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Ukrainian President meets with Hillary Clinton. In Minsk started subgroup meeting on security in the Donbas.  Ex-prosecutor who shot down to death a teenager, was released by the "law Savchenko".  The representative of the "DNR" Zakharchenko accused of murdering Zilina.

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The release of hostages can not be tied to the amnesty - Gerashchenko

MEPs - Members of the Parliamentary Committee of the association recognized that it is not tied to the release of the hostages amnesty blackmailing their families and Ukraine in general.

This was announced on the Facebook page First Deputy Speaker Irina Gerashchenko, the authorized peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.

"Mom and wife hostage that they hold militants two years, urged the EU to strengthen sanctions against Russia as the aggressor country. And so, our partners and the EU agree that you can not tie the fate of the people to free hostages amnesty blackmailing Ukraine and these poor families, "- wrote Gerashchenko after MEPs met with ex-hostages and the families of those and still illegally held in prisons in the occupied territories. In Ukrainian/український
Obama: Putin is trying to restore power of "lost glory"

Obama also called on to change the course of global integration and warned the world reject authoritarianism and isolation

President Barack Obama has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin in an attempt to "restore the lost glory of power." This Obama said, referring to Moscow's actions in Ukraine, informs "Radio Freedom".

"If Russia interfere in the affairs of its neighbors, this might be popular at home can lead to the growth of nationalist fervor. But after a while it will lead to a weakening of the role and make it less secure borders "- Obama said September 20 during a meeting of the UN General Assembly, where he played the last word as president of the United States.

Obama also called on to change the course of global integration and warned the world reject authoritarianism and isolation.

"I do not think that the example of the United States is unique," - said Obama, adding that European countries of the former Soviet bloc have reached current levels thanks to the efforts for democracy. In Ukrainian/український
Obama said what consequences await Russia for aggression against Ukraine

President Barack Obama said that the aggression of the Russian Federation to other countries weaken the international position of the Kremlin.

A statement Obama made ​​the 71 session of the UN General Assembly, reports DFS.

The US leader said that while empires in the world left behind, but Russia continues to try to regain the lost glory by force.

"If Russia continues to interfere in the affairs of its neighbors, it will maintain the popularity (the government. - Ed.) Inside, and it will feed the national interest. But over time, its credibility will decline, and borders become less safe," - said Obama.

The US president also emphasized the fact that in Ukraine people took to the streets not because of "conspiracy" abroad and that had no other choice.

"They demanded changes because they saw that the Baltic countries, Poland, people live better - they were open, free and democratic society" - summed up Obama.

As reported by the "Observer", before the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that Russia expect the same events that occurred in the Maidan in Kiev. In Ukrainian/український
ISIL posted the video of the alleged prisoner officer of the Russian FSB

The man appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to do everything possible for his release

"Islamic state" has published a video of the captured officer of the FSB. It said the publication "Medusa" referring to the Russian-language media called terrorists Furat.

In the video the man represented a Russian officer, appealed to Vladimir Putin and the Russian people asking to do everything possible for his release.

As the "Medusa", this movie is a little different from other propaganda videos IDIL. It militants there, although usually in these commercials show at least one. In addition, the clothes the man attached badge labeled "infidels" (non-believer) - before such patches for prisoners militants used. Also usually wore ID prisoners in orange (not black), do not they wore baseball caps.

Recall earlier SBU sent to Russia a woman suspected of having links with ISIL. In Ukrainian/український

Canada has refused to abolish visas for Ukrainian

He said Canada's visa policy "based on facts and in no way connected with political or trade agreements"

Ukraine does not meet the criteria that Canada brings to the countries applying for visas. The Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugee John Makkalum Canada, in response to the petition on visa-free regime for short trips of citizens of Ukraine to Canada, according to Ukrinform.
"Currently, Ukraine has not reached the criteria Canada uses to assess eligibility for exemption from visas. As a result, the ministry has no plans to soon revise visa requirements for Ukraine ", - said Makkalum.

