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In Ukraine, Putin upset about Trump.  US lethal weapons will allow Ukraine's Army repel Russians, - UN Ambassador Yelchenko.  Attempts from the outside to decide the fate of Ukraine and Moldova are doomed to failure.  Last year, 10 thousand people died in Russia from alcohol poisoning .  Russia upset at Donbass new group of military personnel.  Putin Mercenaries: AHC Wagner at the site 500 km from Donetsk is preparing Russians for possible shipment to Afghanistan. Case of mother and child who fell from seventh floor qualified as murder.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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After losses in Avdiyivka in positions of militants were mercenaries from the Caucasus - "TSN"

After significant losses in Avdiyivka militants join the mercenaries from the Caucasus front, directly opposite positions Armed Forces are now Dagestanis, and the second line of enemy defense side by side with Russian headhunters also "kadyrivtsi."

As the Tsenzor.NET, called for in the story TSN.

To the front edge of outsiders actively throw machinery, professional soldiers and commandos.

"During the day they shoot - mostly solitary. Provocations. After the departure of the OSCE, when it gets dark - and all night until the morning" - tells the soldier of the Armed Forces callsign "Locomotive".

His brother "clerk" says that beyond the front line has hung its flag or military personnel or mercenaries from Dagestan. "Behave wisely - do not come close, then come 150 meters of LNG," - he said.

Soldier "Cuba" suggests that the appearance of Caucasians may be the same element of intimidation and demoralization as sending SMS a week earlier. "Morale is not falling. Everything was, and remains, observe and try to cut off" - says the fighter.

Fighting in Avdeevka and let small, but steps forward, mobilized soldiers throughout the area of ​​the front and even those who are already on their discharge. Veterans ATO ready to return to the front, only to have the opportunity to press the enemy of Ukrainian land. "When these events occurred, began to call and ask to return to the unit, someone just wanted to transfer to us. Those who get bored sitting in the field, and when we started active fighting - they understand that they are necessary," - said the press -ofitser 72 Ombre Elena Mokrenchuk., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
United Nations Security Council adopts Ukraine-initiated resolution on infrastructure protection from terrorist attacks

The United Nations Security Council has approved resolution No. 2341 designed to strengthen the protection of critical infrastructure against terrorist attacks which was drafted by Ukraine.
As reported by Censor.NET citing UNIAN, the resolution is aimed at improving the effectiveness of international efforts to counter terrorist attacks on critical infrastructure, in particular, in the framework of the U.N. Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

The document is designed to ensure criminalization of acts of terrorism aiming to either destroy or disrupt the operation of critical infrastructure.

"The protection of critical infrastructure is vital to national security, public safety and the economic development of all states. Terrorist attacks on these facilities and services can significantly disrupt the functioning of societies and bring about massive human suffering," Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin said at the open debate on the resolution at the UNSC meeting.

"This resolution sends a strong message from the Security Council to the international community to give serious consideration to this issue," he said. According to him, it also outlines a specific framework of objectives and actions aimed at raising awareness of possible terrorist threats to critical infrastructure. It does this by identifying the threats and preventing them as well as alleviating their possible consequences.

The resolution also includes measures to raise member states' awareness of terrorist threats; strengthen the resistance of critical infrastructure to terrorist attacks, enhance the public and private sectors in countering terrorist threats, strengthen international and regional cooperation, facilitate the open exchange of information between all members and law enforcement agencies.

Critical infrastructure systems include banking and finance; telecoms; emergency services; air, maritime and rail transportation; energy and water supplies. Attacks on these systems can cause chaos in societies, along with loss of civilian life, destruction of property and disruption of public services. There may also be environmental consequences that can extend beyond the targeted state, affecting neighboring countries. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Pressure builds on Trump’s national security adviser. Financial Times

FBI probes whether Michael Flynn discussed US sanctions with Russian ambassador

Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s national security adviser, is facing mounting pressure over claims he may have broken the law by discussing US sanctions against Russia with a Russian official before the US president’s inauguration.

