. "Just now, the IMF Executive Board adopted a positive decision to extend the program of cooperation with Ukraine and to disburse financial assistance," Poroshenko tweeted. The importance of the tranche allocation for the country and the fact of continued cooperation with the Fund can hardly be overestimated. The decision on the allocation of funds was made after more than a year-long break in relations between Ukraine and the IMF, provoked mostly by the political events in the autumn of 2015 and winter-spring of 2016. In these periods, the government was changed in Ukraine and a number of unpopular social reforms were implemented, while the IMF continued to negotiate, delaying their decision. One of the reasons for the suspension of a cooperation program was a problem with the launch of the system of electronic declaration, which started its work on September 1. This actually influenced the positive decision of the IMF and the disbursement of the tranche. The Fund also noted the first signs of the recovery of Ukraine’s economy. The IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde, has pointed to the pickup of activity in Ukraine, and the decrease of inflation. The country has seen its gross international reserves and bank deposits rising. "This progress owes much to the authorities' program implementation, including sound macroeconomic policies, bold steps to bring energy tariffs to cost-recovery levels, and measures to rehabilitate the banking system,” Lagarde said in her comments following the meeting of the Executive Board.......................

Access complete text of the editorial:
Russian looters steal metal structures and scrap them in Donbas, - Intelligence

Russian occupants and terrorists in Donbas are involved in theft of local property.
Censor.NET reports citing Intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense.

The command of the "1st Army Corps" (Donetsk) of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation received a complaint signed by 347 Spartak village residents. The civilians reported about theft of metal structures, fences, and heating systems by servicemen of the "100th separate motorized rifle brigade". Moreover, the militants threatened local residents with weapons.

In addition, militants of the "separate reconnaissance battalion" (Donetsk) and "separate assault battalion" (Makiivka) of the "1st Army Corps" was repeatedly involved in export of scrap metal from the territory of the Donetsk airport on Sept. 8-15. In Ukrainian/український
Groisman called for peace with Russia "only on our terms'

"We are not a country-aggressor who wants to capture more territory," - said Ukrainian Prime

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that Ukraine stands for peace with Russia, but only on their terms.

He said in his speech on September 17 during the 13th annual meeting of Yalta European Strategy (YES).

"Peace, peace absolute, but on our terms. For we are not a country-aggressor who wants to capture more territory. I disagree with that assessment dealt conflict between Russia and Ukraine. I think this more global conflict ", - he said and stressed that it is a conflict between two worlds - democratic and those who" do not understand what democracy is. "

Groisman said that the conflict in Ukraine is a challenge for all democratic countries, "believing that values ​​can not be changed by force, that the values ​​must be fought."

"The question is - who's next? It would be naive to believe that the aggressor to stop because he did "- he said.

Also, he said that "the aggressor has to abandon his plans to kill, capture, pose a threat." In Ukrainian/український
Russia upset that it sent to Debaltsevo 220 tons of ammunition for multiple launch rocket systems and ACS

At the train station Debaltsevo arrived with ammunition, 70 tons - for the MLRS 150 tons - for ACS

On the territory of Debaltsevo transferred to another batch of ammunition - 70 tons of missiles for multiple launch rocket systems and 150 tons of shells for self-propelled artillery.

According to an UNIAN , about it today at a briefing in Kiev, spokesman for the Ministry of Defence Alexander Motuzyanyk citing Ukrainian intelligence information.

"The train station Debaltsevo arrived with ammunition, 70 tons - for the MLRS 150 tons - for ACS," - said Motuzyanyk. Earlier, representative of the Defense Intelligence Skibitskyy Vadim said that the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas, there are about seven thousand Russian soldiers. In Ukrainian/український
Putin says ready to become "guarantor of agreements" between Kyiv, militants

The Russian leader offers to mediate in the negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian-backed militants in Donbas, according to RIA Novosti.