He said Canada's visa policy "based on facts and in no way connected with political or trade agreements." But he stressed that Canada regularly monitors various parameters of all countries, assessing the ability to change their visa status.

"If the preliminary findings are positive, the ministry can run detailed formal review. Given the importance of relations between Canada and Ukraine, officials are closely monitoring migration trends and other indicators of the country ", - said the Minister.

However, in his opinion, Canada has a very high level of service to visa applicants Ukraine, so the visa regime will not be an obstacle to obtaining the benefits of free trade agreements between countries.

"With this level of visa fees ministry expects the Ukrainian podorozhuvalnyky will be able to get full benefit from the free trade agreement between Canada and Ukraine", - said Makkalum.

He added that the efforts of Ukraine depends on the country's compliance with Canada's criteria for visa waiver.

"Although the ministry will cooperate with Ukraine on migration, Ukraine is responsible for the achievement of Canada's conditions for visa abolition. Meanwhile, the ministry promises to do everything possible to further improve the quality of visa services rendered thousands of Ukrainian attending and engaged in business activities in Canada every year ", - concluded the official. In Ukrainian/український
Lutsenko dismissed three of his subordinates in the investigation of conflict of NABU

Lutsenko temporarily suspended three employees GPU from duty

Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko dismissed three employees of the GPU on duty at the time of the official investigation into the conflict with NABU.

This was reported by the press service department.

"The decision to suspend taken to ensure the implementation of effective, prompt and impartial preliminary investigation in the criminal proceedings on the fact of these events, which carries Main Investigation Department of the SBU", - said the prosecutor's office.

As you know, between the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Prosecutor General's Office regarding conflict tracking.

August 12 Attorney General's Office has identified a stationary observation post its employees at ul. Simon Petliura 7/9 in Kiev, which has collection of information about the actions of prosecutors.

Head of Department for investigation of particularly important cases of the Prosecutor General in the economy Vladimir Gutsulyak said the special forces beating NABU three prosecutors who conduct surveillance by the GPU investigators Dmitry Susom.

In the GPO said that the surveillance was illegal, while NABU claim to have a court decision. Prosecutor General's Office began to investigate a fight.

NABU Art Director Sitnik said that the workers detained after NABU used illegal measures of physical and moral impact. In Ukrainian/український
Lithuania has withdrawn military attaches from Russia through his marriage to a Crimean

Saulius Pikturnu married a Russian citizen prior to his appointment as military attaché in this country

The Ministry of Defence of Lithuania together with the Foreign Ministry decided to withdraw from its military attache of Saulius Pikturnu through his marriage to a resident of the occupied Crimea.

This was reported at the Defense Ministry of Lithuania.

It is noted that the decision was taken at his own request because of "changing family circumstances." The message Defense Ministry said that after the withdrawal Pikturnu it will be transferred to the reserve military department of Lithuania.

Military attache married a citizen of the Crimea even before his appointment to the position.

In the documents provided Pikturnu Ukrainian passport girls, but later, "arranging formalities" in Moscow, said she is a citizen of Russia and passport are shown in. In Ukrainian/український
The world-famous "socialite" and heir to empire hotel Paris Hilton visit Odesa

Odessa club Ministerium said about the participation of Paris Hilton in his party on 30 September. It is reported that she will play a DJ set. Also in the program of the evening - Italian project JAZZY FUNK.

Paris Hilton - actress, singer, songwriter, fashion model, a world famous socialite. Odessa club Ministerium very known in the city, and in 2013 there is also a set with DJ made famous actress Sasha Grey. In Russian/русский
Belarus has banned the television channel "Russia 24"

Banned pro-Putin Russian TV channel broadcasting in Belarus

Belarus has banned Russian propaganda channel "Russia 24", which is, in fact, "the mouthpiece of the Kremlin."

Reported Belarusian edition of "Nasha Niva".

According to the legislation of Belarus, the channel "Russia 24" not allowed to broadcast in public places.

Moreover, it is not in the official list of 209 foreign TV channels, which are allowed to spread in Belarus.

