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US insists on a diplomatic overcoming the conflict in Donbas. The UN urged to limit the veto power of permanent members of the UN Security. Court of Appeal Judge Transcarpathian put a bullet in the forehead. Russia has not let Ukrainian consul to journalist Sushchenko. Only in Russia Ukrainian church demolished by court,

Kyiv, Ukraine
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The IMF has a new program of credit support for Ukraine

The new program of credit support Ukraine from the International Monetary Fund is based on strengthening the fight against corruption

At the annual meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Washington, much attention was paid to the topic of combating corruption in Ukraine.

Told "public" executive director of the Center for Economic Strategy Vyshlinsky Hleb, who is at the annual meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in Washington.

According to him, previously only concentrated on macroeconomic conditions, budget and policies of the National Bank, ignoring structural socio-economic problems in Ukraine.

Vyshlinsky convinced that in this case the IMF came in painful point because the Ukrainian government carries out reforms only because of pressure from international donors.

"The process resembles the fighting between civil society and international donors on the one hand, and the Ukrainian government for which this declaration of wealth like a needle that kills Dragon" - said Vyshlinsky.

He also stressed that the main sources of corruption in Ukraine IMF sees state-owned enterprises, so privatization lies in the strategy is a key tool of struggle. In Ukrainian/український
Philippine President again barked at Obama furiously and asked for weapons in Russia

Duterpe said that it intends to review its foreign policy

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was troubled by the reluctance of the US to sell weapons and insulted the country President Barack Obama. Duterpe said that it intends to review its foreign policy, according to Reuters.
According to the leader of the country, the United States not only refused to sell him the missiles and other weapons, but did not help with the problem of drug trafficking.

"If you do not want to sell arms, I'll go to. I sent generals to and where they were told: "Do not worry, we have everything you need, we will give you a weapon." As for China, it said that we can just come in and sign the agreement, and everything will be delivered, "- said Duterte.

He added that later can completely break relations with the United States.

"Instead of helping us, the State Department first struck. So you can go to hell, Mr. Obama go to hell "- summed Duterpe.

Recall that recently the president of the Philippines has called Obama "the son of prostitutes", but later apologized for his words. Duterte also called a fool UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. In Ukrainian/український
Headquarters ATO, as of 22:00 recorded 35 attacks, in particular with 120mm mortars

Near the Glorious gunmen used anti-tank missile system, the Supreme Court opened fire response

In the area of ATU as of 22:00 recorded 36 attacks MAT positions, including with 120mm mortars on Novozvanivtsi. The broadcast " 112 Ukraine " spokesman of the press center ATO Staff Ivan Aref.

In addition militants fired small arms, machine guns and grenade launchers, 82 mm mortars.

Under fire were Novozvanivka and Novoaleksandrovka.

And with infantry fighting vehicle fired at Talakivtsi, Swan and Novoleksandrivtsi.

" Near the Glorious gunmen used anti-tank missile system. Fire was opened in response " , - says Aref.

He describes the situation as Golden controlled, and near the village Lugansk - controlled with varying success. Next to Petrivske militants have used unmanned aerial vehicles, opened fire with automatic easel grenade and small arms.

For the past day pro-Russian militants carried out 47 attacks. In Ukrainian/український
In the Carpathian region on a bribe of 20 thousand. Dollars detained the head of the State Property Fund regional

The official demanded 150 thousand. Dollars for helping to reduce the assessed value of premises "Kolomyyskoy paper mill"

Military Regional Prosecutor's Office and Ivano-Frankivsk region, supported by the Department " K " UAS when receiving bribe through an intermediary of $ 20 thousand. USD arrested head of regional department MFI Zhovnir SG

This page on Facebook wrote the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko.

" The official demanded 150 thousand. Dollars for helping to reduce 8 million appraised value of the premises of SE " Kolomiya paper factory " during privatization " , - said Lutsenko.

