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Patriarch Kirill Visits Britain Amid Tense Russia-U.K. Relations.  Putin likely to expand Russian invasion of Ukraine in January, Felgenhauer says.  42 militants’ attacks reported yesterday. 152 mm shells hit Novozvanivka and Vodiane. "It will be at time of our choosing", - Biden on possible answer at Russian сyber attacks.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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In Odesa businessman monthly "laundered" $ 1 million through offshore

In Odesa, a local businessman for a number of offshore companies registered funds brought entrepreneurs importers.

On October 15 it was reported to the Security Service of Ukraine.

"Fictitious financial and business transactions it monthly" laundered "about $ 1 million a month", - noted the SBU.
Attacker was detained while receiving cash from another "client".

During searches in the office seized the detained more than USD 2.7 million in various currencies, office equipment, information, seals the foreign banks and offshore companies and payment documents confirming the execution of financial transactions. In Ukrainian/український
SBU in Kiev liberated woman kidnapped for ransom of 150 thousand. Dollars

Security Service of Ukraine together with the police released his wife Kiev businessman kidnapped for ransom of 150 thousand. Dolairv members of organized groups. This UNN reported the press service of the SBU.

Law enforcers found that the attacker stole a woman out of his house and held for five days in a rented apartment. With the release of his wife, they demanded that the businessman 150,000 dollars.

"Employees of security services detained three members of the group near one of the markets in the Dnipro district of the capital while receiving the full amount of purchase. Law enforcement officers hostage was released and returned to her family, "- noted the SBU.

Opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.146 and 189 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The three intruders were detained, continue pressing operational and investigative measures to arrest other established members of organized groups. In Ukrainian/український
Putin is not ready to start a major offensive operations in the Donbass - Chornovil

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not ready for major offensive operations in eastern Ukraine, but intensify tension in the region. This opinion was expressed in the comments UNN former MP of Ukraine Taras Chornovil.

"Go to any offensive major operations in Ukraine, he is clearly not ready. Here he is the main actor, not any there separatists. But tensions about to raise it to be. Generally about Ukraine, it has, among other things, an individual plan . It is about can be treated as a war of attrition, a war to destabilize, "- he said.

According T.Chornovola, Russian President Putin is absolutely beneficial to go to a real peace process in the Donbas even under the Minsk agreements.

"It is not necessary. Because he needs one of two things: either stick us these areas to ensure that they disintegrated in Ukraine since the middle of some there federative rights to everything else, with elections by their rules, or the second option - a keep constant tension and instability. While the first (option - ed.) does not pass, we gave him. There is a second - a constant destabilization, tension. this is against the background of Syria "- said the expert.

However, according to Chornovil, given the current situation in the Donbass, and especially the recent actions of Russia in Syria, pressure from the West, including key EU countries will increase in our northern neighbor.
"Direction of pressure will sylnishaty. And the attitude to Russia will be tougher ... very quiet, loyal tuned to it (in Russia - ed.) Leaders like Steinmeier whether Herault (German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Foreign Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault - ed.), a very tough start to make statements. But Hérault generally speaks in plain text, which is clearly things need to be qualified as war crimes, and that France will appeal to the Hague Tribunal on this matter and others. Steinmeier, formerly pressed Ukraine on the need to accelerate the holding of elections in the Donbas, plain text corresponds to PACE on the issue and said that such there (in the Donbas - ed.) security situation that soon all of elections can also be no question, "- said expert.

Another trump card for us, says Chornovil, is the latest PACE resolution on Ukraine.

"Adopted a resolution that Ukraine is very beneficial ... We need it because it is for us to disappear for six months a major factor in US support. There will election, then vstupannya the post of new president. Until they sort out other issues, including with Syria only when it comes to the right to Ukraine. That these six months we have caught alone with the EU. a European Union recently to have put very stringent requirements ... That is the solution we provide six months, when we have a real serious support from the United States. And it actually provoked their actions Putin "- summed up the expert. In Ukrainian/український
At the Kharkiv airport, a citizen of Iraq tried to bribe border guards

At the airport "Kharkiv" Citizen Iraq tried to "buy off" a bribe in the amount of $ 50, said the State Border Service of Ukraine.

During the customs clearance of flight "Istanbul-Kharkiv" 17-year-old Iraqi citizen gave the passport to check-in put the money. So he tried seamlessly in accelerated mode to cross the state border.

See also: Chief Inspector of Customs got burned on a bribe

This fact fixed guards, and the scene was summoned representatives of the National Police.

Earlier in Zaporozhye airport customs officials confiscated $ 800 in Turku, which he did not disclose. In Ukrainian/український
Russian blogger Varlamov: The third world war has already begun. This is a war for brains. And we are losing

The Third World War - it's not radioactive ash and space lasers, and the competition between the countries for the best minds, writes Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov in an article entitled "Why Russia will lose the US war." According to Varlamov, no future Elon Musk or Steve Jobs does not want to open a new project in Russia because "in a moment everything can cover crazy ghoul from the FSB." The publication "GORDON" publish material without cuts.

Before the war were over territory, in the XX century fought mainly over resources, in the XXI century war for brains. And the war of the XXI century, we are losing. Let's be honest: it does not matter, he returned to his native Crimea harbor or not. Whether Putin will give the Kuril Islands, or not give. Even if tomorrow we will return to Alaska, nothing is globally will not change. As the recent crisis has shown, oil and other resources is also not so important. Well, a lot of our resources, what? What should I do with them? Bread oil smear? And prices have fallen - and all at once Ass. Once the budget is bursting, all sad just go and scratch turnip.

But the world is Singapore, almost the size of a Moscow. The economy is one of the most open and free from corruption, holds leading positions in the rankings of economic freedom. The country has maintained stable prices, and the GDP per capita - one of the highest in the world. Resources and territories not at all. Even fresh water bought in Malaysia. But the standard of living of the local is very decent. Besides local people from all over the world go there to work. And there is Japan, not the biggest and rich in resources country in the world. Size as the Tomsk region. But one of the strongest economies in the world. Most recently was the second after the United States. The best technique, excellent cars. Well, you all know, what I'm going to tell?....................... In Russian/русский
Negotiations on a peaceful settlement in Syria ended without the signing of the final document

The meeting in Switzerland with the participation of foreign ministers of nine countries and the UN special envoy lasted four and a half hours.

