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Vehicle with Ukrainian troops blown up in Luhansk region.  One Ukrainian soldier killed, seven wounded yesterday. Top Separatist Commander Killed In Eastern Ukraine. EU not considering Russia sanctions over Syria – Mogherini. Putin's hope to ignite a Eurasia-style protest in the United States.

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Savchenko said Zakharchenko threats: What are you then to the officer's ***

People's Deputy leader criticized the "DNR" on threats against Ukrainian families

MP Hope Savchenko recorded a video message to the leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko. She posted a video on his page in Facebook.

"I rarely want to say something on camera, but now looked interviews Zakharchenko. Kill the man who killed herself - not a sin. But to say that you will cut the innocent family. Well, you know, Alexander, do you think, what you say! And then what are you then to the officer's ***? Having just can not stop! " - Said Nadezhda Savchenko.

Recall the recent social media has information that the MP Hope Savchenko tried to pass on occupied territory of Ukraine, "DNR" to meet with the leader of the militants Alexander Zakharchenko. Thus the social networks was stated that Hope Savchenko Ukrainian military stopped and not allowed to drive in the "NPT". However, she denied this information.

Later, Savchenko PACE nevertheless admitted that she went to the militants in Donbas.

Previously reported that ldyn of the most brutal fighters "DNR" Arsene Motorola Pavlov died on 16 October. When terrorists back home, in the elevator worked an improvised explosive device. Action received injuries incompatible with life. In the Security Service and Interior Ministry confirmed the death of militants.

A terrorist group "L / NPT" without waiting for the results of the investigation were quick to accuse Kyiv of murdering terrorist. Russian propaganda media also exploiting only this version .

The leader of the militants "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko said that the elimination of Motorola are Ukrainian security services and accused Kyiv of violating the truce. He vowed revenge for the "close friend." "Not only here, but in Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Dnieper, Kiev ... When we come to your home, no mercy for you ... This will be the death of us - not just call and call the whole" country ". Come now and be afraid, "- said the leader of the militants.

Also terrorist Givi promises to "bulldoze" each Ukrainian city for the death of Motorola. In Ukrainian/український
Motorola traded: Dade spoke about the involvement of the Kremlin to eliminate terrorists

Terrorist "DNR" Motorola could eliminate Russia's security services for injection war situation around.

This was stated by MP Eugene Dade, reports 112.

"I'm sure it was done spetsstrukturamy Russia for pumping the overall situation around the war. I believe that this is another reason for the same Zakharchenko, the same pro-Russian forces in the territory of Donbass. For them it's another excuse to make more frequent firing over our territories. Motorola traded for another burst of news. I believe that this is done strictly with a view to began a more intense shelling our territory. There are now the terrorist attacks on the territory of Ukraine", - he said.

Dade said that represents a unit of militants "Sparta".

"It is a" Motorola "and its nearest we do not overlap. And with" Sparta "- yes. It's bloated unit that has no military power. It's just a bunch Gopnik, the homeless, which napnuly ​​form, gave them rifles, and under the guise of Russian troops seized the town and they were doing some military achievement, "- he added.

As reported by the "Observer" Motorola was killed in an explosion in the elevator rises in Donetsk October 16. In Ukrainian/український
on Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:11 pmAdmin
Ukrainian boxer won a difficult victory in Russia

Ukrainian boxer Denis Lazarev, acting welterweight champion, continued a successful career in pro ring. Our compatriot, who still did not know defeat, won a difficult victory in Moscow.

In the capital of Russia's 27-year-old native of Khmelnitsky won by split decision of the judges Kobildzhona Bobodzhonova from Uzbekistan. The bout lasted all regulations laid eight rounds, after which the two arbitrators preferred Lazarus (78:75, 78:74) and one draw, the referee put the score - 76:76.

So this victory was for the former soldier "Ukrainian otamans" the seventh in his career. In the previous six fights Dennis only two matches completed ahead of schedule, sending their rivals in a knockout.

Previously, "Observer" reported that the famous Ukrainian boxer got a new opponent and hold his next fight in the US. In Ukrainian/український
A long conversation: Savchenko questioned by the SBU about going to terrorists

People's deputy of Ukraine faction "Motherland" Hope Savchenko gave evidence in the SBU, on a trip to the occupied territories of Donbas.

