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US calls on Russia to end its campaign of violence and harassment of Crimean Tatars.  Russia set to hinder Ukraine's westward movement – U.S. intel chief. U.S. ready to join efforts to coerce Russia to implement Minsk deal.  Ukraine has vast experience in tackling Kremlin propaganda, ready to share it.  In Britain warned of possible Russian intervention in elections.  Former FBI Director James Comey refused to testify in Senate.  Moscow seized 10 activists on the street read the Constitution.  Standard & Poor's agency affirmed the ratings of Ukraine, outlook stable.  Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of Kadyrov and Chechen gay.  PM Groysman ready to resign if pensions not increased.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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on Sat May 13, 2017 10:15 pmAdmin
Portugal won the Eurovision 2017 in Kiev

The winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev was the representative of Portugal Sabral Salvador.

Artist scored the most points by a vote of the jury and spectators.

Sabral performed with lyrical song «Amar Pelos Dois». Note that it was very quiet performance compared to show the other performers. In particular, he specifically asked to be on the stage was less light.

The public also followed the events that took place during the final of Eurovision throughout the evening, 13 May. It is in our online broadcasting you can find, including Ukraine took place.

At this year's Eurovision Song Contest is also not without scandals. For example, during a speech on stage Jamala Eurovision 2017 in Kiev, a man with a fan zone, wrapped in the Australian flag, ran on stage and showed bare buttocks to the audience ., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Hague court has approved the schedule of meetings for Ukraine claims against Russia

President of the International Court of Justice in The Hague Ronny Abraham, and representatives of Ukraine and Russia adopted a schedule for further meetings claims against Russia.

It is reported by " European truth " referring to the deputy foreign minister Alain Zerkal, which represents Ukraine at the hearing.

According Zerkal to 12 June 2018 Ukraine may sue documents the actions of the Russian side. Then the Russians will be the year and one month to submit so-called kontrmemorandum - objections relative to the data that will provide Ukraine. That is the position of the two parties will be in court June 12, 2019.

After the court will appoint a new schedule to provide comments on parties positions to each other.

"Deadline for submission of the Memorandum, 13 months, meet the general intention of the Ukrainian side," - said the mirror.

In the near future the International Court publish official data on the agreed schedule., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Trump criticized the American media through Klimkin

US President Donald Trump was dissatisfied with the way the American media covered the visit of Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin in Washington.

He told Fox News.

Trump said that he recently met with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and after - Pavel Klimkin. According to the American leader met with Ukrainian Minister highlighted less media.

"We made the pictures, they were pictures. Everyone knew who comes, everything was on schedule. They talked about Ukraine!" - said Trump.

According to him, Lavrov paid a visit to all journalists. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Putin's Militants fired at Avdiyivka: there are casualties among civilians

Militants of the terrorist organization "DNR" in the evening on May 13 made the shelling residential areas Avdeevka (Donetsk region). As a result of military aggression killed four people, one seriously wounded.

This was on his page on Facebook wrote the head of the Donetsk regional military and civil administration Paul Zhebrivskyi.

"20 minutes ago invaders shelled residential neighborhoods in the private sector Avdiyivka. In the streets Sopronova rocket hit the yard of a house. Killed three women and one man. Yet one man hospitalized in serious condition," - he wrote. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Yatsenyuk 15-19 May visit to the United States and Canada is scheduled to meet with Obama, McCain and Freeland

15-19 May the leader of a political party "People's Front" Arseniy Yatsenyuk will make working visits to the United States and Canada.

As the Tsenzor.NET with reference to the press service of "People's Front", the purpose of the trip to North America is to mobilize international support in favor of Ukraine.

The focus of both visits will be three key issues: opposition to Russian aggression, energy security and support for the economic recovery of Ukraine.

In Washington, Yatsenyuk intends to hold meetings with representatives of the new US administration.

Also planned a meeting with senior officials of the National Security Council. In addition, he will meet with the leadership of the State Department and the US Department of Defense.

The leader of the "Popular Front" also intends to meet with Senators Ted Cruz, Dzhonom Makkeynom, Richard Durbin and other representatives of the two political forces - the Republican and Democratic parties.

