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Russia threatens tit-for-tat sanctions against USA.  Russian spin doctor proposes to destroy millions of Ukrainians.  The West Didn’t ‘Betray’ Russia: Russia Betrayed Its Best Self.  Israel: US pressured Ukraine to support anti-settlement resolution.  Ukrainian Grand Masters become rapid chess world champions.

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Ukrainian General explained why world "swallows" Putin antics

The main reason why President Putin "allowed too much" is a big nuclear potential of Russia; this is why the world is actually "swallowed" annexation of Crimea and Donbas aggression.

This assumption is in the air "Observer" expressed Lt. Gen. Dmitry stock Umanets.

General stated: "Putin potrenuvavsya in Crimea - swallow, only slightly poschypaly sanctions. Then he went to the east of Ukraine - speak bluntly, the world is also, in principle, it is swallowed. So naturally, he went on."

Umanets said: "The global security system has not made any radical steps to give him a hand, in the brain to somehow stop Putin".

How convinced general, cause no reaction of the West to head the Kremlin action or lack of action is simple: it is fear. "Yet we must remember that Russia has a second nuclear potential in the world. It is one of the States, which has nearly one million armed forces," - he said.

However Umanets said that the weakening of military capabilities, "fight hard against the Americans - though not the level of the armed forces." "And China comes, coming on the heels" - he recalled.

Wrote "Observer", before Dmitriy Umanets warned that the use of Russian aircraft in the war in the Donbas not be excluded; He also expressed surprise version of the causes carnage at Svetlodarsk arc. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Obama commented on the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by cyber attacks

The US president said that the published package of measures, it is not the whole answer of on cyber attacks and harassment of US diplomats in Moscow

President Barack Obama commented on the decision to expel Russian diplomats and imposed sanctions on Russia, calling such actions "necessary and appropriate response."

Barack Obama Comment published on the website of the White House.

According to Obama, the entire American public should be seriously concerned about the actions of Russia. The US president said that Russia is not only influenced the presidential election using authorized in the higher echelons of Russian authorities cyber attacks, but carried out unprecedented pressure on US diplomats in Moscow. "The pressure exercised security services and police could not remain unanswered," - said Obama.

The US president said that the package presented to the public, it is not the whole answer to Russia for its activities. There will be also a non-public actions to put in place when necessary. Obama called "USA - friends and enemies around the world to join efforts to combat violations of international law by Russia and its impact on democratic governments."

In addition, Obama said that his administration will present in the coming days in the Congress report abusive influence in the elections in the United States.........., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Russian hackers have fallen under US sanctions. FBI for several years looking for Bogachev

For information leading to the arrest of Yevgeny Bogachev, the US State Department has promised $3 million.

Registered in Anapa Bogachev used aliases Lastik, lucky12345, Monstr, Pollingsoon, Slavik. According to US law enforcement, he participated in the group behind the spread of the virus called Zeus. This trojan which appeared in 2007 and was the first to spread through social networks. Program ahead servers, personal computers and mobile devices. Attackers intercepted data including bank card numbers, passwords, personal identification data.

The FBI began investigating the activities of the group in the summer of 2009. In September 2011, a new version of this program that has infected more than 1 million computers. US law enforcement agencies estimate losses of more than $100 million.

In August 2012 a federal jury County Nebraska Bogachev filed under the pseudonym formal charges. In 2014, US authorities managed to link the alias of lucky12345 Bohachevыm, were then brought new charges.

"The last known place of residence Bogachova - the city of Anapa in Russia. We know that he loves boating and may go into the Black Sea on the yacht. In Bogachova is real estate in Krasnodar" - says the FBI orientation.

Alexei Belan was born in Riga, known as pseudonyms Abyr Valgov, Abyrvaig, Abyrvalg, Anthony Anthony, Fedyunya, M4G, Mag, and others. According to the FBI, he is Latvian and Russian citizenship. "Belan is a Russian citizen and a Russian passport. He says in Russian, probably traveling to Russia, Greece, Latvia, the Maldives and Thailand. Can use glasses and repaint chestnut on the nature of hair in red color or become blond. Last known location Belan - Athens, Greece ", - the orientation of the FBI.

According to US law enforcement, from January 2012 to April 2013 Belan broke three large computer networks online stores in California and Nevada and stole customer base. In the databases contained user data of US citizens and encrypted passwords of millions of accounts. According to the FBI, Belan then tried to sell the base. In September 2012 an arrest warrant issued Belan US District Court for the District of Nevada in Las Vegas, and in June 2013, US District Court Northern District of California in San Francisco. For information leading to his arrest, promised $100 thousand. Dollars., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
White House Dares Trump To Roll Back Sanctions Against Russia

White House officials predicted Thursday that new sanctions being levied against Russia in retaliation for that country’s apparent hacking during the 2016 election would not be reversed by President-elect Donald Trump, despite Trump’s call for warmer relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After he takes the oath of office in late January, Trump could unilaterally act to roll back the sanctions, which include expelling 35 Russian operatives and closing down two Russian facilities in the United States. But White House officials argued that if he did so, Trump would risk looking like he had caved to Russian interests.................