"What we can do is to create the conditions for the negotiation process and participate in it as mediators and guarantors of the agreements reached. That is what we can, want, and will do if our partners in Kyiv want it," RIA Novosti quoted Putin as saying....... In Ukrainian/український
House of Cards star Kevin Spacey attends Ukrainian oligarch Pinchuk’s YES forum in Kyiv. PHOTOS
Famous American actor Kevin Spacey, who starred in House of Cards TV series depicting the secret life of the U.S. politicians, attended Yalta Economic Summit (YES) in Kyiv.

As reported by Censor.NET, journalist Iryna Herasimova wrote on Facebook.

"Come on, Avakov (Ukraine's Interior Minister - Ed.) and Lutsenko (Prosecutor General of Ukraine - Ed.) were reluctant to sit next to Leshchenko (Poroshenko Bloc faction MP - Ed.) and talk with the lawmaker "with-a-luxury-downtown-crib" about the fight against corruption. Well, there will be no interesting discussion. But you'd better look who is the special guest of this conference," she wrote.

Journalist Mykhailo Tkach commented on the actor's visit to Kyiv, recalling one of the TV series' episodes in which Kevin Spacey's character - Congressman Democrat Frank Underwood - killed a journalist.

"Kevin Spacey, who again became worldwide famous thanks to the House of Cards TV series, where he played the official, who murdered the journalist for the sake of power, can be seen on the picture taken in downtown Kyiv today. And he is standing alongside Viktor Pinchuk - the son-in-law of President Kuchma - on the day when we venerate memory of journalist Heorhii Gongadze!" he wrote.

Heorhii Gongadze's widow Myroslava noted that "this is a hint, like Underwood got away with it and they will succeed too."

As previously reported, journalist Heorhii Gongadze was killed in the fall of 2000. On March 15, 2008, the Kyiv Appeals Court declared three former officers of the Interior Ministry External Surveillance Department Valerii Kostenko, Mykola Protasov, and Oleksandr Popovych guilty of the murder. They were sentenced to 12 to 13 years in prison.

In January 2013, the court also sentenced former head of the External Surveillance Department Oleksii Pukach to life imprisonment for the murder of the journalist. Meanwhile, Gongadze's family still believes that real contractors remain at large. In Ukrainian/український
Deputy Chief of Staff ATO suspected of spying for Russia - Security

Investigations conducted concerning 13 persons suspected that they were working on the intelligence services of the Russian Federation

Under investigation are now thirteen people suspected of working for Russian intelligence. The press service of the SBU on the results of counterintelligence.

Among the defendants ATO Deputy Chief of Staff, Colonel Natshvardiyi, military personnel of the Department of Military and Armed Forces. Also investigated the activities of residents of different areas that were likely to prompt communications with special services of Russia and passed classified information.

As for the 20 people already entered into force conviction. In particular, was sentenced to nine years imprisonment officer of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, a Russian citizen. Sentenced to 12 years imprisonment former Air Force officer who passed on to the Russians about flight routes of military aircraft.

Up to nine years in prison sentenced former natshvardiyets, collecting information on the instructions of the Russian special services. In Ukrainian/український
In Kyiv attacked the embassy of the Russian Federation; unknown fireworks launched into the building

According natshvardiytsiv the building about 20 people came and made a salute

Around midnight a group of unidentified people attacked the Russian embassy. They ran through the building firecrackers and fireworks, falling with a loud noise and sometimes cause fire. It is reported by "Country", citing witnesses.

Natshvardiytsi guarding the embassy, ​​told that the building came about 20 people. Put fireworks and staged a "volley". Then quickly retreated from the scene.

The building has not been visible damage.

On Sunday, in the building of the Russian embassy had to be opened polling station during the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

But, despite the ban, Russian diplomats said that the land in any case open.

The fact that the embassy in Kiev will be organized polls confirmed the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. In Ukrainian/український
Police will check the accounts of organizations associated with the "Ukrainian truth"

Natspolitsiya got a right to access reporting founders of "Ukrainian Truth" and its partners for the past 15 years

As part of the investigation into the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet National Police will check the accounts of organizations connected with the popular Internet edition "Ukrainian Truth".

