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Putin on possible Russia-US war: "I don't think anyone would survive such a conflict".  NATO implements biggest reinforcement of collective defense due to Russia's aggression in Ukraine.  "We will respond with visas, too," - Lavrov commented on Ukraine plans for visa regime with Russia.   Putin: 'I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days'.  US media reported the preparation of impeachment Trump. The Kremlin named place and possible date of the first meeting with Putin Trump.

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"Ukraine is not worth it": in Russia, Putin explained the main message to Washington

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly trying to convince the United States that the post-Soviet space - this is his "vassal territory", and that the Kremlin is not interested in a war with the United States.

This opinion was "Internet" stated Russian lawyer Mark Feigin, commenting on the fragment of a film by American director Oliver Stone about Vladimir Putin.

In particular, assessing the phrase the president of Russia that "no one would have survived," "hot," Russian opposition phase and the United States, the lawyer said: "This is the usual rhetoric I would not attach any special significance, Putin has repeatedly spoken about the future of nuclear.. . war In particular, when it came to the Crimea, he said: "We were prepared to use nuclear weapons" - if there were NATO troops."

"Do not survive a nuclear war - is the Soviet rhetorical argument that a nuclear war there are no winners, that it will lead to nuclear winter, etc. Naturally, the conflict between Russia and the United States is fraught with this development," - agreed Feigin.

At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that this phrase sounded in the movie by American director and was apparently addressed to the leadership of the United States. "In a sense, this is another attempt to tell the Americans that the war between the two countries for Putin not an option resolve any issues Putin such a war with the United States does not want to Putin's main goal -.. This division of zones of influence" - says the lawyer.

In this context, he added: "In the history of Ukraine, the capture of the Crimea, and so on, Putin repeatedly tries to show: I'm acting on its own territory, I think it's a vassal territory, give me a chance to settle as a regional power, and in return I will never I will not attempt to violations of uS interests. we do not have to face, we need not fight. Ukraine is not worth it."

"I think that's a message of Putin repeatedly attempts to send the American establishment But the film -. Not a good tool for this, because it still is present a piece of propaganda and art" - said Feigin.

As he wrote "The Observer", in an interview with the American director Oliver Stone, President Vladimir Putin said that in the war between Russia and the United States , if it is from the "cold" has become a "hot", there would be no winners. , Original in Russian / На русском
Giuliani: Trump asked me to tell everyone I met in Ukraine: "Make Ukraine great again"

Former New York Mayor Rudolf Dzhuliani gave the Ukrainians a greeting from the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and noted that Ukraine "pulls back" corruption.

Ukraine has great potential, but it hinders the development of systemic corruption. This was stated by the former mayor of New York, advisor to the president of the USA Donald Trump Rudolf Dzhuliani in a lecture held in the framework of the project "Public Lectures" Victor Pinchuk Foundation in Kiev, reports the correspondent of the publication "GORDON".

"Ukraine has a great future, but you pull back corruption. In the US too, there is corruption, but it is not the system, we have corruption - this is an exception rather than the rule. President Trump asked me to tell everyone I met in Ukraine: "Make Ukraine great again (" Let's make Ukraine "This statement echoes the campaign slogan Trump." Make America great again again great " -. GORDON" " )", - he stressed. , Original in Russian / На русском

Russian Duma introduced a bill on the Russian anthem is replaced by the imperial "God Save the Tsar"

The explanatory note to the document states that the imperial anthem "is a pride for the glorious victory and symbolizes a great country with a great history."

A group of three deputies from the Liberal Democratic Party, introduced the State Duma a bill to replace the Russian hymn to "God Save the Tsar". The document is published in the basis of the data of the Russian parliament.

"Despite the fact that the current national anthem is deeply respected by many Russians, it was the imperial anthem is a pride for the glorious victory and symbolizes a great country with a great history", - stated in the explanatory memorandum to the bill.

The authors emphasized that the statement "God Save the Tsar" as a new Russian national anthem will help "to achieve historical continuity" and allow to remember "more than thousand-year history" of the country, including the monarchy and Soviet periods.

