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US made a statement on the settlement of the conflict in Donbas.  Putin can be removed quickly: The West called names of replacements.  The EU made a statement about the impossibility of rapprochement with Russia.  North Korea near its shores detained Russian boat.  Talk about the fact that Ukraine "is preparing an offensive," that "Kiev has decided to act in a military way" - this is only an element of Russian propaganda. The unemployment rate in Ukraine has decreased to 1.3% in May.  In Lutsk found the remains of victims of the NKVD.  Intelligence learned about Russian plans scandal "dismiss" members "of the government of the DNR".  

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Canada called after EU to abolish visas for Ukrainian

Given the decision of the EU to abolish visas for Ukrainian, Canada too should consider this decision
This was during his speech in the Federal Parliament of Canada said the deputy from the ruling Liberal Party Borys Wrzesnewskyj, said " Ukrinform ".

"It is time Canada examine the possibility of removing visa restrictions with Ukraine - the last Soviet legacy that divides our countries" - said Wrzesnewskyj.

In addition, he called on the government to reinstate the agreement on youth mobility.

"Meanwhile urge Ukraine to work on the restoration of the agreement on youth mobility to allow young Ukrainian Canadians and travel between the two countries and enrich their own professional and personal life, while enjoying all the benefits that they can offer our country", - said the deputy.

It also welcomed the EU decision to abolish visas for short trips of citizens of Ukraine.

"Since Advantages Revolution in 2014, the walls and obstacles to Ukraine's transition to strong, consolidated, Western liberal democracy continue to fall," - concluded the deputy. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
on Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:08 amAdmin
Russia imposed exit visas for foreigners

Foreigners with residence permit or the right to work in Russia now need a special document for leaving the country

The Russian government has introduced exit visas for foreigners. So, the journalist of TV channel "rain" Anna said in Monhayt Facebook about how the Moscow airport was faced with the requirement to present an exit visa for her family hired nurse from Georgia.

According Monhayt, she hired a nanny to leave Georgia because the people of this country are now able to travel Europe without visas. However, fly out "Domodedovo" she could not:

"It turned out, now all the foreigners who were in the residence permit or long-term right to work, to travel abroad are required to obtain" exit visas "- she wrote.

As a result, not only the nurse, writes Monhayt not go with the family of employers in Spain, but also ordered to pay a fine of 2000 rubles "because it came with no exit visa on passport control."

"That is all the Schengen visa-free Georgian, Ukrainian and Moldovans legally employed in Russia, will have to obtain a permit, for example, to go home" - continues presenter.

Information that foreigners with a residence permit in Russia now requires such a document also confirmed the Russian human rights activist Bahrom Ismail on his page on Facebook. Ismail refers to the Federal Law "On procedure of exit from the Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation" dated June 7, 2017 .

The lawyer also explained that the rules on exit visas entered into force on 7 June and apply to citizens of countries with which Russia has not signed special agreements.

According to him, the absence of information in the media is "began mass withdrawals of flights and trains. The issue concerns citizens of Georgia, Turkmenistan, the countries of the European Economic Community and the United States, including stateless persons. "

"The present Duma worked: in a quiet passed a law in late May, and now the guards finally occupied real thing, do not allow foreign nationals to leave Russia. At first I did not believe - well, it can not be this, XXI century, around crumbling borders - but no. Check - here it is , the law "- confirmed information Russian politician Dmitry Gudkov.

He said the law applies to almost all countries - except those in which Russia full visa-free regime, that is not the rule of "30 days without a visa."

"The fact of refusal to allow rights abroad, of course, contrary to all international norms and even immigration legislation. In the foreign national must be unimpeded travel abroad, if not installed more reason to make this trip was denied, "- said The Insider chairman of the Russian Information and Legal Center" Migration and Law "Dmitry Mikhailov.

According to him, no exit visa - a statutory basis for the refusal to allow foreign citizen on the territory of Russia.

Recall, as of 6:00 Friday, June 16, has nearly 9,000 Ukrainian entered the EU without visas.

By the way, in the Parliament of Canada talking about the abolition of visas for Ukrainian ., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Putin can start a new war before the election, the West may be called hot-spots

Russian President Vladimir Putin may decide on a new war to bring down protests and deflect attention from the internal problems of the country before elections in 2018.

