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The two countries block visa-free to Ukraine - media.  Ukrainian ship freed from detention in Turkey. Medvedchuk after meeting with Putin spoke about the future "Norman format".  Poroshenko asked to appoint a negotiator with Russia to release prisoners.  The UN in favor of a total ban on nuclear weapons.  

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on Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:01 pmAdmin
Russia was preparing a coup in Montenegro

Serbia deported several citizens of the Russian Federation participated in the preparation of terrorist acts in Montenegro, after which the Serbian Minister Alexander Vuchych said the presence of "foreign factor" in the case of an attempt to capture the Montenegrin Parliament.

It is reported by Kommersant.

Vuchych confirmed the arrest of the persons who prepared the seizure Assembly of Montenegro and fire on participants of the opposition rally to provoke chaos and the subsequent storming of the parliament.

According to the Serbian prime minister, were also found several dangerous groups, which are "very serious people".

"We arrested persons acting in coordination with foreigners ... There is compelling evidence that some people literally watched every step of the prime minister of Montenegro and informed it of other people who had to act in accordance with their instructions," - he said.

Also in this group was discovered uniform in which terrorists had to change clothes in the capture of Parliament, similar to the one that uses the Montenegrin special forces. Thus it was planned to transfer suspected of assault on opposition forces in the country directly to the government of Montenegro.

Information about the exposure of the terrorists neafishovanym coincided with a visit to Serbia's Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev Russia, which became known only on the eve of his arrival on 26 October.

Officially, Patrushev arrived in the country to offer to sign a memorandum of understanding on security between Russia and Serbia. However, experts believe that the visit of the representative of the Russian Federation was organized to discuss "the Montenegrin case."

As reported by the "Observer", before the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko told about the plans of the Kremlin. In Ukrainian/український
At the Pentagon, told how Russian and American aircraft nearly collided in the skies of Syria

Russia has explained that the pilot noticed an American plane

Russian fighter and an American military plane flying at night on October 17 at dangerously close distances, less than a kilometer apart in the sky over eastern Syria. Told commander of US air operations in the Middle East Jeffrey Herrihen, reports CNN .

He described the incident as a "near collision" is going at speeds of hundreds of miles per hour at night with the lights off.

Herrihen says that Russian fighter was accompanied by a reconnaissance aircraft and carried out dangerous maneuvers.

On the night of the incident, an American pilot has fulfilled all instructions and tried to contact the emergency frequency with Russian aircraft, but the Russian pilot allegedly answered.

The next day, the Russians managed to get in touch, but they said that their driver did not know that the incident took place.

Herrihen said that the likelihood of such incidents has increased over the past six weeks, as US forces moved further into the air over the north-western part of Syria to prepare for the operation to free the Syrian city of Rakka IDIL.

The general added that over the past six weeks in northwestern Syria near the American and Russian aircraft approached several times, and the US Air Force pilots began to maneuver to avoid excessive rapprochement.

He said Russian planes take off to intercept the US about once every ten days.

Earlier, the White House said the shelling in Idlib school made the Assad regime or Russia. In Ukrainian/український
In the Netherlands, the opposition supports the lifting of ratification association with Ukraine

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Ryutte trying to enlist the support of majority in the Senate on the ratification of the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine

Dutch opposition leaders see no reason to change its position on the results of a referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association after the emotional appeal of Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Reported Dutch broadcaster NOS.

"We maintain our view that the government will wait for the decision and then express their decision," - said the leader of the CDA, a member of the coalition.

The head of the party D66 said that Ryutte is responsible for the consequences of the referendum: "This is revenge for the lack Ryutte campaign and for the results of the referendum was not a timely response."

"I do not see sufficient reason to disregard the opinion of my voters," - said the leader of the Greens, who are also against the association.

Ryutte now trying to enlist the support of majority in the Senate and for this he needs the votes of 17 MPs CDA, D66 and green.

Note that the Dutch parliament ordered the government until November to decide on association between Ukraine and EU . At the same time Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Ryutte said that the government will likely not ratify the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine , taking into account the results of the April referendum.

