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US Senate to streamline Trump's policy to oppose Russian aggression.  Canadian director films Holodomor documentary.  FSB detains former BSF employee in occupied Sevastopol, claims "spying for Ukraine".  Journalist on Montenegro foiled coup attempt: Situation could lead to World War.   Femen activist attempts to break Berlin wall fragment in Kyiv in EU visa protest.  Court refuses to release former Party of Regions faction leader Yefremov.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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on Thu Nov 24, 2016 7:42 pmAdmin
BUSTED: In Kherson arrested in bribe prosecutor

The official demanded money amounting to 35 thousand UAH for rehabilitation and referral of criminal proceedings in court

Employees Protection Department of Economics of the National Police detectives Ukraine jointly with the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine detained by a local prosecutors Kherson region while receiving 35 thousand hryvnia undue advantage.

This was announced by Acting Chairman of the National Police of Ukraine Vadim Troyan.

"The official demanded money amounting to 35 thousand UAH for rehabilitation and referral of criminal proceedings in court to further close the case due to reconciliation of the parties," - said Vadim Troyan.

Currently, investigators jo, Uzes in the Kherson region and NABU check the involvement of other prosecutors and court the fact of extortion and receiving undue benefits.

Sanction article 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of eight to twelve years with confiscation of property and disqualification to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Hague Prosecutor's Finding On Ukraine Conflict Gives Kyiv Legal Heft, But Little Else

The lead prosecutor for the International Criminal Court has for the first time said the simmering conflict in Ukraine should be considered an international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

As a practical matter, the determination by Fatou Bensouda, issued on November 14, will change nothing on the ground in eastern Ukraine, where fighting between Russia-backed separatists and Ukrainian government forces has increased and decreased since April 2014 and continues despite cease-fire deals.

Nor will it change Russia's annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which has been rejected by the vast majority of United Nations member states. Moreover, Russia is not a member of The Hague-based court, whose mandate includes prosecution of war crimes and related crimes. Ukraine is also not a member, though it has accepted the court’s jurisdiction on a limited basis.

But the finding, included in a report released November 14 by Bensouda's office, adds legal heft to arguments in Ukraine, and much of the West, that Russia is to blame for instigating the war...................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
Tusk: Ukraine fulfills all EU requirements for visa-free regime, now EU should fulfill its commitments
Ukraine has fulfilled all the EU requirements for granting a visa-free regime, and now the matter depends exclusively on the development of a mechanism for suspension of visa-free travel to third countries, which is being carried out by EU institutions, President of the European Council Donald Tusk has said.

"I'm happy that all EU member states decided Ukraine is ready for a visa-free regime. This decision is the recognition of Ukraine's achievements in meeting European standards," Tusk said at a joint press conference with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, following the outcome of the 18th EU-Ukraine summit held in Brussels on Thursday.

According to him, this decision will come in force "as soon as the European Parliament and the European Council find an agreement on the reform of the EU's visa policy which is on track.".....
Turkey reacts angrily to symbolic EU parliament vote on its membership

Prime minister Binali Yildirim warns of tensions with the EU after vote urged ministers to freeze talks on its accession

Turkey has reacted angrily after the European parliament urged governments to freeze EU membership talks in a powerful symbolic vote that will heighten tensions and could endanger a landmark migration deal.

MEPs in Strasbourg voted by 471 to 37 to halt Turkey’s EU accession talks, with politicians ranging from the Conservative group to the Greens lining up to back a resolution that condemned the Turkish government’s “disproportionate repressive measures” after a failed military coup in July. There were 107 abstentions.

he Turkish prime minister, Binali Yildirim, dismissed the vote as being of no importance, but warned that ties with the EU were already strained. “We expect EU leaders to stand up against this lack of vision,” he said. “The EU should decide whether it wants to continue its future vision with or without Turkey.”

Earlier this week, the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, preemptively hit out at the vote, saying it had “no value at all”. Erdoğan has repeatedly said he could tear up a migration pact between Turkey and the EU if Europe fails to deliver on accession talks or visa-free travel.

The parliament’s vote is non-binding, but represents a dramatic step ahead ahead of a crucial meeting of EU ministers next month. Foreign ministers will debate Turkey’s 11-year-old EU membership bid in December as concern grows about the crackdown launched by Erdoğan following the botched coup.

