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Death of Putin's ex-aide in US partly caused by heavy drinking.  Nationalists attacked participants of Hemp March in Kyiv: two people apprehended. PHOTOS.  Ukrainian World Congress calls to support ratification of EU-Ukraine association agreement. Tomorrow may occur signing FTA Canada-EU.  In Odessa secretly destroyed cultural monuments - Cottage Dock in Arcadia.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Shouted "Glory to Ukraine", held in St. Petersburg march against hate

In St. Petersburg, held March against hatred, whose members unfurled Ukrainian flags.

Told activist Philip Artois page on Facebook.

"A huge number of our citizens have kept the mind and conscience, but despite a number of circumstances, living in the zombie environment - think they are alone," - he said.

Activists unfurled Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar flags and held pictures of murdered Russian human rights activists.

According Artois, young people who came forward after seeing these flags, loudly chanted "Glory to Ukraine!". In Ukrainian/український
Near the KGB building in Minsk detained protesters in memory of victims of repression

At the participants were drawn police records

Opposition activists lit candles near the Belarusian KGB in Minsk in memory of the victims of Stalinist repression. Reported Russian Service BBC.

During the day there were flowers and candles at the burial place of victims of Stalinist executions - including those killed on 29-30 October 1937.

It is noted that about 15 opposition activists held a rally in memory of victims of Stalinist repression.

Several people were detained. At the participants were drawn police protocols.

Janitors sent to restore order to the KGB building on eyewitnesses, did not touch the portraits of the repressed in October 1937 and candles, waiting for them up. In Ukrainian/український

In the Commission advised the Dutch give presents to Putin denies Ukraine the association

According Tymmermansa, the agreement is essential for the EU and the Netherlands

First Vice-President of the European Commission, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Frans.

Tymmermans hopes that his country will support the ratification of the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine. He said in a radio program on Radio 1 SPA, quoted by the publication NOS .

"Consultative referendum does not interfere with the deputies to make decisions based on their own estimates. Netherlands should be the last country that makes gifts to Putin" - said Tymmermans.

He agreed with the words of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who the day before said that the issue is broader than just the issue of the Netherlands and agreements ratified by increasing the risk of instability in the region.

According Tymmermansa, the agreement is essential for the EU and the Netherlands.

Timmermans said that before the Dutch Parliament by an absolute majority supported the ratification of the agreement. He said he did not understand the political forces that earlier supported the deal, but now do not want to accept the offer of the Prime Minister on the ratification of the document.

"CDA (one of the opposition parties in the Netherlands. - Ed.) Was against the referendum and actively supported Ukraine, all close to her European Party" on. "I have listened to them," - he said.

Note that the Dutch parliament ordered the government until November to decide on association between Ukraine and EU . At the same time Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Ryutte said that the government will likely not ratify the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine , taking into account the results of the April referendum. In Ukrainian/український

Wonder how many Rubles Putin's dumping into the Netherlands coffers. They're making SO obvious who's calling the shots. Weak! Very weak government with a price on their heads.
Ukraine is moving on the right track - Chairman of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine

"The result of any revolution is impossible to predict"

The result of any revolution that occurred in the world, was not known in advance. Dignity revolution was no exception. However, at the moment our country is moving mostly right way. Such an opinion in an interview Jüdische allgemeine expressed President of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine Joseph Zissels.

"Sometimes I want to make the necessary changes occurred quickly. Surprisingly quickly have collapsed the structures of civil society, which, however, was not before"- said Zissels. According to him, Ukraine is really a lot of frustration, but there is much hope for the future. "I am fascinated by the younger generation, which is the country's future in their hands, which acts decisively and selflessly" - he concluded.

The public figure said that Jewish youth was very active on the Square, along with other Jews also had to mourn their victims. In Ukrainian/український
Putin, come! In Sevastopol, now protests, the occupation authorities pursued "heroes Rus Spring"

Anatoly Mareta in 2014 supported the invasion of Russians in the Ukrainian Crimea, now received "gratitude"

Citizen of Ukraine Anatoliy Mareti, which in 2014 contributed actively seize Crimea Russians, the occupation authorities brought charges Peninsula. The separatists, who so glad occupation, and now the sight and started to criticize Russian orders, is accused of a crime against justice.