Recall the consultative referendum in the Netherlands, April 6, 2016 against the CA voted 61% of the Dutch, who came to the station. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine has fulfilled all the necessary criteria for visa-free - Tusk

The EU must complete certain internal procedures to give the right Ukrainian entry to the EU without visas

President Petro Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with President of the European Council Donald Tusk. The latter confirmed that Ukraine fulfilled all the necessary criteria for visa-free regime.

It is reported by the press service of the Ukrainian president .

"The head of the Ukrainian state and head of the European Council exchanged views on the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. Thus Donald Tusk expressed his full support for Ukraine and said that the agreement should continue to operate.

European Council President stressed that Ukraine has fulfilled all the necessary criteria for visa-free regime. According to him, the EU now has to complete certain internal procedures to give the right Ukrainian entry to the EU without visas, says the report.

The parties agreed to continue intensive coordination at the highest level.

Recall Ukraine visa-free for MEPs can vote until 24 November. In Ukrainian/український
Russia is not re-elected to the Human Rights Council of the UN

Total UN General Assembly elected 14 new members to the HRC in 2017-2019 years

Russia has not received the necessary votes for election to the Human Rights Council of the UN, reports Reuters.
It is noted that the vote was held in the UN General Assembly on October 28.

Russia, which claimed a place in the HRC from Eastern Europe, received 112 votes. As a result, two seats in the HRC from Eastern European States will take Croatia (114 votes) and Hungary voted for 144 of the state.

Total UN General Assembly elected 14 new members to the HRC for 2017-2019 years.

Earlier, more than 80 human rights and humanitarian organizations urged the UN not to include Russia into a new Human Rights Council (HRC) through action in Syria. In Ukrainian/український
In the occupied Crimea were rockets that could strike any object in Ukraine

Now directly in the Crimea are frigates and three submarines equipped with missile system "Caliber"

A representative of the General Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadym Skibitskyy said that Russia in the Crimea has deployed a frigate and submarines equipped with missile complex "Caliber," which can hit strategic targets throughout the mainland Ukraine.

"It is located directly in the Crimea frigates and three submarines equipped with missile system" Caliber". Range launch these missiles is about 1500 kilometers. It is estimated that this missile can affect strategic sites throughout the territory of our country", - said Skibitskyy October 28 broadcast Espresso.TV.

Director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Valentine Badrak commented project Krym.Realiyi Radio Liberty said that Russian missiles in Crimea, mainly "intended to counter the West, not to attack the Ukraine."

In late summer of this year, representatives of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament said that Russia militaryzuvala Crimea. In Ukrainian/український
The "People's Control" offer punished with life imprisonment for bribery and corruption offenses

The bill stops the flow of limitations for crimes committed "untouchable"

Parliament to significantly increase liability for bribery and deny release on bail officials suspected of corruption.

The chairman interfactional association "People's Control" Dmitry Dobrodomov.

He noted that the bill number 5159 (on improving the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption and prevent cases avoid criminal liability) - received positive conclusions NABU and anti-corruption prosecutor's office, and was approved by the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Preventing and Combating Corruption.

People's Deputy said that the bill envisages increasing the term of imprisonment (including life imprisonment) for bribery and corruption offenses, strengthens the responsibility for illegal enrichment.

"The logic of the initiative is simple: every official should know that the State Service - is primarily responsible, not additional" business ". Therefore, our bill proposed to punish the corrupt confiscation of property and imprisonment for a term of 10-15 years, or for life, depending on the amount of bribes or the resulting benefit", - stated Dobrodomov.

In addition, the bill stops the flow of limitations for crimes committed "untouchable" (as the President, people's deputies, judges).

"This refers to the fact that officials do not hide from responsibility for their mandates and criminal cases are not closed because of lapse of time until they are" untouchables"," - explains the MP.

Another proposal document - take in the appellate court to send the case for new proceedings at first instance, which will help expedite their review, rather than to artificially delay. The draft law also provides for cancellation of bail for persons detained on suspicion of committing corruption crimes.

"We have many cases where corrupt officials" caught red-handed", and then released on bail at the time of the investigation, and they fled from the country", - said Dobrodomov.

