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News -
Some news at lunchtime of more dead soldiers found at Donetsk airport.
So sad.
I spent a lot of time yesterday talking to friends - politics. I'm amazed how many are disgruntled with things.
Everybody is bad - politicians, businessmen, people with money, everybody..  And they want everything super - visa regime, good salary, free gas and electricity - today. And yet they know it won't happen.
I asked one girl who is very forceful what political party she supports? She couldn't answer the question. All parties are bad.
Many want some new political system. Like Maidan. But you can't run a country with a show of hands.
That's exactly what Yanukovich did with the dictator laws.
It was good to talk to people, but - I sense there is no unity. Only a wish for perfection. But nobody knows how to get there.
And everybody is bad, corrupt. All the politicians. I know for a fact that many of those talking about corruption themselves don't pay taxes. But they complain when other people do the same!
Many are living in an unreal world.
One thing is for sure. They know that they are at war with Russia. But - they are not united. And this is not good at the moment. (my personal opiniion, of course)

We did have one good laugh discussiing Azarov's use of Ukrainian. The former PM under Yanukovich would often say, "Zdreesni".
This was his attempt at saying "Zdrastvutchi" (Russian)  - sort of hello - but with his "Ukrainian " type accent.
The problem is that, in Ukrainian, this means - .. sort of - get out of my sight, rather than "hello" ..
The comedy show, 95 Kvartal make a lot of this.

Weather -
ok. 25C now. Sunny. I just got a bit of sunburn this morning playing Badminton in the park. I need to take care.

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Malomuzh: Russia does not have the resources for a full-scale attack

If Russia starts large-scale offensive, NATO will unlock its neutrality and will strong international confrontation scenario. Russia understands this and is afraid of it, convinced the former chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Army General Nikolai Malomuzh.

Scenario full Russian attack on Georgia is unlikely because Russia is dependent on an assessment of what is happening by the international community and does not have the necessary resources for the offensive.

Such an opinion in the TV channel "112 Ukraine" stated General of the Army of Ukraine, ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Mykola Malomuzh.

"To attack need powerful military reserves which neither militants nor Russia. And Russia is still very much dependent on how the international community, especially the countries of the" Big Seven "and NATO, assess the situation. If it starts large-scale offensive, NATO unlocks its neutrality and will strong international confrontation scenario. Russia understands this and is afraid of this, it is now no such resources, "- said Malomuzh.

According to him, Ukraine is not too powerful forces in the current "hot" spots. "We do not have powerful forces at these points - Shirokino, Avdeevka, Sands, which could provide a decent defense, defense, fight back and create those structures that could provide safe shelter to our soldiers," - said Malomuzh.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk considers unlikely a new offensive Russia until 29 June, when the EU has to decide whether to extend the sanctions.

: In
US missile destroyer enters Black Sea to combat Russian threat

American missile destroyer USS Ross has entered the Black Sea, to support NATO member countries and its allies in the wake of Russia's actions in Ukraine. The US Navy said the vessel's presence shows Washington's firm commitment and willingness to strengthen the combat capabilities of its regional partners. It added crews would work in close cooperation with its allies to ensure maritime safety, battle readiness and naval potential. The ship has already completed two missions in the Black Sea region, in September and November last year.........

Read further at link:

Perhaps the EU will get off their asses and do something on their own also. Pansies!
Reuters: As Russia growls, EU goes cool on eastern promises

With violence continuing in eastern Ukraine, Moscow renewed its opposition to the EU's eastern moves

EU leaders meeting in Latvia's capital Riga last week would have paid little heed to the rundown building across the street, seemingly unpainted since Brezhnev's day, or the fading slogan daubed across its roof.

"You are not alone!" it yelled in Russian.

It might have been the mantra recited by the Europeans to six ex-Soviet neighbours at the so-called Eastern Partnership Summit, who went away with EU pledges of aid and trade.

Yet read the gnomic graffiti another way and you hear a hint of the menace of an uninvited spectator, a slogan for President Vladimir Putin's refusal to leave Moscow's former satellites alone to the embrace of a Western bloc he sees as hostile.

For the first partnership summit since the flare-up of the Ukraine conflict last year was dominated by Russia. And the talks revealed how uneasy many European Union members are about confronting Moscow, leaving Ukraine and other partners, like Georgia and Moldova, feeling the chill.

The summit statement, long on jargon about economic cooperation and democracy, disappointed those seeking a hard promise of EU membership. And though 'Russia' appeared just once in 5,000 words, it was the spectre at the feast.................

Read further at link:
Moscow residents wearing Ukrainian shirts gather for flash mob on Sunday (PHOTOS)

Participants in the event have marched along the Arbat, a pedestrian street about one kilometer long in the historical center of Moscow, according to an UNIAN correspondent in Russia.

