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US will not cut military budget to help Ukraine - Chaly.  New Der Spiegel cover mocks Trump's connections with Putin. PHOTO.  "We were talking about the Crimea" - Chaly conversation with AG Sessions.  Le Pen will not go in for questioning to the court before the end of the presidential campaign.  Violations of human rights in Ukraine related to the conflict in the Donbas and Crimea occupation - the US State Department report.  U.S. Says Russia's Activities In Ukraine Impair Human Rights At Home.  

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Russian President Vladimir Putin because of a failed political union with the head of the United States, Donald Trump has to go for risky steps in the Donbas

This opinion was expressed in an interview ONLINE.UA Russian scientist, political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky.

"By the way, we are now seeing the change of the political concept in Ukraine for three years, after the failure." New Russia ", Putin tried to shove" Lugandoniyu "in Ukraine, with all the bandits, . actual federalization, change the Constitution now he understands that Ukraine will not do "- said Piontkovsky. "

Therefore, Putin sharply changes the concept, is to improve the subjectivity of these Ogryzkov This is reflected in the increase in military activity around Avdeevka, and most obvious, in recognition of their (so-called DNI, LC, - ONLINE.UA)." Passports "of economic complication to Russia, but it is very adventurous policies that will provoke an even tougher response from the West this policy -... just, a consequence of understanding the failure rates for Trump not seen the deal, so the Kremlin's reaction increased levels of escalation in the conflict, "- he explained.

Piontkovsky also added that the Western reaction to Putin's actions could push the Russian political elite fierce domestic opposition, and this may lead to a gradual change of power.

"The split of elites (in Russia - ed.), Which is an indicator and a harbinger of political change, it will be obvious harder the reaction of the West, the more obvious the failure of Putin's adventures in Ukraine, the closer will be political change." - Said the analyst. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Ukraine midfielder winter refused to move to the Turkish club

Veteran team of Ukraine and "Dnipro" Ruslan Rotan winter could go to Turkish "karabukspor" but refused the offer.

On transfer, which never took place, told the TV channel "Football 1" Igor Burbas. "It's hard to imagine Ruslan Rotan in another club. Now would distribute VO Lesko to Syelyu. Winter Ruslan abandoned gold mountains Karabük. Patriot" Dnepr", - the journalist wrote in his" Twitter".

Recall the "karabükspor" in the winter off-season passed three Ukrainian, Yevhen Seleznyov Oleksandr Rybka Andriy Blyznychenko.

Earlier "Apostrophe" reported that Yevhen Seleznyov scored his third goal of the "karabukspor".

apostrophe News, Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Media learned about Iran talks with Russia on the purchase of cruise missiles

Publication Bloomberg report citing the Office of Naval Intelligence reported that Iran already is negotiating with Russia on the purchase of cruise missiles at the end of the UN ban on arms sales to the country in 2020.

After Tehran canceled a major penalties - for the supply of conventional weapons, it is expected that Iran would be set up to buy new ships, submarines and anti-ship missiles.

It is reported that the government of the country now holding talks with Russia on the purchase of cruise missiles SS-N-26 "Yakhont" to be placed on surface ships.

Also in the article stating that most of the weapons while Tehran conducted in Iran and inferior in quality and performance produced in Russia, China and the West. This often criticized US Naval forces of Iran's Revolutionary Guards (Corps Guards of the Islamic Revolution) by harassment of US ships in international waters off the coast of Iran.

As reported, "Apostrophe" Iran spoke of an alliance with Russia in the Middle East.

Based on Krym.Realiyi

apostrophe News , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Russia told NATO said that NATO secretly provide significant help Ukraine army

The famous Russian writer and blogger Vladimir Golyshev said that NATO secretly provide significant help Ukraine army.

He said the online edition of " Explorer ".