The White House has been forced on to the back foot after the former general went from denying discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador to Washington to saying he could not recall if they addressed the issue in conversations.

The Washington Post reported last week that US officials were concerned that Mr Flynn might have been signalling to the Kremlin that the Trump administration would adopt a softer stance on Russia than the Obama administration. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is probing the matter to determine what exactly the two men discussed.

Some White House officials are angry that Mr Flynn may have misled vice-president Mike Pence, who vouched for him when the claims first emerged. The conversations with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, occurred at the time the Obama administration hit Moscow with sanctions over alleged Russian cyber attacks on the Democratic National Committee and the head of the Clinton campaign during the presidential campaign.

Pressed by reporters on Friday as he flew to Florida on Air Force One with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, Mr Trump said he had no knowledge of the issue, but would “look into” the reports.

Two days later, Stephen Miller, an influential White House policy adviser, was conspicuous in not defending Mr Flynn when he was dispatched to advocate for the administration on the influential Sunday morning political talk television shows. Mr Miller dodged the question, saying the matter was “sensitive”, which is typically not the kind of language White House uses when it wants to defend an official under attack....................

Access complete text of the editorial:  Financial Times In English
Case of mother and child who fell from seventh floor qualified as murder, - National Police. VIDEO

The woman died immediately and her three-year-old son remains in critical condition in an intensive care unit.

The Kyiv police revealed the details of the tragedy in Darnytskyi district, Censor.NET reports.

The tragic accident happened at 12 Sribnokilska Str., in Darnytskyi district of Kyiv today. The police was informed that a young woman threw her own child and a cat out of the window of the seventh floor. Then she jumped down.

"The woman died on the spot, while the boy was taken to a hospital in critical condition," the head of Darnytsia police department Serhii Chernyshov reported.

The woman is a local resident born in 1986. When police officers tried to enter her apartment, it was closed, so police had to break the door. Investigative team is working at the scene.

Neighbors said they had heard cries for help before the woman and her child fell out of the window.

Criminal proceedings have been opened under article 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The police is establishing the circumstances and causes of the tragedy, questioning neighbors and eyewitnesses., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Last year, 10 thousand people died in Russia from alcohol poisoning

In 2016 in Russia about 10 thousand people died from alcohol poisoning.

As Tsenzor.NET with reference to RIA Novosti , This was stated by Deputy Chairman of State Duma Committee on Health, Mykola Hovorin.

"Our country is a decrease in deaths from alcohol poisoning. But, nevertheless, the absolute figures we have today does not allow us to relax. It is only by 2016 about 10 thousand people died from alcohol poisoning," - he said.

Discussions about "alcohol problem" and large-scale testing, including companies that implement alcohol, frequent in after the mass poisoning of people in the Irkutsk region last December cosmetic "Boyaryshnyk" containing methyl alcohol. From methanol poisoning, according to updated data, more than 120 people injured, 76 of them died. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Attempts from the outside to decide the fate of Ukraine and Moldova are doomed to failure - Poroshenko. VIDEO

Moldova and Ukraine are trying to impose a scenario reintegration of external control, but these attempts are doomed to failure.

As Tsenzor.NET referring to , Said President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at a joint briefing with Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Paul Philippe.

"We have seen attempts to foment interethnic, interpersonal strife in the territory of Donbas to the banks of the Dniester. It is difficult to imagine where the fire would have reached if not resilience and heroism of Ukrainian soldiers," - he said.

See also: Poroshenko thanked Slovenia for the support Pahoru sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. photo story

According to him, 25 years ago, Moldova was faced with the same challenge and lost part of its territory. "Now we see persistent attempts to impose and Moldova, and Ukraine formats reintegration that will decide the fate of nations outside our countries. These attempts are doomed to failure," - said the head of state.

He stressed that Ukraine and Moldova will be restored to their sovereign internationally defined limits. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Mercenaries Putin: AHC Wagner at the site 500 km from Donetsk is preparing Russians for possible shipment to Afghanistan - PHOTO

The recently adopted amendments to the Russian legislation legalized the participation of Russian mercenaries in military operations abroad. The recruitment of soldiers for the PMC is already under way - and not just for operations in Syria.

