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6 Ukrainians arrested in Transnistria on alleged "recon mission".  Last monument to Lenin in Ukraine toppled.  Normandy format allows Putin withdraw from Donbas conflict.  SBU detained militants "DNR" who "hunted" for Patriots.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Security Onishchenko questioned a lawyer in the case of separatism financing

The SBU acknowledged that the detained lawyer Onishchenko Andrei Tsygankov and questioned in the investigation of terrorist financing.

This was reported by the press center of the SBU.

"Indeed, the morning of October 24, 2016, one of the defenders of the citizen of Ukraine Onishchenko was arrested and taken to the investigative Security Service of Ukraine for his participation proceedings" - said in a statement.
As a result of the interrogation of the above persons were receiving actual data having probative value in criminal proceedings under investigation on grounds of offenses established st.110-2 Criminal Code of Ukraine (financing separatism). The resulting material is given legal assessment.

Earlier, the deputy attorney Alexander Onishchenko - Andrei Tsygankov was detained at Boryspil airport. After questioning the lawyer released.

As you know, July 5, in the case of MP Onishchenko two offices of his lawyers, including Tsygankov, and the addresses of several lawyers accommodation NABU conducted investigative actions.

According to information NABU lawyers Tsygankov, Kopus Makovsky and "registering bogus businesses and their accompanying illegal activities aimed at conversion into cash funds received from the sale of natural gas produced within the joint activity of JSC" Ukrgazvydobuvannya."

Tsygankov himself suggested that the prosecuting attorney (Tsygankov - Ed) can contribute to providing Onishchenko political asylum in Europe and NABU does it deliberately.

Tsygankov also said that plans to file a lawsuit on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

Later NABU published documents showing the involvement of the office lawyer Andrei Tsygankov the activities of fictitious companies in the gas circuit MP Oleksandr Onishchenko.

On the eve of the declaration Tsygankov leave from Ukraine.

In Ukrainian/український
In Moldova declared wanted by leader of the Russian party

Russian party leader Renato baleen accused of fraud and attempted murder attempt

Sector Centre Court in Chisinau Moldova granted the prosecution of a previous arrest for 30 days, the pro-Russian leader of our party Renato baleen, which was accused of fraud and attempted murder attempt. Reported

The term of the previous arrest will be deducted from the detention. The Court also declared baleen, which is now in Moscow, the international wanted list.

News by topic: Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova initiated a joint project on border security strategy in the Black Sea
"Moustached accused of collusion with criminal groups suspected of fraud and complicity in the attempted murder. If his guilt is recognized, he faces eight to 16 years in prison in a case of fraud and 15 to 20 years old - in the case of attempt assassinations"- said the prosecutor Vitaly Busuioc.

According to the lawyer Renato baleen Ion turn, litigation - an attempt to intimidate a witness. "Prosecutors demanded an arrest warrant based on charges of persons who appear in cases lodged in London and Bucharest, which is Moustached witness. In the near future personality of these people will be disclosed," - said the lawyer.

On Saturday, October 22, prosecutors went to court with the petition sector Center for extradition arrest warrant and Renato baleen announcement of its international wanted list on charges of assassination of Russian banker German Gorbuntsova. According , baleen, which is now in Moscow several times summoned to the prosecutor's office, but he ignored the call.

The next day Moustached said that if Moldova will be issued a warrant for his arrest, he will cooperate with foreign law enforcement and prove that the case against him - a political order.

Our pro-Russian Party of Renato baleen - one of the two largest pro-Russian political forces in Moldova. Pro-Russian Party of Socialists is also the Republic of Moldova led by Igor Dodon, claiming presidential elections on 30 October.

In July it was reported that prosecutors investigating the Autonomous Republic of Crimea visit a number of politicians from Europe in the occupied Crimea, including Renato baleen. In Ukrainian/український
"In a nuclear war is not ready": Russian political scientist denounced "criminal Ponte" Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin to the West uses intimidation tactics, but do not risk crossing the "red border".

