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Savchenko interviewed as witness in separatism, terrorism case. Terrorists committed 40 attacks yesterday, used AA guns, heavy artillery.  Ukraine industry grows 2% in September, led by utilities, machinery. A Frozen Conflict Better for Ukraine than What Putin Wants and What West May Accept, Piontkovsky Says.   Released ex-MP Medianyk will not leave Ukraine.

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Clinton will pay considerable attention to Ukraine - representative candidate

Vervyr said that Clinton "is very well versed in Ukrainian issue" and wants to have confidence that US efforts to help progress in Ukraine

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has considerable experience in matters of Ukraine, as in case of winning the election in November, the new White House administration will pay great attention to Ukrainian direction.
It said Tuesday on the sidelines of a conference in Washington organized by the US-Ukraine Foundation, Clinton campaign spokesman Ambassador Melanie Vervyr, reports "Ukrinform".

"Hillary has a long history of relations with Ukraine, starting from the time when she was first lady, senator, worked as secretary of state. After she left the State Department, Clinton had a "hard look" at what needs to Ukraine during the aggression faced by the country for economic aid, support for reforms" , - said the representative of the Democratic candidate.

Vervyr said that Clinton " is very well versed in Ukrainian question " and want to have confidence that US efforts to help progress in Ukraine. She said that it is, in particular, on defense needs Ukraine under Russian aggression, investment and economic assistance, as well as progress in the fight against corruption and support civil society.

"So, it has all the necessary baggage of his experience, knowledge, understanding and support for Ukraine", - said Vervyr.

In addition, the representative of Democratic candidate said that if he wins Clinton refuses to meet with the Ukrainian leadership.

"She knows that if elected president will have an urgent opportunity for genuine discussion with the leadership of Ukraine to understand the specific needs and options that are on the table and a decision to be made", - said the representative of Hillary Clinton. In Ukrainian/український
Klimkin went to the Netherlands to promote the Association Agreement with EU

The main purpose of the visit is to conduct political negotiations with the Netherland factors on the completion of the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and are

October 25, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin began his working visit to the Netherlands.
On the head of the Foreign Ministry wrote in Twitter.

"In the plane to Amsterdam. Vysotsky and his mind was "If Vы not otzovetes, We Will" Sports Lottery ". Such associations, "- said in a statement.

The main purpose of the visit is to conduct political negotiations with the Netherland factors on the completion of the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

In the Netherlands, the head of Ukraine Foreign Minister will hold talks with his counterpart B.Kundersom, will meet with the President of the Upper House of Parliament A.Brukers Dutch-Boules, as well as leaders of political parties and parliamentary factions.

It is assumed that the Ukrainian minister introduces her vision Ukrainian side about the importance of completing the ratification process of the Association Agreement as an effective platform for the deepening of relations between Ukraine and the EU, Ukrainian-Dutch bilateral cooperation, especially in trade and economic sphere, taking into account the advantages of a deep and comprehensive free trade area, and strengthening the continent's basic European values ​​by which the European community has made economic strength, peace and prosperity.

A separate topic of negotiations will be the development of bilateral political dialogue and cooperation within international organizations. In Ukrainian/український
During the conflict in Donbas killed 495 women and 68 children - Gerashchenko

Another five women currently in captivity by Donbas militants, said Gerashchenko

First Vice-Speaker of Ukrainian parliament Irina Gerashchenko reported that since the beginning of the conflict in Donbas there killed 495 women and 68 children.

"According to recent data, in Ukraine there are 1.7 million internally displaced persons - of whom about 900,000 are women and 236,000 - are children. Over the last two years in the Donbass killed 495 Ukrainian women. Since the beginning of the armed conflict killed 68 children, 152 injured child. Since the beginning of Russian military aggression in the Donbas killed in 2130 the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including 2 women, "- said Gerashchenko during his speech at the UN Security Council debate on" Women, Peace and Security "on 25 October.

According to her, another 5 women currently in captivity militants in Donbas. In Ukrainian/український
Obama will visit Germany, where he will discuss Syria and Ukraine

A visit to Germany will be preceded by a visit to Greece, which will be held on November 14

17-18 November, US President Barack Obama will visit Germany, where he will discuss Syria and Ukraine. It said in a statement Press Secretary Josh Earnest White House, reports "true European."

"Among the issues on the agenda dennoh be our joint efforts to resolve conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, the campaign of weakening and destruction" Islamic state "and transatlantic economic relations," - said in a statement.

It says that this will be the sixth visit of President Obama to Germany.

