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News -
Yesterday on ictv there was a long long interview with Poroshenko.
I listened to it, whilst doing other things. He spoke well. He said he hadn't done everything he wanted to do.
I personally think he is an excellent president. But many Ukrainians - they are almost jealous. Oh - he has factories, so he must be bad.
Yatseniuk has a car - he must be an oligarch. I can't believe the logic of some people.

Another item on the news - Poroshenko was visiting a Border Guard base near Kiev.
Yesterday was Border Guard day! No joke.
The place - newly renovated. Carpets, new furniture...
I spoke to a Border Guard who knew the place there. He said it was well known as being absolutely run down, a tip -
the carpets will disappear as soon as Poroshenko goes, the furniture as well. It is all a facade.
And the Border guards even have to pay for the paint themselves, out of their own wages.
Such is life in the Ukrainian armed forces.

Weather - it was cold yesterday. Wind and only 12 or 13 for much of the day where I was, near Kiev.
Today. Should get nearer 20. The sun is shining, blue sky and some white cloud. ok. Weekend.. low 20s. comfortable (mid 70s in US money)
Update - it is actually quite windy. I hope it doesn't get too bad. Otherwise some places will lose electricity, for sure.
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Russia presented a plan to demilitarize Shirokino

Moscow and Washington deemed it appropriate to establish bilateral contacts to resolve the situation. This was announced by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to television channel "Russia-24", commenting on the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry in Sochi.

Lavrov said that the Russian side has submitted a plan for the demilitarization of the village Shirokino. Moscow hopes that it will be approved on June 2 meeting of the working sub-groups on security issues. In Russian
Poland, the Czech disappointed approach to the conflict in Ukraine

Poland disappointed with the approach of the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the crisis in the east of Ukraine, said in Prague during the meeting organized by the Association for International Affairs, a Polish political scientist Marek Menkischak.

Exodus Ukrainian conflict will have a direct impact not only on the distribution of spheres of influence in Europe itself, but also for the future of Russian President Vladimir Putin, quoted by the Czech news agency CTK Menkischaka. That is why it is necessary to speak on behalf of Europe with one voice, said the Polish political analyst, referring to some of the statements of President Milos Zeman and Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. In Russian
Lavrov says that Moscow is seeking the release of their Grushnik

The Russian side will seek the release of its citizens Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov.

This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov after talks with Kazakh Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrisov.

"We will certainly seek their release, there are appropriate legal procedures in the Ukrainian state, and we also understand this" - he said.

At the same time Lavrov said that Russia wants to make sure that the detained Russians in Ukraine, there is no pressure, reports "Interfax-Ukraine"

"We want to make sure that they do not have any pressure, and their interests are fully secured", - he said.

Lavrov assured that the Russian Foreign Ministry on the first day of detention Yerofeyev and Alexandrov take the necessary steps to Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to provide consular access.

"Access was granted the day before yesterday. They feel, they say well, "- said Lavrov.

"They were given state-owned lawyers and the lawyer, which is preferred, is unable to obtain the consent of the Ukrainian authorities to ensure that they protect. Hopefully, they will go to a meeting on this issue, and everything will be done to protect our citizens was the most objective and effective ", - he said.

Recall Russia believes Alexander Alexandrov Evgeny Erofeev "mercenaries" and "police LC"

This official position of Russia announced the Consul of the Russian Federation Alexei rough at a meeting with the lawyers detained Russians - Konstantin Kravchuk and Oksana Sokolov.

In an interview with the Russian "Novaya Gazeta" Alexandrov said that Russia actually refuses them.

"But we have so interesting turns. Since childhood taught patriotism and love of country ... <...>. And the state is simply not very nice arrives, [when] refuses. Especially more attracted to this family, dear people. Not quite humanly get, "- he said. In Russian
Former Deputy Defense Minister: Russia will be responsible for the consequences if you go in Transnistria their planes without the permission of Ukraine

Leonid Polyakov, a former deputy defense minister, the head of the Advisory Council of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies believes that the question of whether the Ukrainian side to shoot down Russian planes in the case of transfer of Russian arms to his unrecognized "republic" of Transnistria through the air - a provocative .