This opinion was expressed by Russian political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky in an interview, " Gordon."

The political scientist said that Putin took part in the next round of talks in the "Norman" format.

"Before the meeting in Berlin Merkel said rather sharply that Putin will not invite unless the possibility of progress. And it marked some progress in consolidating the ceasefire mechanism, to which Putin was forced to agree. And remember that hysteria he rolled in August 2016 year: everything they say, I go to the "Norman" negotiations? held operation "Hlyayvits" of alleged saboteurs in the Ukrainian Crimea, began a huge military maneuvers, saying, hold me, I prypadochnyy, attacks on Ukraine!" - Said the expert.

It is quite possible, the expert explained where Putin can get into a new war

According to Piontkovsky, a "common criminal Ponte", which deals with the Russian leader not only of Ukraine, but in general in relations with the West. In Ukrainian/український
In the theater spectator Dnieper ATU fighter hit in the head with a hammer

The incident occurred during the intermission

In Opera Dnieper spectator hit on the head with a hammer ATU fighter Konstantin Kravchenko, who came to the show in the form. This channel "112 Ukraine".

In the lobby napadnytsya began to insult the man screamed about the "Russian World" and foul language cursing. A break attacked military wife, pulled her hair and blew the decorations. Kravchenko intervened and was hit on the head. The episode was filmed by witnesses.

"The conflict began even before the performance and continued even during the intermission. A woman born 62 took a hammer and hit the man on the head. Also, were taken to the police station, in a bag found a kitchen knife, which was removed," - said in telkanala broadcast" 112 Ukraine" spokesman SU Natspolitsiyi in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Anna Starchevsky.

News by topic: The guy asked for a cigarette and then hit twice in the chest with a screwdriver
The police opened criminal proceedings under article "Deliberate causing slight injuries." In Ukrainian/український

Moral of the story! Don't mess a Ukrainian woman.
"Givi" commented on his escape of Donbas after the elimination of "Motorola"

The leader of "Somalia" refutes information about his escape from occupied Donbas

The leader of the terrorist group "Somalia" Michael colon (better known as "Givi") commented on the information that appeared in the media that he is preparing a way to retreat from the captured Donbas quickly sell the property and transporting family in Transnistria ' wrote Life.

"They think that if Arsene died, I - what? Too flee? No. You killed my friend who came here to protect us. And run away from their land while I think it would be the last act. So I go nowhere..."- said the gunman.

Recall Arseny Pavlov, known as "Motorola", died Oct. 16 in an explosion that rocked the elevator of his building. Death fighter confirmed the Ukrainian security officials, as well as self-proclaimed "NPT". The "DNR" even said they have already established customers of murder and are looking artist. In Ukrainian/український
In the Black Sea have found more than 40 ships of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires

Due to the low oxygen content of the ship perfectly preserved

At the bottom of the Black Sea have found more than 40 perfectly preserved ships of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires. Reported by the Daily Mail .

Experts Black Sea underwater archeology project investigated seafloor using the latest deep-sea equipment, which allows for shooting at depths of 1.8 thousand. M, fix all geophysical parameters and scan the seabed in a radius of several kilometers.

One of the vehicles made 3D-images in high resolution, for which details were sssledovately covering the broken ships and removed their skeletons.

Archaeologists say that due to the low oxygen ships belonging to the ancient times, perfectly preserved.

Searches were conducted in accordance with a map of ancient routes that connecting Byzantium with its neighbors. In Ukrainian/український
Steinmeier: Minsk II helped prevent a fire in the heart of Europe

The head of the German Foreign Ministry said the Minsk agreement implemented with the "snail speed"

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that progress in resolving the conflict in Donbas only visible under a magnifying glass. He told the Märkische allgemeine zeitung .

Steinmeier also expressed regret that the Minsk agreement implemented with the "snail speed". However, the minister said, the path of peaceful settlement of the conflict is not "neither quick nor easy."