According to the most Marety who calls himself the Black Sea Cossack Ataman hundreds, he is accused of a crime through statements to the judge for being too lenient sentence the perpetrator accidents with two deaths. This is despite the fact that very sentence was abolished Court of Appeal as "wrong." He said separatists allegedly "openly and publicly expressed surprise at all indifferent public Sevastopol" occupational justice, and he was also charged!

Now the behavior of occupants Picture Crimean collaborators collected a rally in support of "hero Rus spring." It will be held on Sunday, October 30, at the Nakhimov Square in occupied Sevastopol.

The separatists are going to protest, occupation orders they do not like, Putin again called for help

Collaborators still believe that the good Putin does not know that his vassals create lawlessness in the Crimea because convinced that Meretu persecuted for that... "it for Putin!". "Because the truth says that the country is. Because voiced a way out of this swamp - uniting the nation around the national leaders, the heads of our country, and it is real, at least, a street, not a sofa online support!"- Written separatist media. In Ukrainian/український
Real wages in Ukraine increased by 1.2% - State Statistics Service

The average salary of a staff member in September amounted to 5000 UAH

Real wages in September 2016 compared to August increased by 1.2%.

This was reported by the press service of the State Statistics.

According to a report in September 2016 relative to September last year, real wages increased by 15.6%.

"The average monthly nominal wage full-time employees of enterprises, institutions and organizations in September 2016 amounted to 5.358 thousand, which is 3.7 times higher than the minimum wage" - said in a statement.

As noted, compared to August wages increased by 3% and in the last 12 months - by 23.4%.

The data exclude temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol and the zone of the anti-terrorist operation.

As reported, Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman announced plans to increase the minimum wage in 2017 to 3.2 thousand.

Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko said that the increase in the minimum wage to 3,200 hryvnia will not affect the amount of subsidies intended to heating season 2016-2017.

President Petro Poroshenko said that the growth of "minimally" will not raise taxes for businesses. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:51 pmAdmin
Crimean invaders warned: will sit without light

Propaganda projects Putin has not yet Crimean rescued from darkness and cold

Media occupied the peninsula note occupiers held a closed meeting where the agreed schedule shutdowns fan

In Crimea fan charts make electricity outages and limit gas consumption of the peninsula in the off season. According to the press service of the occupation administration, this was discussed during a meeting in Simferopol.

"The main focus of the meeting was made on securing the heating season in the Crimea. In particular, the issue of the republic's population with energy resources, monitoring and verification of autonomous power supply sources and the availability of reserve fuel in the workplace. Also, attention was paid to the prevention and the prevention of accidents and breakdowns in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the rapid elimination of the causes adverse effects. In addition, the meeting discussed the readiness of graphics fan power outages and limit gas consumption in Kazakhstan, pricing of energy consumed Crimea, part of its pricing policy and compliance Southern Federal District, the program of gasification of the republic for 2016-2017 years", - stated in published text message occupation administration

Media occupied the peninsula note that this meeting took place behind closed doors.

Recall through energy blockade of the Crimea from November 22 last year and the state of emergency in the occupied peninsula through the mass disconnection of electricity supply so-called construction enerhomosta from Russia was accelerated. December 2 last year, Putin personally turned on the first line to 200 megawatts. Despite the propaganda statements originally the flow did not affect the situation in Crimea. In fact, by 15 December of electricity from Russia lacked a maximum of Kerch and Feodosia. And then intermittently.

After starting the second line enerhomosta December 15, limits the supply of electricity in the city of the Crimea increased. Were revised schedules shutdowns of light in homes, resulting in disconnection were only an hour in the morning and evening peak times.

Despite the launch of the second line enerhomosta i general improvement in the electricity supply situation in the Crimea remains difficult. The biggest problem with the power supply experienced Yalta and Djankoi that even after starting enerhomosta and repair power lines Kakhovka-Titan experienced severe shortage of power supply, in which you can not start the trolley and had again disconnected from the electricity cable car Miskhor-Ai Petri, to redirect electricity assigned to it, the city lifts. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:34 pmAdmin
MH-17 downing, Putin wants to blame Girkin

But girkin ordered to enter the Russian troops in Ukraine

Online reports that Putin wants to push down the blame for the downed Boeing in Donbas Igor girkin. That said, the effect of Artist.

But girkin ordered Russian troops to enter Ukraine, and the Emperor Putin.

In connection with this recall contact with the familiar deputy of the State Duma after the invasion of Russian troops in Donbas. As you know, it gave permission to the Federation Council at the request of Putin.

