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Half of Russians believe West will pardon Putin for Donbas war and Crimea occupation.  U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passes “Stability and Democracy for Ukraine Act”.  Separatists at Minsk talks demand swapping 45 Ukrainian hostages for 600 militants, - Iryna Herashchenko.  10 days left for PGO to arrest Constitutional Court judges who conferred dictatorial powers on Yanukovych.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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In Moscow shot dead the director of an enterprise case management of Putin

Police found that the victim is 45-year-old CEO of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "President-service" Administration of the President of the Russian Federation

The head of an enterprise Administration of the President Dmitry Kryukov found shot dead in the office in central Moscow.
This was informed Interfax source in law enforcement.

"Yesterday evening, in the offices of the administrative building at Arbat street, 54/2 found the body of a man with a gunshot wound" - a spokesman said.

According to him, the police found out that the victim is 45-year-old CEO of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "President-service" Administration of the President of Russia Dmitry Kryukov.

At the site works investigative team, investigated the circumstances of the event, the question of a criminal case, the source said.

"Interfax" until it has confirmation of this information from official representatives of the police and investigation.

"President-service" - a diversified enterprise in comprehensive service of public authorities, organizations and individuals. In Ukrainian/український
People's representatives and Parasiuk VILKUL fought in building channel "112 Ukraine" (VIDEOS)

The fight occurred after the broadcast "Evening Praia" The building channel "112 Ukraine" after the broadcast "Evening Praia" there was a clash between the parties - the People's Deputy Oleksandr Vilkul and Volodymyr Parasyuk.

Repeated verbal skirmish between parliamentarians having the air. After the program Parasiuk tried to break into the room where the Vilkul. It is reported that after the broadcast Volodymyr Parasyuk waited at the studio of his opponent's ensuing fight, which rozboronyala protection.

Later Parasiuk made a verbal squabble with the driver of the car in the parking lot Vilkul. He also said that he intends to take the car to the needs of ATO.

"Whose car? Vilkul? This is a present from Parasiuk for Ukraine, the Donbass, and you do not care machine, you buy a hundred of these, "- said Parasiuk.

In addition, the parking lot there was a clash between Parasyuk and one of the guards Vilkul.

"Comrade VILKUL live directly insulted me and my brothers. His bodyguard attacked not me. There was a fight. My cousins ​​arrived, the car caught Vilkul. We're sure it will leave many in communications, "- commented Parasiuk.

"This is a person with whom there is no debate about that, just an agent of the Kremlin, which led the country to war, to the fact that we have people dying that we do not have anything good. This machine bought for his money stolen in Krivoy Rog, perhaps when he was head of the administration office or deputy. No one healthy person does not want to go on this cursed car. Vilkul should be eliminated, deported to his track are left and his conduct was not here. If instead the brain in humans cotton, it is the end of life will be wool? I warned him. I'm not on the individual first passed. Maybe someone does not like me, but I will not give opportunities to insult the honor and dignity of themselves and colleagues state, "- said Parasiuk. In Ukrainian/український
The issue of weapons for Ukraine could be reviewed after the elections in the US - Chaly

Chaly predicted that this can happen even before December - between the presidential election in the United States and the beginning of the 115-th session of Congress

Ukrainian side expects that the law HR 5094 "On support stability and democracy in Ukraine" voted Wednesday by the House of Representatives, will be approved by the Senate and signed by the president before the end of this year.
Commented on Thursday in Washington, the prospects for further legislative action in the US ambassador to Ukraine Valeriy Chaly, reports Ukrinform.

"This law is voted on in the House, then it" mirrored "version will be voted in the Senate hope this year. I think the President of the United States - Barack Obama - will sign it, "- said Ukrainian diplomat.

He predicted that it could happen even before December - between the presidential election in the United States and the beginning of the 115-th session of Congress.

The Ambassador said that can not yet confirm that the Senate already has so-called "mirror" (identical - Ed.) Version of the law to begin the consideration and approval. But, he said, the Embassy of Ukraine is constantly under what can do.

