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Shaun Walker - Kremlin Apologist

on Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:54 am
Shaun Walker produces the "perfect" article to please Putin and Shameus Milne.
Walker - "journalist" - is stretching the term - works for Russiaprofile, now RIA Novosti and The Guardian.
Expect a big pay check for this article from the Kremlin, and from Milne, Stalin sympathizer, and Guardian editor.

MH17 crash one year on: blame game continues over who shot down plane
Truth no closer...
A year later, there has been no conclusive proof of who was responsible, ..., possibly ....Messages appeared ..., but were swiftly deleted.


Absolutely super for Putin. These are the articles he loves... no proof - possibly....
Putin will probably give Walker the freedom of Moscow for this distortion of the truth.
What about all the Bellingcat reports, tracking the Buk system across Russia and into Ukraine? And its removal - swift removal...
All the photos, evidence. The proof that Russia actually produced false evidence?
Not one photo or reference to Bellingcat from Walker. Nothing - zippo. What a distortion of the truth, the evidence.
It is what is missing from the article that betrays Walker for what he is.
His article - just lovely Putin propaganda. .... no proof.... possibly..... perfect for the Kremlin.

Everybody in Holland knows that the blood of those 298 innocent people is on Putin's hands.
Shaun Walker knows it to. He is not an idiot. He knows precisely what he is doing. He is very clever.
And these are the worst propagandists, of course.
Walker has lived in Moscow for near 15 years now.. And with this article - he guarantees his residency for another year or ten.

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on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:21 am
Just reading his marvellous piece of propaganda again, it is very skillfully written.
His first few paragraphs are quotes from babuskhas about bits falling down from the sky....
I think that by now we can all agree that MH17 fell out of the sky over eastern Ukraine.
But this, of course, fills up quite a bit of space, and gains the reader's confidence.

But look at the "evidence" that Walker produces....

Exactly who was controlling the Buk remains a mystery, although there is some evidence ...
....but one of his former prisoners said Bezler could not have shot down the plane.

“The recording they released was about another plane. I was there when he was talking about it,” said Vasyl Budik,
..., he was going crazy; he understood that there would be major consequences for the rebels. But Bezler had nothing to do with it.....”

Now - hold on....
A guy who was held in prison for 3 months was sat next to Bezler when all this was going on, and knows for sure that Bezler "had nothing to do with it". ???
This is "top stuff" from the Moscow resident "journalist" Walker... wow....
Kremlin trolls get to work!!! Thanks again to good ol' Shaun.

What about Bezler's facebook page boasting about shooting another plane down, and his messages to the "DNR guys"  - as Walker refers to the terrorists - to go and get photos of "the bird".... And then he deletes his facebook reference?? why?? A slip of the finger, Shaun???

Of course, absolutely no reference to any of this by Walker... no... A guy locked up in prison knows that Bezler had nothing to do with it. ...
Well - as Shaun would say, "I rest my case. I take both Visa and Mastercard. Thank you, Mr Putin, sir."

Hopefully the reader is beginning to see now why these sort of "journalists" make me puke.
Walker is very very clever in what he does, and how he very carefully selects his "information".
Indeed, he is the Kremlin's favourite "journalist".

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:06 am; edited 1 time in total
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on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:57 am
if the reader wishes to view some "real" journalism on the tragedy that is MH17, then I suggest -

with links to various articles, for example,

Tracking the Vehicle that Transported the MH17 Buk
De nouvelles images satellites confirment que la Russie a retouché des images concernant le crash du MH17
New July 17th Satellite Imagery Confirms Russia Produced Fake MH17 Evidence
Evidence the Russian Military Supplied the Type of Missile Used to Shoot Down MH17
Posts : 6613
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on Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:14 am
And with regard to Walker's reference to the Russian Besler, this from Wikipedia. Yes - Wikipedia.
Incidentally, Walker uses the fake name, Besler, rather than the Russian Colonel's real name, Girkin. Why? Confuse us a little more...?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
A Bellingcat analysis of open-source evidence indicated that Russian-backed separatists were in control of a Buk missile launcher on 17 July and transported it from Donetsk to Snizhne[9][10][11] while three eyewitnesses told the BBC that such a missile launcher was operated by a crew that seemed to be Russian in the area on that date.[12] US sources attributed the downing to a missile fired from separatist-controlled territory, with their judgement based on sensors that traced the path of the missile, analysis of shrapnel patterns in the wreckage, voice print analysis of separatists' conversations in which they claimed credit for the strike, as well as photos and other data from social media sites.[6]

Immediately after the crash, a post appeared on the VKontakte social media profile attributed to Russian Colonel Igor Girkin, leader of the Donbass separatists, claiming responsibility for shooting down an AN-26,[13][14][15] but after it became clear that a civilian aircraft had been shot down, the separatists denied any involvement, and the post was taken down. Russia has said that Ukraine "bears full, total responsibility" for the crash because it happened in Ukrainian airspace.[16]


If The Guardian had even the slightest respect for the 298 people murdered on that flight, they would not have printed that revolting destortion of the truth article by Walker. The article's release, incidentally, is carefully timed by the Kremlin/ Shameus Milne to distract attention from the truth just before the anniversary on July 17.
Posts : 6613
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on Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:02 am
Now into the second week of August.
The Russian forces have just launched - two days ago - their largest attack on Ukraine this year, involving a good 400 troops, tanks and so on.
The oil price has fallen again. The ruble has fallen further. Russian GDP is announced to be down 4.6%. And...
What do the Guardian readers get from Walker....