Commenting on the possible reduction of military support to Ukraine by US journalist said that it is a political gesture, which should be treated as an amount that forms the country's defense. "Real help Ukraine carried out on non-budgetary channels, primarily through NATO. It is not discussed in the US Congress - and the real help that Ukraine really needs," - says Golyshev.

To confirm his words, he cites the conclusions of international experts noted significant changes in the Ukrainian army in military training and rearmament. "How is that? Perhaps, with NATO members. Just why advertise it? Need" have cheap or go? "I think it is better to go" - said the publicist.

This Golyshev believes that although the issue of lethal weapons Ukraine under the previous US President Barack Obama played more as a "political lever" it could be secretly put other channels.

Earlier it was reported that the US Congress have proposed to consider the draft law, which lies 150 million dollars in military assistance to Ukraine, which is twice less than the amount provided in 2016. It was later published a retraction on the reduction of funds for US military support to Ukraine .

On why the US and NATO to help Ukraine differently , please see the article "apostrophe". , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
The expert said the US and Russia are trying to circumvent the contract of INF

US and Russia are trying to circumvent the restrictions imposed on the missile forces and nuclear weapons.

Told Director of International Security Foundation "Maidan of Foreign Affairs" comments Alex Kuropyatnik in "quotes".

In particular, he says, Russia in violation of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF) through operational-tactical missile complexes "Iskander". While the US is trying to gain an advantage in the field of non-nuclear weapons, and in this opportunity is available.

"The fact that the appearance again of intermediate and short range again changes the whole picture - hence, should again around peremovlyatysya" - said Kuropyatnik, adding that violations of the Moscow agreement on INF threatens not only to Washington as US allies in Europe.

Also, the expert noted that expect the balance of power shift in favor of the United States, since Russia lacks the means of delivering warheads at a distance of over 5,500 km.

More about the prospects for agreement on INF read the article "apostrophe".

apostrophe News , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Trump intends to postpone a deal with Putin against ISIL - AP

US President Donald Trump against the background of a new wave of communication with its surroundings Russia decided to postpone indefinitely "agreement with Russia to combat the terrorist organization" Islamic State "(ISIL) and other security issues.

Reported by the Associated Press , citing Western diplomats and sources in the administration Trump.

This decision was taken not only against FBI investigation on relations with Russia of people from surrounding Trump during his election campaign, but also due to the arrival in the White House a group of people who hold tighter stance towards Russia, for example, the Pentagon chief James Mэttys and national security adviser Herbert McMaster.

In addition, European diplomats also argue Trump will not make concessions to Russia, referring to his experience of the businessman, as there are risks making unprofitable deals (bad deal) with the Kremlin.

As reported, "Apostrophe" edition The New York Times learned that son-of Donald Trump and Jared Kushner former adviser to the US President Michael Flynn repeatedly held meetings with Ambassador of Russia to Trump formal accession to the post of US president.

apostrophe News , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson will visit Russia for the first time in 5 years

Foreign Minister Boris Johnson UK soon pay a working visit to Russia for talks at the highest level.

This is with reference to the MFA British news agency Agence France Press.

Boris Johnson will arrive in Moscow at the invitation of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

This visit of Foreign Minister of Britain will be the first in the last 5 years. It is noted that the visit could mean some improvement in relations between the countries.

The purpose of the visit of Foreign Minister of Britain to Russia is not called, also remains unknown journey time Boris Johnson.

As reported, "Apostrophe" before UK parliament called on the government to begin work on improving relations with Russia.

apostrophe News , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
EU believes in Minsk implementation, no UN peacekeepers for Donbas

A European Union spokesperson for foreign affairs has declined to comment on an idea of sending a UN peacekeeping mission to Donbas, according to the Ukrainian news portal Yevropeiska Pravda.

Asked by a German journalist at a daily briefing in Brussels on Friday whether UN peacekeepers could be sent to the east of Ukraine, she said: "I would rather refer you also to the UN for that," Yevropeiska Pravda wrote. She also described the question as "a bit speculative." "I would like to recall our position, which is the EU's position, that we believe in the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. And all our efforts are going towards this," she said.....
US will not cut military budget to help Ukraine - Chaly

The remainder of the available 350 million, he said, will come after 1 October.

