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Human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva: Living in Russia is getting worse

on Fri Jul 03, 2015 5:44 pm
The founder of the Moscow Helsinki Group, a Russian human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva in an interview with "Commander in Chief" said that in recent years Russia has been in the opposite direction, it becomes worse to live.

"I am a historian. I can say that not only now, but throughout our history all began with Moscow to St. Petersburg earlier, when this city was the capital. And only then, little by little, gradually extended to the provinces. It is preserved today. I'm sure that 15% of those Russians who do not share the general opinion (on the policy of the Russian Federation and personally Putin) in Moscow, a significant number of people, much more than 15%. In recent years, we are going in the opposite direction, it becomes worse to live. They do not go out, not because they are afraid. You know, in fact, the main incentive - not fear. The main incentive - awareness of the futility of these outputs. Like, well, then I'll go, if from this it does not work, here's the thing. Of course, we are patient, but we do not cowardly. In this regard, we are like the Ukrainians, we are not afraid, "- said Alekseev.

She believes that man should think and decide on the protest.

"Unfortunately, I'm in such cases, keep quiet. Firstly, because that's not my business to incite people. I think that man has to think and decide. I can only answer for myself, I can not call on, especially knowing that it may be difficult for them to end. Secondly, as I have an old man, I, unfortunately, go very bad, hardly move without assistance. Can someone's arm to pass, but a very small distance. Since then I urge people to go, if I do not go out? That's when we had a movement, protests for the defense of the 31st article of the Russian Constitution (article on the right to assemble for peaceful rallies and demonstrations), I actively participated in those actions. I know that my arguments have acted. Although I am not personally familiar with Artemy Troitsky (Artemy Troitsky - Russian music critic), but I was told that he was out of stock. He said, they say, Alexeyev - such an old woman out, and I, well, a big guy, I'll stay at home? It's a shame, too, and began to leave, "- said founder of the Moscow Helsinki Group.

Alexeyev said he did not know in what form the protest will result (which is today in Russia), but knows that he will not decrease, it will increase.

"And there's nothing you can do about any harsh repression or some other tricky techniques. Yes, it is possible for some time, some part of the population zadurit head. But this is temporary. Therefore, I say that I do not know what will spill protests, but I know that it will remain so - will act, "- summed up Alexeev. In Russian

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