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Klimkin believes in "a great deal" US and Russia. Trump Adviser asked Russia on a new tone and "ID".  Russia seeks to destabilize Europe, should be confronted from position of strength, - Merkel ally.  Trump said that the struggle for the presidency of the Democratic Party was unfair.  7 Russian officers arrested in the Donetsk region for refusing to go to the front.  "March of the memory of Boris Nemtsov" in Moscow gathered about 10 thousand Moscow said, 75 thousand.  The action "Crimea - is Ukraine" was held in Paris.  Russian activist Ildar Dadin was released.  After the visit Savchenko terrorists "DNR" want to visit "supporters" in Ukrainian prisons. Russia gives no guarantees of cease-fire around Avdiivka.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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After the visit Savchenko terrorists "DNR" want to visit "supporters" in Ukrainian prisons

The militants of the terrorist organization "DNR" after a visit to the People's Deputy of Ukraine Hope Savchenko in Makeyevka colony would want to visit their prisoners on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government.

According Tsenzor.NET with reference to the "Today" , it stated, "Human Rights Commissioner" in the "DNR" Daria Morozova.

According to her, as Savchenko and Vladimir Ruban had the opportunity to meet with Ukrainian prisoners, representatives of the "DNR" could gain access to the places where the detained militants kept.

"We want to make sure that they have not used illegal methods of inquiry and conditions of our supporters really show humanity the Kiev authorities", - she said.

Earlier, militants "DNI" stated that the head of the Ukrainian captives center "officer corps" Vladimir Ruban and deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Hope Savchenko arrived in the occupied territory of Donetsk region to visit the Ukrainian prisoners of war.

January 10 Hope Savchenko released, according to her, lists of prisoners and missing persons in the Donbas from the Ukrainian side, and supported by the Russian separatist - only 524 people. January 16 Savchenko has once again published a revised list of Ukrainians illegally detained militants in the occupied territory of Donbass, as well as those requested in the "L / DNR."

Even before the publication of the SBU opposed such action and promised to carry out explanatory work with Savchenko. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
on Sun Feb 26, 2017 12:09 pmAdmin
Russian activist Ildar Dadin was released

Activist Ildar Dadin was released from the Altai penal colony number five, which is in Rubtsovsk.

Reported Tsenzor.NET referring to the rain.

His verdict on the article 212.1 of the Criminal Code of the repeated violation of the rules of the rally was canceled by the Supreme Court of Russia on 22 February.

However Dadin released only four days later. since the penal colony where he was serving his sentence, the paper did not come from the Supreme Court and prison officials were absent in the video room with the court at the time of announcement of the decision. Earlier today, 26 February, the car came to a special communication Altai colony.

Head of IR-5 confirmed Dadin wife Anastasia Zotova, that he brought the paper to release activist. Dadin became Russia's first convicted under a repeated violation of the rules for holding rallies. In December 2015 the court sentenced him to three years in prison. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
7 Russian officers arrested in the Donetsk region for refusing to go to the front

At the Russian-terrorist forces for refusing occupied Donbas arrested officers to travel to the forefront.

According Tsenzor.NET with reference to the General Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry intelligence officers "9th Assault separate motorized rifle regiment of marines" (Novoazovsk) "of the 1st Army Corps," the Armed Forces of Russia, fearing for his life, under various pretexts, avoided staying with personnel on the front lines during the night. For failure to execute orders on duty at best as of February 25, arrested for 7 officers of the regiment.

In addition, three soldiers of the Muslim faith, "7-th separate motorized rifle brigade" (Bryanka) "2nd army corps" of permanent failures to perform chores (washing floors, toilets and so on. D.) Were aimed at the forefront of the queue. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
The action "Crimea - is Ukraine" was held in Paris. VIDEO

In Paris, the Eiffel Tower on February 26, an action "Crimea - it is Ukraine".

This was on his page in Facebook said the First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Emine Dzheppar transmits Tsenzor.NET .

"Partners of the Ministry of Information Policy - a network of national diplomacy GlobalUkraine Ukraine in Paris came under the Eiffel Tower in support of the action" Crimea - it is Ukraine, "- wrote an official in placing the corresponding video. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Russia seeks to destabilize Europe, should be confronted from position of strength, - Merkel ally

Germany should increase its defense spending to meet NATO's 2 percent of GDP target, including in order to be able together with its allies to confront Russia from a position of strength.

Volker Kauder, leader for Merkel's CDU and allied Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) parliamentarians in the Bundestag, told German media group Funke, Censor.NET reports citing DW.