I asked and who asked Putin about it. If anyone surprised MP, your President Yanukovych. I told him: our pr ezydent this right does not have the alien army can afford to enter Ukraine only in Parliament. But Janek has not the president, and escaped.

Deputy surprise knew no bounds: we can all Putin and President of you for what? Well, now girkin blame the emperor as Caesar's wife, above suspicion?

Wretched monster on the throne and ruled well and plebs praying for it.

All people - the plebs ?! That's the problem! In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:33 amAdmin
Ukraine budget revenue grows 7% in September

Ukraine's general budget revenues were UAH 60.0 bln in September, or up 6.8% yoy, owing to own revenue of budget organizations (+50.3% yoy), excise duties (+40.9% yoy), and personal income tax (+40.4% yoy), Concorde Capital informed clients based on the State Treasury report of Oct. 27.

Remarkably, budget collections were positive without the regular profit wire from the NBU (UAH 8.0 bln a year ago), a decrease in enterprise profit tax collections (-55.6%) (caused by a switch to a quarterly payment schedule) and falling import duties (-53.6% yoy). Revenues slowed from 26.6% yoy growth in August and reached a 12.3% yoy growth in 9M16.

Spending reached UAH 81.1 bln in September, which is 61.1% more than a year ago. Stronger public outlays led immediately to deficit expansion. The general budget deficit was UAH 20.4 bln in September, reaching UAH 31.7 bln for 9M16. This reflected the central budget deficit of UAH 20.5 bln in September and UAH 63.4 bln deficit for 9M16. Local budgets remain in surplus at UAH 31.7 bln for 9M16 (UAH 0.1 bln surplus for September).

Concorde analyst Alexander Paraschiy added: “Budget revenues are still in good shape. The 12.3% growth in 9M16 is a very good result given the full release of NBU dividends of UAH 38 bln was still delayed. The NBU Council was formed on Oct. 24 and among its first acts was approving the NBU dividends distribution for 2016. By Oct. 27, the NBU wired the first USD 10 bln tranche to the budget.......

Man, transported three TNT blocks and 50 detonators, apprehended in public bus

A man, carrying TNT blocks and detonators, apprehended in the Zaporizhia region.

Censor.NET reports citing the National Police in the Zaporizhia region.

Sievierodonetsk-Zaporizhia bus was stopped for inspection at the checkpoint near the village of Novomykolaivka. It was established that 37-year-old resident of Kyiv was carrying three TNT blocks (400 grams each) and more than 50 different types of detonators during the search.

Criminal proceedings have been opened under 263article (part.1 - illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The suspect faces up to seven years in prison. In Ukrainian/український
The Kremlin responded to calls to prevent Russia to the UN HRC

More than 80 organizations have demanded to exclude Russia because of Moscow's actions in Syria

The activities of human rights defenders, calling to exclude Russia from the Human Rights Council of the UN, would be more convincing if they were as consistent and resolute in condemning terrorist acts in Syria. This was announced by press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said " RIA Novosti".

"If these organizations were as consistent and strong in condemnation of these terrorists and to support those who are fighting these terrorists when they looked, their activities seemed to us more convincing and credible" - said the representative of the Kremlin.

Asked whether Russia intends to do something that it can be excluded from the Human Rights Council of the UN, Peskov said: "I said what I wanted to say."

Recall that over 80 charities and human rights organizations urged the UN not to allow Russia to the UN Council on Human Rights because of Moscow's actions in Syria. Human rights activists have raised this issue with the Friday vote on the composition of the HRC, which Russia, Hungary and Croatia will fight for the right to represent Eastern Europe. In Ukrainian/український
Churkin sure that the next time Russia re-elected to the UN Council on Human Rights

The next election to the HRC UN General Assembly will hold in 2017

Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin expressed confidence that Russia will be elected to the UN Council on Human Rights "next time." He told reporters convey " RIA Novosti".

"We were in the Council a number of years, I am sure that next time we enter (a part - Ed.)" - Said Churkin.

Recall, the General Assembly of the UN on Friday not re-elected to the Council for Human Rights . Two seats on the Council from a group of Eastern European States from 2017 will occupy Croatia and Hungary. The next election to the HRC UN General Assembly will hold in 2017. In Ukrainian/український

In Odesa secretly destroyed cultural monuments - Cottage Dock in Arcadia

Saakashvili called Trukhanov city council and his killers

Today, at the dawn of the City of Odesa secretly destroyed historical and cultural heritage of Odesa and Ukraine century architectural monument IHI - Cottage Dock in Arcadia.