He said this in a comment "Commander in Chief" .

"At the provocative questions that stir up tension in the society, and worsen relations between the two countries, I will not answer - said Polyakov. - Officials should act only within the law. "

"Even passenger planes passing through the space of the country, get" good "to fly, coordinate route and only then fly further. And here we are talking about war. If this irregular transportation, they have to get permission. Even when transportation is carried out on a regular basis, you still have to get permission. If the aircraft continues to fly without authorization, it is considered very rude violation, the responsibility for which is on the other side, which is the violator. What are the consequences? It depends on the situation ", - he explained.

Leonid Polyakov also spoke about the number of weapons in the Russian military base in Transnistria today. "They are not very transparantnye in this matter. More statements there about how many so-called Transdniestrian Guard, which is about 20 thousand. Man. They are in service has several hundred armored vehicles. About how many Russian troops there need to ask the verifiers of the General Staff, they keep track of. "

Recall, Ukraine last week canceled the five military agreements with Russia. Under the denunciation were, in particular, an agreement on military cooperation, cooperation in the field of military intelligence on the protection of classified information of military interstate transportation and payment for them, and an agreement on transit of Russian troops through the Ukraine in the unrecognized Transnistrian republic. Russia has reacted negatively to the initiative Ukrainian deputies.

Most read in the article "Commander" blockade of Transnistria. Putin suddenly remembered how to comply with international treaty. In Russian
Corban: receiving a decision of the Hague Tribunal, we are quietly we will confiscate any property of the Russian Federation abroad

Ex-deputy head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional administration, businessman Gennady Korban in an interview with "Commander in Chief" she said that due to the annexation of the Crimea Russian group "Privat" has lost quite a lot of property in the Crimea. In particular, personally Korban new "power" of the Crimea seized two hotels - "Energetic" and "Crimea".

"The two - that I personally lost. The group has lost a network of gas stations, a large hotel complex - "Tavria". It belonged to the group "Privat" - said Corban. - Now estimate (lost property - ed.) Conduct lawyers qualified people to file a claim to the Hague Tribunal. We are easily parted with his property. Yes, it is a pity, but what to do. This is not the last penny - this is the first argument. Second - it can always be seen on the other side. It's kind of a delayed sale of the Russian state. "

This businessman believes that such "deferred sale of the Russian Federation" could be delayed for another 5 years, but it will take is necessary.

"Look Khodorkovsky, Yukos sold, to receive a $ 50 billion, believe me, he'll get his money. So it is here. Such confiscation of property - they call it "nationalization", but this confiscation, expropriation is by nature - will be refunded. The world has the tools with which to offset the cost of the property itself. After receiving the decision Tribunal, we are quietly with this decision, we will confiscate and seize any property of the Russian Federation living abroad, which corresponds to this assessment, "- said Corban.

"Here there is a court decision. Russia, for example, refuses to perform. Planes fly somewhere, ships go somewhere, there are lots of real estate in different countries belonging to the Russian state. It is a state property of the Russian Federation. This property is easily withdrawn the decisions of international institutions, - says the businessman - I, for instance, could not sell their hotels in Crimea - now, I think I sold them. Just get dibs through time. "

In this ex-deputy head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration noted that such a "sale" for it even proved profitable, "at least twice as expensive." In Russian
Prosecutor General: Melnichuk was involved in the disappearance of at least a thousand machines

First Deputy Chairman of the General Prosecutor Vladimir Guzyr reported that the People's Deputy Serhiy Melnychuk involved in the disappearance of the divisions of the Ministry of Defence about a thousand Kalashnikov rifles. He said this at a meeting procedural committee of the Verkhovna Rada on Friday.