Translation: At the weekend I first 7 years of collecting mushrooms in the Carpathians. Meanwhile, in the same Carpathians military and Oblast Prosecutor Ivano-Frankivsk region, the Operational Support Department "K" UAS documented fact of extortion head of regional department of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk soldiers ZG nepravomirnoi profit of 150 thousand. USD for help to reduce the appraised value of the premises of SE "Kolomiya paper factory" 8 mln. UAH. during their privatization. During the reception of undue benefits of $ 20 thousand. Dollars through an intermediary, corrupt detained. How to write a classic, beautiful and useful. In Ukrainian/український
on Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:36 pmAdmin
Odesa port plant reopened

October 4 at Odessa port resumed gas supplies

After the restoration of gas supply Odessa Port Plant resumed its work. The press service of the State Property Fund.
September 29 came into force resolution of the Cabinet "On Amendments to the Regulations on imposing specific obligations on the subjects of natural gas market to ensure the general public interests in the natural gas market (relations in Transition)" of 22 September 2016.

According to the JSC "Odessa Portside Plant", October 3 held supervisory board "Naftogaz Ukraine" to approve the contract to supply gas to the plant.

As a result, October 4 at Odessa port resumed gas supplies. The plant has started again.

As we have previously reported that if "Odessa Port Factory" is not put up for sale this fall, it just becomes bankrupt. In Ukrainian/український
on Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:14 pmAdmin
Moscow confirmed the deployment in Syria S-300

In the Defense Ministry said the S-300 - is exclusively defensive system and it is no is no threat

In Syria battery delivered Russian antiaircraft missile system S-300. This was stated by the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov, reports RIA Novosti.

He said the complex task - to ensure the security of the naval base in Tartus and Russian Navy ships that are operating in the coastal zone connections from possible threats from the air.

"I recall that S-300 - is exclusively defensive system and not for whom is not no threat. Moreover, earlier, as you know, the region was similar system in sea execution - the complex "Fort", which is equipped with Guards missile cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet "Moscow", - he said.

Earlier that Russia deployed in Syria a new system of air defense S-300VM TV channel Fox News reported citing three sources in Washington. In Ukrainian/український
Half of the judges dismissed by the Council of 29 September, filed lawsuits

Already 15 of the 28 dismissed the judges have filed lawsuits in the Supreme Administrative Court

As of October 4, 15 of the 28 judges dismissed by the Verkhovna Rada on September 29 for violation of oath, appealed his dismissal to the Supreme Administrative Court. This Ukrainian News reported a source in the Supreme Administrative Court.

"As of yesterday was filed 13 lawsuits from dismissed judges. Today received 2 more lawsuits, "- said the official.
Specifically appealed the ruling parliament about his dismissal of former judge of Pechersk District Court of Kyiv Svetlana Volkova, who made the illegal decision to release from custody the former commander spetsroty" Berkut "Dmitry Gardener.

Also submitted claims former judge Elena Kalinichenko, Vitaly Marcinkiewicz, Andrij Makuch, Irina prosciutto, Svetlana Koval, Alla Domaratskaya Olga Efimova Irina Tataurova Sergey Poyda Alla Demydovskaya Stanislav Miroshnichenko Alla Chala.

All these things are designed into consideration.

Recall Parliament at an extraordinary meeting on September 29 dismissed for violation of oath of 29 judges from 33, which was planned release.

Parliament Speaker Andrew Paruby disclaims any violations of the regulations under consideration on September 29 at a special session of Parliament on dismissal of judges. In Ukrainian/український
on Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:07 pmAdmin
In Kharkov found dead professor and his son

The apartment was found the bodies of two men with signs of violent death

The evening of October 3 in an apartment multistory building on the street. Hatseva in Kharkiv police found the bodies of two men with signs of violent death.

As the communications department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kharkiv region, October 3, police reported that 58-year-old from Kharkiv long time does not appear to work. The police left the man at home, but the apartment door nobody opened. Arrived on the scene investigative team and rescuers who were able to enter the apartment through a window using ladders.

"The apartment was found the bodies of two men (58 and 32 years) with traces of violent death. Data entered into the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations ch. 2, Art. 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (murder - Ed.). The maximum sentence for this article - life imprisonment ", - said the head of the Kiev police department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kharkov region Pavel Ivanchenko.

58-year-old victim - Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, worked in Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology and the concurrently worked at the department of Applied mathematics faculty of mathematics and Computer science at Kharkiv national University. Karazin, confirmed the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" the press service of the university.

According to preliminary data communication Directorate Police Department in the Kharkiv region, 32-year-old victim - the son of a professor.