Such an opinion in an interview with "apostrophe" expressed senior vice president of the Center for European Policy Analysis and editor of the authoritative British magazine The Economist Edward Lucas.

"Definitely there is such a danger: If they think that the opposition can succeed, they want to divert attention by a new battlefield or selecting a new source of pride" - said Lucas.

According to him, provocations can take in Belarus, the Arctic or Central Asia. In this case, Western leaders do not have an action plan in case the Kremlin put in Minsk new pro-Russian government.

"Starting a new cold war only to defend Mr Lukashenko, who dislike us even more than Putin?" - asks the journalist.

However, in his opinion, the decision of the Kremlin may not work because the underlying problem in Russia is extremely high., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Net capital outflow from Russia in 2017 will be about $ 37 billion

Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina during a press conference said that the central bank expects capital outflow from Russia this year of $ 37 billion.

This informs Tsenzor.NET with reference to Interfax .

"Our data on capital outflows include about $ 37 billion in 2017, $ 14 billion - in 2018, $ 8 billion - in 2019," - she said.

"As capital outflows, it is important to talk about capital outflows as the article that balances on the current account balance. We have a floating exchange rate, we should consider changing the reserves, then our current account balance has be balanced outflow of capital", - explained chairman Bank of Russia.

As reported earlier, the Bank of March revised data on capital outflows for 2016 in the direction of its increase - to $ 19.2 billion from the previous estimate of $ 15.4 billion. The outflow of capital in 2015 is $ 57.5 billion.

Recall that in 2014 the European Union, the United States and other countries imposed sanctions on Russia in connection with the occupation of the Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine. Sanctions repeatedly expanded and continued. Was suspended talks on visa-free regime and on the new basic agreement on cooperation, a ban on entry to the EU for officials of Russia and frozen their assets imposed restrictive measures in trade, financial and military. Sector sanctions act on a number of Russian financial, oil and defense structures. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
on Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:26 pmAdmin
Unemployment rate in Ukraine in May fell to 1.3%

The official unemployment rate in Ukraine in May fell by 0.1% compared with the previous month - 1.3%.

It informs Tsenzor.NET , reported the State Statistics Service.

In May were registered 352.6 thousand. Unemployed are at the end of the reporting period, the state aid received 282.3 thousand. People.

As of May 1, the State Statistics reported 374.2 thousand. Officially registered unemployed. 294.8 ths. Of them received unemployment benefits. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright made for the provision of defensive weapons Ukraine

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met with the delegation of the US National Democratic Institute (NDI) headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the organization, former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

This informs Tsenzor.NET with reference to the Presidential Administration .

The President thanked the American side for its consistent support for Ukraine in countering Russian aggression and the implementation of democratic reforms in our country.

The President informed the representatives of NDI to further aggravation of the situation in the Donbass through provocative actions in and controlled by its militants.

"In this regard, it was noted the need to maintain sanctions against Russia to the full implementation of the Minsk agreements and restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea" - referred to in the message.

Madeleine Albright stressed the importance of providing defensive weapons Ukraine to ensure the legitimate right of a sovereign state to self-defense under Article 51 of the Charter. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
EU called on the US to coordinate with Brussels new sanctions on Russia

The European Union on Friday stressed the need for coordination with Washington after the US Senate proposed to impose new sanctions against Russia, provoking a strong reaction in Germany.

This informs Tsenzor.NET with reference to Reuters.

"It is important that international partners coordinated possible new measures to ensure their implementation at the international level and to preserve the unity of partners on the issue of sanctions," - said the representative of the European Commission.

The US Senate on Wednesday supported a bill to introduce new sanctions against Russia for possible intervention in the US presidential election 2016.

sanctions particularly affect many Russian energy projects that sparked concern in Germany that Washington can penalize a number of European companies. US not coordinated this step with the European allies.

Recall that in 2014 the European Union, the United States and other countries imposed sanctions on Russia in connection with the occupation of the Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine. Sanctions repeatedly expanded and continued. Was suspended talks on visa-free regime and on the new basic agreement on cooperation, a ban on entry to the EU for officials of Russia and frozen their assets imposed restrictive measures in trade, financial and military. Sector sanctions act on a number of Russian financial, oil and defense structures. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Military expert said Putin "threw" the militants-DNR/LNR their shipment to Syria

Chief editor of "Information resistance" Yuri Karin said that the citizens of Ukraine who are fighting in the ranks of militants "DNR" and "LNR" were many people who wanted to go fight in Syria with a salary of 60-150 thousand per month.