"Officially, the units of the Ministry of Defence revealed a shortage of more than a thousand Kalashnikov rifles. I believe that this is more than a legal argument in favor of representation (the removal of immunity, - Ed.) Melnichuk, "- said Guzyr.

Recall GPU suspects Sergey Melnichuk in the creation of a criminal organization. In Russian
OSCE: Zakharchenko will not be able to leave the "DNR" to the end of July

The leader of the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" Alexander Zakharchenko will not be able to travel outside the territory controlled by its militants to the end of July 2015, says the report of the OSCE Special Mission in Donbas for May 28.

"Alexander Zakharchenko," Prime Minister DNI "told observers that he can not attend meetings outside the country until the end of July for reasons related to health" - said in a statement.

Recall of wounded in the battles of Zakharchenko Debaltseve became known in February 2015, he was operated on later.

It should be noted, on the eve of the head of the "DNR" also said that reserves the right not to comply with the Minsk agreement. In Russian
Poroshenko dismissed the Ambassador of Ukraine to NATO

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has dismissed the head of Ukraine's mission to NATO, Igor Dolgov. This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian president.

"Release Igor A. Dolgov from the post of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium, as well as the post of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and head of the Ukrainian mission to NATO in combination", - said in a statement.

The decree was signed on May 29. In Russian
Poroshenko appointed Saakashvili governor of Odessa region - the source

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree appointing former Georgian leader Mikhail Saakashvili governor of Odessa region. It is reported by "RBK-Ukraine", citing a source in the presidential administration.

Earlier, Press Secretary Poroshenko Svyatoslav Tsegolko said that Poroshenko Saakashvili decided on the appointment until the end of the day.

Later in the Odessa Regional State Administration confirmed the appointment of the Governor of Saakashvili. In Russian
Russian diplomat says two captive Russian soldiers aren't "mercenaries"

Russian diplomats treat two captive Russian soldiers Yevgeniy Yerofeyev and Aleksandr Aleksandrov solely as citizens of the Russian Federation, according to representative of Russia's Embassy in Ukraine Oleg Grishin.

"The fact [that the Russian side calls the two Russian soldiers as "mercenaries"] was said by the lawyer– he can speak a lot, this is his job to convince someone of something. It does not mean that this is the official position of the Russian Federation. Secondly, the embassy considers the captives solely as citizens of the Russian Federation, whom we will protect. And we are taking all the necessary measures to do this," Grishin told Russian Govoritmoskva radio station................ In Ukrainian
Ukraine, Germany call for full enablement of OSCE SMM to monitor arms withdrawal in Donbas

"Pavlo Klimkin and Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed hope for Russia's constructive approach toward the attainment of the key objectives of the Minsk process, such as the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the de-escalation around Shyrokyne, and the intensification of the process of exchanging hostages," the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry press service said in commenting on a meeting between Klimkin and Steinmeier in Kyiv on Friday.

"The ministers emphasized that there is no alternative to the Minsk agreements to reinstate peace and stability in Donbas," it said.

"The holding of free and transparent local elections in certain districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in keeping with the OSCE standards is an important element of this process," it said............. In Russian
Poroshenko to personally introduce Saakashvili as Odesa region governor on Saturday

The introduction of former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili (2004-2007) as new head of Odesa Regional State Administration in the city of Odesa is scheduled for Saturday, May 30.

This became known on Friday evening, Odesa Regional Administration Press Secretary Mykola Pokrovsky told UNIAN.

As UNIAN learnt from other sources, the new governor will be represented by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in person. In Ukrainian
Vladimir Putin is not planning annexation of Ukraine enclaves, but diplomacy is flailing

Karl-Georg Wellmann, a representative in the German parliament, flew to Moscow Sunday night on a behind-the-scenes mission to help break the deadlock in eastern Ukraine. But when he landed at Sheremetyevo Airport, border officials denied him entry, without any explanation, until 2019. Wellmann, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, had to spend the night in a transit lounge and was escorted onto the first flight home the next morning.

