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Putin oligarch willing to give evidence of interference in Russian elections in the US. Countries "G7" may not coordinate their positions on trade with Russia.  The NATO aggression in Ukraine named the cause of the suspension of cooperation with Russia. "Russia won’t stop its campaign of aggression unless we force its hand,". Russian opposition leader Kasparov about blocking social network.  Sanctions against Russia: G7 leaders made an important statement. Come down from the chair, in the Ukraine responded harshly Russian liberals.  Nobody is eternal: Russia called the condition of ending the war in Donbas. G7 Summit: was disappointing for the Russian statement on sanctions.  Invented the "fourth world": Russia told Putin accelerates the collapse of his regime.  Ukrainians Express Outrage Over U.S. Sculptor's Seated Ballerina.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Ukrainian Grandmaster Alexander Zubov won the 36th World Chess Championship

Ukrainian Grandmaster Alexander Zubov won the 36th Chess Festival in Zalakaros (Hungary).

This was reported by the Chess Federation of Ukraine.

In international competitions involved 108 participants, among them - 29 GMs and 41 master. Ukrainian in 8 rounds scored 7 points and became the first in the standings. The same score was in the rating favorite of the competition - Hungarian grandmaster rapport, Proteus th additional indicators were worse than Zubov.

Another Ukrainian among five players who participated in this tournament became grandmaster Efimenko with 6 points, which allowed him to split the 7-15 places. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
6 "G7" leaders issued a call to president #Trump comply with the provisions of the Paris agreement on climate

This was reported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, reports the publication DW.

German Chancellor said that leaders of G7 talks on climate were contradictory and "frank".

However, in the first round of negotiations, German Chancellor refused to talk about the confrontation President of the United States.

It also reported that at the G20 summit in early July, the US expect to hear a clear position on compliance with the Paris agreement on climate.

As reported by "Apostrophe", before the leaders of the "Big Seven" expressed their willingness to impose new sanctions against Russia, if the Kremlin did not stop aggression against Ukraine. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
New sanctions against Russia: Russia reacted to the threat of G7 leaders

In a statement called the G7 leaders on possible tougher sanctions against Russia "counterproductive."

This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Alexei Chepa, reports Russian newspaper

"I do not know what they want to enhance ... I think it's unproductive solutions. Rather than put pressure on Ukraine to implement as soon as possible to achieve the Minsk agreements, trying to impose sanctions against Russia. This is stupid," - said Chepa.

Earlier, in the first day G7 summit, the parties agreed on the need to increase pressure on Russia.

As reported by "Apostrophe" before the media found out about Trump confrontational stance at the summit of G7. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
British Air Force fighter climbed into the air to intercept two Russian planes

Two fighters were immediately raised from the RAF base in Scotland after reports that UK airspace violated Russian planes.

This informs Tsenzor.NET with reference to the Public .

"Two Typhoon fighter jets were raised from Lossiemouth base this morning as part of rapid response in response to two Russian planes that entered UK airspace," - said in a statement the UK Ministry of Defense. It is noted that both planes later "returned safely" on base Lossiemouth. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Kyiv awaiting the arrival of about 170 thousand. Fans at the UEFA Champions League final 2018

At a meeting of the Presidential Administration Organizing Committee on preparation and holding in Ukraine finals of the Champions League 2018.

As the Tsenzor.NET , as is stated in the press service of the AP.

It is expected that this year's Champions League final on June 3 in the capital of Wales Cardiff visit to 170 thousand. Foreign fans.

"It is estimated that a similar number of guests will visit next year Kyyeva.Stolytsya to be ready for such a load, reported at a meeting of the Organizing Committee Mayor Vitali Klitschko" - said the AP.

According to the president of the Football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko, irreproachable conduct Champions League final in 2018 Ukraine will again prove to the international community their desire to become a full member of the European community.

Champions League Final will be held in Kiev May 26, 2018 at the NSC "Olympic". 2 days before the Champions League final will be women's teams. Also in the capital will be held during the week Champions Festival and various football and entertainment for children, young people and other fans , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Film about Russia’s war in Ukraine receives standing ovation in Cannes

“Frost,” a film by Lithuanian director Šarūnas Bartas featuring French actress Vanessa Paradis, received a standing ovation after its May 23 screening at the 49th Directors’ Fortnight, an independent section held parallel to the Cannes Film Festival.

