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US Senate has approved expanded sanctions against Russia: Kremlin threatened appropriate measures. Putin has threatened to defend the Russian Crimea occupied by all available means.  Putin on the US Senate approved the bill to expand sanctions against Russia: There is nothing extraordinary. EU has always tried to coordinate steps to sanctions in Russia's relations with the US. Entered into force a law banning "St. George Ribbon".  Ukraine is interested in a more active US involvement in the conflict in Donbas. Putin said the "pros" of international sanctions against Russia. Putin called Medvedchuk "Ukrainian nationalists".

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Court arrested the property of Odesa "Yandex": More than 180 laptop and documents

Shevchenko district court of Kyiv Odesa arrested property office "Yandex.Ukraine" which was seized during searches of 29 May. Among the arrested vehicles, including more than 180 laptops, hard drives, computer enclosures, as well as a folder with documents.

It said the court order of 1 June.

In the court order stating that the staff of the Odessa office "acting supervised by the FSB carried out a focused collection of personal data of citizens Ukraine (personal biographical information, occupation, lifestyle, location, residence, work, leisure, sources and amounts of income, phone numbers, email addresses and social networking accounts, etc.). "

It also pointed out that the Ukrainian branch of "Yandex" allegedly "help in assisting subversive activities against Ukraine." States that employees "create detailed maps, perform photographing locations critical infrastructure, summarize and analyze data on transport networks Ukraine used, including shipping and relocation of military equipment and personnel of the Armed Forces."

Based on these "findings" the court granted the investigator and seized property company.

May 29 in the offices of "Yandex" in Kiev and Odesa raided Security Service of Ukraine. Then, in the SBU stated that the investigative actions conducted under proceedings for treason.

Recall that the decision of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine banned the use  of Russian social networking "OpenID", "Classmates" and the service "Yandex".

"Yandex" said  the blocking of his bank accounts  via decree on sanctions. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
"Mishandled Cossack": the OUN responded to Putin's words about Medvedchuk

The head of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) Bogdan Chervak responded to the statement by President Vladimir Putin that his father Viktor Medvedchuk was an active figure in the organization.

On Thursday, June 15, he wrote on his page on Facebook.

"God, Who has not prymazuyetsya to UNO. Here now - Medvedchuk. By the way, do not rule out that at the time a" Medvedchuk "was exiled to the OUN or the UPA for the specific purpose - to split the underground or eliminate someone from the Ukrainian nationalists. This RF practiced constantly, "- said Chervak.

According to him, from the following bodies of killed OUN founder Eugene Konovalets. Chervak ​​said that the "development" of the NKVD - KGB were almost all eminent UNO.

In addition, the head of the OUN mentioned events during the presidential election in 2004, when "suddenly appeared" OUN Roman Kozak "an appeal to Yushchenko -" your wife is American "on all TV channels."

"There are many reasons to believe that there Medvedchuk protruding ears" - he added.


Putin said that "Medvedchuk father was an active figure in the OUN." God who not only primarily to UNO. Now - Medvedchuk. By the way, do not rule out that at one time a "Medvedchuk" was sent to the OUN UPA or the specific purpose - to split the underground or eliminate someone from the Ukrainian nationalists. This RF practiced constantly. From these actions killed Colonel Eugene Konovalets - founder of UNO. The "development" of the NKVD -KHB were, in fact, all outstanding figures of UNO. And remember 2004 presidential elections. Suddenly there was a "OUN Roman Kozak" an appeal to Yushchenko - "your wife is American" on all TV channels. There are many reasons to believe that there stuck ear Medvedchuk. What that produced today produces Medvedchuk is very similar to another special operation. However, it is no longer just about to compromise the OUN or national liberation movement, and the elimination of Ukraine as an independent state. For OUN nothing new. But it comes a time of reckoning., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Austria and Germany have criticized new US sanctions against Russia

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel of Germany and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern criticized in a joint statement by the US Senate adopting new sanctions against Russia which provided penalties for European companies cooperating with the Russian energy sector.

