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American hacker broke the Russian Foreign Ministry website and left a warning.  In Poland, starting the second nationwide protest women.  Two died and two were injured as a result of firing near a cafe in Melitopol Zaporozhye region.  Died director of WikiLeaks and Assange close friend Gavin Makfeydyen.  In Ivano-Frankivsk region. tourist fell into the waterfall

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Precipitation 40%
Clouds and chilly with a shower in spots; breezy this morning
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Thousands of Ukrainians became victims of construction fraud

How to survive the winter in a house where no heat, no light, no water? It is this fate awaits victims of construction scams, which in scope is much ahead of the infamous "Elita-Center". 40 houses, 10 thousand defrauded owners. All of them can lose and square meters, or money. Questionable legality of the construction of these facilities.

Most of the property development associated with the investigator arrested in July this year, and then released on bail of 14 million hryvnia, Anatoly Voitsekhovskii. already populated unfinished Commissioning is worth millions, and without it connected to the heating, sewerage, power system - they simply can not. How to be turned out and what people expect?

They are called ghost houses. Assets under construction are disguised as residential flats. Elevators do not work, water and light - intermittent heating and never will be. Help people nowhere to wait.

The fight between the investors.  It dealt nerves owners of apartments in a residential complex on the outskirts of Kiev. They bought a house in the construction phase. But in addition to the keys we got a pile of intractable problems.

What the hell is ready to show communal Miroslav. To do this, go to the 15th floor. With unaccustomed hard.

In this one-room apartment a serviceman's family moved in the spring. Repairs decided to be done gradually. There is no extra money. But the long-awaited house warming was not a pleasant experience.

Lessons candlelight Zlata teaches almost every night. In high school and do not realize how difficult it is given the girl the knowledge.

Warm clothes are always at the ready. Independent heating - and remains an unfulfilled promise of the builder. People are freezing, trying not include electric heaters:   the voltage on the network is already weak.

In such a situation were to tens of thousands of people in Kiev who actually live on the site. Their house is not put into operation, and therefore, will not and warmed. The city authorities have counted forty such objects.

Not only to build a house is more important to connect it to the system of communications: to the power grid, water supply, sewerage, heat-pipe. Only in this case, the house can rightly be considered residential. Unscrupulous developers ignore the rule and handed out keys from flats, semis, dooming the tenants for municipal disaster.

This scam has eclipsed the infamous "Elita-Center". Affected by the companies, most of which are associated with Anatoly Voitsekhovskii, three times more! In summer, a businessman was arrested, but the court released him on bail of 14 million hryvnia. According to investigators, he illegally seized land for the construction and did not pay taxes.

The businessman faces up to 12 years in prison with confiscation of property. But investor concerns that still does not solve the problem.

The trial of the prosecutor's office waiting Voitsekhovskii from week to week. Meanwhile, sales in its unfinished - is still working.

Rate layman risk is extremely difficult. Real estate expert advises, first of all, to look at the documents of land acquisition.

Victor conducts a tour of the residential complex on the Left Bank. Rather, poluzhilomu. It populates only the first section, where he bought the apartment itself. The neighbors housewarming postponed.

Better not to try to spend the winter in houses Wojciechowski. The city authorities so right about it and say.

Deputy Chairman of the city administration - examines the results of the inventory four dozen residential complexes.
Here - the only hope for the heat in these houses. The transformer for the needs of the construction site, which produces electricity from seven high-rise buildings!

If there is no elevator tenants have already reconciled, how to stay in the winter without electricity, and electric heaters - not present.

Exit at City Hall say - by the investors to achieve commissioning of their homes. But for this little one permits. Projects and engineering work will draw on millions! The city authorities do not promise money, unless assistance with negotiations with service providers.

In the meantime, these houses are a time bomb. And there is no guarantee that any unscrupulous developers are not laying another. In Russian/русский
Ukraine will receive a visa-free regime in late November - Poroshenko

Poroshenko confident that the documents on granting Ukraine visa-free regime will be fully signed and ratified the European Parliament

President Petro Poroshenko believes that the Summit "Ukraine-EU" in Brussels on 24 November for the citizens of our country will be introduced visa-free regime.