"So, it show anywhere except private property of citizens, inevitably a sad tyahtyme legal consequences", - reported in the ministry. In Ukrainian/український

Even one of Putin's best buddies now turning on him.
on Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:22 amAdmin
Lukashenko complained of pressure

Lukashenko defeated Russia's position in gas dispute and blocking of Belarusian products, "This land!"

Currently, trade and economic relations between Belarus and Russia have deteriorated significantly due to recent economic pressures.

This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said " BelTA ".

He urged Russia to decide on the further cooperation in the areas of integration and union construction projects.

"Too many problems in our country, a lot of criticism not only at integrating the two countries, but also at the level of the Eurasian Economic Union and CIS. Although the CIS the function that can execute, implement and moving at a pace that we ask. The main thing - is, of course, the Eurasian Economic Union and the Union of Belarus and Russia ", - said Lukashenko.

According to him, the state began to supply large volumes of goods from the price, which was reduced by half, which is unprofitable for Belarus. Supply of Belarusian goods, in turn, "hits the pockets of Russian oligarchs in agriculture."

"We have a few months can not agree on gas prices. In this connection, Russia reduced oil supplies to Belarus. We perceive this as pressure on Belarus, but I do not tolerate pressure and Belarusians too. Already tired of it already over the edge, then can not continue ", - said Lutsenko.

The President concluded that the country will now analyze its participation in the Eurasian Economic Union. In Ukrainian/український
The Russian Defense Ministry argued that not involved in the attack humkonvoyu UN Syria

Russia blames shelling UN humanitarian convoy "Syrian militants"

Russian and Syrian aircraft do not cause air strikes on humanitarian convoy of the UN on the southwestern outskirts of Aleppo. This was stated by the representative of the Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, RIA "Novosti."

"Moreover, due to the fact that the path of movement of the convoy passed through territory controlled by the rebels, the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria yesterday conducted its support unmanned facilities," - he said.

Konashenkov said that about 13:40 Kyiv time on Monday all humanitarian cargo was safely detained, then reconciliation Center stopped monitoring the convoy.

"Further movement of convoys Russian side is not tracked. All information about the location convoy was known only controlling those areas of militants, "- he stressed.

As reported earlier, trucks transporting humanitarian aid to Syria, was shelled from the air.

In the State Department stressed that the fire could make airplanes Assad forces and Russian troops. In this regard, the US promised to review cooperation with Russia. The United Nations meanwhile suspended all UN humanitarian convoys in Syria.

According to recent reports, due to shelling killed 14 volunteers who accompanied the humanitarian cargo. In Ukrainian/український
In Lavrov diagnosed Polish society which destroys Soviet legacy

The foreign ministry accused Russia to Poland to conduct "cynical policy against the Soviet memorial heritage"

"War" with the Soviet memorable places in Poland relating to the Second World War, continues to gain momentum, according to the Foreign Ministry on the official site .

"In m.Sanok (Podkarpackie) demolished a monument to the Red Army Thanksgiving. Characteristically, this time dismantling was done not by the decision of local authorities, on direct orders from the Polish Institute of National Remembrance in Warsaw. At the cemetery of Soviet officers in m.Tsybinka (Lubuskie) dismantled a memorial table with a copy of the obverse of the medal "For Victory over Germany" and the text, which refers to the deed soldiers of the Red Army. Announced plans to replace conventional slab monument at the mass grave in Red h.Pekary Slaski (Silesian Province). This is contrary to the Agreement on burial places and the memory of victims of war and repression of February 22, 1994 "- said in a statement.

The foreign ministry accused Russia to Poland to conduct "cynical policy against the Soviet memorial heritage." Over the opinion of Russian diplomats, this policy "morally flawed and disgrace, above all, the power that take the decisions." "The best response to such actions - public contempt for their initiators. We would like in this context to recall that at the Russian Embassy in Warsaw is an updated list of settlements in Poland, where the local authorities demolished monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators ", - said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

As reported previously director of the Institute of National Remembrance in Poland Lukasz Kaminski said that his organization is preparing a program to dismantle monuments to Soviet soldiers 500 nationwide. Oh rhanizatsiya offers gather them in one place and create an open-air museum. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine Trip Notes - Putin is trying to "Make Russia Great Again" - market economist Timothy Ash

“The good news is that Russia is set to stay on the side lines pending the result of the US election, and possibly awaiting the outcome also of elections in France and then Germany. This gives Ukraine time to bed down reforms, and cement the recovery, development and investment – and also, perhaps importantly build defensive capability.”