The general producer of Ukrainian film office Insight Media Volodymyr Filippov posted a video on his Facebook page on May 23 showing the Cannes audience standing up, applauding and chanting “bravo” non-stop for a couple of minutes at the end of the screening.

Insight Media worked on “Frost” alongside Lithuanian film production company Studija Kinema, Polish film company Donten & Lacroix, and Ukraine’s Tato Film.

The film tells a story of a young Lithuanian man Rokas (played by Mantas Janciauskas), who volunteers to drive a humanitarian aid truck to Donbas, where he goes with his girlfriend Inga (Lyja Maknaviciute) and where, amid shooting and death, they meet different war reporters, one of whom is played by Paradis.

The movie was filmed in Ukraine’s war-affected towns of Kurakhove, Marinka and Krasnohrivka (sometimes as close as 200-300 meters to the frontline) as well as the peaceful settings of Kyiv and Dnipro in Ukraine, and Poland, Lithuania and France.

“Some people call it crisis or something else, but it’s a war, it’s a real war, even though it’s not officially declared to be such,” Bartas said during the Q&A session after the press screening of the film, “It’s easy to say who’s wrong and who’s right when you’re far away. That’s why our film crew of 30 people travelled to (the Donbas) where everything is in smoke and the shooting can start any minute.”

Apart from Paradis and the Lithuanian protagonists, “Frost” features Polish actor Andrzej Chyra, Ukrainian soldiers playing themselves, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense spokesperson Vilen Pidhorny, and foreign and Ukrainian frontline journalists..................

Access complete text of the editorial: 
How will the US and Tymoshenko be after "all is lost"

Lack of support for Washington in the government leader of the "Fatherland" corridors coincided with a questionable political strategy choice in Ukraine

All last plenary week Ukrainian Parliament Yulia Tymoshenko walk. Or rather, as they say sources in the "Fatherland", I stayed in the States. In confirmation of this, in the media recently published pictures of Tymoshenko and her loyal international "Sancho Panza" Grigoriya Nemyri in one of the US airports. However, fellow party Tymoshenko flatly refuse to talk about the details of the trip under the entry. So, Sergei Sobolev said that the results of the voyage of his patroness to hold press conference.

However, as sources told into a leader surrounded by "Fatherland", especially boast her nothing. States that ocean policies held several meetings with persons close to the leadership of the Republican Party. During Tymoshenko talks in every way to convince them that the current government in Ukraine catastrophically lost the trust of voters. And since all of this coincides with the revanchism of pro-Russian forces, then there is only one way out of the crisis: early parliamentary elections, and later president. However, sources say the people that contacted the leader of the "Fatherland", only partially perceived its message across.

For example, on the issue of restarting the Ukrainian elite special comments seem to have arisen as a definite part of the American political elite believes that in this way you can get a more democratic parliament. The other is convinced that the result of the early elections in Ukraine will be a rematch of pro-Russian forces. But the main thing is not even that. Rumor has it that in Vashinshtone directly told that no one sees Tymoshenko in power in Ukraine. Like, the older generation of politicians should gradually withdraw from the scene.

Such a response of Americans - a complete disappointment, which, apparently, can only be compared with the "all is lost", after the collapse of "Shirky" Yanukovych and the Party of Regions in 2009.

In addition, sources said, is brewing Tymoshenko is another serious problem. In litigation lasting 13 years, the United States approached the confiscation of assets of ex-Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko. We are talking about frozen 250 million. Dollars. The very same Tymoshenko risks to be back in the midst of a scandal because of long-standing relations with Lazarenko. In addition, it is possible that a trip to the United States was aimed at to resolve this matter. Were you able to pull it off? Perhaps the question about the journalists promised to put oppositionist Sobolev press conference.

Yes, and in Ukraine the situation is for the head of "Fatherland" is as yet very difficult. On the one hand, such as opinion polls and give it high ratings, but as to their truthfulness raises many questions. In addition, without proactive and successful PR these rankings quickly fly down.