Access complete text of the editorial: VIDEO In English
National Security Council of Ukraine has introduced new sanctions against Russia

In particular sanctions introduced on officials of the Russian law enforcement agencies and courts involved in the illegal detention of Ukrainian citizens in Russia

A hybrid continuing aggression of Russia against Ukraine at today's meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine introduced additional sanctions against individuals and entities aggressor state. This was reported by the press service of the National Security Council.

In particular, the sanctions against persons illegally elected to the State Duma of the results of the so-called elections held the occupation authorities in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol City. Members of the so-called election commissions, Ukrainian enterprises in the Crimea, which were illegally re-registered by the Russian legislation . Also introduced sanctions on Russian officials of law enforcement agencies and courts involved in the illegal detention of Ukrainian citizens in Russia.

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine also applied sanctions on the former leaders of Ukraine, which declared wanted and hiding abroad and involved in the financing of terrorist activities and hybrid aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

Also introduced sanctions against Russia controlled entities involved in the conduct of Russia hybrid war against Ukraine in the sphere of information and cyberspace.

To ensure transparency and synchronize all steps sanctions applied to individuals and legal entities, extended for 1 year. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові

on Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:09 pmAdmin
At the Russian embassy in Damascus mine exploded

Mine explosion caused minor material damage

At the Russian Embassy in Damascus (Syria) at the entrance to the Consular Section exploded mine. The press service of the Foreign Ministry.

"On the afternoon of December 29 bomb that was released from the area controlled by the militants in the suburbs of Damascus, came to the territory of the Russian Embassy at the entrance to the Consular Section," - said in a statement.

Reported that the mine explosion caused minor material damage. Injured.

As reported, on Wednesday, December 28, the Russian Embassy in Syria fired on twice a day. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Putin called the new sanctions against Russian attempt to undermine Trump

The reaction of the Russian side will deliver symmetrical and the US "substantial discomfort," said Putin's spokesman

A spokesman for Russian President Dmitry Peskov said the administration of President Barack Obama by his actions seeking to undermine the position of Donald Trump in the international arena.
It is reported by "Interfax".

We are talking about new sanctions against Russia in connection with cyber attacks, whose purpose was to influence the election of the American president.

"This is - actions which significantly undermine the foreign policy positions of the next administration. They hardly have any analogues in US history, "- said Peskov.

According to him, between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President-elect Donald Trump, "In a telephone conversation, there were no serious substantive contacts".

"We clearly see that the (old - Ed.) Administration is trying to impose a line. That strip (new - Ed.) Administration of a capacity and deprive it of the right to choose the path that will offer new president to go. Again note is the Interior "- said Peskov.

He said that the Russian President, deciding on the response, take into account that the Obama administration is left to work for three weeks.

The reaction of the Russian side will deliver symmetrical and the US "substantial discomfort," said Putin's spokesman. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Some 6,500 cyber attacks recorded in past 2 months, Russian special services involved in some of them

"Around six and a half thousand cyber attacks have been registered at the facilities of five departments and thirty-one state-run information resources in the past two months," Poroshenko said at a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council dedicated to the principles of information security, cyber security threats and to neutralizing them, the president's press service reported...........
U.S. expels 35 Russian diplomats, gives 72 hours to leave country

The United States expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed two Russian compounds in New York and Maryland in response to a campaign of harassment against American diplomats in Moscow, a senior U.S. official said on Thursday, according to Reuters.

The Russian diplomats would have 72 hours to leave the United States, the official said. Access to the two compounds, which are used by Russian officials for intelligence gathering, will be denied to all Russian officials as of noon on Friday, the senior U.S. official added, as reported by Reuters.

The lower chamber of the U.S. Congress on Wednesday, November 30, approved a draft bill providing a ban on travel for over 25 miles away from mission buildings for Russian diplomats without U.S. authority's notification in the previous calendar quarter..........
Russian spin doctor proposes to destroy millions of Ukrainians

Mikhail Hazin, a Russian economist, publicist and spin doctor, came up with a scenario for winning Ukraine’s loyalty to Russia that angered hundreds of Internet users.

If Russia wants to make Ukraine loyal, it has to annex Donbas and displace the present Kyiv regime. “However, there are several million people in Donbas who cannot be made loyal. Some of them are to be liquidated and some expelled,” Hazin said, addressing a session of the ‘Russian Perspective’ club, TCN reports Dec. 29.

Another scenario for the return of Ukraine is to balkanize the country, with Russia annexing Ukraine’s southern and eastern oblasts and banning the Ukrainian language. Ukraine’s northern and central oblasts must be converted into a purely agrarian enclave. 

