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Merkel warned Putin from interfering in Germany elections - "I am not easily frightened".  US Embassy in Kabul explosion, killing 8 civilians.  Putin on seized Ukrainian enterprises in Donbas: "No one ever took anything from anyone.  Putin did not agree with the fact that Ukraine - an independent country - the former prime minister of Canada.  The annexation of the Crimea - a violation of the basic values ​​of peace, - Merkel.

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After Putin meeting, Angela Merkel Kremlin aggression gave a disappointing forecast to Germany

Journalist authoritative German newspaper Die Welt Hertsynher Richard summed up the meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Russian President Vladimir Putin made a disappointing forecast of further development of relations between the countries.

According to him, Angela Merkel took too soft stance in negotiations with Putin, which allows Russia to continue its aggression in Ukraine and Syria.

Hertsynher said that German business is ready to resume cooperation with Russia despite Putin's aggression.

"Voices, which is calm, nothing marred the business with the Kremlin important than international law are inside our country louder. Merkel is still able to resist it. But its weak performance in Sochi allowing fear that it will not long endure this pressure "- the article says.

As reported by "Apostrophe", previously has learned the details of negotiations German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Russian President Vladimir Putin., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
The Russian warship accident: Media told Putin drunken sailors

Officers of the Russian average intelligence ship "Liman", which crashed off the coast of Turkey in a collision with animal transport Youzarsif H, during the event used alcohol.

Reported edition

It is noted that the drunk was even the watch officer. The crew noticed too late approximation Youzarsif H, because of the collision.

As a result of animal transport entered "Lehman" in the board. Russian sailors moved on gangway to board Youzarsif H, then sank IBS.

This incident investigating special commission of the Ministry of Defense and the FSB. Commander "Lyman" facing criminal liability.

As reported by "Apostrophe" before the incident with the Russian warship commented the owner Youzarsif H., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Russian journalist spoke about the psychological problems of Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has serious psychological problems that are associated with a number of geopolitical setbacks.

This Russian journalist and writer Leonid Radzikhovsky wrote in his column on the website "apostrophe".

"Putin stuck psychologically. Not in terms of the relationship with Trump or Merkel, but in terms of relationships with oneself" - said the journalist.

According Radzikhovsky at the moment Russia can not achieve much success in any of geopolitical trends.

"I think in all probability, drawing the role of the Russian president, Putin will go to the polls. And it ends hang after he goes to the polls, or go into a state of deep depression, it is unclear", - concluded the journalist. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Le Pen got 9M euros from Kremlin for supporting Russia's policy in Ukraine

A Russian bank allocated French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen a lone worth 9 million euros in exchange for supporting Russian policy in Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Ekho Moskvy, this was found by the French online investigative journal .

It is noted that Vladimir Putin's special representative for relations with Russian organizations abroad Alexander Babakov was an intermediary in this deal. French law enforcers have already initiated pre-trial investigation. The investigating journalists claim that Le Pen's partisan Jean-Luc Schaffhauser masterminded this scheme of Front National funding.

In 2014, he was an intermediary in granting Le Pen's party a loan in the First Czech Russian Bank. His Russian counterpart then was Alexander Babakov, a member of the Russian Federation Council and the president's special representative for relations with Russian organizations abroad. In his emails, Schaffhauser claimed that Le Pen was willing to make a statement on Ukraine situation, but she never made it. The intermediaries reportedly met last March in Geneva to discuss new loans by other Russian banks for the Front National.

The loan in the First Czech Russian Bank was received by the Front National in September 2014. It was sold to a Moscow firm about a year ago, but the Deposit Insurance Agency disputed this deal., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
8-year-old girl from the Ukraine has died at the Turkish resort

In Turkey, while relaxing at the resort was dead 8-year-old girl - a Ukrainian citizen.

According to Tsenzor.NET with reference to TSN , the girl with the parents relax in the hotel Kiris village near Kemer. The child became ill with his temperature was taken to hospital in Kemer, and then rushed to a private hospital in Antalya. Despite the efforts of doctors, the girl could not be saved.

