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In Moscow, the FSB Savchenko allowed managers - Feigin  The EU and Canada signed an agreement on free trade area.  The militants announced a dilution of power in the village on November 2.  Chairman of the State Property Fund was a millionaire.  Never before NATO so strongly responded to Russian aggression, as now - the Polish Defense Ministry

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Pro-Russian candidate for president of Moldova is not yet possible to win in first round

A key rival Dodon, representative of the united opposition right Maia Sandu, has the support of about 37%

In the elections of the President of Moldova, most likely, there will be a second round - support the leader of the race, Socialist Igor Dodon, is below 50%.

These are the preliminary results of the vote count, announced CEC countries. After counting 92.55 %% reports its figures were 49.66 %%.

It is expected that further indicators support the Socialist fall further as the CEC protocols must originate overseas polling stations to vote, where his support is rather low.

A key rival Dodon, representative of the united opposition right Maia Sandu, has the support of about 37%.

Socialist Igor Dodon is a leader in many opinion polls, but could not gain enough votes to win the election in the first round. 41-year-old economist Dodon wants to change the country's course towards European integration envisaged signed in 2014 against the backdrop of fierce resistance Moscow association agreement with the EU.

The main oponentkoyu Dodon is a former Minister of Education and Chairman of the Party of action and solidarity Maya Sandu. She wants to implement the envisaged Association Agreement with Brussels Chisinau reform and said that Moldova needs to strengthen its chances for EU membership.

Elections taking place in Moldova on 30 October, is the first in 20 years of direct presidential elections. Election observers perceived as a struggle between supporters of Moldova's integration with the European Union and those who want closer ties with Russia. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Times announced the emergence of three Russian submarines in the Mediterranean

It is about two nuclear submarines of project 971 "Pike-B" and one diesel-electric submarine Project 877 "Halibut"
Three submarines joined the Russian aircraft carrier group in the Mediterranean, according to The Times, citing anonymous sources in the Navy and NATO.

The newspaper said the case of two nuclear submarines of project 971 "Pike-B" and one diesel-electric submarine Project 877 "Halibut".

As noted last week, the British navy recorded their passage to the Mediterranean Sea.

Participants newspapers believe that the submarines can be equipped with cruise missiles "Caliber" to attack targets in Syria.

Earlier, NATO reported that two Russian ships with missiles "Caliber" entered the Baltic Sea.

The transfer of the Russian Navy aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean is of concern to NATO because this group can be used in military operations in Syria , including Aleppo.

It was reported that the British navy in a state of full combat readiness after the information that the Russian ships are on their way to Syria to pass along the coast of the Kingdom.

According to the British Defense Ministry, "Admiral Kuznetsov" and 7 other Russian surface ships are in the Norwegian Sea on their way to Syria. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Rabinovich: Putin is playing the madman, already fed up with all

The dangers that Russian President Vladimir Putin will unleash a third world war is not - he is not interested in it.

About this in the air "Observer" said the Russian financier and blogger Slava Rabinovich.

"In order to be the third world war, we need, at least, the camp of the opposing sides. Looking at each side of the coalition of influential and powerful countries. It is difficult to name even one country that would agree to fight on the side of Russia. Secondly, Putin and OPG (organized criminal group -. Ed.) have stolen trillions of dollars, and brought them to the West not to turn their wealth and themselves in the radioactive ash", - said Rabinovich. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Gems and pearls. Tymoshenko has finally revealed all its treasures In Ukrainian/на українській мові

According to the electronic declaration for 2015, it also has "the right to use another" to "land under lease object" in Kozin

MP, leader of the "Fatherland" Yulia Tymoshenko rents a house of 588 square meters in Kozin Obukhov district, Kyiv region.

According to the electronic declaration for 2015, it also has "the right to use another" to "land under lease object" in Kozin area of ​​1500 square meters, as well as on land "near the facility lease" area of ​​1862 square meters.

The owner of the house and the land is Tatiana V. Sharapova.

The declaration also stated Tymoshenko apartment in the river area of ​​59.4 square meters with a note "do not mistake abolished registration. The apartment does not belong Tymoshenko Yuliya Tymoshenko."?

Tymoshenko declared jewelry: earrings with pearls and fine jewels Mikimoto, earrings with pearls and fine jewels Chanel, ring with small precious stones Dinh Van, earrings with pearls and fine jewels Cartier, pendant with precious stones Chopard, 2 units necklaces pearls, ring and small pearls precious stones, set of earrings and rings with precious stones.