After most of the past week spent in Ukraine, Nomura International chief emerging market economist Timothy Ash filed the following report at 15:29 today detailing his impressions of current realities in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union:

I visited Kyiv this week to the YES (Yalta European Strategy) event I attach herein a few big picture thoughts, with a particular focus on Ukraine:

Summary view: The good news is that Russia is set to stay on the side lines pending the result of the US election, and possibly awaiting the outcome also of elections in France and then Germany. This gives Ukraine time to bed down reforms, and cement the recovery, development and investment – and also, perhaps importantly build defensive capability. There is some good news in that the macro economy has been significantly stabilised (fiscal/current account/energy deficits cut, inflation slashed, the currency stabilised, with the banking sector, and the economy finally returning to growth), and this provides a solid base for longer term recovery.

It was encouraging last week that IMF financing came back on stream after a 13-month gap. Long term growth/development and continued IFI inflows depend on the maintenance of the structural reform agenda (tax admin reform, pension reform, anti-corruption efforts, reform of judiciary and PGO, et al). Unfortunately, therein progress is proving piecemeal as elites resist change which is reining in their rent seeking activity and could also send many to jail. This suggests fit-full reform, and stalled/delayed IMF/IFI disbursements. That said, the macro stability secured means that Ukraine should be able to muddle on – albeit growth is likely to be sub-optimal. I don’t expect the Poroshenko/Groysman administration to be brought down before scheduled elections (2019). However, failure to deliver reforms on the anti-corruption front, and only a slow improvement in the economy/living standards, does risk a victory by nationalist/populist/opposition forces in the 2019 presidential elections, and this could see a return to conflict in the East (efforts to take back Donbas) and potentially domestic political instability. Not sure those in power now understand the importance of the anti-corruption agenda in terms of potential impact on domestic political stability.

I am also not sure that Moscow is prepared to stay out of Ukraine indefinitely also – as Ukraine remains central to Putin’s “Making Russia Great Again” agenda. If Hillary wins in November, Russia could well quickly look to test her Ukraine policy by quickly moving to re-escalate. If Trump wins, I think Moscow will wait through the inauguration, and perhaps to mid-year 2018, and after the French election to better understand/grasp the new Western policy towards Russia and Ukraine. If we see no major change therein I think there is also a risk of another return to escalation in Ukraine by Russia.

What is striking though in speaking to Ukraine’s elites – and groups ranged around Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Tymoshenko, Kuchma, and the Opposition Party (former Regions), et al is that there is little appetite for major compromises with Moscow. Indeed, there still seems a willingness to fight to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty, even if this was in a scenario where Ukraine was isolated on the international scene, against Russia (e.g. victories for Trump, Le Pen, and the demise of Merkel). My personal view is that while Putin and Russia seem to be winning global geopolitical power plays (Syria, European and US politics) his Achilles heel remains his emotional attachment to Ukraine (all Russian policy essentially returns to the desire to bring Ukraine back into the Russian fold) and Moscow’s inability to read Ukraine and Ukrainians that well (back with the annexation of Crimea, and intervention in Donbas, Moscow expected Ukrainians to welcome their Russian “liberators” –which failed beyond those territories currently in rebel/Russian hands). The danger still for Russia is in being dragged back into a conflict in Ukraine (before perhaps the 2018 Russian presidential elections) – the Ukrainians seem to have the appetite to wage a long campaign, taking casualties, for their own territory, and I am not sure that Russia and Russians are.


Access complete text of the editorial:
Donbas becoming burden for Russia, but it does not know how to get rid of it, - Bildt

The Russian aggression in Ukraine's Donbas is becoming a burden for Russian authorities.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was stated by diplomat, former Foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt in an interview with Novoe Vremia.