The vote is likely to add to recriminations over a landmark migration deal the EU and Turkey agreed in March. Turkey has stepped up efforts against people smugglers, which has contributed to a dramatic reduction in the flow of refugees and migrants seeking to travel to Europe over the Aegean sea.

In exchange, the EU has promised Turkey €3bn (£2.5bn) to help Ankara cope with three million refugees, visa-free travel for Turkish citizens and progress on EU membership talks.

The two sides are at odds, however, over whether Turkey has met the conditions for visa-free travel, with the Council of Europe called in to break the impasse. The discussion on halting membership talks has soured relations even further.

Erdoğan has already hit back at the vote. Speaking on Wednesday at a conference in Istanbul, he said: “I want to say in advance from here and address the whole world watching on their TV screens: this vote has no value at all, no matter what result emerges.”

Turkey’s deputy prime minister, Numan Kurtulmuş, said Europe’s partnership with Turkey was at stake as a result of the vote...................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
Could Trump help revive Russia’s economy? (Financial Times)

The cornerstone of Vladimir Putin’s strategy for political longevity has been his projection of Russia as a besieged fortress fighting off the menacing encroachment of the US and other western powers. By presenting himself as the only leader capable of protecting Russia from those who seek to undermine her, the authoritarian president has skilfully managed to distract his people from the rapidly deteriorating economic conditions that would doubtless sink the leader of a more democratic country.

But the cost of maintaining a war footing is considerable, with massive spending on defence depriving the rest of the economy of much needed state support. Putin understands this well and Donald Trump’s election might provide him with an opportunity to rebalance public expenditure.

When Putin came to office, there was little sign of the anti-western rhetoric that now so dominates his leadership and public discourse in Russia. Indeed, in 2001, just a couple of years after becoming leader, Putin said that Russia should either be allowed to join Nato or the alliance should be replaced by a new organisation that includes all of Europe and Russia.

But his desire for integration did not last long. Relations with the west soured as the European Union sought to embrace former communist countries within Russia’s sphere of influence. They reached their nadir in April 2008, in the wake of the Nato summit in Bucharest. The gathering declared that Ukraine and Georgia, viewed by Moscow as countries of strategic interest, would become alliance members. Putin was furious, reportedly warning the then US President George Bush that should Nato seek to absorb its former satellites, they would cease to exist within their recognised territorial borders....................

Access complete text of the editorial: (Financial Times) In English
Poroshenko said that Trump in a conversation with him raised the issue of annexation of Crimea

According to him, Ukraine has strong bipartisan support in the US Congress

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that US President-elect Donald Trump in a telephone conversation with him raised the issue of Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea. This Poroshenko said at a press conference in the Ukraine - EU Summit in Brussels.

He recalled that recently had a conversation with Trump. "I can assure you that the issue of Russian aggression, annexation of Crimea was raised elected president of Trump during a conversation with me. I would not want you to reveal the contents of the first conversation between President of Ukraine and the elected president of the US, but I had the opportunity to very detailed information to him the situation in the east of my country and in Crimea", - said Poroshenko.

According to him, Ukraine has strong bipartisan support in the US Congress and in general among US politicians, both Republican and Democrat.

"Because we do not expect any significant changes in the bipartisan support," - said Poroshenko. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Juncker, once again decided to blackmail Kyiv, made Ukrainians suckers: EU demanded the impossible from Kyiv

During the EU-Ukraine summit European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker once again decided to blackmail Kyiv, while "successfully challenged" more than 40 million people from visa-free regime.

"I was glad to hear that the Ukrainian president through legislation is going to lift the ban on timber exports. It was a condition that formulated and we got a response to this expectation. This will happen in the coming few days and weeks. This will provide us with the last tranche of 600 million the euro, which we promised to Ukraine within the financial assistance. And with the rest of all good "- Juncker.

At the same time adopted by the Parliament in April 2015 moratorium on the export of timber logs for 10 years already in the first 7 months of give additional tens of millions of dollars of investment, increase production and exports and new jobs for Ukrainian. While many areas are losing in terms of, woodworking and furniture - to developing recently in Parliament have shown impressive results of the industry.

"I'm shocked! Why do some guys from another country decide for us, businessmen ?! Those 600 million - spit compared to how much this can honestly earn Ukrainian business, pay taxes and fill the budget! Instead of really fight smuggling and not to allow the roots to cut down our forest, the authorities will request for another Europe "- outraged comments in the" Observer "is one of the major players in the market.