"I can say frankly that the senators and the relevant committees of the Senate, we discussed this issue. The information required by the Ukrainian side was represented by "- said Chaly.

Commenting on the content of the document adopted by the lower house of the US Congress, the ambassador stressed the importance of "a block of" associated not only with the non-recognition of occupation of the Crimea, but additional mechanisms of sanctions.

"For the first time at the legislative level for clear prohibition of all state structures of any activity on the peninsula, which runs counter to the approach of international law", - said the diplomat.

He also noted that the law contains provisions relating to sanctions.

"Today, for example, sanctions approved by the orders of Obama, and now for the first time it will be clearly formalized in law. In addition, this is another signal of bipartisan support for Ukraine, which comes from Washington. "- Said Chaly.

Regarding the law on lethal weapons, the ambassador said, "it would be a very strong signal, especially to Russia." Today, the position of the White House really does not allow full use of these opportunities.

"But I do not exclude that this issue can be discussed after the presidential elections in the United States," - said the ambassador.

In this regard, he said that now is preparing the legal basis for that, in such a case quickly apply all mechanisms.

"Legal mechanisms bipartisan support is the amount allocated for these weapons are and you can do it" - said the diplomat.

However, he stressed that Ukraine is getting started faster defense equipment from the United States, of which was said for a long time - unmanned vehicles, protected communications, radar kontrbatareyni.

"In fact, this is a large complex of defensive weapons that saves lives and provides the opportunity for peace in Ukraine", - said the diplomat.

As previously reported, the US House of Representatives (lower house of Congress) unanimously approved a law HR 5094 "On the maintenance of stability and democracy in Ukraine," previously supported by the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Co-authors of the document were about 40 Congressmen from the Democratic and Republican parties. Prior to his signing by US President identical to the content of the bill should be supported by the Senate. In Ukrainian/український
France calls on Syria to stop flying over the zone of military operations

In response, Russia said that "nothing happened"

During the meeting of the International Support Group Syria to New York a number of countries made statements on the military conflict in that country.
France said it requires Syria to stop flying over the zone of hostilities.

It is reported by Reuters.

However, the Netherlands said that a new government offensive on Aleppo Syria sends the wrong message.

In response, Russia said that "nothing happened."

"The response was poor Russians" - said French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayro after meeting on the sidelines of the UN assembly.

"The attack Assad is very negative. It sends the wrong message, "- said Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Bert Kenders.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Kerry demanded that Syria and Russia stop air strikes. In Ukrainian/український
Putin appoints Naryshkin Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service

Naryshkin held the post of chairman of the State Duma in December 2011

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed on September 22 the head of the State Duma of the sixth convocation Sergei Naryshkin to head the Foreign Intelligence Service. This was announced by a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov.
He said Naryshkin decree to be signed soon. The current head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Mikhail Fradkov after leaving office will be appointed chairman of the "Russian Railways".

Naryshkin held the post of chairman of the State Duma in December 2011. Before that, he for three years headed the presidential administration. Fradkov was appointed chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service in 2007 after he left the post of head of government. In Ukrainian/український
In Canada, because of a bomb threat shut down more than 60 schools

It is noted that the evacuation conducted in colleges and more than 60 schools

Authorities in northern Canada decided to close the local schools, the threat supposedly embodied in buildings explosive devices.
This was the UNN referring to CTV News.

It is noted that the evacuation conducted in colleges and more than 60 schools.

Information about the threat Received schools administrations of three regions of Nunavut before the start of classes. The police do not regard this threat as real.

Fax with threats about possible bombings of schools, was sent to Ottawa on Wednesday morning.

Schools were notified within 10 minutes and no threat was found, however, about 19 thousand. Children were sent home. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine has placed Eurobonds for $ 1 billion in US guarantees

This is the third such agreement between Ukraine and the US signed in 2014

Ukraine has placed Eurobonds for $ 1 billion in US guarantees the lowest rate.
It wrote to Facebook, Deputy Finance of Ukraine Yuri Butsa.