A flash mob was organized in the center of Moscow, Russia's capital, on Sunday when participants in the event were wearing traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts, or vyshyvanka, having thus supported Ukrainians who celebrated the Day of Vyshyvanka on May 21, an UNIAN correspondent in Russia reported.

The flash mob was organized through social networks and gathered 20 participants, who marched along the Arbat, a pedestrian street in the historical center of Moscow, while singing and dancing.

The organizers say they had concerns about safety during their mini-march, but in the end, the majority of Russians in Moscow streets reacted positively to the participants dressed in the traditional Ukrainian clothes. Even tourists from South Korea joined the flash mobbers.

However, some Russians did not hide their dislike of the event, some of them used a vulgar language. A "vigilant" woman even threatened to call the police after having heard the Ukrainian slogan "Slava Ukrayini! [Glory to Ukraine].".

"Vyshyvanka is a real work of art. But it also authenticates the Ukrainian idea, Ukrainianness. It also helps consolidate the Ukrainian movement in Moscow," flash mobber Valery Semenenko said.

He claims he has always wanted to take part in a vyshyvanka parade in Moscow, "but knowing where we live, I considered participating in the event with great caution."

"We've arranged a pure flash mob event in the form of a Ukrainian-style stroll. Participants were warned that they shouldn't carry flags or banners, as it could be treated as an unauthorized rally," Semenenko said.

"Vyshyvanka is not only a piece of the beautiful clothes Ukrainians wear today, it is Ukraine's call for humanity and peace," he said.

Another flash mobber, Boris, says he is not afraid of wearing Ukrainian-style clothes in Moscow despite of current anti-Ukrainian hysteria in Russia.

"We, the citizens of Russia, stand for peace and friendship. I'm afraid of living in my own country. Time will come when everything will change for the better, I'm sure," he added..............

Read further at link:
Guriyev: Moscow can’t maintain current levels of military spending much longer

“Kudrin’s economic logic today is even more just than it was on the day he was fired. If Russia in favorable times couldn’t allow itself to spend up to four percent of GDP on defense,” then it certainly can’t at a time when oil prices have collapsed and Western sanctions have been imposed, Guriyev concludes.

By Paul Goble* for “Windows on Eurasia”:

The Russian government cannot afford to maintain its current levels of military spending for long because its shift of resources to the military sector is threatening the rest of the Russian economy and because its reserve fund will be insufficient to pay for this spending for more than another year or two, according to Sergey Guriyev [seen in accompanying photo].

Guriyev, currently an economics professor at the Sciences Po in Paris and earlier the rector of the Russian School of Economics in Moscow, says that experts have known this for some time but that the Kremlin has gone ahead anyway, something that opens the way for radical shocks ahead (

The Russian government’s original budget for 2015 was based on the assumption that oil would be 100 US dollars a barrel, that Russia’s GDP would grow two percent, and that inflation would not exceed five percent, he notes. None of those things has proven to be the case; and the government has cut overall spending by approximately eight percent.

“Nevertheless,” he continues, that has not prevented the government deficit from ballooning from 0.5 percent of GDP to 3.7 percent, “a serious problem” even though Russia’s sovereign debt forms “only 13 percent of GDP” because the Ukrainian war has increased spending and Western sanctions have made it harder to borrow.

As a result, Moscow has been forced to dip into its reserve fund. That fund currently amounts to six percent of GDP. Consequently, if the deficit continues at 3.7 percent, the Russian government will run out of money in about two years, forcing it either to withdraw from Ukraine in order to end the sanctions regime or change its budgets in fundamental ways.

Both steps would entail “major political risks for Putin,” Guriyev says.....................

Read further at link:
Russian actor Merzlikin came to support the militants, "DNR"

Russian actor Andrei Merzlikin arrived in Donetsk occupied by militants, which, presenting the film "Brest Fortress" called the war with the army of Ukraine heroes.

"While in Donetsk, I confidently say that there is this motion picture is symbolic, because your city - a modern Brest Fortress. Each of you, the whole community will be named the Hero of your fortress. Therefore, today I once again proud to present the film reconstruction of "Brest Fortress", - said at the meeting Merzlikin.

Support Merzlikin occupation did not come alone - in a meeting in Donetsk attended the Russian producer and director Valery Bakirov, People's Artist of Russia Nadezhda Krigina singer, composer Alexander Marchakovsky and other transfers In Russian
Occupants in a panic because of the strengthening of Ukrainian position around Mariupol

Russian occupants in a panic because of the strengthening of Ukrainian position near Mariupol and Volnovakha.

On the forums of Russian terrorists spread information, which they claim the strengthening of Ukrainian positions between Mariupol and Volnovaha. According to them, the APU is building fortifications depth of 50 km, caponiers and bunkers made of reinforced concrete. The construction was taken to the forest work contractors from different regions, says "Charter 97".