Note that Ukraine fulfilled all the requirements of 144, which put forward the EU visa free regime. However, contrary to previous promises that this will happen on November 24 during the summit, a decision was delayed again - until the end of the year.

"Today I received a clear assurance that the decision to grant visa-free regime will be made immediately after the settlement of the institutional issues. Usually complex issues were Ukraine to implement the commitments. I can mention that today, at today's summit, Ukraine was not delivered any question - Ukraine clearly and fully complied with all its obligations", - said the president Petro Poroshenko at the summit.

Previously, "Observer" reported that under pressure from European officials Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was going to lift the ban on timber exports in September and October 2016. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Hope Savchenko on the air "112 Ukraine" passed the test for drug content

"Just wonder why you take it with hair", - commented MP

MP Hope Savchenko, which today was guest of "Evening Praia" to "112 Ukraine , "the TV channel passed the test for the presence of drugs.

TV Presenter Pauline Golovanov cut in Hope Savchenko small piece of hair and placed it in a jar. It will be sent to the clinic for examination.

Later, commenting on this procedure, and bill HRC representatives on similar checks for officials, People's Deputy noted that similar tests for it - not a rarity.

"I hope Lyashko will (test - Ed.). The fact that he goes (to check - Ed.), It is no problem. Will pass it psychological evaluation? I actually passed it every year twice. On the alcohol front each flight. So for me it's no problem. Just wonder why you take it with hair. as far as I know, the hair has a genetic memory that the length of the hair. it should be either radical or is usually done by blood. The Russian in prison I often took the tests. I'm always afraid that simply can swing some kind of infection. your studio I trust. So please, if you have the opportunity, you can now shave me though bald, take blood as you need "- commented Savchenko.

Note, the first volunteer who agreed to take the test in the air "112 Ukraine " became MP from the" People's Front "Dmitry Timchuk .

Another parliamentarian, who passed the test in the air "112 Ukraine " became MP Nestor Shufrych .

Representative of the "Popular Front" in parliament, Konstantin Mateychenko was the third People's Deputy , who agreed to the experiment.

They passed their test yesterday, 23 November.

Recall channel "112 Ukraine " offers MPs pass a test on the content of drugs . Leading Pauline Golovanov will offer elected representatives and guests of channel tested for the presence of blood banned substances.

Earlier it was reported that the leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill (№ 5409), which obliges public servants to be screened for drug and alkozalezhnist and mental condition. The explanatory note to the document notes that it is proposed to introduce a special annual verification of data on health status (in terms of establishing the mental state of a person, possible drug addiction and dependence on alcohol or psychoactive substances toxic) and extend it to all persons authorized to perform functions of the state or local government.

In turn, First Deputy Justice Minister Natalia Sevostyanova believes that the Draft Law on civil servants to check and drug alkozalezhnist not surprising , these rules spelled out in many regulations. She told the TV channel "112 Ukraine". In Ukrainian / на українській мові
EU wants Ukraine to provide additional trade preferences

Poroshenko informed the business community on EU reform in Ukraine

President Petro Poroshenko at the conclusion of the EU-Ukraine summit held a meeting with representatives of business circles of the EU. The press service of the President.

President briefed on reforms in Ukraine. He noted that over the past 2.5 years had created new anti-corruption institutions implemented the first phase of e-declaration, reformed public procurement system and energy sector, held deregulation, elimination of technical barriers to trade. The first stage and continuing judicial reform is carried out reform of law enforcement. Also launched privatization program.

"I am proud of my team, my country and the cooperation with the EU. I am sure that today the right time and place to invest in Ukraine", - he said.

Poroshenko said that in 2014 Ukraine constantly improves its index in the rating Doing business. According to the latest report in 2016, Ukraine ranks for 80 positions.

He stressed: "It is important to work together and jointly build a new Ukraine the third anniversary of the Revolution of dignity."

European Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom trade marked increase Ukrainian exports to the EU market. "Since the revolution of dignity, which recently celebrated its anniversary, Ukraine has made significant progress. Ukraine today is another country: banking, gas, police, public procurement and macroeconomic situation", - said the commissioner, adding that much to do. She said the EU is interested in further cooperation with Ukraine.

