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Putin and Russia Both Far Weaker than Many Think, Three Analysts Say. Zakharchenko released the "mayor" of Donetsk after the murder Motorola.  Poroshenko: No one will hold elections in the presence of the occupier forces. Putin did come to meet with Poroshenko, Merkel and Hollande.  

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on Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:19 pmAdmin
The European Union may refuse Russian gas

The European Union may refuse Russian gas, if the Kremlin did not stop aggression against Ukraine and Syria.

This was stated by head of the "green" in the European Parliament Rebecca Harms, reports DW.

"Now the fighting in the east of Ukraine is not as intense as the Minsk agreement. But the war continues. That is our ultimate goal, we do not have. Sanctions never give immediate effect. Nevertheless, we need to achieve our goals in Syria "- she said.

Harms stressed that if Germany suspends work on "North Stream-2", the European Union will stop importing Russian gas. This, in turn, will lead to the budget of Russia will cease to receive income from which Moscow finances its war machine.

According yevrochynovnytsi in case of further deployment of Russian aggression will Bryusell to review energy relations.

"Important steps have been made. We have an alternative strategy for gas purchases, is its technology power production. This will allow us to become more independent. We must demonstrate to Russia that further escalation of the impact, including on cooperation in the energy sector", - summarized Harms .

As reported by the "Observer", formerly Minister of Economic Development of Italy Carlo Kalenda said that the development of the project pipeline "Nord Stream-2" will only add to the complexities of the situation on the energy market in Europe. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine Defense Ministry and the US Congress raised the issue of lethal weapons

Defense Minister of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak during a meeting with representatives of Congress William Flores and Andrew Harris discussed granting Ukraine a lethal weapon.

This is stated in the press service of the Defense Ministry.

Poltorak said that Ukraine appealed to the countries - members of NATO and the EU to provide lethal weapons.

Also during the meeting the sides discussed the situation in the Donbass, state of withdrawal of troops.

"We adhere to the agreements, but the experience of not only Ukraine, but also Georgia, Syria, suggests that any agreement with Russia nothing. In this situation we should expect reformed and a strong military, political and economic support to partners and continued sanctions against the aggressor, "- said Poltorak.

"Americans shocked Ukrainian resistance and their desire for independence and European future. The US Congress supports Ukraine at the legislative level, including in terms of support and continuation of sanctions against Russia," - said Flores.

As reported by the "Observer" before the Pentagon announced the transfer conditions Ukraine lethal weapons. In Ukrainian/український
Meeting "Norman Quartet": the French Foreign Ministry voiced demands on Ukraine

The purpose of the summit in "Norman format" in Berlin October 19 - from Ukraine to achieve promotion for "status of Donbas" and the election law in its occupied area.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault, reports Radio Liberty .

"The summit will require Ukraine" detailed commitments on "the status of Donbas" and calendar "of these elections.

In addition, said Ero, from Ukraine and Russia will seek to progress in breeding and forces the parties' testimony sincerity "in it.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who also commented on the upcoming summit, said that the language it will focus on "relentless summing up of where we are now" in the implementation of the Minsk agreements of settlement in the occupied part of Donbas.

Thus the Chancellor said: "Of course, from tomorrow's meeting should not expect not to be a miracle. But negotiations are always important, even if we are very sharp exchange of views."

As reported by the "Observer", October 18, Poroshenko, Merkel and Hollande agreed on October 19 to conduct the Berlin meeting in "Norman format" to encourage Russia to do its part of the Minsk agreements. In Ukrainian/український

It won't happen, as Poroshenko knows what the end result will be, and that'll be the end of him and another Maidan in Independence Square. I doubt he really wants to hang his reputation out to dry. He'll end-up just like Yanukovich. He'll have to leave the country, for his own safety. The only option he has is to stand-up for the sovereignty of Ukraine and its rightful owners, Ukrainians not Russia.