"Accommodated. The lowest rate of all time - 1.471%. Demand exceeded supply by several times, "- he wrote.

Butsa added that the money raised from the placement of Eurobonds, "will go to social support those who really need it".

This is the third such agreement between Ukraine and the US signed in 2014. Two years ago, Ukraine guarantees through the US placed five-year Eurobonds for $ 1 billion at 1.844% per annum, a year ago - to $ 1 billion at 1.847% per annum. In Ukrainian/український
on Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:22 pmAdmin
Lutsenko denied Saakashvili on the market "7 km"

Lutsenko asks Saakashvili to give information based on facts

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko urged the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili to give information based on facts. This Lutsenko said during a briefing in Odessa Commenting on Saakashvili on the market "7 km."

In particular, Lutsenko denied widespread Mikheil Saakashvili information that allegedly of "Department store Market" (the company owner of the market "7 km") monthly financed by former president Viktor Yanukovych in the amount of 800 000 dollars.

"Similarly, I have heard from the governor of Odessa region that" 7 km "daily carries some fantastic money Yanukovych. I asked the local police, Security Service, prosecutors, prosecutors confirmed that no one can! Now turn directly to Saakashvili, understand, I welcome signals. The only thing - it is desirable that they were as close to the facts, "- said Lutsenko.

Also during his speech Attorney General urged to be correct in the statements and assessments of criminal proceedings, adding that the opening of proceedings is not evidence of the crime.

" I want people to remember: the provision of parliamentary inquiries and even the registration procedure is not yet a fait accompli of a crime This is just the beginning of testing. The law requires all register and then give this assessment "- summed up Lutsenko. In Ukrainian/український
Marchuk: Russia falls into hysterics talk of border

Russia is categorically against the creation of fifth Working Group on Border Trilateral contact group

The representative of Ukraine in the subgroup of security Trilateral contact group to resolve the situation in the Donbass Yevhen Marchuk said that Russia is categorically against the creation of fifth Working Group on Border group. This Marchuk told journalists at a briefing in the parliament.

"Everything that concerns the border from Russia into hysterics falls unless start to say something about the border," - he said.

"The Russian side is categorically against, and therefore without the participation of meaning in creation (fifth working Group on border - Ed.) "- said Marchuk.

According to him, the Ukrainian side has offered 4-5 times a corresponding subgroup.

Marchuk said that the main argument for the creation of such subgroups is the fact that the implementation observers Special monitoring mission of the OSCE functions of surveillance must comply with conditions specified in the mandate.

"in previous Minsk II says that the parties ensure the free access of MSF OSCE in all areas," - said Marchuk.
He also said that the uncontrollable areas of Donbass observed serious restrictions of observers from the militants. "We offered: give access to the OSCE border zone in half to two kilometers. Let not we go to the border, and that MSF OSCE had access to the entire border, "- said the representative of Ukraine in the subgroup of security.
According to him, it is important that observers could see and record all military trains coming from the territory of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine urged Britain to end the pro-Russian activities Phillips

Kyiv intends to seek termination of the journalist Graham Phillips all possible measures

Ambassador of Ukraine Natalia Halibarenko in Britain appealed to the UK government to take measures to stop the activities of journalists in Ukraine Graham Phillips. This is stated in an open letter to the ambassador, released on the website of the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK.

"I would like to ask the British side to use all possible measures, particularly in its documents to stop the propaganda work of Mr. Phillips to Russian occupation authorities in Ukraine that he left this country forever," - said in a letter Halibarenko.

The ambassador recalled that Phillips in the years 2014-2015 in eastern Ukraine worked in the interests of the militants, he was deported from Ukraine in July 2014, he was forbidden entry to Ukraine for three years because of the threat to national security, but in March 2016 Phillips came to the territory annexed Crimea, thus violating the laws of Ukraine.

Halibarenko said that Phillips also tried to disrupt the release from captivity of militants in the Donbas citizens of Ukraine. "We will not hesitate to use all the tools of international cooperation to make him answer for their words and deeds," - she said.