During the meeting, Cecilia Malmstrom presented a draft EU legislative initiative to provide Ukraine additional trade preferences. Adviser to the President of Ukraine Borys Lozhkyn also made a presentation on the reforms, particularly concerning the investment climate. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
on Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:57 pmAdmin
Russia is going to throw troops in Belarus

Russia wants Belarus to throw a considerable part of the personnel of the newly reconstituted 1st Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District

The armed forces of Russia in 2017 are going to dramatically increase traffic volumes to Belarus by rail. This is according to the tender of transportation for Department of Defense of the Russian Federation, writes Apostrophe.

Defense Ministry ordered to transport to Belarus 4162 wagons, 33 times more than in 2015, and 83 times more than in 2016.

Experts in Belarus associate the increase of traffic carrying Russian-Belarusian joint strategic command-staff exercises "West-2017" to be held in September next year.

However, Director of the Belarusian Center for Strategic and foreign research, reserve officer of the Armed Forces of Belarus Arseniy Sivitsky sure that training does not provide for such a large-scale logistics, and probably Russia wants to throw in Belarus significant part of the personnel of the newly reconstituted 1st Guards Tank Army's Western Military District.

"Also keep in mind that a number of rail cars can pass on secret article not taken into account in the tender - a common practice during training exercises. So it is advisable to multiply the number of cars by a factor of 1.5 to get a real idea of ​​the scale tipping Russian troops,"- said Sivitsky. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Hackers broke into a database of employees of the US Navy

Classified information became available to a group of unknown hackers

A group of unknown hackers broke laptop protection one of the employees of the US Navy, through which gained access to the personal information of more than 134 thousand. American sailors and veterans of the Navy. This is stated in a communique of the Navy United States.

"After the analysis carried out using the service Hewlett Packard, within the ongoing investigation Service Criminal Investigation Department of the Navy ... it was determined that secret information, including names and personal social security number 134,386 current and former sailors became available unknown persons", - the in a public document.

Chief of staff of the Navy Vice Admiral Robert Burke described the incident as "extremely serious."

"We are still at an early stage of the investigation and actively working to install (wine - Ed.), And take care of those affected by this break," - said the admiral.

In the Navy promised to inform the affected sailors in the coming weeks, including phone and email.

At the same time says that at the current stage of the investigation there is no reason to assume that the stolen information has been unlawfully. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Moscow wants to shove "DNR" and "LNR" back to Ukraine - Russian dissident "can't economically maintain them"

In Russia there is no possibility neither physically nor economically maintain them, said Piontkovsky

Russian politician, a refugee who left Russia, Andrei Piontkovsky believes that the idea "of Russian world" fell through and the project "New Russia" more impossible. He said this in an interview with "Commander".

According to him, the idea of ​​a complete failure "of Russian world", the refusal of Russian-speaking population of Ukraine to adopt this ideology - a current Stalingrad in Russia.

"The fact that in addition to" DNR "and"LNR"no" New Russia "never come out - it's all 100% clear. As for "DNR" and "LNR" that Moscow wants to shove them back to Ukraine. It has no possibility neither physically nor economically maintain them. That such characters as Zakharchenko, he wants to make politicians in Ukraine by the Minsk agreements,"- said Piontkovsky.

According to him, already, both France and Germany are beginning to understand that Putin is always deceives them.

"At the last meeting in Berlin, Germany and France have less pressured Poroshenko posmilyvishav. After the meeting, he made very harsh statements, for which he blamed no one. He said that on election could hardly until these people are there in power? In the days when Berlin lasted this meeting, I was in the European Parliament, took part in a panel, where he performed the Swiss General Alexander Hug (First Deputy Chairman of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine. - Ed.). He prepared an excellent report. According to him, all breach of Minsk II initiated the Russian side, if the Russians need a week may not be a single shot. That is, both France and Germany are beginning to understand Putin deceives them all the time..."- said the Russian dissident. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Russia, called the paranoia of the European Parliament resolution on the Russian propaganda
If restrictions on the work of Russian media in the EU, Moscow adopt measures in response

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called "paranoia" on the eve of the European Parliament adopted a resolution on combating the promotion of third parties, which calls for consolidated resist attempts of the Kremlin to discredit the European Union.

November 24 Zakharov said that in the case of restrictions on the work of Russian media in the EU, Moscow adopt measures in response.

According to her, Moscow is not "any anti-European propaganda" and is interested in the unity and stability of the EU.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the adoption of European Parliament resolution on the need to counter the propaganda of extremist groups and shows the "degradation notions of democracy" in the West.

November 23 the European Parliament adopted a resolution on combating the promotion of and extremist Islamist groups, including "Islamic state" and "Al Qaeda", aimed at the European Union.