In a statement published on Thursday Gabriel i Kern they stressed that joint and decisive action by the EU and the US to resolve the conflict in Ukraine are in the interest of both parties. They recalled the "agreed in partnership," European and American reaction to the annexation of the Crimea and the Russian intervention in eastern Ukraine.
"But we can not accept threats contrary to international law extraterritorial sanctions against European companies involved in the development of European energy network" - said in a statement posted this afternoon on the website of the German Foreign Ministry.

Both politicians pay attention to the "worthy of mention openness" with which the authors of the bill describes its purpose. As for the "US sales of liquefied natural gas and the removal of Russian natural gas supplies to the European market" and to "provide jobs in the mining industry, oil and gas USA" - emphasize Gabriel i Kern. They stipulate that political sanctions should not be linked to economic interests. The threat of sanctions for companies z Niemiec and Austria for participation in projects such as Nord Stream 2, creates a "completely new and very negative quality in European-American relations," - write the representatives of Germany and Austria.

"Europe's energy supply is a matter of Europe and not the United States of America" ​​- said in a statement. "About who and how provides us with the energy we decide, in accordance with the principles of openness and free market competition" - explains Gabriel i Kern.

Both politicians have warned against the negative effects of new sanctions for "the effectiveness of our attitude in the conflict in Ukraine." "Do not mix in the foreign policy interests with economic interests. There is still time and opportunity to prevent this" - wrote Gabriel i Kern.

US Senate by a vote of 97-2 on Wednesday approved new sanctions against Russia to punish Moscow for interfering in last year's presidential elections in the United States. The sanctions are aimed "in the key sectors of the Russian economy and the person who carried out the cyber attacks" - tells the Associated Press. The Agency notes that the senators who supported the sanctions, also pointed to the Russian aggression in Syria and Ukraine. For the new sanctions came into force, it must also approve the House of Representatives, after which the bill will go to the US president. , Original in Polish / Po polsku
Putin offered political asylum to the former director of the FBI's Comey

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to shelter former FBI Director James Comey.

This Russian President said during the "straight line".

Komi gave reporters recording his conversations with US President Donald Trump, said Putin. According to the Russian leader, act Comey little different from the actions of Edward Snowden.

As you know, the US Senate is investigating possible Russian intervention in the presidential election of 2016.

Former FBI head James Comey said the US president Donald Trump tried to force him to withdraw from the investigation about the relationship of the former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn with, and as soon as possible "to dispel suspicions" about Russia's interference in the presidential election in 2016., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
EU reached a consensus on the extension of sanctions against Russia

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkyavichyus said that EU member states reached a consensus on the issue continued sanctions against Russia.

This Linkyavichyus said in Kyiv on Thursday at a joint press conference with Foreign Minister of Sweden and Ukraine, "Interfax-Ukraine".

"We actually discussed this question many times, and of course, we have a consensus on the extension of sanctions in the form in which they exist: economic sanctions, individual sanctions, sanctions against the Crimea", - said Linkyavichyus.

Earlier, Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the foreign ministers of EU countries support the extension of sanctions against Russia.

Recall, the US Senate on Wednesday, June 14, by majority vote approved a bill that expands sanctions against Russia. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
US sanctions plan targets Russia-Europe pipeline projects

Measures proposed against supporting country’s schemes for energy exports

Russia’s controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Europe could become a prominent casualty of fresh sanctions against Moscow agreed by the US Senate as part of a package of proposed new measures against the country’s key energy sector.

Senators on Wednesday overwhelmingly supported an amendment that strengthens existing sanctions against Moscow and deepens their scope, including targeting “energy export pipelines”. The new sanctions need approval from the House of Representatives.

Vladimir Putin, Russian president, on Thursday brushed off the proposed sanctions as just one step in a long line of anti-Russian moves.

