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Svoboda party member detained amid clashes near Russia embassy in Kyiv.  Fight at Russian Embassy in Kyiv: Activists try to prevent Russians from voting in elections to State Duma. PHOTOS. No observers from international organizations detected in elections to State Duma in Crimea, - Tuka.  US stand on Ukraine prevents Russia’s blackmail – Amb Chaly.  

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Putin and Medvedev after the elections to the State Duma expressed confidence of Russians to power
Medvedev said that no official results it is clear that the party "United Russia" won and will have a new 450-seat State Duma absolute majority

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the results of the parliamentary elections in Russia, describing the victory of the party "United Russia", evidence of confidence in the government.

"We can already confidently say that the party has achieved very good results, won. It is hard, hard, and people for the "United Russia" voted. People see that members of "United Russia", the leading political force really trying for people who may not everything goes, but they work sincerely and as effectively as possible ", - Putin said at the premises of the electoral headquarters of United Russia shortly after closing polls 18 September.

Meanwhile, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that no official results it is clear that the party "United Russia" won and will have a new 450-seat State Duma absolute majority.

On Sunday in Russia held elections to the State Duma. Moscow also agreed to vote for the territory annexed Crimea, which caused sharp criticism Kyiv and a number of Western countries.

According to exit polls, the elections to the State Duma are party of President Vladimir Putin's "United Russia" - 44.5%, Liberal Democratic Party - 15.3%, Communist Party - 14.9% and "Fair Russia" - 8.1%. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun 18 Sep 2016 - 20:54Admin
At the nightclub explosion in Lutsk

The explosion "Lexus" and four more by car, parked nearby, received only minor mechanical damage

In the parking lot, next to the shopping center " Grand Volyn " , triggered explosives that damaged four by car. It is reported IA " Volyn news " .

" For Freedom Avenue about 23:30 there was a loud explosion. Fired an unknown explosive device planted under which parked in the parking lot " Lexus " . The explosion "Lexus " and four more by car, parked nearby, received only minor mechanical damage - namely, lowered bus and scratches on the body " - said in a statement. The publication notes that the police protected the scene and waiting for tape slidcho- team. currently, police find out the circumstances of the incident and origin of explosives. In Ukrainian/український
Elections in Russia: CEC threatened to sue anyone who says the "carousel",  to discredit the elections"

Pamfilova called reports of violations of "hysterics" and promised to sue for "conscious attempt to discredit the elections"

Chairman of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova called the allegations of irregularities in the voting at elections to the State Duma - including "carousel" of absentee - "hysterics" and threatened the authors of such statements lawsuits for defamation.

This Pamfilova announced on September 18, writes TASS .

"With absentee - is nonsense. Try again isteryty and absentee theme speculate that there is some "carousel" - she said.

According to Pamfilova, especially in Moscow and the Moscow region, where the "small number" of absentee voting.

It also said it will "sue for libel by a conscious attempt to discredit the election."

"If there are any facts - let us send, we will respond immediately," - she promised.

Earlier Pamfilova said that the election of deputies of the State Duma of the 7th convocation held in the Russian Federation "virtually no violations" exception was the Altai Territory.

However, the network regularly during the day there are videos from different stations in different cities, which recorded ballot stuffing commission members and third parties, not voters.

In particular, Barnaul reported training scheme "cruise voting": hired students come to the polls, are allegedly corrupt members of electoral bulletins old people who usually do not participate in the elections, fill it in and drop boxes.

The user of social networks in Rostov posted videos tactics "Stinochka" where blatant ballot stuffing member Election Commission covering their bodies two other members. In Ukrainian/український
Russian spirits: first of voters gave a bottle of vodka

Voting in Russian: polling stations presented a bottle of vodka. According to the words of head of the electoral commission, this tradition for 20 years

The village Aleksandrovka Panynskoho district of Voronezh region precinct election commission №28 / 26 presented the gift to the first voter bottle of vodka.

It said the chairman said Nina vote Chernikov, reports New Era .

"We have this tradition for 20 years - we hand the voter his first bottle of vodka. Today our first voter came at 7:45, "- she said.

