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Medvedchuk calls to remove all kinds of Donbass blockade.  Putin will foster a new point of conflict - Baltics, Belarus, Kazakhstan.  In Medvedchuk reacted to yesterday's "provocation Lyashko" in parliament.  Blackmail and bribery: how Russia tried to block Crimea resolution.  EU commissioner Oettinger used Kremlin lobbyist's jet.

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Human rights violations in Crimea: Belarus explained scandalous vote in the UN

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Belarus said that the violation of human rights has nothing to do with the territorial integrity of states, and therefore the position of Belarus on Ukraine remains unchanged.

This writes the press service of the Foreign Ministry, commenting on the UN vote on Crimea.

"In this regard, I note that the position of Belarus on Ukraine has not changed. The question of the procedure for dealing with the subject of human rights in the UN is a completely different plane and our firm conviction is irrelevant to the subject of territorial integrity of Ukraine" - said in a statement.

"Belarus has tested on itself, how destructive and unfair mechanism of country resolutions and firmly believes that their decision - is the way to go. This practice produced during the Cold War, the United Nations imposed by individual countries alone to promote their own interests. this is particularly evident in a situation where the international community has produced a new procedure - the Universal periodic review of the UN Council on human rights ", - emphasized in the department.

The Foreign Ministry of Belarus added that the vote against the resolutions of country forever.

"By the way, this position was proved Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makyeyem their colleagues from other countries asked to explain, in particular the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, the telephone conversation which took place on the eve of the vote," - noted in the Belarusian Ministry.

As reported by the "Observer", Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN has accused Belarus of "anti-Ukrainian position."

We remind that Belarus attempt to block a UN General Assembly resolution on Crimea supported by 32 countries.

Note that the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on human rights violations in the Crimea.

The draft resolution called Russia a country-occupier.

The resolution calls on Russia to grant international human rights mechanisms, especially the UN Mission, unimpeded access to the Crimea to monitor the human rights situation. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
In the United States filed a bill to move to the direct election of president

The chances that the changes are accepted, rated as minimal

In the Senate, the US registered a bill to abolish the electoral college and the transition to the direct election of the president.

This was reported by the TV channel Fox News.

The bill introduced by Sen. Barbara Boxer of California. "We - the only country in the world where you can get the most votes and still lose the presidential elections," - she said, calling the electoral college "outdated and undemocratic system."

The chances of approval of the bill in Congress, where Republicans have a majority, are minimal. Even if adopted, to change the electoral system in the United States law requires ratification by three fourths of the states within seven years, as it requires amendments to the Constitution, said the channel.

Join the bill was another step in a series of protests against the Democrats' victory in the election of Donald Trump. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Putin awards medals to active Russian military after their return from Donbas war

A journalist investigation provides a significant amount of evidence that proves direct participation of Russia’s 61st Separate Naval Infantry Brigade in the Ukrainian conflict near Luhansk in the summer and fall of 2014.

About dozen of servicemen were identified during the journalist investigation’s OSINT efforts, many of whom were awarded medals for their participation in combat by decree of the Russian president after returning home, and continued serving as active servicemen, Bellingcat writes in its report citing the initial investigation by Askai707. A thorough analysis of a wide range of photographs and videos available on social networks, including geolocation marks and background verification, provided for a precise identification of the Russian troops deployed in Ukraine, with.......
European leaders, Obama to discuss Russia sanctions in Berlin "Trump seek rapprochement with Russia"?

European leaders and President Barack Obama on Friday will discuss extending sanctions imposed on Russia for its intervention in Ukraine, and possible new sanctions for its bombing in Syria, sources familiar with the plans said, according to Reuters.

The meeting in Berlin, hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and including the leaders of Britain, France, Italy and Spain, comes a little over a week after Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential election, Reuters reports. Trump has indicated that he will seek a rapprochement with Russia, raising doubts in Europe about the future of the sanctions regime introduced by Washington and Brussels in 2014 following Russia's intervention in eastern Ukraine..............
Putin rejected to ratify the Rome Statute, in order to avoid responsibility and not end his days like Slobodan Milosevic

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, according to which Russia refuses to be a party to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Thus, Moscow will not recognize any of the conclusions of the International Criminal Court - including yesterday, described the capture of the Crimea as an armed international conflict.

The Rome Statute was signed by the Russian Federation of September 13, 2000. Vladimir Putin for several months as he was president of the country, but the Kremlin is still only preparing for aggression against neighboring countries and the seizure of foreign territories. The possibility that a country whose inhabitants have understood the danger of armed conflict and terrorism - while the time was a bloody war in Chechnya, - she will be in the role of instigator of new conflicts, many Russians seemed fantastic.

