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"Putin understands only strength," – Senator McCain on possible "Kissinger plan" for Donbas.  U.S. envoy to OSCE calls Russian aggression against Ukraine "major threat" to security of OSCE member states.  Ukrainian World Congress calls upon int'l community to be on high alert over Russian cyberattacks.  Poll: Americans doubt the ability of the newly elected president.  

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Donald Trump Casts Doubt on Intelligence Community Over 'So-Called' Russian Hacking

Donald Trump continues to remain indignant about claims that Russia is responsible for cyberassaults on the US, taking to Twitter Tuesday night to reiterate his skepticism.

In a single tweet, Trump questioned the prevailing notion that Russia has been hacking US entities -- despite 17 U.S. intelligence agencies concluding that top Russian officials helped orchestrate cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee and members of Hillary Clinton's campaign -- and he also seemed to question the validity of such agencies overall.

The president-elect tweeted, "The 'Intelligence' briefing on so-called 'Russian hacking' was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!"..............

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
on Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:11 pmAdmin
Former Regions Yefremov indictment handed

The indictment was handed Tuesday the suspect and his two lawyers

Chairman of the Party of Regions faction in the Verkhovna Rada of the 7th convocation Oleksandr Yefremov and his lawyers presented the indictment in the case where he is charged with violation of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine and several other crimes.

This lawyer Ephraim Alexander Melnikov, reports " Interfax-Ukraine ".

He said the indictment was served on Tuesday the suspect and his two lawyers.

So now Ephraim case may be referred to court.

As reported, the Kyiv Pechersk District Court extended the arrest of former MP and head of the Party of Regions faction Oleksandr Yefremov to 22 January 2017.

Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that consideration of the court case Ephraim held in early 2017.

Earlier in the court session Efremov assured that he is not guilty of the crimes that he alleges Prosecutor General's Office.

December 12 General Prosecutor's Office has completed preliminary investigation in the criminal proceedings on suspicion of Ephraim. Former Regions nominated five suspects .

Attorney Eugene Sweet Yefremov said that the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on December 8 filed new criminal proceedings in respect of his client, in which he reported the suspicion is on two articles of the Criminal Code. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Trump opposed the further release of prisoners from Guantanamo

Obama plans to transfer from prison for about 18 people and then remain in prison 59 prisoners

US President-elect Donald Trump said that from a military prison in Guantanamo do not need to release prisoners. He wrote in a network twitter.

"More has to be released from Guantanamo. This is extremely dangerous people who should not be allowed to return to the battlefield, "- said Trump.

Earlier, White House spokesman Josh Ernest said that the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump of Guantanamo prison is planned to transfer several prisoners.

"At the moment it is expected that the transfer of further be announced until January 20," - he said.

The source said to Reuters, acquainted with the matter, President Barack Obama plans to transfer from prison for about 18 people and then remain in prison 59 prisoners.

Recall the Guantanamo Bay detention camp - military prison Navy leased to the US territory of Cuba.

The prison was established in 2002 as a detention camp for prisoners suspected of terrorist activities.

The prison accused of torture and abuse of prisoners, their content without a court order and breach of several international konvetsiy.

President Barack Obama, whose cadence ended January 20, has repeatedly advocated the closure of Guantanamo. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
SBU reacts to scandalous statement of French presidential candidate on Crimea

The SBU Security Service of Ukraine does not rule out a ban on entry to Ukraine for Marine Le Pen, the National Front's presidential candidate, for her statement that the annexation of Crimea was not illegal, head of the SBU chief's staff Oleksandr Tkachuk told UNIAN.

According to him, such statements of some politicians are unacceptable, do not comply with international realities, but this statement is not an official statement of the authorities of the French Republic.

"If we were talking about an official activist, we would have called the ambassador or sent a note of protest. As for the SBU, we reserve the right to act in accordance with the conclusions to which we will come. This may be a ban on entry into the territory of our state to that person, other restrictions that may apply to foreigners," Tkachuk said...........

on Tue Jan 03, 2017 1:23 pmAdmin
Russia lets cat out of bag

Donbas rebels say that, as of the fall of 2016, the Russian command let them mention the presence of the Russian troops in Donbas, a closely guarded secret before, journalists Denis Kazansky writes in Facebook Jan. 3.