Individual events will Yatsenyuk meeting with former US President Barack Obama and former Vice President Dzhozefom Baydenom.

In Washington, Yatsenyuk will feature presentations before experts on international relations and security in the leading analytical institutions - American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, as well as the Council on matters of foreign policy.

The visit to Ottawa includes meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hristey Friland and other high representatives of the Government and the Parliament of Canada.

In the capital of Canada Yatsenyuk will take part in the events dedicated to solidarity with Ukraine and the Crimean Tatars.

The program will also meet with representatives of the Ukrainian community, international experts and media. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Russian-linked cyber gang accused of WannaCryptor attack

Cyber gang with possible links to Russia is being blamed for the extraordinary worldwide computer security breach - possibly in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes on Syria.

Censor.NET reports citing the Telegraph.

The mysterious organization - called Shadow Brokers - claimed in April it had stolen a 'cyber weapon' from an American spying agency that gives unprecedented access to all computers using Microsoft Windows, the world's most popular computer operating system.

The hacking tool had been developed by the National Security Agency (NSA), America's powerful military intelligence unit. The NSA had developed its 'Eternal Blue' hacking weapon to gain access to computers used by terrorists and enemy states.

The gang in turn 'dumped' the computer bug on an obscure website on April 14, just a week after President Donald Trump ordered the U.S. bombing of Syria.

Some experts believe that timing is significant and indicates that Shadow Brokers has links to the Russian government. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Moscow seized 10 activists on the street read the Constitution

In the capital Moscow on Red Square, security forces detained at least 10 activists who read aloud the text of the Constitution
It is reported by "Radio Liberty" .

In particular, the detained activist Ildar Dadina known that monitors the actions of law enforcement officers in Russia. He was the only man in Russia, which condemned and imprisoned for holding pickets.

Regarding the detainees were adminprotokol of violation of the order of a public event. If found guilty they could face fines up to 20 thousand. Rub. (About 9300 USD), or forced labor for up to 40 hours., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Ukraine has vast experience in tackling Kremlin propaganda, ready to share it - experts

Ukraine has accumulated vast experience in fighting the Kremlin propaganda and is ready to share it with its partners, Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Dmytro Zolotukhin said, addressing a scientific conference "Overcoming the consequences of totalitarianism as a way of forming stability in the Baltic-Black Sea Region" held on May 11.

The event was co-organized by the Institute of World History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Center of Islamic Studies, the Institute of Geopolitical Dimension, and Polonews portal. The participants of the international conference discussed ways to overcome the consequences of the common historical past of the Baltic-Black Sea Union countries, which is of particular relevance in the context of the aggravation of the security situation in the region.

Opening the conference, Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Dmytro Zolotukhin said that Ukraine was going to overcome the consequences of the totalitarian past through active modernization and development of civil society. The concrete mechanism of this process is the growing political maturity and responsibility of the Ukrainian society and its wider role in state governance. The need was stressed to consolidate efforts of the Baltic-Black Sea Union countries in the fight against Russian hybrid aggression since it remains a major obstacle of harmonization of international relations and strengthening regional security. As of today, Ukraine has accumulated the greatest experience in fighting the Kremlin propaganda and is ready to share it with its partners. Advisor to the Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine Jacek Zur said that the way to overcome the consequences of totalitarianism in the common past of the Baltic-Black Sea Union countries was to solidify relations between the nations in the region. Solidarity must work on two levels: as a fundamental principle of social relations in each country and as a basis for international relations. Solidarity has a special symbolic significance for Poles and can serve as a mechanism for extending the zone of regional stability and security. The Polish diplomat illustrated the political solidarity by the example of actions of former President of Poland Lech Kaczynski, who in 2008 initiated the Tbilisi summit of leaders of the region, in support of the Georgian people, who became a victim of the Kremlin's military aggression, saying that "Georgia has become a victim, later Ukraine, then Poland, and the Baltic States may repeat its fate if they fail to show solidarity in addressing this problem."...................

Access complete text of the editorial:
PM Groysman ready to resign if pensions not increased

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has announced he is ready to resign if there is no pension reform that foresees an increase in pension benefits from October 1 while the retirement age remains unchanged, according to TV Channel 112 Ukraine.