"I am convinced that the documents on granting Ukraine visa-free regime will be fully signed and ratified by the European Parliament. I have no doubt. I can even say what date - it will be held until 24 November. For November 24 will Ukraine-EU summit, and we agreed that this Summit documents will be ready", - said the Head of State in an interview with Ukrainian TV channels.

According to Poroshenko, a series of negotiations in which the Ukraine enlisted the support of most political parties in the European Parliament. This is the European People's Party, Socialists, Liberals and Conservatives, he said.

"We have an absolute majority in the European Parliament for the ratification of the Agreement on visa-free regime", - he said.

Poroshenko said that the delay was caused by the development of a mechanism for suspension of visa-free countries. However, it is not with Ukraine and some countries of the Middle East. Now negotiations with Ukraine accelerated consideration of the suspension mechanism. It was, in particular, the conflict between the authority and powers of the European Commission.

"I hope that the agreement will be found. Next week will be voted mechanism will be suspended and compromise" , - said Poroshenko.

He also stressed that in addition to the decision on visa-free regime for the citizens will be increased quotas for export of Ukrainian goods to the EU.

"This is the first emphasize unilateral move by the EU to support Ukraine" , - he said. The President assured that the negotiations on other product groups will continue.

According to him, is also expected progress on makrofinansovoi aid of 600 million euros that Ukraine has obtained a decision of the European Union.

Poroshenko informed about agreements to expand cooperation with Norway, and the agreement on multilateral support Ukraine reached during the time of his recent visit to Brussels and Maastricht. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:38 pmAdmin
Police caught the two Donbas dangerous militants

Ukrainian police detained in the Donetsk region of two militants "NPT".

This is stated in the press service of the police of the region.

One of them, 35-year-old Limanskaya district, who in 2014 lived in Donetsk, joined the gang when fierce battles in the Slavonic. It was there immediately sent recruiters recruit.

The man gave the call sign "Tang" and set it to guard barracks, where there were 100 fighters. Terrorists occupied Slavic school around, settled down right in the middle of the private sector. Nearby was their checkpoint. Within a week of action together with their commanders named "Marauder" and "Thor" ran in occupied Donetsk.

Later, people fled their curators on the territory controlled by Ukraine. He secretly came to the village in Limanskaya area where his parents lived, and hiding under the guise of civilians.

A similar fate in the 31-year resident of Mariupol. In April 2014 he participated in the meetings, guarding captured administrative buildings and on duty at checkpoints, hunting "spies of State" and "Bandera". After the liberation of Mariupol man lived on a Ukrainian city. But police caught him having collected some evidence.

According to these facts opened criminal proceedings under Part. 2, Art. 260 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ( "Creation is not provided by law paramilitary or armed groups"). Militants threaten to 8 years imprisonment. In Ukrainian/український
Poroshenko assured: the implementation of a package of security at Donbas elections will not take place

President Petro Poroshenko stressed once again that the holding of local elections in the occupied regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions precede implementation of all security conditions Minsk agreements.

"Today we offer Ukraine on the" road map", which we clearly stressed that security must precede Minsk package policy", - said the Head of State in an interview with Ukrainian television journalists, answering questions as may still happen, these election.

He also noted that their conduct should support the Ukrainian Parliament.

"How much we had so that if someone, somewhere, something will push? Do not wait. First you have to create the security conditions to fulfill the security part of the agreement: to ensure ceasefire, withdrawal, operation and access of the OSCE, including the border, provide technical verification, release of the hostages and many, and only after that question the approval of the election legislation "- said Poroshenko.

"There are no parallels. First, the security component, then a political component,"- he added.

The President stressed that the will of the citizens should be free and democratic, and it is necessary to create conditions.

"We have to create conditions for these elections. Today and Mrs Merkel and Mr Steinmeier and leaders of many countries of the European Union said is the conditions for elections in the Donbas not. And this is the position of support for Ukraine", - he said.

Poroshenko said that currently the occupied territories of Donbas there are a large number of Russian soldiers, military vehicles and there are no conditions for the electoral process, and so on.

"That's why the first stage, the stage of the elections, we have to get control over the border by armed OSCE. It is recorded in Minsk, I always emphasized this. Control of the armed OSCE should stop infiltration of Russian troops, Russian weapons and Russian ammunition. OSCE armed with on a regular basis should be on the border and cut off the supply,"- he said.

