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US, Europe united on Russia sanctions.  Several buildings destroyed, cattle killed in 3.5-hour shelling of Marinka.  Intoxicated driver causes large-scale road accident in Odesa, kills two and wounds passer-by while escaping. PHOTOS. Russia's Supreme Court Upholds Sentences For Two Ukrainians.  

Kyiv, Ukraine
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OSCE finally noticed that Russia throws weapons and fighters to Donbas

SMM functionality is limited monitoring of two border crossings within one or two hours a day

Special monitoring mission of the OSCE, despite the constant obstacles from the Russian side, has documented cases of transfer of military and weapons from Russia on the occupied territories of Donbas.

This was at a meeting of the OSCE in Vienna, said the representative of the United States at Ambassador Daniel Bayer, reports " Ukrinform".

" Despite the limitations of the United separatist forces, MSF continues documented evidence that Russia is sending its forces and military equipment in Ukraine " , - said the diplomat.

Then, on 17 October, observers noticed a minivan with military license plates, transporting people in camouflage on the part of the border with Russia in the area controlled by separatists in Ukraine. The car did not cross the border at official crossing points utochyv Bayer.

Also last week, OSCE observers noticed the bus was carrying about 20 people in camouflage back to Russia.

"With the increasing deny access (OSCE - Ed.), The evidence indicate continued strong support of the United Russia separatist forces in Ukraine", - said Bayer.

He noted that Russia continues to hide their activity in Donbas from the international community.

"Just last week, Russia again rejected a proposal to expand the area of operations SMM to cover all nine border crossings with Ukraine Russia in areas controlled by separatists", - said the US diplomat.

As a result, MSF functionally limited monitoring of two border crossings within one or two hours a day.

"Russia has the opportunity and use it to easily move weapons, fuel and ammunition across the border under cover of darkness and in the absence of OSCE observers" - said Bayeyr. In Ukrainian/український
Putin says he is not against the involvement of the United States to "Norman format", but ...

Putin recalled the agreement "Norman Quartet" to work in parallel with the US

Russia is not against the involvement of the United States to "Norman format", but have agreed to work with them parallel. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the Valdai Club.

"Needless to involve someone else? The Russian position is that we do not mind even involve anyone, including our American partners. But so agreed with all participants of this process, we will work our colleagues in the US in parallel,"- he said.

As you know, "Normandy format" was created to address the situation in the Donbass. The countries' Norman Four "are Ukraine, Germany, France, Russia.

October 19 held a meeting of Heads of State in "Norman format". Negotiations were President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, President Vladimir Putin and their delegations. In Ukrainian/український
The expert explained why Putin's words that with Ukraine in the CIS can not be ignored, insignificant

utin's words bezpravnist Ukraine in the CIS untrue, said Danilchenko

Non-statutory Ukraine's membership in the CIS does not diminish, not restricts its rights and initiatives. This conclusion was made long ago the Economic Court of the CIS. This was announced in an interview with "Commander" permanent Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the CIS (2000-2004 gg.) Alexander Danilchenko, commenting on the statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the recent summit of the CIS, Ukraine as non-statutory member, it has no considered in the community.

Danilchenko and explained why Ukraine is not a registered member of the CIS. "When the draft statute was prepared, it was found that most of the sections of the Charter of the CIS Ukraine contradicts the reservation to the Agreement establishing the CIS. So we signed can not be. Held over 20 rounds of meetings during which it was found that if Ukraine will sign this document, I now say roughly, the clause will be a sign, in addition to sections 3, 4, 5, 7, 8. The question, and then sign? It was therefore decided that the signature on our part will not"- he said.