News on: Militants two years do not take away their units in Debaltseve than violate the Minsk agreements - Olifer
He assured that he is ready to work towards a peaceful settlement to prevent a "fire in the heart of Europe", even if it will take a long time.

"For several months we make strenuous efforts to make progress and it's frustrating when there is little" - said Steinmeier.

News on: Klimkin in Luxembourg to discuss visa-free dialogue with the EU Association Agreement and Minsk
However, he noted, the following points should be mentioned achievements of the Minsk process.

"We were able to prevent the escalation of confrontation in the east of Ukraine in the full-scale military conflict that would go out of control and in turn could escalate into a fire in the heart of Europe" - said Shtaynmayyer.

He stressed that strives for a peaceful solution in the long term, "even if it takes some time."

Earlier, Steinmeier said that tensions between Russia and the US is more dangerous than during the "Cold War". In Ukrainian/український

This is no time to be joking, about what's happening in Ukraine. Progress is far from anywhere to be seen, as long as western Europe continue to ATTEMPT to appease Putin by having Ukraine drop them as low as possible. EVERYONE knows that's what they want Ukraine to do. They'll soon have to eat crow, along with Putin.
The OSCE consists of Russian citizens who have access to our leading positions - Volunteer

Representatives of Ukraine are not part of the OSCE, which leaves space for attacks, said volunteer

OSCE Mission to 8% of the Russian citizens. Representatives of Ukraine are not part of the OSCE, which leaves space for attacks.

About thisin air "on Channel 5," said the head of the NGO "Volunteer hundred" Dobrovolya "Natalia Voronkova.

"It fired grape, and this is a suburb of Mariupol. Well, no wounded. The military said it was 122 and mortar. Got everything, even the UN, OSCE and where it was? They did not come the first day of shelling,"- said Voronkov.

"We sent a volunteer to the OSCE why they did not come, but they explain anything concerning security. But what security, if it is not prostrilyuvana area. This is related to the neglect of their duties,"- she added.

According to her, representatives of Ukraine are not part of the OSCE, which leaves space for attacks.

"However, the mission is to 8% of Russians. And these people have access to this leading position, have the right to go to any of our military without interference to watch it. I think this is espionage. Because if so, to enter the mission and the Ukrainian,"- said the volunteer. In Ukrainian/український
Nanny killer admitted that she killed and burned baby in Moscow

It is noted that Bobokulovu accused of killing a minor and deliberate destruction of another's property by arson
Nanny killer Hulchehra Bobokulova admitted her guilt in the murder of 4-year-old girl,
in which she looked as nanny. The court extended her arrest on 4 April 2017.

This is reported by RIA Novosti.

"She acknowledges her guilt and agreed with the prosecution" , - said Farid translator Bobokulovoy Hanifovu.

It is noted that Bobokulovu accused of killing a minor and deliberate destruction of another's property by arson, as well as knowingly false report of an explosion.

Prosecutors said that Bobokulova, which triggered a fire in the apartment, causing material damage to victims for a total of 6.5 million rubles (about $100tys).

Recall, February 29 in Moscow metro station Oktyabrskaya field was detained suspected of killing baby sitter that holding a severed head of the child and threatened an explosion. In fact the brutal murder of a child prosecuted. In Ukrainian/український
on Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:44 pmAdmin
Poroshenko submitted a new intelligence chief

Former soldier ATO led the Department of Defense Intelligence

President Petro Poroshenko presented the team's new Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Major-General Vasyl Burba, the press service of the President.

He noted that over the past two years significantly improved the work of Intelligence and highlighted the dramatic changes the quality of information provided by intelligence.

The President also drew attention to the improvement of cooperation between intelligence and other law enforcement agencies and information exchange with those of partner countries Ukraine.

"There is no doubt that this appointment will give new impetus to the activities of military intelligence of Ukraine", - said Poroshenko.