"The day after the elections, we must ensure taking control of Ukrainian military border. It is now in Minsk, and this should be a "road map" with a clear date and a clear responsibility", - he said.

The President noted that the criticism of the mechanism of action sounds, but other options or proposals address the problem.

"All  in Minsk able to criticize, but no one offers alternatives but to permanently leave the territory of the aggressor, recognize occupiers, give and not to engage in it. But if Ukraine will not do it, then it will not deal with anyone. For anyone other than us or over us, it's useless. And, as Ukrainian president, as the guarantor of the Constitution and the territorial integrity of Ukraine, never let dissipate Ukrainian lands - this applies to both the Donbas and Crimea", - he said.

He also refuted the myth about the fact that the negotiations on the Ukraine side, "twisting arms" and want to "swap Ukraine on Syria."

"Clearly emphasize that Ukraine completely independent in decision-making. I never push anyone and neither myself nor Ukraine will not allow. Second - Ukraine has the full support of our partners and allies Germany and France. And the third - no exchange Ukraine's position on Syria is not"- he said.

He added that Ukraine has proved that strictly fulfills all its obligations, and Russia - no. In Ukrainian/український

The best and most precise words I've heard from him.  He won't budge unless there's no chance that this will all backfire on Ukraine.  IF there's no dis-arming the terrorists for an election, who's to say when the terrorists lose the election that they won't make another attempt to retake the region, especially if there are still Russian forces within the region.  We all know that's what would've happened Crimea, if the referendum/election, if Russia would've lost the it.  Putin would say the terrorists and them AGAIN wanted to save Dombas Russians from ongoing persecution.  This would continue, till the cows come home. It would them be another Georgia situation.

So I'm glad to hear IN DETAIL from Poroshenko that he's putting his foot down or else, along with Hollande and Merkel, they'd walk all over Ukraine to get their foot back in Putin's door of appeasement.  (BTW) A report a couple of days ago, it was reported that business between Russia and Germany has increased, as compared to the year before. So it seems, whenever Putin and his goons get together with Merkel and Hollande, they hang the business carrot over her face and she swallows it whole.  So in reality, nobody in Europe have Ukraine's back. They'd rather pull a Chamberlain and sacrifice Ukraine for their own economic well being. As has been said many times, Ukraine is fighting to protect a bunch of worthless little pansies in Europe.  

You might say, how about the US. Who was denied entry to Minsk and Normandy meeting? This is all in Europe's hands. If there's any further bloodshed, it's on their hands. Tell me what other country has aided Ukraine in more ways than one? Not Europe, that's for sure. So for those trying to blame the US. Look in your own hearts on why you're not looking at the entire picture or knowing what it all consist of. Easy to blame others, not knowing what you're talking about. Again! Who's done more? We all know what the factual answer is.  

And for those who think the US should've gone all in militarily against Russia in Dombas.  As compared to the numbers that have been lost. How many multiples would there me, if there was an all-out war between the US and Russia? There's no buts about it, when it comes to that.  Would my wife, family and friends be alive, if that happened, along with your loved ones throughout Ukraine? I still can hear some saying "he's full of bullshyte"! Why? Because denial's a very bad disease.  

Once again! Thanks Poroshenko, for standing behind your people and country, and don't expect much from western Europe.
Groisman: Government does not support the increase of salaries MPs

Cabinet rejects proposal of People's Deputies of raising his salary nearly doubled.

It wrote on his Facebook page , Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman Sunday.

He recalled that last week Parliament voted conclusions and recommendations made by the people's deputies on the government draft budget for 2017.

"We in the government are working on those proposed people's deputies," - said Groisman.

"Those are sensible, will be taken into account. But some of us will definitely rejected. We do not support the initiative of deputies to increase his salary by almost half," - he said.

"I think that the issue is not the time. Now all we have to first of all think about how to raise the incomes of ordinary people. We have laid a draft budget for higher wages teachers, doctors and a total increase of social standards. The second reading of the government intends to strengthen these positions only, "- said the prime minister.