In Lausanne, Switzerland concluded a meeting of foreign ministers of nine countries, including the US and Russia, as well as the UN Special Representative for Syria Staffan de Mistura, dedicated to the search for a solution to the Syrian conflict.

As reported by "RIA Novosti" , on the basis of the final document of the meeting has not been signed. He told journalists that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the sides agreed to continue contacts in the near future.

The head of the US State Department, John Kerry called the talks "brainstorming, past frankly," reports France Press.

The military conflict in Syria continues since 2011 . The fighting involving government forces, the opposition, the radical Islamists, Kurds and other forces. A significant part of the state control over the militants LIH.

In September 2014 an operation against LIH beginning of the coalition led by the United States . In September 2015 a conflict of Russia joined . In March 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the withdrawal of the main Russian forces from the country, but the Russian aviation group continues to commit strikes on the positions of the forces opposing Assad.

According to human rights in September 2016, victims of the war in Syria was over 300 thousand. Man . In Russian/русский
Piontkovsky: The UN Security Council functioned once in a lifetime

To veto UN resolution on Syria, Russia won the right to destroy the city of Aleppo in Syria, however, alienated public opinion around the world, said the Russian journalist Andrei Piontkovsky.

UN Security Council for 70 years, was able to fully work only once. This was on the program "The theme of the day," said the Russian historian and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky.

"The UN Security Council functioned once in a lifetime in 1950, when foolishly Soviet delegation boycotted the Security Council meeting to protest against Chiang representative Kai-shek in place a permanent Chinese member. And at that time adopted a resolution on the establishment of the UN troops, who had to reflect North Korean aggression ", - he said.

Since then, the debate in the UN Security Council veto ends of the opposing sides, said the historian.

"But now Russian veto, the first one! This is the fifth already a resolution on Syria in the last two years. Four times with us put a veto and China. At this time, China has wisely stepped aside, so that the only culprit that all world public opinion outraged calls war crimes in Syria, and above all, in Aleppo is the sole responsibility of Russia ", -. Piontskovsky stressed.

The historian noted that Russia has achieved its veto their right "to destroy Aleppo to the last inhabitant" with the head of Syria Bashar al-Assad. Now, however, she had to decide what to do next, because the destruction of Aleppo show on the screens of all world countries.

"On the one hand, to continue their show-off, go to the end and on the other -. It is clear what the public opinion, in spite of all the conventions of the term, 2 months of this genre in the spirit of horror movies will not stand, and even the government of Barack Obama will have to somehow response. And then what? " - Wondered Piontkovsky.
According to the historian, every US president except Obama, under pressure of public opinion would be imposed no-fly zone in Syria and began to bombard Syrian aircraft and air defense units, giving Putin an opportunity to raise "in this crazy poker" bet defending Assad.

"Despite all the show-off in Moscow know where to stay and are not interested in such an escalation" - suggested Piontkovsky.

He noted that the Syrian topic went off the air Russian media. And he speculated that the Russian authorities feel that "gone too far" and can go to reduce the degree of opposition in Syria................... In Russian/русский

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
Soldiers get new weapons as contract army announced in Ukraine (photos)

Ukrainian army has received more than 150 military vehicles and weapons including upgraded tanks T-64 and T-80 as well as artillery systems and trucks.

In addition, the armed forces have got several modernized helicopters Mi-24, equipped with Ukraine-manufactured engines, transport helicopters Mi-8 and fighter jets MiG-29, SU-25, SU-27 and a transport plane An-26.

A welcome replacement for the aircraft lost in fighting with the Russian-backed separatist forces in Donbas............
Putin postpones visit to France amid diplomatic tensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has indefinitely postponed a trip to France after Paris had revised its program for the visit and said it would talk about nothing else but the Syrian crisis.

French President Francois Hollande said Tuesday that Putin put off his visit set for next week after Hollande let him know he wouldn't take part in the opening of a new Russian Orthodox church and was only interested in talks about Syria.

Over the weekend, Russia blocked a U.N. Security Council resolution proposed by France and Spain on ending the hostilities in the war-torn country, blaming Paris for the refusal to discuss a compromise version. And on Monday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called on the International Criminal Court to investigate Russia for possible war crimes in Syria.

"France has a major disagreement with Russia over Syria," Hollande said. "And the Russian veto to the French resolution at the U.N. council has prevented the cessation of the bombings, as well as the proclamation of a cease-fire."

At the same time, he added that he believes that a dialogue with Russia is essential for ending the massacre.

"The main victims are the civilians who live and die under the bombs," Hollande said. "That's the reason why I consider that a dialogue with Russia is necessary. But it should be firm and open. Otherwise ... it's a mockery."

Putin's trip to Paris, which was planned for next Tuesday, was due to take in the opening of a new Orthodox church next to the Eiffel Tower along with a Russian cultural center and an exhibition, but the French side had revised the program, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"Regrettably, those events dropped out of the program," Peskov said, saying it's up to the French side to explain the reason.

Peskov said that Putin could visit France at a later date which would be "comfortable" for Hollande.

He denied that the cancellation of Putin's visit to France reflected a growing international isolation of Moscow over its actions in Syria, where Russian warplanes have supported the Syrian army offensive on Aleppo.

"Russia and its president aren't facing anything of the kind," Peskov said.

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
"Masquerade finished": Poroshenko revealed the secret plan of Putin's Donbas

The president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin there secrets about A plan for the East of Ukraine, the Kremlin Kotor razvyazaly vooruzhennыy conflict.

This was a nemetskoy articles for the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, writes YnoSMY.

Putins Strategy at Donbas

Despite the ceasefire, dated to the beginning of the school year, for a short period of time, just a month and a half in the battle with the Russian "green men" and their mercenaries in the Donbas 19 of my soldiers and over a hundred injured were killed. More than 800 times Russian shelling took place in September and this month there were more than 500.

The war continues to rage, and there is ample evidence that the Minsk process stumbles on the eternal Russian masquerade. It is time to adjust our view of Russia's intentions, as they pose a threat not only for Ukraine but also for security and stability in Europe.

Just a few years ago I did not believe that Russia could commit aggression against a friendly neighbor, what once was, and Ukraine. Even after the Russian military operation in Georgia, many believed in the Kremlin's return to the post-war order based on rules rather than power.