According to the woman, the first voter initiative to give alcohol belongs directly to the polling station commission.

"This is not no bribery, we have long his voters give all gifts. For example, 18-year-old voters we prepare chocolate. There are other gifts, "- told Chernikov. In Ukrainian/український
Ombudsman of the Federation complained to the UN on block of votes of Russians in Ukraine

During the elections to the Duma in diplomatic establishments of Ukraine protesters tried to prevent voting

Commissioner for Human Rights under the President of Russia Tatiana Moskalkov sent to the UN appeal for violation of electoral rights of Russians in Ukraine, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, European Union Ambassador to Russia and Ukraine Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights.
It is reported RBC-Russia.

"We all watched this unprecedented situation and the use of violence and obstruction of visit, come to our consular offices," - she said.

The appeals referred to "the inadmissibility of the situation here," - added Moskalkov.

During the elections to the Duma in diplomatic establishments of Ukraine protesters tried to prevent the vote. In particular, they tried not to let people go to the Russian embassy in Kiev, as they tried to tear down the fence. They were not allowed to vote several Russians ..

In Odessa at the consulate of clashes also occurred activists "Legal Sector" with the police. The activists also tried to block the passage of people in the consulate building and hurled eggs. In total, the State Duma elections in Ukraine have voted more than 350 people. In Kiev, came to the polls 155 people in Odessa - 120 in Kharkov - 56, in Ukraine - 38. In Ukrainian/український
CEC processed 40% results of the votes in the elections to the Duma

First place with a score of 53.01% is the party "United Russia"

CEC processed more than 40% of the vote in elections to the State Duma.

First place with a score of 53.01% is the party "United Russia".

LDPR currently received 14.21%. In the immediate vicinity is the Communist Party - 14.19%.

Fourth place is the "Fair Russia" with the preliminary results of 6.22%.

More than 1% at 2.03 typed "Communists of Russia" (2.55%), the Party of Pensioners (1.78%), "Apple" (1.53%), the party "Batkivshchyna" (1.38%) and the Party of growth (1.02%). In Ukrainian/український
Russian airliner bumped into Polish plane in Warsaw airport - TVN24

Airbus of Russian airline Aeroflot collided with smaller plane standing on the Chopin Airport airfield, TVN24 informs. Flight to Moscow is delayed by 8 hours. Passengers will have to wait until 20.30 for the arrival of another aircraft.

"Airbus 320 taxied for takeoff. She caught the tip of the main wings of smaller aircraft SprintAir airlines (Polish local airlines – UT). There are no problems at the airport itself. SprintAir airplane was empty. The passengers were in Russian plane, but nothing serious happened. Passengers must wait for the substitution of new aircraft at 20.30," airports spokesman Przemyslaw Przybylski specified............
369 Russians turn out at polling stations in Ukraine on Duma election day

Russia's Embassy in Kyiv has reported that 369 Russian citizens were able to cast their ballot papers at Ukrainian-based polling stations during the Russian State Duma election held on September 18, according to Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

Preliminary reports said 155 voters had turned out to the polling station in Kyiv, 38 in Lviv, 120 in Odesa, and 56 in Kharkiv, the Embassy said, RIA Novosti wrote. Russia also opened four polling stations in occupied Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, which was protested by Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry insisted the Duma elections should not be held in Russia's Embassy and consular representative offices in Ukraine. In turn, the Kremlin said that the Duma elections would take place in Russia's diplomatic premises, because the Ukrainian authorities had no power to ban them but should ensure their security. Russia said it was going to open four polling stations – one in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, and Kharkiv each............
Crimean Occupation Head Calls for Mobilizing Ethnic Russians in US against Washington

Although Moscow has had to deal with US-backed groups in Russia that support pro-American positions for many years, Shatilov concludes, any foundation in the US which promoted the notion that “Russia had done the right thing by absorbing Crimea wouldn’t exist for a month.”

Sergey Aksyonov, the head of the Russian occupation government in Crimea has called on Moscow to help create “a powerful Crimean lobby” in the US by mobilizing Russian citizens living there against Washington and its support for the Ukrainian government.