It is reported 112.

"Today I was at SBU, given all the evidence. Therefore, especially MPs, which is very interested, can ask the SBU. I gave testimony. .... I'm just following you back for questioning in the SBU. They last long," - said Savchenko.

As reported by the "Observer", earlier it was reported that Savchenko paths through Krasnogorivka trying to get to the occupied Donetsk , but was stopped by soldiers ATO.

Later MP has publicly admitted recently that she still visited the occupied territories of Donbas. In Ukrainian/український
War-torn Donbas attended by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Great Britain

Head of Donetsk Regional State Administration Paul Zhebryvskyy sure that after seeing them perform with recommendations to extend sanctions against Russia

Donetsk region. attended by representatives of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the UK Parliament headed by Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Kryspinom Blunt. The purpose of the visitors was to prepare a detailed report for the British Parliament about the real situation in the zone of Russian aggression.

This page in Facebook said the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Paul Zhebryvskyy.

"It is important that British parliamentarians firsthand want to see the real situation in war-torn Donbas. I am sure that after a trip to front-line areas and chat with the locals, especially on KPVV Zaitsev, they make clear conclusions and will recommend to the Parliament of the United Kingdom develop a unique policy against Russia, as well as continue its sanctions against "- wrote Zhebryvskyy.

He noted that "the international community to finally reach that what is happening here - it is not just Russia's aggression against Ukraine, and the war of civilizations." Zhebryvskyy also stressed that "Ukraine has become a barrier to those who gave of their aggression to expand further west."

Recall Pavlo Klimkin in the framework of his working visit to Luxembourg discussed the need to implement the Minsk agreements Russia and the de-occupation of the Crimea. In Ukrainian/український

Murder "Motorola" may fail breeding agreement on troops in Donbas - Immortal

Immortal considers that the murder involved neither Russian nor Ukrainian special services

Murder "Motorola" may fail breeding agreement on troops in Donbas. The broadcast channel "112 Ukraine , "said the former representative of Ukraine in the political contact group subgroup Roman Immortal.

"Currently there is every reason to believe one version. Unfortunately, this event is absolutely nothing to do with Russia's security services. Involvement them very clearly pointed to these entities that are out there running around with a gun, they do not need anyone, including the Kremlin and they are unnecessary in the world. Even more trouble in this situation has no relation Ukrainian secret services, to put it mildly, they undergo during development. Obviously, this was the result of internal squabbles. in the Donetsk were three groups that hunted this creature. when he intervened in dismantling in Luhansk, recently and his men participated in the liquidation Tsypkalova (Gennady - ed.). to this was added the conflict between Lugansk and Donetsk. as a result, one of these groups and has made this action " - said the Immortal.

According to the former representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup TKG, now can expect deterioration of the situation on the boundary line.

"Obviously, it will affect the developments on the boundary line. But internally the situation today in Luhansk was so close that several detachments that there are formed, people are more and more dezertyruyut. In terms of internal disorganization is seriously affect the situation and Luhansk, and Donetsk. You can expect and conflicts on the boundary line, and various subversive steps. The worst part is that this situation may fail those outlined steps related to the decision on allocation, "- he says.

Immortal considers that further the situation in the Donbass will depend on the Kremlin.

"The key is not to start in Donetsk and Luhansk not. It is located in the Kremlin. It is obvious that this is the first instance that will decide on these things," - said the Immortal.

Recall "Motorola" died yesterday in an explosion that rocked the elevator of his building. Death fighter confirmed the Ukrainian security officials, as well as self-proclaimed "NPT". The "DNR" even said they have already established customers of murder and are looking artist .

A counselor Zorian Shkiriak Interior Minister said that militants involved in the murder of Russian FSB.

News on: "Motorola", "Batman" and five militants killed. In Ukrainian/український
The militants said that "Motorola" detonated bomb used on identical attempted Zakharchenko

According to the site separatist composition and design of the bombs used in the assassination of both indentychni

Action "Motorola" was killed using bombs similar in composition and design of the explosive to that which was allegedly discovered during an attempt to "head", "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko in April 2016.

Told site separatists "DAN".

Recall the "DNR" said the attempt to prevent Zakharchenko.