As you know, adopted by the Council on Thursday draft resolution №5000-P "On the conclusions and proposals to the draft Law of Ukraine on State Budget of Ukraine for 2017" proposed to increase salaries of MP 25 "minimalok" equal to 36 thousand 250 UAH. In Ukrainian/український

First finish fixing Ukraine's economy, so the increase in salaries has no impact on it. Most of them are oligarchs, anyway. They don't need more money from a cash strapped government budget.
On the streets of Kyiv noticed a column of armored vehicles: there were explanations and photos
In social networks have photos of Ukrainian military equipment, which was spotted on the streets of Kyiv, returning from military exercises.

Reported resource

It is noted that these photos taken on the avenue Nicholas Bazhana.

Recall appeared bright pictures firing units of missile troops and artillery, which took place in the framework of strategic command-staff exercises "Frontier-2016". In particular, the site "Divychky" in Kyiv were massive firing of 152-mm towed howitzer "Msta- B "and 203-mm self-propelled guns" Peonies ", which can hit targets at a distance of 47 km.

As reported, "Apostrophe " video was a military exercise, where Ukrainian troops first broke a crossing width of 600 meters . For the construction of pontoon bridge crossing pontoon six mouths took two hours. In Ukrainian/український
Deadly gas explosion emergency in Russia: There was a (video) of the explosion

In the network appeared the video, which shows a gas explosion in a 10-storey residential building, which happened in the Russian city of Ryazan on the night of October 23.

Video published the Russian edition of Life.

Gas explosion in Ryazan was filmed surveillance cameras.

In the video published on the internet can see that at first there was a bright flash. The camera then shows you how to become large pieces fall from the top of the wall. Then the camera lens clouded with dust and smoke.

Recall that the explosion occurred in the early morning. The blast was destroyed the top two floors of the building.

As reported, "Apostrophe", as a result of gas explosion in Ryazan, killing three people, another 13, including a child, were wounded. The search for two persons continues. Russia, Ryazan, explosions, gas, video

The explosion in Ryazan - There was a video of the moment gas explosion in an apartment building

The network was October 23 videos from the moment the gas explosion in an apartment building in Ryazan. In Ukrainian/український
Buzz around a new hacker attack on Russia: Putin addressed exploded threats to US

Speaker odious Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova exploded addressed exploded threats to the United States after American hacker hacked the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

About hacking website reported CNN.

They said that made the evil American hacker who calls himself "Pagliacci" (The Jester). According to him, it was a response to high-profile attack of Russian hackers.

Zakharova, in turn, said that the site Foreign Ministry is working in normal mode, and was allegedly broken the old site that have not been exploited. According to her, experts versed in the events.

Attack it explains that "or launched kybermashyna fracture, which Biden and said McFaul" or because of the elections in the United States, Americans are beginning to destroy everything in its path."

Zakharov also said that the TV channel CNN has not approached the Russian Foreign Ministry for confirmation of information on cyber attacks. In Ukrainian/український
In Turkey, after the coup remain in custody more than 35 thousand people

After more than three months after a failed attempt coup in Turkey are under arrest for more than 35 thousand people. On this Sunday, October 23, the country's Justice Minister Bekir Bozdah, reports UNN citing Deutsche Welle.
In addition, he said, the investigation is conducted regarding 82 thousand suspects. Another 4,000 people are wanted.

Recall, the Turkish Parliament approved a resolution to extend the state of emergency in the country for another 90 days.

As reported UNN , on the night of July 16 in Turkey rebel group attempted military coup. Main opposition began in Ankara and Istanbul. Killed more than 240 Turkish citizens, more than 2,000 people were injured, the rebellion was suppressed. The Turkish authorities F.Hyulena accused of involvement in the coup attempt and demanded that the US extradite him. F.Hyulen himself denounced rebellion and declared his innocence. In Ukrainian/український
In Cherkassy trolley forbidden to use patriotic symbols

Drivers trolley in Cherkasy by Order forbidden to use patriotic symbols. About this on his page in the social network representative of the Public Council at CE "Cherkasyelektrotrans" Valery Mironenko, reports UNN Centre.

"Increased patriotic trolley depicting national symbols, such initiative extends among drivers who want to make their vehicles not only easier but also more attractive. Unfortunately, the management and the Department of Transport is not too thrilled with such innovations and in order clerks forced the drivers and painters immediately remove national symbols, as this contradicts the general view of transport and should not spoil the appearance of the trolley, "- says V.Myronenko.