"God Save the Tsar" was the national anthem of the Russian Empire from 1833 to 1917. After the revolution of 1917 it was replaced by "Working Marseillaise." Then until 1944 the anthem of the Soviet Union was the "Internationale" and then - "unbreakable union of free republics" ( music Aleksandra Aleksandrova, the word of the Soviet writer and poet Sergei Mikhalkov and Gabriel El-Registan ).

After the collapse of the Soviet Union until 2000 the Russian anthem was "Patriotic Song" Mihaila Glinki, and then a hymn to the music Alexandrov was returned, to which Sergei Mikhalkov wrote new words., Original in Russian / На русском

Gas contracts: Tymoshenko summoned for National Security Council Committee

Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense Council decided to invite to the next meeting of Yulia Tymoshenko

The decision was taken at the committee meeting on Wednesday, June 7, reports Espreso.TV .

"I do not mind to hear Tymoshenko at the next meeting", - said committee chairman Sergei Pashinsky (fraction "Popular Front").

MP of Timoshenko cause for clarification about the gas contract with Russia when prime minister of Ukraine., Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
Poroshenko said that Russia is trying to oust the OSCE occupied Donbas

Poroshenko believes the main purpose of intimidating Russia OSCE - the maximum limit access to mission occupied territory

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the main aim of Russian intimidation tactics OSCE is the maximum limit access mission to the occupied territory of Donbass up to full replacement of the OSCE region.
This Poroshenko said during a meeting with OSCE Chairman, Federal Minister of European Integration and Foreign Affairs of Austria Sebastian Kurz, the press service of the Ukrainian state.

Special attention during the talks was paid to the growth of intimidation OSCE by pro-Russian militants.

Poroshenko stressed that the main goal of Russian intimidation tactics OSCE is the maximum limit access mission to the occupied territory until the complete displacement of the Special Monitoring Mission OSCE region.

Poroshenko also stressed the need to strengthen the technical capacity of the mission, which will improve the security personnel of the OSCE, including through the expansion of opportunities for remote monitoring. He expressed confidence that today, when Russia roughly violates OSCE commitments, Austria released from the need to restore respect for the rule of law as under the chairmanship of the OSCE, and in the preservation and, if necessary, strengthening economic and sectoral EU sanctions against Russia.

Earlier, the Armed Forces in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions trained terrorists to shoot down drones Special monitoring mission of the OSCE. This Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said on Facebook.

"From the military anti-aircraft units 1 and 2 AK Armed Forces actively classes to combat drone. Particular attention is paid to drones used SMM OSCE. Officers of the Armed Forces, conducting lessons, instruct personnel to open fire on the drones OSCE provided they guaranteed destruction and covert evacuation possibilities, "- said in a statement., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Ukraine has signed an agreement with Switzerland on visa-free regime

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov of Ukraine signed an agreement with Switzerland on visa liberalization.

It said the Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

The agreement was signed during a meeting with the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland Didier Burkhalter in Kiev.

Also signed readmission agreement (agreement on state acceptance back into its territory of its own citizens to be deported from another country) between the two countries.

"Together with Pavlo Klimkin signed on behalf of Ukraine with Switzerland agreement on visa liberalization and readmission. Europe is even closer! "- wrote Klimkin.

As reported at Petro Poroshenko visa regime with Switzerland will become effective on 11 June.

Recall, May 17 in Strasbourg was  signed on visa-free agreement  between Ukraine and the EU. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
We will be only too happy: the Ukraine laugh threat Lavrov introduce a visa regime

In social media ridiculed statement of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about the possible introduction of Ukraine visa regime with Russia .

"If Kyiv will introduce visa regime with Russia, Moscow responds similar measures - will also introduce a visa regime for Ukrainian citizens", - he said, reports "TASS".

At the same time Lavrov said the ban on entry to Ukraine many Russian artists.

"When Russian artists, artists called persona non grata when talking about the introduction of visa regime with Russia ... do you think we have to swallow it all and does not reciprocate?" - said the representative of the Kremlin.

"We are no Ukrainian blacklist does not, except in rare cases. But if it introduced a visa regime with Russia, we will respond visa regime", - said Russian Minister. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
US media reported the preparation of impeachment Trump

US House of Representatives Democrat Al Green intends to launch impeachment President Donald Trump.

It is reported by the American edition of The Hill.