Wellmann raised a storm in German and Russian media, and Merkel’s government lodged an official complaint with the Kremlin. Although he was known as a critic of Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict, Wellmann said he had been invited by Konstantin Kosachyov, chairman of the Russian Federation Council’s committee on foreign affairs, and Sergei Glazyev, an adviser to President Vladimir Putin. He didn’t have plans to meet with Russian opposition leaders.

It’s a worrisome sign when the back channels of German diplomacy clog up. Merkel, the main guarantor of the so-called Minsk protocol, is doing her best to save the shaky peace agreement between Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian government. But as the war grinds on as a low-level conflict, the biggest weakness of the deal is becoming clear: None of the parties see it as the start to a lasting peace settlement.

The Minsk agreement, originally signed in September and amended in February, provides useful alibis to all sides: to Ukraine that it’s pursuing the reintegration of breakaway regions by peaceful means; to Russia that it’s just a concerned, peace-loving neighbor; and to the West that it did everything to end the fighting. With the exception of the rebel representatives — who are motivated by Mad Max-style mayhem more than nation-building — all sides tirelessly repeat that “there can be no military solution to the conflict.” What nobody can say aloud is that Minsk is also not the solution; it was only intended to stanch Ukraine’s bleeding.................

Read further at link:
OSCE: a child aged 12-14 armed with Kalashnikov rifle guards terrorists' checkpoint near Makiivka

A child aged 12-14, wearing a camouflage uniform and holding an AK-47 was recorded guarding the militants' checkpoint on the suburbs of “DPR”-controlled Makiivka.

Censor.NET informs citing the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission's update as of May 28, 2015.

"At a checkpoint on the outskirts of "DPR"-controlled Makiivka (10km east of Donetsk), the SMM observed a child, approximately 12-14 years old, wearing a camouflage uniform and holding an AK-47 rifle." the report reads. In Russian
Poroshenko: "We won't let aggressor to step in Kramatorsk and speak the language of force with Ukraine"

The president believes Ukraine is capable of winning Donbas back.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has promised to prevent the separatist militants from entering the town of Kramatorsk in Donetsk region again, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"We're ready and glad to speak any language, Russian, Ukrainian and English. But nobody would speak the language of force either with Ukraine, or Donbas. And we won't let aggressor to step in Kramatorsk regardless of the number of tanks it deploys in the occupied territories," Poroshenko said during a working visit to the town.

Poroshenko said he believes Ukraine is capable of winning Donbas back.

According to Poroshenko, the main things required to stabilize the situation in Donbas are security, peace and work

Previously, head of the self-proclaimed 'Donetsk People's Republic' Alexander Zakharchenko claimed he was going to regain control over residential areas of Donetsk region the separatists has retreated from last year through political means. In Russian
Kiev City Centre paralysed with traffic jams due to the weather and accidents (Details)
[ Крещатик, Золотые ворота, Льва Толстого, Контрактовая площадь и Вокзальная.
Kreshatik, Zoloti Vorota, Lva Tolstovo, Kontraktova Plocha, Voksalna...
looks like the roads are blocked all over the city. Wierd, why today... People maybe having holidays in June, wanting to get away?

Sanctions against Russia are needed to preserve the full implementation of the agreements at Minsk- Poland and the United Kingdom (No censor.)
[It will be interesting to see how much the Italians, Greek scumballs, Cyprus scum, grovel up to Putin and try to stop sanctions against this murderous regime]
Under Mariupol ', even do not hide the fact that they are from Russia (' 97)
Video Russians fighting in the "DNR in Širokino", send greetings to friends and relatives in Novosibirsk and Rostov, Lower Saldu (Sverdlovsk region), reports
[so much for Putin's civil war. It's a war between Russia and Ukraine. Clear as crystal unless your name is Putin, Lavrov, or Shaun Walker.]

[A couple of them say, "Skora budet doma". literally - soon will be home - I wish they would go home soon.
Very clearly, they don't regard where they are as "home". Novosibirsk and Russia is home for these murderers.