“Now we know that another draft bill has appeared in the US Senate on toughening these sanctions. Why, by the way? Nothing extraordinary happened. What drove them to talk about these sanctions out of the blue?” Mr Putin said during an annual televised call-in show where he answered questions from voters. “This is, of course, a sign of continued political infighting in the US.”

Nord Stream 2, which would double the amount of gas that Russian state monopoly Gazprom could supply Europe under the Baltic Sea, is under already regulatory scrutiny after claims from critics that it would increase European reliance on Russian supplies and reduce transit through Ukraine, a US ally.

The text of the Senate amendment, which was passed with 97 votes to 2 against, requires the imposition of sanctions against those who make an investment or sell, lease or provide “goods, services, technology, information, or support” to projects for the export of energy from Russia.

“It sanctions those who . . . invest or support the construction of Russian energy export pipelines,” Mike Crapo, a senator from Idaho who co-authored the amendment, told the Senate.....................

Access complete text of the editorial: 
European Parliament stripped immunity of Putin's French girlfriend Le Pen

Today, 15 June, the European Parliament lifted the immunity of parliamentary party leader of the French "National Front" Marine Le Pen.

On it informs "Interfax".

Thus, deputies responded to the request of the French judges suspected European deputy from France is that it designate staff his party parliamentary assistants and paid their salaries from the budget of the European Parliament, although these people do not actually perform work through the European Parliament.

Le Pen, citing his parliamentary immunity, ignored the summons French law enforcement agencies appear for questioning.

Earlier, the nearest assistant leader of the "National Front" Catherine and guard Grisi policy Thierry Lezhe arrested on charges of fraud . They were falsely registered as assistants to MEPs and illegally received 340 thousand euros. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Putin admitted that he made Syria a military training ground

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the military Armed Forces were "priceless" experience during operations in Syria.

He said this on Thursday, June 15, during the "straight line", according to "RIA Novosti".

"Syrian operation was useful to assess the latest weapons systems. Experience in the use of our armed forces - absolutely priceless," - said Putin.

However, he added that Russia plans to build a peaceful political process to resolve the conflict.

As it known, Putin has repeatedly said that weapons tested in the real world, it becomes more efficient and attractive to the arms market.

In particular, the media reported that in Syria Russian Federation tested the latest S-400 bombers. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
on Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:23 amAdmin
Putin called Medvedchuk "Ukrainian nationalist"

Russian President Vladimir Putin during the annual "direct line" called Ukrainian politics and his godfather Viktor Medvedchuk "Ukrainian nationalists".

According to Putin, Medvedchuk are a fan of independent Ukraine, but in favor of close economic relations with Russia.

Medvedchuk after he mentioned the questions asked of Kyiv, about "why Russia has thrown Ukraine". Putin said that he appreciated this position, but does not want to harm not interfere in the internal politics of Ukraine.

Leading recalled Medvedchuk, who took part in the exchange of prisoners in the Donbas. Then Putin told they they met when he worked as the head of the administration of President Leonid Kuchma. I spoke in detail about the political views Medvedchuk and called it "my good friend."

"His father was a member of the OUN and was sentenced, he was sent into exile, where Medvedchuk was born. His belief system is based on the works of Ukrainian Nationalists ... Hrushevsky, Franko, Dragomanov ... Later Chornovil. So, they all advocated independence and federalization of Ukraine ", - said Putin, adding that traditional Ukrainian nationalists always favored the federalization of Ukraine.

"And the way they thought Crimea is not Ukrainian," - said Putin. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Putin said the "pros" of international sanctions against Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia can live for years under international sanctions.

He said this during the annual "direct line".

Moreover, the Russian president said that the country is against the advantages of introducing Russian restrictions.

"History of shows that we are living under sanctions since the time when Russia began to stand up. Our partners always come up with something to deter Russia. Ironically, there are pros, we have included brains, not just as then, use oil and hazodolaramy. We restored the competence in electronics, aviation, space, "- he said.

Putin said that the EU imposed on sanctions against Russia lost 100 billion dollars.