In addition, during this visit, "the president will also have a final opportunity to meet with their colleagues in the" five"- the leaders of Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom and consider a range of global issues."

A visit to Germany will be preceded by a visit to Greece on 14 November. After Germany, Obama will go to Peru.

These visits will be held after the presidential elections in the US, which is known to be held November 8th. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine has risen by three positions in the ranking of Doing Business (World Bank)

Doing Business rating World Bank concluded annually for the next year and sets the index to ease comparison of entrepreneurial activity among 189 countries.

The World Bank has published another ranking of ease of doing business Doing Business 2017, which Ukraine took the 80th place. Compared to last year the result improved by three positions.
It is reported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine on Facebook.

Doing Business rating World Bank concluded annually for the next year and sets the index to ease comparison of entrepreneurial activity among 189 countries.

According to the World Bank, Ukraine's position affected component in improving the protection of minority shareholders (18 places the component) and component performance contracts (17 seats). Also, the position in the ranking this year and influenced changes in evaluation methodology and timeframe.

"Yes, indeed we have three points to last year and 80th place in the ranking of Doing Business. This result is not very optimistic, but the team and the Office of Economic Development of effective regulation is a clear plan for how to improve the already 2018. Of course, will require serious engagement with Parliament, as only acts of government reform is not possible ", - commented on the results of Economic Development and Trade Stephen cubes. In Ukrainian/український
After the occupation of Crimea, Kyiv Patriarchate on the peninsula lost 80% of parishes

Managed by the Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea UOC-KP Clement left nine churches

Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea UOC-KP Clement in an interview with "Commander" said that last year under his direction were 11 temples in Crimea. Now the remaining nine, together with the church in Simferopol.

"We lost temples in transshipment, Sevastopol, Kerch Saki, Krasnoperekopsk. In addition, we can not accomplish any of the services in those villages where we had registered the parish, there were 52 as of 1 January 2014. These parishes were attached to the main church, which was (near), that priest from the main church could go to the people in the village. But now we have lost control over these villages because people are simply afraid to approach them Ukrainian priest came, "- said the archbishop Clement.

On whether there is a likelihood that the power of re-register parishes and churches taken away, Clement said: "The force they do not re-register because as such re-registration in the Crimea is gone."

He believes that registration should be. But now occupied Crimea is no longer under Russian law the federal district, all decisions are made in Rostov.

"State Church Kiev Patriarchate on the territory of Crimea critical. I was cornered, I can not see out of it. Everything depended on me, I did, "- said the Crimean priest. In Ukrainian/український
In the Ukrainian army serving nearly 20,000 women - Gerashchenko

This year was significantly expanded list of specialties that allowed women to acquire military personnel, including combat occupations

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, serving 19,892 women, of whom 2,458 officers. This was stated by First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, the President authorized the peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbas Irina Gerashchenko during the open debate of the Security Council on "Women. Myr.Bezpeka."

"Aggression against Ukraine contributed not only to enhance women's participation in peace processes, but also more active involvement of women in military service. Many women voluntarily contracted to protect the homeland. Currently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine serving 19,892 women (2,458 officers, 17,044 NCOs and soldiers). Of these - 266 were mobilized to the Armed Forces, "- she said.

According to the deputy, during the current year has taken a number of specific measures to integrate a gender perspective into ongoing reforms in the security sector: "These measures, although in the early stages, has already yielded the first results on the way to transforming military structures and military culture".

So, this year has been significantly expanded list of specialties that allowed women to acquire military personnel, including combat occupations.

"In future posts deemed necessary introduction of gender advisers in the armed forces. Planned broader legislative changes to remove barriers and ensure equal representation of women in the armed forces, and to strengthen parliamentary oversight in national security and defense,"- said Gerashchenko. In Ukrainian/український
Biden told Poroshenko meeting of the leaders of the Normandy format

The interlocutors also discussed the Ukrainian reforms and their continued support of the United States

President Petro Poroshenko told US Vice President Joseph Biden's meeting of leaders of the Normandy format in Berlin.

Separately, stressed the importance of continued policy of active involvement of the American side on the issue to promote the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The President called for the strengthening of transatlantic unity to maintain a consolidated policy of sanctions against the continuation of aggression and occupation of the Donbass Crimea.