Recall that the "Motorola" died yesterday in an explosion that rocked the elevator of his building. Death fighter confirmed the Ukrainian security officials, as well as self-proclaimed "NPT". The "DNR" even said they have already established customers of murder and are looking artist.

News by topic: Murder "Motorola" may fail breeding agreement on troops in Donbass - Immortal
A counselor Zorian Shkiriak Interior Minister said that militants involved in the murder of Russian FSB. In Ukrainian/український

In the United States launched the first constructed in Ukraine Antares rocket

On board is a private truck Cygnus cargo to the International Space Station

Rockets 'Antares', the first stage of which was developed by Ukrainian Design Bureau "South" with the spacecraft "Cygnus" successfully launched from the spaceport at Cape Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia.

Live broadcast of the launch is The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

On board is a private truck Cygnus cargo to the International Space Station.

Launch of the cargo ship was to start on 16 October. However, seven hours before the start of the company owner missile launch announced the transfer of 24 hours because the cable ground equipment did not work properly during prelaunch checks. In Ukrainian/український
As in Stalin’s Time, Putin-Era Cult of Ivan the Terrible All about Domestic Policy

There is near universal agreement that the erection of statues to Ivan the Terrible, something no Russians had done before, is not about the past but about the present and future. But one aspect of this revival of what began under Stalin has attracted less attention than it should.

The current cult of Ivan, Mikhail Pozharsky says, is all about his efforts to strengthen the state against anyone who could have challenged his regime rather than about his foreign policies which, when one considers what happened after he died, the occupation of Moscow by Poles, were anything but successful (

“In the Russian tradition,” the Moscow commentator writes on the portal, the most important thing that separates those whom Russians view as a good ruler from those they see as bad is the leader’s “contribution to the construction of the state and the increase of state property.”

A good leader, he continues, “can be a bloodsucker and a psychopath, who reduces society to poverty, drives it into slavery and spends all the budget on uninterrupted wars. But if he leaves after his reign a strong state which has increased in size, he becomes a Russian national hero.”

But in an important way, Ivan the Terrible represents an exception, Pozharsky continues. “The end of [his] rule was unsuccessful. He was the ruler who handed over the capital to the enemy and completely lost the Livonian war. Imperial historiography couldn’t forgive him for this.”

“If he had ended the Livonian war on favorable conditions,” Pozharksy says, “they could have forgiven him all the bloody excesses in Novgorod just as they forgave Peter [the Great] mass executions” or Alexander I because he took Paris after he surrendered Moscow to Napoleon.

That is why there was no cult of Ivan the Terrible in tsarist times. It “appeared [only] in Soviet times, specifically under Stalin” because “Stalin put above everything else not foreign policy successes but the struggle for the centralization of power” in his own hand and centralization not based on contract as in Europe but on absorption...............

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
Ukrainian Soldier Described Separatist Commander 'Motorola' Executing POWs

Russian media reports that a commander of Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine has been killed by an explosion in his apartment building in Donetsk. Arseny Pavlov, a Russian citizen who went by the nickname "Motorola," led a separatist unit known as the Sparta battalion. Kyiv had accused him of war crimes for killing prisoners of war.....

In Lviv deputies demanded that the local entrepreneurs 10 thousand. Dollars and apartment

SBU detained for bribery Vynnykivske three members of the city council in Lviv

In Lviv Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the military prosecutor accused three members to bribery Vynnykivske City Council.

Law enforcement officers found that officials, one of whom is a deputy chairman of the standing committee on land relations, environment and architecture, require the entrepreneur ten thousand dollars and a one-bedroom apartment worth more than three hundred and fifty thousand.

The "exchange" deputies businessman promised assistance to continue to lease the land for the construction of apartment buildings. This question was approved for consideration during the regular session of city council.

Employees of security services detained deputies in retrieving ten thousand dollars. In Ukrainian/український
After today's statement Zakharchenko can be removed

A former intelligence officer said that Zakharchenko general can remove, because he demaskuye "holy position" of which makes himself a humanist "

Lieutenant General, former head of the Central Intelligence MoD and former deputy head of the SBU Alexander Skipalsky in an interview with "Commander" believe that after today's announcement leader Alexander Zakharchenko militants will continue this bloody series of self-destruction of the terrorists in Donbas.