Before the end examinations police did not comment on the issue that caused death men. In Ukrainian/український
on Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:03 pmAdmin
In Tbilisi, Saakashvili ally undermined car

The blast injured the driver and two passers-by

In Tbilisi, the car blew up one of the leaders YENR Givi Targamadze. The broadcast " Rustavi 2 " said MP Nugzar Tsiklauri.

According to him, hit driver and two passers-by, whose condition is difficult.

The explosion considerably damaged the rear of the car.

At the scene mobilized patrol and criminal police.

Earlier, the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Miheil Saakashvili confirmed that plans to return to Georgia. As you know, before Saakashvili's wife - Sandra Roelofs, who is running for majority of MPs - said it "represents her husband, who must return in the coming days Georgia. " The parliamentary elections in Georgia will be held on 8 October. In Ukrainian/український
on Tue Oct 04, 2016 2:53 pmAdmin
Can Russia Sustain Its Military Capability?


Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine and subsequently accelerating militarization has forced us to re-examine Russian defense policy as a central focus of foreign attention. The war in Ukraine, Russia’s intervention in Syria, increasing signs of a manufactured war psychosis inside Russia and the visible improvements in the capabilities of the Russian military obliges us to reckon with these events, ongoing trends in Russian defense policy, and their implications. Given the structural economic crisis that has been aggravated by declining energy prices and Western sanctions we must also probe the question as to just how sustainable Russian defense policy is. The argument advanced here is that Putin has reconfigured the system throughout his 16-year tenure in office to produce a system resembling in critical respects the Soviet one. Therefore despite the pressures now operating on the system, it can for some time to come provide the Russian military with modern conventional and nuclear weapons even though it will probably not realize the full demands of the government. Nevertheless, and despite the strong constellation of interests favoring this militarization, it will increasingly run into difficulties given the structural problems plaguing Russia. Moreover, as in Soviet if not Tsarist times, this unchecked militarization will encounter barriers it cannot overcome; without fundamental changes in policy, these will lead the country into crisis. But whether Putin or whoever succeeds him will grasp that insight and meet those challenges remains, as of today, and as seen by Russian analysts, quite unlikely. If that assessment is right, then sometime in the future—though we cannot say when or how it will occur—a deep structural crisis is in the offing. And nobody can foretell its outcome.

* * *


Access complete text of the editorial:  In English
Sociologists say that the Bloc Poroshenko rating increases

The party "Block Poroshenko" ready to vote 14.5% of voters

If parliamentary elections were held in late September, the Parliament were to be seven parties. These are the results of a study of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology.

KIIS says that if those who have not decided for whom to vote, as usual, did not come to the polls, voting would take about 41% of all voters and votes cast would be distributed as follows:

15.4% would vote for the party "All-Ukrainian Union" Fatherland ",
14.5% - for the party "Block Poroshenko"
13.1% - for the party "opposition bloc"
10.3% - for the party "Union" Self "
9.6% - for the Radical Party O. Lyashko,
6.0% - for the party "Citizenship"
5.3% - for the party "for life"
3.9% - for the party "All-Ukrainian Union" Freedom "
3.5% - for the party "dill"
2.2% - for the party "Right Sector"
1.9% - for the party "Wave"
1.8% - for the party "statehood initiative Yarosh"
1.7% - for the party "Revival"
by other parties - generally 11%.

In the KIIS reported that the rating of the party "Petro Poroshenko Bloc" increased compared with the figures as of February-March 2016 - 11,4%.

The study was conducted 16th to 26 September 2016. The method of personal interviewed 2040 respondents living in 110 settlements in all regions of Ukraine (excluding Crimea) 4-speed random sample with quota selection to the last level, which is representative for the Ukraine's population aged 18 and over. In Lugansk and Donetsk regions the survey was conducted only on the territory controlled by Ukrainian authorities. In this survey sample was distributed only in the controlled part of the Donbass, in the same proportion, which, according to the CEC, were voters Donbass in the last parliamentary elections (in October 2014).

Statistical sampling error (with probability 0.95 and design effect 1 5) does not exceed 3.3% for figures close to 50%, 2.8% - for figures close to 25%, 2% - for figures close to 10%, 1.4% - for figures close to 5%. In Ukrainian/український
In Russia began large-scale study of missile troops

In southern Russian air defense units will be trained to repel air strikes, drones and missiles of the enemy.