Russia is trying to repeat the Crimean scenario in the Donbas

Then I was among those people who just thought so, but my present perception of today's Russia, the other - it is in a moment it was called into question when the Kremlin ordered the first to carry out the annexation of the Crimea, and then makes a military attack to the east of my country. The Kremlin gave a masquerade with the participation of "little green men" on the peninsula, and then entered the Donbas, although stated: "We are not there." But the truth soon became public, and it happened after President Putin himself acknowledged that the Russian soldiers were standing behind the voter in the Crimea, to protect them during the referendum.

It is obvious that these soldiers had to defend not the voters, and voting and falsified results. And does not it seem familiar today Russia's actions when she tries to repeat this scenario in the Donbas, insisting above all on a political solution and on local elections? Is it not clear that the pro-Russian mercenaries are in Donbas to another part of Ukrainian territory was a victim of the Kremlin's aggression? Or someone still believes that there are no Russian soldiers?

The Kremlin has denied its involvement

We must not again fall into the same trap, and console themselves with empty assurances from the Russian side. They are just as poisoned as her manipulation. According to the Ukrainian special services in the Donbas are currently more than 700 Russian tanks, over 1,250 guns, more than 1,000 armored vehicles and more than 300 multiple launch rocket systems. Pro-Russian militants in the Donbass, in the literal sense, have more tanks and more MRLS than the German Bundeswehr.

However, these data do not interfere with the Kremlin denied its involvement in the Donbas, as was done in the case of the Crimea. Without Russia there could not be such a huge military potential. He appeared uninvited in my country, and it has no purpose other than intimidation and murder. This military potential should make the Donbas (and Ukraine) as long to bleed to death, as his wish to master.

Russia enters the Western public misled

This denial has long been put to the service of the Russian appetites. Recently in the Netherlands have been published the preliminary results of an international investigation into the incident with the downed airliner MH17. This tragedy, which killed 298 innocent people, including 80 children, took place in July 2014 in the skies over the Donbas, outside the control zone of the Ukrainian authorities. Russian disinformation machine produces a ton of theories invented to mislead the Western public - in Moscow spoke about the Ukrainian combat aircraft Su-25, who allegedly shot down an airliner MH17, as well as Ukrainian, not Russian air defense missiles.

After a fair and thorough investigation is now proved that it was the Russian rocket was launched from the "Buck" Russian installations. It was delivered to Ukraine, and immediately after committing a shocking crime came back. we heard any word of regret after disclosure of revealing information, in addition to their denial - of alleged "politically motivated" - and call the Dutch ambassador in Moscow?

The true intentions of Russia

It is extremely important that the investigation for the downed airliner MH17 revealed the following: the notorious plant "Buk" on the way back to Russia, crossed the uncontrolled part of the border. This fact confirms the crucial border controls for a comprehensive settlement in the Donbas - and on this for a long time insisted Ukraine. What other Russian military equipment could be Ukraine, not being seen by the Ukrainian authorities and international observers? Is it because Russia prevents the full access of representatives of the OSCE mission to the border of our state and the entire Donbass, which she wants to keep its infiltration channels for the supply of military equipment and personnel?

We must finally cease to be as naive in regard to Russia's intentions, whatever was in 2008 and even in 2014-2015. Moscow does not feel any desire to stop their aggression, and only together, we can stop it. Deception and manipulation are effective only in the absence of solidarity and foresight. Therefore we need and solidarity, and vision, as well as sanctions, which have to act until they are restored to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. They keep Russia at the negotiating table and prevent the loss of many more lives.

We must make every effort to again and again to expose the Russian masquerade, where it would not suit you - whether it be in the Donbas or in Aleppo. That is how we can still try to convince Russia of the need to respect the post-war order. Donbass can become an example and get people to stop acting as if they do not notice a masquerade Russian aggression in Ukraine, and then we can prevent him from spread to the whole world. In Ukrainian/український
For the Black Sea, intelligence warned of the possibility of a repetition of the tragedy of flight MH17
The Russian Federation has created a danger to international air service in the occupied Crimea, bringing on full alert air defense Armed Forces.

This was on his page on Facebook warns Defence Ministry of Defence.

"October 14 groups of air defense of the Armed Forces in occupied Crimea were put on alert" full. "Alarm raised units 31 Division air defense (Sevastopol), 37 Mixed Aviation Regiment (Guards) and 38 Fighter Regiment (Belbek) 4 Army Air Force and Air defense of the Southern military district of the Armed Forces, "- told in intelligence.

It is noted that "military settlements radio units 3 radio Regiment (Sevastopol) deployed at Cape Tarkhankut and Cape Fiolent in areas Dzhankoy, Kerch, Feodosia, conducted detection and tracking of air targets, transfer targeting Division anti-aircraft missile systems and guidance of fighter aircraft ".

In addition, the crews of Su-30 and calculations of anti-missile systems worked interception and destruction of conventional air targets.

"Implementation of these measures in the airspace over the Black Sea endangers international air service, threatening the possible recurrence of the tragedy of the Malaysian Boeing flight MH17, which was hit by the Russian complex" Birch "in July 2014 in the east of Ukraine", - stressed in intelligence.


The situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

As of October 15

The enemy continues to violate ceasefire. Twice increased fire intensity Mariupol impact on the direction where the enemy used the 82-mm and 120-mm mortars and 122-mm and 152-mm artillery systems.

By shelling calculations involved howitzer artillery battery separate artillery brigades (Donetsk) 1 AC (Donetsk) Armed Forces, mortar batteries and one infantry battalion of self-propelled howitzer artillery battery 9 separate assault Mechanized Regiment Marines (Novoazovsk) 1 AC Armed Forces.

Refining fire destruction and fire adjustment is carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) from the individual company AK 1 UAV and UAV platoon 9 separate assault Mechanized Regiment Marines 1 AK Armed Forces.

Direct supervision activities artillery units assigned to the Chief of Artillery 1 AK.

In other areas the enemy's efforts focused on:
maintaining combat readiness and combat effectiveness of troops. To a higher degree of readiness actuated units 11 separate motorized infantry regiment (Makiyivka) 1 AC Armed Forces;

preparation for winter. Conducted reviews combatant personnel formations and units 1 and 2 AK in winter uniforms.
Completed measures to transfer technology to winter operation.

