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Donbas security situation gravely serious, cease-fire violated daily, - Stoltenberg.  “Pro-Russian” Dodon wants to pull lid on TransNistria, banish Russia from Moldova.  Dnipro Opera concertmaster Tomchuk dies in car-bus crash.   Russian nurse killed in Syria.  'Admiral Kuznetsov' lost another jet.  Aleppo resistant rebels will be treated as terrorists - Lavrov.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Ukraine's "Naftogaz" has called the conditions under which ready to buy gas from Russia's "Gazprom"
"Naftogaz Ukraine" hasn't bought gas from "Gazprom" in November 2015.

"Naftogaz" is ready to buy gas from "Gazprom" subject to signing additional agreements and favorable prices. This was stated by head of "Naftogaz" Andrew Kobolyev the TV channel 3s.TV .

"We are ready to buy from" Gazprom "gas if" Gazprom " will accept our proposal, which we expect of them in terms of prices, terms of delivery and, most importantly, the signing of additional agreements. In the two previous winters we signed additional agreements that allow us to select gas mode prepayment. these additional agreements governing the issue price, the supply of the gas supplied only to us, not including uncontrolled territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. adjusting all these questions, we will be able to buy gas from "Gazprom", - said Kobolyev.

This Kobolyev noted that the issue of gas purchases Kyiv not work on political expediency.

"Politicians in this respect no law is, it's commerce. All of that is policy - the decision of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, which obliges us to buy from" Gazprom "does not exceed 50% of the gas in the year", - he said .

It was reported that "Gazprom" and "Naftogaz Ukraine" in talks on the restoration of gas supplies . , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter joined together to fight terrorism online

Major technology companies will create a common database to combat the spread of "terrorist content"

The world's largest technology companies, including Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, announced the creation of a common database that will help in the fight against the proliferation of "terrorist content on the network. This writes The Wall Street Journal .

"Content that promotes terrorism in the network, there is no place in our services. We hope that our association will strengthen the effectiveness of the fight with the content, while we continue to enforce our policies," - said in a joint statement, the four companies .

Company under the collaboration will be a digital manner "mark" videos that violate the rules and that call people to terrorism. Subsequently, each of them will quickly find remove such content of their services.

By such the company will begin early next year in time to solve some technical issues., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Odesa, burned cars of Odesa City Council Opposition block MP

According to rescuers, who investigated the scene, the cause of the fire is arson

In Odesa burned SUV Land Rover, Range Rover Sport cars which belonged to the deputy of the Odesa City Council, the head of district party organization "Opposition bloc" Bogdan Hihanovu.

The press service of the party.

The report noted that the cars were a deputy in the closed parking lot.

According to rescuers, who investigated the scene, the cause of the fire is arson. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові

In the center of Kyiv fought Ukrainian and Turkish fans

Near the mall "Gulliver" Soccer fans fought with the Turks

It is stated on the page " Kyiv operative " in Facebook. While it is known only that one of the Turks had broken fingers.

Fans of the fight fled the place. At the scene arrived a few crews patrol police and ambulance., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Italian President called Renzi to delay resignation

Matteo Renzi said that he would resign after the referendum on December 4 Italians rejected his proposals for constitutional reform

Italian President Sergio Mattarella calls on Prime Minister Matteo Renzi postpone his resignation until Parliament does not adopt a budget for 2017, voting for what could happen this week.

"The president of the country to complete the parliamentary process to approve the budget calls for the prime minister to delay his resignation until the completion of this process," - said in a statement the office Mattarelly published after a meeting with President Renzo.

Matteo Renzo announced that will retire after the referendum on December 4 Italians rejected his proposals for constitutional reform.

After the announcement of the resignation Renzo was a sharp depreciation of the euro over the past 20 months, informs financial and analytical agency Bloomberg. Price euro established at the level of more than 1.05 dollars. This depreciation of the euro was not even after the "Brekzytu" when the British voted for withdrawal from the EU.

Italian referendum results confirmed the fears of Western observers about another triumph of right-wing populists after voting in the UK and the US.

Recall residents of Italy rejected the draft  constitutional reform proposed by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. "No," documents said 54-58% "yes" - 42-46%. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Syria, coalition forces destroyed the command post node ISIL

For the past day attacks in Syria was conducted 11 strikes using aircraft

As a result of blows International Coalition held for the past day, eliminated hub for headquarters terrorists ISIL in northeastern Syria near the border with Iraq.