Rocket Brigade of the Western Military District in the Leningrad region of Russia resulted in maximum alert - she has to undergo a final inspection a year.

Divisions run for conditional launch missiles at enemy targets important.

In southern Russia, air defense units will be trained to repel air strikes, drones and missiles of the enemy.

Conducting large-scale exercises coincided with the advent of information about further militarization of the Russian budget.

According to, for military purposes in 2016 can be further allocated about 700 billion rubles.

Most of these funds were taken from the investment and social articles. According to a source publication in the Government, the money is planned to pay the state credit taken in pursuance of defense contracts in recent years.

Amendments to the budget Finance Ministry proposes to approve the government on Wednesday. In addition, proposed to the Minister of Finance the right to redistribute 10 percent of all expenditures for law enforcement agencies without approvals. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine's economy in 2017 will grow by 2.5% - the IMF forecast

It is expected that growth will increase by improving the business environment and enhance economic reforms

The International Monetary Fund predicts economic growth of Ukraine in 2017 at 2.5%, with inflation of 11%. This is stated in the traditional economic review of the Fund's World Economic Outlook, published on the website of the organization.

As noted, inflation is an average for the year to the end of 2017 it could be lower - about 8.5%.

Unemployment rate amount, according to IMF estimates, about 8.7%.

"Ukraine's economy will return to growth already in 2016 after a significant fall in 2014-2015. And, as expected, will increase growth by improving the business environment and enhance economic reforms ", - stated in the review of the IMF.

IMF experts say that by 2021 the average annual economic growth in Ukraine will be about 4% with inflation of 5%.

Earlier, the IMF forecast economic growth has kept Ukraine in 2016 at 1.5%, but improved the inflation forecast to 13% from 15.1%. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine International reserves rose to $ 15.5 billion

In Ukraine reserves currently 1.4 billion more than at the beginning of September

As of early October, Ukraine's international reserves rose to 15.5 billion US dollars, which is 9.9% or 1.4 billion dollars more than in the beginning of September.

This is stated in the materials of the National Bank of Ukraine prepared for the meeting of the parliamentary committee on finance and banking policy, which did not happen due to lack of quorum, wrote UNIAN.

Recall, September 14 IMF completed the second review of the four-year program of cooperation with Ukraine, adopted in March 2015 and decided to allocate Kyiv the third credit tranche in the amount of $ 1 billion.

Finance Minister Alexander Danyluk said that the IMF tranche will go to reserves and contribute to the stability of the hryvnia, and hence the stability of the financial system. In Ukrainian/український
The Union of Journalists of Ukraine recommends colleagues not to travel to Russia

Go to Russia it is necessary only in case of emergency

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine recommends Ukrainian journalists to travel to Russia. It said the first secretary of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Sergey Tomilenko in the air "Public Radio", commenting on the arrest in Moscow of the journalist news agency "Ukrinform" Roman Sushchenko.

"The case of Roman Sushchenko makes us recommend colleagues to refrain from voluntary visits to Russia", - he said.

According to him, Russia should go only when absolutely necessary, while trying every way to protect themselves, to provide accreditation, the possibility of connection with professional Ukrainian and international mediaorhanizatsiyamy.

Actually, NUJU security is also the third consecutive year refused to take a delegation to Russia. A meeting of representatives of journalists' unions of the two countries conducted only through the mediation of international organizations.

"Just a few weeks ago, the chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia Vsevolod Bogdanov reiterated the invitation to come to a major festival of journalists" All Russia "in Dagomys. But we refuse to participate for the third consecutive year, as the safety of our delegation nobody can guarantee. But given the situation with the propaganda of power influence on the media to be more sensitive issues than the festival, "- said Tomilenko.
According to the leader of the union, the situation with Sushchenko may be an element of intimidation of other journalists - that they resorted to self-censorship, took the decision not to cover conflict issues.

also Tomilenko said that NUJU together with other NGOs, including international, promptly reacted to the arrest of the journalist.

"Our colleagues from the international Federation of journalists, the European Federation reacted promptly to the request NUJU. We have a leadership position of journalists' associations which clearly recognize that it's brutal fabricated case. These organizations demand that the Russian authorities release Roman ", - he said.