In the resolution, the draft of which was submitted by the Polish deputy Anna Fotyґoyu, states in particular that the Russian authorities with "such channels as RT, pseudo news agencies like Sputnik, trolls in social networks," trying to challenge democratic values ​​divide Europe, EU residents to create a negative image of its eastern neighbors.

In support of the resolution were 304 deputies against 179 were still 208 abstentions. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Security Service conducts searches on a sea terminal in Odessa Region

In 2015, the company known Russian businessman who owns the terminal illegally issued rights to a portion of funds from the port fees

At the Odessa Ukraine Security Service launched searches in the offices of a private marine terminal, as well as apartments and houses its leaders. This was reported by the press center of the SBU.

"Investigative actions take place within the framework of criminal proceedings under Part. 5, Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on suspicion of taking possession of six million dollars of ship assembly. In 2015, the company known Russian businessman who owns the terminal illegally issued rights to a portion of funds from the port fees, which are then received by the State enterprise "The administration of sea ports of Ukraine." This was possible because of the illegal registration of ownership of the waters Adzhalikskiy estuary, which, under the Constitution, are the property of the Ukrainian people, "- said in a statement.

In the SBU reported that during the searches, investigators seized many special services are unaccounted currency and stamps of offshore companies. The validity of obtaining and using set-trial investigation.

Investigative actions are continuing. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Poisoning at the festival in Kamianets-Podiliski, already 109 victims

Upon the occurrence of outbreaks prepared materials to law enforcement authorities

Among those who participated in the festival "Pearl Kamianetz", held November 19-21 in. Kamianets Khmelnitsky region, due to the outbreak of acute intestinal infection as of Thursday, November 24, injured 109 people, including: .ch. 94 children and 15 adults.

The number of registered complaints of victims for medical care at the place of residence:

m. Kyiv - 13 people (11 children, 2 adults);
Kiev region (c. Brovary) - 19 people (15 children 3 adults);
Dnipropetrovsk region. - 11 people (11 children);
c. Odessa - 8 persons (6 children, 2 adults);
Sumy region - 20 people (19 children);
Lviv - 8 people (6 children, 2 adults);
Ivano-Frankivsk region - 15 people (13 children, 2 adults);
Kharkiv region - 14 people (11 children, 3 adults).
Mykolaiv region - one adult.
Today, after returning to habitat 46 people continue treatment in inpatient Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Odessa, Sumy, Nikolaev oblasts and the city. Kyiv.

Head of Operations issued an order to suspend operation of hotel and tourist complex "Xenia" in. Kamianets with. Vrublivtsi Kamenetz-Podolsk district, where lived and ate the festival participants.

Upon the occurrence of outbreaks prepared materials to law enforcement. Prepared materials for submission to the court. In Ukrainian / на українській мові

The head of the UOC-KP stressed that chaplains currently have no social protection, because of the need to adopt a law

Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate (UOC KP) Filaret stresses the need for the enactment of the chaplaincy. He said this at a meeting of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations of Ukraine (AUCCRO), reports "Ukrinform".

"Our challenge, including the Supreme Council - adopt a law on chaplaincy. Because today chaplains are not in terms of the law. That is, they do not receive Social Security, just go there (in ATO) carry their service. But we want to chaplains are protected,"- said Filaret.

In addition, he expressed hope for adoption of the relevant law.

As noted at the meeting Parliament Speaker Andrew Paruby reported that more than 500 chaplains and volunteers from many churches have been rotated or continue to be in the ATO.

Recall that in October in Kyiv region died tragically military chaplain who visited in captivity "LNR". In Ukrainian / на українській мові
The richest government officials and politicians do not want to share the cost of the army - volunteers
In the matter of supporting the army due to confidently lead ordinary people, not the VIP-officials

Within the action "e-tithing" Volunteers Foundation "Turn alive" and "People's rear" with veterans called the richest ATU officials and executives to sacrifice the needs of the army mentioned in the e-declarations of wealth. This initiators of the action reported in the Facebook page fund" Turn alive."

Among the recipients of the new "chain letters" and Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman, who occupies fourth place in the ranking of the richest ministries.

"Of all the numbers from the deputies in e-declarations, while the needs of the Army received only zeros. Perhaps because of the need to first of all take care of the needs of their constituencies, MPs army simply is not free money? So today we decided to appeal to executives and employees of ministries,"- said the initiators of volunteer action.