In order to monitor the implementation of measures 1 and 2 AC works committee of the Centre territorial troops (Novocherkassk) Southern Military District (Rostov-on-Don) Armed Forces.

Ukrainian side provided information the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE presence of tanks, self-propelled guns, 122-mm multiple launch rocket systems "Grad" in areas n.p.Luhansk, Stakhanov, Gorlovka and Dokuchaevsk.
Ordinary loss Armed Forces in eastern Ukraine during day two wounded soldier made 9 separate assault Mechanized Regiment Marines (Novoazovsk) 1 AC Armed Forces.

October 14 this year grouping of air defense of the Armed Forces in occupied Crimea was brought into combat readiness "Full". Raised alarm unit 31 Air Defence Division (Sevastopol), 37 Mixed Aviation Regiment (Guards) and 38 Fighter Regiment (Belbek) 4 Army Air Force and Air Defense of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces.
Martial calculations radio units 3 radio Regiment (Sevastopol) deployed at Cape Tarkhankut and Cape Fiolent Mount Ai-Petri, near the town of Dzhankoy, Kerch, Feodosia, conducted detection and tracking of air targets, the transfer target designation Division anti-aircraft missile systems and guidance fighter aviation. The crews of Su-30 and calculations of anti-missile systems to intercept and conditional worked destroy air targets.

Implementation of these measures in the airspace over the Black Sea endangers international air service and threatening possible recurrence of the tragedy of Malaysian "Boeing" Flight MH17, which was hit by the Russian complex "Birch" in July 2014 in eastern Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
Churkin: Relations between Moscow and Washington worst since the war of Yom Kippur

Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin called the relationship between the US and Russia, "the worst since the war Judgment Day" in 1973, reports the Associated Press.

"The overall situation is pretty bad, I think, the worst since 1973," - said Churkin.

He stressed that despite the fact that relations between Russia and the United States there are serious tensions and differences in views on the Syrian crisis, these countries continue to work on current issues.

Yom Kippur War - the conflict between the coalition of Arab countries and Israel, which lasted from 6 to 25 October 1973. October 24, the Soviet Union warned Israel that supported the US of serious consequences if they are not stopped fighting. Then the conflict was resolved.

Earlier, the US presented a formal accusation of Russian hackers. In Ukrainian/український

At the gas station caught fire due to explosion

Fire and two explosions occurred at night in Odesa gas station after gas station in the street. Military descent drove a car, reports "Interfax".

The report said that the incident occurred around 20:40. According to preliminary information, the incident no one was injured, the driver and passengers had to leave his car before the explosion. In Ukrainian/український
In Donetsk man threw a grenade at people standing near shop

The victims were hospitalized with fragmentation wounds to the legs, abdomen and neck[/b

In the village Oleksievo-Druzhkovka Donetsk region unknown threw a grenade at people who were at the store. Injured three people, reports the press service of regional police.

The victims were hospitalized with fragmentation wounds to the legs, abdomen and neck.

Demolitions tried to escape from police, but was arrested and taken to the police station. Law enforcement officers determine the circumstances of the event.

The fact included in the YERDR, carried out operational activities.

As reported, in Odessa at the gas station heard two explosions.

[b] In Ukrainian/український

The British fleet resulted in a heightened state of alertness due to Russia's actions in the Mediterranean
According to the Russian navy frigate Richmond and watch destroyer type 45 Duncan

Royal Navy UK resulted in a heightened state of alert due to the expected passage of ships of the Navy of Russia along the coast, reports T ACC .

This was announced on Saturday an electronic version of the newspaper The Daily Mail. In turn, the newspaper The Times notes that the Richmond frigate and destroyer type 45 Duncan monitor the actions of the Russian KUH (naval strike group).

As previously reported, Russia has sent in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea naval group consisting of heavy aircraft carrier cruiser "Admiral Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov" heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great", the large anti-submarine ship "Severomorsk" and "Vice-Admiral Kulakov "and support vessels. As noted in the press service of the Navy, "the goal of the campaign - ensuring a naval presence in the strategically important areas of the oceans." In Ukrainian/український
The European Court has confirmed the loss of Ukraine's appeal for payments to Yanukovych

The amount of compensation that Yanukovych Ukraine has to pay for legal costs is not yet known

The European Court of Justice on Friday, October 14, confirmed that Ukraine has lost an appeal to pay former President Viktor Yanukovych and his son spent on compensation for litigation costs. The decision the judge has decided on 5 October. However, the specific amount and procedure costs and expenses remain uncertain, reports Deutsche Welle.

"How and to whom Ukraine will pay the money - that is what is decided outside the trial," - said in a commentary that DW given in court.

It was reported that lawyers representing Yanukovych on the eve reported that the Ukrainian government should compensate the family of Yanukovych and his legal costs on the processes in the courts of the EU for the sum total of over 6 million.

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine denied this information and said that "there are no foreign judgments (...) to recover any money from Ukraine for Yanukovych VF or his family." In Ukrainian/український
Russia called "Ukrainian nationalism" the main reason for the lack of peace in Donbas

Russian Permanent Representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich made a statement

Russian Permanent Representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich at a meeting in Vienna said that the provisions of the Minsk agreements - salvation for Ukraine, but "the main obstacle on this path - Ukrainian nationalism." Speech Lukashevich press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reports the Public TV.

According to the statement of Russian representative Ukraine is to blame for sabotaging the Minsk agreements. "No invented a" set of measures "conditions for the elections in the Donbass, questioned the need for the special status of Donbass", - said Lukashevich.

According to him, one of the main obstacles to peace in Ukraine is Ukrainian nationalism. "Ukrainian radicals do not need peace in Ukraine, the Kiev government condones them. Ukrainian nationalism within the country and those who support it from the outside - the main obstacle to the pacification of the situation", - he said.

" Minsk agreement - this is not a defeat, no surrender Ukraine as trying to present nationalists, and its salvation, the ability to ensure national reconciliation and agreement between all the factions of the Ukrainian society."

convictions representatives of Russia, the main condition for the peace process is the holding of elections, the law on the special status of the region and amnesty for those who fought on the side samonazvanyh" DNR "and" FSC".

" All these issues constitute a single complex legal guarantees of the rights of the population of Donbass. Only after their implementation may restore central government control over the border, "he said.