But as of now, he says, “no one is working with them” toward that end, and as a result both Crimea and the Russian Federation are failing to avail themselves of a potential ally in the current struggle, journalist Aleksey Polubota of the Svobodnaya pressa portal reports today (

Some Russians living abroad do so because of differences with Moscow, Polubota says, but many Russians in Europe have taken part in demonstrations in support of Russia’s position on Crimea. As a result, he says, it is time to raise the possibility of mobilizing them “in those countries which now conduct toward Russia not the most friendly policy.”

The Svobodnaya pressa journalist spoke with two Moscow experts Aleksandr Shatilov, a sociologist at the Finance University in the Russian capital, and Aleksandr Domrin, a specialist on law at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics, about whether Aksyonov’s call has any chance of being realized.

Shatilov says that “the level of patriotism of our emigres in the US leaves much to be desired,” especially if one compares their attitudes toward Russia with those of Chinese immigrants in the US who invariably support Beijing and lobby for “the economic and also political interests” of China.

The situation with regard to Russian emigres in the US is slowly getting better, however. “In the 1990s,” he says, “all those who left Russia considered it a God-forgotten countries and attempted to distance themselves from their former Motherland, sought to be part of the Western way of life and to distinguish themselves as little as possible from 100 percent Americans.”

Now, however, he continues, “Russia has strengthened its positions and is no longer viewed as a poor and dying state. Therefore, certain emigrants from Russian in their new motherland maintain a definite pro-Russian orientation.” That is especially true in Germany, and that presents “a definite problem for the German authorities.”

“But on the whole, Russian diasporas in various countries aren’t focused on Russia. Therefore,” Shatilov says, “Aksyonov somewhat optimistically assesses the prospects of influencing the émigré communities from Russia, especially in the US, where under the conditions of a de facto cold war, all attempts of Russia to influence the consciousness of Americans whatever nationality they are will be blocked.”

That will be especially true, he suggests, if anyone tries to establish “influential pro-Russian organizations. Activists who lobby for Russian interests could be called ‘agents of the bloody Putin regime,’ in the best case, politically neutralized and in the worst put behind bars” by the American authorities.

Moscow’s playing with those Americans who call for the independence of Texas or other states is a path to nowhere, Shatilov continues. Those Americans who are making such appeals are “marginal” without any “serious public support.” They are thus “not dangerous for the authorities.” If they ever were, the US government would deal with them without “ceremony.”

Washington doesn’t care about the promotion of cultural and even economic ties between émigré groups and their historical motherlands, but when things turn to politics – “and one cannot talk about Crimea without politics” – then the US authorities will crack down hard to ensure that such groups can’t effectively operate................

Access complete text of the editorial:
Deputy Head of Ukrainian president Taranov died on Dnipro River in Kyiv

Deputy head of the Presidential Administration Andrii Taranov has died in Kyiv.

Censor.NET reports citing Еspreso.TV.

The man hit an obstacle and died while riding a jet ski on Dnipro River. The accident happened at the unfinished Podilsko-Voskresenskyi bridge in Kyiv.

Andrii Taranov was appointed deputy head of the Administration of the president on Dec. 26, 2014. He was responsible for work with the law enforcement agencies. From September to December 2014, he worked as first deputy chief of the counterintelligence department of the Security Service of Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun 18 Sep 2016 - 12:58Admin
Saakashvili losing battle in Odesa

Pres Petro Poroshenko announced a competition to replace 8 heads of rayon administrations, reports Sept. 18.

These officials were appointed by the reform-minded Odesa Governor Mikheil Saakashvili after he had become governor in a loud decision by Pres Poroshenko a year ago.

Recently, local deputies passed a vote of no-confidence to the eight heads. More similar votes are on the way.

Mikheil Saakashvili took a decision to enter the political arena, cooperating with an opposition party.
In annexed the Crimea forced to go to the polls employees of hospitals

The order to protect the police stations and the "people's militia"

In Russia annexed Crimea held elections to the State Duma, at the polling stations, in addition to the police, so alternate representatives. Called. "Self-defense". The broadcast " 112 Ukraine " reported the Crimean activist Leonid Kuzmin.