"The fact that there is a rule: Moor has done the business - the Moor can go. I think this statement Zakharchenko threats around the world showed the face of these bandits, which uses RF. This pretty much throws a shadow on Russia. For Putin vidkaraskayetsya but not of it. And we remember previously published in the media conversation between Surkov and Zakharchenko when Surkov said: "You do not forget, from whose hands you kormyshsya." It was a "bell". After today Zakharchenko statements generally can be removed, because he demaskuye "holy position" of which makes himself a humanist, "- said Skipalsky.

One of the most brutal fighters "DNR" Arsene Motorola Pavlov died on 16 October. When terrorists back home, in the elevator worked an improvised explosive device. Action received injuries incompatible with life. In the Security Service and Interior Ministry confirmed the death of militants.

A terrorist group "L / NPT" without waiting for the results of the investigation were quick to accuse Kyiv of murdering terrorist. Russian propaganda media also exploiting only this version .

The leader of the militants "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko said that the elimination of Motorola are Ukrainian security services and accused Kyiv of violating the truce. He vowed revenge for the "close friend." "Not only here, but in Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Dnieper, Kiev ... When we come to your home, no mercy for you ... This will be the death of us - not just call and call the whole" country ". Come now and be afraid, "- said the leader of the militants.

Also terrorist Givi promises to "bulldoze" each Ukrainian city for the death of Motorola. In Ukrainian/український

Sit at home and have children. The Russian Church pointed to women in their place

Patriarch made a career opportunity for women, but noted that it is in any case should not distract the woman from her main occupation - to bear and raise children

Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church believes that the main occupation of women - to bear and raise children. So he speaking at the II International Orthodox student forum in Moscow, answering the question of one of parishioners Forum on the appointment of women in the modern world.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church said that the modern woman is quite possible to get education, provided that it must not "distort values to installation girls, women."

Patriarch even made a career opportunity for women, but noted that career in any case should not distract the woman from her main occupation - to bear and raise children.

"A woman who takes responsibility for the education of children, for a time it should be her priority. This special designation women - a mother, the guardian of the hearth and of course the teacher of their children, "- said the patriarch of his basic idea parishioners and parishioners attended the student forum.

But it is unacceptable, said the patriarch, when education and the pursuit of careers for women is only a pretext to evade its natural setting, writes SHIPILOV.COM. In Ukrainian/український
@Gordon wrote:May the punk filthy war criminal, the so called "motorola", BURN IN HELL!!!!!!

He got what he deserved, and the Kremlin must be freaking out, as he was a key player for them.

I take it also, Zakharchenko is wetting his pants, knowing now that his security might not be enough. Wonder if he'll be next?

Wonder if this was done by Ukraine security forces or someone like Academi, aka "Blackwater"? Whomever it was, they put a hurting on Motorola, from the photos and video I saw. RIH!!!
May the punk filthy war criminal, the so called "motorola", BURN IN HELL!!!!!!
Russian state broadcaster hit by freeze on UK bank accounts

RT blames UK government after decision by NatWest

The UK arm of Russia’s state-owned international broadcaster RT has had its British bank accounts shut down, prompting accusations from Moscow that London was attacking free speech.

Margarita Simonyan, editor in chief of RT — which broadcasts a pro-Kremlin alternative to “mainstream” media in the UK and other countries — said NatWest Bank had frozen all the channel’s British accounts.

“It’s completely obvious that this is a political decision and a result of the wild pressure on RT in Europe and Britain recently,” she said in a statement. “There are open calls to boycott our channel, to close it and to prevent its work in every way.”

Ms Simonyan said the freeze would not affect RT’s UK broadcasting operations.

But the suspension of the accounts could worsen already acrimonious relations between Moscow and London, with some analysts warning Russia could retaliate against UK media offices there.......................

Access complete text of the editorial:  In English
"Bloody hand Kyiv". Russian media about the death of Motorola

Propaganda media rozrodylysya several theories participation of Ukrainian special services in the elimination of notorious terrorist

Russian media propaganda seen in the murder thriller Arsen Pavlov - "Motorola" - the hand of Kyiv. Articles with similar messages now appear like mushrooms after rain.

