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News -
I've had a quick look at the news this morning.
Some talk about the G7 bringing in further sanctions against Russia, but I don't expect this to happen, to be honest.
I notice that Putin backed Blatter - mega corruption the football game - but right up Putin's street. He hosts the World Cup in 2018.
Lavrov calling for Russian "citizens" to be released. i.e. the Special forces officers caught planting mines.
Lies and lies and lies from Russia. And yet more lies. Shaun Walker school of journalism.

Weather -
Steady. 12 This morning. Should reach 20 or 22 today. Light sunshine.
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Kobzon "cleaned out" in Donetsk

May 28 "Voice of Russia" Joseph Kobzon during a visit to the occupied Donetsk robbed.

This source said the publication "informant."

It is learned that among those who received the delegation of the Russian singer crept thief.

In Kobzon have stolen laptop and several branded suits. However, to avoid scandal, ignored the event.

Recall, May 28, the singer, who supports the "DNR" and "FSC" visited Donetsk and participated in the festival last bell.

[] In Ukrainian[/url]
OSCE: On sites where heavy weapons were stored retracted, disappeared a few dozen howitzers and "Grad"

Moving heavy equipment previously allocated from the line of contact is a violation of the Minsk Agreement, stressed the OSCE.

Special monitoring mission of the OSCE stated that from the sites where stored allotted from the line of contact in the Donbass heavy weapons were gone about 30 units.

This is stated in the report of the mission for May 29, published on the official website of the OSCE.

So, from the site of the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost seven towed howitzer "MSTA-B" and six multiple launch rocket systems "Grad".

On the grounds of "LC" OSCE observers have not found nine "Grad", on the grounds "DNR" - six self-propelled howitzers 2S1 "Carnation", two howitzers D-30.

"Representatives of the" DNR "explained observers that howitzer D-30 were moved to the area south of Thorns", - the report said.

At the same time the OSCE stressed that such movement of heavy equipment is a violation of the Minsk Agreement.

After checking the storage areas allocated equipment May 28 OSCE observers reported that all equipment is in place. In Russian
In an interview with the ATU soldiers prisoner Grushnik made a confession: VIDEO

The network got a video shot Ukrainian military during a visit to the detainee at the Donbass Russian commando Alexander Alexandrov, who is in Kiev hospital.

This was written on his page on Facebook Advisor to the Deputy Defence Minister Vasily Budik.

"I doubt that he is sincere words said, but somewhere in my heart I hope that's true," - wrote Budik.

Asked by fighters ATO about whose fault the east of Ukraine are fighting, Alexander said that the fault lies with the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"This is all, of course, the policy of the regime", - said Russian prisoner by answering clarifying questions "whose regime?" - "Putin, whose else."

"It's a shame when I swear allegiance, orders are executed, and then refuse from you ... It would be better spent free time with my family, with my wife ..." - said snikshy Alexandrov.

According to Alexandrov, terrorists such as Igor Girkin, Motorola should be involved in the Russian criminal liability. Russian commando said he regretted the losses, both the Ukrainians and the part of the military Armed Forces, which are attracted to the fighting on the territory of Ukraine. "All the young ... all have children, wives, mothers, fathers ..", - said Alexander of his colleagues, who on the orders of Putin risking their lives for the sake of the Donbass nobody incomprehensible idea of ​​the "Russian world". Aleksandrov said in a frame that now, no matter what, he will have to answer for their actions in the Donbas by law Ukraine. Alyaksandr Aleksanlrov, unlike his fellow prisoner, too, Eugene Yerofeyev, agreed to cooperate with the investigation. In Russian
The European Commission told us why the world is in the Donbass not come soon

According to the vice-president of the European Commission, EU Commissioner for employment, economic growth, competitiveness and investment Jyrki Katainen introduction of sanctions against Russia EU says that the crisis in the east of Ukraine in the near future will not end.

This Katainen said on May 30 in an interview to a morning TV program Ykkösaamu, reports Yle .

The commissioner said he regretted the reluctance of Russia to promote the peace process in Ukraine. Katainen said that the new sanctions list Russia went public on Friday night.

"These actions show that, unfortunately, Ukrainian crisis will not soon be solved, although all want peace - said Katainen.

The commissioner stressed that according to the contract Minsk riots and violence must stop in eastern Ukraine.