The President stressed the importance of the revitalization of intelligence to ensure, as the Ukrainian military and our diplomats.

38-year-old Vasily Burba graduated from the National Academy of Security Service of Ukraine, specialty lawyer. For a long time he worked in the Security Service of Ukraine. There combatants (ATO). Decree of the President of Ukraine on 15 October 2016 appointed Chief of the General Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
Russian investigators opened a case against the six commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Russian investigation said that "Ukraine troops were violating the provisions of international acts

In the Investigation Committee of Russia's claim to have established the names of the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which allegedly "carried objects shelling civilian infrastructure and population in southeastern Ukraine."

This is stated in a message on the website of the Russian Ministry.

"Criminal case against the commander of the 57 separate motorized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel Sergei Syrchenka, commander of the 17th separate motorized battalion 57 separate motorized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine colonel Aleksand Shcherbinina, commander of 10 separate mountain-assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine colonel Vasily Zubanycha, commander of 55 separate artillery brigade Armed forces of Ukraine Colonel Sergei cabins, commander of the 30th mechanized brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine colonel and Wang Haraza, commander of the artillery battalion 30th mechanized brigade Major Sergei Martsenyuk and other unidentified persons specified units. In consequence of their actions sees signs of a crime under Part. 1, Art. 356 of the Criminal Code (use of prohibited means and methods of warfare),"- said in a statement.

Russian investigation claims that in all cases "Ukraine troops were violating the provisions of international instruments that guarantee respect for and protection of the civilian population in armed conflicts not of an international character." In Ukrainian/український
Pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Noginsk told on what grounds has the Church Kiev Patriarchate in Russia

In Russia, they want to demolish the Ukrainian church

Metropolitan Adrian, Managing Bogorodskoe diocese, rector of Holy Trinity Church in Noginsk in an interview with "Commander" told that even churches, except Holy Trinity Church in Noginsk, are administered Bogorodsk eparchy UOC-KP.

"Four parishes belong to the diocese Bogorodsky but only one small parish buildings and churches. After we threw on the Epiphany Cathedral (from 1989 to 1997 rector of Epiphany Cathedral was Bishop Adrian. In 1997, the Arbitration Court of Moscow region made the decision to transfer the Epiphany Cathedral and facilities on its territory the Moscow diocese. Expel parishioners and employees of the temple came OMON . - "Glaucus"), we went to pray at the address. Soviet Constitution, 17, at Holy Trinity Orthodox church. In 2014, we helped, bought two houses and two plots of land. And with the help of (the name of Bishop Adrian does not name. - "Glaucus") we were able to build a new church,"- said Metropolitan Adrian.

As you know, according to accepted in the laws of the so-called package of spring, the Russian Federation is prohibited govern life in institutions that are not religious. And now that Russia wants to ban the service in the new church, it is likely that Moscow will refer to that "new church was built is not a religious building."

"We are not a political organization, and religious. We are not in the street. We are building, we have land, we have homes, where our office, our dining room and our church. All legally registered as so to take and throw out of Russia? Take a Muslim, Protestant, Catholic churches. They are acting. And we are the worse for them?"- Said the priest.

Just how much by the number of Ukrainian community in Russia Noginsk, rector of Holy Trinity Church said that it is difficult to talk about it.

"Imagine that in such circumstances since 1993 year for over two decades constantly exerted pressure. Our faithful - a congregation of the Epiphany Cathedral. Many of those who went to the cathedral in the early '90s, has died. Children from the cathedral parishioners began to walk our grandchildren started to walk. Others do not go, but the soul of us. Someone else does not go for fear. In our churches hung flyers all the time "do not go to pray dissenters."And they say, whom funeral or baptized, you perehrestyty. But not free, but for money. They (the Moscow Patriarchate) all politics is in material goods,"- he said.

Metropolitan Adrian added that he did not want to think that the temple be demolished. And whether or not this event will push Ukraine into the mirror and answer the demolition of churches of the Moscow Patriarchate.