In support of the Russian media "customize" facts, building objectives conspiracy theory. For example, journalists edition of "Look" "remembered" as "Motorola" personally threatened ... President Petro Poroshenko . The article mentions about a month ago Poroshenko handed medals "Gold Star" mothers of dead soldiers in Donbas. Among them was also mentioned private Branovitskaya Igor, who died in captivity.

"President Poroshenko said that he (Branovitskaya - Ed.), Was killed in captivity, and slew him personally Arseny Pavlov. "During the interrogation, in violation of all international conventions on personal integrity Igor was himself shot dead one of the monsters, bandits with the call sign" Motorola "- Poroshenko said the mother of the deceased soldier. "There will be no forgiveness. And this monster will be held accountable. He is responsible for the death of Ukrainian hero "- said the Ukrainian president," - writes "Sight".

The "DNR" is quick to say that the elimination - of course, Kyiv! - "Motorola" will lead to aggravation of the situation in the Donbass, writes RIA "Novosti." The leader of the terrorists Alexander Zakharchenko said that "power" "DNR" is known customers attempt, now they are looking artist.

It is possible that this "customer" will be, for example, Dmitry Yarosh. Although he no longer heads the "Right Sector", it seems that for Russian media Jarosz always remained the embodiment of all possible "Bandera horror." The site hinted at the possibility of involvement of MP and former leader of "Right Sector" to murder "Motorola."

"In late September, deputies of Ukraine, a former leader of the banned Russian extremist" Right Sector "Dmitry Yarosh, who, incidentally, almost three years officially wanted by Interpol on the proposal of Russia, made an interesting statement:" I am more than convinced that hunt them (discussed in the interview was specifically about kombativMotorolu and Givi) is now. And we have seen several examples of such operations, liquidation attempts of these people. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. But everything has its time in the sun. " This Jarosz referred to the activities of some men "Ukrainian volunteer army" which, in his words, "worked from the beginning of the war and works is the front line, performing tasks Ukrainian special services" - writes .

In the caption to the photo Yarosh hint was quite clear: "Dmitry Yarosh recently directly  threatened Motorola."

However, nayorihinalnishu version of Motorola murder motives put forward RT . "The killing of a militia leader" DNR "with the call sign" Motorola "may be associated with elections in the United States that will take place in November, according to the publication, quoting political scientist Oleksandr Shatilova. "According to him, this" demonstrative crime "- an attempt of the Ukrainian authorities" to curry favor with Washington, "provoke an aggravation of the situation in the Donbas, and thus help to strengthen the rating" main enemy of Russia, "the presidential candidate of Democrats Hillary Clinton" - writes RT

"As for the reaction of Ukraine - continues - scheme worked long and special interest of: the next few days, speakers of all levels will talk about internal conflicts and dismantling the" DNR "that would have indicated a formal investigation in Donetsk" .

Recall that in the evening on October 16, Russian media reported that the elevator apartment building in Donetsk killed one of the gunmen "DNR" Arsen "Motorola" Pavlov:  homemade device exploded,  when he returned Domo. "Motorola" otrymavtravmy incompatible with life.

In the Security Service and Interior Ministry  confirmed the death thriller "Motorola."

The death of the terrorist "Motorola" the leader of the so-called "DNR"  Alexander Zakharchenko plans to introduce tough penalties.

Former head Sluzhbyzovnishno yirozvidky Ukraine  Mykola Malomuzh named two possible versions of the murder thriller "Motorola."

Volunteer Donik Roman said that  "Motorola" Abkhaz terrorists destroyed after the go-ahead by the Kremlin's long tongue of his wife. In Ukrainian/український
"Poroshenko violated truce and declared war against us," - "DPR" leader Zakharchenko. VIDEO (in Russian)
The Donbas truce has been breached with the murder of ill-famed militant Arseniy Pavlov ('Motorola').

As reported by Censor.NET citing the 'official website of the "Donetsk People's Republic",' this was stated by the leader of the terrorist group "Donetsk People's Republic" Alexander Zakharchenko at a briefing in Donetsk.

