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Who was really behind accusing Ukraine of discontinuing the Manafort case in the US? Empty Who was really behind accusing Ukraine of discontinuing the Manafort case in the US?

on Thu May 03, 2018 7:37 am
Who was really behind accusing Ukraine of discontinuing the Manafort case in the US?

This morning, it’s has been reported that there’s no truth to Ukraine discontinuing the US case against Manafort and his dealings in Ukraine.

This report was started with a New York Times reporter Andrew E. Cramer: Andrew E. Kramer has been a reporter based in the Moscow bureau for The New York Times since September 2005. This isn’t something new with foreign reporters from within Russia to become turncoats. Recall Walter Duranty, and American journalist back in the 1930’s was paid to keep quiet of Stalin’s genocide in Ukraine causing over 10 million killed. So Kramer in Moscow is normal practice.

A little background on a former Ukrainian president Yanukovych, elected in 2010. Manafort at that time was working as an adviser for Yanukovych.

Before Yanukovych was president Viktor Yushchenko. His Prime Minister was Yulia Tymoshenko, which was known to be very power hungry. Before the 2010 election, Tymoshenko started bashing the president that chose her as PM.

At one point, she offered to share powers with Yanukovych, if she was elected as the next president. I recall seeing the document that was never signed by Yanukovych.

At that time, there was Yuriy Lutsenko who became Prosecutor Attorney General who was tightly knit to Tymoshenko. Lutsenko at that time also ran interference for Tymoshenko.

Very soon there will be a presidential election where Tymoshenko is currently on top of the polls. She lately has tried to start bashing the current president as she did during the Yushchenko tenure. And ALSO! Tymoshenko went to Russia to sign a horrendously expensive gas contract with Putin, at a price of $400/. She has had close ties with Putin, in the past.

Putin at this moment would want to have Tymoshenko as Ukraine’s president, as he has her in his pocket. And he’d want to have any connections between Manafort and he eliminated.

So consider! The current Prosecutor General, which is Lutsenko, had close ties with Tymoshenko. She’s looking at the next presidential election and would like to make President Poroshenko to look bad by stopping the Manafort case assistance. It makes Poroshenko look bad and would cause gains on her popularity.

All the reports until now don’t state that Lutsenko was the PG that said the investigation was stopped. And this morning, it was stated by Deputy Prosecutor General Yenin that there was no cancellation of the Manafort investigation. That in it shows who might’ve been the one that leaked yesterday’s headlines.

Consider the connection: Putin, Tymoshenko & Lutsenko.

This fake news would also help Trump. Any documentation with a Trump/Manafort connection wouldn’t be revealed, thus not help Mueller’s investigation.

The bottom line is, this was created by Putin to destabilize Ukraine, which currently he’s not happy with due to its gains although slowly, is destroying all his plans to weaken Ukraine. This headline in Ukraine would cause damage to Poroshenko and company. The exact person Putin wants to hurt.

So don’t take this headline seriously.

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