"This requires political will, but unfortunately, Russia does not show sufficient desire for peace", - summed Katainen. In Russian
Putin's decree on the secrecy of zinc coffins blew social networks

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin secret list data on the losses of the Defence Ministry in the military, as well as in time of peace during a special operation.
Classifying immediately condemned the human rights organizations. In particular, the director of the international non-governmental organization Amnesty International, John Dalhousie said that his decree on referring to state secret information about casualties among Russian troops, Russian President Vladimir Putin is actually just hints at the presence of soldiers in the Armed Forces Ukraine.

The Kremlin immediately began to assert that the decree of the Russian authorities about zasekrechevanii data on losses of the Ministry of Defense of Russia in the war, as well as in time of peace during a special operation is not related to the armed conflict in the Donbas.
However, users of social networks at once otregirovali to this development.

Russian journalist Ksenia Sobchak wrote that under such circumstances to carry out investigative journalism just does not make sense. More Twitter tweets In Russian
Former US Ambassador: In the case of Ukraine, the invasion will weapons, but NATO will not come

If Russia decides to full-scale war with Ukraine, the United States will be ready to provide defensive weapons, said former US Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer, in an interview with Radio "Radio News".

"I think that if Russia starts large military operation in Ukraine, which is unlikely .. Washington is ready to provide defensive weapons. I think the United States will do it. And other NATO countries - the Baltic States, Poland, Canada, possibly the United Kingdom. You will see that the channel otkroets "- he said.

Pifer rule out the possibility of the introduction of NATO troops in Ukraine: "Even if Russia will make it unwise move, you will see the NATO forces that are ready to help Ukraine." "If Russia starts large military operation in Ukraine, then the result will be a guerrilla war. Here I will mention the words of one Ukrainian, who said that the Russians really need two weeks to go to Kiev, but they can never go back, "- said Pifer.

"And second, what you'll see - it's economic sanctions on Russia, and this could be the economic pain for Moscow. I believe that last year the economic sanctions have brought great losses, and they will increase. However, people with whom I spoke say that is even stronger measures that can make the West to influence more on the Russian economy. It is necessary to raise the question of the Kremlin - whether he is prepared to see its economy is completely ruined for such military action? "- Added Pifer. In Russian
Several German officials blacklisted by Russia, Berlin demands clarification

The German government demands that Russia clarify why eight German citizens were included in the "black list" of 89 politicians, diplomats and military officials from the European Union who are denied entry to the Russian Federation, according to a leading Russian news agency.

Russian news agency TASS reported that this was announced by Germany's Federal Foreign Office, although there is no announcement on the office's official website by the time of the report.

The official Berlin "is in contact with Moscow" and "insists on transparency" in settling this issue, TASS quoted the German Federal Foreign Office's statement. The blacklisted individuals have the right to know the causes behind the denial of entry to Russia, the office said.

The Russian move comes after a number of EU politicians were denied entry when arriving in Russia, with authorities saying the individuals were on a confidential "stop list." The EU and member states had repeatedly asked Moscow for the list, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Germany's Bild and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that the black list had been circulated by the Russian side among a number of European diplomatic missions in the Russian Federation....................... In Ukrainian
G7 pledges financial support to Ukraine - media

"Seven major advanced economies (G7) have pledged their further support to the Ukrainian Government," reads the article.
"We are seriously committed to do everything to help the Ukraine's Government implement their ambitious reform package," German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on behalf of his colleagues. The first task, he said, should be to achieve progress in the negotiations between Ukraine and its creditors on debt restructuring.............
I just noticed that the oil price has gone up a lot today.
Back to 60/ 65 a barrel. But I can't see the reason why at the moment.
Quite a big increase in a day. Up about 3 dollars / barrel, or 5%.

Admin sent me out to check on the hryvnia rate.
I saw 21.1 / 21.9 at the exchange bureau.
The first time I have seen both the buy and sell rates for the hryvnia below 22. - for a long time.

US oil settles up $2.62, or 4.5%, at $60.30 a barrel
Energy firms pulled another 13 rigs from U.S. oil fields this week, the biggest drop in four weeks, data showed on Friday, showing that a near six-month slump in activity had yet to run its course despite a rebound in crude oil prices.
That was the 25th straight weekly decline, bringing the total rig count down to 646, the lowest since August 2010, oil services company Baker Hughes Inc said in its closely followed report.
However, in the Eagle Ford basin in South Texas, the nation's second biggest shale oil field, drillers added one oil rig in the third weekly increase in a row, bringing the total up to 90.
U.S. crude, also known as West Texas Intermediate or WTI, closed up $2.62, or 4.54 percent, at $60.30 a barrel. July Brent, meanwhile, was up $3, or 4.8 percent, at $65.53.
NATO troops will not be introduced, even if Russia starts an open invasion of Ukraine (
This was stated in an interview with "Radio Vesti" former US Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer.

