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Russian terrorist carpenter exposed the lie.  Russian Foreign Ministry published the terms of the ceasefire in Syria. "Not our problem": Portnikov explained why the Netherlands will not break EU-Ukraine Association.  Scandalous audio Georgia Saakashvili suspected of trying overthrow the government. Ukraine can give two major cities of Donbas militants

overthrow the government
Kyiv, Ukraine
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Exhausted crisis Russia resorted to foreign loans

Financial possibility of decreasing the sight - Die Welt

Finding money exhausted crisis Russia re-emerging on the international capital market. The country places are second dollar loan using the budget law that allows the state to attract this year abroad no more than $ 3 billion, writes Die Welt .

Last Thursday was placed securities 1.25 billion, according to Finance Minister Anton Siluanov Russia. The first part of the release was posted in May. At Moscow, to the surprise of foreign tycoons, has placed Eurobonds market loans of 1.75 billion dollars.

"Meanwhile, Russia creates the impression that sanctions and economic crisis - it is almost forgotten phenomenon. Anyway attitude to the CIS in May significantly improved. While Moscow desperately seeking sources of finance, investors are desperately looking for revenue sources. Thus, the current proposal has been asked by Russia ", - says the publication. In the auction was attended by 200 investors from the United States, Britain, Europe, Asia and Russia. The paper was published only among foreigners, while 53% of demand fell to US investors. Index return was 3.9%.

"However, foreign loans - is not an option. Salvation for the country could be the increase in oil prices. Meanwhile, funding to budget state funds involved. In the first half took out 18 billion dollars, so at the end of August the National Welfare Fund, which is generally something intended to finance pensions were only 73 billion dollars. The financial capacity of the country reduced by sight, "- says the publication. In Ukrainian/український
on Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:17 amAdmin
In Kiev "mined" the Iraqi embassy

Unknown said the mining embassy in Kiev

In Kiev, the unknown said that one of the embassies laid explosives. After checking no explosive devices in the building of the diplomatic mission of Iraq were found. This was reported in the press service of the Kyiv police.

Thus, the Pechersky Police received a report that the embassy laid explosives. Unknown call from payphone system and said that the explosion will happen in an hour.

At the scene immediately went investigative team management experts vybuhotehnichnoyi service and rescuers. Experts examined the premises and surrounding area, checking for rezultatatmy no explosive devices were found.

Information about the accident indicated on the register of a single accounting statements and reports.

Currently, the question on introduction of information into YERDR under Part. 1, Art. 259 (knowingly false report of a threat to citizens) of the Criminal Code. Sanction article provides for up to six years in prison.

This is not the first report on laying explosives in Iraq Embassy in Ukraine. So, this summer also reported anonymous bomb threats. In Ukrainian/український
Russian submarine launched Bulava missiles, one explodes after launch

The test of Russia's two intercontinental ballistic missiles Bulava, launched from submarine in the White sea, was partially unsuccessful, after one of them reportedly exploded after launch, Interfax reported with reference to the Russian Defense ministry.

‘One of the missile successfully hit the target, but the second one failed to complete the task. It self-destructed after the first stage of the flight', the message said...................
Ex-chief of Kyiv traffic police detained in Moscow airport

The Communications Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has confirmed to UNIAN the detention in Moscow of the former head of the Ukrainian capital’s Traffic Police Mykola Makarenko.

"We have a confirmation from Moscow. [He was] detained in Domodedovo airport back on September 21. We have sent the papers for his arrest, but there has been no reply yet regarding the decision made," the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

The Minister noted that at the time the head of the department of registration and training of the Kyiv Traffic Police Department, lieutenant colonel Mykola Zhebelev, was detained. At the same time, head of the Kyiv Traffic Police colonel Mykola Makarenko, who was suspected of having organized a criminal group, fled Ukraine to Belarus.......
International Investigation Team: Buk missile shot MH17 down delivered from Russia, returned to Russian territory

"The results of the criminal case show that the flight MH17 was shot down on July 17, 2014 by the 9M38 missile rocket, which was launched from the Buk missile system. The complex was taken from the territory of the Russian Federation and then was returned to the Russian Federation territory," the JIT representative said at a press conference in Hague on Wednesday, a live broadcast of which and translation were provided by 112.Ukraina TV channel..........
International Criminal Probe Blames Missile From Russia For MH17 Tragedy

An international criminal investigation into the MH17 tragedy in eastern Ukraine in 2014 has determined the Malaysian Airlines passenger jet was shot down by a Buk antiaircraft missile fired from separatist controlled territory in Ukraine.