Unfortunately, Russia under President Vladimir Putin seeks to destabilize Europe every day, Kauder said. It should be confronted from a position of strength, but in a way that it doesn't trigger a return to Cold War, he added.

According to the politician, stepping up defense spending by Germany stems from its commitments undertaken together with other NATO partners in 2014. Kauder stressed the threat of global terrorism requires the German military to be even more professional while an increase in defense spending will mean providing soldiers with better weapons., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Russia gives no guarantees of cease-fire around Avdiivka - Donetsk governor Zhebrivskyi

Authorities in Avdiivka are set to use a powerful electric generator to ensure the operation of the town's water pumping station.

Representatives of the Russian Federation at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) has not provided any written guarantees of cease-fire in the area of damaged power lines, Censor.NET reports quoting Donetsk civil-military administration head Pavlo Zhebrivskyi as saying on Facebook.

"Past night in Avdiivka was relatively quiet. As of 9 a.m., the Russian side at the JCCC had not provided any written guarantees of cease-fire in the area of damaged power lines. Without such guarantees and OSCE mission representatives in place, electricians won't start repairs over a threat of being attacked by Russian militants. Last time, they opened fire at electricians despite written guarantees," the governor said.

Zhebrivskyi said a powerful electric generator would be used to maintain the operation of the local pumping station to ensure the supply of water across the town. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Trump said that the election of the Democratic Party Chairman was unfair

Earlier this post Tom Perez was elected Chairman, was the former Minister of Labor of Barack Obama administration

US President Donald Trump said that the results of election the Chairman National Democratic Party was rigged, and the post went to former Minister of Labor Tom Perez, who has support by Hillary Clinton. This Donald Trump wrote in his Twitter account.

Earlier, the National Committee of the Democratic Party of the United States on February 26 elected Chairman Tom Perez, who previously served as minister of labor.

In the second round of voting 235 members supported Perez National Democrat US Congressman Ellison voted by 200 people.

Since his election as Chairman, Tom Perez was welcomed by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former US president Barack Obama.

It is noted that Perez - the son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
"March of the memory of Boris Nemtsov" in Moscow gathered about 10 thousand

According to Moscow police action was visited by 7.5 thousand. People, organizers called another number

Participation in the "Flight of the memory of Boris Nemtsov" in Moscow was 10 thousand. People. It is reported channel" 112 Ukraine".

"Half an hour ago discovered the movement. According to Moscow police action was visited by 7.5 thousand. People, but organizers say there were about 10 thousand. During the whole event was a lot of police, no major incidents were not. Now activists lay flowers on the bridge, the site of the murder of Boris Nemtsov,"- said the correspondent.

Recall, today  in Moscow held "March of Boris Nemtsov memory" , therefore the city center was blocked, and enhanced security measures.

Also on Memory Flight Nemtsov held a march against repression in Crimea

Opposition politician was shot dead Feb. 27, 2015 at the Grand Moskvoretskomu bridge in central Moscow. According to investigators, and organizer of the crime is a former officer of the battalion "Sever" Ruslan Muhudinov. He was charged in absentia accusations of November 2015 is in the international wanted list., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Companion Marine Le Pen came under suspicion prosecution

France Prosecutors filed preliminary charges against comrade presidential candidate Marine Le Pen countries businessman Frederick Chatillon, which, according to the investigation, provided the party illegal loan

It is reported by BBC.

This led fomalno Chatillon only company that gave Le Pen party "National Front" PR-services.

As you know, February 20 at the headquarters of the French ultra-right party "National Front" in Nanterre near Paris held a search in the case of fictitious employment assistant chairman of Marine Le Pen in the European Parliament.

European Bureau of Fraud (OLAF) revealed that the party head office Grisi Catherine Le Pen and guard Thierry Lezh'e were fictitiously hired as assistants to MEPs.

After that French police detained the bodyguard and the head of election headquarters of presidential candidate Marine Le Pen of France in the case of misuse of EU funds.

Recall that in the European Parliament believe that Marine Le Pen excessively rewarded the work of two of his assistants at the expense of European taxpayers and restitution of nearly 300 thousand euros. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Adviser Trump asked Russia on a new tone and "ID", - CNN

The new adviser to US President Herbert McMaster national security in a number of important issues set the tone that is very different from the one used by his predecessor Michael Flynn, and the White House Donald Trump

This writes CNN .

According to the source channel, at the meeting of National Security McMaster, in particular, has called Russia an enemy, not a friend. This statement contrasts with the position of chief White House strategist Steve Bannon who called the EU "flawed design" and called for strengthening ties with individual European countries. Furthermore, McMaster defended the world order established after World War II, stating the need to maintain peace and security.