He said the strengthening of criminal responsibility for corruption top along with the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court will be a logical continuation of initiated anti-corruption reforms. In Ukrainian/український

AMEN! Corruption in Ukraine's SO DEEP, something like this kind of move would be the only way to heavily curtail it. As if just a slap on the hand continues, corruption will continue as the norm in Ukraine. The criminals, including judges have to pay the price, and they need to know it.

How many times almost daily to we STILL hear of government officials throughout Ukraine being caught for corruption, even after the extra effort being implemented now? It's not enough to stop it. So this move will definitely make a difference, if the upper echelon want to make a major change on how business is done in Ukraine.

I hope Poroshenko and Groysman support this move. If not, they'll pay for it in the end, if they want to continue in Ukraine political area.
The initial weather in Ukraine will worsen sharply

Heavy rains and snow will almost throughout the country

This weekend, 29 and 30 October, the weather changed dramatically. Heavy rains and snow will almost throughout the country.

In central and northern air warms up to +5... + 6°C. In particular, in Kiev promised sleet.

In the East, is also expected to snow and rain, and temperatures range from 3°C to 8°C.

In the western regions thermometers show +6... + 10°C, where forecasters promise rain.

Small rain forecast and the South. The air is warmed up to +11°C.
Today, 28 October, Ukraine predicted a weather cloud. In the North, will be +2... + 5°C. The same promise temperature and the East. In the central regions expect +4... + 5 °C. In the southern region and the Crimea thermometers will show +5... +6°C. In the West +6... +8 °C. In Ukrainian/український
The UN in favor of a total ban on nuclear weapons

According to a resolution calling for negotiations on an agreement that would have banned nuclear weapons, voted 123 countries

In the UN Committee on Disarmament and International Security on Thursday, October 27, passed a vote on a resolution calling for negotiations on an agreement that would have banned nuclear weapons.

At a meeting in New York on the document proposed by Austria, Brazil, Ireland, Mexico, Nigeria and South Africa, 123 countries voted in favor, 38 opposed, even 16 - abstained. Now consider the resolution at the UN General Assembly in December.

"Any use of nuclear weapons could have" catastrophic humanitarian consequences, "- the document says. It offers convene in March 2017 a conference for Search "tool legal obligation to ban nuclear weapons, which would lead to its total destruction."

However, representatives of four of the five countries with veto power in the UN Security Council voting for the draft resolution were against - the US, Russia, France and the United Kingdom. Due to US pressure, the agency dpa, 27 of 28 NATO members also opposed. Only refrained Netherlands. The active opponent of nuclear weapons against Japan voted. South Korea, which has threatened nuclear attack by North also did not support the resolution. In Ukrainian/український
Poroshenko asked to appoint a negotiator with Russia to release prisoners

The appeal was signed and family members of political prisoners

It is necessary to appoint a specific person or institution is responsible for negotiations on the issue of exemption categories Ukrainian citizens on political grounds are kept in captivity in Russia and temporarily occupied Crimea.

This is stated in an address to the President of Petro Poroshenko, head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak, Secretary of National Security and Defense Oleksandr Turchynov, Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko, which was made public today at a briefing in Kiev.

The appeal emphasizes the need to oblige that person or institution to report regularly to the public on the closed mode to relatives and defenders of Russia held on Ukrainian negotiations and actions to return the captives.

Also talking about the need for public and report to the public at least once a month. The appeal states that "Otherwise, the general negative sentiment amid growing atmosphere of mistrust will only grow, and the request to relatives and lawyers" mode to keep silence "perceived as a cover for inaction."

Among the signatories, in particular - the people's deputies of Ukraine Svetlana Zalishchuk Dmitry Bilotserkivets Irina Suslov (all factions MFP), Igor Lutsenko (fraction "Fatherland") and sister Oleg Sentsov Natalia Kaplan, wife of Nicholas Karpyuk Elena Karpyuk father Valentine Vyhivskoho Peter Vyhivskyy brother Igor Kotelyantsya Evgeny Panov.

Recall, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine will earn a special platform for the release of political prisoners . In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:44 amAdmin
Ukrainian ship freed from detention in Turkey

The vessel was arrested more than two years

Ship Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company "Tatarbunary" was released from detention in a Turkish port.

