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Trump sending important signal for both Ukraine, Putin. Russia paid 10 million euros Le Pen for public support for the annexation of the Crimea. Isolating Russia "would be wrong" - Italian minister.  Canada ready to stiffen Russia sanctions over Assad regime support.  In the West, voiced a disturbing thought: NATO will not fight with Russia over Ukraine.  US or Assad: Trump issued an ultimatum to Russia.  In the EU, Britain blocked the proposed sanctions against Russia.

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Russia paid 10 million euros Le Pen for public support for the annexation of the Crimea

French presidential candidate of the party "National Front" Marine Le Pen, as it turned out, not just to support Russia's aggression against Ukraine in the annexation of the Crimea. Moscow to pay 9 million euros for its nationalist public stance against the occupation of Ukrainian peninsula.

It is reported by "112 Ukraine". In the Air Force investigation revealed that French banks did not want to give credit "National Front" and Le Pen due to the bad reputation of political power and its leader, so she was forced to look for tangible assets elsewhere. In particular, in 2014 the "National Front" received a loan from Moscow for the sum of 11 million euros. 9 million allocated certain "First Czech-Russian Bank", which has a direct relationship with the Russian Federation. It so happened that at that time Russia annexed Crimea, and Le Pen for the Russian money supported the occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula.

Among other things, the Russian hackers group "Humpty Dumpty" shared with the Air Force SMS correspondence of one of the Kremlin's officials with the Russian deputy, in which the board discussed Le Pen for the support of Moscow criminal actions in respect of Ukraine. The protagonists of the correspondence noted that Le Pen did not let the Kremlin and supported the seizure of the Crimea in spite of the fact that as an observer in the so-called "referendum" and did not go.

It also emerged that political force in 2016, Le Pen also negotiated a new loan from Russia. Recall, the European Parliament has already firmly took up Le Pen and deprived her of parliamentary immunity . In addition, the results of opinion polls suggest that the French president does not become her fate., Original in Russian / На русском
Canada ready to stiffen Russia sanctions over Assad regime support, - Trudeau

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday he would consider imposing stiffer sanctions on Russia amid the Syrian crisis.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Reuters, speaking to reporters at a military commemoration ceremony in France, Trudeau said Canada already has stiff sanctions against Russia and "we are always ready to strengthen those sanctions in concert with the international community."

Trudeau said international allies must move towards achieving peace and stability in Syria without Assad, and he also hardened Canada's position against Russia, which backs Assad. He was speaking days after U.S. missile strikes on a Syrian airbase in retaliation for what the United States said was a chemical weapons attack by Assad's forces.

"I think Russia needs to be aware, made aware of its responsibility in the bloody actions last week by the Assad regime and therefore we are always open to working with our friends, allies and partners allies to send clear messages through sanctions and other means to Russia," Trudeau said.

Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) nations are meeting in Italy on Monday, eager to hear whether Washington is now committed to overthrowing Assad. They also want the United States to put pressure on Moscow to distance itself from Assad.

Trudeau said last week that Canada fully supported the U.S. missile strikes on April 7.

He told reporters in France that "there is no question the medium and long term future of a peaceful Syria no longer includes Bashar al-Assad," adding that there was no pure military solution to the crisis, but that a diplomatic effort must be part of the international strategy.

On April 7, U.S. warships launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian government airbase following a chemical airstrike in the province of Idlib blamed on President Assad.

At least 80 civilians died in the air attack on the town in rebel-held Idlib province prompting an international outcry. The United States accuses the regime of President Bashar al-Assad of using chlorine gas mixed with a highly toxic sarin-like nerve agent in an air attack. UNICEF confirmed at least 27 children had been killed in the attack in Idlib. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
In the West, voiced a disturbing thought: NATO will not fight with Russia over Ukraine

NATO members do not consider it necessary to enter into a war with Russia over Ukraine.

This was in an interview with "apostrophe" said corresponding member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chattam House), by articles on the Russian-Ukrainian Relations James Sherr.

"If effective security you have in mind a political guarantee that we join in the battle to protect Ukraine - no. No such possibility. Ukraine is at war. We're not going to fight with. Even people like me believe and trust from 2014 year strategy of the West should be in full support of Ukraine, by all means except war, "- said Sherr.

According to him, currently there is little danger of new aggression against one of the European countries. Russia fears the reaction of the United States, paying attention to the action of Europe to a lesser extent.

