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Putin issued a strange statement about the people of Ukraine.  Putin backed into a dead end, and the Donbas threatens new aggravation  In Moscow airport fire truck ran over people, there is a victim.  BBC has learned about Russian spies in the United States, who "stole" the election for Trump.  Russian intelligence agent recruited Transcarpathian workers to participate in a paid promotions.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Putin backed into a dead end, and the Donbas threatens new aggravation - Andrei Piontkovsky

On why Putin's TV has not much effect on Russia's youth, the Kremlin could take in response to the mass protests of the Russian opposition and why it could exacerbate the hostilities in the Donbas, told ONLINE.UA said Russian political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky. - Which political fate awaits premier Dmitry Medvedev after rallies in different cities of Russia?

The main thing - not a figure Medvedev. The main procession slogan "Putin - a thief." Medvedev such an insignificant figure, I do not want to discuss all sorts of conspiracy theories about Medvedev. It was a clear anti-Putin performance. The key word in the question - "in different cities of Russia." This is actually a new phenomenon, which was neither in Russia, nor even during the Soviet Union's collapse. Then there were the performances in Moscow, St. Petersburg, sometimes in Kemerovo. And there was never such a massive swing rallies. Geography - this is the first feature. Second: demography. The rally was attended by young people, starting with high school students. This is also a new phenomenon. It is due to the fact that the television monopoly disappeared. YouTube and social networks - a new generation of media. Navalny film about Dimona looked more than 15 million people. Third mass unsanctioned rallies. People walked deliberately, knowing that they could be detained. More than 1,000 people were actually arrested in Moscow alone .

In general, on March 26 - a serious warning to the authorities. The war in Ukraine has been started, to, inter alia, to distract the population from depressing domestic agenda: a falling standard of living, economic stagnation, total theft. Maybe some time ma'am "Crimea is our" work, but the All-Russian demonstration showed that the internal agenda will not leave. The government has no ideas, letters, language, she could talk to the public. Power confused. This scale protest came as a surprise even to the organizers. It is noteworthy that it is not been no official reaction. Moreover, the federal channels do not even mention the event in a negative way. This means that is not yet developed temniki to explain this phenomenon "the machinations of the United States." Read also: Putin raises the stakes in the Donbas, it will Russian side - journalist from the Russian Federation - They did not expect?

And as always in Russia. What happened in St. Petersburg 100 years ago in 1917? Two days brought no bread in bakeries. Here we still have and resolve those events. Then, too, we did not wait. Will, by the way, no less important event - the truckers' strike - the very ones that carry about food for cities in Russia. - "Our Crimea" is not working? - completely exhausted. I do not see any internal agenda for the government. At the "elite" only Putin delivery option, but today they are not ready. Another option - to try on the Imperial swing Ponte. But everything, in my opinion, had already exhausted - and the Crimea, and part of the Donets Basin, and a third of Syria, and a piece of Libya. Everything has already been captured, but does not work. But I can not exclude the worsening in the Ukrainian direction. We see change in tactics of Moscow. Trying to cram bandit "Lugandoniyu" in the body politic of Ukraine has failed, and now the course is taken at increasing subektnosti "Lugandonii" . Perhaps a local worsening in Donbas, but a major war the Kremlin would not dare. - These meetings contribute to a split of the elite?

Of course. Especially now superimposed another failure of the operation "Our Trump". Everything was designed for a grand bargain with the West at the expense of Ukraine. The Duma victory Trump met champagne. This failure also hit hard by the authorities. Akela is clearly missed.

What Putin has another trump card, the room for maneuver, something else can be done? - Inside Russia - nothing. Here, all is lost, there are no prospects for thieves Putinomics will not. I repeat once again that the regime is coming to the point of bifurcation. Or delivery of Putin, or tightening of domestic and foreign policy. Under the guise of a new aggravation of relations with Ukraine can be further tighten the screws. Other options, Putin can not see. - A dump Medvedev, to change it?