The interlocutors also discussed the Ukrainian reforms and their continued support of the United States. In Ukrainian/український
There were first version of suicide Head Kachanivska prison colony

The former head of the prison service said that was not pravoohorontsiv claims to Pervushkina

The former head of the prison service has put forward Sergey The old version of the causes of suicide Pervushkina John, who led Kachaniv colony №54 in Kharkiv, where there was the leader of the "Fatherland" Yulia Tymoshenko.
This Starenky told 112.

The former head of the prison service confirmed the veracity of the information that Pervushkyn died. According to him, whether it was a suicide, the investigation shall determine.

The old said, referring to people who communicated with Pervushkinym that order were difficulties in the family. He believes that it is probable cause suicide, and the event has nothing to do with the activities of the deceased colony where Tymoshenko was sitting.

The former head of the prison service said that was not pravoohorontsiv claims to Pervushkina about the fact that he headed the colony served time Tymoshenko. He added that the victim when Tymoshenko in a colony ruled long.

The media also has information, citing an unnamed source that Pervushkin strazhal of cancer. In Ukrainian/український
on Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:22 amAdmin
Insurgents captured several Ukrainian Civilians

Civilians to leave the Donbas and where they were detained and accused of obscure crimes they did not commit

Another one citizen of Ukraine were detained in the occupied territory of Donbas, when he came home for the funeral of their parents. The detainee was not security forces. This is a comment on "Ukrinform" said advisor to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, head of the Centre for release of hostages Yuri Tandit.

"This is a civilian (Ukrainian citizen who temporarily left in the occupied territories. - Ed.). Over the last few weeks has increased several people. Traveled couple in Donetsk on solemn event to their friends, and one of the couple is related to the security forces, it is true, but there are other cases, which says Irina Gerashchenko, this is where ordinary people go, they are there detained and accused unknown for crimes they have not committed, "- said Tandit.

When asked why a civilian militias interest, Tandit not directly answer, but hinted that some of the accusations are groundless ORDLO.

"There are certain charges that he put forward. For example, one of those arrested recently was involved in the work of the courts. He also considered by ORDLO as the man who allegedly there, for example, conducted espionage activities are complete nonsense or Ukrainian security officials charge that Ukrainian security officials allegedly recruiting children is complete nonsense, "- said Tandit.

Earlier, First Deputy Speaker Irina Gerashchenko to Facebook announced that another citizen of Ukraine were detained in the occupied territory of Donbass, he came home for the funeral of their parents. She added that there is a sense that "the other side is trying to delay as much as possible Ukrainian to blackmail and then bargain." In Ukrainian/український
Chairman of the French Total staff CEO of Total Christophe de Margerie killed by drinking the Moscow airport

Falcon plane crashed in Moscow on the night of October 21, 2014

Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) has published a report on the causes of the crash Falcon in Moscow's Vnukovo airport on board was CEO of Total Christophe de Margerie.

It is stated in the report of IAC .

"The most likely disaster was due to a combination of factors: the absence of documents that define obligations of employees airfield (head of operations at the airfield emergency vehicles and drivers) to proceed with the loss of control of special cars and / or orientation on the airfield; lack of effectiveness of measures to reduce the risks of unauthorized trips to the runway, allowing for the airfield, including the presence of two intersecting runway; lack of proper control by the head of the airfield changes in the body is detected alcohol on work at the airfield: no report service police department and request Snowplow Driver with loss of visual contact with the snow; breach airfield manager changes the order of emergency vehicles, their departure for a closed runway takeoffs and landings-2 without asking permission and taxiing controller ", - stated in the report.

In addition, one factor was a violation of medical staff JSC "Airport Vnukovo" established requirements during medical monitoring drivers of emergency vehicles in the formal (only exterior grade) of compulsory medical examination of drivers after the changes, which significantly increased risk of alcohol use by drivers during business hours. Effectiveness adopted in Vnukovo airport management and control systems aimed at reducing the risks associated with the performance of his duties spetsavtomobiley drivers intoxicated, insufficient.

Before the tragedy also resulted in lack of drivers snowplows, performing work on the flight zone, the possibility of continuous listening radio communications at a frequency controller starting, loss of driver snowploughs, the body is detected alcohol guidance during the work on the airfield and ineffective organization of the subsystem inspection and control of the airfield, which led to air traffic control professionals, not trained to work with this system.

Other factors were the lack of documents that define the technology of Service Professionals ATC Vnukovskoho TSOVD recommendations for setting subsystem inspection and control airfield, including management warning lines and alarm (as a result, workplace managers SDP and DWP all alarm disabled), so that radar information and light alarms are available to specialists; non-performance controller technology of a rejection of actions to prevent the unauthorized departure to closed for takeoffs and landings runway-2 emergency vehicles; that the manager-trainer and manager-trainee who performed under the supervision of direct ATC controller instructor, not recorded double unauthorized departure runway snow at work, including after the issuance of the crew permission to take off; lack EPA operator (airline «Unijet») during takeoff aircraft; rejection crew action to stop gathering information on CES about "car crossing the road."