This Karin wrote in his blog at " Browser ".

He noted that the condition for sending fighters to Syria was passing Russian military training camps Krasnodar region. However, Karin says that after a few months, President Vladimir Putin decided not to send to Syria who are citizens of Ukraine.

"The reason is simple - shortage of 1st and 2nd AC Armed Forces (" l / DNR "). With the" junta "to fight anyone. No willing to die for Putin in the Donbas. Over 150 thousand in Syria - is, as for Putin no "- said Karin. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському

Ukrainian attempt to take the child in a suitcase in Poland, appeared Photo

The train Kyiv-Przemysl Polish Customs officers detained a woman who tried to smuggle in Poland eight-year son in a suitcase without a biometric passport.

It is reported by " European truth " referring to the Polish edition of Gazeta Wyborcza.

The incident occurred yesterday, 16 June, at the border crossing in Medytsi.

According to the Polish customs officers drew their attention to the behavior of the nervous 50-year-old woman. One of the suitcases she kept near him, not in the luggage compartment, the other passengers.

The woman refused to give the suitcase for inspection by opening the zipper only a few centimeters. However, customs officials saw the clothes in the suitcase when the child is then called an ambulance, given the state of health of the boy.

It is known that a woman a few days ago was trying to cross the border with Poland, but was refused because of lack of child biometric passport.

Customs officers handed woman with baby border guards, which she charged with facilitating illegal border crossing and released a fine of 200 zlotys. Her son was sent to Ukraine., Original in Ukrainian / на українському  

Last edited by Admin on Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:18 am; edited 1 time in total
Russia has said about the likely liquidation of the leader ISIL Photo terrorists

The Ministry of Defense reported having information on the likely elimination of the leader of a terrorist organization "Islamic State" (ISIL) and verifies the data.

It is assumed that the May 28 strike aircraft to the Russian command post in the southern suburb Rakka was killed Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. On the day the militants conducted a meeting with the exit of Rakka.

In the picture , Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

"According to information that is verified through various channels, the meeting was also attended by the leader IDIL Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which was destroyed upon impact," - said in a statement the Russian Defense Ministry.

Earlier, have repeatedly stated the elimination or arrest of the leader ISIL. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Putin can be removed quickly: the West called names of possible replacements

Russian President Vladimir Putin may topple if he ceases to hold his entourage.

This was stated in an interview with "apostrophe" editor of The Economist Edward Lucas.

Among the people who can replace Putin, Lucas named Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, former head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

"We really do not understand the Kremlin's policy. But if Putin becomes disadvantageous regime, the regime will find ways to deal with it" - says editor The Economist.

He said that Putin entrusted the two main roles, and he is still with them successfully cope. The first - to be the arbiter of conflicts between clans.

"He keeps the balance between oil companies and gas companies, security forces and not security forces, regions and the center," - said Lucas.

The second part of Putin, he said - to be fronted a TV.

"As soon as any of the roles Putin will perform poorly, it can go very quickly - they [the environment] find someone else" - said Lucas., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Intelligence learned about Russian plans scandal "dismiss" members "of the government of the DNR"

Management of suspected leaders of the so-called "DNR" and "LNR" stealing the assistance provided.

Reported Defense Intelligence Ukraine on his page on Facebook.

In Donetsk, June 14, Russian "controlling person" heard the leader of "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko, who was charged with neglect of duty, which resulted in large-scale theft of Russian funds received.

According to the Ukrainian intelligence expected resignation followed the arrest of a number of figures "DNR government." To punish those involved in the theft of Russian assistance to all so-called "civil servants and public sector employees DNR-LNR" forbidden to leave the territory controlled by Ukraine and visit the "gray area"., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
North Korea near its shores detained Russian boat

Russian Embassy in North Korea confirmed North Korean ship detained Russian yacht Katalexa in the northwestern Sea of ​​Japan.

It is reported RBC Russian resources.

"We have known that the boat is in a port Raggini. She was taken back on Thursday at 22:00 local time. The crew consisted of three people. Now we find out details," - said the representative of the Russian diplomatic department.