"I do not believe Russia's foreign policy will change for better in near future. However, I believe it is possible in a longer run. The Donbas, as I see, is becoming a burden for them. It looks like they do not know how to get rid of the problem they themselves created without losing face," he wrote, as translated from Russian. In Ukrainian/український
Strengthening mode: diplomat said that Putin is preparing for protests in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin took a course to strengthen the internal regime, thus preparing for protests.

This opinion comments in the "Observer" the diplomat expressed expert "Maidan of Foreign Affairs" Alexander Jara.
"According to polls, most Russians are now prepared to take part in protests against the government. But Putin clearly is prepared to internal shocks which in the future is inevitable. In particular, the head of the Kremlin created the National Guard, concentrated power over other power blocs" - said the diplomat.

According to him, there is information that Putin is trying to create a Ministry of State Security , ie light-version of the KGB. In Ukrainian/український
Britain does not recognize the State Duma elections in Crimea illegal

Britain does not recognize the illegal elections in the State Duma of Russia, which took place in the occupied Crimea, is Ukrainian territory.

This writes the British Ambassador Judith Gough Ukraine in his Twitter.

She stressed that annexation of Crimea Russia is illegal and unlawful.

The British Foreign Office expressed concern about freedom of civil society in Russia after OSCE report on elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

"We commend the OSCE to conduct elections of the State Duma of Russia. It is concluded that, although" the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation held elections transparent "democratic commitment is still not observed, and there were numerous procedural violations" - said in comments to the British Foreign Office.

As reported by the "Observer", Brussels published an official statement on "elections" in the State Duma in the Crimea.

Also on the eve of the European Parliament refused to recognize the elections to the State Duma of Russia in the Crimea. In Ukrainian/український
"Shame on all of your power!" Zhirinovsky promised mass protests across Russia

The head of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, State Duma deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky in a rigid manner criticized the results of the elections to the State Duma, according to which Putin's "United Russia" was the first place with just over half the votes - 54.21%.

The corresponding video speech policy from the rostrum of the Duma appeared in YouTube.

"Give us a legal mandate, we have ten vdavitsya - take eight, nine take but one post, please conscience, Genghis Khan left over, Hitler left over. You," United Russia "that do? You curse all the same people our curse you all, and you'll be afraid to say that you are from the party "- said Zhirinovsky.

In addition, he promised to bring people "a new wetland 'throughout.
"And Putin went to the president of your party. If they feel ashamed, we disgusting. And you dohrayetesya, we will," another wetland "arrange, you know ?! It will be" another marsh ", it is not the rich and intellectuals came out, and we derive all the discontented people across the country if tyranny will continue, "- said Zhirinovsky.
"You (the United Russia. - Ed.) Is not capable of conducting fair elections, declare the dissolution and go away from all the parliaments of, let's hold early elections and early presidential elections," - said Zhirinovsky.

Recall, against the previous pre-term elections to the Russian State Duma in the press and social networks began to discuss the likelihood of early elections to the Russian president that the plan must go through in 2018. In Ukrainian/український
In the Zaporozhye region. 27-year-old man blew himself up with a grenade after an argument with his parents

His corpse was found in one of the forest area Yakymivskoho

In the Zaporozhye region 27-year-old man blew himself up with a grenade after an argument with his parents. The press office of management Natspolitsiyi in Zaporizhia region.

At 18:40 in Yakymivske Police reported that one of the forest area unknown man found dead with wounds torn body and face.

"Pre-installed it - 27-year-old citizen who blew himself unidentified explosive device. In the life of the deceased was looking for items of the Second World War. September 17th man quarreled with his parents left the house," - said the police.

News by topic: In the Dnieper drunk man detonated a car grenade RGD-5
Previous legal qualification of the criminal offense h. 1 tbsp. 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (suicide).