The absence of a decision to terminate the take-off was caused probably suboptimal psycho-emotional condition of the crew (long waiting time in an unfamiliar airport of departure and the desire to fly home as soon as possible), which could make it harder for the crew assessment of the actual level of danger in detecting early snow after takeoff; design feature of the aircraft Falcon 50EX in the management of nasal wheel, which results in the performance of the second take-off the pilot to transfer need active management to stress the takeoff stage.

As a result of investigation recommendations to improve safety.

Recall that on the night of October 21, 2014 aircraft Falcon, which was carrying was president of Total Christophe de Margery, faced snowblower at Vnukovo airport. Where Margery and three crew members were killed.

The prosecution in a criminal case brought against the driver of Snow machines Vladimir Martynenko, his boss, a senior shift engineer Vladimir Ledenovu and head of flight dispatchers and Roman Dunayev Alexander Kruglov and Hope Arkhipov. In Ukrainian/український
NATO is preparing a response to Russian "Iskander" in Kaliningrad

NATO Secretary General said that "Iskander" can carry not only conventional warheads, but also nuclear

NATO responds to accommodate Russia missile systems "Iskander" in the Kaliningrad region "responsibly and moderately." This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, reports Agenzia Nova.

Stoltenberg said that "Iskander" can carry not only conventional warheads, but also nuclear.

"We are concerned about the build-up strength as Russia along the borders of NATO to the east and south, and Syria, on the border with Turkey," - said Stoltenberg.

According to him, NATO responds in a "responsible and moderate."

"We are strengthening our collective defense", - assured Stoltenberg.

Recall October 8 Russia upset "Iskander" to the border with Lithuania and Poland. On the same day Poland led forces in combat readiness through the actions of Russia. Latvia, in turn, strengthened surveillance on the border with Russia. NATO has criticized the transfer of Russian missiles in Kaliningrad. In Ukrainian/український
In Kyiv, the fight ended in the shooting passers-by

In Solomenskiy district of Kiev fight occurred between two groups of passers-by, which ended in gunfire.
This writes the " Observer ", with reference to its sources in law enforcement.

The incident occurred on Monday evening, 24 October, on the street Klimenko. The two young men on one side and three on the other there was a conflict, developed into a dogfight.

Three guys could not overcome his two opponents (it may have been younger) and called for help. In place came a group of seven or eight men in three cars.

A fight broke out, during which one of the men, who was part of a larger group, drew "travmatik" and shot the opponent.

As a result, the victim received injuries and was taken to hospital. From writing a statement to the police the man refused, saying that "he will deal with the attackers." In Russian/русский
Ukraine industry grows 2% in September, led by utilities, machinery

Ukraine's industrial output rose 2.0% yoy in September (vs. 3.4% in August), led by utilities (5.0% yoy, 4.9% in August) and machinery (4.5% yoy, 1.8% in August), Concorde Capital informed clients based on state statistics released on Oct. 21. For 9M16, industry grew 2.0% yoy. Growth in chemical production slowed to 4.8% yoy (12.4% yoy in August) and decline in mining strengthened to -5.4% yoy (-1.7% in August). Metal output contracted 0.6% yoy from 5.0% growth in August...............

Access complete text of the editorial: In English

A Frozen Conflict Better for Ukraine than What Putin Wants and What West May Accept, Piontkovsky Says

Ukraine would be far better off if it were left with a frozen conflict in which Russia openly occupied the east than with the solution Vladimir Putin wants and some in the West seem ready to accept: a reunited Ukraine in which Putin’s forces would dominate not just the east but all of Ukraine, according to Andrey Piontkovsky.

In an interview with Nataliya Dvali of Kyiv’s Gordon news agency, the Russian political commentator who has been forced into exile by the Kremlin, says that Kyiv must continue to point out to the West that Putin is a war criminal and that he will never pull his forces out of the Donbass, give Ukraine control over its borders, or cease his plans to dominate all of Ukraine.