Terrorists understood that the Ukrainian side is ready to repel Russian attacks mercenaries lunch Mariupol. For many it has caused panic and negative discussion of their own leadership. In Russian
Russian political scientist explained why Putin does not soon go on the offensive in the Donbas

Russian President Vladimir Putin in the near future will not go on the offensive in the Donets Basin, and the military force it accumulates there to put pressure on the West.

Such an opinion in an interview with "apostrophe" stated a Russian political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky.

"The accumulation of Russian troops coming. The sharp increase in the Russian military budget is fixed. But the prevailing tactic for today is the pressure on Kiev via bait preservation of "territorial integrity" of Ukraine. A demonstration of military capabilities is parallel to blackmail, "- he explained.

According to experts, in the near future, the probability of escalation of the situation in the east of Ukraine is low.

"At least until the decision of the European Union on the renewal or non-renewal of sanctions. Now Moscow declared the so-called new policy of peaceful coexistence with the West. She was very frank formulated into a kind of docking article Lukyanova (Fyodor Lukyanov, a pro-Kremlin Russian zhurnalista.- ed.) On April 16 at «Moscow Times». This is a direct appeal to the West, where Lukyanov explicitly recognizes that further military escalation in Russia would, as he writes, "is extremely dangerous and costly." It offers a deal to the West: the Crimea and ours, and we keep on Lugandoniey its influence, but then we do not go, "- said Piontkovsky.

"And it's very pleasant to the West. The reaction to this peaceful coexistence was "fantastic" Kerry's visit, which he asked for, what with great pleasure to write the Russian press, "- said the analyst.

"There, at a press conference, he happily chimed Lavrov threatened finger Poroshenko, the word" Crimea "was never uttered. In general, he behaved as we would like Moscow in these settings, the new peaceful coexistence. So in today's agenda day - peace offensive at the same time a show of force, "if you do not respond to our peaceful aspirations may follow a further escalation of the conflict", - said Russian political analyst. In Russian
Russian Embassy ignored the requests of prisoners Grushnik

The Russian Embassy in Kiev declined to respond to the requests of his countrymen who were detained in a conflict zone in the Donbas Russian servicemen Captain Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Sergeant Alexander Alexandrov.

This is stated in the investigation of the "Novaya Gazeta".

The embassy said that they have a day off, but the request was advised to e-mail.

The journalist managed to communicate with the department on duty through the intercom.

"Well, not the same on Saturday (to address issues Yerofeyev and Alexandrov. - Ed.), Saturday and Sunday - the weekend!" - Said the Russian embassy.

Recall the Russian Special Forces Sergeant Alexander Alexandrov, whose forces have detained ATO May 16 near the city of happiness, the court arrested until July 19. In Russian
Veterans marching in Chicago was held under the Ukrainian flag (Photo)

The Ukrainians - veterans of the US armed forces took part in the military parade in Chicago. The parade was dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of the US, said "LigaNovosti"

Ukrainian-American veterans have been one of the main streets of downtown Chicago, the front carrying Ukrainian and American flags. The audience applause greeted the column, some shouting «Ukraine!», Veterans in response chanted "Glory to Ukraine!".

Before the parade veterans Ukrainians visited the cemetery of St. Nicholas, which replaced all the old military flags on the graves of veterans.

Every year in May in the United States celebrate Memorial Day - a national holiday dedicated to the memory of American soldiers killed in all the wars and armed conflicts in which the United States participated. In Russian
Russians complain of life because of the sanctions of the West - poll

Over the past six months has increased the number of Russians who consider the situation in the country's tense and crisis.

This is evidenced by a study of the Institute of Sociology of RAS "Russian daily in times of crisis', conducted in late March - early April 2015.

According to the study, nearly a quarter of Russians (24%) believe that the changes in the country have led to positive changes, and 69% - negative. Six months ago, they were equally cites research publication "Vedomosti".

At the same time, Russians still believe that the source of the problem lies outside of Russia.

As noted, the years of stability, citizens have accumulated "safety margin", but if the fall of 2014, the deteriorating financial state said only 22%, and now - 46%. At the same time 45% believe that the sanctions have a major impact, but Russia will be able to sustain them. 14% say that the necessary measures for their removal.

The deterioration of sentiment associated with the uncertainty of the future, said the head of the Center for Comprehensive Social Research Institute of Sociology Vladimir Petukhov. During the year the population felt the inclusion of Russia in the world processes.

"It turned out that any, even successful actions are expensive, which means that they have something bad" - says the sociologist.

The attitude to sanctions. People think that they will survive, but to place the positive mobilization come rational assessment, said Petukhov. Increased generation for which the consumer society - routine, they are determined rationally and are not willing to sacrifice personal well-being. In Russian
Tymchuk accused Russian Railways in the supply of military equipment militants

Open Joint Stock Company "Russian Railways" since February, was transferred to the Donbass 80 multiple rocket launchers and more than 200 tanks.