According to the first secretary NUJU key effort Ukrainian journalists now be focused on the topic of professional solidarity to the international information space was more information about the brutal arrest of Ukrainian journalist.
" We want that in the early days were very sharp and strong statements from world bodies to which the russian government will listen, "- stressed Tomilenko.

Recall, on Sunday, October 2, Public Movement "Open Russia" on its website reported that a court in Moscow arrested a Ukrainian Roman Sushchenko for espionage and human rights activists accidentally met her husband in the chamber quarantine department Lefortovo prison.

National Information Agency "Ukrinform" says detention Sushchenko who works at the agency since 2002 and correspondent in France of 2010, a planned provocation.

"Ukrinform" concluded the journalist and wife of Russian lawyer Mark Feigin agreement Sushchenko protection.

Ukraine Foreign Ministry demands from Russia Ukrainian immediate release of the journalist.

Putin's spokesman called the arrest Ukrainian journalists in Moscow "normal work of special services." In Ukrainian/український
on Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:46 amAdmin
In Kharkiv found murdered MP

Body of man found near the pond in the village Lukashivka

Today, October 4 in Krasnograd district of Kharkiv found the body of 45-year-old. This Ukrinform said the chief specialist of communications police Commander in Kharkiv region Alexander Alexeyev.

"The body of 45-year-old man, a resident of the village. Lukashivka Krasnogradsky area found near the pond around 11:00. By Lukashivky left investigative team and experts. Established that the dead body was found near the lodge. Beside him found a gun, "- she said.

According to her, the fact that the events included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigation on the basis of Part 1 st.115" intentional murder. "

" We establish all the circumstances of the event. A collection of physical evidence, questioning villagers, "- added Alekseev.

As confirmed Ukrinform in Krasnograd district council, killed - deputy District Council Roman Shiyan, elected last year of the Agrarian Party.

According to sources in the police station police Shiyan repeatedly participated in courts distribution of land. In Ukrainian/український
on Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:44 amAdmin
Journalists lawyer allowed to speak to Sushchenko

The lawyer spoke with Roman Sushchenko just 15 minutes

Lawyer Mark Feigin received permission to visit his client - who was arrested in journalist "Ukrinform" Roman Sushchenko. Feigin said this UNIAN.

"I got permission, right now I go to jail" Lefortovo "to the Roman", - he said.

Later Feigin said on Twitter, spent Sushchenko in only 15 minutes.

"I came from Roman Sushchenko from Lefortovo! Only 15 minutes. So Sushchenko does not acknowledge guilt! I managed to read the decision to initiate. Even with respect to state secrets, but ... It's Fufel! Roman Sushchenko glad that it protects Feigin. He signed a deal once again with me. Investigators persuaded not to Feigin. Well, as always, "- wrote the lawyer.

Recall, on Sunday, October 2, Public Movement "Open Russia" on its website reported that a court in Moscow arrested a Ukrainian Roman Sushchenko for espionage and human rights activists accidentally met her husband in the chamber quarantine department Lefortovo prison.

National Information Agency "Ukrinform" says detention Sushchenko who works at the agency since 2002 and correspondent in France of 2010, a planned provocation .

"Ukrinform" concluded the journalist and wife of Russian lawyer Mark Feigin agreement Sushchenko protection.

Ukraine Foreign Ministry demands from Russia Ukrainian immediate release of the journalist.

Putin's spokesman called the arrest Ukrainian journalists in Moscow "normal work of special services." In Ukrainian/український
American Tank Brigade dyslokuvatymetsya near the border of Ukraine

The team will be based in the Baltic states, Romania and Bulgaria. But the bulk of the troops will be in Poland.

Tank crew come from Colorado to Germany, and from there in the framework of the exercise will go to Poland.

It is expected that American tankers in eastern Europe dyslokuvatymutsya 9 months. In Ukrainian/український
US pushing for a diplomatic solution of the conflict in Donbas

Kerry said the US will support Ukraine steadily

The United States consistently support Ukraine in terms of aggression. This was stressed by US Secretary of State John Kerry in a speech in Brussels.