This is stated in the daily summary published by the Ministry of Defense on Monday.

"Near the city Shadaddi strike destroyed unit command and staff management group" Islamic state ", - informed the Pentagon.

It is noted that in general over the past day in Syria was conducted 11 strikes using aircraft, including the nearby settlements of Abu Kamal, Rakka, Ain Issa, Deir ez-Zor and manbij. The result was the destruction operations defeat and two tactical units, two artillery systems ISIL, several military positions, the center of manufacturing of weapons and ammunition, oil infrastructure, several units of military and special equipment.

Meanwhile, coalition forces conducted air strikes on ten ISIL in Iraq. Operations were conducted in the regions of Assad, Bashir, Badges, Mosul, Ka'yara and Tal Afar. Most of the strikes were in Mosul, where liberation forces carried overland operation to regain control of the city that militants consider their capital in Iraq. As explained in the US defense department, consistent strikes with the Iraqi government.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Lavrov announced the truce in Aleppo. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Moscow schoolchildren bullied teenager from Donbas, Ukraine to attempted suicide

For two years Ukrainian constantly beaten and called him "COPD"

Moscow schoolchildren bullied this classmate, who came from the occupied Donetsk to Moscow, to suicide, said "" .

17-year-old pupil school number 2117 Daniel B. New Scherbinka city of Moscow was taken to the Institute. Sklifosovsky with cuts on his hand. The teenager tried to commit suicide because of harassment from classmates who taunted him throughout his schooling.

Daniel told investigators that during the last two years he lived in Moscow all the time and constantly beat him and called him "COPD".

"The school harassment began last year, all the screaming that I am Ukrainian. They called me name and beat me every shift. Former cool conductress was aware of, but it never helped me. Shmykov, Baranov, Lopatin - these are the names of those who constantly mocked me. Shouted while "Glory to Ukraine!", - Said the teenager.

Mother Julia Y. said the teenager attempted suicide after her son approached the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. She demanded just punishment for school employees and teachers who allowed such behavior in the walls of the Russian school. A woman reported that she moved from Donetsk to Moscow after the outbreak of hostilities.

According to Julia, the class teacher connived all actions of students and not interceded for the boy, knowing about the harassment.

In most school number 2117 refused to comment on the incident, and only said that no one was aware of the situation that occurred, and "nobody knows nothing.", In Ukrainian / на українській мові

I hope this has opened her eyes to show that the life she wanted to live in Russia was all false propaganda. Now she'll have to live with this, till she returns to her home country. That's IF she does.

Imagine how many more children and families are experiencing this in Russia that went there from Ukraine. Tough price to pay to see reality.
Forgotten Security Guarantee: Ukraine slams Russia for violating Budapest memorandum

22 years since the signing of the Budapest Memorandum, Ukraine has once again called on its international partners not to forget the treaty so blatantly violated by one of the signatories – Russia.

The document, signed by the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, the UK, and the US in 1994, required Ukraine give up its nuclear weapons stockpile; in exchange, world powers promised to respect Ukraine's existing borders and sovereignty.........
Aleppo resistant rebels will be treated as terrorists - Lavrov

The opposition fighters in Aleppo would be given a chance for a complete withdrawal from the city amid the successful advancements of the government forces, and those who stay inside the battezone would be considered as terrorists, the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov claimed on Monday, the Reuters report.

Moscow and Washington are both capable of striking a deal in the talks on the withdrawal of all rebels from the eastern part of Aleppo, the minister also says, adding that Russia would support a military operation against those rebel factions who would not obey the evacuation from the city...........

on Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:00 amAdmin
Russia's 'Admiral Kuznetsov' lost another jet

"Less than three weeks after losing a MiG-29, it looks like the Russian Navy has lost another aircraft during Admiral Kuznetsov operations: a Su-33 Flanker", the outlet says, referring to its military sources.

According to the report, the jet has crashed during its second attempt to land on the aircraft carrier in good weather conditions and with good visibility, having allegedly failed to catch the wires and going around a second time but falling short of the bow of the air carrier.

The pilot successfully ejected and was picked up by a Russian Navy search and rescue helicopter, the reports says. ..........
“Pro-Russian” Dodon wants to pull lid on TransNistria, banish Russia from Moldova

The recent presidential election in Moldova was won by Ihor Dodon, described by Moscow as ‘pro-Russian.’ The Russian media rejoiced as vehemently about it as it did on the election of Donald Trump. However, new circumstances have come to the surface in Moldova, reports Dec. 5.