Among these many are likely to have and the staff of the presidential administration, has not yet been "buffed" Vladimir Putin by allies of his predecessor , Boris Yeltsin . Do not assume that Russia itself will be in the role of the accused, and the Foreign Ministry - he then headed not a "Russian Ribbentrop," Sergei Lavrov , and much more careful in the actions of Igor Ivanov . In short, Putin gave his consent to sign the Rome Statute - probably not knowing what it is.

Sobering to Russian leaders came only after Georgia. As you know, during the aggression against the country and the occupation of part of its territory, Russian troops committed a number of crimes - up to the ethnic cleansing of Georgian villages in South Ossetia and killings of civilians. The International Criminal Court is just doing now investigating these crimes.

And on the stage - the Crimea, Donbas. How much rope does not curl - and the end will be. Sooner or later the Russian Federation citizens have to admit that they are controlled by a gang of war criminals and murderers. And it will not be emotional evaluation of the journalist, and the conclusion of the International Criminal Court.

Putin does not want to ratify the Rome Statute, in order to avoid responsibility and not end his days in the chamber of the Hague Tribunal, as his friend and ally , Slobodan Milosevic . But by refusing to ratify, by his signature in his own involvement in war crimes - and the responsibility of the Russian state.

Because if the Russians did not commit the crimes for which may be held liable under the Rome Statute, that is what they are afraid of then? In Russian / На русском
The President approved the law on the protection of cheated depositors

Depositors can begin to repay the funds in 20 days

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law "On amendments to some laws of Ukraine concerning compensation to individuals through the Deposit Guarantee harm caused by abuses in banking and other financial services."

The press service of the president. Poroshenko signed into law during the meeting of representatives of defrauded depositors of "Michael".

"It was developed by the legislative mechanism that on the one hand gives the green light for reimbursement of money by Deposit Guarantee Fund of individuals, on the other hand includes a red light fraudsters and more - even strengthens the responsibility not only for the owners and management of banks that joined the organization criminal schemes and financial institutions participating in these schemes, "- said Poroshenko.

The President thanked the investors who rallied the day before in Parliament. According to him, 20 days after the entry into force of the law and document Guarantee Fund can begin repayment deceived depositors.

Recall, on the eve of Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on the protection of cheated depositors. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Medvedev proposed to rename coffee in the US "rusiano"

Russian Prime Minister called the US politically incorrect coffee

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council put forward a proposal to rename the coffee in the US "rusiano."

He said during the signing ceremony for the meeting of Board of the Eurasian, Russian media.

The Russian prime minister said that during talks with Belarusian colleagues behaved entirely correctly, to which the Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov said that in the East it dopomihla coffee.

"He says give me the US. This all sounds politically incorrect. Let's rename the US "- said the Russian prime minister. When asked how to rename Coffee US, Russian Prime Minister proposed the name "rusiano."

Recall that in November 2014 it was reported that the owners of some cafes in the occupied Crimea Russians refused to use the menu name American coffee. In particular, one of the institutions was an announcement: "Attention! Due to the unstable geopolitical situation we have called American coffee. Ask for coffee "Crimea". Some coffee machines called button while the US is also fixed to "rusiano." In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Actor Johnny Depp "played" Oleg Sentsov, in a global project dedicated to political prisoners

American actor Johnny Depp and several other stars joined the "prisoners for art," where famous artists and musicians are trying to draw attention to the plight of their colleagues from around the world who have been jailed for political reasons, reports the Voice Project .

Note that actors and musicians acted as political prisoners, to draw attention to the imprisoned around the world for freedom of speech.

Shirts and sweatshirts with prints sold "prisoners" stars to step up efforts to free the prisoners.

Specifically, the Johnny Depp acted as director Oleg Sentsov, a prisoner in Russia.

Recall Ukrainian Oleg Sentsov Alexander Kolchenko Russian court were sentenced to 20 and 10 years in prison August 25, 2015 on charges of preparing terrorist attacks in the Crimea. Both Ukrainian denied his guilt. The human rights movement "Memorial" found them political prisoners. In Ukrainian / на українській мові

on Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:28 amAdmin
Neonazi appointed Ukrainian police chief

This video, by a usually pro-post 1914 Ukrainian government source, says about itself:

9 November 2014

Ukraine faces a potential PR disaster as a suspected member of a neo-Nazi group heads Kyiv police

In a highly disputed move Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov has appointed a suspected member of a neo-Nazi paramilitary organization and deputy commander of the Azov battalion Vadim Troyan as the Kyiv police chief.