Also conviction Lukashevich," the Ukrainian government is punishing the population of Donbass ", while Russia persuades people to support the idea of territorial integrity of Ukraine. This Lukashevich said that Russia "actively working" on ending the conflict, influencing the Ukraine by other states.

"We are actively working on it in various formats - in the contact group," normadskomu format "with other countries that have a great impact in Kyiv, "- said in a statement.

Recall, October 12, PACE adopted two resolutions which recognize the facts of Russian aggression against Ukraine. In particular it was recognized Russian military invasion of the Crimea and Donbas and full responsibility of it occupied by the Ukrainian territory. Elections in Donbas under the Minsk agreements were recognized PACE impossible. In Ukrainian/український

That's what freedom's all about, Putin. Something you don't allow in your country. Of course, this is all Putin BS. He CAN'T stand it, he can't get a grip on Ukrainians as he can in his country. He feels his powers aren't what he wants to have, over other populations. So he's so afraid now of the U.S. facing up to his threats that he's going to go and cry to the UN about the threats the U.S. has put forward. He must be feeling VERY small by now. Bring it on Putin. It'll be your last move, дурити.
Putin afraid of threats from the US and going to complain to UN Security Council

This is a direct threat of use of force by the United States. This is an unprecedented event, say in Russia

The head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev said that US claims about the cyber attacks on Russian Internet resources - "extraordinary situation" that needs to be discussed at the UN Security Council. He expressed this opinion in the air "First Channel" wrote TASS .

"This is a direct threat of use of force by the United States. This is an unprecedented event. In my opinion, this was not the time of the Caribbean crisis. This cyber threat that comes from the state emergency, which provides its analysis at the UN Security Council, it is, of course, a situation which requires taking all possible measures to ensure the national security of Russia ", - said Kosachev.

As reported previously the American broadcaster NBC reported that Washington is considering the implementation of an unprecedented capacity for cyber attacks against Russia . According to its sources in the intelligence services, "the Obama administration is considering an unprecedented secret operations against Russia in cyberspace in response to the fact that Russia, as saying US officials, interfere in the American presidential election."

Presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said Russia would respond to such steps. A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said that US statements about possible cyber attacks on Russian Internet resources require the Russian reaction, and generally unpredictable so dangerous for the world. In Ukrainian/український
Merkel is going to urge the EU to tighten sanctions against Russia

In the West, the Russians have accumulated discontent

German Chancellor Angela Merkel intends to act in the EU by strengthening sanctions against Russia because of Moscow's actions in Syria. This was reported by the electronic version of the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , citing surrounding the head of government of Germany.

Subject sanctions will be discussed at the 20-21 October European Council, said the publication. "However, it is difficult to agree on new sanctions coalition partners - the Social Democratic Party of Germany, and then on the European plane, but the West has accumulated discontent Russians" - says the FAZ.

President Barack Obama during a telephone conversation assured Merkel in supporting "tough response" if the representatives of the EU member states fail to agree on new measures indicated publication. The possibility of sanctions in the aircraft and in areas related to defense industries, the newspaper reported.

During Saturday held in Paderborn Conference Youth Organization block Christian Democratic Union / Christian Social Union (CDU / CSU), Merkel said that some of the events in Syria "very close to war crimes." She called the bombing in Aleppo "inhumane."

"Are they war crimes and solve the International Court of Justice - said Merkel. - Much more importantly, how to stop it and move the political process. " The Chancellor stated that so far talks on Syria, "unfortunately not led to a sustainable truce."

It was reported that Germany significantly increased defense spending. In Ukrainian/український
Kadyrov personally called the journalist who wrote the negative comment in Instagram on the birth of his son

Talking to journalist lasted about 20 minutes

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov personally phoned the journalist Boris Yechmayevu, who wrote about his negative message to Instagram, according to " Novaya Gazeta ".

According to a report in the comments to the post of governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, Kadyrov greeted the birth of fourth son Yechmayev wrote: "What an abomination. It is unfortunate that you have to do it." Then, from the account Kadyrov ynstahrami Yechmayevu private message came: "Write this number." After consulting with colleagues, wrote Yechmayev number, after which he called Kadyrov.

"The conversation with Kadyrov lasted more than 20 minutes. I just said that I have formed the view, and if this conversation to me it has changed, it is a useless attempt. But I have not caught any aggression on the part of Ramzan. Rather, it was sincere curiosity. Ramzan asked why I wrote my comment. I explained its position on the rules of decorum to be observed by public policy, including the governor of the Moscow region. I told him about the historical backgrounds of the fact that many citizens over the years formed a certain image of Chechnya and Chechens, who is now trying to artificially change the federal media, because such is the political situation here. and so the governor also took part in this, and this, for some reason, I was affected. Led him as an example public churching in 90 all former prominent communists "- told the publication Yechmayev.

According to him, Kadyrov became assured that history is not static, changing and real culprit - a Yeltsin, and that if not for his father Akhmad, the flow of coffins in Russia not be exhausted by today.

Kadyrov also said that anyone with Vorobyov 16 years and is "quite normal - welcome the birth of a second son."

"Then suddenly says," Okay! Once you post, this situation (governor) affected, then a question for me. We men talk, let's say that you want to say. What I'm not satisfied with a man like you? "I replied:" Fear. "None of the governors of Russia are not afraid, and his fear ... He said that if he was not strong, it could not raise the republic from the ruins, and that I was not looking "for beards and traditions. Power, of course, important, but we also think a lot. I really look at things. Now do not need any magicians who only talk and do nothing. I am doing a deal in place. And you do on your "- said the journalist.

In general, according to Yechmayeva conversation out interesting and unexpected in its result, they wished each other good night and goodbye." Apologize not ask "- added Yechmayev.

As reported, on October 10 the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov's son Abdullah. In Ukrainian/український
In the Odesa region faced two cars, killing 4 people

On the highway Odesa - Belgorod-Dniester near the village Prylymanske accident involving two cars. It is reported by the State Emergency Service (DerzhNS) in the Odesa region.

The accident occurred at night on October 15.

"In the scene at 1:51 arrived rescue unit rescue special unit of the Directorate DerzhNS Ukraine in Odesa region. It was found that collided cars Volvo and Hyundai Matrix. As a result of car accidents Volvo thrown body 2 people with no signs of life. Rescue workers using hydraulic tools stretched body damaged cars and seized two dead bodies, "- said in a statement.