ATO headquarters: Separatists fired at Ukrainian military in all directions (

Into Ukraine from Russia invaded two columns of armored vehicles (
[soon there'll be more tanks than cars in Donetsk. ]

The "DNR" checkpoints guarded by minors - OSCE (
Militants of the terrorist organization the so-called "DNR" engage in criminal activities of minors. According to the daily briefing spokesman of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for ATO Colonel Andrei Lysenko, described in the report of the Special monitorinhovoyi OSCE mission on 28 May.
For example, in Makeyevka in the Donetsk region, observers noticed a child aged 12-14 years old, dressed in camouflage and with a gun in his hands. According to OSCE, the guy guarding one of the roadblocks on the outskirts of the city, spokesman ATO.
In English

Ukraine president appoints ex-Georgia leader Saakashvili governor [of Odessa oblast]

Looks Like Russia Wants Its Sanctions Extended Into 2016

Russia blacklists 89 European Union officials in response to sanctions
According to the above letter that was authenticated, Russia does not want the list to be made public.
"We feel that our policy aimed at protecting the personal information of those on the list of those barred from entering Russia is better than that of our Western partners of shouting names from the rooftops," said Russian deputy foreign minister Alexei Meshkov.
Berlin has called, however, for the list to be made public.
In a statement, the German foreign ministry said: "The [German] government expects the Russian authorities to publish any 'barred' list as well as the judicial means of contesting it.
"The people on this list must immediately know about it. They have the right to know the reasons and appeal."
ATO: Separatists opened fire 14 times. fire with heavy artillery and tanks (UkrInform)
14: 53
Putin's people are developing a new plan to capture Ukraine (24-channel)
In Russia, realized that capturing the Crimea military way, they lost the whole Ukraine. So now people of Vladimir Putin is looking for a new strategy to return control of the mind and the Ukrainians.
[I think the first step is to remove Putin, rather than "summer camps" and the like.
They've killed so many Ukrainians, a few conferences and scholarships - as suggested - are not going to help one little bit.
About 1000 people gather to greet Sakeshvilli as the new Governor of Odessa oblast (RBC-Ukraine)

[This on Sakhashvilli]

Berlin has demanded an explanation from Moscow because of the "black list" (' 97)
The former head of the General staff of Ukraine explained why Putin will launch an offensive (' 97)
"Everything that relates to the" LNR "and" DNR "," New Russia "is a utopia, and the Russian Federation does not care about it, or Ukraine, of course, ," he said.

It therefore considers that there is a high probability of fighters: "Russia has not reached its goal even with annexation of the Crimea. All that was done in the East, was done to ensure all the Crimea. Today they have no such opportunity, there is no agreement about the crossing of the State border and the Crimea to the territory of the Russian Federation, by rail and by road ".

SBU averted terrorist attack in Kiev, which prepared the Russian secret services (Charter ' 97)
According to the Russian curators, terrorist act during the "March of the white headscarves" was to destabilize the situation in the capital of Ukraine and provoke unrest. After the attacks, saboteurs planned to return to the territory temporarily occupied by militants.

Aidar walked the parade in Kiev with the military cadets (RBC-Ukraine)

[also laid flowers to fallen heroes]

In English

Russian Military Insignia Are Reported in Ukraine
“During the conversation with the two women, a vehicle with Russian Federation number plates stopped next to the O.S.C.E. vehicles and two armed men, similarly dressed, exited the car and ordered the women to stop the conversation,” the report stated.

Matthew Fisher: Tiny Transnistria could hold best clue to Putin’s expansionist vision
Practically speaking, Transnistria is part of Russia. It is in the same dubious legal limbo as Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which remain formally part of Georgia, but also have Russian troops keeping the peace after short wars of secession and look to Putin for inspiration, protection and handouts.
09: 09
Prisoners - Russian saboteurs - have commented on the visit of the Russian Consul (Perspective)(ya racurs)
"I asked him a few questions. There was no answer to them.
[From what I hear, the British embassy in Kiev is just the same. Unless you are an MP.]