15: 24
The inhabitants of the occupied territories go to rallies against the leadership of the LNR (Ranok ICTV)
Protests have already taken place in Stakhanov, Antracitì and the village of Dâkove. Slowly but surely to the people in the occupied territories brought an epiphany. [opened their eyes]
[but very very dangerous to protest against Putin's regime, and terrorists.
Just as was the case in Nazi Germany and occupied territories, against Hitler, another earlier dictator in Europe.
Ukraine surpassed the RF in world ranking of investment attractiveness (Island)

In Lugansk region car with the military hit [mine] (Donbass News)
As a result of a mine explosion wounded two members of the SBU.

In the Crimea against the head of Majlis Chubarova a criminal case (the Telegraph)
[The ghost of Stalin returns in the guise of Putin, the madman]

Japan and the EU are United in support of Ukraine – Tusk (UNIAN)
In English

Who’s Lying? An In-depth Analysis of the Luhansk Buk Video

Unfortunately for the Russian Ministry of Defence something that would have been at one time very difficult to prove is now, thanks to the internet, just a matter of looking in the right places. On July 22nd the following images were shared on Twitter, claiming to show the exact location the video was filmed in separatists controlled Luhansk, close to the Russian border...
From this it is clear that the reaction of the Russian government to the downing of Flight MH17 was to create a series of untruths and fabrications, and to present them to the world, including the families of those killed on July 17th. In addition to the above examples Bellingcat will soon be releasing a detailed report clearly demonstrating more of the evidence presented at the July 21st press conference was fabricated.
[A russian troll has been to work in the comments section - no surprise. But the evidence is overwhelming.]

Special Report: Russian fighters, caught in Ukraine, cast adrift by Moscow
In English

Putin builds new bases to fight covert Ukraine war
Newly built military training camps close to the Ukrainian border have become launchpads for Russia to wage covert war against its neighbour, according to an authoritative report that uses satellite imagery and hundreds of photographs posted by soldiers on the internet.
[Apparently you have to pay to view the article]

Mr. Putin's Lies Hiding in Plain Sight
Herbst said it was highly unlikely that Putin would conduct a new offensive inside Ukraine at least until after the EU summit.
“It serves Mr. Putin well to destabilize the government in Kyiv by seizing small increments of land in Ukraine’s east,” he said. “That prevents the government in Ukraine from focusing on reform, on the one hand, and it does not cross the threshold, which might provoke a stronger Western response.”

Moscow Restoring Soviet-Style Repression and Aggression
Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov scolded the press for “overreaction” and insisted, "it is the law—if someone receives money from abroad, he is a foreign agent”

TV Showdown in Ukraine Highlights Press Freedom Anxieties
]It's ok talking about press freedom in a cosy studio in Washington. Ukraine is at war against Russia. With soldiers and civilians dying every single day.
Not your normal situation.

Putin rules deaths of Russian troops in 'special operations' a state secret
[Somebody new reporting for The Telegraph. Marc Bennetts. It had been Roland Oliphant, buddy of Shaun Walker, both having worked for the Russian media.
Oliphant directly by RIA Novosti. I don't know about this Bennetts guy. The following also by him

Russian official's daughter with ties to Putin spared jail due to Nazi amnesty
In the video, which went viral in Russia, Miss Shavenkova, who was 28 at the time, can be seen getting out of the vehicle, checking it for damage, and then calling her mother.
She did not approach her two victims, who lay sprawled on the pavement just feet from her vehicle. Yelena Pyatkova, 34, died in hospital just hours after the accident, while her sister, Yulia, 27, was left paralysed for life.