"Our damage from sanctions - about 1% of GDP (according to the US) and countries that have introduced their lost $ 100 billion. That sanctions harm everyone, but we have less ", - said Russian President.

Recall, June 14, the US Senate has approved expanded sanctions against Russia.

Reported that new sanctions against members of the Russian intelligence and defense agencies. The object of their action as may be power, railway and mining sector of the Russian economy.

The new package of sanctions includes provisions allowing punish violators of human rights in Russia.

In the document included provisions that do not allow the president to cancel or mitigate sanctions against Russia without the consent of Congress. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
In Romania, almost all government announced resignation

All members of the Romanian Government, with the exception of Prime Minister Sorin Hrindyanu filed resignation.

This is following the meeting of the Executive Committee of the party said its leader Liviu Drahnev, sends "Ukrinform".

The Prime Minister himself said that to announce its final decision later.

"At the executive committee meeting we were informed that all ministers - members of the Social Democratic Party - submitted his resignation, listened as Sorin Hrindyanu announcement of the impending retirement. We are ready to form a new government that will prepare a road map that would include basic measures already delayed implementation of government projects ", - said Drahnev.

He said here that the new government will be formed with the Social Democrats and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats.

Before the withdrawal of political support for the government Sorin Hrindyanu said the leader of another coalition party - the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats - Calin Popescu Tariceanu. Existing ministers in the government of the Alliance also submitted his resignation.

The resignation of the government was due to inadequate assessment of its activities by the executive committee of the Social Democratic Party.

Recall, the Romanian government approved in early 2017. The composition of the coalition included the Social Democratic Party and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats. The coalition was formed in December 2016 following the results of the parliamentary elections.

In February 2017 half a million protesters in Romania demanded the resignation of the government. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
US Senate has approved expanded sanctions against Russia: Kremlin threatened appropriate measures

The US Senate on Wednesday, June 14, by majority vote approved a bill that expands sanctions against Russia, reports Associated Press.

"For" voted 97 senators, against - 2. Thus, senators supported the bill on supplement sanctions against Iran, adjusted for new sanctions against Russia.

Now the document should support in the House.

Earlier, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, told "Lenta.Ru." That the United States intends to expand the list of restrictions can result in a new wave of reciprocal sanctions.

"We would not want that again we were in peak sanctions, but it is not our choice," - said the spokesman of the Kremlin.

As previously stated the leader of the Democrat Chuck Schumer, additional sanctions are needed to ensure that Russia and all other countries that could intervene in the presidential elections in the US understand that "will suffer for this punishment."

Reported that new sanctions against members of the Russian intelligence and defense agencies. The object of their action as may be power, railway and mining sector of the Russian economy.

The new package of sanctions includes provisions allowing punish violators of human rights in Russia.

In the document included provisions that do not allow the president to cancel or mitigate sanctions against Russia without the consent of Congress.

Speaker Andrew Paruby Ukraine welcomed the adoption by the US Senate tougher sanctions against Russia. In considering this document Paruby was present in the hall of the Senate, reports the press service of the Council.

"I thank all senators who supported this important for Ukraine and the entire free world law. Earlier, US President imposed sanctions, now approved by the Senate as the law. Moreover, expanded sanctions on the financial and energy sector ", - he said.

Paruby added that this law provides and the allocation of $ 250 million to counter 's destructive influence." , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Ukraine is interested in a more active US involvement in the conflict in Donbas

The Ukrainian side is ready to consider United States proposals for the creation of a broader format of the negotiations of the more active participation of Washington to stop the Russian aggression against Ukraine.
This was stated in an interview with reporters on Wednesday in Washington, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Paruby transmits Tsenzor.NET referring to "Ukrinform".

"Ukraine is interested in a more active involvement of the United States to any formats, which would concern the liberation of the Ukrainian territory of Russian occupation troops," - he said.