Now the circumstances of the accident are established. In Ukrainian/український
Two soldiers in the Luhansk region killed during the fighting - Lysenko

The death of soldiers linked to the domestic conflict

Two soldiers in the Luhansk region killed at during the fighting, but because of domestic conflict. This was announced by the speaker on Nov. ATO Andrei Lysenko during a briefing broadcast channel "112 Ukraine".

"Lugansk military and civil administration stressed that during the fighting, killing two soldiers. This has not happened. We have information about the deaths of two soldiers, but not during combat. This was due to domestic conflict between soldiers. Currently, this issue dealing with the competent authorities", - he said.

As povidomyalosya earlier in the Lugansk regional military and civil administration said that over the past day, 14 October, in the zone of the antiterrorist operation in the Luhansk region as a result of shelling killed two soldiers and wounded civilian. In Ukrainian/український
In WikiLeaks commented on the rumors about the preparation of cyber attacks by the US

The report WikiLeaks said that if the cyber attacks were planned, then they would be engaged in the National Security Agency, not the CIA

The organization WikiLeaks commented on the rumors about the preparation of cyber attacks against the US.

In Twiiter organization released the following message: "If the" secret "cyberwar against the US was serious, then, first of it had not been announced, and secondly, it would have engaged the National Security Agency, not the CIA."

If the US "clandestine" pending cyberwar on Russia was serious:

1) it would not have been announced
2) it would be the NSA and not the CIA

WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 15, 2016

Previously, NBC, citing intelligence sources reported that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA prepares appropriate cyber attacks in response to the Russian Federation.

Later, Vice President Joe Biden said that Washington would respond to Russian cyber attacks.

Recall that a presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed confidence that hackers from Russia to blame for cyber attacks on the US Democratic Party. In Ukrainian/український
The Kremlin promised to respond to possible cyber attacks US

Earlier, US Vice President Joe Biden said that Washington would respond to Russian cyber attacks

Russia will respond to possible cyber attacks from the US. Told presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, according to " RIA Novosti ".
"Obviously, we will, of course. This is on the verge of rudeness. Especially mention specific figures of the Russian leadership," - he said the question of whether Russia would respond.

In turn, the president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that such threats against Moscow "is unprecedented."

"We will take precautions ... It is clear that, given such an aggressive line, unpredictable line we have to take measures to protect the interests somehow hedge their risks," - said Peskov.

Previously, NBC, citing intelligence sources reported that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA prepares appropriate cyber attacks in response to the Russian Federation.

Later, Vice President Joe Biden said that Washington would respond to Russian cyber attacks.

Recall that a presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed confidence that hackers from Russia to blame for cyber attacks on the US Democratic Party. In Ukrainian/український
Russia and India signed an agreement to supply S-400

In addition, was signed a number of intergovernmental agreements

Moscow and New Delhi after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed an agreement to supply iron ore to India C-400, according to " RIA Novosti ".

In addition, the country signed an intergovernmental agreement on the construction of ships of the project in 1356 in Russia and India on cooperation in the field of security in the use of information and communication technologies as well as agreement on a joint venture for manufacture of helicopters KA-226T and the memorandum of understanding between "Roskosmos "and the Indian space research organization on mutual allocation of land measuring stations collect Russian GLONASS satellite constellation and Indian skills.

As earlier reported, Iran has refused to buy Russian air defense system S-400, although Moscow itself proposed such weapons to Tehran.

S-400 - Russian anti-aircraft missile system of large and medium-range anti-aircraft missile (SAM) of the new generation. Designed to engage all current and future of air and space attack - spy planes, planes strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical, operational and tactical ballistic missiles, ballistic medium-range missiles, hypersonic targets, installers noise, aircraft radar patrol and guidance, and others. Every iron ore provides simultaneous firing 80 goals (if 8 SAM) with guided them to 160 missiles. In Ukrainian/український
Russia does not support the prohibition of nuclear weapons

Soon session will review the UN initiative to ban nuclear weapons in the world

Russia does not support the initiative to develop a convention on the prohibition of nuclear weapons , said the director of the Department on non-proliferation and control over arms Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Mikhail Ulyanov , reports RIA Novosti . With well to him , in this issue of solidarity all members of the " nuclear five " .

"All this reminds nonsense, because the non-nuclear countries prohibit what we do not possess, and holders of nuclear weapons - almost all, as I understand, the talks did not participate will", - said Ulyanov initiative to ban nuclear weapons in the world, being examined at the session of the United Nations.

These steps, according to the Russian diplomat, could harm Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), "because it creates two parallel - one recognizes the legitimacy of nuclear weapons in the hands of" five "and another deal like this puts into question ". "Of course, in many ways, this political-propaganda campaign, I think, quite unpleasant. No one counted what the consequences will be for the NPT ", - he said.

Asked whether such a convention would support other countries that officially possess nuclear weapons, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said:" No, of course. " In Ukrainian/український
Jaroslaw Kaczynski agreed to exhume the body of Lech Kaczynski

Exhumation be held until 15 April 2017.

The leader of the ruling Polish party "Law and Justice" (sic) and the twin brother who died in the crash near

Smolensk President Lech Kaczynski former Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski agreed to exhume the body of his brother under investigation in the case of this disaster, Russian news agency TASS , citing foreign media.

"I agree with the decision to exhume. in the case of my brother we are talking about time. It will be one of the first ekshumatsiy, if not the very first," - said Kaczynski.