Danilchenko said that "once upon a time" there was a question: what are the rights and obligations of the state with different status within the Commonwealth? "Economic Court of the CIS is not on our initiative considered the question. The decision was such that in Russia there are founder-states, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, which signed the original agreement, subsequently joined by nine other states; State Party that is the three and nine, but today is not Georgia; charter member of the CIS, which in addition to the Agreement establishing the CIS signed and ratified the CIS Charter. Ukraine is a member of hazing. In this regard the CIS Economic Court concluded that we accepted unconditionally, that hazing Ukraine's membership in the CIS does not diminish, not restricts its rights and initiatives. So Putin's speech at the summit do not correspond to reality,"- said the representative of Ukraine to the CIS in 2000-2004. In Ukrainian/український

on Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:58 pmAdmin
Putin said that Poroshenko asked him about gas

Putin says that Poroshenko raised the issue of the restoration of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Putin said that the initiative of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko discussed gas supplies to Ukraine. He said this, speaking at the Valdai Club.

"We have the president of Ukraine, on his initiative, discussed the issue of gas supply Ukraine. He asked the question whether Russia can resume supply. Sure can, at any moment, "- said Putin.

According to him, this "need only one thing - the subscription."

"But the price today for Ukraine, we have agreed this will still not higher than in other citizens, including Poland," - he said.

"I called the price of 180 dollars per thousand cubic meters. We were told that it is better to buy in reverse "- said Putin.

Recall, the amount of the claim "Naftogaz Ukraine" to the Russian JSC "Gazprom" in the Stockholm arbitration is over 26.6 billion dollars. "Gazprom" to "Naftogaz" - 38.7 billion dollars. together with interest. "Naftogaz" expects court decision regarding the purchase of gas to "Gazprom" in early spring 2017. In Ukrainian/український
GPO investigator tried to bribe for closing the case, - Lutsenko

Detained person tried to bribe investigator GUS GPU for the return of 200 kg of amber

Detained person tried to bribe investigator GUS GPU for closing the case and return 200 kg of amber. This was announced by Attorney General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko on his page in Facebook.

"In the evening nibbles too ... detained person tried to bribe investigator GUS GPU for closing the case and return 200 kg of amber" - wrote Lutsenko.

The Attorney General added that " times change" and " now rogue and the answer amber and a bribe".

Earlier, Lutsenko said that the Department of the GPU in the economy together with the emergency and the SBU officers exposed JSC "Bank " Finance and Credit", which by means of non-residents of Ukraine, including one offshore company, the ultimate beneficial owner is a citizen of Ukraine - a former assistant deputy illegally brought the bank's assets worth more than one billion. In Ukrainian/український
GPU exposed massive fraud in the bank, "Finance and Credit"

Because fraud Ukraine was illegally removed more than one billion through offshore.

General prosecutors found financial officers deal of "Finance and Credit."

According to the prosecutor spokeswoman Larissa Sargan, due to fraud Ukraine was illegally removed more than one billion through offshore.

As explained Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, one of the members of the criminal group, former assistant deputy Zhevago Alexander Demchenko, reported suspicions on ch. 5, Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. He faces up to 12 years in prison with confiscation of property.

While the court he chose as a preventive measure of detention and ordered bail in the sum of 41 million. 340 thousand. UAH.

According to the prosecutor, the officials of the bank, "Finance and Credit" conspiring with others "entered into a contract of guarantee from a non-resident of Ukraine (one of the banks located in Austria) and listed on correspondent accounts with the institution 53,763,344 55 USD intended as a guarantee of the Ukrainian bank-guarantor risk of an offshore company registered in Cyprus."

In the GPU told that in sham financial transactions and unrecorded in the financial statements of the bank funds were lost, and the bank and its depositors suffered losses in a large scale. In Ukrainian/український
Vladimir Putin Denies Russian Meddling in U.S. Election

European farmers will not disrupt the free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU

On the Ukrainian agricultural producers can not expect Canadian fate as Ukraine has already signed FTA

Ukrainian agricultural producers are not Canadian spitkatyme fate. Ukraine has signed an agreement and a free trade zone running from 1 January 2016. This was told Adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, a former government commissioner for European Integration Valery Pyatnitsky during a press conference at the press center "Hlavkoma."