Presenting the probe’s interim findings in the Dutch town of Nieuwegein on September 28, Fred Westerbeke, the Netherlands' chief prosecutor and head of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), said the investigation had eliminated all other possible explanations for the destruction of MH17.

Westerbeke added that the JIT could not currently reveal all of its findings for fear of hampering its criminal investigations.

Westerbeke said it is unknown how long the JIT investigation will continue or when it will be completed. He added he thinks there is a “realistic chance” that those responsible for the tragedy will be prosecuted, although the venue for such a prosecution remains undetermined.

Access complete text of the editorial:
"They are afraid to approach. We have a machine gun here and will throw grenades at them, and that's it," - Ukrainian Army soldier at Avdiivka. VIDEO

Front line positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Avdiivka are covered with shells and grenade rings - despite the 'truce,' the military need to restrain the enemy all the time.

As reported by Censor.NET citing informator TV, Russian terrorists are attempting to approach Ukrainian positions and restore the artillery positions they lost. Ukrainian military are stopping the enemy.

"We run up there and throw an F-1 grenade. It has a damage radius of 200 meters. See how many rings are here? We kicked them out of here and they are afraid to approach, 50 meters is the closest. We have a machine gun here and will throw grenades at them, and that's it," Ukrainian Army fighter Ruslan says. In Ukrainian/український
U.S. might introduce additional economic sanctions against Russia, - White House

The White House says more economic sanctions against Russia due to Syria developments are possible.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Liga, this was announced by the White House spokesperson Josh Earnest at a press conference on Sept. 27.

Earnest said the U.S. might possibly extend sanctions, which have proven to be an efficient instrument of supporting the U.S. interests around the globe.

He also stressed that the sanctions should be implemented jointly with partners to magnify their effect.

The White House spokesperson said the U.S. believed Russia was responsible for the UN humanitarian convoy shelling near Aleppo several days into the Syria cease-fire.

At least 140 people, half of them children, were killed in Aleppo airstrikes by Russian army and Assad's forces over the past weekend.

On Sept. 27, Assad's troops and allies conducted the largest ground offensive of their new military campaign, having attacked the opposition forces in Aleppo. In Ukrainian/український
Visa-free travel: early to rejoice when to expect and how to work

Under the most favorable scenario, Ukraine may get visa-free travel by the end of autumn. But there are some significant obstacles

Europe has made another step towards Ukraine, the relevant committee of European Parliament approved a visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens. In particular, European parliamentarians responsible for civil liberties and internal affairs of the EU, voted for bringing Ukraine to the list of countries with which the Union is introducing a visa-free regime.

Does the news that caused a lot of noise and was seen by many as a "victory" that the Ukrainian will now enjoy a "visa-free" with Europe? Unfortunately no. This is not the end. On the way to visa-free regime for Ukraine several obstacles.

The first - the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, which also must vote for the abolition of visas for Ukrainian citizens. The vote is scheduled for tomorrow, 29 September.

The second - the Council of Justice and Home Affairs of the European Union, which consider the "Ukrainian question" 11 October. It also has to approve the abolition of "stamps" in the passports to Ukrainian.

Third - MEPs: the visa regime with Ukraine The European Parliament has yet to vote on the whole, not just individual committees.

Fourth - the Council of the EU. Even if the abolition of visas for the European Parliament vote, it does not mean that "the deed is done." The decision of the deputies should approve another European legislature - the Council of the European Union.

In what time frame can be overcome these obstacles? While no exact dates: unknown when the European Parliament will vote and, accordingly, will decide when the Council. However, in July this year, the commissioner for European Policy Johannes Hahn promised that a decision concerning Ukraine should adopt soon.