Instead, a representative of the Public Council is outraged that such a ban is not used for advertising, which is used in urban electric transport. In Ukrainian/український

Could it be influence from Dombas is starting to affect the local government?
Militants fired more than 100 rounds in Avdeyevka "industrial zone"

Last night gunmen fired more than 100 munitions in the area Avdeyevka "industrial zone". This was at the briefing said Defense Ministry spokesman on ATO Andrei Lysenko, the correspondent of UNN.
"Fighting in Avdeyevka" industrial zone "with short interruptions lasted six and a half
hours. The invaders are actively used mortars, guns, tanks. And the total number of issued ammunition last day is over one hundred. Through aggressive actions occupants in Avdiyivka damaged three houses, so the enemy civilians left without roofs and windows in these cold autumn days, "- he said.

In addition, the "regime of silence" on the adversary violated Svetlodarsk arc Zaitsev, Novgorod. There were powerful enemy attacks with mortars and infantry fighting vehicles.

Total last night on Donetsk area recorded 8 enemy attacks, 6 of them with heavy weapons. In Ukrainian/український

If these terrorists wanted to control and rule these regions and make it their own annexed result as in Crimea, they wouldn't be destroying what makes the region income. This is an act directly demanding by Putin, to hurt Ukraine as much as possible, seeming he's having a major issue taking it over. It's a no-brainer he wants Ukraine pay for fighting against his wishes.

Fighting has been going on in this city area, for quite some time and the terrorists still can't take it as much as they try. So if they can't have it as Putin wants, they'll destroy it. But! Putin gets nothing.

All courts in the case R. Suschenko will be held behind closed doors - Mark Feghin

After all classified state secret courts in the case of Roman Sushchenko will be held in camera. This live " 112 Ukraine " lawyer Mark Feghin detained journalist, reports UNN.

"Since the materials of the case (case R. Suschenko - Ed) are state secrets, all courts will be closed. However, a number of procedural documents, yet, over time, will be open, such as court documents, because they will have to appeal European court of human rights, and therefore transmit these court decisions on arrest there. Therefore, the documents will be open. But it will take some time. we October 27 next week, will be the court of appeal, and after maybe this option will be "- said Mark Feghin. In Ukrainian/український

The ex-soloist of Pussy Riot is shown as solitary confinement in disciplinary cells O.Sentsov

Former Pussy Riot singer Maria Alekhin to your Facebook page is shown as a single camera Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov penalty in prison, reports UNN.

"This camera punishment cells Russian colony. Yesterday in this chamber put Oleg Sentsov. They put nothing, precisely because his case showing attention. I zarazh wish Oleg one - be himself, as a man who had in this chamber almost half I can say - it is possible. But this is only possible if you know that in fact you are not alone, "- wrote on his page M.Alohina.

Recall Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov suffering from chronic rheumatism. In Ukrainian/український
Russian Hero "Gangster Petersburg" singers banned the entry to Latvia

Famous Russian actor and singer Dmitry singers blacklisted Latvia

This was announced by Director of Moscow cultural and business center "House of Moscow" in Riga Yury Silov.

November singers had to perform at the "House of Moscow" within the festival "Moscow premiere in Riga." "Unfortunately, during our festival Dmitry singers with his team" Cartouche "can not speak. 19 and 20 November we had planned his concerts and the premiere of his new film. However, independent of us and quite inexplicably, Dmitri Singers hit blacklisted and unable to come to Latvia because he denied this right, "- said in an interview Silov local radio station Baltkom.

Representative Dmitry Pevtsov Andrew Vertuzayev confirmed the cancellation touring artist in Latvia, however, according to him, the official notification on its list were reported.

"I, respectively, based on the existing agreement asked for paper, based on which offer to cancel the concert, and to settle this contract. Paper was not provided, "- noted the director Pevtsov.

Currently blacklisted Latvia made a few thousand foreigners, including Russians. In the summer of 2014 to the list of people whom indefinitely banned from entering the territory of the republic, included singers Iosif Kobzon, Oleg Gazmanov and Valeria. Later, the Interior Ministry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia added to the "stop-list" actor Ivan Okhlobystin and Michael Porechenkov, political analyst Konstantin Simonov, president of "Hazenerhostroy," chairman of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation of Ecology and Environment Sergey Chernin.