The bill the House of Representatives, providing for the allocation of Ukraine $ 150 million. Military aid, only part of the previously approved 350 million total aid budget of the Pentagon, and the rest will be allocated after October 1, 2017. This explanation given on Friday in Washington, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States, Valery Chaly, reports Tsenzor.NET referring to Ukrinform .

"There is a budget in 2017 - the current act, which defined 350 million dollars in aid (Ukraine - Ed.) In the 2017 fiscal year Next (in the legislative process of the US - Ed.). Adopted acts on the implementation of this decision what is seen. Now - this is $ 150 million, which will be available until October 1 of this year ", -. Ukrainian diplomat said.

The remainder of the available 350 million, he said, will come after 1 October. "That is, these 350 million (in the US defense budget for the support of Ukraine - Ed.) Therefore, it is still -. A technical issue, there is no change in the approach," - said Ukrainian Ambassador.

However, he drew attention to the fact that in addition to assistance from the Pentagon, there is support of Ukraine on the State Department. They can also be consumed in portions during the current and next year. In this regard, the representative of Ukraine stressed the importance of the programs that are provided by these means, do not slow down.

"All figures should be seen through the understanding of the decision-making processes in the United States As far as this case concerns we do not have." - Said Ukrainian Ambassador., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Le Pen will not go in for questioning to the court before the end of the presidential campaign

Le Pen was summoned to the magistrate in the case of financial fraud in the European Parliament.

French presidential candidate and leader of the National Front of Marine Le Pen refused to go in for questioning before the completion of the presidential campaign, said her lawyer, transfers Tsenzor.NET citing 112 Ukraine , reported by the BBC .

Le Pen was summoned to the magistrate in the case of financial fraud in the European Parliament.

According to the lawyer Rodolphe Bosselyu politics, Le Pen informed the judges that will not come to talk to them before the end of the campaign in France. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
"We were talking about the Crimea" - Chaly conversation with Sessions

Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, Valery Chaly confirmed that he had a personal conversation with Senator Jeff Seshnsom about the situation in Crimea, shortly before he met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

As the Tsenzor.NET , this Ukrainian diplomat said on Friday in Washington, special correspondent reports Ukrinform.

"I can confirm that such a meeting in Congress (Senator Seshnsom - Ed.) We spent was even twice as much time than expected." - Said Chaly.

According to him, the main topic of conversation was the Crimean questions. "Basically, I briefly talked and tried to convey our position on the Crimea, not only talked about it, but also to provide documentary evidence of an attempt to annex Crimea, occupation and even more about the history, why the Crimea was not present (the USSR government - ed. ), as many say, and the responsibility of Ukraine as well as the current situation, how the Crimea is now suffering from such attempts at annexation, occupation of Russia", - said Ukrainian Ambassador.

he noted also, discussed other topics, including the continued support of Ukraine, which continues to serve both chambers US Congress.

"Basically, they talked about specific issues dealt with by the senators," - stated the Ukrainian Ambassador, adding that such talks are conducted on an ongoing basis with the senators and congressmen.

Valeriy Chaly thus assured that the issue "is really the focus of attention" not only Congress, but also in the new administration., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Violations of human rights in Ukraine related to the conflict in the Donbas and Crimea occupation - the US State Department report

The US State Department in its annual report said that in Ukraine the greatest human rights violations occurred in connection with the conflict in the Donbas and Crimea occupation.

It is reported Tsenzor.NET citing Radio Liberty .

"Supported Russian separatists in the Donbas commit kidnapping, torture and illegal detention, use of children as soldiers, suppressed dissent and imposed restrictions on humanitarian aid", - the report says. Communicate and abuses by government forces, but to a lesser extent, the State Department added.

