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Flynn relations with the Kremlin, the expert described the impeachment threat Trump. In Russia, told Putin was in own trap.  Tillerson "blew up" the NATO hall joke about Lavrov.  McCain - widow Voronenkova: Putin's system, consistently eliminating their opponents, dangerous for the whole world.  Americans have been victims of anti-Russian propaganda, - Putin Peskov, a low ranking in the US.  Tillerson statements about Russian aggression puzzling - Russian Foreign Ministry. Russian representative in the UN Security Council accused the US of removal from power "legitimate" Yanukovych.  Americans have been victims of anti-Russian propaganda, - Putin Peskov, a low ranking in the US.

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Chief of Gen. Staff Muzhenko says Russia plotting escalation in Donbas

Russia is preparing for the start of another round of escalation in Donbas, according to Viktor Mushenko, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"No jokes. The events of the last two weeks are evidence of Russia's preparations for the intensification of hostilities in Donbas," Muzhenko wrote on Twitter.

On his Facebook page, the head of the General Staff added: "There is another maniacal threat to Ukraine that Putin voiced at the forum titled ‘The Arctic - Territory of Dialogue’. I believe it’s only Russia who can organize a global catastrophe. If not for the west, Russia would have long organized it."

Earlier, speaking at the forum "The Arctic - Territory of Dialogue," Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there was an opinion in the United States that "the worse the relationship between Ukraine and Russia, the better for them," and this "could lead to global catastrophes and global conflicts."
Peskov called the "common practice" mass detention of protesters in Russia

A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov called the demonstrations against corruption in illegal and mass detention of protesters - "common practice"

He said this in an interview with US television channel ABC .

"In some cities it was done legally, some, for example, in Moscow - illegally. Of course, this led to the arrest of some people who were involved in these illegal activities. It is common practice for each country we see many actions and many arrests as opposition from the police in many capitals of the world "- said Peskov.

This accusation protesters Russian officials in corruption Kremlin spokesman described as "populist" and "those that do not correspond to reality."

Recall, March 26, in Moscow and St. Petersburg have detained more than 1,000 people who participated in anti-corruption rallies., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
on Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:27 pmAdmin
In Russia, told Putin was in own trap

Russian human rights activist and blogger Evgeny Ihlov said Putin in the fight against the oligarchs was the victim of their actions.

He wrote on his page on Facebook.

Ihlov said that in the late 90's "business life in the hands of nine major bankers" and "support the authorities were six administrative and political and business" holdings "-" Family, "Berezovsky Korzhakov, Luzhkov, Chernomyrdin and Chubais ... ". Once in power, Putin has destroyed the established system and rebuilt it themselves.

"Putin prevailed on the idea of ​​fighting the oligarchy, its daily propaganda inspired idea of ​​the sinfulness of large private business, that business - is synonymous with fraud," - wrote the defender. I recalled that this was the result of sending businessmen in prisons and camps on trumped up charges.

"And now the protest went Putinism people trained in understanding crime oligarchy favoritism in business ... because you can not with impunity tovkmachyty of" family "and thus have the first major partner" axis family "Abramovich, then transfer the business of the cooperative to friends or sports school ... "- says Ihlov.

Human rights activist summed up the situation with Putin, "teaches how dangerous trying to save or, conversely, restoring caste society, feudal juggle demagoguery."

As reported by "Apostrophe", according to Russian journalist and analyst Vladimir Golyshev, between Putin and Medvedev began a serious conflict ., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
McCain - Voronenkov widow: Putin's system, consistently eliminating their opponents, dangerous for the whole world

US Senator Dzhon Makkeyn has expressed condolences and support to Marii Maksakovoy in connection with the loss of a spouse Denis Voronenkova.

As reported Tsenzor.NET about it on his Facebook page wrote former State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev

, "Today, nine days after the death of Denis Voronenkova condolences and support to Marii Maksakovoy expressed in a telephone conversation, Senator Dzhon Makkeyn. He also spoke about the recent hearings Congress and highlighted the danger for the whole world of the Putin system, consistently eliminating their opponents, "- he wrote.

"Many thanks to Natalia and Arnaud Free Russia Foundation for organizing the conversation!" - said Ponomarev.

Recall, 23 March, ex-deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Voronenkov was killed in Kiev, near the hotel" Premier Palace "Voronenkova guard was wounded. but managed to fire and injure the killers , who subsequently died in hospital .

Voronenkov testified in the case of treason Viktora Yanukovicha, and of the capture of the Crimea. also Voronenkov said Tsenzor.NET that Yanukovych considers a traitor, who was involved in the mass murder of people, and that was to Obtain in Russia is not a refuge, and a fair trial . , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Tillerson "blew up" the NATO hall with joke about Lavrov

The head of the US State Department's Rex Tillerson during a visit to NATO Headquarters joked about the head of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

As reported Tsenzor.NET , he writes about the Voice of America.

It is reported that one of the diplomats said that in relation to Russia must be applied "two-tier approach" and "needed a couple" for the dance.

In response, Tillerson said: "Of course, that Russia can dance and even something to get this, but with Sergeem Lavrovym precisely not dance, because he is forbidden to dance.".

noted that his words left a standing ovation at the NATO foreign ministers.

"He tore off a standing ovation in the literal sense, it is not a metaphor He was applauded..", - said one of the diplomats.

"This meant that all decisions in Russia takes Putin personally," - says the Voice of America.

Recall that in the course of his first visit to NATO headquarters Tillerson also said Russia's aggression in Ukraine, as well as maintaining sanctions against Russia., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Flynn relations with the Kremlin, the expert described the impeachment threat Trump

American Studies Institute of World Policy Nicholas Beleskov believes that if it is proved the involvement of US President Donald Trump talks to his former adviser Michael Flynn with Russia, the US president could face impeachment.

