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In Russia, Putin voiced action scripts on the Donbas.  Police used force at a rally before the inauguration Trump: video.  The leader of the DNR announced new threats to Europe: published video.  Roshen halts work of its confectionery factory in Lipetsk, Russia.  Media learned of the investigation in US relations with Russia Trump associates.  Car rams into the crowd in Melbourne, dozens injured, the death toll rose to 4 people.  UK committed to support Ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Podcast By Brian Whitmore (PODCAST report): A New World Order?

CNN reports what would happen if Trump assassinated during inauguration

On January 18 broadcast of CNN’s The Situation Room, the host contemplated a scenario of the Barack Obama administration keeping power if President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence were "wiped out on day one."

"What if an incoming president and his immediate successors were wiped out on day one?" the CNN host said. It was noted by a CNN correspondent that a House Speaker should take over, according to the Constitution. "According to the Constitution, if the president and vice president are killed or incapacitated next in line is the House speaker, then – the president pro-temporary of the Senate," the correspondent said. But in case anything happens to them at the inauguration, too, it all goes down the list of Cabinet secretaries starting with Secretary of State.

"On the day of inauguration, as a precaution, a Cabinet Secretary called ‘the designated presidential successor’ will not attend the inauguration, ready to step in if something happens," the report reads........

on Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:14 amAdmin
Soros calls Trump 'would-be dictator'

Donald Trump is a “would-be dictator” who is “going to fail.”

Billionaire investor George Soros told the Davos world economic forum, Censor.NET reports citing The Guardian.

On the eve of Trump's inauguration as president, Soros delivered a scathing assessment, saying the "impostor and con-man" was "gearing up for a trade war" which would have "a very far-reaching effect in Europe and other parts of the world".

The "would-be-dictator … didn't expect to win, he was surprised", Soros told an audience of business leaders and journalists in Davos where the World Economic Forum is being held.

"I personally have confidence that he's going to fail … because his ideas that guide him are inherently self-contradictory," added Soros, who was a supporter of Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during the 2016 US presidential election campaign.

Soros said he expected financial markets to "not do very well" because of the uncertainty generated by the Trump administration. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Dzhemilev assesses chances to regain Crimea by force

The Ukrainian president's envoy to the Crimean Tatar people and Crimean Tatar leader, Ukrainian MP Mustafa Dzhemilev says that Russian-occupied Crimea is impossible to return to Ukraine merely through the improvement of living standards in the country.

"When they say, let's make life better in the country, and Crimea residents will show their willingness to return to Ukraine, it is absurd!" he said, the Novoe Vremya weekly reported. Explaining his position, Dzhemilev noted that the Russian regime had never considered a public opinion. "Remember Chechnya, where part of the people was killed, some were forced to emigrate, and where only pro-Putin Chechens have stayed. Let me remind you that under the Criminal Code of Russia, any conversations about the need to hold a referendum on determining the status of any part of the Russian territory are falling under Article 280, which provides for up to five years in prison for encroachment on the territorial integrity of Russia," Dzhemilev said.

He also expressed the opinion that Ukraine would not be able to return Crimea by military means..................., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
The leader of the DNR announced new threats to Europe: published video

The leader of the so-called DNR Alexander Zakharchenko during his speech at the forum "From Russia forever!" Simferopol in occupied Russia voiced threats against Poland.

Videos from Zakharchenko speech posted on YouTube.

"The West forgets one single thing - when tanks in Poland come from the West, then there tanks something from the East. And this is our victory," - said the leader of the NPT.

According to him, the supporters of the NPT hoped to "accession" to Russia after the occupation of the Crimea.

"When the Crimean spring, we thought that everything would be well. But things went differently," - said Zakharchenko. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Roshen halts work of its confectionery factory in Lipetsk, Russia

Complete shutdown is scheduled for April 2017.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Roshen's press service, the decision was made for economic and political reasons.

"Full production stop and temporary closing of industrial and infrastructure facilities are planned for April 2017," the message notes.

As previously reported, the seizure of property of the Lipetsk confectionery factory by Russia's Investigative Committee as part of a criminal case made it impossible to sell the factory.

"Starting from 2013, the output at the Lipetsk confectionery factory has decreased threeforld. This happened due to a sharp decline in the production range after an unjustified ban by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) in 2013 on imports of Roshen's Ukrainian products to the Russian Federation as well as a campaign to discredit the work of the factory in the Russian and Ukrainian media and the pressure put by local authorities in some regions on traders selling the factory products and decrease in the overall level of purchasing power of population," Kateryna Makedonska, the chief of Roshen's PR and Communications Department, said.

The decline in production led to constant mass layoffs.