In the premiere, the recipients of new applications in the Cabinet became Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Ihor Didenko (monetary assets 215,985,775 USD), Deputy Director of Department, Head of the Secretariat of the CMU Vladimir Shevchenko (monetary assets 86,956,652 USD), Deputy Director international law Department of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Oleksandr Hirenko (57,614,192 USD) and Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko (42,650,424 USD).

With the heads of regional administrations appeal will head the Mykolayiv Regional Administration Alexei Savchenko (616,193,059 USD), chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Valentyn Reznichenko (31,114,252 USD), chairman of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration Valery Kulich (25,970,960 USD), chairman of the Poltava Regional State Administration Valeriy Golovko (24,814,062 USD), head of Volyn Regional State Administration Volodymyr Hunchyk (23,369,510 USD).

Representatives of the Foundation "Turn alive" published table, which reflects all the information about who has been sent an appeal earlier and which answers received.

"However, in the last column still mainly dashes themselves, though, under the law on citizens' appeals, the first recipients of the letters have been sent to us at least a formal reply," - notes volunteers.

In their opinion, whatever the motives and actions of politicians, ordinary Ukrainian must meet primarily for their own actions.

"As the results for the fourth" round "# eDesyatyna shares in issue due to confidently support the army are ordinary people, not the VIP-officials. Maybe in Ukrainian simple and modest savings, but it seems banal human conscience they clearly more than the "powers that be" - kontatuyut in volunteer fund. In Ukrainian / на українській мові

Donald Tusk appealed to Ukraine in Ukrainian language

European Council President Donald Tusk appealed to the Ukrainian people during the Ukraine - EU Summit in Brussels.

He said in particular that impressed with the determination of the Ukrainian people in its struggle to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Tusk also stressed that our country deserves more, including from Europe.

As reported, Ukraine-EU summit was held in the format of working dinner, what preceded the meeting of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko three presidents of the EU.

European Parliament President Martin Schulz also attended the meeting of leaders to the summit. Sam Schultz said the day before that he would not qualify for the EP presidency for another term, and will run to the German Bundestag next year.

The summit discussed visa liberalization and implementation of the Minsk agreements. As reported in the presidential administration of Ukraine, the summit will not articulate the start date for visa-free regime for Ukraine.

In addition, as reported by the European media, visa-free for Ukraine and Georgia may be postponed until the summer of 2017. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Juncker urged countries - EU members to Ukraine visa-free to the end of the year

Juncker stressed that "further delays are unacceptable"

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker insisted on the need to decide on the abolition of visas for Ukraine at the level of countries - EU members. He said this at a press conference after the summit Ukraine - EU.

He stressed that "further delays are unacceptable."

"We need to give Ukraine visa liberalization by the end of the year" - said Juncker.

Sources European truth indicate that in private talks Juncker was also radical in their statements, explaining that the EU loses credibility because of its policy on visa-free. "There can be no excuses, there can be no delay," - words regurgitate Juncker participants.

As reported, on Thursday became known that France has decided to block any advance on visa-free completion of national elections, that is, at least until the summer. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
on Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:48 amAdmin
Putin said that Russian border "never ends"

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian border "never ends."

So, on Thursday, November 24, giving the award to the Russian Geographical Society, Putin said nine boys, who won the TV show on geography, the borders of Russia.

When Miroslav Oskyrko started to answer where border Russia ends "through the Bering Strait from the United States," Putin said, "Russia's borders never end" - and added that "this is a joke."

Recall that in 2014 Russia illegally annexed the Ukrainian Crimea. Also, Moscow supports the armed separatists in eastern Ukraine, the conflict lasting from April 2014-th. During this time, according to the UN, killed almost 10,000 people. Russia rejects statements about Ukraine and Western involvement in the conflict. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Tusk: Ukraine perfectly fulfilled the requirements of the EU to grant visa-free

Tusk stressed that the debate is no longer the concern of Ukraine visa-free will become effective after the decision to reform the visa policy

Ukraine has fulfilled all the requirements of the European Union to grant it a visa-free regime is right for the development mechanism of suspension of visa-free travel to third countries, which have conducted the EU institutions. This was stated by President of the European Council Donald Tusk at a press conference after the EU-Ukraine summit.

"I am pleased that all Member States have decided that Ukraine is ready for visa-free regime. This decision is a recognition of the achievements of Ukraine in compliance with European standards. It will take effect as soon as the European Parliament and the Council will find a solution to reform the EU visa policy that is underway, "- said Tusk.