This is stated in the investigation of the German edition of ZEIT the ONLINE , transmits Tsenzor.NET .

"Took the government in two days, President Vladimir until the end of 2016 Putin amendments to the law" On Military Duty and Military Service " . The Russian state media this event was not very lit, the western media have also left changes in the law without attention. Meanwhile, the effects of these changes are great. Now, according to the law, the citizens, who are in the reserve, are considered to be performing the duties of military service, if they are involved in activities to "suppress international terrorist activities outside the Russian Federation." As many men have passed military service in Russia, the amendment the law affect virtually all Russians. Now, if they are fighting terrorists, the military considered, even if not officially belong to any part Minoborony.Inache speaking, changes in the military service Act allows the use of Russian mercenaries in the world and legalize the activities of PMCs. January 9, 2017 the law entered into force ", - stated in the material.

Reporters ZEIT ONLINE set up fake web account "Vkontakte", so under the guise of an electrician from Volgograd Pavel Nikulin get in touch with a recruiter Ilya Ivanov.

"His work -. It is the recruitment of fighters for the PMC, the so-called private military companies and much points to the fact that in recent days he was very successful in the formation of private armies he is looking for men who are ready for the money to protect Russian interests in 2017 in the new. . battlefields Ivanov said that tankers "snapped" In addition, we need doctors, engineers and competent communicators are also looking for helicopter pilots -.... they are out of the competition All other applicants must first pass the tests and provide the necessary documents Most importantly, it is the same the most difficult conditions - is the presence of the passport and the lack of credit and criminal record "- said in the article.

in whether the real name Ilya Ivanov recruiter can not be sure for certain. However, two other sources who tried to get the soldiers in the PMC, confirmed ZEIT ONLINE, which also dealt with Ivanov. In addition, Ilya described in detail the way and the area near the landfill, where trains PMCs. Value for describing reality later confirmed by its own source of ZEIT ONLINE. Automotive column at the landfill in Molkino. The only soldiers, which was able to talk, said that they "are going to exercise." According to Ivanov, the PMC soldiers training base located near Molkino farm in the Krasnodar region. Until Ukrainian Donetsk, about 500 kilometers from here, to the Russian resort of Sochi - about 250 kilometers. In 2015, at the site in Molkino passed modernization, on which more than 50 mln. Rubles were spent . Officially in Molkino deployed three military divisions : 1st Guards missile brigade (in / h 31853), 10th separate brigade of special purpose the Ministry of Defense of the GRU (in / h 51532), as well as the 243rd Training Ground (in / h 55485) . "One of the former employees of the Russian PMCs Moran Security Group later founded his own PMC, which is called" Wagner Group "We are talking about Dmitri Utkin -.. He's Wagner Utkin served in the special forces of the GRU, after the dismissal of working under contract with the Moran Security Group, guarded court hazardous areas from pirate attacks. after his discharge in autumn 2013 as part of about 250 "contractors" was in Syria. Six months after the Syrian trip created the so-called "Group of Wagner", which participated in the fighting in the east of Ukraine and later in Syria . The December 2016 Utkin appears even at a reception on the occasion of the Fatherland heroes Day in the Kremlin. Among the invited heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, Utkin was one of the few guests who have high achievements did not have such . The fact that Utkin still invited to the celebration, may . point out that the PMC soldiers Wagner performs important operations in Syria for the Russian army Ivanov said that PMCs Wagner gaining Molkino fighters "- the article says. See also: "The photograph was taken in the Kremlin at a reception," - Peskov reiterated that mercenary Wagner was photographed with Putin. PHOTO Those who tried to get to the PMC, said in a conversation with ZEIT ONLINE, that the entrance tests easy enough. All who wish must meet simple standards for physical training: push-ups, pull-ups, running a hundred meters and three kilometers, Cooper test and fire training. Those who could pass all, is based on receive training, which usually lasts two months.

adopted in PMC soldiers sign a contract for at least six months, said Ivanov. However, he said that the contract fairly conventional, "two pages". Do not tell "is written on the first page", "on the second page," read what is written on the first page, "- laughing Ilya.

