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The beginning of the GOP/Trump genocide

on Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:57 am
The beginning of the GOP/Trump genocide

We all remember Hitler's genocide on Jews in the Holocaust, and many also remember of Stalin's genocide on Ukrainians. NOW! It seems, Trump and the GOP (Republican Party) will start the same in the US by killing off the needy, disabled and the poor sector. That in my opinion is genocide.

One reason why Hitler killed the Jews, he blamed them for Germany's economic shortcomings.

Stalin starved to death to death 10 million Ukrainians alone. He starved 7 million in ONE year. And ONE of the reasons was for economic reasons, as he stole all the wheat and grain the country had.

NOW! Trump and the GOP are planning on repeating the same methods as Hitler and Stalin used, by attempting to eliminate/kill-off those they find a burden to society. THAT to me is genocide.

Call it what you will, but when they want to eliminate health coverage for MILLIONS, the end result will be a massive increase if death, for those who currently can't afford to cover health cost. How many generations will continue to exist? How many will starve, because they can't afford medication that keeps them alive? How will they be able to take care of their siblings? How many that are currently disabled and need the extra care that Medicaid covers be able to get that specially needed care get it, when Trump and the GOP want to eliminate it?

I'm disabled and found out at a late age. My years are numbered. How much of an extra burden will it be for my wife to take care of me when I no longer can? That is one main reason why I'm moving to Ukraine, where medical needs are covered by the government, for those who can't. The way things are going now, at one point I won't be able to afford the coverage I need.

This will be the method of the GOP and Trump of legally killing off what they see as a big burden on the US economy and a burden on the 1% of the population. They want to give the rich a tax break that PAYS for what the needy must have to survive. They want to cut programs like Medicaid which 10's of millions depend on to survive and to ease the burden on those who take care of them. This won't only destroy the lives of those in need, but those that take care of them also. It'll be a domino affect. What do you think the end result will be? 10's of millions will die and more will be deeply burdened more than now. While those well-off will increase their gains on the deaths of those not as fortunate. What will remain are the upper class. It'll diminish the middle class, and wipe-out the lower class. That's what they want. To remove the burden from pure greed This is PURE genocide.

This isn't limited to only Democrats. This also includes MANY Republicans who are in need. Genocide doesn't have political ideals. This is a total population issue.

Think how your family members and relatives will be affected. How many of you are doing well, but your brothers, sisters, aunts or uncles will be affected. How can you stop this? Doing nothing and expecting others to do it for you will just make it get worse and last longer. Can you afford to take care of your children or your aunt or uncle that have nobody to assist them? Where will your future generation go?

Here's a true even during Stalin's Holodomor (human famine) genocide, told to me by my late step-mother who was a Holodomor survivor. I did an interview with her for a Ukrainian news anchor at that time called Steve Bandera who many are familiar with. In tears, she told me families had to eat dogs and cats to survive. It got to the point that some ate their babies to survive. These are documented facts many know. Imagine that occurring in the soon not to be the great country of the United States. If you don't want to see it get to that point, stand-up and make yourself be heard. Even the politicians in the Democratic Party which I belong to aren't taking it seriously enough. Call your representative. Put pressure on them. They put in place by you to serve them, not the special lobbyists, WHICH include insurance companies, doctors and hospitals that either think they're not making enough profit or can't afford to take care of the needy. We need all new young faces that can feel our pain. You don't want blood on your hands, like the GOP or even some Democratic politicians including Trump will have. Don't sit and watch, IF you care. Speak-out. Don't be a victim.
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