In Poroshenko named five fundamental positions Ukraine at the meeting "Norman Quartet"

Ukraine has five fundamental positions, which intends to insist on "Norman summit".

This was announced by deputy head of presidential administration Konstantin Eliseev, transmit "Ukrainian News".

Thus, Ukraine insists on providing access to uncontrolled OSCE area of ​​Ukrainian-Russian border, the withdrawal of all Russian military Donbas, Ukrainian release of prisoners, the introduction of a European police mission for the local elections in the occupied areas.

Ukraine also requires the removal of all structures feykovyy local "power", "DNR" and "FSC".

This Eliseev believes great success of the meeting of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 19 in Berlin in "Norman format".

"The fact of" Norman summit "in Berlin tomorrow - it will be a great success", - said the deputy head of the AP.

According to him, the meeting will consider the "road map" implementation of the Minsk agreements.

As reported by the "Observer", formerly a journalist Vitaly Portnikov explained why Putin changed his mind not to go to Berlin. In Ukrainian/український
With Putin in Berlin asked not only for Ukraine but also for Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin to "Norman" summit in Berlin will discuss the situation in Syria.

This is with reference to its sources said on Twitter AFP.

"Paris confirms that the leaders of France, Germany and Russia to discuss (matters) of Syria in Berlin" - said in the text.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande agreed on October 19 to conduct the Berlin meeting in "Norman format" , which will discuss the implementation of the Minsk agreements Donbass. Later, Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to fly to a meeting in Berlin.

October 11 became aware of the refusal Putin to fly to France through discussion at a meeting just a matter of military conflict in Syria. In turn, Hollande assured that he will meet with his Russian counterpart when its counterpart is ready.

As reported by the "Observer", the European Union is ready to consider Russia's actions in Syria as war crimes. In Ukrainian/український
The leader of the terrorist "DNR" declared his readiness "to storm Kyiv"

Zakharchenko cited Putin said that preparing a "first strike"

The leader of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" Alexander Zakharchenko ready to "take by storm the capital of Ukraine Kyiv". He told the TV channel "Russia 1", writes "RBC-Ukraine".

"Our military union ready to storm Kyiv ... If you can not solve it peacefully, we must, as said Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin. - Ed.) To strike first," - said Zakharchenko.

Recall one of the most brutal fighters "DNR" Arsene Motorola Pavlov died on 16 October. When terrorists back home, in the elevator worked an improvised explosive device. Action received injuries incompatible with life. In the Security Service and Interior Ministry confirmed the death of militants.

A terrorist group "L / NPT" without waiting for the results of the investigation were quick to accuse Kyiv of murdering terrorist. Russian propaganda media also exploiting only this version .

The leader of the militants "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko said that the elimination of Motorola are Ukrainian security services and accused Kyiv of violating the truce. He vowed revenge for the "close friend." "Not only here, but in Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Dnieper, Kiev ... When we come to your home, no mercy for you ... This will be the death of us - not just call and call the whole" country ". Come now and be afraid, "- said the leader of the militants.

Also terrorist Givi promises to "bulldoze" each Ukrainian city for the death of Motorola.

Threats Zakharchenko commented MP Hope Savchenko: "Alexander, do you think, what you say! And then what are you then to s ** officer? "

In turn, the General Security Service expressed the opinion that after such statements Zakharchenko itself can "remove". In Ukrainian/український
In the Czech Republic detained a Russian citizen suspected of cyber attacks against the US

Russian hacker arrested for the Czech police USA

Upon request US police Prague in cooperation with the FBI arrested a Russian citizen suspected of cyber attacks, reports TASS.

It is reported that Russian suspected hacker attack against the United States. Suspect sought through Interpol.

Name of Russian citizen has not been disclosed. A man was arrested at a hotel in the Czech capital, where he lived with his girlfriend.