"What I saw at polling stations that are in my area, there are representatives of the" people's militia "(" self ") and the police," - he said, adding that additional security measures at polling stations observed.

"The mood of the pro-Russian majority population so that they will participate in these elections. People who are on duty in hospitals, they are obliged to take absentee ballots to participate in polling stations in hospitals, "- said Kuzmin.

According to him, the population does not know of the election race because of active campaigning parties except the "United Russia" is not performed.

"Not all people will participate in the elections, many people do not realize whom to give their vote because the election campaign, which was conducted in Crimea, was lethargic and, except for" United Russia ", the other party not manifest itself," - said he. In Ukrainian/український

CEC of Russia claims nearly 9% voter turnout in the elections to the Duma in Crimea

Ukraine continues to insist on the illegitimacy of elections in Crimea and selected them Duma

In Russia claim that as at 10:00 on election of deputies to the State Duma in Russia annexed Crimea voted 8,72% of voters.

According to the CEC of Russia, Crimea 1474514 registered voters in Sevastopol - 318271. Russia organized the first parliamentary elections in Crimea occupied it.

Voting will take place from 8:00 to 20:00. Results in the Crimea, created 27 territorial election commissions, election 1164 polling stations.

Overall in Russia, according to the CEC, have voted 21.69% of voters.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine continues to insist that today's elections to the State Duma in Russia annexed Crimea illegal, and their results are void. It wrote in his twitter department spokeswoman Marian Betz.

1/2 Today's elections - part of the ongoing Russian aggression against Eng. Crimea is Ukraine. Elections - illegitimate and illegal. results -nikchemni
- Mariana Betsa (@Mariana_Betsa) 18 September 2016 g

2/2 Russia once again grossly and blatantly violates international law and the laws of Ukraine. The sanctions have strengthened
- Mariana Betsa (@Mariana_Betsa) 18 September 2016 g

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin called illegitimate Duma elections in Russia because of their conduct, including in annexed Crimea.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appealed to the parliaments of foreign states and international organizations to refrain from participation in the observation of the elections to the State Duma of Russia in the Crimea, and urged for all circumstances not recognize their results. A number of countries have condemned Russia organized the election on the peninsula. In Ukrainian/український
Russia "feeds" of their products in the Donbas expired and low-quality ammunition

Russia for its occupation troops in Donbas saving - thus missing

Reducing funding is offset by the supply of ammunition and food from the warehouses of long-term storage that do not meet quality standards.

Reported by the Defence Ministry of Defence .

"September 17 near the village Snowy during the firing of 122-mm MLRS" Grad "found unfit for use more than 30% of ammunition; military food base 1 AC (Donetsk) Armed Forces to supply manpower brought frozen fish from the state reserves of Russia, laid the deposit in 1960, "- said in a statement.

In intelligence reported that during the summer of this year repeatedly checked in case of hospitalization of personnel by poisoning expired canned 5 Motorized Brigade (Makiyivka) and 11 separate motorized rifle regiment (Makiyivka) 1 AC Armed Forces.

Recall, 17 September Debaltsevo with Russia moved 70 tons of ammunition for multiple launch rocket systems and 150 tons - for self-propelled artillery.

The difficult financial and economic situation in Russia makes its military and political leadership to minimize the financial maintenance of Russian occupation forces in eastern Ukraine, noted in the Defence Ministry of Defence. In Ukrainian/український
Militants violated cease-fire for about 26 times yesterday. 120 mm shells hit Avdiivka

Ukrainian soldiers did not fire back following the Minsk agreements.

It was reported about 26 militants' attacks at Ukrainian soldiers in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area over the past 24 hours, Censor.NET reports citing the ATO press center.

12 militants' attacks reported in the Donetsk sector. Avdiivka was fired from 120 mm mortars, grenade launchers, machine guns and small arms. At the same time, Verkhniotoretske, Novhorodske, and Nyzhnie Lozove were fired from grenade launchers and small arms. Moreover, the terrorists used 82 mm mortars and anti-aircraft guns, firing at Nyzhnie Lozove.