This Beleskov said in an interview with " Browser ".

"The main question is: to what extent Flynn coordinated with Trump talks with the Russian ambassador. The fact that Flynn asks for immunity can say that former counselor is going to say something incriminating," - said the expert, adding that perhaps Flynn in negotiations with the Russian ambassador spoke only on his behalf.

Beleskov noted that evidence Flynn, is likely to strengthen the position of those who advocate the creation of a special commission to investigate the relations with Russia Trump team.

As passed Russian edition of "Voice of America" ​​Flynn agreed to tell Congress about his contacts with Russia in exchange for immunity, but US lawmakers have not yet agreed to it.

As reported by "Apostrophe" Flynn could get 70 thousand dollars for lobbying Russian companies., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Americans have been victims of anti-Russian propaganda, - Putin Peskov, a low ranking in the US

Press Secretary of President of Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov explained why Vladimir Putin's rating in the United States is quite low.

As reported Tsenzor.NET citing REGNUM informs , the corresponding application Peskov made in an interview with the program "Good Morning America" on TV the ABC , published today, on 1 April.

Journalist Peskov pointed out that according to opinion polls, the approval of President Vladimir Putin, Russia's rating is extremely low in the United States.

Only 9% of US citizens are sympathetic to Putin and Russia is considered an ally. ABC journalist asked Peskov, whether such statistics are "a problem for Putin."

head of the Kremlin press service said that the course is not a problem for Putin, though regrettable. "We accept these figures, because it is already, well, how many months more than a year, the American audience is the target of a serious anti-Russian propaganda?" - said Peskov.

Peskov said that the US media diligently cram in US citizens head installation that "Russian hackers everywhere, in every iron and a refrigerator."

Press-secretary of the Russian president stressed that he considers such statements "feykovye news and slander."

Earlier, the US Office of National Intelligence Director unveiled unclassified part of the report on cyber attacks by Russian hackers in the US presidential election. The document says that the campaign to help the Republican Donald Trump to win the US presidential election ordered the Russian President Vladimir Putin. US intelligence believes that "with high probability" Putin "ordered the hacker attacks with the aim to influence the election.", Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Tillerson statements about Russian aggression puzzling - Russian Foreign Ministry

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson words about "Russian aggression" puzzling. Tillerson previously participated in the meeting of foreign ministers of NATO member countries, he stated the important role of the alliance in opposition to Russia's activity and aggression.

Reported Tsenzor.NET with reference to the site of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"With regret, that such estimates were announced a day after the NATO-Russia Council at the level of permanent representatives, where, according to the Secretary General of the alliance Stoltenberg "in an open and constructive atmosphere" held substantive discussions on a wide range of issues Apparently, the subsequent "ritual dance" in his, the NATO, the circle of this statement has no relationship. "- said in a comment and.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation recalled that "at a meeting of the RNC in a spirit of openness on both sides were made briefings on military constructions Russia and NATO, NATO is pedaling a story about" improving the predictability of military activities ", discussed regional issues."

"The question arises - to a" constructive "in NATO-Russia relations can be expected when the alliance stubbornly continues to operate under the old patterns, the US and its allies are fixated on building up its military presence on our borders, justifying it by the necessity of" containment of Russia "? " - noted in the comments of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
On the logic of confrontation

Foreign Ministry in connection with the last ministerial session of the North Atlantic Council stated that Russia impose confrontational paradigm of relations and he called for a radical change in the nature of this alliance. "Convene his early to adjust to the" busy schedule "US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson foreign guests were waiting to jointly reaffirm the strength of the transatlantic hitch, about which with the arrival of the new American administration some who had doubts." - said in comments Russian dipvedomstva.

"Maintaining unity in the multilateral framework ranks - especially such as NATO, which includes such different states - as far as can be judged, is not easy It is important to have a strong unifying motif of NATO ministers, as appears from their own comments long to find such a motive was not necessary.. - they have in mind is always the same: the myth of the "Russian threat", slander about "Russian aggression" and endless spell of her need "to collectively resist," - said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"In fact, we impose confrontational paradigm of relations, based on the logic of military confrontation. It is not visible signs that the alliance is ready to return to the practical cooperation in the field of general interest, to move in the direction of the struggle with the real security challenges, among them - the regional terrorist threat ", - said in a Friday note Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry the results of the ministerial session of the NATO Council., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Russian representative in the UN Security Council accused the US of removal from power "legitimate" Yanukovych

Statement by the Russian delegation at the session of the UN Security Council regarding the modern hybrid wars once again demonstrate how Russian propaganda at the international level.

This was stated by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Vladimir Elchenko in response to the remarks of the Russian side in the Security Council, according to Tsenzor.NET with reference to Ukrinform .

"I thank the Russian delegation for a demonstration of how propaganda works in the hybrid wars", - said chairman of the Ukrainian mission.

Prior to this member of the Russian delegation expressed surprise that the UN associate the term "hybrid warfare" with the current actions of Russia . According to him, such a phenomenon existed in the past, recalling the "color revolutions" in the post-Soviet space, which seems to be directed from abroad, as well as the use of the tool of international sanctions.

He also accused the United States in the organization of the Maidan in Kiev and the "constitutional revolution" in Ukraine for the "elimination of the government legitimately elected President Viktor Yanukovych." In addition, Russia's representative said that the decision power in Kiev start ATO "led to the deaths of thousands of citizens."

At the same time he called the accusations against Russia in charge of a hybrid war "baseless."

reminded that the Ukrainian delegation on Friday initiated a discussion in the UN RB Arria formula "hybrid warfare as a threat to international peace and security", which do not limit the participation of only the members of the Security Council., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
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