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Shameful chronicles the death of the Evil Empire

on Fri Jul 10, 2015 2:28 am
Dark biography of Putin.  What the KGB silent?

PUTIN Bunch.  Santa poisoned Lenin, and the grandson of the father and mother?

Historian Yuri Felshtinsky uploaded online article about Putin's family. In it he writes:

In January 2000 a year at an international symposium in Davos was asked which became internationally famous question: "Who is Mr. Putin?".

It must be recognized that the more Putin reigns, the less we know about him, because he, as a professional Scout, many different biographies.

He was born in Russia, in Georgia; whether in the year 1950, whether in 1952; his mother whether alive (Vera Nikolaevna Putin) whether no-Maria Šelomova. Father (Plato Privalov) whether disappeared from Putin's life even before birth, Lee was "vlasovcem" Vladimir Spiridonovičem Putin.

If we take as a basis the official biography of Putin, and not smoothly. About Vladimir Spiridonovich is aware that he died 2 August. Information about the death of Maria Ivanovna Šelomovoj contradictory.

Officially stated that she died "at the beginning of the year. There is evidence that, rather than at the beginning, 6 July. In other words, about the mother of the President of Russia by anyone, including and the son cannot tell us what exactly the number her mother died.

But interesting year of death both official parents Vladimir Putin: 1999-j. 1999 the most, when they blew up the House when the second Chechen war began, when "Who is Mr. Putin? ' did the President of Russia.

Now we know who did and why: money oligarchs, mostly Abramovich-Berezovskiy, its President put the Russian security services to capture power in the country and start in 2014 year military campaign with the aim of restoring the Soviet Union, Russian Empire. whatever name that plans to rebuild Vladimir Vladimirovich. But "stroyka" Grand is planned. Forest felled-chips fly. There are always a lot of slivers.

If the biography is very vague person with many dark spots not reported date of death of the mother and father die in a month when the Director of the FSB, Putin becomes Prime Minister, and both die in the fateful year of 1999, when the FSB successfully conducted an operation to capture power in the country, Lt. Col. son, should I, as a historian and biographer of Putin, questioned the version of natural death his elderly parents?

To finish with the signs issue, put another. It is known that grandfather Spiridon Ivanovich Putin was a Cook of Lenin in Gorki (prior to that, he was a cook at the Tsar Orthodox starets Grigory Rasputin, who baited, but in the end had to drown in prorube-ZC). Died in the year 1965.

Yet it is known with a high degree of probability that Lenin in Gorki baited and poisoned. There is a version that Lenin was poisoned, mixing it into the food poison. Can I clarify exactly when Cook began working for Putin? "Grandpa Lenin. In Russian

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