"The investigation, which led the previous government was scandalous. Many people have to sit on it in the dock, "- he added, stressing that" after the transportation of the body to Poland were made basic procedures - review and examination of the remains. "

As you know, April 10, 2010, the year the official delegation of Poland led by the President of the Republic Lech Kaczynski flew to the government Tu-154 in Katyn. In poor visibility and lack of visual contact with the ground the pilots decided to seat airliner. The plane several meters not have lasted to the runway airfield Smolensk North Airport, faced first with the trees and then the ground. as a result of the disaster killed all 96 people on board.

in the period between June 2011 and November of 2012 the military prosecutor's office conducted exhumation nine 'yaty bodies. It was found that the six victims were buried not in their names.

currently in Poland circumstances of the tragedy are studied renewed commission to investigate aviapodiy which to view the results of the former committee organized by the Ministry of National defense. a few months ago it was decided to exhume the body all victims of the disaster for the purposes of the investigation. According to the Polish prosecutor's office, "a comprehensive pathological-anatomical research in toxicology and DNA using computer imaging will be essential to determine the nature of the wounds of the victims and the causes of death and disaster recovery and the move its causes. " it is alleged that it helps to check and basic version of the investigation," despite the fact that since the tragedy took several years. "

The idea bereaved about the future exhumation divided. some relatives do not want to disturb the dead. Others insist to see who they really buried. exhumations, according to Polish law, can be conducted from 15 October to 15 April. In Ukrainian/український
Russia saw in Ukraine shortage of gas for the winter and eager to help

The head of the Ministry of Energy Minister Alexander Novak Ukraine offers help in case of gas shortage

Russia has put Ukraine gas volumes missing for passing the winter, if the Ukrainian partners the necessary means to pay. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Energy Minister Alexander Novak journalists in Goa, reports Interfax Ukraine .

"For our part we are ready to fully ensure the transit of gas (via Ukraine) to European consumers and gas supplies to Ukraine for injection into underground storage facilities," - said Novak, adding that russian side will provide assistance to Ukraine in the presence of the latter corresponding financial resources.

"Today, in our estimation, to pass the winter in underground storage facilities Ukraine is not enough gas - in the summer there was not pumped about half a billion cubic meters of gas," - said Novak.

"It risks for Ukrainian consumers, they will have to reduce gas consumption, if the winter is cold, it's significant risks, "- said the Russian minister noted that there is a threat" use gas transit as it was in previous years sometimes. " "But it is the responsibility of the Ukrainian side," - said high-ranking official.

As previously reported, in the summer of this year, Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Kistion in an interview with "Commander" told how the Russian gas in Ukraine can buy. "The forecasted figure could be between 3-5 billion cubic meters", - he said. In Ukrainian/український
In Mariupol vandals desecrated again Mural depicting Ukrainian soldiers (PHOTOS)

Unknown doused with red paint Mural

Unknown doused with red paint wall painting "Zeitgeist" depicting Ukrainian soldiers. This is the website of 0629 , citing witnesses.

"At this time the floor paint spilled on images UPA and" Azov "after restoration of wall paintings Ukrainian activists of the" BUR "panels were painted with red paint," - said an eyewitness.

As reported , from the moment of occurrence at the chess club image survived are the four acts of vandalism . If this is never malicious delay failed . In Ukrainian/український
Italian deputies who came to the Crimea, offered to hold a second "referendum"

"If the Crimean again choose Russia, not Ukraine, it is necessary to permanently close this topic»

A delegation of deputies of regional councils and representatives of the business community in Italy, who arrived in the occupied Crimea, offered to hold a second referendum on the status of the peninsula and close this topic forever. It is reported by RIA Novosti .

"Recently, I offered to Ukraine under the UN held a second referendum in the Crimea - Crimean again and if choose Russia, not Ukraine, it permanently close this topic. Indeed, the international community has recognized Kosovo's right to self-determination, why it does it on the Crimea? "- Said the deputy Stefano Valdehamberi.

According to him, the trip to the Crimea Italian deputies will be the possibility of" building bridges "between the peninsula and the regions of Italy. "And as a gesture that will reaffirm the rejection of anti-Russian sanctions and the right of nations to self-determination" - added Valdehamberi.

Recall, the Italian government banned the delegation of deputies of regional councils and businessmen to the occupied Crimea. In Ukrainian/український
In Odesa, gravestones destroyed buildings, 2023 trees fell in, 1604 homes remain without electricity

642 left without electricity

This was reported in the press service of the City Hall, reports Ukrainian Information Service.

In addition, work is continuing on the Elimination of flooding in the area st. Cossack Black Sea between ul. Plyguna and st. Kravtsov. Since the beginning of weather on October 12, and today all day on the street. Ataman Holovaty working staff KP "City roads". This stretch of road is temporarily closed to traffic.

Also, work continues on the restoration of outdoor lighting. In total, according to KP "Odesgorsvet" damaged 173 aerial cable line. Already restored 30. The paper 64 is still an object.

According to the information of "Odesa county" currently remain without electricity 642 object (RES "North" RES "South" and "Central" RES), including due to wire breakage - 125. No voltage are 1589 private houses and 15 five-storey homes. Under renovation. In Russian/русский
The school at Odesa wind ripped the entire roof (photos)

The incident occurred in a village near Odesa Zhovtneve. Rotten beams have not sustained a strong gust of wind and away from the wall, along with the roof.

It is reported by the correspondent of Ukrainian Intelligence Service.

The boarding school classes temporarily discontinued. The area of ​​the damaged roof is more than 100 sq.m.

This year the company "Obltransbud" conducted repairs costing 1.5 million hryvnia. Flew into eternity and rotten boards under this roof, and your money - said the first deputy governor of Salome Bobrovskaya.

When will the repairs and how to organize the learning process for children - is unknown. In Russian/русский
Russia preparing for war in the media but not in the budget, Moscow commentators say

The Moscow media are filled with stories suggesting that Russia is preparing for war, but a close examination of the Russian government budget calls that conclusion into question, leaving open an even larger one: will this media firestorm lead to a real one or will it burn out of its own accord?

Anyone who has followed the news from Moscow over the last several weeks, the Meduza portal notes, has to conclude that “Russia is preparing for war. The newspapers and television channels are talking about sudden checks of the military and military exercises … the construction and location of bomb shelters … and rations … in the event of military action.”

But a close examination of the Russian state budget, Ekaterina Schulmann of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration says, shows that

“Spending on defense is not growing but declining.” What is growing is spending for agencies that can suppress “domestic disorders.”

“If someone thinks that we are preparing for a world war,” Schulmann says, “this isn’t visible” from the budget. “If we are preparing for something, then it is for some kind of internal disorders. We intend to feed our defense ministry a little less and to feed out special services and interior force structures more,” at least judging from the budget.

But can what is going on in the media lead to something real, can the war on television become a war in reality? That is a question Moscow commentator Oleg Kashin addresses because he says if the current situation were a movie, the news would be a leading indicator.................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
"Battles at Mariupol became hottest spot since Oct.8"

“Intensification of fighting near Mariupol (the Donetsk region) reported in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area.

