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Russian hackers attacked Twitter-accounts 10,000 employees DoD.  Germany expects US active involvement in the conflict in Donbas . Russia on possible new sanctions Canada: This step will not remain unanswered.  At the Council of Europe Committee Lavrov presented his new hit - "Visa discrimination against Russians in the Crimea".  Russian occupiers in Crimea intend to be allowed to confiscate land plots from citizens.  US intelligence called strategic goal of Russia in Ukraine.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Video of a powerful effects of shelling residential sector on the eastern edge of the settlement of Donetsk region Berdyansk

The network posted a video of a powerful effects of shelling residential sector on the eastern edge of the settlement of Donetsk region Berdyansk (Sea area).

Militants carried out a so-called DNR shelling the village on May 18. Also under fire from terrorists appeared Shyrokine.

"This provocation militants carried out using large-caliber weapons, which prohibited the Minsk agreements. With civilians no injuries. No position, no Ukrainian military in the area is not" - said in the caption under the video., Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
US Scrutinizes Ukraine Ban on Russian Websites (while Voice of American condones propaganda)

"U.S. officials say they are closely following Ukraine’s order blocking access to a number of Russian websites in the latest round of sanctions over Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea.

The U.S. State Department has not taken an official position on the matter. However a U.S. official on background told VOA that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's recent decision to cut access to several popular Russian websites, such as search engine Yandex, for three years, undermines Kyiv's constitutionally enshrined right to free expression.

Despite Russian-controlled media campaigns that seek to undermine Western media — and the Ukrainian government — with fake stories and false information, "freedom of expression is a key element of every healthy democracy, and it is enshrined in the Ukrainian Constitution.”

"We call on the Ukrainian government to find a way to protect its national interests that does not undermine its constitutional principles," the official said.

Asked if there was any communication between U.S. and Ukrainian officials prior to Poroshenko's announcement of the ban, the official said although they could not comment on private diplomatic conversations regarding specific issues, "we have routinely engaged in conversations with the government of Ukraine about the importance of upholding free expression."

The listed websites were still functioning in Ukraine on Thursday, and it is unclear how and when the government plans to block them…………

Access complete text of the editorial:

Of all organizations to KNOCK Ukraine for what they’ve been having to deal with for decades, and what has helped the attempt to bring down the country.  VOA should be WELL AWARE via propaganda from the Kremlin how it’s affected the lives of every Ukrainian. To have the NERVES to approve this deadly propaganda is totally atrocious.  They don’t stand for freedom, they stand for the promotion AND PROTECTION of propaganda, same as has been practiced for decades in the US, via Russia Today, to mention just one.  They don’t say ONE word about what this propaganda’s been doing to the knowledge, education and search for the truth of not only Ukrainians, but for all. They’d rather have this propaganda destroy the brains of the people that are weak but still want to know the truth.

Sometimes I wonder, who’s really funding VOA.  It definitely shows they approve this propaganda to continue to be dispersed to millions.  Have we heard of them pushing governments to do something about it?  Have they offered a way to stop it? Education's not working. Organizations like VOA's not working. The only way to stop it is how Ukraine went into action to stop it.

Since the Romanov days, this has been a practice that’s still practiced.  We’ve seen what it’s done, not only to Ukrainians, but also to Russians. And now it’s being highlighted in the US, from the same source.  Ukrainians, which they’re well aware of, have had this propaganda FORCED on them on a daily basis. The west has done little to quash it, and the VOA knows this. But they’d rather be quiet about the weak efforts and pound their chest when someone FINALLY does something about.  This reaction has TOTALLY destroyed the VOA’s reputation.   Falsehoods and lies don’t have FREEDOM to destroy people’s minds.  FREEDOM has no room to have propaganda approved, and the VOA will deny it till the cows come home that they’re CONDONING propaganda.  That itself is a bald-faced lie and propaganda.  

Propaganda and lies kill. It’s killed many in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and other post Soviet countries.  ANY constitution that condones and legalizes propaganda use should be stripped of that legalization.  I’ve seen what it’s done to Ukrainians and to people close to me there that I speak to quite often or on a daily basis.  Poroshenko had no choice.  Should he just turn the other cheek and allow it to continue spreading that deadly virus within his population?  IMO, he had the guts others don’t have.  I tip my hat to him.  He’s not going to be done in by this scourge as the US has done for years.

Thinks again, who’s the VOA trying to protect, freedom or the propaganda sources?  Who’s REALLY funding them?  THEY brought this upon themselves. Should we BOYCOTT them, till they come up with a viable solution?  So far they have none.

Please share (RT) this, so others can know the difference between brain destroying propaganda and seeking the truth. Ukraine wants to seek the truth and acted on it. Please follow suit
Russian hackers attacked Twitter-accounts 10,000 employees DoD

Russian hackers tried to hack Twitter accounts, 10 thousand employees of the Ministry of Defense of the United States.

As the Tsenzor.NET referring to Espresso , reported the magazine Time.

