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Putin repugnant the idea of ​​the success of Ukraine.  Users of social networks reacted violently to travel to Moscow Savchenko.  The terrorists said they took prisoner activist "Right Sector".  Uzhgorod mayor supported a petition ... to protect the Russian language in Ukraine.  Groisman said, as plans to increase pensions by 10%. Groisman promises minimum wage next year at USD 3,200

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Gazprom and Brussels agree to settle long-running dispute (Financial Times)

Draft deal a rare example of Moscow and the west mending economic ties

Gazprom and the EU will try to settle their antitrust battle and end a five-year probe with legally binding pledges to change behaviour rather than a big fine or imposed terms.

The state-controlled Russian energy group will yield to EU demands on how it sells gas in Europe in order to escape a penalty for past anti-competitive behaviour. The bargain is likely to anger eastern and Baltic states that have campaigned for a tougher approach.

The deal potentially marks a turning point in one of the European Commission’s most important antitrust battles. Former communist EU member states see it as a test of whether the bloc’s powerful antitrust arm will protect their interests against a Russian monopoly with a stranglehold over their energy supplies. Poland and Lithuania in particular see Russia as using gas as a political tool and are critical of Brussels for not tackling unfair prices.

A final draft of the proposed settlement will be submitted by Gazprom to Brussels imminently, which will formalise gradual shifts in the energy company’s pricing practices in recent years. It will pave the way for a second, contentious stage — the so-called “market test”, where critics will have the opportunity to raise objections before the commission takes a final decision.

Poland’s government-owned oil and gas company PGNiG reacted by saying it was ready to sue the European Commission for breaking EU rules by not imposing fines on Gazprom and by allowing the Russian company to have increased use of European pipelines...............

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
NATO battalions will be placed at borders with Russia deployed by the summer of 2017 - Stoltenberg

During the meeting, many other NATO members have confirmed their participation in the deployment of these forces

NATO battalions deployed in Eastern Europe by the summer of 2017, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberґ after the meeting of defense ministers of member states in Brussels.

"Battalions deployed by the summer. Today, many countries have made clear statements on the allocation of its troops - it will be a powerful multinational. This will be reinforced battalions, that they will send clear signals"- said Stoltenberґ.

According to him, Albania, Italy, Poland and Slovenia will participate in the unit under the direction of Canada, which is deployed in the territory of Latvia; Belgium, Croatia, France, Luxembourg, Norway and the Netherlands - in the unit under the leadership of Germany in Lithuania; Denmark and France - the British battalion in Estonia; Romania and the United Kingdom join the US battalion that will be located in Poland.

"Our unit will truly multinational" - said Jens Stoltenberґ.

NATO Defense Ministers meet on 26-27 October meeting at NATO headquarters, where they hear the vision of four battalions that the new year will be placed in countries located on the borders of Russia, and which govern, respectively, Canada, Germany, The UK and the US. Head defense agencies consider how to strengthen its presence in the Black Sea and ways of combating cybernetic threats. In Ukrainian/український
Representative of Russia in the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine Boris Gryzlov earlier left the talks in Minsk

Today's meeting of the Contact Group was the first summit after the leaders' Norman Four "held in Berlin

The representative of Russia in the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine Boris Gryzlov earlier left the talks in Minsk.
According to Radio Liberty, Gryzlov went out and went to the door, without saying anything to reporters. Then Trilateral Contact Group has continued to work for 20 minutes.

Today's meeting of the Contact Group was the first summit after the leaders' Norman Four "held in Berlin.

October 19 leaders of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia during a meeting in Berlin agreed on the need to create a "road map" implementation of the Minsk agreements.

According to Kyiv, the main thing is to get Russia to meet its commitments in all Minsk agreements, including the schedule and responsibility for implementation. Kyiv also insists that political issues can not carry out the implementation of security issues.

Moscow declares that requires Ukraine to make rapid progress towards political issues Minsk agreements, such as the local elections in the area and "amnesty" of militants, yet to address the security and humanitarian issues - such as withdrawal from the occupied territories of Russian troops and weapons, disarmament of illegal armed groups, the release of all hostages and illegally detained persons or uncontrolled transmission today Kyiv land Ukrainian-Russian border control OSCE. In Ukrainian/український
Groisman said, as plans to increase pensions by 10%

Since January 1, minimum pension increases - the Prime Minister

Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman proposes to increase the minimum pension to 10% from 1 January 2017. He stated this today during a meeting of the Cabinet.