Tymoshenko's husband Alexander are men watches Corum and Vacheron Constantin. He also owned vehicles Mercedes-Benz GL-350 CDI 2014 model year and GAZ 14, 1983 release. According to 2015 salary Tymoshenko in Parliament was 75,616 and UAH funds for the office of deputy 80,559 hryvnia.

Man Tymoshenko received foreign income: $2,390,942 USD from Diafox Consulting Limited, 119,875 hryvnia from Britico Product sro, 693,183 hryvnia from Toulouse Net LP, as well as insurance premiums in the UK "Arsenal insurance" in the amount of $66,337 USD.

According to the declaration, Tymoshenko 485 971 USD in the bank account and 318 thousand cash. The main - $2,989,650 USD in bank accounts and 163,000 euros, $270,000 dollars and $360 thousand cash. Alexander Timoshenko is the ultimate beneficial owner of the 9 companies in Ukraine.

However, outfits and accessories world's most expensive brands, which often see the MP, the declaration is not specified.
Georgia finished voting at the polling station came less than a third of voters

100 candidates competed in seven regions and in all major cities of Georgia

The second round ended in 50 constituencies - Georgian MPs elected in seven regions and in all major cities.

It is reported by "Georgia Online».

"The election was attended by 100 candidates. Of these, 49 ran from the ruling party "Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia", 45 - the former ruling party "United National Movement", two - from the "Free Democrats" - one of the party "Topadze - Industrialists, Russia." The elections also attended by three independent candidates,"- said in a statement.

In the second round for the parliamentary mandate from single-member districts have fought two candidates who received most votes in the first round.

In the election commission has received 87 complaints about violations. The CEC of Georgia stated that they concern minor procedural violations.

Turnout in the second round of parliamentary elections in Georgia at 17:00 was 30.99%.

"As of 17:00, the majority in all 50 constituencies in the elections was attended by 30.99% of the total number of voters in numbers of 767,907 voters," - said the speaker of Georgian CEC Anna Mikeladze.

The second round of elections held by the majority system in 50 single-mandate constituencies Georgia. The main competitors in the election are the candidates of the ruling party "Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia" and former ruling party "United National Movement". In Ukrainian/український
Rada (Parliament) MPs showing Ukraine's people are irrelevant to them

It's no secret that the MPs in the Rada have increased their wealth on the backs of Ukrainians.

When the hryvnia's at $1 - 25.41 UAH, we all know there's a major problem with Ukrainians inequality. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The e-declaration has let the cat out of the hat.

And to top it! The MPs are now asking for a salary increase? The country's in a tough situation trying to make ends meet. To further strangle Ukraine's economy, so the MPs can continue to further increase their wealth when the country and its people can use those moneys to help make life easier and their constituency can't afford to ride in Bentley's and afford to even buy an apartment or home, instead must settle for a Lada and sometimes not even have running water 24/7 is outrageous!

For starters, there should be a term limit in the Rada. This would cut the opportunities for the MPs to enrich themselves by many dark ways they do now. We all know how they enrich themselves. And who pays them to get breaks! the people they're suppose to be representing.

This is a major example that they're selfishness is more important than the condition of the people that put them in office. This is pure greed. Seems Sovietism is still deeply embedded in Ukraine's government. If they TOTALLY overlook Ukraine's people for their own personal greed, don't be surprised they'll end-up with another Maidan in the near future. It's time they started to work for the people, not for themselves. This problem goes up the ladder very high. Do they want to continue the status quo or do they want to commit to make good prosperous changes that would probably help them further in their next re-election. If not, they'll be voted out, justifiably.
Putin may want to exchange the Ukraine to Syria - Sikorski

Ex - head of the Foreign Ministry of Poland considers, that Putin could be to refuse to support the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, if the US left him Ukraine.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin is in a difficult financial situation and it is possible, that it" is prepared to offer the new president of the United States a big contract ". This was stated by the ex - head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski, reports.

"So , what he wants - is this a Yalta - 2, in which would come the global understanding, divided between equivalent powers " - said he.

According to Sikorski, Putin could to refuse to support the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, if the US left him to Ukraine, as well as the " priority of the United States has always been the Middle East," this exchange was to possible.