About this on his page in Facebook said the governor of the Odesa region Mikheil Saakashvili.

"You see made today at dawn Trukhanov bandit government" - said he came to the place where yesterday evening impressed attraction.

The fact that the city council gave the Cottage Dock for demolition developers became known before. Then Saakashvili called from Odesa to help him save from destruction by corrupt officials grand historical and cultural heritage of Odesa.

"Today I stopped the destruction of a unique architectural monument IHI century - Dock Cottages in Arcadia, which gave the city council demolished greedy developers" - then he reported.

But even signed by order of registration in the register Villas Doc cultural monuments has not helped its preservation.

"Yesterday I signed. And now, knowing that we stopped construction, they boldly demolished the last historical building in Arcadia ", - said Saakashvili.

"Truhanov (mayor of Odesa, -" Glaucus ") - a normal criminal thug, but a large scale. His district - this crooks. In the 90 years they were killing people, and now they are killing the city. Truhanov - a criminal and a murderer. In this case, the killer of the city ", - said the governor. In Ukrainian/український
Ukrainian World Congress calls to support ratification of EU-Ukraine association agreement

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) calls on Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine around the world to urge via social media sites Prime Minister Mark Rutte to unblock the full and unconditional ratification of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

Censor.NET reports citing press service of the UWC.

"This matter is imminent and we need your support NOW! Spread the message: #NetherlandsWithUkraine," the address reads.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte said earlier that a decision on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will be made before Nov. this year. According to him, there is "little room" at present for addressing the Ukrainian issue.

In the long term, there is still a possibility of ratifying the agreement between Ukraine and the EU, should the provisions of the document be changed, Rutte remarked. In Russian/русский
Nationalists attacked participants of Hemp March in Kyiv: two people apprehended. PHOTOS

The clash occurred when the participants tried to deploy the banners.

A clash occurred during the so-called Hemp March in Kyiv between the people advocating the decriminalization of soft drugs on the one side, and representatives of the nationalist forces on the other, Censor.NET correspondent reports.

First clash occurred after the activists campaigning for the hemp decriminalization attempted to deploy the banners with their demands. In Ukrainian/український

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Dutch PM may submit bill to revoke support for EU-Ukraine Treaty Monday

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Friday said his government may submit a bill revoking his country's support for the treaty establishing closer ties between the European Union and Ukraine, according to Voice of America.

Rutte has said rejection of the association agreement would be a mistake and would weaken European unity, but that if efforts to find a compromise failed at the weekend, he would have no choice, VOA reports. The Netherlands is the only EU member state not to have ratified the deal following a referendum in April in which the Dutch chose not to support closer ties with Kyiv.

Meanwhile, PM Rutte is willing to find a compromise between Ukraine, the EU and Dutch opposition that will both let the treaty be implemented and respect the people's vote cast in April. The association agreement, reached after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014 and then backed militants fighting government troops in the east of the country, is being provisionally implemented now, but its future hinges on the Netherlands............
on Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:34 amAdmin
Tomorrow may occur signing FTA Canada-EU

The summit, which is planned signing will be held on October 30

EU-Canada summit, which is planned to sign a free trade agreement will be held on Sunday, 30 October.

It is written in Twitter Justin Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister and European Council President Donald Tusk.

"I just spoke with the president of the European Council Donald Tusk - EU-Canada summit on Sunday. The good news, and I am looking forward to be there,"- wrote Trudeau.

Recall CETA agreement must be approved by all EU member states. While Belgium will not support CETA, the EU will not sign it. In return, the Belgian Government can not approve the deal because the region of Wallonia, Brussels Capital Region and the French Community of Belgium against the document.

Earlier, the European Union has given the government of Wallonia (French-speaking region of Belgium) time in the evening Monday, October 24 to determine the decision on signing a comprehensive economic and trade agreement between the EU and Canada. In Ukrainian/український
Death of Putin's ex-aide in US partly caused by heavy drinking

The death last year in Washington of Mikhail Lesin, a Russian media executive and former adviser to President Vladimir Putin, was accidental and caused partly by alcohol poisoning after days of heavy drinking, US authorities said on Friday.

Lesin, who was found dead in his hotel room on Nov. 5, 2015 at the age of 57, died partly from "acute ethanol intoxication," according to a statement by Washington's Metropolitan Police Department and the US Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia............
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