"We are working to create a fair system of pensions in Ukraine. And the next step will focus on is restoring order in the pension system. We need to ensure an equitable distribution of pension funds. We take the first step, a small, but we do - from January 1, minimum pension increased by 10%,"- said Groisman.

"Our next step - we will offer Ukrainian new system that will allow people to receive a fair pension," - said the prime minister.

Recall now the Prime Minister took the initiative to raise the minimum wage Ukrainian twice - to 3200 UAH. In Ukrainian/український
Groisman promises minimum wage next year at USD 3,200

The government will increase salaries by half in 2017

Cabinet proposes that the minimum wage in Ukraine in 2017 amounted to 3200 UAH. This was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during a government meeting.

"We suggest that in 2017 the minimum wage in the country amounted to 3200 UAH. We will provide the country's two-fold increase in the minimum wage. This means that from January 1, 2017, no Ukrainian will receive less 3200 UAH. This applies to both public and private sectors, "- said the prime minister.

He added that the food basket is also equal to 3200 USD.
Recall the day before during a meeting of the National Council reform Peter Poroshenko urged employers to increase salaries by 20-30%.

Also, the speaker of parliament Andrei Paruby said he would not sign the decree on increase of salaries to MPs.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that the government does not set wages people's deputies of Ukraine and will not include funds for such an increase in the state budget for 2017.

Recall that the Verkhovna Rada passed the draft of the State Budget of Ukraine for 2017, which proposed to increase salaries MPs and parliamentary leadership . Thus, the salary of the Verkhovna Rada will be 40 thousand, and the normal MP - committee member - about 30 thousand. In Ukrainian/український
Putin repugnant the idea of ​​the success of Ukraine - US expert

The West must help Ukraine, said David Kramer

Russian President Vladimir Putin openly discredits Ukraine to the West. This opinion was expressed by former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and now Director of McCain's, David Kramer, said the "Voice of America".

The expert suggested that the Russian president "can not tolerate the thought that Ukraine can be successful." So the best way to help Ukraine itself - a "fight corruption, create a clear rule of law, guarantee freedom of speech, to make the necessary reforms and unite the country."

However, according to Cramer, the West must help Ukraine. "We should never recognized the annexation of Crimea, despite the fact that said Trump. We must keep sanctions against Russia while continuing Russian aggression in Ukraine. We must provide Ukraine with lethal military assistance."

Kramer also spoke for the fact that in countries such as Georgia, Moldova or Ukraine if they achieve compliance with the required parameters, will be able to join NATO. However, he believes that Russia should consider this process as a threat. "Accession to NATO, the EU is not perceived as a threat by Russia, Ukraine is a sovereign choice if she wants to move in this direction", - he added. In Ukrainian/український
In the Donetsk region on the street froze two-year boy

Currently, doctors are fighting for life

In the Donetsk region employees of the ambulance was taken to hospital frozen two-year boy with no signs of life. Currently, doctors are fighting for life. This UNN reported the press service Natspolitsiyi.

In the morning before police received a report from doctors, that they detained from the village Vladimirovka of two boys with no signs of life. Previously, it was found that the child froze. Currently, she is in intensive care.

Police found that the family last night celebrated the birthday boy. Then the father went to work in the night shift, left home 27-year-old wife, her parents and the children, 7 and 2 years. Early in the morning, when the man returned home, he saw on the street, on the threshold of his house, the younger son, who did not move.

We now know that a child at night, unable to wake anyone from adults went to the street itself, but to open the door back could not.

The boy was taken to hospital when he was not even rate. Currently, doctors are trying to save him. In Ukrainian/український
Uzhgorod mayor supported a petition... to protect the Russian language in Ukraine

According to the mayor of Uzhgorod, learning the Russian language in schools Transcarpathian continue despite "some pressure"

Mayor of Uzhgorod Bogdan Andreev said that Uzhgorod city council will conduct systematic work aimed at the development and support of the Russian language. This was stated in an official response to the petition Mayor Transcarpathian public which addressed regional and national authorities to give the Russian language special status and take appropriate bill in parliament.

The bill provides for the Russian language special status to protect the rights of Russian-speaking population in education, culture and public administration.