Recall, September 19 near the village Tyahun Vinnitsa region in an explosion of shells during World War II killed 8-year-old boy and seriously wounded a 9-year-old. In Ukrainian/український

on Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:58 amAdmin
Ukrainian President meets with Hillary Clinton

Petro Poroshenko informed Hillary Clinton about the situation in Donbas, according to the report. The Ukrainian president emphasized that Ukraine has been fighting for freedom and democratic values, which unite the whole democratic world. The two parties have agreed that consolidating the transatlantic unity and solidarity with Ukraine is essential for countering Russian aggression. They have also noted the effectiveness of sanction policy against Russia, according to the press service....
In Minsk started subgroup meeting on security in the Donbas

Tripartite Meeting of the Contact Group to resolve the conflict in the Donbas held September 21

Tuesday, September 20 in Minsk started negotiations subgroups security Trilateral contact group to resolve the conflict in the Donbass. It is reported by the Foreign Ministry of Belarus.

"A series of meetings of working groups to resolve the situation in the east of Ukraine opened negotiations on security" - said in a statement.

After meetings in Minsk sub Trilateral meeting of the contact group on Donbas. During two days to discuss the withdrawal of troops from the boundary line, and the release of prisoners.
Communication with journalists is scheduled for the evening of 21 September.

Earlier, second president of Ukraine, the representative of Ukraine to the Trilateral contact group Leonid Kuchma said that on September 21 in Minsk scheduled to meet energy ministers of Ukraine and Russia to discuss energy Donbas. In Ukrainian/український
Exploration has set new names of Russian soldiers fighting in Donbas (LIST)

Ukrainian intelligence established names mortar engaged in provocative shelling and ATO forces guilty of numerous killings of civilians and destruction of civilian infrastructure of Donbas

Members of mortar units of the 9th individual assault motorized infantry regiment of marines (Novoazovsk) 1st AC (Donetsk) Armed Forces, which performs the Donbas criminal orders of the Kremlin, received awards from the command of the Russian occupation forces.

As reported by the management Defence Intelligence of Ukraine "about their criminal activities propagandists Center information confrontation (Novocherkassk) Southern military Command of the Armed forces made ​​staging a documentary with providing fictitious data loss forces ATO in manpower and military equipment."

Ukrainian intelligence established names "encouraged" mortar that carry provocative ATO forces shelling and guilty of numerous killings of civilians and destruction of civilian infrastructure in areas inhabited Donbass Shyrokyne, Starohnativka, Bogdanivna, Hnutove, water, Pavlopil, Novotroickoe.
List submitted in Russian:

Russian citizen Nesterov Denis Aleksandrovych (08/15/1994 GR, Ryazan g);
Russian citizen Strelkov Roman Valeryevych (14/10/1984 GR, Ekaterinburg g);
Russian citizen Tyshakov Paul Aleksandrovych (08/04/1972 GR, Sevastopol g);
Alexander Morozov Vasilievich (25.05.1996 GR);
Chernov Alexander Nikolayevich (09/16/1993 GR);
Sablyn Andreevych Andrew (4/23/1994 GR);
Netlykyn Sergey Viktorovich (25/08/1990 GR);
Shubyn Maxim Serheevych (06/07/1993 GR);
Verovenko Alexander Ivanovich (1962 GR).

"Despite his young age and lack of experience of combat, the main target audience of the Russian propagandists - young replenishment 9th Mechanized Regiment separate assault marines, quantitative and individual episodes of" Star Wars "were skeptical assessment on their part. Sarcastic assessment recruits received frames lined mortar tanks with characteristic signs of anti-tank weapons, and the presence in some samples of destroyed vehicles "forces ATO" markings (tactical signs) used in military units 1 (Donetsk) and 2nd (Lugansk ) AK Armed Forces. The highest level of distrust in the information submitted observed among the newly arrived troops mortar battery of the 2nd Battalion of the regiment that September 13 personally participated in the evacuation of 11 wounded and seven dead bodies "fellow soldiers" and remember well the forces ATO response to systemic inflammatory attacks of 82-mm and 120-mm mortar rounds and 122-mm howitzer artillery regiment "- said Defence. In Ukrainian/український
Ex-prosecutor who shot down to death a teenager, was released by the "law Savchenko"

With the conviction of seven former prosecutor left at least three

Kirovograd former prosecutor Anatoly Dushynskoho that while driving a car drunk, knocked to death a 17-year old boy Alexander Bogatyrev and fled the accident released into the wild. With seven years of conviction he served less than three, said "Buckwheat".