"We hope that we can take our decision at the latest in October", - said commissioner at a meeting with Ukrainian journalists.

With regard to the obligations of Ukraine, then, according to experts, they all met. Details about this you can find videos of a recent press conference in the "Commander". In Ukrainian/український
Foreign hackers trying to hack phones of American Democrats

Foreign hackers again trying to influence the course of the US presidential election. And again - on the side of the Republicans.

The FBI is investigating phone hacking attempt of American Democrats.

According to several sources in the security services we are talking about a small group of representatives of the Democratic Party. Investigators believe that cyber attacks made by hackers from Russia.

FBI asked potential victims of hacking phones temporarily surrender to copy information from them.

It is worth recalling that in the summer the head of the National Committee of the Democratic Party of the USA Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigned after the publication of correspondence with the party apparatus resource Wikileaks. In Ukrainian/український
Russian aircraft dropped bombs on Aleppo vacuum on the Mashhad housing estate

The representative of the civil defense forces Alush Aleppo Mahmoud said that the VKS Russia dropped bombs on the housing estate Mashhad

As a result of air strikes by the opposition controlled syriysiy district of Aleppo killed six civilians, including women and children.
In addition, injured 19 people, reports ahentsto "Anadolu".

The representative of the civil defense forces Alush Aleppo Mahmoud said that the VKS Russia dropped bombs on the vacuum housing estate Mashhad.

Earlier it was reported that a group of moderate Syrian rebels do not trust Russia after the barbaric bombing of Aleppo. They believe that Russia has no right to participate in any peace initiative in Syria.

A spetsposlanets UN Syria Steffan de Mistura during an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council said that nothing can justify what is happening in Aleppo.

He said the "indiscriminate use of weapons in areas where the civilian infrastructure and civilians living may amount to war crimes." In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine does not fear elections in Donbas - Paruby

Parliament Speaker informed the Ambassador of Germany in Ukraine to create a parliamentary group on incremental performance points Minsk II

The holding of elections in the occupied territories must be preceded by a full ceasefire regime and security of the citizens of Ukraine.
This was stated by Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Paruby during a meeting with the newly appointed Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Ernst Reichel Tuesday, the press service of BP.

"We stand for peaceful settlement of the situation in the east of the country. Nobody in Ukraine is not afraid of elections in Donbas. We are afraid of elections under the muzzles of machine when conduct campaign called "elections" that do not have any relation to the actual will of the citizens of Ukraine and ensuring their rights and freedoms. It's going to be great and betrayal Ukrainian, become hostage to those areas, "- said Paruby.

Parliament Speaker thanked the German government for its consistent support for the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity, "Germany's position is crucial for many other states, so it is for us is very important in many situations."

The speaker noted that Ukraine "had a great work to fulfill all the conditions set for it, including the issue of granting visa-free regime and rely on this decision by the European Parliament in the near future." He expressed hope that cooperation between Ukraine and Germany was "dense and systematic."

In turn, Reichel said that Germany is making efforts to maintain visa-free regime for Ukraine.

"In general, it is true, and we support you together with French friends, and the United States," - he said and stressed that the need for simultaneous decision on visa-free regime suspension mechanism caused the whole migration crisis in Europe.

The diplomat stressed that Germany would continue to support Ukraine, which has made its choice in favor of European values. It considers unacceptable doubts sufficient stability of his country in this regard. "I think it is totally unfounded. We will continue to support the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine and are not limited by this, and try to bring the practical steps that international law must abide, "- he said.

The Chairman of the Parliament noted that "there is disagree with the position of Germany, but not those who underestimate her." "Ukraine is very well aware of the role and importance of Germany. Leadership position and cause criticism, and at the same time creates leadership. So I think that the position of Germany towards Ukraine is very important, given the fact that it was among countries on the Budapest Memorandum, "- said Paruby.