However, in order to be productive inform is Tymoshenko has actually gone. For some time she had seemed to be a very promising topic to ban the sale of land. It is worth mentioning the launch of the "Fatherland" with the "freedom" of the referendum, which was accompanied by the buildup region. But first Kyiv District Administrative Court decided to ban a referendum, and last week the Ukrainian Parliament finally finished off technology Timoshenko, unable to vote even for a draft resolution on the formation of a turn-based road-map of land reform. In political circles, unfortunately, there is no consensus on the subject, and, therefore, the implementation of zemreformy will likely be delayed again. And seemingly, Tymoshenko can celebrate: the reform, against which she fights stalled. However, our main policy is not the result but a process. Tymoshenko to freeze land market topics, in fact, runs the risk of a catastrophe, because that kept her in the mainstream, it was not currently relevant.

In general, the past six months, the socio-economic issues, which she used to focus attention on a regular basis "break". For example, we can recall the active criticism of the tariff policy of the authorities in the past year. However, once earned grants topic has been closed. Then came the turn of the ground threads, which also began to "deflate" ...

On what other subject on a PR platform can "migrate" Julia? Not hard to guess - the pension reform. But there are now so closely. A butt with Oleg Lyashko for the right to be the main defender of pensioners - not such a simple task. The other "hot" topics - can not see ...

It is not excluded that the "FatherLand" leader will try to work on a completely different direction, running anti-war technology. On allegations that the Ukrainians are tired of the war, the voter potentially bite. However, the main problem is that, during the development of this technology will have to use a set of absolutely pro-theses and speak some words with "opposition block". , Original in Russian / На русском  
Ukrainians Express Outrage Over U.S. Sculptor's Seated Ballerina

Ukrainians have taken to the Internet to criticize U.S. artist Jeff Koons over his sculpture of a sitting ballerina recently installed in New York, saying it appears remarkably similar to a work by a Ukrainian artist.

Koons has said his 14-meter, inflatable Seated Ballerina, now on view at Rockefeller Center, was inspired by a Russian porcelain figurine from the 19th century.

But many Ukrainians are calling it a ripoff of The Ballerina Lenochka, a porcelain statuette by Ukrainian artist Oksana Zhnikrup, who died in 1993.

A spokeswoman for Koons, Lauran Rothstein, told AFP in an e-mail, "We are aware of Oksana Zhnikrup's work and have a license to use it for Mr. Koons's work."

But Ukrainians and other critics continued to vent against the neo-pop artist on Twitter and Facebook.

"I advise the Ukrainian government to file a case," Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Roitburd said. "America will be surprised to see that we don't have just corruption and war, but also art."...............

Access complete text of the editorial:
Sushchenko "developed" and was arrested in Russia for exchange

Arrested in Russia on charges of spying Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko used to further exchange on the person who was detained in Ukraine and in the release that the concerned authorities of the Russian Federation.
As the Tsenzor.NET , such an opinion in an interview with "Facts and Comments" expressed lawyer Suschenko Mark Feygin.

"The response we have received only when the Roman exchanged and we will see, to whom or what. Then it will become clear why all this" spy "case was started. I will express my subjective point of view. Sushchenko developed and was arrested in exchange for someone someone who is now sitting in the Kiev prison (we know that in the Donbass were captured personnel scouts of Russia), and can, and not only in Ukraine, "- he said.

Feigin rated a probability of 50%.

"The fact that an exchange is possible, evidenced by the fact that Ukrainians are attracted to the point it's me and not another lawyer I -. Special advocate, as already engaged in, and successfully, Change after political negotiations", - he said.

The lawyer pointed out that the details of the case reveal Sushchenko can not, because "signed a paper non-disclosure of state secrets."

Recall, October 2, 2016 the members of the Moscow Public Oversight Commission found in jail "Lefortovo" Roman Sushchenko journalist Agency "Ukrinform". The Russian Federal Security Service said that Sushchenko - allegedly by members of the management of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and intelligence is suspected of espionage. Lefortovo court of Moscow arrested him for 2 months . The Ukrainian Defense Ministry denied the information that Sushchenko an employee of the department.

Later Lefortovo court of Moscow on January 25 left a Ukrainian journalist detained - until April 30, and then until 30 June . Sushchenko charged with alleged espionage (st.276 Criminal Code), his guilt, he denies., Original in Russian / На русском
Moscow police apologized to parents for the detention of 10-year-old boy, read poetry aloud

Baby hysterically dragged into a police car.

Police apologized to the child's father, who was detained in the evening on May 26 in Moscow for the reading aloud of "Hamlet." As the Tsenzor.NET , it said lawyer Tatyana Solomin.

According to her, the protocol for improper fulfillment of parental duties will be canceled. In addition, it will be held service check actions of police officers. For information on checking confirmed in the press service of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow, the Medusa .