"The condition for this would be the appearance in the White House Donald Trump", - said Sikorski. In Ukrainian/український
on Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:54 amAdmin
The Kyiv metro police officer shot

State of the victim is unknown

At the subway station "Lybidskaya" in Kiev at about 16:30 a man shot a policeman. It is reported by "BBC Ukraine" , whose correspondent witnessed the incident.

Eyewitness said that the police arrested her husband and went with them to a special room.

"Afterwards there were heard sounds of struggle and shot. Then one of the policemen ran out of the room and informed call that a police officer received a gunshot wound. He also called" fast "and aid", - said the publication.

The National Police about the incident is currently nothing to report.

Recall, September 25, in the river patrol stopped two men for violation of traffic rules. The attacker opened fire on patrulnыh. As a result, a policeman was killed on the spot, it naparnitsa died on the operating table.

In a crime suspect Alexander Pugachev, a former fighter 'Tornado', who was wanted for committing other serious crimes. In Ukrainian/український
Declaration Lyashko: 940 thousand. US., 130 thousand. Euro and fork In Ukrainian/український

With movable property Lyashko declared NBU collection of coins and coins of foreign origin and fork

The head of the Radical Party in the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Lyashko pointed out that owns two apartments in Kiev - to 367.20 and 95.50 square meters. m. p. Knjazhichi Kyiv region in Lyashko are six areas of 210 square meters. m.

In the village of Kozin Kiev area he Savitsky Artem Valentinovich 2015 rents a house on 215.90 square meters. m and land - 142.3 and 450 square meters. m. Also, the "radical" are cars, garage and office in Kiev. Sayranen Rosita A., with whom he lives together but not married, has only 33.33% of apartments in Kiev.

With movable property Lyashko declared NBU collection of coins and coins of foreign origin and forks (mark - "Ukrainian", the manufacturer - "Peasant"). Also it has a treadmill, exercise bike and jewelry. MP Watches: Vacheron Constantin, Ulysse Nardin, Breguet, Audemars Piguet. In Lyashko registered two cars - Toyota Land Cruiser 2004 in. and Mercedes-Benz S 500L 4MATIK 2006 to. In Rosita - Mazda CX-May 2014 a. Lyashko owns 33.33% of the newspaper "Politika".

By 2015 he earned 79.5 thousand. UAH salary as MP, received 80 thousand. UAH to the introduction of parliamentary and 4.2 million income from the sale of real estate. As banks in Lyashko is 2 million USD, and cash - 940 thousand. US., 130 thousand. Euros and 1.65 million.

As reported previously Lyashko complained that for a long time could not complete a declaration .

Chairman of the State Property Fund Igor Bilous in 2015 declared the 1.2 million USD, 970 thousand dollars and 140 thousand euros in cash.
Never before NATO so strongly responded to Russian aggression, as now - the Polish Defense Ministry

The level of armament and aggressiveness of its actions, especially in the last period, is unprecedented - Matsyerevych

Russian Federation systematically and consistently seeks to destabilize Europe. The Minister of National Defense of Poland Matsyerevych Anthony, said "Polish Radio".

"The level of armament and aggressiveness of its actions, especially in the last period is unprecedented and has exceeded the limits of normal political auction ... We must realize that Russia systematically and consistently seeks to destabilize Europe to destabilize the political order in Europe", - he said, noting the fact that Russia need not fear.

Matsyerevych also said that in response to Russia in January in Poland plans to place US tank crew, which, according to the minister, the strongest US tank crew.

"False statement, which is not true is that NATO does not meet in this situation, NATO silent NATO powerless... This is just the contrary... If someone thinks that the Alliance helpless that the United States did not able to answer that NATO as a whole is unable to respond - it is not. Decisions were made, of which a half years ago, nobody even dreamed of. This is a permanent NATO presence in Poland and around the eastern side, the location in Poland headquarters, which will coordinate all these forces, "- he said, adding that never until now NATO so strongly responded to the aggressive actions of Russia as it is now.

As reported, in Lithuania issued a brochure with recommendations for the population in case of the Russian invasion. In Ukrainian/український
Chairman of the State Property Fund was a millionaire

Igor Bilous declared almost $ 1milyon and 140 euros cash

Chairman of the State Property Fund Igor Bilous in 2015 declared the 1.2 million USD, 970 thousand dollars and 140 thousand euros in cash.

This is stated in the electronic declaration Belous.