During the arrest of the suspect condition deteriorated and he needed hospitalization. Soon will decide on the extradition of a man in the United States. In Ukrainian/український
Under the sanctions Ukraine hit six popular Russian payment systems

Also under the new restrictions hit "Rosteh" KamAZ and manufacturer of Kalashnikov rifles

In the expanded list of sanctions against Russia got six popular Russian payment systems. Among them - the payment system "Golden Crown", "Hummingbird," "International money transfers Leader", "Unistream" Anelik and Blizko. List of 167 legal entities, for which Ukraine has applied special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) available one year, published on the website of the President of Ukraine.

Also, an expanded list of sanctions against Russia hit state corporation for the production and export of high-tech industrial products "Rosteh 's only state intermediary in the export / import of arms" Rosoboronexport ", JSC" KAMAZ "and the Russian producer of combat automatic and sniper weapons JSC "Izhmash".

Thus, during the freezing of assets and suspension of the economic and financial liabilities came a number of enterprises and organizations of the Russian defense industry, including: joint-stock company "Rosoboronexport" State Corporation to promote the development, production and export of high-tech industrial products "Rosteh" Rostov helicopter production complex JSC "Rosvertol", JSC "Aviation complex named. SV Ilyushin" small arms manufacturer concern "Izhmash".

Also among the Russian companies that have come under sanctions, "Ural Tire Plant" ufa aggregate enterprise "Hydraulics", JSC "Turborus" Kazan plant "Elektropribor", "Stupino Metallurgical Company", "Omsk Machine-Building Design Bureau", " Aэroэlektromash "" Эlektroavtomat "" Tehprybor "Electric Machinery plant" Lepse "," Solikamsk plant "Ural", "Uralэlektromash" scientific-production enterprise centers "Aeros", "Marine electrical systems", "Polus", CB " Elektropribor "," Kazan instrument design Bureau ".

Restrictions apply trading and the largest truck manufacturer in Russia JSC "KAMAZ".

Yesterday the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has introduced NSDC decision on personal spetssanktsyyah against Russia .

In last year's list sanktsiynyy additionally includes 335 individuals and 167 entities. In Ukrainian/український

This would make it very hard for Russians in Ukraine to transfer moneys from their Russian bank accounts. I'd say, that's going to hit them and the roque organizations within Ukraine hard to get funds needed to fund their black actions. Good move, I'd say.

Now if only SWIFT can be included by the west.
The Daily Vertical By Brian Whitmore (VIDEO report): Putin And The Ghosts Of Kremlins Past

Media: Ex-minister urged Ukraine's leaders to resume ties with Russia

Kozhara said that the severance of relations with Russia and the CIS countries affected most developed areas of production Ukraine

Former Foreign Minister of Ukraine Leonid Kozhara said that the decision of the Ukrainian leadership to break relations with Russia has led to severe social and economic crisis, and called on the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko restore not only trade and economic, but also political ties with Russia. This writes " The Voice."

"It is vital to restore these relations not only in the economic field, but also politically," - said the former minister.

Kozhara said that the severance of relations with Russia affected the most developed areas of production in Ukraine.

"It hit the same high-tech industries as space, aircraft and heavy machinery - these were the production, is inextricably linked with suppliers from Russia and CIS. It currently do full stop production. As an example, I would like to bring Dnepropetrovsk plant, which has always produced high-tech and competitive products, space rockets - there full stop production", - said Kozhara.

In his opinion, Ukraine's economy is highly dependent on suppliers from Russia and other CIS countries, the loss of which negatively affected the level of industrial production. "Moreover, the loss CIS markets negatively affect our relationships with other partners. If we look at our relationship with the European Union, there is 25% fall turnover. This is the result of rupture of relations with CIS countries. This greatly affects our relationship with third world countries, where there is also fall, "- said the former minister.