". The child home Father apologies deputy chief of police for the protection of public order, the Ministry of Interior of the Central District Minutes will be forfeited." - she writes. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському

Russian opposition leader Kasparov about blocking social network

Russian opposition leader Garry Kasparov expressed support for blocking Russian social networks in Ukraine.
"It is strange to watch when some so-called opposition, the so-called liberals in Russia are beginning to criticize the blocking of Russian social networks in Ukraine. Criticizing is possible only for the fact that this has been done until now. Moreover, in my opinion, Europe, the EU could learn from in this example, how to deal with the Kremlin propaganda ", - quotes the policy Tsenzor.NET referring to " Ukrinform " .

As reported earlier, President of Petro Poroshenko has entered into force the National Security Council and Defense decision to impose sanctions on Russian social networks. According to the Presidential decree №133 / 2017 restrictive sanctions include a ban Internet service providers to provide access services to resources, "OpenID", "Classmates". The sanctions are also imposed on Company "Yandex", Russian companies - developers of antivirus "Kaspersky Lab" and "Doctor Web"., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
The network wave of anger over police arrest student for reading "Hamlet" in Moscow

In the center of Moscow police detained 10-year-old boy who recited excerpts from "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare, and took him to the police, despite protests stepmother of the child.

It is reported by Russian resource "Medyazona."

Careful, the video is present profanity!

"My wife was sitting, reading a book and the child recited" Hamlet. "He approached the police in what they talked without its participation. Then it twisted, there is a video of what happened. They began to shove - it came up, tried to prevent this" - the child's father said, adding that while the police behaved rudely and spoke obscenely.

In addition, after the arrest of his stepmother boy was torn clothes and broken tablet. Also, the child's father said that reciting poetry, his son did not zhebrakuvav and thus tried to overcome complexes.

In the Interior Ministry's claim that the boy allegedly zhebrakuvav outside. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Countries "G7" may not coordinate their positions on trade with Russia

The Heads of State and Government of the "Big Seven" (USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Japan) can not agree on a common position on trade and the Russian in the final communiqué of the summit.

According to Tsenzor.NET with reference to UNIAN , about it writes Reuters citing sources.

According to the source agency, the diplomats can not decide whether it is necessary in the final declaration to include commitments to fight against trade protectionism. They also can not find a solution as to whether it will be necessary to take additional measures against Russia, if necessary, for its invasion of the Ukraine.

Also, the source reported that the countries were able to find common ground with respect to climate change. The communiqué will be noted that six of the seven countries support the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, signed in 2015. At the same time it is noted that the United States would be given more time to decide on their position on this issue., Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
The aggression in Ukraine named the cause of the suspension of NATO cooperation with Russia

NATO was reminded that the suspended practical cooperation with the Russian Federation due to the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

This NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu wrote on Twitter, reports Tsenzor.NET with reference to UNIAN .

"Today, the 20th anniversary of the NATO-Russia Founding Act Our dialogue is not easy, but it is important", - said Lungesku.

Despite the claims of Russia and its aggressive actions against Ukraine led to the suspension of cooperation with NATO ,. He added a spokesman for the Alliance.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has repeatedly stated that the Alliance retains a unified position towards Russia - a strong defense combined with support for dialogue. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
"Russia won’t stop its campaign of aggression unless we force its hand," - Poroshenko

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addressed G7 leaders.

Censor.NET reports citing Politico.

"Russia won't stop its campaign of aggression unless we force its hand. The Western world needs to commit to joint action and stand together to protect its values and respect for international law. Today, like on the eve of World War II, time is against us. The violence in eastern Ukraine is taking lives every single day. Delays and soothing half-measures are not only ineffective but dangerous.

"Russia's new generation of hybrid warfare is gaining momentum. And its effects spread beyond Ukraine. The Kremlin's tentacles are reaching for the throats of the key capitals of Europe and its transatlantic allies.

"Moscow's hybrid attacks strike on multiple fronts, with a priority on cyberspace. Those who are brave enough to cut these tentacles only find themselves under renewed attack. This recently became obvious in Ukraine. When we suspended access to social networks administered by the Russian Federation, Moscow responded with a massive and coordinated cyberattack supported by information propaganda. Russia activated its information forces, so well-known in Paris, Berlin and across the Atlantic, to protect its social media agents such as VKontakte or Odnoklasniki," Poroshenko wrote.