On Friday at the conference "Baltic Forum" in Jurmala was detained and deported from Latvia employee of the Russian news agency "Russia Today" Ella Taranova that the decision of the Interior Ministry was blacklisted country. In Ukrainian/український
Canada swung to the helicopter gunships and commandos "Tomahawk" on the borders of Russia
In Latvia may soon come 2nd Mechanized Brigade Group of Canada (a division of "Tomahawk"), which will be part of a multinational NATO brigade combat team.

It is reported Delfi's .

Currently, Canada with partners in NATO discusses accommodation in Latvia in 2017 the battle group in the implementation of the decisions taken at the NATO summit in Warsaw. 455 Canadian soldiers will become the core of a multinational battalion, as Canada is a major participant in this group.

Unit on high alert, "Tomahawk" was established in June 2016 and launched the doctrine on the ground in Petawawa (Canada) in July this year. The unit includes the 2nd mechanized brigade combat team, reservists, special forces soldiers and a squadron of 450 helicopters.

As reported by the "Observer" on May 12, the US military opened in Romania a ground base air defense to intercept ballistic missiles. May 14 the United States began to build a missile base in Poland , which will become part of the US missile defense and NATO in Europe.

In Lithuania, considering the possibility of placing on its territory of US anti-aircraft missile systems of long-range the Patriot. In Ukrainian/український

"Come on, this is America" ​​US hacker "Jester" said he hacked the Russian Foreign Ministry website
US hacker The Jester (Jester) said that he had held a successful hack of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website in response to a Russian cyber attack.

It is reported by the CNN .

The hacker allegedly gained access to the site and placed on it a "warning" Moscow.

"Comrades, We interrupt the program broadcasting website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convey to you the following important message - Did you get to intimidate neighboring countries, but this is America where no one is impressed.", - Stated in the message.

Needless Office no representations about the hacking does not.

As reported by the "Observer", Directorate of National Intelligence officially accused Russia in cyber attacks. According to the investigation, the theft of information and disclosure made in order to intervene in the election process in the United States. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:12 amAdmin
The "DNR" successor was named to Motorola

The duties of battalion commander of Russian terrorists "Sparta" after the death of Arseny Pavlov (Motorola) will be performed by his first deputy with the call sign "Woha, Sumbawa."

It is reported by "RIA Novosti" .

"It will be me, his first deputy. He (the Motorola. - Ed.) I Always represented the deputy, as unanimously decided that his case will continue together, but under my supervision," - said "Woha, Sumbawa," answering the question who embrace the place of slain militants.

"We will do what worked our commander, we engage in combat training, cause damage to the enemy," - he added.

As reported by the "Observer" Motorola was killed while returning home, worked in the elevator remote explosive device.

We also learned that the explosion of Motorola killed his bodyguard with callsign Gogh. In Ukrainian/український
In the so-called "KGB Transnistria" said the 6 Ukrainian detention for alleged espionage

Reported that one of the detainees is an employee of the State Border Service Ukraine

In the "Transnistrian Moldavian Republic" arrested six Ukrainian and one of them is an employee of SBS. This is reported at the so-called " KGB TMR".

"October 19 on the outskirts of the village. Rotar Kamensky district operational staff were detained frontier 6 (six) citizens of Ukraine who were secret surveillance in the area of ​​exercises for the KGB TMR" - said in a statement.

It is noted that among the detainees - the employee of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that Russian border guards at the checkpoint "Dzhankoy" in the occupied Crimea detained a 34-year-old Ukrainian literature with which Russia considered extremist. In Ukrainian/український

Died director of WikiLeaks and Assange close friend Gavin Makfeydyen

Director Gavin portal WikiLeaks Makfeydyen died on Saturday evening, October 22. This was reported by the organization itself at at Twitter.

"Makfeydyen Gavin, director of WikiLeaks, which we dearly loved, is preparing for a meeting with the Almighty" - said in a statement.

Makfeydyen was the director of WikiLeaks, founder of the Center for Research Journalism United States and a close friend of Assange. He died at the age of 76 years. In Ukrainian/український
In Poland, starting the second nationwide protest women

The slogans of protest, "No - humiliation and violence against women", "No - church in politics," "No - policy in education"

"Black protest" women in Poland in early October.