Earlier in the Parliament initiated a parliamentary group to restore economic relations with Russia. In Ukrainian/український

It's obvious, this is a Putin butt kisser. Basically, trying to put the blame on Ukraine for all the issues with the country, that IMO is vastly improving if you review economic numbers. Who was the one that started this entire conflict? It was Putin, when he entered Dombas. When his grip on Ukraine was removed by those patriots in Maidan, he couldn't stand losing that grip. Now he has his cronies within Ukraine trying to continue destabilizing its society, by saying things like this and not putting the blame where it belongs. There's still a lot of influence within Ukraine from the Kremlin. This is something that won't go away tomorrow. Ukraine has a long struggle, but it has more support from North America than it ever had. They know Ukraine's overall value with what it has to offer, globally. As for the western Europe! They're a non-factor. Weak, selfish and greedy.
Putin, on his return from India spoke about flying or dogs or foxes

Russian President shared his impressions of huge bats

Russian President Vladimir Putin shared his impressions of his visit to India. He complained about the heat, noting that it was 34 degrees, and said that he was surprised by the local fauna, writes "Moscow Komsomolets".

"And that's flying around here are animals. Yes Yes Yes. Flying foxes or dogs are called there, I do not know. We call them bats, but there are mice around here, "- said the head of the Russian Federation, while he spread his hands to show the size of the animal.

Putin is known for his love of animals. In early October, he visited Orenburg Reserve, where pohoduvav Przewalski horses . This event administration Reserve began to prepare for three months. That's how much time was spent on how to train animals do not fear humans. To reduce the risk of failure of the show with the Russian president, taught horses eat oats, which they fed with a single bucket (it gave him and Putin). In Ukrainian/український
Poroshenko: No one will hold elections in the presence of the occupier forces

Poroshenko stressed that it is impossible to hold elections in the Donbas until there are no Russian troops

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko reaffirms the impossibility of holding elections in parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions in the presence of Russian troops there. He said this at a joint with the Prime Minister of Norway Erno Solberg press conference in Oslo.

"I do not quite understand how we can conduct local elections in the presence of Russian troops. We had such elections in the illegal annexation of Crimea ", - said Poroshenko.

According to the President, we must ensure democratic and transparent nature of elections, and it is necessary to create conditions of security.

"No country in the world will go to the polls in the presence of foreign troops occupiers" - said Poroshenko.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a phone conversation in a trilateral format involving French President Francois Hollande and Chancellor Angela Merkel, during which the parties agreed to hold a meeting of Heads of State in "Norman format" 19 October in Berlin to encourage Russia to fulfill the security of Minsk II .

In the Kremlin later confirmed that the meeting with the leaders of Ukraine, Germany and France in Berlin also meets Putin. In Ukrainian/український

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Putin did come to meet with Poroshenko, Merkel and Hollande

In the Kremlin, Putin confirmed their participation at the meeting in "Norman format" on October 19

The Kremlin confirmed the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in "Norman format" 19 October in Berlin. The press secretary of the Russian leader, Dmitry Peskov, Russian media.

"Tomorrow the President will travel to Berlin, where it will be an evening, this is not even a one-day and evening working visit, where he will hold talks with Merkel, Hollande, Poroshenko" - said Peskov.

He added that the work done at the level of Heads of State aides yesterday late evening and early morning today allowed to reach such a meeting.

Peskov also said that Putin will on Tuesday hold a number of meetings, including preparation for the summit, "Norman Quartet" on 19 October.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a phone conversation in a trilateral format involving French President Francois Hollande and Chancellor Angela Merkel, during which the parties agreed to hold a meeting of Heads of State in "Norman format" 19 October in Berlin to encourage Russia to fulfill the security part of the Minsk agreements. In Ukrainian/український
Putin and Russia Both Far Weaker than Many Think, Three Analysts Say

Vladimir Putin and the country he heads are far weaker than Moscow propaganda suggests and, what is equally important, far weaker than many in Russia and the West think, the result of a successful combination of propaganda and dramatic action against those within his country and abroad who are intimidated or unwilling to stand up to him.