This informs the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

"After a long trial were released from custody in the Turkish port of Haydarpasa boat Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company" Tatarbunary", according to the department on his page in Facebook.

The Foreign Ministry said that during the term of the vessel in the port of Istanbul Ukrainian consuls assisted the crew and provide consular assistance cases involving the arrest of the vessel.

The report indicates that the vessel left the territorial waters of Turkey and went to the port is 23 October, but the department reported it only now.

The ship "Tatarbunary" was arrested over two years ago - July 18, 2014 in the port of Bandirma (Turkey) at the suit of "Credit Security Bureau of England." In Ukrainian/український
Medvedchuk after meeting with Putin spoke about the future "Norman format"

Medvedchuk more optimistic than the last meeting in Berlin

Special Representative for Humanitarian Affairs in the framework of the Trilateral Contact Group on peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbass Victor Medvedchuk in the comments, this one of the channels in the international discussion club "Valdai", said when will the next meeting of the "Normandy format" and is it possible to speak of optimism after meeting in Berlin.

According to him, it all depends on what is planned in Berlin last participants of the "Normandy format".

"This includes the need to work out a so-called road map for the implementation of the Minsk agreements. The meeting was this month, in what is certainly in doubt. If the meeting takes place, it will be in December, when participants must approve developments advisors heads of the four states and foreign ministers already at the level of leaders,"- said Medvedchuk.

In his view, the question of where will meet hardly discussed, but it will be "100% not in Ukraine."

Medvedchuk also said that more optimistic than the last meeting in Berlin. "Why? Because today in Ukraine also felt movement aimed not only at drafting a "road map", but also more widely debated election law (in the Donbas. - Ed.) That is either hushed before, or has caused a flurry of criticism. So, the remaining barrage of criticism, but the government represented in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives and the president says that there should be the establishment of security, harmonization of the election law, its decision and conduct of elections. Therefore, even the rhetoric has changed, gives cause for some optimism, "- he said. In Ukrainian/український

Recall that in June 2014 Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel has proposed to appoint Medvedchuk intermediary for tripartite contact group.
The two countries visa-free block to Ukraine - media

France and Belgium raised the issue of "nespravzhnist" Kyiv anti-corruption policy, that hinted at the incomplete implementation of visa-free criteria

In France and Belgium are having reservations about fighting corruption in Ukraine, and in this regard, they hinted at Kyiv incomplete fulfillment of criteria for visa-free regime with the EU. This is reported by journalists and experts from Visa Waiver topics for the meeting of EU ambassadors, held on 27 October.

In particular, it was written by the Brussels correspondent of "Radio Liberty" Yozvyak Rickard, who also noted that no progress on the issue of Ukrainian visa-free will to address the issue of so-called suspension mechanism.

"EU diplomats discussed visa liberalization for Ukraine. No progress will be to address the issue of the suspension mechanism. In Belgium and France had questions as to fight corruption in Kiev", - he wrote.

The fact that "France and Belgium raised the issue of" nespravzhnist "Kyiv anti-corruption policy, that hinted at the incomplete implementation of visa-free criteria, attempts to rollback in reforms," ​​said Director of the Institute and the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Oleksandr Sushko. He also said that Georgia about such comments were not.

As the correspondent of "Ukrinform" Andrew Lavrenyuk citing a source in the EU Council, the next trilateral meeting of EU diplomats, the European Commission and representatives of the negotiating team from the European Parliament on the suspension mechanism is planned for early November.

"We can not at this stage predict its results", - said the EU Council.

Earlier it was reported that the Council and the European Parliament in early November will decide on the suspension mechanism for visa-free travel, which is the main obstacle for the abolition of visas for Ukraine and Georgia.

As reported, the speaker of the visa issue in the European Parliament before Mary Gabriel suggested that the issue of granting Ukraine visa-free regime can be MEPs voted to the EU - Ukraine Summit to be held on 24 November.

October 23 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the EU should give Ukraine visa-free travel to the EU - Ukraine Summit to be held on 24 November 2016 in Brussels. In Ukrainian/український
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