Polish women go out for a second nationwide strike on Sunday and Monday, 23 and 24 October. This time their slogan: "No - humiliation and violence against women", "No - church in politics," "No - policy in education," according to " Polish Radio ".

It is noted that the second nationwide protest women - a continuation of the "black protest", held on 3 October and was a response to the bill on a total ban on abortion.

Protests are under three slogans: "No - humiliation and violence against women", "No - church in politics," "No - policy in education."

As leader told journalists Initiative Committee Martha Lempart strike women, 90% of the events in the framework of this strike will take place in small towns with population less than 50 thousand.

"This is the phenomenon of the movement. The force of the strike - in small towns" - said Lempart.

Recall that in October in Poland held protests of women against the total ban abortion .

As reported, in late September the Polish Sejm considered the bill on a total ban on abortion in the country. The proposed bill on abortion involves the complete ban of abortion (except in cases of threat to life and health of the mother) and criminal liability for the woman and the doctor. They could face imprisonment for a term of three to five years. In Ukrainian/український

Lviv minibus crashed into a tree, injured 19 people

In Lviv on the street. Green bus about at 09:30 collided with a tree. The broadcast "112 Ukraine "reported spokesman GU Natspolitsiyi in Lviv oblast Svetlana Dobrovolska.

"Today at 9:20 on the street. Green, 292 bus driver who followed the route Romanov - Lviv, lost steering and drove into a tree, causing the bus overturned. We now know of 16 victims. Among them - two minors "- said Dobrovolska.

According to recent reports, the accident injured 19 people.

Now the life of the victim is not threatened.

In fact the accident was opened criminal proceedings under Part. 1, Art. 286 ("Violation of traffic safety"). The driver threatens imprisonment for up to three years. In Ukrainian/український

Last edited by Admin on Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:47 am; edited 1 time in total
In Ivano-Frankivsk region. tourist fell into the waterfall

Yesterday, October 22, in Yaremche in the Carpathian region in the Falls "Break" fallen girl. It is reported by the press service management DerzhNS in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Rescuers who arrived at the scene, found that the victim fell from a cliff to cliff rocks in the Prut river below the waterfall "Break".

Employees Fire and Rescue Service using nosh transported the injured to ambulances medical assistance.

Woman 1999 BC., Resident of Kyiv region, Yaremche admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of "Slaughter chest stab wound right leg, fractured tibia is possible." In Ukrainian/український
Two died and two were injured as a result of firing near a cafe in Melitopol Zaporozhye region

The dead body of a man found at the scene, another died in hospital

In Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya region, two men were killed and two others received gunshot wounds as a result of shooting. Reported by the communications department of the police Zaporozhye region.

An unknown woman called the number "102" today at 3:49 and said that one of the nearby cafes located on the street. Heroes of Stalingrad, heard sounds like shots.

At the scene, left investigative team. At the cafe, law enforcement officers found the corpse of a citizen born in 1992. Also medical institution received information on three citizens delivered ambulance with gunshot wounds. One of them died in hospital.

At the scene police leaders worked Zaporozhye region, the police and the criminal investigation department. Currently the active investigative and operational measures. Details of the event included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigation on the basis of ch. 2, Art. 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Murder").

"The weapon was illegal. It can be said about the weapons, it was fighting" - said the spokesman, Zaporizhia region Alexander Natspolitsiyi Wolfhound TV channel " 112 Ukraine". In Ukrainian/український

American hacker broke the Russian Foreign Ministry website and left a warning

"You can poneviryaty neighboring countries, but this is America, no one here was shocked," - listed by the publication, in preventing hacker

American hacker who calls himself The Jester (Joker), broke the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and left warning. It is reported by CNN .

Hacker told reporters that so wish to respond to large-scale cyber attacks, which resulted in not working of American sites. He was confident that attacked representatives of Russia.

According to the publication, the hacker The Jester left on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the following text: "Comrades! We interrupt the program broadcasting website of the Russian Foreign Ministry to convey to you this important message: stop. Perhaps you out poneviryaty neighboring countries, but this is America. It no one was impressed. "

At the same time Russia is not reported cyber attacks, and at the Foreign Ministry no official evidence tampering. In Ukrainian/український
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