That Putin would only lowered himself even more in the eyes of their kids, under the pressure of passing Medvedev. We must pay tribute Navalny - he subtly chosen target, putting Putin in a difficult position. Moreover, that Putin has tried himself to play the fight against corruption - the case of the governor Nikita Belykh , the Minister of Economic Development Alekseya Ulyukaeva and others. Navalny put Putin in a situation where he, to show a real fight against corruption, it is necessary to remove Medvedev.

- Bulk instrumental beats for Medvedev?

Now it is clear that this is a good tactical calculation. I think that the attack on Medvedev supports the part of the ruling "elite". It is no secret that the bulk supply of information. Some accuse him in this, but I guess that's a good sign - in the elite division. - How the situation will develop before the presidential election?

Before the elections, Putin still have to live. But I do not see him for a game other than a crackdown and medium-scale military adventure. Activation in "Lugandonii", admitting that it can be. The formal annexation of the Kremlin will not go, but can strengthen the armed provocation against Ukraine. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Putin issued a strange statement about the people of Ukraine

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova offered to analyze, "who is the Ukrainian people, and what is its true primordial interests" involving international experts.

It is reported with reference to ONLINE.UA UNIAN.

"Serious work - it's a hard, painful, but the only possible in this case, the correction of mistakes, over many years of mistakes - the rejection of nationalism and rejection of the bets on the radical forces, search for national consensus, the termination of the methods lacerations society ... in particular, linguistic grounds, and indeed attempt to analyze the interests of Ukraine, trying to analyze who the Ukrainian people, what is its true primordial interests of the person he is, how to ensure the rights of all categories of the population ", - said Zakharov.

"This is a tremendous amount of work you have torches and nationalist slogans will not get where you need to seriously, perhaps even with the help of international experts from those organizations, which produce international provisions on the protection of human rights, national minorities.." - she said.

According to her, Ukraine is gaining momentum "ideological collapse."

"I want to emphasize that this is not the worst of what will be - because nobody puts barriers in the way of absolute ideological collapse, on the contrary, the process is gaining momentum, then ordinary people will raise questions of" who to blame "and look for the guilty is no longer in the Donbas and in Kiev and major cities in neighboring homes and the like ", - he added the speaker of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Zakharov says that "can not be all the time to feed the people," the foreign enemy and talk about the "mythical tanks, which apparently being moved by air in Ukraine", as well as "agents of the Kremlin.

"Online commented on the statement Zakharova. So, the journalist Roman Tsimbalyuk noted that if Russia asked the question "Who are the Ukrainian people", then recognize that it is, and there is no "common" people, which tells the Kremlin propaganda.

As reported, Maria Zakharova arrogantly commented on the response to the shelling of the Polish Consulate in Lutsk, Ukraine's ambassador to Poland Andrei Deshchitsa who called the incident a provocation by Russia ., Original in Russian / На русском
BBC has learned about Russian spies in the United States, who "stole" the election for Trump

The former head of the economic team of the Russian Embassy to the US Mikhail Kalugin was a Russian spy who helped the Kremlin's campaign to intervene in the election of the President of the United States in 2016.

This is stated in the investigation of an American correspondent BBC Paul Wood.

He notes that it was not until recently no evidence that the campaign of Donald Trump has worked with Russia in order to "steal the election."

"However, the FSB director James Comey said last week in Congress that it is investigating and its agents," - he writes.

Wood emphasizes that Trump supporters have the right to ask why the FBI with powers to call witnesses to court and threatened charges of obstruction of justice, nothing has been investigated.

"Perhaps there is nothing to look But some former top officials say it happened because of the errors in the investigation.", - the journalist said.

"Road Map" of the investigation has developed a former agent of the secret intelligence service MI6 UK Kristofer Stil. In May 2016 he wrote a series of reports for the political opponents of Trump Donald Trump and Russia.

At the same time, he stated Wood, Steel dossier contains a number of very controversial assertions.