Paruby noted that the United States is actively supporting "Norman format", but if they have a different format will be offered, which can be more efficient in order to release the Ukrainian territory, of course, the Ukrainian side will consider it.

Speaker BP also said that during his meetings in Washington on Tuesday and Wednesday with representatives of the US administration has been discussed in detail the safe settlement format, namely a comprehensive and lasting ceasefire.

"We also pronounces on the withdrawal of Russian troops and restore control of the border", - said the speaker.

In this regard, he stressed that constantly emphasizes the critical position of Ukraine, "that without the implementation of a secure environment, we can not proceed to the discussion of political conditions."

However, he stressed that the elections can not be held "under the muzzles of Russian military maniacs or criminals who are now with impunity, killing innocent people just because they express their commitment to Ukraine."

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada Chairman Andrew Paruby these days is visiting the US capital. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Putin on the US Senate approved the bill to expand sanctions against Russia: There is nothing extraordinary. Appeared on the "scratch"

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not surprised by the new attempts by the US Senate to toughen sanctions against Russia "from scratch."

As reported Tsenzor.NET citing TASS , this Russian president said during a "hot line".

According to him, the history of our country shows that we were under sanctions, starting with the moment when the Russian Federation started to rise to his feet, and our partners have felt in the face of Russia a serious competitor.

"So there is nothing surprising We know that in the United States Senate again came a bill concerning tougher sanctions -. Said the president of the Russian Federation -.? By the way, why Because nothing happens extraordinary in this connection from scratch again began to speak. these sanctions? "

"This, of course, evidence of the continuing political struggle in the United States - said Putin -. Nevertheless, this is, I believe, from scratch There would be the Crimea, there would be other problems -. To come up with anything else to contain Russia."

The President of the Russian Federation said that the global economic situation and the decline in prices for traditional goods, including oil and gas, impact on the Russian economy more than sanctions.

"Reflect the sanctions or not Yes, affected us - he said -. Crucially or not I do not think?".

"We have better reflected the world situation and the decrease in prices for our traditional products - oil, natural gas, on the steel industry, on the chemistry and so on," - said Putin.

"And according to our partners Here, the US State Department considers that these sanctions have led to a minus 1% of GDP for our economy, Europeans believe that a little more, - he said -. The UN believes that we lost somewhere in the $ 50- 52 billion, and those countries that have imposed sanctions, lost $ 100 billion. So it's a double-edged sword, it hurts everyone."

In this Putin said, in the introduction of sanctions against Russia have and the pros - the country has been forced to "turn brains, talents."

"But, oddly enough, (in the sanctions), there are pluses - he said -. In what they consist in the fact that we were forced to include brains, talent, focus resources on key areas, not just oil and use? gas dollars."

"We really started to increase production in important, complex industries - said Putin -. We have restored the competence in electronics to a large extent, in the aircraft industry, in the missile area, in the pharmaceutical industry today are good processes in heavy engineering I'm not talking about. agriculture - we all know - an increase of about 3%."

"Russia has become the number one leader in the export of grain and wheat So here is the result, -. Indicated to Russian leaders -. We have at times reduced the purchase of imports, its own production of pork meat, poultry meat covers virtually all of our needs." , Original in Russian / На русском
EU has always tried to coordinate steps to sanctions in Russia's relations with the US

Linkevičius called for a consistent policy on sanctions.

As the Tsenzor.NET , said the head of Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius the TV channel " 112 Ukraine ", commenting on the possibility of expanding sanctions against the Russian Federation by the EU.

"We always adhere to the policy that we have to be consistent sanctions -. It is the last frontier when it is impossible to negotiate, but you also know how difficult it is given the consensus I hope we will be consistent, if there are any sanctions, some.. policy was from the United States, we always tried to coordinate their steps. I think it will contribute to the decisions that we will make to each other and the European Union. I think that if we had some kind of alternative, pressure, for example, we would could talk about alternatives. But as long as we have t . We must continue with sanctions consistently - if not strengthen, or at least keep those sanctions, which are now "- said Linkevičius.