"History teaches us that appeasement leads to greater aggression. The more you feed the crocodile, the hungrier it gets. Only from a position of strength can sustainable peace be defended and security and stability restored. This requires increasing Ukraine's resilience by supporting crucial reforms and enhancing its army's defense capabilities, including boosting its store of modern defensive weapons. This also requires the West to stay firm on sanctions against Russia and be ready to strengthen them if need be, as outlined at the G7 summit in Ise-Shima, Japan.

"The G7 - a club of distinguished states and world leaders, from which Russia was expelled with disgrace - has an opportunity to clearly answer the aggressor. The Kremlin should not be able to wash the blood from its hands and escape responsibility for stealing Crimea and exporting war to the Donbas region.

"If the West is serious about peace and world order, it should bear in mind that restoring normal relations with Moscow still runs through Kiev. Russia must implement the Minsk agreements, especially those terms regarding security. It must return Crimea to Ukraine and restore our country's territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders. Doing anything else opens the door to disaster," the president concluded. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
"Duration of sanctions is linked to Russia's complete implementation of its commitments in Minsk Agreements," - G7 final communique

Duration of sanctions is clearly linked to Russia's complete implementation of its commitments in the Minsk Agreements and respect for Ukraine's sovereignty

G7 final communique reads, Censor.NET reports citing MNI.

"A sustainable solution to the crisis in Ukraine can only be reached with the full implementation by all sides of their commitments under the Minsk Agreements. We support the endeavors of the Normandy group and commend the multifaceted commitment of the OSCE in order to de-escalate the crisis.

"We stress the responsibility of the Russian Federation for the conflict and underline the role it needs to play to restore peace and stability. We reiterate our condemnation of the illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula, reaffirm our policy of non-recognitionand fully support Ukraine's independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty.

"We recall that the duration of sanctions is clearly linked to Russia's complete implementation of its commitments in the Minsk Agreements and respect for Ukraine's sovereignty. Sanctions can be rolled back when Russia meets its commitments. However, we also stand ready to take further restrictive measures in order to increase costs on Russia should its actions so require.

"We maintain our commitment to assisting Ukraine in implementing its ambitious and yet necessary reform agenda and commend Kyiv for its progress to date. Despite our differences with Russia, we are willing to engage with Russia to address regional crises and common challenges when it is in our interest," the communique reads. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Sanctions against Russia: G7 leaders made an important statement

The leaders of the "Big Seven" is not only not going to abolish sanctions against Russia, but also threatened by new restrictions if the Kremlin did not stop aggression against Ukraine.

This is stated in the final statement G7, which was adopted at the summit in the Italian Taormina 27 May.

"The sanctions can be waived if Russia will fulfill its obligations. However, we are also ready to apply new restrictive measures against Russia, if necessary," - the statement says.

G7 leaders believe that the resolution of the situation depends on the parties Minsk agreements. At the same time, they pointed to the responsibility of Russia for the conflict with Ukraine.

Also, the document says that despite differences on some issues, the "big seven" ready to cooperate with Moscow on "settlement of regional crises and general problems." However, this can happen if the cooperation will serve the interests of all participants. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Come down from the chair, in the Ukraine responded harshly Russian liberals

The so-called Russian liberals and the opposition who claim disappointment in Ukraine and claims against many decisions about Kyiv, little different from Russian President Vladimir Putin in his hatred for our country.

It wrote in his column on the "verge" known Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Portnikov.

According to him, Ukraine continues to disappoint, as the Russian authorities, as Russian "liberals".

"Russia invaded Ukraine, and Ukrainian instead rejoice and throw carriages flowers, dared to organize some bandit-Nazi battalions. Khodorkovsky and even Bulk explain to them that Crimea is not a sandwich, and they demand the restoration of its territorial integrity - natsionalyuhi, Bandera , spotvoryuvachi history "- says Portnikov.

According to him, the decision to ban Ukraine Russian social network has caused rage all "people of good will," including Ksenia Sobchak, who cared so much Roskomnadzor ban hundreds of Ukrainian and Russian sites. The journalist also said that Russia quickly forget that when Ukraine has banned flights of the airline which has flights to the occupied Crimea, Russia banned all flights of Ukrainian airlines.