The Western part of Ukraine with all its nationalists is to be handed over to Poland, Hazin proposed.
Ukrainian grandmasters become rapid chess world champions

Ukrainian chess players Anna Muzychuk and Vasyl Ivanchuk have become the champions of the world in rapid chess championship among women and men, respectively, Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has said.

"Good news! Ukrainians Anna Muzychuk and Vasyl Ivanchuk have become the world champions in the rapid chess. I sincerely congratulate our winners," Groysman wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday night.

Muzychuk is a Ukrainian chess Grandmaster (2012). She has the following wins: a World Champion among girls under 20 years (2010), Blitz Women's (2014), bronze medalist of the individual European Championship (2012). She received the second place at the stage of the FIDE Grand Prix in Kazan (2012). Muzychuk won the third place at the Chess Olympiad in 2014 as part of the women's national team of Ukraine...........
Israel: US pressured Ukraine to support anti-settlement resolution

‘Either Obama or Biden’ spoke to President Poroshenko directly to ensure he supported UN Security Council vote, official says

An Israeli official said Wednesday that highest-level US administration officials phoned Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko directly to pressure him to support the United Nations Security Council resolution against Israeli settlements.

“Either Obama or Biden spoke to Poroshenko about the matter,” a senior Israeli official told The Times of Israel, elaborating on Israel’s claims that the US worked behind the scenes to bolster the resolution and to ensure that it was supported by all the other countries on the council.

According to one highly placed Israeli official who spoke to Tablet Magazine, it was Biden who personally intervened to ensure that Ukraine would support the resolution. “Did Biden put pressure on the Ukrainians? Categorically yes,” said a source within the Israeli government. “That Biden told them to do it is 1000% true,” he said.

Although both Ukraine and US acknowledge a December 19 phone call between Poroshenko and Biden, US officials explicitly denied that there was any discussion of the UNSC resolution.

Colin Kahl, Biden’s national security adviser, tweeted a series of sweeping denials that the vice president discussed the matter with Kiev. “The Vice President frequently calls Poroshenko, but no calls or contact on UNSCR,” he tweeted. “The VP did not reach out to the Ukrainians on the UNSCR” and “There was no VP/OVP contact on the issue,” he claimed.

A spokesperson for Poroshenko refused to confirm or deny that Biden lobbied him on the issue, Tablet reported.................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
The West Didn’t ‘Betray’ Russia: Russia Betrayed Its Best Self

December 28 – For the past several weeks, many in Russia and the West have been having fun with a Facebook page featuring pictures of family pets that have destroyed something with a legend underneath claiming that “the Russians did it.” That has even sparked the appearance of another page about what the Russians really did.

Now, however, we are confronted by a new outburst of a much worse phenomenon, the advancement of an argument by many Russians and some in the West that Russians aren’t to blame for what has happened in their country. Instead, the West is because it and not they are responsible for the “betrayal” of Russian democracy.

In an article in yesterday’s “Moscow Times” entitled “Why the West’s Betrayal of Democratic Russia Brought Us Putin,” former BBC correspondent Angus Roxburgh argues that “the West’s inability to accept Russia on equal terms after 1991 made the emergence of a nationalistic strongman inevitable” (

He says that the events across Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, including Russia, were “all part of the same movement – the people rose up in all those places and overthrew totalitarianism. The Russians embraced freedom in 1991, exactly as the eastern Europeans had done.”

“But that is not how it was seen in the West. The revolutions in eastern Europe came to be viewed not just as the overthrow of communism (an experience shared with Russia itself) but as liberation from Russian occupation,” he says. “That was a grave mistake, which a quarter of a century on has brought us to the brink of a new Cold War, or something even worse.”

Roxburg continues: “We in the West have to ask ourselves: Why did we treat Russia differently? The peoples of eastern Europe, with understandably bitter memories of Soviet rule, found it hard to distinguish what had oppressed them — an ideology or a nation. The West listened to the urgings of those whose views we should have been wariest of … as though Russia had not changed.”

“We invited them to join NATO, thereby making the equally liberated Russians feel unwanted and distrusted. Remember that at the point when NATO resolved to expand, in the early 1990s, there was no Vladimir Putin — there was Yeltsin, close bosom-friend of Bill Clinton, lauded as a democrat, the Yeltsin who had welcomed the freedom of the Baltic states and was praised by them for doing so.”...............

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
Russia threatens tit-for-tat sanctions against USA

If the United States imposes new sanctions on Russia for hacking the US presidential elections, Russia threatened to respond adequately, its foreign ministry warned Dec. 29.

 “If Washington takes new hostile steps, it will get an adequate response. If the proposed sanctions relate to Russian diplomats, the US diplomats will be hit as well.

The Obama administration doesn’t seem to care what would happen to the US-Russia relations. It is pursuing the ‘After us, the deluge’ policy,|” the Russian statement says.

The Russians dismissed the involvement of Russian hackers in the US election.

 “We are fed up with the lies about the Russian hackers that are spread by US leaders,” the statement runs.
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