Before, any mention of the Russian military presence in Donbas by the rebels was strictly punished. Even the Kremlyn-controlled media are open about it now. 

 “The rebel army is under the command of Russian experts [from platoon upwards] and the Russian advisers help manage the Donbas economy. The rebel-held part of Donbas is in fact a Russian soil. Although this status quo cannot be confirmed legally, the locals want that sooner or later the territory be engulfed by Russia,” pro-Kremlin site wrote recently. 

 “I knew the Russians will stop hiding the truth one day. Same as they stopped denying their regulars were involved in the Crimea grab,” Kazansky said.
Scandalous Le Pen said the occupation of Crimea by Russia was lawful

French Presidential candidate, leader of "National Front" Marine Le Pen said that he considered the occupation of Crimea by Russia legitimate.

According to RIA Novosti , the statement made scandalous politician in an interview BFMTV.

"I absolutely believe it was illegal annexation: a referendum, residents of Crimea wanted to join in. I see no reason to call into question the referendum," - said Le Pen.

At the same time it announced the need for "strategic relations" between France and Russia in the context of the fight against terrorism "Islamic state."

Recall election of the president of France will be held in two rounds on April 23 and May 7, 2017. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Poll: Americans doubt the ability of the newly elected president

The fact that Trump is able to effectively cope with a number of duties of head of state, less than half of Americans believe

Less than half of respondents in the United States believe that President-elect Donald Trump can effectively cope with a number of duties of the President. These are the results of a poll conducted by the American Institute of Public Opinion Gallup, tells DW.

Thus, only 46% of respondents believe that Trump has the qualities necessary for resolving international crises. Nearly 44% of respondents believe that it will not prevent major scandals in the ranks of his administration. The "wise use (it) military forces" believe only 47% of respondents. Compared with Donald Trump predecessors in office - Barack Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton - in the Republican lowest.

Only slightly more than half of Americans (55%) believes that he will successfully defend US interests abroad. Doubt cause Trump ability to work effectively with the US Congress and solve economic problems: 60% and 59% of respondents are confident that he will cope with these problems. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
U.S. envoy to OSCE calls Russian aggression against Ukraine "major threat" to security of OSCE member states

U.S. Representative to the OSCE Daniel Baer has called Russian aggression against Ukraine, the main threat to the security of all countries in the area of responsibility of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

"Good that @sebastiankurz makes first trip as @OSCE Chair to Ukraine--Russian aggression is major threat to security of all of OSCE area,” Baer tweeted........
"Putin understands only strength," – Senator McCain on possible "Kissinger plan" for Donbas

Media reports say Henry Kissinger allegedly proposes lifting anti-Russian sanctions. However, the U.S. Congress will approve no action damaging freedom and independence of Ukraine or the Baltics.
As reported by Censor.NET, U.S. Senator John McCain said in an interview with TSN asked whether former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger would become a mediator between Moscow and the United States.

According to media reports, Kissinger allegedly advocates U.S.-Russia rapprochement and lifting of sanctions in exchange for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Donbas.

However, McCain says he does not believe the Senat would support some agreements that do not guarantee complete independence of Ukraine or other countries in the region. The politician said the Americans had learnt the lesson of the 1930s on how dangerous the agreements with dictators could be.

According to him, the U.S. Congress will approve no action that could harm the freedom and independence of Ukraine or the Baltic states. McCain says the U.S. government supports only the deals aimed at putting an end to the conflict.

However, the senator said his experience with Vladimir Putin showed that the only thing the Russian president understood was strength, which is why the U.S. needed to strengthen the defense capability of Ukraine and the Baltics and provide support for these countries.

"Peace through strength as Reagan once said," McCain summed up., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Ukrainian World Congress calls upon int'l community to be on high alert over Russian cyberattacks

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) has called global attention to the introduction by the United States of America of additional sanctions against Russia in response to its cyber attacks during the U.S. 2016 Presidential election, according to the organization's press service.

The UWC has condemned the attempts by the Russian Federation to influence the electoral process of another sovereign state, highlighting "the serious danger of similar cyber attacks by the Russian Federation, particularly during future elections in European states in 2017."............
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