"If I express this opinion, we will say that Adrian pushes these events. We are all educated people and have logic that all this (as you say) can happen because Ukraine and the Ukrainian people have their own history, culture, their language, their dignity. Ukraine - it is an ancient nation. For what happens: one of everything, while others need to take all that we do not have? So do not be. I do not think the church demolished, I'm do not believe it"- said the rector of the church.

He also believes in a compromise to resolve the situation.

"Future decisions will be made, including the judicial authorities in Russia to be more humane to us more objective, we understand and go forward. I will tell you that twice I was a member of the Moscow Regional Council Noginsk and City Council - in 90 years. I was sent to Patriarch Pimen Noginsk Metropolitan Juvenal to restore Epiphany cathedral, which was destroyed in 30 years. But I just restored cathedral, but also built 10 stone two- and three-storey houses, formed the Orthodox gymnasium, lyceum arts, seminary... Canteens have existed, we have 1,000 people every day to feed and house people were transported hot meals were great utility household. And now little we have. We - the parish peaceful. People know that we are living for the people, for God's sake, for the sake of the Orthodox faith"- summed Metropolitan Adrian. In Ukrainian/український
Head of Ukrainian church in Crimea told about a new religious scandal brewing in the occupied peninsula

Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea UOC-KP Clement

Crimean diocese UOC MP 's legislation were not re-registered

Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea UOC-KP Clement in an interview with "Commander" told that occupied the peninsula serious religious brewing scandal.

"Crimean diocese according to the Russian legislation does not re-registered, - he reminded. - Then (in 2014-2015) demanded from us, and now seeing a lull. When this lull is over, I do not know. I just arrived and I already have a letter from the prosecutor's office Pervomaisky district as to why we have not allowed our summer in the same room."

"I have the documents, I have a solution session on the hands, proving that management of the parish passed the room, which was on the balance of the village council. In Ukraine village council had removed from the balance sheet and give it to the Orthodox community. This is the Church of the Resurrection in the village Oktjabrskoe Pervomaisky district. Meanwhile, Russian prosecutors wrote to me: As of 26/09/2016, the building of this document are not transferred for use to the Orthodox community, the act of taking delivery of the dwelling is not signed,"- said the archbishop.

Currently, the building is on the balance Oktyabrskaya administration of rural settlement as a house. That Oktyabrskaya Village Council resolution on Ukraine not fulfilled, and in Russia they decided to just take a room.

"This scandal can see now rozhoratymetsya" - said Clement.

"As our room in Simferopol. We lost in the cassation court in Kaluga. That is a decision that we have to vacate 112 square meters, at the address. Sevastopol 17-a, remains in force. In addition, we have to pay 500 thousand rubles", - concluded the Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea UOC-KP. In Ukrainian/український
Hackers published the "Plan Surkov destabilization of Ukraine."

The network allegedly published material from the post Assistant Russian President Vladimir Putin Vladislav Surkov

According to published materials, Surkov jointly with the FSB launched a campaign to discredit the Ukrainian government and undermining the political situation in the country, reports "Business Capital".  

The materials reported that the implementation of tasks in the dark using MPs, the so-called American lobby - Mustafa Nayem Serhiy Leshchenko, Svetlana Zalishchuk and Olga Chervakova.  

Besides, involved and public international NGOs, journalists who specialize in anti-corruption investigations - Vitaly Shabunin Denis Bigus, Dmitry Hnap Alexander Dubinsky, Alex Shalayskyy.  

"Information given to these persons, must be accurate, complete and come from our foreign sources in Europe and the United States"- as if Surkov writes.  

The said document politicians and public figures have repeatedly been initiated by scandalous revelations materials received from secret sources. In particular, MP Serhiy Leshchenko denies that systematically receive information from Russian oligarch Konstantin Grigorishin.  

The materials posted on its website a group of Ukrainian hackers ( "KiberJunta"), which has declared "total control of correspondence" presidential aide - Vladislav Surkov.  