Bennetts - not a lot of info for 15 years in Moscow. Another RIA Novosti man. I will keep an open mind.
Marc Bennetts is a British journalist based in Moscow, where he has lived for the past fifteen years. He has reported from Russia, Iran, and North Korea for the Guardian, The Times, the Observer and the New York Times, among other publications. He spent eighteen months as a reporter for Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency.
In English

Putin Classifying Troop Losses Proves They're in Ukraine – Analysts
"The main consequence of this law is that it will basically be impossible to obtain information," Peredruk said in a phone interview with The Moscow Times.
"We won't know what the statistics are, but the truth is, we didn't know before either," he said.

Russian Soldier Captured in Ukraine Will Cooperate With Investigators
[This was also on the tv news here last night. I guess he has realised that he is fairly likely to be killed, should he return to Russia.
They tried to kill him to stop him being captured.

Russia's Increasingly Absurd Laws Benefit Nobody (Op-Ed)
an amendment to a 1995 law will come into force that will lower the threshold for products .. from... 1.5 percent ethyl alcohol to those with only 0.5 percent....
it would ban a whole range of products that have no connection whatsoever to alcoholic beverages: fruity yogurt, laundry detergent, dish soap, household cleaners, air fresheners, glues, shoe polish, furniture polish, insect repellents, wet wipes and even deodorant.

[Russia is being run by fruitcakes]

Blast Rocks Ukraine President's Confectionery Chain Store
No-one was injured after a bomb went off in the store at about 23:00 local time.
In English

Ukraine minister says east Ukraine fighting could resume soon
"A large number of tanks and artillery systems have been moved into the territory, and in the territory of Luhansk and Donetsk there are units of Russian armed forces," Poltorak said. "That is why we see a risk fighting will restart."

Putin makes Russia's peacetime military deaths a state secret
"Not only is this decree a blatant attack on freedom of expression, it also has sinister undertones that will intensify speculation President Putin has something to hide -- specifically losses incurred by Russia's military in Ukraine," John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International's Europe and Central Asia Director, said in a statement.

UPDATE 2-Russia's Gazprom says Ukraine's total gas debt is $29.5 bln
the rest was a fine for "take-and-pay", in which clients pay a minimum for a certain volume of gas whether they buy the whole consignment or not.
[I think that was Tymoshenko's agreement with Putin. Stupid woman.]

Fifa scandal spotlights Russia
“Given the astronomical level of corruption of the Putin regime, it's hard to imagine the Russians didn't bribe anyone who would take their money at Fifa”.

Killed in Action in Ukraine: Putin’s Secret Funerals
His mother, Yelena Tumanova, told The Telegraph that she doesn't understand what her son died for. "Why couldn't we let people in Ukraine sort things out for themselves? And seeing as our powers sent Anton there, why can't they admit it and tell us exactly what happened to him."
Tumanov's story, like many others, ends there: unresolved questions over the circumstances of his death, a grieving family and a homeward journey from eastern Ukraine in a coffin.
08: 34
Zakharchenko announced the intention to grab three more places in Donetsk region (
«Slavyansk, Konstantinovka, krasnoarmiysk is all of DNR.
[So much for Minsk. This guy is just like Putin. A nutcase.]

In Border Guard officer said about the military threat from the Transnistrian region (
As previously reported, Moldova has limited the entry of Russian troops in Transnistria.
[saying some threat, but.. who knows. Putin is a nutter. And nothing can be predicted]

At night as a result of shelling near Širokinogo was injured National Guard soldier -sector "m" (Channel 5)
This is the "channel 5" phone told a press officer of the sector "m" Dmitry Gorbunov. According to him, the fighter is in one of the hospitals, is no threat to his life.
Putin's Decree testifies to the presence of Russian soldiers in Ukraine--Amnesty International (

Separatists 12 times pummeled the Ukrainian position on Donetsk direction (Channel 5)

It became known as the new President of Poland to meet with Poroshenko (
The Ambassador of Ukraine in Poland Andrei Deŝica said that the first official meeting of the newly elected President of Poland Andrzej Duda of the President of Ukraine will be held after August 6, namely after the inauguration

Police have started investigation into the explosion at the shop Roshen, Kiev (Interfax-Ukraine)
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