According Halibarenko such journalists as Phillips, defamatory UK.

Recall Phillips - British journalist and blogger who worked with the Russian TV channel Russia Toda and "Star".

Earlier it was reported that during a recent exchange Ukrainian Vladimir Suprun Zhemchugova and George Phillips provoked and insulted Zhemchugova tried scandal and thereby disrupt the metabolism. In Ukrainian/український
on Thu Sep 22, 2016 11:43 amAdmin
The deputies fired 400 judges

Parliament recently took advantage of the right to dismiss judges

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine last exercised its constitutional right to dismiss judges, adopting a resolution №5157, which released about 400 servants of Themis. The decision was supported by 244 deputies.

Reporting before voting chairman of the committee on legal policy and justice Ruslan Knyazevich said that it is "perhaps the last opportunity (Council - ed.) To exercise their right, which soon will go to the High Council of Justice."

Resolution dismissed the judge who wrote a letter of resignation.

In particular, the decision released nine Supreme Court judges, six judges of the Supreme Administrative Court, 18 judges of the Supreme Economic Court, 8 judges of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases and others.

Regulation with a list of judges includes 21 page. In Ukrainian/український
Steinmeier welcomes pullback of forces in eastern Ukraine

However, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that much still needs to be done:

"We have had to learn that neither pronouncements of good will nor commitments about the withdrawal of weapons were sufficient to achieve a lasting ceasefire," he told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily.

"If the parties to the conflict are unwilling to stick to already signed agreements, there will be no progress," Steinmeier warned.............
Foreign ministers of Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, Ukraine, Netherlands discuss efforts to establish responsibility for MH17 crash

According to the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the meeting took place in New York on September 21.

"The foreign ministers drew attention to the Security Council's requirement laid down in resolution No. 2166, as well as the determination of their governments to bring perpetrators of the crime to justice," the report says.

The ministers also emphasized the Security Council's call to cooperate closely in the issue of establishing responsible for the crime.

"In this regard, the ministers once again expressed strong support for an international and independent investigation carried out by the joint group to investigate the crash, the results of the interim report will be presented on September 28," the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine said.....
EP Committee on Civil Liberties to consider report on visa-free regime for Ukraine Sept 26 – Plenkovic
The European Parliament (EP) Committee on Civil Liberties will consider the report of MEP Mariya Gabriel on the issue of granting Ukraine a visa-free regime on September 26, the co-chairman of the parliamentary committee of the EU-Ukraine Association, leader of the Croatian Democratic Union Andrej Plenkovic has said.

"Next week, on September 26, the Committee on Civil Liberties will vote for the report of Mariya Gabriel, which is very positive in the issue of liberalization of a visa regime for Ukrainian citizens," he said at a meeting of the delegation of European Parliament members with Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman in Kyiv.........

Biden warns Ukraine on reforms, says EU sanctions on Russia at risk

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday warned Ukraine needs to live up to its promises economic and political reforms or risk seeing the European Union walk away from its sanctions on Russia, according to Reuters.

"We know that if they give an excuse to the EU, there are at least five countries right now that want to say 'We want out'" of sanctions against Moscow, Biden said, speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Reuters reported. Europe imposed sanctions after Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimea peninsula in 2014. Fighting has continued in the east of the country, despite the so-called Minsk ceasefire agreement, and Western powers fear peace efforts could unravel.

In exchange for financial support from the United States and other Western allies, Ukraine promised reforms, but progress has been mixed. Biden's comments came a day after he met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko at the United Nations, pushing on reforms in Ukraine's energy and justice sectors, while saying conditions had been met for a third U.S. sovereign loan guarantee of up to $1 billion.

Biden said he has spent two to three hours a week on the phone with Ukrainian leaders since the crisis began, urging them to persist with reforms, while also pressuring Germany, France and Italy to hold fast on sanctions........
Ukraine PM announces large-scale road repairs from spring

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman demands that all preparations for the launch of large-scale construction of roads and highways be completed by early April next year, according to the government press service.