According to the mayor, learning Russian in Transcarpathian schools and preschools and universities will continue, despite some pressure. "With the support of the city government there" reading Pushkin,"- said the mayor.

The mayor said that "the City Council creates the conditions and opportunities to meet the linguistic, educational and cultural needs of all nationalities destination".

Recall earlier petition on the site of Uzhgorod city council to protect the Russian language has gained the support needed to review national and regional leadership. Uzhgorod public employees argue that illegal pressure on the Russian language will lead to degradation of Culture of Ukraine. A similar petition was massively supported and residents of the Dnieper. In Ukrainian/український
Users of social networks reacted violently to travel to Moscow Savchenko

What are the real reasons Savchenko trip to Russia

The trip of MP Hope Savchenko in Moscow for meeting Court of Appeal in the case of Nicholas and Stanislaw Karpyuk Klyha provoked a storm of emotions in social networks. In dominant positions misunderstanding Hope this act, which was hostage to the Kremlin.

In particular, former political prisoner of the Kremlin, public activist Gennady Afanasiev, a negative Savchenko spoke on a visit to the court in Moscow. "Hope Savchenko in Muscovy? I do not confused? Not fit in my head... Perhaps riveting need", - he wrote.

Expressive expressed MP Borislav Birch. He also believes that this reckless trip - Savchenko mistake that can cost very dearly to her. "Why give them the opportunity to capture new hostages... Savchenko was not to go to Moscow. Kremlin Ukrainian only allow for their games. If you allowed, it will be used. In the dark or in the light, it does not matter but will use. Russian to Ukrainian territory is prohibited"- he said at his page.

Political analyst Taras Berezovets contrary, convinced of Hope trip to Russia - a deliberate act, but not dictated by a desire to support compatriots and to fight for justice, and a visit to "employers" with the Kremlin. "Some wonder why Hope Savchenko suddenly appeared in Moscow. Everything is clear. The old failed to appear, post Surkov disclosed. I had to go in person to the instructions,"- put forward his version of the expert.

In turn, MP Vitaly Chepynoha copied Hope trip to Moscow to "bezbashenist." "In that respect Nadia - for bezbashenist! Maybe bottle of vodka from the throat to drink, and maybe throw a grenade in court... X... knows! From mood..."- he wrote with humor.

About "bezbashenist" Savchenko shows not only the fact of his visit to Russia in captivity which he held for two years, and where it barely liberated, but that it appeared to the court in embroidery. Relevant photos from the courtroom at zapostyv at journalist Anton Naumlyuk.

Uzhgorod Serhiy Nikita blogger also commented with humor deed Hope: "The trip to Moscow Savchenko - is, like the whole family resemblance to cure you from alcoholism, and you say that you go to the wine festival in Mukachevo just look".

Journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk was pleasantly surprised when I saw Savchenko in court . "Who I met in Moscow! Hope Savchenko came back to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation our prisoners - Nicholas Karpyuk and Stanislav Klyha"- he wrote.

Comments on posts during his visit to Moscow hopes very different. Among them are such that action to support MP:

However, the lion's share comments - disapproval of the act Savchenko. She is accused of working for the "Manuals"...

However, users of social networks do not have a consensus about the authors of these "methodological reference materials":

As reported, would ilshist Internet users - 69% - negatively evaluate the activities of MP "Fatherland" Hope Savchenko at large and called her statement "sheer disappointment." The results of the survey "Hlavkoma". In Ukrainian/український
The terrorists said they took prisoner activist "Right Sector"

Militants claim that detained Lilia Kotz, who wanted to steal the occupied Donbas their "soldier"

Donetsk militants reported detained activists "Right Sector" Lilies Kotz controlled on their territory.

"The detained Kotz Liliya Romanova, born 24.05.1988, citizen of Ukraine, a native of the village of New Rozdol Lviv region", - the representative told reporters Donetsk "MGB", reports "Interfax-Ukraine".

According to him, Kotz arrived on the task of "Right Sector" and OUN" to organize the kidnapping of the Armed Forces of the NPT."

He added that in the period from June 2015 to April 2016 Kotz trained in locations of Duk "Right Sector" in Mariupol and OUN Sharkivschyna village in Poltava region.

The channel Donetsk "MGB" in the YouTube video was also the testimony of Kotz. In Ukrainian/український

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