Wages Bilous the State Fiscal Service (Head of June 4, 2014 to 24 February 2015) amounted to 15.675 thousand, the State Property Fund - 75 270 UAH.

He also received 306.9 thousand per cent of deposits in "Privatbank", his wife - 225,200 USD. Bilous wife also received 19,600 hryvnia material assistance for child care.

SPF chairman revenues from the sale of real estate amounted to 230 thousand UAH.

On account of "Privatbank" Bilous holds 88,500 USD, 840 dollars, 15,600 euros. He has USD 46,100 in the account of "Ukrgasbank".

His wife holds 3,100 euros, 206 dollars and 1.7 thousand in "Privatbank".

In addition, the head of the State Property Fund said in a declaration that owns four cars and a motorcycle. Yes, he owns Audi 80 1991 release, Mercedes Benz GL 350 2013, Nissan Murano 2010 release, Audi A August 2014 issue and motorcycle Harley-Davidson Softail 2013.

His wife has Bilous Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 2013. She also indicated as the final beneficiary Ltd. "Medical Center Taffy."

Belous have three plots of land in the Kiev region, a house area of ​​570.4 square meters. m Plyuta Obukhov district, Kyiv apartment in the area of ​​94.1 square meters. m and garage (18.2 square meters).

Chairman of the State Property Fund owns four hours, the cost of which is not specified. In particular, Officine Panerai, Breguet, Reverso Jaeger-LeCoultre, A Lange & Sohne. His wife declared two watches and jewelry: rings, earrings and pendants. In Ukrainian/український
Leader of "Opobloku" Yuriy Boiko declared UAH 17 thousand retired, but his wife has apartment in Russia

His wife Vera policy documents on his times richer than her husband and has an apartment in Russia

The leader of "Opozytsiyonoho unit", MP Yuriy Boyko filed electronic return for 2015, published on the website Nazca in the Unified State Register of declarations, wrote "to news" .

According to the declaration, Boyko - Former Energy Minister and Deputy Prime Minister times Yanukovych - the owner of a residential building in Dibrova Limanskaya district in Donetsk region - 30 square meters. m apartment in Rubizhne Luhansk region - 113 square meters. m and garage 20 square meters. m. He also rents office in Kiev area of ​​25.7 square meters. m.

At the same time his wife Vera registered apartments in Kiev - 257 square meters. m apartment in Russia - 220.3 square meters. m house in the village Ivankovic Vasylkiv district, Kyiv region - 444.8 square meters. m cars in Russia - 15.4 sq. m, garage in Kyiv - 19.2 sq. m.

In Boyko and his wife also have ten plots of land in the surrounding villages and Gnedin Cherries in Kyiv (Boryspil district), the same registered construction in progress house.

Boyko, according to the declaration, has two cars: Mercedes-Benz GL500 2006 and VAZ 2101 1978 release.

Last year, MP Yuriy Boyko was 79.5 thousand. UAH. wages in parliament and 80.6 thousand. UAH. - For Member of Parliament. Also received 17 thousand. UAH pension.

As interest in different banks, he received several dozen thousand.

People's Deputy held in accounts at banks 31.38 thousand. Dollars, while his wife - 7,2 mln. UAH., 6.7 mln. Rubles, 3.5 mln. UAH., 2.1 mln. UAH., 112, 3 thousand. UAH.

Cash leader "Opobloku" My wife kept 25 thousand. USD 15 thousand. Euro and 300 thousand. UAH, and the allocation of the amounts specified as follows: 20% belongs to Boiko, wife - 80%.

The declaration stated that Faith Boiko is the owner of "Capital estate" and shares of PJSC "Lugansk Electric Apparatus Plant".

In "Capital estate", she received a salary of 1,158,112 USD. for the year dividends - 1,320,700 USD. Salaries part of LLC "Management Company" Group POLIPLASTYK "- 842 369 USD.
Also, as interest in different banks - about 1.8 mln. UAH., pension - 65 217 USD.

Other values, such as "towers Boyko", former Minister Yanukovych declared. In Ukrainian/український
Private prosecutor declared three apartments and Bentley

Nikita Ilyin prosecutor declared salary that is less than 80 thousand a year

The prosecutor of Kyiv prosecutor's office №7 Nikita Ilyin declared three apartments of 110, 258 and 168 square meters respectively, 13 plots of land (the largest - nearly 5 hectares), relatively new Toyota Camry 2014 «old» Bentley 2007 boat Crownline 275CCR and trailer (which, presumably, the boat and transported to the place of driving).

and all this at a salary per year less than 80 thousand. in addition prosecutor received 140 thousand of income from "alienation of movable property." The official also declared gift worth a million. However, more information about present document does not contain.