"This night, my close friend Arsen Pavlov, call sign 'Motorola,' was killed. He was killed while riding an elevator to his family; [he was killed] meanly, by a blast. Investigation is underway to find not only the mastermind, by the actual perpetrators. There will be no mercy to them. We will raise the children of the deceased.

"We believe Petro Poroshenko has violated the truce and declared a war against us," the leader of the "DPR" militants said. In Ukrainian/український
Russian media release PHOTO from militant Motorola’s murder scene. PHOTO

The Russian media have published a video showing the site of murder of one of the militants’ chieftains Arseny Pavlov (aka Motorola) in occupied Donetsk on Sunday.

As reported by Censor.NET, news outlet has released the first footage from the place where the murder was enacted.

The video shows that the neighborhood where Motorola used to live has been cordoned off. The "DPR" militants are patrolling the area. The entrance to the house is blocked by armored vehicles.

An alleged picture of the elevator where the terrorist was killed was also posted on the Internet. In Ukrainian/український
Terrorists’ artillery strikes demolished entire street in Vodiane, PHOTOS

The illegal armed groups of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” leveled to the ground an entire street in the village of Vodiane using large-caliber artillery.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) Staff press center.

"The illegal armed groups employed 152 mm and 122 mm artillery, as well as 120 mm mortars against Vodiane village not far from Mariupol. More than 700 shells hit the village over just three days (Oct. 12-14). The enemy strikes were committed from the directions of the nearby villages of Leninske, Zaichenko, and Kominternove," the report reads.

It is noted that the members of the Ukrainian side of the JCCC (Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the cease-fire in the Donbas) recorded numerous craters as well as damaged civilian assets and infrastructure facilities by shells in Vodiane: "Six residential houses were completely destroyed and 10 were significantly damaged; a power transmission line was cut due to the powerful and cynical strikes. The illegal armed groups have literally leveled to the ground the entire street in this village."

Moreover, the Staff reported civilian casualties as a result of the attacks. A 1938-born local resident was injured and subsequently taken to the hospital in Mariupol. 11 residents remained in Vodiane during the strikes. These people were either unable or reluctant to leave their homes despite the risk.

"All these criminal cases of truce breach by the illegal armed groups as well as the use of weapons banned by the Minsk agreements were carefully documented by the servicemen of the Ukrainian side of the JCCC and handed over to a special monitoring mission of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine," the ATO Staff press center added. In Ukrainian/український

Top Separatist Commander Killed In Eastern Ukraine

A top commander of the Russia-backed separatists in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk has died in an apparent assassination.

Arsen Pavlov, a Russian citizen who was better known by the nickname Motorola, was leading the Sparta battalion. He was 33.

He had taken part in battles against Ukrainian forces around the Donetsk airport and boasted about having killed 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war.

Pavlov succumbed to injuries after an improvised explosive device detonated as he entered the elevator of his Donetsk apartment building on October 16, Interfax reported.

The news agency said a bodyguard also died in the blast.

The Donetsk separatist leadership confirmed Pavlov’s death and said an investigation was under way.

Separatist leader Denis Pushilin said a Ukrainian sabotage group was to blame for the killing....
Putin’s ‘Improvised War Hysteria’ Risks Going ‘Out of Control,’ Shelin Says

The militaristic hysteria the Kremlin has unleashed in order to frighten the West and win support at home “does not have real causes and looks like an improvisation by the leader and his advisors” tragically is “getting out of control” and could by itself lead to disaster, according to Rosbalt commentator Sergey Shelin.

He says that anyone following the Russian media is forced to conclude that Russia is on the brink of war with the West even though there are no obvious objective reasons for that to happen and even though Russian officials recognize that such a conflict would be a disaster not only for the West but even more for Russia (

“Analysts,” Shelin argues, “are also people and seek in everything a rational basis and thus try to present even impulsive improvisations as a wide and well-thought-out strategy,” even when as now the real situation and hence the real explanation are otherwise.

Because of the desire to find a rational core in what is going on, he continues, “the most popular explanation for the sudden outburst of Kremlin militarism is reduced to the notion that it is about ‘trading in fear,’” making threats so that Russia’s opponents will decide it is better to back down than to resist.

“This even looks convincing,” he says, but only until one begins to ask just what concessions the West might make under the current power arrangements in the world. To be sure, Moscow can “frighten” the West, “but what real political benefit does it want or can it offer in exchange?”