But the most interesting, according Portnikov now rumors going around about Ukraine termination of railway communication with Russia. "The fact that Russian Railways canceled trains in the Ukrainian direction three - three! - years ago, trying not to remember. And if they remember it wise to point out that Russian Railways done right because they did not want to risk their precious passengers. A Ukrainian railways, of course, do not correct them because the risk no one - "Ukrainians" not people "- said Portnikov.

He was troubled by the fact that that the Russian opposition afford matyukaty readers who dare to compare "of the Yeltsin" there with some Poroshenko.

"The opposition, come down from the chair. Dear Yeltsin your heart not only tasuvav Chubais, Nemtsov and Kiriyenko - and dotasuvavsya to Putin. He also unleashed two shameful Chechen war - and no memory of grateful former allies did not abolish this shameful fact. And you unloved Poroshenko tries to stop the Kremlin unleashed another war - this time at the Ukrainian lands. yes, it is not very good at it - this is already Yeltsin picked successor. Reliable. Hopefully, though he greatly disappoints Russians as Ukraine ", - summed up the mule journal East. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Close to Putin oligarch willing to give evidence of interference in Russian elections in the US

Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska suggested Congress cooperation in the investigation of RF interference in the US presidential election, but Congress did not accept conditions put forward a billionaire.

About this newspaper writes The New York Times , citing officials of the Congress.

Deripaska has ties with the former head of the election headquarters of Donald Trump, Paul Manafort. Deripaska and Manafort jointly conducted business since the mid-2000s. Also included in the Russian oligarch close aides of President Vladimir Putin.

Oleg Deripaska announced its readiness to cooperate with Congress in exchange for full immunity, but both houses of the US Parliament refused oligarchs, because fear that granting full immunity can create obstacles for a federal investigation., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Nobody is eternal: Russia called the condition of ending the war in Donbas

The aggression of Russia against Ukraine may not run, but it will happen after the departure of Vladimir Putin.

This opinion was expressed by the famous Russian writer Viktor Yerofeyev in an interview with "New time".

"When he came to power, Mikhail Gorbachev, he said, Andrei Sakharov sit in exile. And two years later it released. If the bulk will come to power - say the possibility - of course it will be different to respond to the Crimea. When he becomes president , it will be easier to maneuver. And yet he opposition, he needs to keep "- says Yerofeyev.

He added: "I think under Putin issues of war persists. This regime advantageous to have a center of tension. But nobody is eternal. If the change it will come some liberal probably cancel everything, including the war. The main god of war - no gun and no tanks, and lies.", Original in Ukrainian / на українському
G7 Summit: was disappointing for the Russian statement on sanctions

Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said the state "Group of Seven" (G7) do not intend to weaken sanctions against Russia "in terms of its responsibility in the Ukrainian crisis."

It is reported by "Rosbalt".

"With regard to European sanctions and their duration depends on the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and it remains the benchmark for Italy," - said the Foreign Minister of Italy.

He added that the "big seven" recognized the need for dialogue with Russia, in particular, to find solutions and develop strategies to address international crises, and to combat terrorism.

As reported by "Apostrophe", Chief Advisor on Economy of US President Gary Cohn admitted that Washington takes a tougher stance towards Moscow . , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Invented the "fourth world": Russia told Putin accelerates the collapse of his regime

Of the current power in rotating counterclockwise and accelerate the fall of the regime of Vladimir Putin.

The opinion "apostrophe" expressed political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky Russian.

Speaking about the meeting G7, the analyst noted that participation in Russia - Mikhail Gorbachev received an advance. "Then Russian President Boris Yeltsin was allowed to sit at the table. Of course, it was an advance," - said Piontkovsky.

In his opinion, Putin's Russia has not lived up to expectations and demonstrated that given the opportunity to be a player G8 was "too generous and premature."

He recalled that Gorbachev allowed to participate in the meeting of the "Big Eight" after his admission of defeat the Soviet Union in World War III - cold - with the West. Talking about the return of this club, in his opinion, can be fabricated after the defeat of the Kremlin propagandists "Fourth World War".

"Everything that Russia could do to improve the so-called betting its importance - it has already made. And it turns against her and aggression against Ukraine and binding in the Syrian conflict. They climb into Afghanistan, Libya ... But there are no resources, "- said Piontkovsky. According to him, it will accelerate the collapse of the regime and its defeat in the Fourth World War, which he himself invented., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
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