"It is necessary that all the regions and road maintenance organizations … carry out all the needed procedures – tenders, projects by April in order to start [repairs] as soon as the weather gets warm. Not in June or July, nor in August but at the beginning of the season with a view of accomplishing a larger portion of work and delivering the highest possible quality. This is our requirement and my demand as prime minister," Groysman said during an inspection tour of Ukraine's central regions. He also stressed the need for a systematic approach to the construction of the roads and their repairs. "Today the [country's] regions, Ukravtodor have a task to ensure that a road construction and maintenance plan should be more systematic, also in terms of the use of our logistics and transport equipment. Such plans are being developed for the next year, and they will be implemented," the press service quoted Groysman as saying. At this, he stressed that the financial side of the issue had been solved largely thanks to decentralization..............
U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passes “Stability and Democracy for Ukraine Act”

The bill stipulates that efforts to support Ukraine might include lethal defensive weapons systems for Ukraine's Armed Forces.

Censor.NET reports citing the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA on Facebook.

"The U.S. House of Representatives passed unanimously H.R. 5094 "Stability and Democracy for Ukraine Act" earlier reported favorably by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. The document, sponsored by House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Eliot Engel and introduced by him together with Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, states that it is the policy of the United States to ensure that any relevant sanctions relief for the Russian Federation is contingent on timely, complete, and verifiable implementation of Minsk agreements.

"The bill includes prohibitions against United States recognition of the Russian Federation's attempted annexation of Crimea and provides for the maintenance of U.S. sanctions with specific respect to Russian Federation's occupation of the Ukraine's peninsula.

See more: NATO supports Ukraine's stance on Russia sanctions extension until Minsk fulfilled in full, - Stoltenberg to Poroshenko. PHOTOS

"It also states that it is the policy of the United States to further assist the Government of Ukraine in restoring its sovereignty and territorial integrity to contain, reverse, and deter Russian aggression in Ukraine and that that policy shall be carried into effect, among other things, through a comprehensive effort, in coordination with allies and partners of the United States, that includes sanctions, diplomacy, and assistance, including lethal defensive weapons systems.

"The legislation directs the Secretary of State to develop and implement a strategy to respond to Russian Federation-supported dis-information and propaganda efforts aimed toward persons in countries bordering the Russian Federation. Also, according to the bill, it is in the United States national security interest to increase the availability of insurance to support increased private investment in Ukraine.

"The bill is currently cosponsored by nearly forty Democratic and Republican congressmen. Before the President can sign the bill into law, identical version of the document must pass the U.S. Senate," the statement reads. In Ukrainian/український
Separatists at Minsk talks demand swapping 45 Ukrainian hostages for 600 militants, - Iryna Herashchenko

Representatives of the so-called “Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics” demand to exchange 45 Ukrainians they are holding for more than 600 militants arrested for violent crimes.

Ukraine's representative in the subgroup on humanitarian affairs of the Trilateral Contact Group to resolve the situation in the Donbas Iryna Herashchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"The adversary insists they are holding only 45 prisoners and demands to release more than 600 persons arrested for commission of grave crimes. Their list also includes those who have no relation to the Minsk process and to the conflict in the Donbas. In particular, they expect us to release the individuals charged with plotting terrorist attacks in Odesa and Kharkiv. We are studying the procedural status of such persons.

"Today, we failed to discuss the illegal detention of persons declared saboteurs by the adversary. The next meeting will be partially dedicated to this issue," the lawmaker wrote. In Ukrainian/український
Half of Russians believe West will pardon Putin for Donbas war and Crimea occupation

According to the poll run by the Russia-based Levada think tank, 27% of the Russians expect mounting tensions with the West and a new round of the Cold War in the wake of the present conflict in Donbas and Crimea, ZN.UA reports.

Meanwhile, 48% of the Russians believe the West-Russia tensions will gradually subside and return to their pre-Crimea level.

Two-thirds (62%) of the respondents say the relations with the USA and other countries must be improved.
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