Recall yesterday it was reported that the US Senate approved a bill "On counteracting Russian influence in Europe and Eurasia from 2017," which extends the sanctions against Russia because of a number of crimes, including attacks on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, aggression in Syria and interference in US election.

The document reinforces the already existing sanctions on the law level. The sanctions approved by Congress and written into law, tougher, and take them harder than imposed by the decree of the head of state. Also, the document will allow Congress to block attempts by President Donald Trump to remove or weaken the existing restrictions.
New amendments have been approved in the Senate by both parties. They are expected to easily pass a vote in the House of Representatives in Congress, after which it must sign Trump. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Putin has threatened to defend the Russian Crimea occupied by all available means: This is our territory

Russia will defend the Crimea from any threat by all available means.

As reported Tsenzor.NET with reference to Interfax-Ukraine , about Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the American director Oliver Stone, which aired on the Showtime channel.

"After the Crimea has become a full part of the Russian Federation, our attitude to this area radically changed if we see a threat to their territory, -. And Crimea is our territory - that, like any state, we will defend our territory by all means at our disposal ", - he said.

Responding to a question about whether the situation is not like about the Crimea on the Cuban missile crisis of 60-ies, taking into account the fact that the US Armed Forces destroyer "Donald Kuk" is located near the Crimea, Vladimir Putin said: "I still would not compare it is with the Caribbean crisis, because that's where the world stood on the brink of a nuclear disaster, but here, thank God, to this situation, we have not finished."

At the same time, Putin said that the Russian Federation has put in Crimea latest coastal defense complexes "Bastion".

"Against such missile systems such vessel as" Cook "defenseless", - he stressed.

Responding to a question about whether possible, however, any military incidents near Crimea, the Russian president said, "Well, in general, nothing good about it And what does." Donald Kuk "near our territory?"

"Who will provoke We intend to defend their territory?" - concluded Mr. Putin.

During the interview, he also said that Russia will not join the Crimea - it only created the conditions to Crimeans realized their desire to return to the peninsula in Russia.

"We did not decide to join the Crimea, they are people who live in the Crimea, decided to join Russia", - he said.

See also "Tsenzor.NET": Putin about a possible War between Russia and the United States: I think no one would have survived. VIDEO

Putin explained that he had decided to accede to Russia on the basis of a referendum Crimean parliament was elected, when the Crimea is still owned by Ukraine, and was "absolutely legitimate" under Ukrainian law.

He noted that it was a coup in Ukraine contributed to the fact that Crimeans in referendum voted in favor of Russia.

"" After all this upheaval has been associated with a high level of violence. And including a threat of violence by the nationalist elements in relation to the Crimea, where almost 70% of the ethnic Russian. Or those who consider themselves Russian and Russian language for their own. People are worried, especially about their safety, "- he said the Russian leader added that Crimeans" did not want to live under the rule of the nationalists."

Recall that in 2014 the European Union, the USA, and other countries have imposed sanctions against Russia in connection with the occupation Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine, which have repeatedly been renewed and expanded. There were suspended talks on visa-free regime and on the new framework agreement on cooperation, a ban on entering the EU for officials from Russia and freeze their assets, introduced slicer nye measures of commercial, financial and military. Sectoral sanctions apply to Russian financial 20, oil-producing and defense structures. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Entered into force a law banning "St. George Ribbon"

Now for such symbolism is fashionable to get 15 days of arrest.
According to Tsenzor.NET document was published yesterday in the publication " Voice of Ukraine ".

From now on, for the use of St. George ribbons faces a fine of from 850 to 2550 UAH. For repeated violation - a fine range from 2550 USD to 5100 USD. In addition, it is possible administered up to 15 days. St. George's tape or items with her image violators will withdraw.

Prohibition, fines and penalties will not affect the participants of the Second World War, who have awards, commemorative medals and other distinctions with similar symbols.

Also, the use of tape allowed in museums and libraries. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
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