According to the publication, the report of the American Intelligence indicated that Russia moved from primitive kinks email politicians to more sophisticated attacks on accounts in the social network "Twitter". The report says that Russian hackers sent messages containing the virus, more than 10 000 employees Pentagon.

Depending on the interests of users a message containing a link to the past history of sporting events or Oscar. Link led to the Russian-controlled server resource that downloaded a virus. Thus Russian hackers could take control of the victim's phone or computer, as well as Twitter account. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Germany expects US active involvement in the conflict in Donbas

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel hopes that in the future the United States will take a more active role in the political settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine with France and Germany.

As the Tsenzor.NET referring to DW , corresponding to the head of the German Foreign Ministry made on Thursday, May 18, in Washington.

The statement was made after a meeting with US Secretary Gabriel Rex Tillerson and National Security Adviser of President Trump HR McMaster.

According to German officials, both sides clearly in favor of cooperation in order to reach a compromise on this issue. "At the beginning of the new government that was not so obvious," - said Gabriel.

While on the West actively involved in negotiations to achieve a political solution to the conflict in Donbas are Germany and France, who are members of the so-called "Norman format". At the same time the German minister pointed to the need for stable government in Washington, given the current difficult situation in the world. "America should be able to powerful action on the international scene with us, the Europeans," - said Gabriel.

In his opinion, lead to the isolation of America that will fill the vacuum others. "We are interested in powerful international efforts Americans," - said the head of the German Foreign Ministry. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Russia on possible new sanctions Canada: This step will not remain unanswered

Russia said the reaction in the case of Canada introducing sanctions against Russian officials found guilty of human rights violations.

This was announced by the speaker of the Russian Embassy in Canada Basil Kultyshev Information Tsenzor.NET citing Radio Liberty .

"We condemn this unfriendly move by the Canadian government, which will definitely hurt our bilateral relations and will not remain unanswered," - said Kultyshev.

Russian Foreign Ministry warns that Canada is playing in the event of the introduction of these legislative changes, in particular, cover the joint projects in the Arctic.

"Relations between our two countries, which are already low enough to experience a new, serious blow," - said in a statement the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Canadian government would support sanctions on officials from Russia and other countries found guilty of human rights violations, said May 17 the Foreign Minister of Canada Christine Freeland. In a speech in parliament, she pointed out that the Liberal government of Canada supports a bill that expands the range of sanctions against foreign officials and provides, inter alia, seizure and freezing of assets. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
At the Council of Europe Committee Lavrov presented his new hit - "Visa discrimination against Russians in the Crimea"

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov during a meeting of the Committee of Ministers in Cyprus has accused Ukraine of "visa discrimination against Russians in the Crimea."

As the Tsenzor.NET about it on the page in Facebook said the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba, commenting "solo performance" Lavrov

"There were all the classic works of authors, including well-known students' blockade of Donbass", "ban Russian language" and "Nazis" - wrote Kuleba.

According to him, the Russian minister "also presented his new hit -" Visa discrimination against Russians in the Crimea. "

"Ukraine visa-free for Russians took to themselves the depths, as if they are singing. And the mood in the Crimea, it also says a lot," - said Kuleba.

Recall, May 17 signed an agreement on visa-free regime between the EU and Ukraine . The decision to publish the Official Journal of the European Union and in 20 days it takes effect. The abolition of visas applies to all Schengen countries except Ireland and the UK. In addition, the Ukrainian will be able to visit four countries outside the EU - Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
Russian occupiers in Crimea intend to be allowed to confiscate land plots from citizens

Occupation authorities in Russia-annexed Crimea intend to amend some laws that will allow them confiscating land plots registered by Ukrainian authorities prior to Russian annexation of the peninsula.

Censor.NET reports citing Kommersant.

The newspaper is citing a letter of Crimea "leader" Sergey Aksenov to Deputy PM Dmitry Kozak and reports that the Crimean authorities propose amendments to the federal constitution bill regulating ownership of land and property registered prior to the annexation. The local "authorities" believe they are against the Russian legislation.

Kommersant reported the total land that might be confiscated is worth more than $1 billion. A Crimea official says Kozak gave an order in April 2017 to draft the amendments. Kozak and Aksenov's offices failed to comment.

Member of Chisty Bereg. Krym NGO, lawyer Alexander Talipov says the Ukrainian state agencies indeed issued thousands of registration acts for land ownership in the peninsula which acts are a violation of the Ukrainian law. But if the occupation authorities of Crimea initiate the campaign, he says, it might lead to higher tensions in the region.

Lawyer Maxim Safiulin told Kommersant that a land plot could be confiscated by the state only by court ruling or with compensation of its worth. He says even if the law is amended, the confiscations probably would not be ubiquitous, for it might lead to lots of legal actions with the ECHR.

"Given the political context and increased attention of international community to exercise of rights and freedoms of the peninsula residents, such claims are extremely undesirable," Safiulin said. , Original in Ukrainian / на українській мові
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