"We remain committed to maintaining our stable, unified and democratic Ukraine. And Moscow should not doubt that we will adhere to our position! "- Said the head of the American foreign policy department.

Kerry said that no one in the world, especially in Europe, opposed the" game of aggression "by Russia.

" We have introduced sanctions, and we insist diplomatic resolution of the conflict in the Donbass, as well as the illegal annexation of Crimea. We also encourage Ukraine's leadership strengthen the path of reform, "- said US Secretary of State. In Ukrainian/український
Only in Russia Ukrainian church demolished by court

Moscow court decided to demolish the only church in Russia UOC-KP

The Moscow Regional Court on October 3 decided to demolish in Noginsk Holy Trinity Church Bogorodsk eparchy UOC-KP.

This was reported to Facebook Hieromonk Svyatoslav Skorokhod.

"Today is a black Monday for Bogorodsky Diocese UOC Kiev Patriarchate in Russia. The Moscow Regional Court ruled on our appellate claim. On October 3, 2016 comes into force the final verdict in the demolition of our Holy Trinity Church in the city. Noginsk, Moscow region, zadovilnyvshy plaintiff - adminictratsiyu Nohinskoho area (and in fact - Moscow patriarhiyu) and the decision of the first court Noginsk City Court "- he writes.

Kiev Patriarchate priest said that according to the decree, court church will be demolished in the 4th month by the Kiev Patriarchate.

"On the eve of the trial in our Goryunov lawyer Tatyana Fedorovna was attacked in the evening, when she returned home, unknown to the car it started to shoot, later threatening reprisals by phone in case of further support and protect our temple in court.

Unfortunately, all Ukrainian and systematically destroying pidchyschayetsya today resonant decision on the demolition of the house, before - closing Ukrainian libraries and elimination of a single centralized Ukrainian organization "Ukrainian congress of Russia", - added on. Sviatoslav.

Translation: Today is black Monday for bohorodsʹkoyi diocese upts kyivan patriarchate in Russia. Moscow regional court took out the decision by our apelyatsiynym pozovom. From October 2016rd. Joins the power ending the sentence in znesenni our holiday - troyitsʹkoho temple in m. Nohinsʹku Moskovsʹkoyi areas zadovilʹnyvshy pozyvacha adminictratsiyu nohinsʹkoho folk (and poe suti moskovsʹku patriarkhiyu) and decided the first verdict sudovoyi nohinsʹkoho settlements in court. According to constitutions temple will be znesenyy in 4 term for our monthly bill.
P.S. Before Court meeting on our lawyer horyunovu tetyana fedorivnu was skoyen attack, night returning home with unknown car started it on fire, after they on the phone in case rozpravoyu further support and protection of our temple in court.
Unfortunately, everything Ukrainian systematychne pidchyshchayetʹsya and nyshchytʹsya rezonansne decision: today on znesennyu temple, before closing the library of the Ukrainian and Ukrainian tsentralizovanoyi likviduvannya member organization "Ukrainian Congress of Russia".

Church in Noginsk was the only religious building in Russia, belonging to the jurisdiction of the UOC-KP.

Holy Trinity Church existed since the early 90s, and the 94 th of its abbot Metropolitan Adrian (Skaryna), being an ethnic Ukrainian, joined the UOC-KP.

Faithful and clergy UOC-KP constantly subjected to harassment by the Moscow Patriarchate since the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war it has become global.

Temple daily denounced on television, on radio and in local newspapers. Texts flyers plastered around the city have also become tougher. They called UOC-KP is "lzhetserkvoyu" and reported that its priests "are not considered a sin to kill those who live in the Donbass and Moscow" and "welcome junta military operations in the southeast of the country."

The climax was the persecution of action in a land dispute on behalf of the administration Noginsk district. In Ukrainian/український
Russia has not let Ukrainian consul to journalist Sushchenko

The second consecutive day by the Ukrainian consulate in Mosvkvi can not get permission from the FSB to meet with detained Ukrainian journalist

Ukrainian consulate in Russia still can not get permission to meet with Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko which the FSB arrested and accused of spying.

This was reported by Foreign Ministry spokesman Marian Betz.

"October 2, just became aware of the arrest Sushchenko our consular department sent a letter to provide the meeting with Consul Sushchenko. October 3 morning our consul personally handed the original appeal in the investigation department of the FSB of Russia. In addition, the 3rd October as our embassy in Russia sent a note to the Russian Foreign Ministry, "- she said.