According Piatnytsky, the Ukrainian agricultural producers can not wait for fate Canadian. Since Ukraine has signed an agreement and a free trade zone earned. Ukraine exports honey, chicken, fish, eggs, fruit, oil, corn and rapeseed in the EU market.

"Today you are aware of the situation with the EU and Canada. She stopped the small farmers. This is a situation where the interests of all are taken into account, as the EU motto - "Unity in Diversity". We also should not turn into a system that simply does any one standardized product. Our strength is the variety that we can offer the EU", - says Pyatnitsky.

As for the agreement between the EU and Canada, then eventually it will also be signed. "This agreement with a global perspective of trade, exchange of goods between Canada and the EU has more weight than, say, our agreement with Canada. We have a small trade. I think that there will be found options how to accommodate the interests of farmers and political forces that are fighting for something that is not realized,"- thinks former government commissioner for European integration.

We also view the recording press conference "The Netherlands is prepared 'no' Association of Ukraine with the EU. That will be a free trade zone?" With the participation of the adviser Prime Minister of Ukraine, former Government Commissioner for EU Affairs Valery Piatnytsky.

Recall that the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau canceled a visit to EU summit - Canada , which was scheduled for signing a free trade agreement between the bloc and North American countries. In Ukrainian/український
Aircraft carrier, which Russia sent to Syria, capable only scare - expert

The combat effectiveness "Admiral Kuznetsov" modest

Expert naval forces of the world and maritime strategy Yyurh Kyurzener believes that the combat effectiveness of the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" that Russia sent to Syria are quite modest. It is rather sending propaganda purposes. This expert said in an interview with Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung.

"Although the" Admiral Kuznetsov "aircraft carrier is called, he deserves this definition only conditionally - said the expert. - First, it does not catapult, just jump, called Sky Jump. Thus, the aircraft can take off from it, but not with a full combat load. Due to their limited firepower. " According to him, "Admiral Kuznetsov" - this old ship (commissioned in 1991) with disabilities. Previously, it was called "Brezhnev", "Tbilisi" and "Riga".

Regarding the number of aircraft on board, there is a "different data", he added. "Someone says 50 aircraft and helicopters. But this figure is too high, - said Kyurzener. - Much more plausible I issued the following figures: 12 combat aircraft and 12 attack helicopters. Among the aircraft may be eight Su-33 and two MiG-29 and two Su-25 and helicopters - different versions of the Ka-27 and Ka-52. However, aircraft radar reconnaissance on board there, as well as any aircraft for aerial refueling. As a result of limited radius of the aircraft."

"The fact that along with the aircraft carrier in the fleet tug is also something said about the state of the so-called carrier. Especially after the return from the Mediterranean he again go to a shipyard for repairs,"- said the source publication.

Participating aircraft carrier in the Syrian war will be crucial, says Kyurzener. "Its combat capabilities are limited, and the effect is expected to more political since Russia again wants to be seen as an important player, including at sea. Perhaps, with this flotilla Russians are going to declare war returning to the Mediterranean Sea, in a certain way to mark their presence. This - a propaganda event ", - says the expert.

As reported, the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" has 10 days is in the sea and goes to the Syrian port of Tartus. This Wednesday Russian fleet had to go to the Spanish Ceuta, opposite Gibraltar for refueling. Previously, it was common for Russian warships - from 2011 they refueled there at least 60 times. But this time there was a diplomatic scandal: some NATO countries demanded that Spain did not fill the Russian ships. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Russian military group in Syria can be used for bombing civilians in Aleppo. Thus each country, he added, can itself decide who to allow refueling. In Ukrainian/український
US should join the negotiations on the situation in the Donbas - Yatseniuk

Yatsenyuk met with US Vice President Joe Biden in Washington on October 26

The United States should take part in the negotiations to resolve the situation in eastern Ukraine.

This position was voiced by the leader of the "Popular Front" Yatsenyuk at a meeting with US Vice President Joe Biden on Oct. 26 in Washington.