"I want to stress that this discussion is no longer a concern for Ukraine, because it perfectly fulfilled its job. Now the debate concerning the relationship between the EU member states and the European Parliament on the EU visa policy ", - said Tusk.

European Council President stressed that Ukraine support from the EU remains.

Also called Tusk aim to complete the process of ratification of the Association Agreement with Ukraine. "After talks with Prime Minister of the Netherlands and President of Ukraine, I can say that we are seriously working on a solution that will enable the Netherlands to ratify the decision", - he said.

As reported, Ukraine-EU summit was held in the format of working dinner, what preceded the meeting of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko three presidents of the EU .

European Parliament President Martin Schulz also attended the meeting of leaders to the summit. Sam Schultz said the day before that he would not qualify for the EP presidency for another term, and will run to the German Bundestag next year.

The summit discussed visa liberalization and implementation of the Minsk agreements. As reported in the presidential administration of Ukraine, the summit will not articulate the start date for visa-free regime for Ukraine.

In addition, as reported by the European media, visa-free for Ukraine and Georgia may be postponed until the summer of 2017. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Ukraine and the EU signed an anti-corruption agreement for 16 million euros

The contribution of the EU is 15 million euros, co-financing Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark - 1.34 million euros

Ukraine and the EU signed an agreement on the financing of the event "EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine" in the amount of 16 million euros. The signing ceremony took place at the summit Ukraine-EU in Brussels.

The agreement is based on the implementation of the Action Plan to liberalize the EU visa regime for Ukraine, the execution of the Contract for Ukraine to build state of the EU project "Support to Reform Justice" Programme implementation framework of cooperation between the EU and the European Council on the Eastern Partnership 2014-2017 years., and Advisory mission of EU civil security sector reform.

The total budget of 16.34 million euros, of which the EU contribution is € 15 million, co-financing Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark - 1.34 million euros.

EU funds will be used to strengthen the capacity of state bodies responsible for fighting corruption and ensuring the integrity of employees of other agencies and the judiciary; improve parliamentary supervision of the implementation of anti-corruption reforms; involvement of civil society and media to implement anti-corruption measures.

Assistance will be provided in the form of specialized short-term and long-term information and consulting support, and by providing equipment, event management experience sharing, training and analytical research. Implementation of the measure will be mainly in Kiev, and in some regions of Ukraine.

The project will start in late 2016 with the direct participation of the Foreign Ministry of Denmark.

Project duration: the operating phase - 42 months, the final phase - 24 months.

As reported today in Brussels and signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a strategic energy partnership between the EU and Ukraine . In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Femen activist attempts to break Berlin wall fragment in Kyiv in EU visa protest

A member of the FEMEN movement has attempted to break a fragment of the Berlin wall on display near Germany's embassy in Kyiv on Khmelnitsky Street.

"Protesting against raising the ephemeral wall blocking Ukraine's path toward its European future, the FEMEN activist broke the legendary wall, a symbol illustrating the separation between peace and people," FEMEN's website said.

A photograph posted to the site shows the female activist swinging a hammer against the wall fragment, which was not damaged.

The protest was regarded as a symbolic gesture against artificial barriers blocking Ukraine's EU visa-free status....
The Daily Vertical By Brian Whitmore (VIDEO report): Until The Kremlin Denies It
Journalist on Montenegro foiled coup attempt: Situation could lead to World War

If the information about the details of the attempted coup in Montenegro is true, this situation can seriously lead to another world war, Russian military reporter, writer and a veteran of two Chechen military campaigns Arkady Babchenko told Novoye Vremya magazine.

"Everyone thought that the next [after Ukraine] will be Kazakhstan, Moldova or the Baltic States. It turned out they were preparing something in Montenegro. Everyone was taken aback with the latest news about deportation of Russians from Serbia. These men plotted terrorist acts in Montenegro and apparently the seizure of government buildings after the elections," the journalist says. "If that what happened in Montenegro is true, from now on option for the World War III to start is moving from a category of completely unbelievable things to something that might happen and that is possible," he said.........
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Canadian director films Holodomor documentary

The Canadian movie director of Ukrainian descent, Yuriy Luhovy shot the documentary to prove that Holodomor of 1932-1933 had a genocidal character.