Recruitment and training ground in Molkino raise questions for any combat missions looking for Russian mercenaries How does co-operate military units that.? stationed in Molkino with PMC Wagner? and why do was to change the law "on military duty and military service"? The press service of the Russian Ministry of defense did not respond to ZEIT ONLINE request. The explanation for the legalization of mercenary activities could be seen in the specific connections of external and internal . policy of the Russian president

"Ever since Vladimir Putin came to power, he supported it through wars. First, Second Chechen War, in 2008 - the war with Georgia, Ukraine and then from 2015 - participation in the war in Syria. All military action, no matter whether they are started on the initiative of Russian or not, Putin used for domestic rating ... When a country is involved in war, the problems such as corruption is no longer seem so significant. All this could also play an important role, if abroad there will be new conflicts with the participation of Russia ", - the authors note.

" However, not all so simple. The first problem is related to the people. Now Putin's difficult to find enough people for a full warfare, said Stefan Meister, a Russia expert at the German Council on Foreign Relations. According to him, Russia is currently involved in two conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, which requires a lot of soldiers and weapons. Even if we consider that in 2008 the troops were modernized, their resources are not limitless. Meister believes it is likely that in 2017 Russia will join the new military conflicts - in addition to the existing ones. First of all, from the perspective of Donald Trump unleashed by the struggle against international terrorism a new mercenary brigade can help in this process, he said. With mercenaries conclude another contract than conscripts, as they will hire private military companies. According to Meister, so it will be easier to prevent getting the public to access this information. Very often the problem arose in Ukraine, when the government had to explain why among the "volunteers" killed turned out to be the Russian military. If the die PMC soldier, the Defense Ministry could easily challenge their involvement ", - stated in the material.

in during the conversation with the recruiter Ivanov journalists found out that the next possible place for fights, which will fight Russian PMCs will be Afghanistan.

"Apart from Syria, Ukraine and unstable regions like Libya, Russia could in 2017 to intervene in the conflict in Afghanistan. But the negative image that is linked in Russian society, with losses in Afghanistan, sits deep. As Meister says, that image is comparable to the" Vietnamese injury. "USA Today, even with the support of the propaganda machine will not be able to persuade the Russian population to take part in a ground operation in Afghanistan." Today in Afghanistan there are only technicians and instructors are required, in particular for the Russian helicopter support, "- Meister says. for example, in January 2016 signed an intergovernmental agreement on the provision of Afghanistan military-technical assistance . "If the NATO in 2017 withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, then Russia can really embrace the fear of the fact that terrorism will spread across the country. "Taliban" can greatly destabilize the Central Asian neighbors of the Russian Federation, and this is a real threat, including for Russia ", - says Meister Most contenders in the PMC do not care where they are sent to fight Most importantly -.. Money Ivanov said. pricing in PMC following today: 50 thousand rubles (700 euros - Ed.) in preparation on the basis of from 80 to 120 thousand (1150 euro - Ed.) "output", besides Prize by Russian standards, it is. big money "Tank burned -. denyuzhku received. I got it? What a firing point scored, got more money if the commander confirmed "- explains Ivanov," - said in the investigation of the German edition. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Ukrainian General pointed to evidence of Russia to prepare large-scale invasion of Donbas