October 12, 2013, around 4:20, the car "Mitsubishi", which was traveling towards the village Sokolovsky, knocked down a 17-year-old young man crossing the road crosswalk. The blow pedestrian was thrown 40 meters from injuries incompatible with life, the boy died. The car left the spot without even stopping. Later it became known that the car was driving drunk prosecutor. Dushynskyy returned to the place of the crime only to find the car number that is lost when hitting a young man.

During the trial, the offender guilty or not recognized, claimed that he was sober, and hitting escape could not, because the young man had violated the rules of the road movement. The investigation and the trial lasted nearly a year.

The former prosecutor demanded to recognize him innocent due to lack of crime and return the car "Mitsubishi Pajero Sport" seized as evidence.

After Dushynskoho found guilty, the court ordered him to pay 150 thousand moral prejudice in favor of victims. Choosing Dushynskomu level of responsibility, mitigating circumstances, the court has not found and decided to deprive him of liberty for 7 years with the deprivation of the right to drive for three years.

In 2016 Dushynskyy addressed the Poltava District Court requesting the duration of detention within the period of sentence imprisonment in accordance with the rules of art. 72 Criminal Code of Ukraine (rules of making sentences and the duration of detention).

In court the prosecutor did not object to the request.

Dushynskomu managed to stay in jail for over a year, from 10/12/2013 to 27/11/2014, according to ch. 5, Art. 72 Criminal Code of Ukraine ( "Savchenko Act") Poltava trial enrolled this term detention at the rate of one day of pre-trial detention for two days in prison.

February 5, 2016 the court granted the petition Dushynskoho, himself former prosecutor at the meeting even with 'appeared after giving a statement on the petition without his participation.

March 4, 2016 Poltava District court dismissed Dushynskoho. And the family of the deceased boy about it knew nothing, and event information emerged only by chance yesterday, 19 September. Under the judgment are not challenged.

Thus, the former prosecutor, not serving half the term of imprisonment, was at large. At the moment it released on parole 3 years 5 months 23 days. In Ukrainian/український
The representative of the "DNR" Zakharchenko accused of murdering Zilina

Zhilin knew about unpleasant for Zakharchenko facts of his biography and so was inconvenient for him, explains Shabaev

The so-called spokesman of "Donetsk Republic" in "Eugene Shabaev said that the killing of the leader of" Hold "Eugene Zilina, which allegedly occurred on Monday, September 19, in Moscow, could be advantageous to present the leader of militants" DNR "Alexander Zakharchenko .

According Shabaev, Zhilin knew about unpleasant for Zakharchenko facts of his biography and so was his awkward and uncomfortable for their curators. His murder Shabaev put on a par with the elimination of other active members of the "Russian vyesny" - Mozgovyi, Dromova, Ishchenko and Byednova.

"Killed Eugene Zilina. Arrested mayor Zuhres Abramova, obscure fate humanitarian Battalion "Angel", which is under arrest in "MGB NPT." For me the obvious benefits version of Zahara in all these cases. Jack knew how and who brought a "Hold" "Colonel," as he was taken out in the "saviors" - wrote Shabaev in social networks.

"That is not Zhilin Zahar nor Smirnov guys obviously for life is not necessary. They also do not need curators "- he added.

Earlier Shabaev has repeatedly criticized Zakharchenko and curators" DNR "and" FSC "for" betraying "Russian vyesny." Particularly acute criticism it sounded after the destruction of people Zakharchenko militants from rival group "Troy" in January 2016.

Recall, September 19, the victim of the shooting at a restaurant in the exclusive village of Gorki-2 in Moscow, as reported by Russian media, was the ringleader of a terrorist organization "Hold" Evgeny Zhilin . Unknown made ​​several shots from a pistol at two visitors, then fled. In Ukrainian/український
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