This Yatsenyuk wrote on his page on Facebook.

As previously reported, after the meeting with Joseph Biden Yatsenyuk said in an interview that "the US side supports the position that the first and main stage - the stage of security": "We can not jump to any political issues not having a security solution. "

"I'll go with the position voiced by many times, are key conditions in order to further general debate on the political settlement - a security" - said Yatsenyuk.

"Russia needs to get on the Ukrainian territory. First - it stops the fire. That and no. The second - a withdrawal of troops and heavy weapons. The third - a return of control over Ukrainian border. These are three key positions that are part of the "Minsk". And we must strive to perform their Russia ", - the leader of the" Popular Front ". In Ukrainian/український

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Intoxicated driver causes large-scale road accident in Odesa, kills two and wounds passer-by while escaping. PHOTOS

At around 10 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26, three cars collided at Velyka Arnautska and Zaslavskoho Streets in downtown Odesa.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Dumskaya, eyewitnesses say a BMW SUV ran into a Moskvitch, sending it onto another car. The impact launched the SUV into the wall of a nearby building.

By preliminary data, two people, the driver and a passenger of the Moskvitch, died, while two others were hospitalized with grave injuries.

According to the police, the driver and a passenger of the BMW escaped the accident scene on foot.

"The police have arrived at the scene, the perpetrator has escaped, we are on the lookout using approximate description," Odesa patrol police press officer Alla Marchenko said.

According to eyewitnesses, the SUV's driver was intoxicated. While fleeing from the scene, he stabbed a passer-by who tried to stop him. The man was hospitalized.

Later it became known that the same BMW had hit three people at a bus stop earlier in the evening. The injured were hospitalized. A girl stayed unconscious and a young man had an open fracture. In Ukrainian/український
Several buildings destroyed, cattle killed in 3.5-hour shelling of Marinka, - ATO Staff. PHOTOS

Several outbuildings and homes were destroyed in Marinka, the Donetsk region, on Oct. 25 after a 3.5-hour attack by militants.

Censor.NET reports referring to ATO Staff press center's Facebook page.

As noted, Oct. 25, the enemy launched a 3.5-hour mortar attack firing from the area of Trudivski suburb of Donetsk.

A shed and two outbuildings at Petra Karpova Street were completely destroyed by fire following the blast of an RPG-18 grenade, killing the cattle that stayed in the barn.

No casualties have been reported.

Five houses at Shevchenko Street were damaged by the explosion of a 120 mm mortar shell. In Ukrainian/український
on Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:10 amAdmin
US, Europe united on Russia sanctions, - Kerry

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the alleged Russian interference in the democratic process in the United States strengthens its solidarity with the European Union in maintaining sanctions.

Censor.NET reports citing

Read more: Sanctions against Russia must be maintained as long as Russian troops remain in Ukrainian territory, - Yatseniuk met with Biden

Kerry says there is unity among America's transatlantic partners in maintaining harsh economic sanctions against Russia over its aggression in Ukraine.

This unity is getting even stronger as Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to interfere in the democratic process within the U.S., the secretary of state said.

In early October, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Central Intelligence Agency accused Russia of deliberately breaking mail servers of American citizens and political organizations to interfere in the electoral process in the country. In Ukrainian/український
Russia's Supreme Court Upholds Sentences For Two Ukrainians

Russia's Supreme Court has upheld lengthy sentences for two Ukrainian citizens convicted of fighting alongside Chechen separatists in the 1990s.

In May, Chechnya's Supreme Court sentenced Mykola Karpyuk and Stanislav Klykh to 22 and 20 years in prison, respectively.

Karpyuk and Klykh have both denied the charges.

The Moscow-based Memorial human rights center has recognized Karpyuk and Klykh as political prisoners.

Ukrainian parliament deputy Nadia Savchenko attended the Supreme Court's hearings in Moscow on October 26.......
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