In the Mariupol sector, it was reported about 14 militants' attacks at Ukrainian soldiers. The militants fired at Talakivka, Pavlopil, Shyrokyne, and Marinka from grenade launchers, machine guns and small arms. In addition, the militants' IFV was spotted near Talakivka.

Six militants' drones were spotted in the ATO area over the past 24 hours. In Ukrainian/український
US stand on Ukraine prevents Russia’s blackmail – Amb Chaly

The United States takes a clear position on settling the war conflict in Ukraine – first implement the security part of the Minsk agreements then get to political issues. This excludes the attempts by Russia to manipulate and blackmail on the Donbas settlement, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the US Valery Chaly said, speaking at the YES international forum in Kyiv Sept. 17.

“The US stand is absolutely adequate to the current situation. In numerous statements, US politicians and diplomats stress that the security issues are to be implemented prior to the political ones. Without the ceasefire and Russian troops pull-out there cannot be any elections,” Chaly said.

The United States is fostering the trans-Atlantic unity among the EU countries. All EU decisions are coordinated with the US stand, Chaly noted.

When some EU politicians argue that Ukraine should head for a greater compromise not to provoke Russia, we are sure that Ukraine has already done a lot for Russia to impose a ceasefire in Donbas, he said.

Washington has a consolidated position on Crimea. Chaly recalled the latest statement by the US State Department on the non-recognition of any elections in Crimea.
No observers from international organizations detected in elections to State Duma in Crimea, - Tuka

Deputy Minister suggested that the pro-Russian forces could win.
There are no observers from international organizations in the elections to the State Duma in occupied Crimea.
Deputy Minister of Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons Heorhii Tuka said on air of 112 TV Channel, Censor.NET reports.

"As far a I know, there are no observers from international organizations in the elections. As for any amateur or civil society organizations, I have no such information," Tuka said.

Deputy Minister suggested that the pro-Russian forces could win.

Asked whether Ukraine had done everything possible to prevent the elections in Crimea, Tuka said: "Honestly, I think, yes. We did not intend to prevent the elections physically. We warned those who will participate... in the organization of such events in occupied Crimea about the possible legal consequences of such actions. Since the majority of people who organize the elections live there, they are citizens of Ukraine. We will initiate opening of some criminal cases," Tuka said. In Ukrainian/український

Fight at Russian Embassy in Kyiv: Activists try to prevent Russians from voting in elections to State Duma (updated). PHOTOS

A picket is held at the Russian Embassy in Ukraine (Kyiv), where a polling station in the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation has opened .
As Censor.NET reports, the activists keep blocking the entrance to the building. They are trying to prevent Russian citizens from entering the building and voting.

When one of the protesters wanted to enter the embassy, the protesters tried to tear down the fence, but but the law enforcers oposed them. Two activists were apprehended by the police.

Elections to the State Duma are held today in Russia.
 In Ukrainian/український

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Svoboda party member detained amid clashes near Russia embassy in Kyiv

Two persons, including a Kyiv city council member from the Svoboda Party, have been detained amid clashes outside the building of the Russian embassy in Kyiv, used as a polling station for Russian citizens on the day of the Russian State Duma election, according to Channel 112. Ukraine.

Controversial Svoboda Party member, who was Member of Parliament, but now is member of Kyiv City Council, Ihor Miroshnychenko was reportedly seen among protesters who gathered for an anti-Russia rally near the embassy. "Protesters have come, they've brought an effigy with Vladimir Putin's head, as they claim. They have brought posters saying "Death to Russia!" They have introduced themselves as citizens of the Russian Federation. They claim they would not vote, and this is their moral position," a channel reporter said. "Two persons have been detained after clashes. One of them is a member of Kyiv City Council, he was sent to a police station. The other was informed he had been detained for hooliganism. Now we see how some of the protesters are stepping on the Russian flag," the reporter described the developments. Nearly 30 Russian citizens have managed to cast their votes at the Russian embassy in Kyiv..............
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