Censor.NET Chief editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

"Battles at Mariupol became the hottest spot of the forefront since Oct. 8", he wrote.

"In order to prevent rumors I must say: Ukrainian units continue to give an adequate rebuff to the Russian occupational troops in this area. The situation is under control, and our army is active. The enemy, which is the 9th Motorized rifle regiment of the 1st army corps of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, takes serious losses in the Donbas. This Russian regiment is responsible for the territory that includes Kominternove, Dzerzhynsk, Leninske, Sakhanka, Vodiane, Shyrokyne. Thus, the regiment provides seaside flank of the enemy's front. Russian commandment decided to consolidate in these locations, though our army won't give the enemy the opportunity to expand the 'gray zone'", Butusov wrote.

"The nature of the fighting is the harassing actions to improve the tactical positions. Ukrainian units try not to lose the initiative. The worsening of the situation occurred on October 8, when our patrol confronted an enemy rading group near the village of Leninske. Two enemy militants were killed, one sniper was captured", the journalist added.

"As a result of this battle, 'the 1st corps' started attempts to knock our units from the suburbs of the Leninske and Kominternove. This has led to more active exchanges of fire", he wrote.

"Ukrainian commandment is not going to give up the positions in the 'gray zone'. There are forces to eliminate possible threats in this area", Butusov said. In Ukrainian/український
Russian military intelligence informant apprehended in Donetsk region.

The man was recruited in August by his close contacts who were members of the "DPR".

An informant of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Ministry of Defense was apprehended in Yasynuvata, the Donetsk region, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the SBU.

According to the SBU, the man was recruited in August by his close contacts who were members of the "DPR".

"For two months, he informed his curators about the deployment of units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the demarcation line in Yasynuvata area. The accomplice of the terrorists also corrected artillery and mortar attacks on the positions of the forces of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO)", the report reads.

Criminal proceeding has been opened under article 258-3 (creation of a terrorist group) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The SBU investigators announced informant on suspicion of committing a crime. The investigation continues. In Ukrainian/український
"It will be at time of our choosing", - Biden on possible answer at Russian сyber attacks

U.S. won't left Russia's cyber attacks without an answer.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden told NBC, Censor.NET reports.

"We're sending a message [to Putin - ed.] and it will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact," Biden said.

When asked if the American public will know a message was sent, the vice president replied, "Hope not."

As reported earlier, the U.S. government formally accused Russia for the first time of cyber attacks campaign against Democratic Party organizations ahead of the Nov. 8 presidential election.

U.S. intelligence officials concluded weeks ago that the Russian government was conducting or orchestrating cyber attacks against the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, possibly to disrupt or discredit the election, in which Democrat Hillary Clinton faces Republican Donald Trump.

Kremlin as usual refuses to admit its involvement into the attacks. Moreover, a Kremlin spokesman called the U.S. allegations "nonsense". In Ukrainian/український
42 militants’ attacks reported yesterday. 152 mm shells hit Novozvanivka and Vodiane

The terrorists continue to use large-caliber guns firing at Ukrainian soldiers’ positions.

It was reported about 42 militants' attacks at Ukrainian soldiers in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area over the past 24 hours, Censor.NET reports citing the ATO press center.

In the Mariupol sector, it was reported about 27 militants' attacks at Ukrainian soldiers. The terrorists continue to use large-caliber guns. Thus, Vodiane, Shyrokyne and Pavlopil strongholds were shelled with 122 mm guns. Moreover, Vodiane was shelled with 152 mm guns, while abovementioned areas were mortared with 120 mm shells. The ATO forces' positions at Marinka and Krasnohorivka were fired from tanks, IFVs and mortars

12 cases of violation of the cease-fire were recorded in the Luhansk sector. The militants used 152 mm guns near Novozvanivka, machine guns and grenade launchers of various systems near Novooleksandrivka. Stanytsia Luhanska was fired from small arms.

Three militants' attacks reported in the Donetsk sector. The ATO forces' positions at Zaitseve were shelled with 120 mm and 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers and small arms. Moreover, Avdiivka and Novhorodske were fired from grenade launchers and small arms. In Ukrainian/український
Putin likely to expand Russian invasion of Ukraine in January

Rumors and fears about the possibility of a third world war between Russia and the West have become so overwhelming that many have begun to forget that Vladimir Putin is still involved in an aggressive war in Ukraine and that it is far more likely that he will expand that conflict than that he will risk a nuclear exchange with the West.

The ceasefire in eastern Ukraine is anything but holding, and consequently, it is useful to consider what Putin, the Russian military and the Moscow-controlled hybrid troops in the occupied portions of Ukraine, including Crimea, might do next lest Ukraine get lost in the noise of Moscow’s rhetoric about World War III.

"Opposite the areas controlled by Ukraine, Moscow has been forming a tank army consisting of two corps under Russian command. That is a major change from “’the Cossacks and brigands’” who were there before. This is “now something quite serious” that Kyiv and the West need to take into consideration."

"“the number of tactical battalion groups in these fall months will be sharply increased from 66 to 96. In the course of 2017, they will increase further to 115 and by 2018 to 125 — that is twice as many as now.”"

"In the course of a new round of aggression, Russia is unlikely to choose Mariupol as its goal. Laying siege to that city, he says, would be “a long, bloody and difficult story because it is already prepared for defense. But Odesa is not very well prepared, nor are Kherson and Mykolaiv.".............

Access complete text of the editorial:  In English

Patriarch Kirill Visits Britain Amid Tense Russia-U.K. Relations

The head of Russia's Orthodox Church begins a four-day visit to Britain on October 15 that includes an audience with Queen Elizabeth II.

But the visit of Patriarch Kirill has provoked some resistance because of his strong support for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Patriarch Kirill is set to be in London to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the establishment of the Russian Orthodox Church in Britain. The main purpose of the trip is to meet with his congregation, but he also will visit with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and see the queen at Buckingham Palace.

The visit will make Kirill the first Russian Orthodox Church patriarch to visit Britain. He will hold a number of prayer services and blessings at various Russian Orthodox sites.

The audience with the queen is being questioned, especially in light of British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's charge this week that Russia risks becoming a "pariah nation" because of its aggression in Syria and Ukraine...
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