"I guarantee the pension reform with pensions to be increased from October 1. I'm ready to resign if I fail to do that. But I will do that," Groysman told 112 Ukraine on Friday evening. He also stressed that the pension reform would repeal taxation of pension benefits but would introduce the so-called indexing when pensions will be changed in correlation with inflation.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukraine's government plans to raise pensions from October 1 as part of the pension reform. This will concern 5.6 million Ukrainians. The government also pledged to cancel any tax on benefits paid to working pensioners. The government version of the pension reform does not provide for raising the retirement age, at the same time offering other tools for developing a fair and deficit-free pension system..........
Russia set to hinder Ukraine's westward movement – U.S. intel chief

Daniel R. Coats, Director of U.S. National Intelligence, notes that the Russian Federation in 2017 will continue its attempts to prevent Ukraine from integrating into Western structures.

"We assess that Moscow's strategic objectives in Ukraine maintaining long-term influence over Kyiv and frustrating Ukraine's attempts to integrate into Western institutions — will remain unchanged in 2017," he said during the meeting of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Thursday, May 11.

According to him, Putin is likely to maintain pressure on Kyiv through multiple channels, including through Russia's actions in eastern Ukraine, where Russia arms so-called "separatists." "Moscow also seeks to undermine Ukraine's fragile economic system and divided political situation to create opportunities to rebuild and consolidate Russian influence in Ukrainian decision-making," Coats said.
In Britain warned of possible Russian intervention in elections

Foreign Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson said that there is a "real possibility" of interference in British parliamentary elections, scheduled for June 8
It is reported by Reuters .

The politician also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin "would be delighted" if he wins the election the Labor Party led by Jeremy Corbyn.

"What he did in America, it is clear he has done in France in the western Balkans, so we must be vigilant," - said Johnson.

British Foreign Minister also said Putin would "undermine faith in democracy as a whole and to discredit the whole democratic process."

Earlier in local elections in the UK, which took place on May 4, won the Conservative Party , led by Prime Minister Theresa May. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Britain, observe parliamentary elections in Russia from attacks

Russia wants to completely undermine faith in democracy and discredit the whole democratic process, certain official London

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson believes that there is a realistic possibility that Russia will try to intervene in British elections will be held next month. He said this in an interview with The Telegraph, reported Reuters.

"Of course, we believe that this is what he did in America, it is clear that is what he did in France (where they were hacked emails President-elect Emmanuel macron - Ed.) In the western Balkans, he engaged in various dirty business, so we have to be vigilant, "- said Johnson, referring to the actions of Putin.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the Russian President wants to completely undermine faith in democracy and discredit the whole democratic process.

Elections in the UK to be held on 8 June.

Recall that the French police began investigating a hacker attack on election headquarters of the presidential candidate of France Emmanuel macron , who won the election .

Previously campaign headquarters macron undergone massive hacker attack. User EMLEAKS under the name stated in an open access web application Pastebin, which allows anonymous upload snippets of text about 9 GB of documents on the activities of the electoral headquarters.

In the published correspondence array broken macron Emmanuel and his staff found a number of letters that were changed by the user named George P. Rosca - evidenced metadata sheets. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Standard & Poor's agency affirmed the ratings of Ukraine, outlook stable

International rating Standard & Poor's agency affirmed the foreign and local currency long-term and short-term ratings on the level «B- / B» with a "stable" outlook.

Reported Tsenzor.NET citing Radio Liberty.

According to the report the agency, this level reflects the need for Ukraine in the near future to pay considerable sums of debt, as well as the political challenges and the blockade on the east of the country, slowing economic growth and the impact on the economy.

According to the agency, the level of tension with Russia and, as they say in the press release, "a quasi-breakaway regions" in the east has deteriorated from the previous estimate of the time.

But the fact that for the next 12 months, the Ukrainian government will retain access to the support of official creditors, gives grounds to express a stable outlook, the report said.

In late April, another of the leading international rating agencies Fitch also affirmed its sovereign long-term rating of Ukraine in foreign and local currency ratings at "B-" from "stable" outlook. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
US calls on Russia to end its campaign of violence and harassment of Crimean Tatars

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has shaken the very foundations of security and stability in Europe, and is antithetical to a vision of Europe that is whole, free, and at peace.