Putin’s goal, which has remained unchanged since the beginning, he continues, “is not the annexation and occupation of particular pieces of territory but control over all Ukraine, a strategic task he has pursued at various times with the use of various tactical measures” (

Now that his direct military aggression has not worked and his nuclear threats have backfired, Piontkovsky says, “Putin wants not to freeze the conflict in the Donbass but to insert a cancerous tumor inside of it which will block reforms leading to a European model of the state … [as well as] to preserve military and political control over the occupied territories.”

Piontkovsky says that the Kremlin’s goal is “to make bandits like …Motorola legal political players in Ukraine and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. That is how [Putin] interprets the Minsk agreements.” And as long as Putin is in power, “Russia will never pull its forces out of the Donbas and never hand over to Ukraine control over its borders.”

Were it to do so, the Russian analyst says, such a step would destroy “the Kremlin’s last hope to subordinate all of Ukraine to itself.”

Ukraine had to sign the Minsk agreements given Russia’s military pressure and Western insistence, but it needed to do so to get a ceasefire because it was obvious to everyone even at the time that Putin had no plans to fulfill his side of the bargain on any of the other items in those accord, Piontkovsky says.

Before talking with Moscow about political issues, he continues, the West and Ukraine must demand that Moscow “fulfill the main points of the Minsk agreement,” something Putin hasn’t done and won’t do. Given that, “the only thing that one should demand from states trying to be peacemakers – the US, Germany and France – is to insist on the ceasefire’s continuation.”.................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
on Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:59 amAdmin
Released ex-MP Medianyk will not leave Ukraine

Ex-member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Medianyk (Party of Regions) is not going to leave the territory of Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET citing 112 Ukraine, Oleh Babych, the lawyer, said it commenting on the termination of the criminal case against Medianyk.

"Today, the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) has made an obvious and clear decision to dismiss the criminal proceedings against Volodymyr Medianyk. After three months of arrest, hunger strikes, dozens of hearings, a high-profile and public process, the main law enforcement authority has finally admitted no evidence against him exist or ever existed," he said.

Babych says his client "has never hid from the investigation and never will. He is not going to leave the country," the lawyer assured.

Earlier, Medianyk was released from Kyiv's Lukianivka remand prison after the PGO terminated the criminal case against him.

The ex-deputy was suspected of committing a number of criminal offenses, including deliberate actions intended to change the border of Ukraine, leading to deaths of people and other severe consequences, as well as assistance in setting up and promoting the "Luhansk People's Republic" terrorist organization. In Ukrainian/український
Terrorists committed 40 attacks yesterday, used AA guns, heavy artillery

Over the past day, Russian hybrid forces committed 40 attacks on Ukrainian positions.

Censor.NET reports citing the latest update by the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) Staff press center as of the morning Oct. 25.

24 cease-fire violations were registered in the area of Mariupol. Ukrainian positions in Hnutove, Vodiane and Hranitne were hit by heavy machine guns, grenade launchers and small arms, while anti-aircraft guns, machine guns and 82 mm mortars were employed against strong points outside Krasnohorivka, Marinka and Pavlopil. The enemy fired 120 mm and 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers and small arms towards ATO forces in Shyrokyne.

In the vicinity of Donetsk, 13 enemy attacks were recorded: "Defenders of Luhanske came under machine gun fire. In the area of Zaitseve, terrorists breached the truce, using 120 mm mortars, grenade launchers, machine guns and small arms, while Ukrainian troops in Avdiivka were hit by 122 mm artillery."

Three armed provocations were committed in the Luhansk region. The enemy used machine guns and 82 mm mortars near Novooleksandrivka, while Ukrainian positions in Stanytsia Luhanska came under sniper and grenade launcher attack. In Ukrainian/український
Savchenko interviewed as witness in separatism, terrorism case. DOCUMENT (in Ukrainian)

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has interviewed Batkivshchyna MP Nadiia Savchenko as a witness in the criminal proceedings into the infringement of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the establishment of terrorist organizations.

Censor.NET reports referring to an SBU's reply to a request by Dzerkalo Tyzhnia weekly regarding Savchenko's interviewing after her unofficial visit to the occupied Donbas.

"The SBU investigators are carrying out a pre-trial investigation under the criminal proceedings into the infringement of the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine and the establishment of terrorist organizations," the Security Service noted.

The has authority provided no answer to the question about Savchenko's testimony. Neither has it responded whether the SBU is keeping track of Savchenko's possible ties with infamous pro-Russian politician and oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk.

Earlier, Nadiia Savchenko said she had testified to the SBU about her visits to the occupied areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. She explained her trips by the need to track smuggling routes as well as to fathom the attitudes of the residents of the terrorist-held areas. In Ukrainian/український
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