According to the report, by the Ukrainian authorities have problems with the judicial system, which violates human rights. "The authorities generally did not take appropriate measures to prosecute and punish the majority of officials who committed abuses, which created an atmosphere of impunity", - noted in the State Department.

The document also mentioned that international human rights organizations and the United Nations saw "significant shortcomings" in the investigation of human rights violations committed by government security forces.

Occupied Crimea Ukrainian devoted a separate section of the report. There, in particular, it said that significant human rights violations on the peninsula is directly linked to the Russian occupation.

"Russian security forces staged a broad campaign of intimidation to suppress opposition and resistance to the occupation - the kidnapping, disappearance, physical abuse, political persecution, constant interrogations. .. The occupation authorities had deprived the members of certain groups, primarily Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars by nationality, basic civil liberties, including the right to display their citizenship and nationality, they experience systematic discrimination", - said in the Crimean part of the report.

US State Department will publish a report with an overview of the state of human rights around the world each year. In total, it considered the situation in nearly 200 countries and territories. , Original in Russian / На русском
New Der Spiegel cover mocks Trump's connections with Putin. PHOTO

Der Spiegel, one of Germany's top political magazines, resumed its criticism of president Donald Trump with its latest cover, released on March 3.

Censor.NET reports citing Der Spiegel

The magazine published a cover image of Russian leader Vladimir Putin with Trump's eyebrows and hair.

"How much of Putin is in Trump?," the image caption reads.

This is not the first time Der Spiegel has gone after Trump. Last month a controversial cover was published as well, showing president Donald Trum beheading the Statue of Liberty with a bloody knife. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
U.S. Says Russia's Activities In Ukraine Impair Human Rights At Home

A new U.S. State Department report says human rights in Russia continue to be "significantly and negatively" affected by Moscow's "purported annexation" of Ukraine's Crimea Peninsula and its support for separatist fighters in eastern Ukraine.

The March 3 report is the first human rights report from the State Department to be released since President Donald Trump took office on January 20, and the first to be produced under Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The report, an annual examination of human rights practices of nearly 200 countries, has particularly harsh words for Russia -- which contrasts with Trump's largely conciliatory rhetoric toward Moscow and his reluctance to speak publicly about human rights concerns, either in Russia or elsewhere in the world.

In the Russia section of the lengthy report, the State Department says Moscow continues to train, equip, and supply pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine.

It says that "numerous fighters" from Russia have joined the separatists.

"Credible observers attributed thousands of civilian deaths and injuries, as well as widespread abuses, to Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine's Donbas region, and to Russian occupation authorities in Crimea," the report says.

It also cites politically motivated arrests, detentions, and trials of Ukrainian citizens in Russia.

The report also criticizes restrictions on political participation and freedom of expression, assembly, and the media.

"The government passed repressive laws and selectively employed existing ones to harass, discredit, prosecute, imprison, detain, fine, and suppress individuals and organizations critical of the government," it says.

"Authorities especially targeted individuals and organizations that professed support for the government of Ukraine or opposed the Russian government's activities in Ukraine."

In Ukraine, the report says the most significant human rights abuses were related to the conflict and "occupation" in the separatist-controlled parts of the eastern Donbas region.

"Russian-backed separatists in Donbas engaged in abductions, torture, and unlawful detention, employed child soldiers, stifled dissent, and restricted humanitarian aid," it says.

It also says that, to a lesser extent, abuses by government forces were also reported.

More than 9,750 people have been killed since fighting broke out in eastern Ukraine in March 2014 between the Russia-backed separatists and Ukrainian government forces.

On the Kyiv government, the U.S. State Department report says there are problems within the Ukrainian judicial system that are impairing human rights. "The government generally failed to take adequate steps to prosecute or punish most officials who committed abuses, resulting in a climate of impunity," it says.

It adds that watchdog groups and the United Nations saw "significant deficiencies" when it came to investigations into human rights abuses committed by government security forces..............

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
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