This was announced by the Chargé d'Affaires, a.i. at the U.S. Mission to the OSCE Kate Byrnes, Censor.NET reports.

"Russian occupation authorities in Crimea launched another wave of raids and searches of the homes of Crimean Tatars. On May 8, as members of the security forces searched the home of Ilver Ametov, head of the Sudak Regional Mejlis, they reportedly brutally beat and carried off his son, whose location remains unknown.

"Another Tatar, Yusuf Toroz, also arrested on May 8, has apparently been transported out of Crimea into Russia. We call on Russia to end its campaign of violence and harassment of Crimean Tatars and others who oppose Russia's attempted annexation of Crimea," Brynes said.

The United States reaffirmed its staunch support for Ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity within its internationally-recognized borders.

"We do not, and will not, accept Russia's efforts to change the borders of Ukraine. We join our European partners in affirming that our sanctions on Russia will remain until it fully implements the Minsk agreements, and Crimea-related sanctions will remain until Russia returns control of the peninsula to Ukraine," the official added., Original in Russian / На русском
U.S. ready to join efforts to coerce Russia to implement Minsk deal – Klimkin

The United States of America is ready to join in different ways the efforts to coerce Russia into the implementation of Minsk agreements, including by contributing the Normandy Four talks, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin told a Kyiv briefing Friday, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

"This is an issue, which I discussed at numerous meetings. First, the United States is ready to be further involved in making Russia implement Minsk Agreements, which is one of the key priorities. In what form? It could be shaped in a separate dimension, very closely coordinated with the Normandy format. It could also be a way to attract the United States in parallel lines to individual elements of interaction within the Normandy format," Klimkin said.

These issues are now being discussed, according to Ukraine’s foreign minister.

As UNIAN reported, on May 10, President of the United States Donald Trump received Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin at the White House. This meeting was preceded by talks between Minister Klimkin and U.S. Vice President Michael Pence...........
Former FBI Director James Comey refused to testify in Senate

Freed US President Donald Trump and former FBI Director James Comey refused to testify in the Committee on Intelligence of the US Senate
The chairman of the group of senators from the Democratic Party committee, Mark Warner, reports Deutsche Welle .

"We invited Komi come to testify on Tuesday. He is going to give evidence on Tuesday, but we hope that in the very near future we will be able to find time to come, and he spoke to our committee," - said Warner.

Earlier on Friday, May 12, US President Donald Trump warned about the inadmissibility of Komi "drain" proprietary information to representatives of the media.

"James Comey not expect that there is no" tapes "with recordings of our conversations, before it starts to pour press" - said Trump.

Recall, May 9, US President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

Acting FBI Director was appointed deputy James Comey released Andrew McCabe.

VA about. FBI director Andrew McCabe said the investigation into possible links electoral staff Donald Trump of Russia will continue despite the release of Komi. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of Kadyrov and a gay Chechen

French satirical magazine broke a series of extremely harsh pictures.

Reported Tsenzor.NET with reference to the MC . Hero cartoons and became the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. Sami drawings appeared in April, but now they have paid attention to the Russian media and social networks.

Cartoon series called "Hunting for gays in Chechnya." One of them related to man something poured into the ear flushed. Image description reads: "The fans Freddi Merkyuri - molten lead into the ears." On the other cartoon shows a man tied to a pole and holding a book in front of him through which the bullet flies. Picture has a caption: "Readers of Proust will be shot."

There are also drawings, in which a man with the appearance of Caucasians saws rainbow is a symbol of the LGBT movement, such same person shoots at a flying gay in a tutu. Under the picture wandering men with the appearance of the inhabitants of the Caucasus, clad in pink tutus written: "Gays will be deported."

There is also a drawing with offensive content, under which the signature is referred to the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Recall that the theme of the persecution of gays in Chechnya was developed after the publication of "Novaya Gazeta". The republic's leadership has accused journalists in the dissemination of unverified information, deny the facts presented there, as well as the very existence of people with different sexual orientation in Chechnya. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
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