[N.B. The Russian word for dill, Ukrop, is also a derogatory term, used by Russians, particularly the separatists, to describe Ukrainians.
What is Walker really trying to say? Ukrainians are the menace?? I think so...]


Dill with it: Russia’s obsession with the spindly herb menace
People often ask if Moscow is a difficult place to live, and I tell them it’s great: exciting, vibrant, and with rapidly improving quality of life in recent years. There is one thing, however, that makes living in Russia a terrifying experience ..... It’s dill.

[Walker is still a child. Displaying the love of punning that so struck him during his college days.
He is very intelligent, and knows exactly what he is doing. Making sure he keeps the Russian residency he has had for 15 years now, since he joined Russiatoday, now part of RIA Novosti, the Russian news agency. ]
[And no, as for dill - this is nothing new for Walker. Not some great new revelation -  He is quoted in this 2011 Reuters article...
Russia's love affair with dill more than a sprinkle
...said British journalist Shaun Walker, who founded Dillwatch in January....

So Ukrop is used by Russians as a derogatory term for Ukrainians.
What do Ukrainians call the Russians?
Separ... separatists. People from Donetsk, Lugansk. You see a car with BB or AH liicense plates, you say - Separ...
or also
Vatnik. This even has a wikipedia entry...
used in reference to individuals with pro-Russian jingoist views...
Subsequently vatnik became a slur by 2000, defining poor, sick individuals suffering from severe alcoholism, who were proud to be this way...
Posts : 6613
Join date : 2015-05-29


on Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:41 am
Walker again - cleverly, doing everything he can to dirty the name of Ukraine, and Ukrainian nationalism.
He's the Moscow correspondent, and never writes a bad word about his beloved Russia, and Dictator Putin, killing thousands today.
But 73 years ago...
Another Fat bonus on the way Shaun, from Vladimir, at 1, The Kremlin, Moscow. The cheque is in the post. ...

Rava Ruska - a border checkpoint between Poland and Ukraine.
Right on the border. Literally a stone's throw. But...

How many times does Walker use the word Nazi, or German - hardly at all. But...
How many times can Walker mention Ukrainian nationalism - lots )))
You would have thought that the Ukrainians were the Nazis....
Walker is clever. And has one agenda.

Researchers open 'neglected chapter' of Ukraine's Holocaust history
In the new western Ukrainian nationalist narrative,....
..the history of Ukrainian nationalist movement is difficult
A new set of controversial history laws, which insist Ukrainian nationalist movements should be recognised as “independence fighters”, has led some to worry that Holocaust memory could again be pushed to one side...
Some Ukrainian nationalist politicians were against any monuments being built at all,..
In these killings, the local Ukrainian police force was usually not tasked with the actual shooting, but were frequently involved in the process of rounding up Jews ..
the massacres of Polish civilians by Ukrainian nationalists, remains a controversial topic in Ukraine....
..the son of one of the main Ukrainian nationalist leaders,...
the narrow narrative of a heroic struggle for independence by Ukrainian nationalists ...

Walker is smart. Here - a subtle form of propaganda - against Ukraine. And against those fighting for Ukrainian independence against Walker's beloved Russian empire.
Walker studied some history at college, and knows what he is doing.
Almost no mention of the nazi occupation - the term - maybe used once... but Ukrainian nationalists...
You would think that Ukrainian nationalists were responsible for the holocaust; if Walker and Putin had their way.
Posts : 6613
Join date : 2015-05-29

on Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:21 am
Walker's boss at the Guardian - Stalin apologist - lover of Russia, the Soviet life....
This is the sort of Russian propaganda that Ukraine is having to deal with in the British press -

The demonisation of Russia risks paving the way for war
Seumas Milne
Captiion with the first photo....]
On the ground, it has meant the rise of Ukrainian fascist militias such as the Azov battalion, now preparing to ‘defend’ Mariupol from its own people.

Nemtsov was a marginal figure...
[well  - forget his murder then... he was "marginal".... ]
Hundreds of US troops are arriving in Ukraine this week to bolster the Kiev regime’s war ...
the western-backed ousting of the elected government, ..

"the elected government"... Milne clearly supports Yanukovich. Did he ever visit Mizhygoriya, or visit the families of the dead protesters at Maidan?

Milne frankly is simply an idiot. Walker, on the other hand, is very clever and very subtle.


August 5, 2015 at 6:48 pm
Stalinist Seumas’s (failed) attempt to take on Conquest
The death yesterday of Robert Conquest, author of The Great Terror, reminds us of the pathetic attempt by public school Stalinist hack Seumas Mine to challenge Conquest’s facts about the death-toll brought about by Stalinism.
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Re: Shaun Walker - Kremlin Apologist

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