Russia uses the most diverse weapons in the Donbass, and is now preparing to organize provocations there.
Such an opinion in comments "apostrophe" expressed Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko, former Deputy Chief of Staff, commenting that the RF IC accused Ukraine of application "Tochka-U" in the Donbass.
"They we have, but we did not use. The Russians are used new there, except nuclear weapons and massive missile weapons, massive aircraft - is not used. Shoigu has already made a statement. Now the efficiency of using ground weapons such , using the massive missile - not because recently our rebuff. And in the gray area, according to Minsk II, our troops take up positions. a benefit them, the Russians, just as these types, "- he said.
According to Romanenko, Moscow is preparing the international community and its electorate to the fact that sooner or later these weapons will be used.
"They are preparing their electorate and to the international order that will be used this weapon. Shoigu said here that suddenly something happens, they will prepare a massive aircraft. And to use it, you need to prepare. In this connection they approach old : they need to blame Armed forces of Ukraine ", - he stressed.
Romanenko said that Russia is not the first time uses a similar approach.
"For example, to start a war in Chechnya, they popodryvali at home, and then declared it the Chechens. I went to war. And it can be with us. Undermined already Motorola and Givi, therefore, must also attacks host to be accomplished they will use already this weapon. they are looking for a reason: organize these moments and provoke, prepare in advance the ground. for aviation Shoigu said ten days ago, is now on the missiles they say. they are ready to invade. they're moving troops into the depths of Russia, to our East. in a way, we are preparing, "- he concluded.

Apostrophe previously reported that Timchuk named because of the application of RF IC application "Tochka-U" by the ATO. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові

Russia upset at Donbass new group of military personnel - Timchuk

Russia moved to the occupied territories of Donbass military personnel from National Guard units stationed permanently in the Republic of Buryatia (Russia).

This was announced by MP, coordinator of the "Informational resistance" Dmitry Timchuk on his page on Facebook.

According to him, the Russian military in late January, came to the area occupied Novoazovsk. Total sent about 200 soldiers.

Timchuk also notes that in the period from 6 to 12 February of the local population received more than 100 complaints about the brutal actions of Russian troops.

In the occupied territories of Luhansk region through the checkpoint Izvaryne were transferred from Russia about 10 armored combat vehicles and 300 buses so-called "Cossacks."

As reported, "Apostrophe", formerly coordinator of the "Informational resistance" Dmitry Timchuk named because of allegations to the SC Code of Ukraine. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
US lethal weapons will allow Ukraine's Army repel Russians, - UN Ambassador Yelchenko. VIDEO

U.S. military aid is as important for Ukraine as political and economic support.
This was announced by Ukraine's Permanent Representative in the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko on air of Fox News, Censor.NET reports.

Answering the anchor's question on whether the U.S. lethal defensive weapons would enable Ukraine's Army repel the Russians, Yelchenko said:

"I think so. I would name three areas in which we need the continuous support from the United States. The political, of course - that's the statements, the work of international organizations, bilateral. Secondly, it's the economic assistance and financial assistance, and that's what we do receive from the United States for years now and we are extremely grateful for that, this is huge amount of help. And third - military....

"If we would have more weapons, more training, more equipment, I think our military would be much more better prepared to repel Russians," Yelchenko said.

The U.N. ambassador said Ukraine is willing to join NATO, but is not ready yet. First, Ukraine would need to conduct 'painful' reforms, Yelchenko said.

"It would not be possible without U.S. assistance," the ambassador added.

Earlier, Yelchenko said that even Russia's "allies" in the U.N. see Crimea as part of Ukraine. , In Russian / На русском
on Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:40 amAdmin
In Ukraine, Putin upset about Trump

Restart relations between Russia and the United States , in such a way as is often said in the Kremlin, will not happen.

This opinion was expressed political strategist Taras Berezovets in an interview Politeka .

He stressed that the Kremlin really expects to restart relations, considering Donald Trump more favorable candidate, but Republicans traditionally hostile to Russia.

"The Russians are very beat in this matter, zvelychyvshy role in US elections. So many excited and talked about this, it has now become a problem for the Washington establishment," - says Berezovets.

He noted that US intelligence agencies are outraged by the intervention of Russia in the US presidential election: "Today, America's interests lie in the fact that Russia is seen as a direct threat on par with China and Iran."

In this Berezovets believes it possible to create "situational alliances." The expert said Trump can use to deal with Putin IDIL, but will keep himself under, "This does not mean that he will forget the unpleasant things that Russia carried out against America in recent decades."

Earlier, former Deputy Prime Minister of Alfred Koch said that Trump wants Putin., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
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