That was two years ago. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government has decided that being the boss of just the Kyiv police was not enough power for this neonazi …

By James Tweedie in Britain:

Ukraine: Appointment of neonazi police chief sparks fury

Wednesday 16th November 2016

ANTI-FASCISTS condemned Ukraine’s appointment of a neonazi militant as acting national police chief yesterday.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov named Vadim Troyan as head of the national police force on Monday after his predecessor Khatiya Dekanoidze resigned over MPs’ interference in her efforts to clean up corruption.

Mr Troyan was appointed Kiev’s chief of police in November 2014.

Before that, he was was deputy commander of the neonazi Azov Battalion and an active member of the fascist Patriot of Ukraine.

Several websites reported this year that Mr Troyan had organised surveillance of journalist Pavel Sheremet before his assassination in a car bombing on July 20..................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English

Power on UN Crimea resolution: US does not accept attempts to redraw borders by force in 21st century
The United States supports strong condemnation by the General Assembly’s Third Committee of the human rights situation in Crimea and Sevastopol, stated in the resolution adopted on Nov. 15.

This was announced by U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samantha Power in a statement, Censor.NET reports.

"The United States supports today's strong condemnation by the General Assembly's Third Committee of the human rights situation in Crimea and Sevastopol. We thank the other co-sponsors and U.N. Member States who supported this historic resolution for defending the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the human rights of the people of Crimea and Sevastopol, and for taking a stand against the human rights violations carried out and abetted by Russia since it occupied and attempted to annex Crimea nearly three years ago.

"Since the beginning of the Russian occupation, human rights abuses on the peninsula have risen steeply, including the severe curtailment of the freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly, association, and religion or belief. Unsurprisingly, many who have seen their universal rights so significantly abused have been those daring to speak out against the Russian occupation. Across Crimea, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has found a pattern of security services carrying out arbitrary interrogations and house searches and threatening prosecution against those questioning the occupation.

"And these human rights abuses have been truly shameless. Russian authorities have forced the closure of the only television station broadcasting in all three languages spoken on the peninsula. Russia has cut off access to government employment, education, and health care for those Crimeans refusing Russian citizenship. At least 30,000 residents of Crimea, and likely many more, have fled to other parts of Ukraine, many out of fear occupation authorities would target them for abuse because of their work as political activists or journalists or because of their pro-Ukrainian views; others have simply disappeared under circumstances that appear to be politically motivated.

"The United States will not accept any attempt to redraw borders by force in the 21st century - to permit such actions would be to invite chaos in the international system. The United States is proud to stand with the people of Ukraine today in asserting their right to self-determination and human rights, and we thank the other Member States who today took a similar stand," the statement reads. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Medvedchuk reacted to yesterday's "provocation Lyashko" in parliament

Medvedchuk's press service told how Lyashko trying to distract attention from the real problems in Ukraine

The political provocation Radical Party leader Oleg Lyashko was made with one purpose: to divert public attention from the real economic and social problems in the country, said the press service of the "Ukrainian choice - The rights of the people."

"Political provocation made leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko and his inner circle (all previously convicted) - pursued the same goal - to distract public attention from the real economic and social problems in the country, disrupt peace in eastern Ukraine, blocking the process of release of detained persons.

Implementing scenario provocation, Oleg Lyashko presented to journalists a man who dutifully accompanied him on the sidelines of the Parliament and that Lyashko presented as "guardian Medvedchuk" Alexander Bilyk. Sam Bilyk told reporters: "We stood on the Maidan. And when he was captured Medvedchuk office, we handed power is turned back Medvedchuk. Medvedchuk us asked him to protect "- said the press service.

Press service of the public movement "Ukrainian choice - The right of the people" and said that Viktor Medvedchuk from 2005 to the present uses health SPMO "Titan" (now renamed the Police Department protection of physical safety in Kiev) and never talked with some Bilyk.

"Viktor Medvedchuk not familiar with Alexander Bilyk never applied either to him or to other criminal networks that deal with impunity seizure of private property. The confidence with which Bilyk talks about his criminal activities aimed at illegal raider seizure of private property and alienation testifies guarantee impunity to him at the highest level. We recall that at the time when Oleg Lyashko implementing the plan in Parliament with defamation Viktor Medvedchuk, the office of our Movement blocked the protesters, who, in fact, did not put forward any demands. This action of distraction - another proof that the provocation against "Ukrainian choice - the right of the people" and its leader was customized and directed by "- concluded in Medvedchuk.

Recall, on Tuesday, November 15, from the parliamentary rostrum Oleg Lyashko, referring to messages from trusted sources, said that the Radical Party faction member Yuriy Shukhevych danger . Lyashko believes that his death odnofraktsiytsya want to use "to destabilize the situation and to implement a plan to undermine Moscow within Ukraine."