"Leading Russian diplomat Mikhail Kulagin was immediately taken out of Washington because Moscow feared that the child's active participation in the presidential elections in the US will be revealed by local media," - wrote the British intelligence agent.

BBC journalist emphasizes that among the employees of the American Embassy was not a diplomat in the United States with the name Kulagin was Kalugin.

Information on Steele reacted angrily at the Trump.

"If 007 wants to be taken seriously, he must learn how to write", - said the associate of the current US president Rodzher Stoun.

Thus, in the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the Russian Embassy in the United States was working diplomat Mikhail Kalugin, who was head of the economic team of the diplomatic mission.

He was in the US in 2010 and returned to Russia in August 2016.

Wood notes that later Kalugin himself sent reporters complaints of "stream of lies and false news about my face."

"If someone looks harmless economist rather than a rigid, arrogant man the KGB, it Kalugin with a pale face. But the sources that I know and trust, reported that the US government has identified Kalugin as a spy while he worked at the embassy. it is unclear whether the US intelligence agencies believe, when they received a report of Steele's "diplomat" in May 2016, but the decision they took, using their own methods, outside the dossier "-. the journalist said.

Retired employee of the US intelligence agencies said the voodoo that Kalugin was under surveillance before leaving the United States. In addition, State Department officials who were engaged in Russia, met with Kalugin.

"Nobody saw him It's a classic, just classic of Russian intelligence.", - he told the BBC correspondent, former US officials.

As reported by the "Observer", formerly Trump said that there is no evidence of collusion of his associates , who took part in the presidential campaign, with the Russian government., Original in Russian / На русском
NATO-Russia Council Holds First Session This Year As Tension Persists

Ambassadors from NATO nations and Russia gathered at the alliance’s headquarters in Brussels for the first NATO-Russia Council session of 2017.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the talks on March 30 would focus on issues including the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the security situation in Afghanistan, and the "regional terrorist threat."

Amid persistent tension between NATO and Russia, Stoltenberg said another focus would be "military activities, transparency, and risk reduction."

He said the diplomats would have "reciprocal briefings on our military postures," discussing the deployment of three new divisions in western Russia and "the four battle groups that we are in the process of deploying in the Baltic countries and Poland.”

Stoltenberg described the talks as "an important step toward more predictability, more transparency, which is especially in need now when we have increased military activity along our borders."

State-run Russian news agency TASS quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksei Meshkov as saying Moscow plans to discuss "NATO's military buildup along our borders.".....................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
Russian intelligence agent recruited Transcarpathian workers to participate in a paid promotions

Security launched a special pre-trial investigation into the recruitment of citizen Transcarpathian workers.

Reported Tsenzor.NET with reference to the press center of the SBU.

"Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine exposed the network of agents of the Russian secret services, organized in recruiting Transcarpathian workers to participate in a paid promotions. Law enforcers have found that in Moscow under the guise of public organization Russian secret services recruited residents of Transcarpathia. During the" workshops "and" conferences "curators residents of the region practiced tasks, including campaigning in support of autonomy Transcarpathian region. Employees of intelligence services actively documented illegal Number one NGO leaders - former Russian special services "- said in a statement.

"In 2015, he recruited several residents of Transcarpathia that the money agreed to participate in overlapping regional road holding protests to mobilize and rally in support of the autonomy of the region, creating feykovoyi republic "Carpathian Ruthenia." Operatives Security Service of Ukraine found that agents curator conveyed instructions are described in detail but organizations need to Kremlin ing - the venue, the number of people -to text slogans and demands, "- added in the department.

Actions citizen of the investigation department of the SBU in the Transcarpathian region qualified for hours. 3. 110-2 (Financing of actions taken in order to force change or overthrow of the constitutional order or the seizure of state power, territory or changing the boundaries of the state border of Ukraine) and ch. 2, Art. 110 (encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. A citizen of Russia declared wanted. Regarding his special pre-trial investigation was started because it is constantly in Russia. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
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