"We Ukrainian patriots "KiberJunta" now have access and full control correspondence of one of the postmen enemy Ukraine Vladimir Surkov"- the report said.  

The group said that currently analyzing fragments Surkov correspondence with his assistant Karpov, conspiracy to sign documents pseudonym" Pavlov Nikolai".

At the Interior Ministry has confirmed the authenticity of these documents. Adviser to the Minister of Interior said Zorian Shkiriak issued by Ukrainian hackers mailing Assistant Russian President Vladislav Surkov is authentic. "We confirm the veracity of the document, which is found in the correspondence hacking mastermind of the" New Russia", the actual curator of the Russian terrorist gangs" LDNR ", one of the organizers of the shooting of" Heavenly hundred "and" gray cardinal "of the Putin regime Surkov. Draw your own conclusions,"- wrote Shkiriak. In Ukrainian/український
on Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:33 pmAdmin
In the Black sea entered the American destroyer

Destroyer will continue daily patrols to ensure US national interests in Europe

Missile Destroyer Navy USS Carney United States went to the Black Sea. As the sixth US Navy ship left the base of permanent deployment in Spain on 18 October, after scheduled maintenance.

Destroyer will continue daily patrols to ensure US national interests in Europe. USS Carney equipped with missile defense "Yidzhys."

In the area of ​​responsibility of the 6th Fleet Operational except the eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean is also the Black Sea. In Ukrainian/український
Fighters for the "Russian world" in the Donbas killed by redistribution control contraband flows

Death of Zilina, Bahiryan, Tsypkalova and Osipova was not accidental

Most of the stories related to the arrests and murders of prominent militants that killed people for the "Russian world" in the east of Ukraine - no more than a criminal showdown for the right to control the multimillion contraband flows. This writes an influential Russian opposition newspaper "Novaya Gazeta". It notes that, in particular, action Armen Bahiryan (call sign "MIGA"), executed on October 2, has control over the crossing with Slavyanoserbsk various cargo area under the control of "FSC" on Lobacheva that controlled Ukraine. "In early October, the crossing has gone through that 10 tons of cargo, including" products "- gold and silver jewelry factory for Rovenky" - said in the article.

Death of odious leader "Hold" Eugene Zilina, which was killer killed September 19 in the restaurant "breeze", also was not accidental. Publishing with reference to Zilina friend says that shortly before his death he had bought in the Belgorod region small refinery. "Buying was formalized their joint company of oligarch Kurchenko. Plus he spoke with Andrei Taranov. The deputy head of presidential administration Ukraine Taranov and Zhilin allegedly collected dirt on the Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov . Zhilin was counting on preferences, being an important source of information. But nothing happened. Taranov died on September 18, riding a scooter, and Zilina killed on September 19 on the ruble,"- says the publication.

The next day, 20 September, the head of "FSC" Igor Plotnitsky said that Luhansk averted a coup attempt. In a coup suspects' former head of parliament "Alex Karjakin," former Prime "Gennady Tsypkalov colonel" people's militia "Vitaly Kiselev callsign of" Communist." "Karyakynu managed to escape to Russia. A Tsypkalova Kiselyov and arrested. The day after the arrest of Gennady Tsypkalova found hanging in the cell . The fate of the "Communist" unknown " the newspaper writes, noting that Tsypkalov owned several automobile gas stations.

The publication notes that on September 21 at the exit of the house killed the Russian military "advisers" to the rank of Colonel Alexander Osipov ("Orlov") - Deputy Commander of the 2nd Army Corps "FSC". "He was a deputy from the rear in the national police. "Eagles" began to conduct an inventory of weapons. In the village Cossack Pioneer Battalion based "Chechen Misha." Just the rumored, the "Orlov" conflict", - says" newspaper Nava", stressing that it is through Pioneer Village is one of the major illicit flows. In Ukrainian/український
Normandy format allows Putin withdraw from Donbas conflict - Russian expert

The Normandy format of talks allows Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw from the conflict in eastern Ukraine in a way "not to be an enemy of all mankind in the end", an expert from Anatoliy Sobchak Foundation Sergei Stankevich has told UNIAN in his comments.