Moscow’s blue-eyed boy a month ago, Pres Dodon is now viewed by the Russian media and spin doctors with disappointment.

The first disappointment came when Dodon said he would not turn back Moldova’s European integration course.

Next, Dodon called his allegedly ‘pro-Russian’ stance a cliché imposed on him by his opponents. He stressed he would insist on Moldova’s neutrality which entails demilitarization and the pullout of the Russian troops from TransNistria.

The biggest eye-opener came when the media analyzed Dodon’s earlier statements made in 2013 on settling the territorial conflict in Moldova. It turned out that Dodon had long proposed getting rid of the Russian troops in TransNistria and give the breakaway republic the autonomy status within Moldova.

All this means the Kremlin had put its money on the wrong candidate when it backed up Dodon, the Russian media says.
on Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:56 amAdmin
Russian nurse killed in Syria

Two Russian doctors were also wounded after rebel fighters reportedly shelled a makeshift hospital in the government-held part of Aleppo, the agency's sources told on the condition of anonymity due to regulations on Monday.

Moscow had sent in aid into the Furqan neighbourhood in the government-held part of the city a day earlier, including equipment to set up the field hospital, the reports also says........
In political move, Russian patriarch blesses Putin-backed Paris church

The patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church consecrated a new cathedral only steps from the Eiffel Tower on Sunday. It is the culmination of a controversial project viewed by some as part of President Vladimir Putin's efforts to spread his country's influence into Europe.

Patriarch Kirill, an ally of Putin, blessed the Saint Trinity Church, located on the Left Bank of the Seine River, with members of France's large Russian Orthodox community present.

The church boasts an 8-ton gold dome encircled by four smaller gold domes - all part of a 100 million euro ($106 million) Russian cultural, educational and religious center financed by the Kremlin.

The project has been supported by Putin, who has combined a potent mix of Russian nationalism and Orthodoxy to help cement his conservative social agenda and rule..........
Euro drops to 20-month low as Renzi concedes referendum defeat

The euro fell to the weakest level since March 2015 as Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said he would resign after conceding defeat in the nation's constitutional referendum, according to Bloomberg.

The single currency dropped against all its 16 major counterparts as the referendum on Renzi's plans to rein in the power of the Senate was defeated by 60% to 40%, with almost all the vote counted. The euro pared losses following the premier's speech, while the yen erased an earlier advance against the dollar, Bloomberg reported. The euro dropped 1.1% to $1.0548 as of 13:36 in Tokyo after falling as much as 1.5% to $1.0506, the lowest since March 16, 2015.......
Dnipro Opera concertmaster Tomchuk dies in car-bus crash

Concertmaster of Dnipropetrovsk Opera and Ballet Theatre Iryna Tomchuk was killed in a road accident.

Censor.NET reports citing Yevhen Hendin, an external adviser to the Dnipro City mayor.

"She is the concertmaster, the first cello of our opera and ballet theater and The Seasons chamber orchestra Iryna Tomchuk. She was on her way to work with the husband (plays the French horn in the same theater): they have a house or a dacha not far from this Byk. For some reason, I do not know why, they pulled over. And a bus with the children (a dance group), taking them to a performance, emerged. The funeral ceremony will be held in the theater on Tuesday," he wrote.

Earlier, Dec. 3, at the 185th kilometer of Znamianka-Luhansk-Izvaryne Highway (20 kilometers from Dnipro City), the driver of a MAN bus, carrying children from Kropyvnytskyi to Dnipro, lost control and collided with a Skoda standing on the roadside. After that, the bus slid into a ditch and overturned. The incident killed a woman and injured 19 children. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Donbas security situation gravely serious, cease-fire violated daily, - Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Monday that the Minsk agreements are being constantly violated in the Donbas.

Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

The security situation in the east of Ukraine remains gravely serious, Stoltenberg is quoted as saying. The cease-fire is violated daily, sometimes for hundreds times, the secretary-general told the news conference in Brussels, adding that the heavy weapons have not yet been withdrawn.

As long as Ukraine faces the aggression on the part of Russia, NATO will continue providing political and practical assistance to Ukraine, he said.

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved the defense budget for 2017, stipulating, among other, for military aid to Ukraine allocated from the total amount of $618.7 billion. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
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