According to the declaration, the prosecutor Ilyin saves 2 million in cash. In Ukrainian/український
The militants announced a dilution of power in the village on November 2

The Ukrainian side does not comment on these statements

Representative terrorist "FSC" at the talks in Minsk, Vladislav Deynega said that breeding capabilities in the area of ​​settlements Stanitsa Luganskaya could begin on Wednesday, 2 November.

This is reported by "News of Donbas".

"In turn, representatives of Ukrainian parties to comment on the breeding capabilities in the area of ​​the village held", - said in a statement.

Recall, September 21 in Minsk was agreed by the parties breeding capabilities on the boundary line in three areas - Peter's, gold and Luhansk village in early October. After shelling the militants hold weapons cultivation time was impossible, in mid-October at the headquarters of the ATO stated that dissolve forces near the village fails.

OSCE observers constantly stress that do not have access to places of breeding capabilities. In Ukrainian/український
The EU and Canada signed an agreement on free trade area

Agreement on free trade now has to approve the European Parliament

The leaders of the EU and Canada signed an agreement on trade and economic cooperation between the EU and Canada (CETA).

The signing ceremony was held in Brussels on 30 October, reports "true European".

"The agreement was signed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President of the European Council Donald Tusk, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker," - said in a statement.

Now the deal must approve the European Parliament - hence its partial application may start early next year. But full implementation, which will include a controversial security system investment will come only after ratification by more than three dozen national and regional parliaments.

As you know, EU-Canada was scheduled for October 27, but was canceled because the deal blocked Belgium.

However, on 27 October in Belgium was reached internal consensus on the agreement. October 28 by an agreement on free trade between the EU and Canada voted the Walloon parliament, which blocked her before. In Ukrainian/український
In Moscow, the FSB Savchenko allowed managers - Feigin

People's Deputy not afraid to cross the border for ordinary and not diplomatic passport

Not specified leadership of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia MP Hope Savchenko not be missed across the border.

Such an opinion in an interview with "Espreso.TV" expressed lawyer Mark Feigin.

"I gave Breskalenko consul, who met with her the day of her arrival, she traveled the usual Ukrainian passport - not the diplomatic, you know. She missed the usual passport, indicating that she was at the mercy of the FSB, which have missed out (on our border border control engaged FSB). If diplomatic passport was involved, there are still some rules of the Vienna Convention and there could be for them any international restrictions, but if you go for the usual passport that is not related to diplomatic immunity (and it has them as a delegate to PACE ), there is a completely different situation,"- he said.

Feigin said the deal Savchenko and similar cases in Russia accompanying operational management for the protection of the constitutional order of the FSB of Russia.

"Sedov headed by its General with the rank of Deputy Bortnikov, head of the FSB. Well, they make decisions. They escorted case they decide, let - let not for their own purposes, "- said the lawyer.

He advised to seek clarifications on the situation Novikov to a lawyer who represents Karpyuk, perhaps he arranged the trip Savchenko.

"Hope has arrived, and what she has achieved? That wall propaganda poured? If you have seen the publication of the "Kommersant", in "Izvestia", not to mention the comments Churkin and Peskov: see how we good to man no legal claims can any come, and no danger,"- said Feigin.

"Of course, all this raises a lot of questions because someone manipulates Hope, in my view, someone gives her that we must get it right and necessary. It is on these things, rather than to see people respected what actually happens,"- he added.

Earlier, MP Hope Savchenko in a special statement explained the purpose of his visit to Moscow. She said she understands the importance of supporting Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia, so goes to trial and Karpyuk Klyhom.

As reported by "head office", MP Hope Savchenko flew to Moscow for trial and Klyhom Karpyuk.

Savchenko trip to Moscow for the meeting of the Court of Appeal in the case of Nicholas and Stanislaw Karpyuk Klyha provoked a storm of emotions in social networks . In dominant positions misunderstanding Hope this act, which was hostage to the Kremlin.

Recall also the majority of Internet users - 69% - negatively evaluate the activities of MP "Fatherland" Hope Savchenko at large and called her statement "sheer disappointment." The results of the survey "Hlavkoma". In Ukrainian/український
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