It is noted that the Russian Embassy set up operational headquarters to resolve the situation.

According to the Russian agency "Interfax" referring to the representative of the seaside yacht club, yacht Katalexa distilled from Taiwan to Vladivostok, and on the way the yacht came into the South Korean port of Pohang. Utochnyatsya that the vessel was recently renovated and was in good condition. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
US made a statement on the settlement of the conflict in Donbas

US ready to support alternative Minsk II format of settlement of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine, if it will be successful.

This was reported by a representative of the US State Department Heather Noert during the briefing .

"If the parties could come to some by some other mechanism parties could join in and agree to it, and it would be successful, I think it would be that we would support", - said the representative of the State Department.

She also stressed that the aim of the United States concerning events in the Donbas is peace.

Noert said the US remains supportive Minsk II, but not satisfied with their performance.

"We just have not seen the results we would like to see from Minsk II" - she added., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
The EU made a statement about the impossibility of rapprochement with Russia

President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the alienation between Europe and Russia continued to grow for the past fifteen years.

He said this in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, sends Russian edition DW.

According to the president of Germany, Russia now forms its identity by distancing most of Europe and the West, not by searching for common ground for interaction with them. Steinmeier stressed that this situation is even more complicated in 2014 after the occupation of Crimea and Russia's military intervention in eastern Ukraine.

"In this connection is not currently expect the unexpected rapprochement between Europe and Russia", - said the president of Germany.

He also warned Russia of trying to interfere in the Bundestag elections to be held on 24 September.

According to Steinmeier, "if it comes to that Moscow will try to influence the outcome of the vote," it will lead to the inevitable further depletion of reserve shared values ​​"which are in Germany and Russia.

"As for the one and for the other side it will be detrimental," - said the president of Germany.

As reported by "Apostrophe" yesterday, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel criticized the US Senate vote on new sanctions against Russia ., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Talk about the fact that Ukraine "is preparing an offensive," is Russian propaganda

Deputy Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine George Tooke explained some of the theses of the new bill "On peculiarities of state policy on the restoration of the state sovereignty of Ukraine at the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions."

As reported Tsenzor.NET , about this he wrote on his page on Facebook .

As Tuck wrote, based on the fact that the text of the bill has not been approved, and yesterday held a first discussion , it can only identify some general provisions:

- Ukraine does not refuse to Minsk agreements;

- Ukraine reserves a priority the search for peaceful solutions to problems;

- Ukraine is in no way calls into question the need for the return of control over its territory to the internationally recognized border, inclusive;

- the idea of creating the operational headquarters is exclusively concerned with the optimization of management processes Lugansk and Donetsk regions.

"Any talk that Ukraine" is preparing an offensive, "that" Kiev has decided to act militarily " all this is only an element rosiyskoy propaganda aimed at intimidating people and misinformation of our international allies, "- he podcheknul.

Recall NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that Ukraine needs to complete the anti-terrorist operation and switch to the new format to protect the country from a hybrid war with Russia. , Original in Russian / На русском
In Lutsk found the remains of victims of the NKVD

In the center of Lutsk began exhumation of the remains of more than a hundred victims of communist repression
With the city budget for these activities allocated 100 thousand, the press service at the town council.

Research conducted at the monastery bryhitok, where in Soviet times housed a prison.

"The works. Already found fragments of human bodies, clothes, shoes and so on. As the work completed remains of human bodies found perezahoronymo all Christian traditions in the territory of Lutsk prison. This place is just perfect for this" - said the office of mayor fulfills Igor Polishchuk.

According to head of the excavation, local historian Sergei Godlewski, 23-24 June 1941 on the orders of Lawrence Beria's NKVD carried out executions of prisoners Lutsk prison, after advancing forces of Nazi Germany.

"The prisoners kicked in the east and west of the prison yard and started shooting with machine guns and throwing grenades. After the body thrown into a pit that formed as a result of air strikes. According to various sources, including wells were five. There are various eyewitness accounts of those events. Here the remains of people aged 18 to 30 years. Sometimes 40 years. That was the generation of patriots who would give the offspring, "- he stressed.

Wiped primarily members of pro-Ukrainian anti-Soviet underground. According Godlewski in those days was shot from 1700 to 2500. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
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