The report said that Green prepares a written request proposals for impeachment. It is noted that he had little chance to win support for his ideas in the House of Representatives controlled by Republicans. However, the Green Initiative speaks of growing concern about Trump Democrat.

We also know that Green's criticisms relate mainly to the release Trump former FSB director James Comey, who oversaw the investigation of Russian meddling in the US presidential election in 2016., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
The Kremlin named place and possible date of the first meeting with Putin Trump

Meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and US leader Donald Trump can happen at the summit of G20, which will be held July 7-8 in Hamburg, Germany.

The press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin in comments to newspaper " Izvestia ".

He said that currently meeting date yet, but its probability is high. However, Peskov said that Putin is expected only meeting with Trump without further access to the media and general applications.

Note that the Russian side has repeatedly acted loud statements about the meeting of leaders of Russia and the US, but Trump meet with Putin in a hurry. During the presidency Trump heads of state spoke three times: when Trump congratulated Putin on assuming office as US president expressed condolences , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
NATO implements biggest reinforcement of collective defense due to Russia's aggression in Ukraine, - Stoltenberg

Member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance are ready to continue strengthening their collective defense in order to be able to resist the possible aggression of the Russian Federation.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with VOA, Censor.NET reports.

The head of NATO says members of the alliance are united in their stance toward Russia in a way they have not been for many years.

According to him, NATO is committed to stepping up its defense while at the same time continuing dialogue with Russia.

"The dual track approach, meaning we have to be strong, we have to deliver credible deterrence and defense, that is the reason we are implementing the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense now as a response to what Russia did in Ukraine," Stoltenberg said. "It's not an easy dialogue, but that's exactly why the dialogue is important."

The approach is a modern version of the Cold War NATO "dual-track" decision that linked deployments of U.S. long-range theater nuclear forces to proposals for negotiations with Moscow over Soviet forces in Eastern Europe., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Putin on possible Russia-US war: "I don't think anyone would survive such a conflict". VIDEO

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes no one could survive the war between Russia and the United States.
He said this in an interview with American director Oliver Stone, Censor.NET reports.

Stone asked Putin if the U.S. would dominate in the armed conflict between the two countries.

"I don't think anyone would survive such a conflict", - Putin replied.

After Stone asked Putin whether there is a chance to heal relations with the U.S. after the election of Donald Trump as president, the Russian leader said: "There is always hope, until one is taken to the cemetery in a cask."

As previously reported, rallies swept across more than 100 cities in the United States on Saturday, June 3, demanding an independent investigation into the relationship between President Donald Trump and Russia and possible Kremlin interference in the presidential election. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
"We will respond with visas, too," - Lavrov commented on Ukraine plans for visa regime with Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov threatens the introduction of a visa regime with Ukraine if Kyiv adopts a similar decision.
Censor.NET reports citing TASS.

"We don't keep any black lists of Ukrainians, except for very few cases," Lavrov said. "But if Ukraine introduces visas, we will respond with visas, too."

Earlier, the media spread information that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine could vote for the introduction of a visa regime with Russia. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Putin: 'I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days'

Russian President Vladimir Putin is always at his best, he tells director Oliver Stone in a new documentary called "The Putin Interviews" that will air on Showtime June 12-15. The politician attributes his stamina and stability in part to the fact that he's a man.

As Bloomberg reports, "'I am not a woman, so I don't have bad days,' he tells Stone while giving a tour of the Kremlin's gilded throne room. 'I am not trying to insult anyone. That's just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles.'"

Later in the interview for the documentary, which Bloomberg describes as friendly bordering on fawning, Putin reminds Stone that he is a "Judo master" in peak physical shape.

Elsewhere, Putin is shown indulging his now-familiar passion for playing ice hockey, and flexing his muscles on an exercise machine. He told Stone that he lifts weights and then swims every day. Putin's also seen feeding carrots to a thoroughbred horse named after Dutch theoretical physicist Johannes Diderik van der Waals at his residence.

This kind of swagger is not unusual for the 64-year-old, who appears to enjoy being photographed shirtless in the outdoors as well as while holding firearms and playing sports, and who recently bragged that Russia's prostitutes are "undoubtedly the best in the world."....................

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