"But still, as of now, no response we have received," - added Betz.

"We demand immediate access to our consul to detained journalist and citizen of Ukraine Sushchenko accordance with international law and the consular convention between Ukraine and Russia", - said Betz.

Recall lawyer Mark Feigin Sushchenko said that the journalist was detained on September 30 . However, it became known only on October 2 evening. Human rights activist added that the Ukrainian trying to deny the right to defense.

Recall, on Sunday, October 2, Public Movement "Open Russia" on its website reported that a court in Moscow arrested a Ukrainian Roman Sushchenko for espionage and human rights activists accidentally met her husband in the chamber quarantine department Lefortovo prison.

National Information Agency "Ukrinform" says detention Sushchenko who works at the agency since 2002 and correspondent in France of 2010, a planned provocation .

Putin's spokesman called the arrest Ukrainian journalists in Moscow "normal work of special services."

Ukraine Foreign Ministry demands from Russia Ukrainian immediate release of the journalist.

"Ukrinform" concluded the journalist and wife of Russian lawyer Mark Feigin agreement on protection Sushchenko. Previously reported that Feigin intends to meet with his client in prison on 3 October.

Feigin had the right to appeal against the arrest of a journalist to October 4, however it during the day were not allowed to meet with the journalist and to challenge his arrest. Subsequently, the lawyer still given the opportunity to appeal.

It was also reported that on October 3rd Ukrainian consul was not allowed to meet with Roman Sushchenko. In Ukrainian/український
The UN urged to limit the veto power of permanent members of the UN Security

Such a decision should be taken to prevent serious crime

The High Commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein called for restrictions on the right to veto the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

He explained that such a decision be taken to prevent serious crimes, reports AP.

According to the High Commissioner, should veto limit in dealing with war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

He drew attention to the fact that air strikes over the past 10 days the Syrian Aleppo were "most intensive" since 2011.

Formerly head of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations, Vladimir Yelchenko said that deprivation Russian veto in the UN security Council depends on the other four permanent members of the security Council.

Recall, on October 1, Russia accepted the presidency of the UN Security Council.

Read also interview Yelchenko "Commander." In Ukrainian/український
Court of Appeal Judge Transcarpathian put a bullet in his forehead

In Uzhhorod appellate judge shot himself in the head

Appeal Court Judge Eugene Transcarpathian region Zhyvotov tried to commit suicide.

According to sources "Zakarpattya online" in law enforcement, the incident occurred at 5 am on October 2. The judge tried to shoot himself in the head shot close to the "travmata" - a gun for shooting rubber bullets Makarov type pistol.

According to preliminary information, found Zhyvotova his wife. Currently, he is in a regional hospital. The wound was lethal, but seem to have serious brain damage.

According to people close to Zhyvotova evening, before the suicide attempt, he was in a very depressed state, and the behavior was very strange. Other sources claim that this situation took place more than one day.

The information about the survey Zhyvotova on blood levels of alcohol or drugs available.

Any information on this subject is very difficult to get - probably an attempt to conceal the incident. This is evidenced by the fact that since the extraordinary adventure it's been two days, but no official reports on this matter were not announced.

Moreover, according to Zakarpattya online, attempt to use this situation to discredit certain individuals directly involved in the resonance disclosure of corruption schemes in the Transcarpathian customs DFS.

Eugene Zhyvotov is a judge of the Chamber of criminal cases and cases on administrative offenses Appeal Court Transcarpathian region. This is one of the least public judges of the court.

Currently, according to "Zakarpattya online" Zhyvotov is on vacation. Although the list scheduled for Tuesday, October 4, its name appears in the designated consideration of the criminal case as a part of the panel of judges. In the following days intended to proceedings with his participation there.

Zhyvotov Eugene is the son of a judge of the criminal chamber of the Supreme Court of Ukraine a specialized review of civil criminal cases i Gennady Zhyvotova. The last appointment in Kyiv to work in the same Court of Appeal Transcarpathian region.

Date of birth indicates Zhyvotova online 16 June 1981. Based on the declaration, he has a wife, daughter and son. In Ukrainian/український

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