Subordinated leader of Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov have access to reports on insurance and compulsory payments to the Pension Fund all structures where the name appears founders of "Ukrainian Truth" Olena Prytula. In addition to the NGO "Ukrainian Truth" and private enterprise "Ukrainian Truth", got to this list of "Internet Media" and the NGO "Solidarity Media".

It became known from Kyiv Pechersk district court decision of 8 September 2016, which granted the police.

According to court materials, while investigators have access to information about insurance payments to the state budget from "New Media", which is directly related to the notorious holding "Vyesti Ukraine" and "IA 17 channel", the journalists who first appeared on the site Pavel Sheremet murder.

Together with these documents police obtained the right to information about:

employees (surname, first name, surname, date of birth, identification number, period of work, position, etc.)

accounts of tax liabilities and tax credit by counterparty to the VAT for the period from 27 July 2001 to the present in full;

Acts prepared for scheduled and unscheduled inspections of these companies over the last 15 years, where applicable. In Ukrainian/український
The situation in the zone ATO: Adventure day 30 times fired Ukrainian position

Armed Forces of Ukraine strictly observed the Minsk agreements

During the last day of the Russian-occupation forces opened fire 30 times on positions of Ukrainian defenders, with heavy weapons not used. But despite the provocations, the Armed Forces of Ukraine strictly observed the Minsk agreements. In particular, in the Donetsk area recorded 16 violations "quiet mode", the press center ATO headquarters.

The bombardment of the enemy with small arms and machine guns took place in the area Avdeevki, heater, Novoselivka II and Zaitsev. And Mine Dutivka, Toretskomu and Avdiyivka enemy opened fire from grenade launchers.

In Mariupol direction recorded 10 violations "regime of silence." The enemy opened fire with machine guns and small arms in the region of Marinka, Starohnativky, Novotroitsk, Shyrokynoho and Talakivky.

In Lugansk area recorded 4 violations of the "regime of silence." The enemy resorted to armed provocations in the area Novoaleksandrovka where militants were also disturbing fire with small arms.

In addition, in Donetsk and Mariupol directions militants have more use of long-range sniper rifles. Yes, the enemy used a sniper in the area of Chermalyk, granite and Avdeevki. In Ukrainian/український

More than 66 million dollars confiscated Lazarenko Antigua and Barbuda

Fortunes were frozen by the Office of policies for control of drug trafficking and money laundering Antigua

High Court of Antigua and Barbuda confiscated 66.7 million former Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Lazarenko, who were frozen in a bank in the country.

It is reported by "Voice of America".

Fortunes were frozen by the Office of policies for control of drug trafficking and money laundering Antigua. The government argued that the money Lazarenko were obtained through corruption.

How to use this money - will decide the government of that country.

The publication adds that about the money waged between Lazarenko case through its representatives and the government of Antigua and Barbuda.

"In this story is most surprising that the Ukrainian government has not come to this process with their demands to return the money Lazarenko," - said Gene Byrd, Associate Arnall Golden Gregory.

"But in order to do this it was necessary to act before the courts of terms that essentially had to start once arrested Pavlo Lazarenko, or at least when Ukraine became known that the money has been frozen in accounts in Antigua "- he added. In Ukrainian/український
The International Olympic Committee calls on Russia to stop hacking attack on WADA

Group hackers Fancy Bear ( «Fashion Bear") issued three series of documents, which reported that WADA allowed some Olympic athletes to take a drug for therapeutic purposes

President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach on September 16 called on Russia to stop hackers, revealing data on the use by athletes from all over the illicit drugs, reports Associated Press.

According to Bach, the committee will help the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to solve the problem of hackers from the Russian authorities.

In the anti-doping agency said that scrapping the database is revenge for the publication of the investigation to support the Russian special services doping during the Olympics 2014.

Group hackers Fancy Bear ( «Fashion Bear") issued three series of documents, which reported that WADA allowed some Olympic athletes to take a drug for therapeutic purposes.

The US group is associated Fancy Bear with Russian authorities. The Kremlin rejected the accusations. In Ukrainian/український
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