Touching upon the settlement of the situation in the East, were the only party that the elections in the occupied territories must be preceded by a full ceasefire regime and security of the citizens of Ukraine. Parliament Speaker informed the diplomat about the creation of parliamentary groups of stepping through points Minsk agreements. This group, headed by the first deputy speaker Irina Gerashchenko, includes representatives of all factions. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine can give two major cities of Donbas militants - Pumpkin

Ukraine due to implementation of new agreements Minsk dilution party may lose control of the two cities of Donbass.
This was stated by the head of the Luhansk regional military-civilian administration Yuri pumpkin.

He said that it was due to implementation of the Minsk agreement Ukraine lost control Debaltseve.

Now dilution party militants can get Stanitsa Luganskaya full, and the city of happiness and Luhansk TPP beside him.

The commentary channel 112 Ukraine Yuriy Garbuz said that the field know better, so convinced that he and the head of the Donetsk military and civil administration would participate in the talks in Minsk. In Ukrainian/український
"Suddenly": Russia has changed its position on the death of the Boeing-777 in Donbas

Russian Defense Ministry and concern "Almaz-Antey" presented data on the circumstances of the accident passenger plane Boeing-777 in Donbas, which are fundamentally different from earlier statements of the Russian side in the investigation of a major crash.

Reported Meduza.

Thus, the Defense Ministry and the manufacturing concern anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk" and locators in Moscow held a press conference to presented data from radar, which allegedly show that along with the Boeing-777 July 17, 2014 years there were no facilities.

"This is contrary to previous statements by the Defense Ministry," - said in the text.

Earlier, a group of investigative journalism Bellingcat exposed the Defense Ministry in false information about the death of the aircraft, contrary to the former position of Moscow.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that Russia should officially recognize their involvement in disaster Malaysian Boeing-777. In Ukrainian/український
Poroshenko: Ukraine received a note from the US credit guarantee for $ 1 billion

Ukraine has received from the United States diplomatic note to provide loan guarantees of $ 1 billion.

This was announced on Twitter the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

The Head of State has published the text of the document.

Note, funds in the amount of $ 1 billion allocated to Ukraine under the state guarantees the US will go to the issue and placement of bonds of external state loan maturing September 29, 2021.

Earlier, Vice President Joseph Biden said the willingness to give Ukraine $ 1 billion credit guarantees .

About how credit guarantees the US will help Ukraine avoid critical public deficit in 2017, read an exclusive material "Observer". In Ukrainian/український
on Wed Sep 28, 2016 12:11 amAdmin
Russian terrorist carpenter exposed the lie

Russian terrorist Zhuchkovskyy Alexander does not believe in the "coup" the so-called Luhansk People's Republic.
This is confirmed by a post on his page in the social network " VKontakte".

"With regard to the preparation of the coup, that I have great doubts about this version. As far as I know, that the repression and killings that are taking place now in the" FSC ", associated with personal and commercial showdowns former and current leaders of the republic (military and political), and continuing with 2014, "- he writes.

According Zhuchkovskoho actually carry out a coup in the "FSC" no one was going to a very simple reason - people that this accused could not understand complete futility of the coup, because the power in the "FSC" you can only get in the Moscow offices, and not through weapons.

"Even if someone managed to remove the current henchmen Moscow to Lugansk and take their seats, these people would instantly zachystyly and put to new, strictly controlled by the Russian Federation", - said the terrorist. In Ukrainian/український
Scandalous audio Georgia Saakashvili suspected of trying overthrow the government.

Georgia opened a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the government, which involved the head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili.

This is reported by "News-Georgia" .

It is noted that it is the Georgian party "United National Movement", led by Saakashvili.

The publication refers to the audio, which in Georgia published on 27 September. It is reported that members of the recorded conversation to discuss the possibility of protests in case of losing the election the party "United National Movement".

According to collage, superimposed on video recording by an unknown author, in conversation involved Mikheil Saakashvili and the leaders of the "National Movement" - MPs Akaki Bobohidze, Nugzar Tsiklauri, Petre Tsiskarishvili, Akaki Minashvili and Gigi Tsereteli.

In this regard, the Georgian State Security Service opened a criminal case on conspiracy to overthrow the government. The Office reported that today all deputies specified in writing, will be summoned for questioning.
It is also noted that the authenticity of the material has not been established. In Ukrainian/український
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