"The format has been revived as it allows Moscow to withdraw from this fettering and hopeless conflict in the east of Ukraine, in a way not to be an enemy of all mankind in the end," he said Stankevich. He noted that many journalists and experts had believed before the meeting in Berlin that the Normandy format was "buried". "This opportunity has been restored, and this had been done in favor of Russia and Moscow," Stankevich said. He stressed that fighting for Donbass has been holding Russia down so the country needs to get out of it as soon as possible.

"This is a restraining conflict, such as the U.S. had in Vietnam and the Soviet Union - in Afghanistan, the one that eventually destroyed it [the Soviert Union] for the most part. For Russia, such restraining conflict is the conflict in Donbas, so there is a will to withdraw," the Russian expert said.......................
Last monument to Lenin in Ukraine toppled in country’s de-communisation spree

The last standing monument to Communist leader Vladimir Lenin has been dismantled in the town of Novhorod-Siversky, Chernihiv region, reported.

The local monument has survived 2.5 years of de-communisation efforts across Ukraine, the report reads. Apparently, local authorities were in no hurry to implement the relevant law on de-communisation, but local activists were too persistent to resist.........
Suspect in murder of three cash collectors in Chernihiv region detained in Russia – media (photo)

Two Ukrainians, one of whom is on the international wanted list for the murder of three collectors in Chernihiv region in 2015, have been detained in St. Petersburg, according to media reports.

The Ukrainian law enforcers had put one of the detainees, Oleksandr Makliuk, on the international wanted list early December 2015, according to the St. Petersburg daily online newspaper Fontanka. He is charged with the murder of three cash collectors in Chernihiv region in 2015 when a Privatbank CIT van was ambushed on Kyiv-Chernihiv highway.

The second detainee has not yet given any testimony. The media noted that both had been living in Russia as illegal aliens......................

6 Ukrainians arrested in Transnistria on alleged "recon mission"

The so-called "State Security Committee" (SSC) of unrecognized Transnistria reported on the detention of six Ukrainian citizens for alleged spying, among them an employee of Ukraine's State Border Guard Service, Ukraine Today reported Sunday citing Hromadske Radio.

"The operatives of the border unit have arrested six citizens of Ukraine who had been conducting surveillance in the area of training of the SSC detachments," the statement of the SSC of Transnistria reads on its website, according to Ukraine Today. In turn, spokesman of Ukraine's State Border Guard Service Oleh Slobodian told Hromadske Radio that the detainees had not conducted any surveillance. Read also Russia formally charges Ukrainian journo Sushchenko with espionage "Citizen Maliuta has nothing to do with a military service or service with the border guards. He had a time job as a fireman in one of the [Border Guard Service] units,", Slobodian said.............

SBU detained militants "DNR" who "hunted" for Patriots

Gunman admitted that he participated in the interrogation of people

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine detained militants and Natspolitsiyi one of the illegal armed formations "DNR" in the area of counter-terrorist operations, said the press service of the SBU.

"The attacker joined the insurgents in April 2014. In arms he on duty at checkpoints Toretsk city, checked documents and cars Ukrainian citizens "- referred to in the message.

As part of "rapid response team" showed also arrested and detained patriots of Ukraine. He said the coordination of HRSH committed staff officers of the FSB.

Action born in 1990. He also admitted that he participated in the interrogation of people. For a while the gunman lived in Russia for fear that the Ukrainian special services detained him.

After the arrest secret service operatives thriller repented of their crimes and called on all participants in armed opposition groups to lay down arms. Opened criminal proceedings under Part. 2, Art. 260 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Continued urgent operational-investigative actions. In Ukrainian/український
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