Analysts should be looking at both the objective and subjective side of what is going on, Shelin says, arguing that there is nothing on the objective side that would justify Russia’s going to war. Moscow has absorbed the cost of sanctions and is learning to live in a new reality. There is thus no immediate need to seek their end.

As far as Ukraine is concerned. No one ever expected the Minsk accords to be fulfilled; and they aren’t being and won’t however much Moscow blusters. And as for Syria, Russia is more tied down there than ever before, and one has to ask: “What would the fall of Aleppo give Moscow, if indeed that happens?”

The Turks, the Americans and the French wouldn’t leave the region, the war in Syria wouldn’t end. And “the main beneficiary would be not Moscow but Tehran and its vassals – Damascus and Hezbollah.” Is Russia really prepared to “risk its existence” for their benefit by going to war with the US?

People should “stop looking for a rationally based strategy in places where it hasn’t appeared,” Shelin argues.

Another explanation being offered for the Kremlin’s militaristic tone, he says, is that the Russian people want war. But polls show that “there is no mass military enthusiasm today,” despite what appears on television. “By experience, we know,” Shelin says, “that the masses will accept any zigzag of the highest leadership,” but there are no chances for a repetition of “the ‘Crimean’ ecstasy,’” whatever anyone says.

Given that there aren’t any objective causes for going to war, the Rosbalt commentator says, one needs to consider the subjective ones – and they really exist, albeit “only in the minds of our highest leadership which is disappointed that America doesn’t respect” it, that “Turkey and Iran are playing their own games, and even meek Europe is behaving in a tough way.”

”All these disappointments do not have a direct impact on the realities of 99 percent of Russians,” although that of course doesn’t take them “off the agenda of big Russian politics,” Shelin says. But even there, the evidence of what is actually being done doesn’t jibe with what the propaganda implies.

Military spending did go up earlier but now it is likely to be cut, and that pattern undercuts the notion that the Kremlin is really engaged in preparations for war in order to instill fear in the West. But in fact, Shelin argues, the two things – the militaristic propaganda and the cutbacks in defense – are not as contradictory as they might appear.................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
EU not considering Russia sanctions over Syria – Mogherini

The EU is not considering sanctions against Russia for its role in Syria but further measures against its ally Damascus are possible, the bloc's foreign affairs head Federica Mogherini said Monday, according to The Daily Mail.

"This has not been proposed by any member state," Mogherini said as she arrived for a meeting of EU foreign ministers dominated by the Syrian crisis when asked about steps against Moscow, The Daily Mail reported.

"But we have sanctions on the Syrian regime... and there are discussions on that, for sure, (expanding) that could be possible," the former Italian foreign minister added.

Mogherini's comments came despite a warning by the United States and Britain on Sunday that Western allies were considering imposing sanctions against economic targets in Syria and Russia over the siege of Aleppo.

The EU is already embroiled in an acrimonious stand-off complete with damaging sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis, and many member states are reluctant to make matters worse by adding more.

"I do not think it would be fruitful if we discuss now for hours if and how and when we are going to decide on sanctions against Russia," Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said............

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Putin's hope to ignite a Eurasia-style protest in the United States

In the fall of 2004 Vladi­mir Putin suffered a blow he has never forgotten. The fraudulent election of a pro-Kremlin Ukrainian president, which Putin had directly and brazenly engineered, was overturned by a massive popular uprising. What came to be known as the "Orange Revolution" created a model for resistance to rigged elections in autocracies across Eurasia — in Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan and, in 2012, Russia itself.

Most of the rebellions didn't succeed. But Putin developed an obsession with "color revolutions," which he is convinced are neither spontaneous nor locally organized, but orchestrated by the United States — and in the case of the Moscow protests four years ago, by Hillary Clinton herself...............

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Vehicle with Ukrainian troops blown up in Luhansk region

A vehicle carrying Ukrainian troops blew up on a landmine in Luhansk region, Chairman of Luhansk Regional Military and Civil Administration Yuriy Harbuz said.

"A vehicle with our soldiers was blown up in the Popasna district. One soldier was killed and another three suffered injuries of varying severity. The doctors are fighting for their lives," he said....
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