The exact cause of death must install the experts.

Information about the child's death was confirmed by the Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
on Wed May 03, 2017 8:20 amAdmin
4 million working citizens do not pay taxes

4 million working citizens are not officially employed and therefore do not pay taxes to the budget.

According to Tsenzor.NET with reference to the "Evening Kiev" , it was stated by Minister of Social Policy Andrey Reva.

"The number of pensioners in Ukraine reaches 12 million, at a time when those who pay social contribution is considerably less, and this increases the load on each worker formalized", - he said.

According to him, the tax policy of the state does not encourage all market participants to work legally, and therefore, there is the payment of salaries in envelopes.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko said that of the 18 million people of working age is only 11 million pay contributions to the Pension Fund., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
The annexation of the Crimea - a violation of the basic values ​​of peace, - Merkel

Sanctions against Russia may be canceled only if they eliminated the reasons for which they were entered. In particular, we are talking about the annexation of the Crimea.

This German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on May 2 during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, reports Tsenzor.NET citing Krym.Realii .

"What we expect and what can not be forgotten - this is the basic principles of European security, which have been violated annexation of Crimea - is not just the annexation, it is a violation. . peaceful values created after world war II It is, in particular, of the inviolability of borders and respect for territorial integrity ", - said Merkel.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his turn, said that the Ukrainian authorities have lost the chance to implement the Minsk agreement., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Putin did not agree with the fact that Ukraine - an independent country - the former prime minister of Canada Campbell

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not recognize Ukraine's independence.

According to Tsenzor.NET , this opinion was expressed by former Kim Campbell of Canada, Prime Minister Twitter .

"He does not agree with the fact that Ukraine - independent country he wants to restore the Soviet Union." - says the politician., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові

Putin on seized Ukrainian enterprises in Donbas: "No one ever took anything from anyone; external management was temporarily introduced there"

President Vladimir Putin of Russia says no one had ever captured Ukrainian enterprises located in the occupied areas of the Donbas.
Censor.NET reports citing Gazetu.Ru.

"No one ever took anything from anyone. The external management was temporarily introduced there (in Ukrainian enterprises - Ed.)," Putin said.

He also added that these enterprises were deprived of the opportunity to generate business income as Kyiv suspended financial relations with this territory.

On Jan. 25, anti-terrorist operation (ATO) veterans blocked the Luhansk-Popasna haul, launching a trade blockade of the occupied Donbas areas. The movement of 12 trains with a total of 700 cars has been barred.

Later, Deputy Minister for the Occupied Territories and IDPs Heorhii Tuka said the decision to launch trade blockade was extra-legal. Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and IDPs Vadym Chernysh spoke against possible ban on commodities delivery across the contact line in the Donbas: "We need to be able to deliver coal, otherwise we will face problems throughout the country."

On Feb. 2, participants of the trade blockade barred another railroad track near Bakhmut.

On March 15, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine imposed a temporary ban on the movement of goods across the demarcation line in the Donbas. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said the only exception was humanitarian aid supplied by Ukrainian and international organizations. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Merkel warned Putin from interfering in the elections in Germany - "I am not easily frightened"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not afraid of a possible Russian involvement in the elections to the German Bundestag.

This was Merkel said on Tuesday, May 2, at the joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, reports Tsenzor.NET with reference to Deutsche Welle .

"I am not easily frightened - she answered a question about the likelihood of such a scenario - and confidently assume that we will be able to seamlessly conduct election campaign among us Germans.".

Merkel stressed that in the event of misinformation will have to take drastic measures. As examples, she led fabricated story about the rape of Russian-speaking "the girl Lisa" from Berlin and disinformation campaign about the soldiers of the Bundeswehr in Lithuania, who also allegedly raped the girl.

Hybrid War, one of the methods that is misinformation, is part of the military doctrine of Russia, said the head of the German government. Cybercrime, according to her - it's also a challenge to the international community.