And while it would be a mistake to underestimate either, it is also a mistake to overrate Putin’s power and that of Russia because to do so gives him and it victories they do not deserve because it leads the population of his country and the leaders of Western countries to underrate their own powers and to assume that there is little or nothing they can do.

Moreover, to fail to understand the weaknesses of Putin and those of Russia is to ignore one of the major drivers of the Kremlin leader’s behavior and thus to fail to anticipate or respond appropriately to Putin’s actions which in the past and even now are driven less by his and its real strengths than by his and its profound weaknesses.

Russian political scientist Dmitry Oreshkin says that Putin has nothing to offer his people to gain their support and to consolidate public opinion except “militaristic rhetoric and short victorious wars.” But the effect of those wars – and there have been three so far – quickly exhausts itself (

Not only do Russians grow bored but they also discover to their horror that these wars cost money as well as lives, and at a time when even their leaders tell them “there is no money” and when they are seeing their standard of living decline, ever fewer of them are prepared to support such adventures or the authors of such adventures for long.

That is reflected in the decline in Putin’s standing in the polls. Two years ago, some had him garnering 89 percent; now, he is getting 74 percent. Still high but not as high as it was, the result, Oreshkin says, “of the natural disappointment of the people” that “neither the annexation of Crimea nor the war in Ukraine has brought Russians anything good.”

Valery Solovey, an MGIMO professor who comments frequently on politics, is even more blunt: “the powers that be in Russia are not very firm. They try to give the impression of a strong, self-confident and even brutal state. But this is an exaggeration, an attempt to frighten the external world and Russian society” (

Indeed, he adds, he is “not certain in the ability of the Russian powers that be to withstand many serious challenges. If such challenges occur, then we will see that all those who show their absolute, even lackey-like devotion to the supreme power will suddenly turn out to be disloyal and even members of the opposition.”

Solovey says there are essentially two challenges ahead: “the probability of mass social dissatisfaction which can combine with political protests” and “destabilization in the elite and splits in the elite in the vent of mass pressure from below.” There is already evidence of infighting within the elite over resources and even distancing from the Kremlin.

So far this infighting has not led to direct splits. Members of the elite are still afraid of Putin even if they believe he is ineffective or wrong. One major entrepreneur supposedly was told recently to stay in line because “Khodorkovsky’s prison bed is still available.” Fear matters to many, but there are still “some sincerely loyal” people, although even they “are beginning to express doubts about the future of the country and their own well-being.”

Putin has miscalculated in Syria: he didn’t get the grand bargain from the West about Ukraine he expected, and members of the Russian elite can see this. “But the main challenges to the Kremlin,” Solovey says, “will come not from outside but from inside the country.” Once the domestic scene begins to shake, then the impact of foreign events will matter even more..................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
Zakharchenko released the "mayor" of Donetsk after the murder Motorola

Place Igor Martynov took Alex Kulemzin

The leader of the so-called DNR Alexander Zakharchenko withdrew his accomplice Igor Martynov from the post of "chief of staff" occupied Donetsk.

It said the publication "News of Donbass", citing its own sources.

Meanwhile Zakharchenko Martynov appointed head of his administration "Social Policy".

Activist John Zheved on his Facebook page said that Alex took place Martynova Kulemzin.
Note that still remains the legitimate mayor Alexander Lukyanchenko, who in 2014 because of the threat militants had to leave Donetsk and is now in Kiev.

"Kulemzin Alexei V. (06/13/1974) from Donetsk. He graduated from Donetsk National University postgraduate specialty "keep government." He worked in administration. In 2007-2010 Head of International Relations and European Integration of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, in 2011-2013. Deputy Chief of regional development, attract investments and foreign economic relations adds, went to the secretariat of the Euroregion "Donbass". In November 2014 appointed director KP "Donelektroavtotrans." In autumn 2016 he took part in the so-called "primaries" for the post of Donetsk ", - said Zheved.

Earlier, several media reported that the location Martynova past few months is unknown. In Ukrainian/український
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