The Security Service of Ukraine has provided protection Shukhevych.

As is known, is the son of Yuriy Shukhevych UPA Commander Roman Shukhevych. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Blackmail and bribery: how Russia tried to block Crimea resolution

Long before voting day, Russia started to work on preventing the adoption of the document, says Volodymyr Yelchenko. Kremlin put pressure and bribed other countries. Ukrainian diplomat told Ukrinform news agency that representatives of Russian embassies blackmailed countries - either you vote against the resolution, or we will stand against you in this or that question. Moreover, sometimes they just gave money.

Yelchenko mentioned that such behaviour goes in line with usual work ethics of Russian diplomacy all over the world. Finally, Kremlin managed to "persuade" 23 countries.

Yelchenko expressed surprise concerning positions of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Armenia, who voted against the resolution. Namely, he called Belarus's position anti-Ukrainian. "This is their choice, we understand it, but do not accept and will make adequate conclusions", said Volodymyr Yelchenko...........
EU commissioner Oettinger used Kremlin lobbyist's jet

EU commissioner Guenther Oettinger used a private plane offered by a German businessman with strong Kremlin ties, raising questions whether he broke ethics rules, EUobserver reports.

He flew from Brussels to Budapest on 18 May, with Klaus Mangold, an honorary Russian consul in Germany, who advocates lifting EU sanctions on Russia.

News of his trip first emerged in June on the Hungarian website 444. It was confirmed in early November after a parliamentary question from Hungarian and German Green MEPs, Benedek Javor and Rebecca Harms, which they had filed in July........
Putin will foster a new point of conflict - Baltics, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Putin seeks to him from the negotiating table, explained Immortal

Former member of the political subgroups Minsk contact group Roman Immortal predicts that Russian President Vladimir Putin will generate new points of conflict. He said this in an interview with "Commander".

"That will see - the situation in Syria intensifies, then the Baltics, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Putin ... just need to get a" menu "with him to the negotiating table and had an exchange: Nagorno-Karabakh in Transnistria, Transdniestria on Syria , Syria to Ukraine and so on ", - said the Immortal.

He said that Putin confronts stronger, the more they mobilize Russians. And the money these conflicts it "squeezes out" with the Russians.

"And the more it squeezes money from the Russians in these conflicts, the more they accept these rules. Get to that run to the streets calling crucified Makarevich or channel "rain" score board "- does not preclude the Immortal.

"The Kremlin is back in the day before yesterday, but the trouble is that in this part of Ukraine also entail" - summed up policies. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Medvedchuk calls to remove all kinds of Donbas blockade

Sooner or later the question of reintegration of Donbass will become the main Kyiv convinced Medvedchuk

On the issue of reintegration Kyiv Donbass must now take concrete steps - to work out a "roadmap" for the implementation of the Minsk agreements and move to steady their implementation. So the leader of the movement "Ukrainian choice" Victor Medvedchuk officials commented on the proposals to restore the supply of food to certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

He recalled that "the Ukrainian choice" since the adoption of Cabinet Resolution №595 spoke strongly against the economic and financial blockade of Ukraine outside the control areas.

"Being on the protection of our citizens, we just said that the government's decision inhumane contradict Ukrainian legislation and democratic norms ... Today the government has realized the harmfulness of Donbas policy of discrimination and even discusses strategy for his return to the Ukraine in closed session the Cabinet. A recently the Ministry of temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons made a proposal to restore the supply of food to certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, "- said Medvedchuk.

He believes that the cancellation of Donbas blockade struggling to prevent Ukrainian "party of war", which rejects the Minsk agreement and impose public power scenario of conflict settlement in the Donbas.

"Deputy Prime Rozenko, despite the agreement" Normandy Four "in Berlin insists on its sequence of Minsk II: first, control over territory and troop Orloj, and then restore social payments. Even initiative to George Tuki cancel its product blockade Donbass aroused in some, pardon the expression, politicians are so aggressive resistance, creep doubts whether "Ukrainian hawks" are going to restore the territorial integrity of the country "- outraged leader of the" Ukrainian choice".

In According to him, it is important now understand that sooner or later the question of reintegration of Donbass Kyiv will become chief.

"Residents of Donbas, which Ukrainian authorities cast their fate, now in no hurry to form up in the queue of those wishing to return to the legal field of Ukraine. Realizing this, Kyiv should take steps to meet - removing all kinds of blockades of Donbas, demonstrate that no longer divide Ukrainian citizens to "us" and "them" ready to the peaceful settlement of the conflict and the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, "- said Medvedchuk. In Ukrainian / на українській мові

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