Yesterday evening the terrorists shelled four times Širokine-the headquarters of ATO (Channel 5)
During the battle in the Krasnogorìvki injured two soldiers of ATO (Channel 5)

Poroshenko and Steinmeier discussed ways to implement agreements, Minsk (City Pulse)
[very difficult to implement an agreement when one side simply does not want to comply with it.]

Russia is seeking to regain a part of Ukraine «DNR/LNR for the destruction of the country, "Fesenko (Wave)
IN English

Journalists at St Petersburg’s 100TV resign after pressure “to become like LifeNews”
Since the start of the Ukraine crisis, increased pressure to change editorial policies in favour of the government has resulted in a number of high profile resignations and firings from some of the country’s top news outlets, stoking concern for the future of independent-minded media in the country.
[Independent minded media in Russia? You must be joking. All from the "Shaun Walker" school of journalism now. Russiaprofile, RIA Novosti, Lifenews... propaganda]

Special Report: Russian fighters, caught in Ukraine, cast adrift by Moscow
Once inside Ukraine's separatist-held Luhansk region, his unit provided reconnaissance support to the separatists, he said. Separatist irregulars did most of the fighting, he said, and on occasion came close to shooting the Russian forces by mistake.
"I think that probably they need to drink less. Half of them are ex-convicts.
In English

Ukraine May Save $15.8 Billion Under Proposed Debt Swap

Russian Tourists Struck by Lightning in Crete
[One of the few places where the Russian murderers are welcomed.
Crete is part of Greece. Putin supporters. Scumballs.
I spoke to a German friend yesterday. He said that Germans were boycotting Greece - no German tourists there at all.

Soldier in Russia's Troll Army Sues Her Ex-Employer
Savchuk said she was fired after speaking to the media about her employer, Internet Research, which she described as part of Russia's "troll factory," according to the report.
For one and a half hours, the terrorists shot at the Širokino with forbidden artillery. In the area of Krasnogorovki and Lozovoy fighting ongoing -press P (No censor.)

United States: new sanctions against the RF may discuss at a Summit of the G7 (the Telegraph)

OSCE: Zakharchenko has health problems (Фокус.ua)
[and so theoretically cannot travel outside his base to discuss "peace". до конца июля.- until the end of July.
I noticed at the war parade in early May he was completely plastered. Alcohol problems? or?
Is he the next one to be replaced by Putin?
Kiev police used weapons during the arrest of a vehicle offenders

Law enforcers detained the attackers on the car from which seized the remains of the mixture similar to narcotic substances, as well as objects like a gun, and a grenade fuse. It is reported by the press service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kiev.

After nine pm outfit patrol officers who worked in the territory Holoseievski district of the capital, drew attention to the car "Daewoo Lanos" with two people in the cabin. Men's behavior aroused suspicion. Law enforcers have decided to establish the personal data of passengers "Daewoo" and check the car for the presence of prohibited items.

Seeing that the police approach to the car "Lanos" picked up speed. The patrol began pursuit.

"Daewoo Lanos" tried to "break away" from law enforcement, boldly breaking the rules of the road: a significant speeding, roundabouts at red lights, exit into oncoming traffic, crossing a double solid line markings. On the way offenders were thrown through the windows of packets with an unknown substance.

The chase ended in the Dnipro district of the capital. There's a police patrol car caught up with offenders. In the car pursued by men got object resembling a gun. Police inspector, acting ahead of the curve, made several warning shots from a service weapon up. When the attackers did not react to the actions of law enforcement officers, the police tried to stop the vehicle is damaged by trespassers.

"Daewoo Lanos" finally began. Suspects were detained. One of the offenders, who were injured, an ambulance was sent to the hospital. Second was taken to the district police department.

With the transport of detainees staff investigation group seized the remains of a substance similar to the drug, as well as objects like a gun, and a grenade fuse.

The incident was registered. Withdrawn sent for examination. The information entered in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations in several articles of the Criminal Code: 263 of the Criminal Code (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition and explosives), 309 of the Criminal Code (illegal storage, transportation of narcotics), 342 of the Criminal Code (resistance to authority, law enforcement agency). In Russian
Poland disappointed in the approach of the Czech Republic in the conflict in Ukraine-analyst (FaceNews.UA)
[posted earlier by Admin, but worth repeating.
The Czech President went to Moscow for Putin's war party.
Amazing - after how many suffered under the occupation in the Czech Republic.

The presence of the "Shells" of Russia in the Donets Basin proved by journalists (Details)
Russia prepares for 29th Donbass fighters «humkonvoj» (NewsOboz)
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