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Operation "Heir-2" in the Russian said, who can replace Putin and Medvedev

on Wed Jul 01, 2015 6:55 pm
The head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov is trying to position itself as a possible successor to Vladimir Putin .
Such an opinion in an interview with " Radio Liberty "stated Russian economist, former adviser to Putin , Andrei Illarionov .
The expert noted that, at least since mid-March this year, Ivanov's presence in the Russian media has increased qualitatively.
"On the President of the Russian Federation, there was a second part of the chief of staff or administration. This does not exist anywhere, it does not exist in the United States or in Germany or in France, nor in any other country ... It is clear that such phenomena are not random, moreover, they can not happen without the consent, without informing Putin, "- he stressed.
Garry Kasparov about Hitler, error West, and that is why Putin is more dangerous than LIH
"The second thing you should pay attention: Mr. Ivanov regularly comment on a wide range of issues, including not directly related to the responsibility of the head of the presidential administration. He comments on foreign policy issues, he comments on economic issues, that has nothing to do with it duties. It is present almost in all events, which are attended by Putin, such a kind of a second person. Clearly, this is an explicit representation, explicit removal of a completely different level of information is it ", - said Illarionov.
Along with Ivanov, he said, sharply increased its activity, former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.
Asked whether Kudrin claims to head the government of Russia, Illarionov said, "I would draw your attention to the statement ... that Alexey Leonidovich made in Finland at the International Conference on Security, which reproduced the first time seems to be completely full set of hawkish Foreign politics, from which he usually abstained. That is, he began to talk about what our Crimea, that the main threat arises we have with NATO, that NATO is approaching our borders, which, of course, the situation in Ukraine can only be resolved when NATO should act accordingly, and so on. "
The sociologist explained why the Russians Putin defended the inerrancy
"Mr. Ivanov couple of days later at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, suddenly broke in courtesy in relation to the very Alexei Kudrin, speaking of what remarkable achievements have been made to them as Minister of Finance, as he was right to do what it is doing, and so on ... I think these pleasantries exchanged mutual, and Sergei Ivanov, and Aleksei Kudrin has publicly demonstrated to the public the new emerging before our eyes, and may already be formed, but presented to the public two tandem Vladimir Putin's closest men, one from a security standpoint, the other with economic point of view ", - he said.
"After exchanging pleasantries, perepasovav each other such signs of loyalty and recognition, it seems to me, the two of them made a request for some guidance in the case, if something happens to the first person, then someone will go to the first person, someone goes the second person, "- said the expert.
The most idiotic statements Putin
"This is, I would say," Operation Heir-2. "At the time, in 1999-2000, the persons involved in the nomination of Vladimir Putin as Yeltsin's successor, were very proud of the success of the operation, which they called" Operation Heir. "All direct participants, 5-7, who was involved in this decision, at least in the first year and a half, very proud of how they conducted this operation. I think we are now seeing signs that the operation began, "Heir-2 "or maybe even" heirs-2 ", and 2 has a double meaning: first, the operation is repeated, and secondly, the heirs of the two really" - he added.
As reported by the "Observer", Andrei Illarionov also talked about the new approach of Vladimir Putin in relations between Ukraine and the West. In Russian

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