The movie is based on the latest archival evidence and memoirs of witnesses."Genocide Revealed" has received 12 international awards, including the American International Film Festival Indie Fest.

The documentary was shot as a study source for schools and universities, as a source for historians, sociologists, psychologists, journalists, state officials and Ukrainian and international communities........

Court refuses to release former Party of Regions faction leader Yefremov

The Pechersk district court of Kyiv has dismissed the defense's motion for the release of former Party of Regions parliamentary faction leader Oleksandr Yefremov from the courtroom, citing the expiration of his detention at 7:28 a.m. on Thursday.

Judge Volodymyr Karaban argued that Yefremov's detention expires at midnight on Nov. 24, Censor.NET reports referring to Interfax-Ukraine.

The extension of Yefremov's pre-trial detention has been considered for five days, starting from Nov. 19. The previous session, which started on the morning of Nov. 23, lasted for about 17 hours, ended at 3:15 a.m. on November 24 and was adjourned until 9 a.m.

As reported, Yefremov was detained in Boryspil airport the morning of July 30 on suspicion of infringement of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Yefremov is also accused of financing separatists in the Luhansk region and appropriating the assets of Luhanskvuhillia SE. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
FSB detains former BSF employee in occupied Sevastopol, claims "spying for Ukraine"

The Federal Security Service (FSB) has detained former employee of the Black Sea Fleet HQ Leonid Parkhomenko In Russian-occupied Sevastopol on suspicion of treason.

According to investigators, the retired captain of the 2nd rank collected classified Black Sea Fleet data. The FSB says he was an undercover agent of the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence.

Parkhomenko faces up to 20 years in prison for high treason.

Read more: SBU prevents murder of former FSB officer Bogdanov who sided with Ukraine in 2014, agency head says

On Aug. 10, the FSB issued a formal statement on the alleged prevention of a series of terrorist acts in occupied Crimea prepared by the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine and aimed against peninsula's critical infrastructure facilities. Several citizens of Ukraine Yevhen Panov, Andrii Zakhtei and Redvan Suleimanov were arrested as those involved in the case. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Dzhemilev's son set to be released from custody: Russian confirms his Ukrainian citizenship

Russian court has recognized Hayser Dzhemilev a citizen of Ukraine, his lawyer Nikolay Polozov wrote on Facebook. Hayser is a son of the Ukrainian president's envoy to the Crimean Tatar people and leader of the Crimean Tatar people, Ukrainian MP Mustafa Dzhemilev.

The court ruling means that there should be no obstructions for Hayser Dzhemilev to leave the Russian territory to Ukraine. "The ruling on the establishment of administrative supervision over Hayser Dzhemilev is canceled. The key argument is that the Russian authorities have recognized him a citizen of Ukraine, without any reservations," he said.

Polozov also noted that the sentence in determining the appeal "after serving his sentence, Hayser Dzhemilev has no legal grounds to stay in the territory of the Russian Federation and should leave for a territory of a foreign state" inspires cautious optimism. As reported earlier, in 2013, Hayser Dzhemilev was found guilty of manslaughter with the use of his parent's gun of a family friend Fevzi Edemov............
US Senate to streamline Trump's policy to oppose Russian aggression

Senator Benjamin Cardin says Russia must be held accountable for sponsoring wars in Ukraine and Syria.

The U.S. Senate is set to streamline the foreign policy of President-Elect Donald Trump so as to resist Russia. Senator Benjamin Cardin said in an interview with Voice of America, Censor.NET reports.

Trump's pro-Russian rhetoric and his first appointments raise concern that the Kremlin may get away with its aggression in Ukraine and Syria. The U.S. Congress, in turn, states it will protect democratic values and bring Russia to justice.

"Whether you attack us by MiG (fighter jet) or by mouse, it's an attack. It requires a response. It's clear that they were responsible for the cyber attack on our country in this past election. We can't sit on the sidelines," Cardin observed, according to Reuters.

He said he was considering the possibility of introducing new instruments to bring to justice those involved in cybercrime, including American companies and individuals.

He also expressed an idea to ban the Americans from investing in Russia's state-owned assets and buying sovereign debt bonds.

Cardin said his initiatives should be supported by both Democrats and Republicans.

The senator also offers to provide assistance to democratic institutions in the countries whose sovereignty and democracy are harassed by Russia.

Meanwhile, the concern about Trump's policy, which could jeopardize human rights and tolerance, is already escalating in the United States. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
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