McMaster also said that the use of the term "radical Islamic terrorism" which is often used by his predecessor, Michael Flynn and Trump himself, not Washington will work with allies to defeat the purpose of terrorist groups. This phrase, according to him, in vain, because such terrorist organizations as "Islamic state", are a perversion of Islam, and is therefore un-Islamic. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
At the Russian embassy in Turkey protest against the annexation of Crimea

At the Russian Embassy in Ankara held a rally dedicated to the third anniversary of the annexation of Crimea
It is reported by Anadolu.

It is reported that in an action organized by the Association of Crimean Tatar NGOs, attended dozens of ethnic Tatars living in different regions of Turkey.

The head of the Association of Crimean Tatar NGO Tundzher Kalkan said that Crimea and Crimean Tatars never put up with the occupation and protest against the annexation of the peninsula will continue.

In protest against the policy of Russia against Ukraine protesters put the building of the Russian embassy a black wreath. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
US considering withdrawal from the UN Council on Human Rights

Administration Trump is considering the US withdrawal from the UN Council on Human Rights because of dissatisfaction biased position towards Israel

This writes Politico , citing current and former US officials.

According to the newspaper, expect the immediate release of the UN Council is not necessary.

"The final decision on the membership of the Council should approve the Secretary Rex Tillerson, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, and of course President Trump" - the newspaper notes.

As the parties Politico, the Washington currently dissatisfied HRC position on Israel. In addition, the US dissatisfaction is the fact that the Council includes countries accused of human rights violations.

"From the Secretary's Office has sounded alarms that indicate doubts about the value of staying in the US Human Rights Council," - said the former official publication.

Currently Haley spokesman did not respond to a request to comment on this information, as it does not comment on the White House. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Moscow, unknown doused a green solution of former Prime Minister Kasyanov

On Sunday, February 26, in the center of Moscow during a march memory of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was killed two years ago, the walls of the Kremlin, former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov poured Zelenko
It is reported by Novaya Gazeta .

As noted, the unknown came to the head of the Party of People's Freedom from behind shortly before the moves and splashed brilliant green solution in the face.

Law enforcement officers immediately brought forward from the crowd and took him to the paddy wagon. Currently, a person unknown attacker.

It also reported that Kasyanov remained at the head of the column and continued to participate in the march.

Recall now in Moscow is March memory known Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov , who was killed Feb. 27, 2015 at the Grand Moskvoretskomu bridge near the Kremlin., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
on Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:03 amAdmin
Klimkin believes in "a great deal" US and Russia

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin believes in the possibility of a comprehensive "big geopolitical bargain" between Washington and Moscow, although it does not rule out cooperation with the US and Russia on several
In an interview DT.UA Foreign Minister said that the conclusion of a global agreement to prevent lack of confidence in Russia.

"I do not rule out the possibility of elements of cooperation of the two countries in the fight against Islamic radicalism in other matters, but clearly this is not work because overcome Islamic radicalism only by military means possible, to be agreed by all the key players in the strategy, which all must adhere" - he said.

"Opportunities multiple deals, which cover some issues, I do not rule out" - said the head of the diplomatic department.

Klimkin said that such local agreements can be both medium-term and situational. While he is inclined to the second option.

"A great deal contrary, in my opinion, the whole logic of American interests," - said the Foreign Minister.

Klimkin also said that the Ukrainian side is satisfied with the statements and positions of the new US administration on Russian aggression.

According to him, the recent statements of the American side in the UN Security Council, statements of the new Vice President and the statements of some other important administrative Trump representatives were very clear and came as a surprise to many. It is, in particular, the statement on Crimea Americans and anti-Russian sanctions.

Klimkin said that he was inspired by a conversation with President Petro Poroshenko Vice President Mike Pence.

"It was a good conversation, in terms of understanding the motives of. Of course, we know perfectly well, to understand all the details of what happens, it takes time. But the vice president was aware of all key parts, put a very clear question, indicating his deep enough understanding of the situation. of course, in an interview I can not tell the details, but I can say that his questions showed he got the information, so to speak, not 15 minutes before our meeting, "- he stressed.

The minister is inclined to believe that it Pence will play a special role in the foreign policy of Washington.

"I certainly can not speak for the US administration, but inclined to believe that US Vice President will play a special role in foreign policy, because not for nothing was he represented the United States at the Munich conference. I think it is very important because in the American system vice-president - a key figure. But I think the other - this applies to the NSC, State Department, Pentagon, intelligence community - work together very effectively "- said the Foreign Minister. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
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