This was on his Facebook page said the coordinator of the "information resistance," MP Dmitry Tymchuk.

MP commented on the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin that the United States allegedly provoked the crisis in Ukraine.

"According to the group of IP, only the beginning of May, after the conclusion of the second agreement in Minsk in February 2015, was transferred to the Railways of Donbass at the disposal of terrorists 80 MLRS (in Vol. H. And" Tornado "), more than 200 tanks, 100 armored personnel carriers and BMP, to 1000 (!) trucks with ammunition and other means of logistics. All this stuff spread across Donbass killing and war, "- said Timchuk.

He also stressed that, according to the group IP only for the period from 20 to 25 April in the "DNI / LC" from Russia, RZD delivered 80 wagons of ammunition.

"This is the direct support and collaboration with terrorists. Direct software bloody escalation of the conflict. By any international standards - a crime ", - said Popov. In Russian
Patriarch Kirill has found no atheists in the Kremlin and in Ukraine

Atheism became the state ideology of Ukraine, said on Sunday the Patriarch of Moscow Kirill, after service in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. He noted that the Orthodox civilization over the past century stood "the test of atheism and scary, bearing a threat to the very existence of our people, the dangers that come to us from abroad." He assured that the Orthodox Church prays every day "for that militant atheism has receded and no longer manifests itself through state power."

According to head of the Russian Orthodox Church, "when atheism became the state ideology and as a result people are dying, crumbling temples - this is more than an ideology."

Ukraine has already responded to this statement. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill is to urge Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian leadership to stop all open aggression against Ukraine, which are clearly not Christian activities.

This was announced by press secretary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate, Archbishop Eustratius (Zorya).

According to the archbishop, such statements of Patriarch Kirill is "an element of the Kremlin's propaganda against Ukraine."

Eustratius said, is a "very strange to hear, given the fact that an open lie, undisguised and open aggression has been the leadership of his own state."

"Why is he not calling their leadership to stop the actions that are clearly non-Christian acts? ... His own president shows no sign of significantly more ungodly man by his actions than those who are behind the actions of the Ukrainian state," - said the archbishop Yevstratii.

According to him, this kind of statement - further proof that the Moscow church in the face of its leadership is one of the tools of the Kremlin and another element of propaganda against Ukraine. In Russian
Slipping away from the West

Economist: “The West needs to do a lot more if Ukraine’s economy is not to collapse completely. It should remember what happened in Poland.”

Commentary from the Economist, May 21, 2016

IN A LEADER this week we argue that the West should treat Ukraine like it treated Poland in the early 1990s. Poland has had bucketloads of aid and economic assistance thrown at it since the 1990s, its economy booming as a result. Ukraine, on the other hand, has received hardly any at all. Now both its politics and its economy are in a mess.

Here are a few charts that show how the West has got it wrong with Ukraine. Firstly, as we argued in this week's leader

In the early 1990s Poland wanted a European, not a Russian, future. The West saw its chance. From 1990 to 2000 Poland received a bucket-load of aid—more than any other country, in fact, except Egypt, India and China [see first chart]. There was plenty of debt relief, reducing Poland’s external-debt-to-GDP ratio from 83% in 1990 to 56% a few years later. All this was tied to strong reforms, like putting the economy in private hands....................
Russians protest Stalin monument in Lipetsk

A group of Russians protested the installation of a monument to Joseph Stalin in Lipetsk, Rosbalt reports May 24, citing Radio Svoboda.

The monument was installed by local Communists near their Lipetsk office.

The protest was organized by “Memorial” activists from Komi who covered 1,500 km to get to Lipetsk.

An activist from Siktivkar, student Marina Sedova was standing stood near the monument for over 2.5 hours with a poster saying “Stalin is a tyrant and murderer. He killed my grandfather.”

She expects her initiative will give a start to the all-Russia campaign.
Russian diplomats in Kyiv refuse to visit captured officers at weekend

When journalists contacted the Russian embassy in Kyiv on Saturday, May 23, saying they have requests of the 2 captured special forces officers to Russian officials, the latter said it was a day off and the requests can be passed by e-mail, Ukrayinska Pravda reports, citing Novaya Gazeta May 24.

On getting such answer at the Russian embassy, the journalists went to the consular department. The result was the same – “we don’t work weekends.”

On Friday, SBU chief adviser Markian Lubkivsky said, speaking in a political talk show, that his agency hadn’t received any requests from the Russian consular officials to visit the 2 servicemen held in a hospital in Kyiv.

Earlier, the Russian attaché in Kyiv Andrej Vorobiev accused Ukraine diplomats of stonewalling their demands to see the servicemen.
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