The remaining staff (about 700 people) have already been informed about the upcoming halt. A relevant notification will be filed in the Lipetsk center of employment in the near future. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові

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UK committed to support Ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, - UK Defense Secretary Fallon

The United Kingdom will provide military aid to Ukraine and continue supporting the country.

This was announced by UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon in Kyiv on Friday, Censor.NET reports citing The Telegraph.

Britain will stand alongside Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia because freedom cannot be "traded", the defense secretary has said, amid fears Donald Trump may scale back support to Kyiv in a deal with Moscow.

Sir Michael Fallon announced new British military training to Ukrainian forces battling Russian-backed separatists and said a Royal Navy warship will visit the country for the first time in a decade.

He arrived in Kyiv for two days of talks as the U.S. election of Mr. Trump has caused alarm among Ukrainians dismayed at his apparent warmth towards Vladimir Putin.

In comments likely to be seen as a message to Mr Trump, Sir Michael said: "The values of freedom and democracy cannot be traded."

"Britain is stepping up on the global stage and standing firm with our Ukrainian friends.

"The UK is sending a clear message that we are committed to defending democracy across the world and support Ukraine's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity."

The remarks follow comments from Mr Trump that he will propose an end to sanctions imposed after the annexation of Crimea. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові

Car slammed into the crowd in Melbourne, dozens injured, the death toll rose to 4 people

Police report that the driver of problems with mental health.

In Australia, as a result of hitting a car in crowd in Melbourne, the death toll rose to 4 people, reports Business Insider . According to the newspaper, killing a man and woman aged about 30 years, a girl of 10 years and the fourth person are installed. "The driver was identified by media as James" Jimmy "Harhasoulas (James" Jimmy "Gargasoulas). Harhasoulas 26-year-old was accused of violence against his brother. Police say the suspect has a "history of domestic violence and mental health problems and problems with drugs," - says the publication.

It is noted also that the police opened fire on the attackers, and is now hospitalized and is under protection, he cooperates with the government. Police reported that the man intentionally hit a pedestrian near the shopping center, but with the attack is not connected. Injured about 20 people............ , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Russia, Putin voiced action scripts on the Donbas

Russian President Vladimir Putin has two options conflict in Donbas, freezing the Transnistrian script or the provision of Donbas his "own destiny."

This was told the Russian journalist Leonid Radzikhovsky, reports the online edition of " Explorer ".

According to the journalist, further Russia's position on the conflict in Donbas will depend on the rhetoric and actions of the West.

If improving relations between Russia and the West, Vladimir Putin would go to the execution of the Minsk agreements with the previous output of Donbass citizens of issuing this step for the "common compromise the general peace and friendship and so on, and it would look like a defeat."

"But I think Putin will this last. What he really and willing to go - a full freeze of all situations Transnistrian option," - said Radzikhovsky.

As reported, "Apostrophe", formerly Ministry of temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons stated on preparations for the de-occupation of Donbass in 2017. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Media learned of the investigation in US relations with Russia Trump associates

American law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted calls and check financial transactions as part of a broader investigation of possible links between the Russian government and supporters elected US president, Donald Trump, including its former head of election headquarters Paul Manafort .

This publication reports The New York Times , citing current and former senior US officials.

However, it is not known whether the observed data negotiating attitude to Trump himself or to his election. Also unclear whether this refers investigation into the hacking servers of the National Committee of the US Democratic Party.

According to a source publication, the National Security Agency is investigating a possible link US Manafort of the FSB of Russia. In Manafort US intelligence agencies are investigating a possible link with Russia two other people from the surrounding Trump: Carter Page (businessman and foreign policy adviser during the presidential campaign Trump) and Roger Stone (political consultant "Republicans"). The publication notes that currently unclear on what exactly Russian officials are investigating the USA.

In turn, Manafort called statement on his possible relationship with Russia "dirty tricks" of the Democratic Party.

"I never had any relations with the Russian government or the Russian officials," - he said.

As reported, "Apostrophe" American intelligence has established the influence of Vladimir Putin in the election of US President ladder. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові

Police used force at a rally before the inauguration Trump: published video

In Washington, there have been clashes between activists and supporters of the movement antytrampovskyh elected US president.

The clash took place near the National Club of Printing in Washington, which hosted the event supporters Donald Trump.

Police had to intervene in the incident in order to prevent more serious confrontations. Law enforcement officers used tear gas.

About the victims and detained as a result of events not reported.

The crowd chanted slogans opponents Trump building in the National press club when next to them was a man with a banner in support of the elected president.

Opponents Donald Trump tried to attack a supporter of President-elect, pohnavshys him. The man with the flag could escape from the attackers.

As reported, "Apostrophe", previously were known details of Donald Trump's speech at the inauguration. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
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