"Most of Russia always afraid that the United States mobilized its forces against Russia. And I think it is from them will be right to be cautious. Because the principal players in the administration Trump - very tough people. And they should not risk provoking the United States," - said Sherr., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Isolating Russia "would be wrong" - Italian minister

Foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) could not agree on the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy Angelino Alfano, writes Associated Press.

"There is a consensus among the G7 to issue new sanctions against Russia," - AP quoted the Italian minister.

According to Alfano, the issue was raised at a meeting of Group of Seven Foreign Minister Boris Johnson UK.

But Alfano said that the isolation of Russia would be wrong.

Italian minister said that "the G7 position very clear - support existing sanctions" against Russia for its military action in Ukraine.

Recall, the foreign ministers of G7 countries during the two-day meeting were to focus on how to get Russia to distance itself from Syrian President Bashar Assad.

As reported by "head office" , that the ambassadors of the European Union tomorrow will not discuss the issue of sanctions against Russia because soldiers from chemical attack in Syria, wrote in a Twitter journalist of "Radio Liberty" Rickard Yozvyak., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
on Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:02 amAdmin
US or Assad: Trump issued an ultimatum to Russia

The Russian authorities should stop mode to support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

This was stated by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during a meeting of foreign ministers of G7, reports Reuters .

Such expectations he expressed before his visit to Moscow. According to him, the international community is clear that the rule of Assad family in Syria to an end.

"We hope that the Russian government has to understand that they have found an unreliable partner in the face of Syrian President Bashar Assad" - said Tillerson.

According to him, representatives of the US and G7 want to deprive people of Syria from suffering.

"Russia could become part of the future and play an important role. Or Russia can maintain its alliance with this group, which, in our opinion, does not serve the interests of Russia in the long term" - summed Tillerson in comments to journalists, reports the AP .

Everything on the topic: Beat US on Syria

Recall, April 4, on the Syrian opposition-controlled town of Khan Sheyhun suffered airstrike, which resulted in dozens of people have died from chemical poisoning.

The American destroyer USS Porter and the USS Ross in the night of April 7 fired 59 rockets aerodrome Shayrat Syrian government army in response to chemical bombing Idlib asadivskoyu aircraft.

Foreign ministers of the G7 failed to agree on introducing new sanctions against Russia and Syria

Earlier it was reported that the Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May held a telephone conversation with Trump. During this The sides agreed to persuade Russia that its alliance with Assad no longer of strategic interest . They believe that Tillerson visit to Russia will provide an opportunity to make progress in making important decisions on this issue., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
In the EU, Britain blocked the proposed sanctions against Russia

EU countries have blocked the United Kingdom's document on the introduction of new sanctions against Russia in connection with the events in Syria .

Reported ONLINE.UA referring to British newspaper Daily Mail. "Germany and some other EU countries did not want to respond, insisting that one must first carry out a full investigation data on the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian province of Idlib, which killed many civilians," - says the publication reported.

The daily says that the summit of G7 foreign ministers in Italy did not take the decision to impose new sanctions.

At the same time, Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said that the summit "is not a body concerned with such matters" and, in principle, could not make a decision on sanctions.

Recall, 4 and 6 April, Syria was subjected to chemical attacks, which resulted in the civilian population has suffered .

As reported, the morning of April 7 on board American ships in the Mediterranean Sea, has suffered a rocket attack on the airbase Shayrat in Syria . In a number of European countries believe that the Russian Federation is responsible for the attack, as actively supporting the Assad regime., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Trump sending important signal for both Ukraine, Putin – Russian expert

A U.S. cruise missile attack on the Syrian government forces’ airbase is a very important message for both Ukraine and Putin, Russian political scientist Andrey Zubov said in an interview with

"It was very important for us to make sure that Trump is sensitive to such things as the use of chemical weapons against Syrians; that he is sensitive to such flagrant violations of international law. And if so, he will be sensitive to violations of international law in relation to Ukraine. And if, God forbid, Putin puts into his head the idea to launch a new offensive in Donbas, now he knows what the answer might be," he told At the same time, according to Zubov, Putin actually believes that the U.S. wants to destroy Russia.

"This is the KGB mentality – [believing] that the U.S. wants to make Russia dependent. Putin thinks in categories he was taught at KGB school, you know. He wants to make Russia as the Soviet Union was in the Cold War era," the Russian political scientist said..........
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