Russian President in his turn, he said that Russia "has never interfered in the political life and political processes in other countries." The accusations against Moscow regarding interference in the election campaign in the United States, Putin called the rumors.

Regular elections to the German parliament will be held September 24, 2017. The main competitor of Angela Merkel, the German head of government for the third time, in favor of the Social Democrat Martin Schulz (Martin Schulz), former chairman of the European Parliament. Experts have repeatedly called Merkel main target of Russian propaganda. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Yanukovych appealed in absentia trial in the European Court of Human Rights

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych appealed to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding the conviction in absentia.

According to Tsenzor.NET with reference to UNIAN , about it said the lawyer Yanukovich Vitaliy Serdyuk.

"Yanukovych has really given us his appeal with the ECHR, since it considers illegal conviction in absentia under article" gosizmena "and states do not have access to participate in the process", - he said. According to him, this statement was made Ukrainian the defense provided by the representatives of the British law firm Joseph Rosmanu and these days should be directed to the ECHR.

Recall preparatory meeting on the case of high treason Viktor Yanukovych will in Obolon district court in Kiev on 4 May at 10:00. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Near the US Embassy in Kabul explosion, killing 8 civilians

The blast near the US embassy in Kabul (Afghanistan) killed 8 civilians.

As reported Tsenzor.NET citing 112 Ukraine , reported by TOLO News .

Read also: NATO is considering an extension of its mission in Afghanistan - Stoltenberg

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan, the object of the explosion was a column of vehicles with foreign military Abdul Haq Square in Makroyan area, but were killed or injured, mostly civilians.

Information about the victims among the military there, but notes that at least one of the military patrol car was badly damaged.

The explosion occurred when the convoy drove by standing on the side of the road passenger cars, was powered by a pledged in her bomb.

The Interior Ministry of Afghanistan has not yet confirmed any involvement in the incident a suicide.

So far no one has claimed responsibility for the blast., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Navalny verdict in the case "Kirovlesa" entered into force,. Chances to participate in presidential elections in Russia miserable

The judge of the Kirov Regional Court Mikhail Obukhov dismissed the complaint policy Alekseya Navalnogo and entrepreneur Peter Ofitserova on the verdict in the case "Kirovlesa".

Thus, the sentence came into force, according to Tsenzor.NET citing "Interfax-Russia".

"The verdict of the Leninsky district court of Kirov on February 8, 2017 in relation to bulk and Ofitserova remain unchanged, the appeal Davydova lawyers, Mikhailova and Kobzev - without satisfaction , "- the judge announced the decision on Wednesday, May 3.

According to paragraph 5.2 of the RF Law "On elections of the president" does not have the right to be elected president of the Russian citizens, sentenced to imprisonment for committing grave and (or) a particularly serious crime and having on voting day is not removed and not paid off previous conviction for the offense, and sentenced to imprisonment for a serious crime, a conviction which is removed or extinguished, - before the expiry of 10 years from the date of withdrawal or cancellation of conviction.

Thus, Navalny will not qualify for the presidency in the next ten years, if the court does not withdraw from his criminal record.

At the same time, the politician has repeatedly pointed out that the Russian Constitution allows elected all capable citizens, except those held in detention. Consequently, Bulk retains a theoretical chance to take part in the presidential race.

This is possible in two cases: if the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) recognizes a second verdict of the Russian court illegal (and therefore may follow its cancellation) or if the Bulk will achieve in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation norms of recognition, which prevents his participation in the campaign, not corresponds to the basic law of the country.

Oppositionist previously announced his intention to run for the presidential elections in the spring of 2018 and has already opened campaign offices in dozens . cities

Recall that in February 2017 Kirov Leninsky court found Navalny guilty of embezzlement of 16 million rubles belonging to the enterprise "Kirovles" by embezzlement and entrepreneur Peter Ofitserova - guilty of Pozo -operation in the crime. The court sentenced Navalny to 5 years probation., Original in Russian / На русском
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