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News -
Putin's blacklist has got Europe annoyed. I hope Europe retaliate in a big way.
Personally I would ban all Russians from travelling to Europe. That would get a few people annoyed.
The Russians need to learn what Putin is really doing to their country. He is on a suicide mission, without knowing it.

The war against Putin and russia continues. Paradoxically, fighting at Troitsko - Trinity - as it translates online.
And today - is a holiday, tomorrow also - Trinity Sunday. People have decorated the apartment in green. Traditional here.

Weather -
Looks super. high expected of 25C. Comfortable. mid-70s in American money.
And the same expected for the next week. Sunshine, white clouds, warm.
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Modern Russia is worse than in the times of Stalin - Grybauskaite

Modern Russia is behaving worse than during the reign of Stalin. This was stated by President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite.

"In fact, Russia is behaving worse than under Stalin, and the Convention is not the first war using cyber attacks, information and propaganda attacks", - said the Lithuanian President, writes Delfi .

At the same time, in her opinion, Russian-language channel of counter-propaganda is unlikely to be able to withstand such attacks. In addition, Grybauskaite noted that the purpose of the Russian president to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, but it is more unlikely.

"Europe is not a weak point so that he could put pressure on it," - she said.

Lithuanian President advocated the extension of sanctions against Russia, as Minsk Agreement are not met, and "the war continues," and beyond.

As reported by the "Observer", the Greek authorities will not prevent an extension until the end of 2015 the EU sanctions against Russia. At the same time Serbia will maintain a neutral position , and will not impose sanctions against Russian Federation. In Russian
The leader of "DNI" is afraid of liquidation by Russian special services

The ringleader of a terrorist organization "Donetsk People's Republic" Alexander Zakharchenko does not leave temporarily occupied territories in the Donetsk region, fearing for their lives.

This conclusion reporters TSN .

Zakharchenko OSCE warned that by the end of July in any meetings outside feykovye "DNR" will not take part. This is explained by the state of health.

Although the publication recalls the recent disappearance of other associates Zakharchenko.

With the participation of "unidentified" sabotage and reconnaissance groups on the territory of Luhansk region killed "Batman" -Bednov, "The Kid" and -Ischenko known militant group Think of Alchevsk "Ghost." In SBU believe that since the leaders of local gangs, "smooth out" the Russian special services.

Hoping to avoid reprisals, fled to Russia itself and the commander of "Cossacks" Nikolai Kozitsin. In Russian
Russia has made a service with the icon of Joseph Stalin on the tank

In the Belgorod region of Russia, the priest conducted a divine service with the icon, which depicts the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.
About this newspaper wrote a local newspaper, whose editor is a writer and the founder of the conservative "Izborsk club" Alexander Prokhanov, reports "sign."

The ceremony took place on the territory of the Military History Museum "Prokhorovka field".

As stated in the note, the icon "Our Lady Sovereign" made Rybinsk painters commissioned "Izborsk club", Joseph Stalin is depicted, surrounded by marshals Victory.

"The icon was moving at huge crowds among the churches, chapels, monuments and memorials dedicated to the great victorious battle. Related icon Athos monk Afinogen served litany in memory of the fallen heroes," - noted in the publication. In Russian
The border guards were not allowed to Donbass 10 trucks of contraband

On the Donbas along the demarcation line border guards detained ten trucks with food, who intended to cross the boundary line without proper documentation.

It is reported by the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

"Along the lines of demarcation are continuing measures to curb the illicit movement of goods and freight. In total were detained ten vehicles that transported nearly 22 tons of food, vegetables and household chemicals. Proper documentation of the cargo was not", - told the agency.

In addition, says the GPSU, the vehicles handed over to the fiscal services for legal decisions.

As reported by the "Observer", despite the actions of law enforcement officers, smuggling in the area of the ATO in the Donbas gained large momentum and entrepreneurs use bribery to travel across the line of demarcation of the parties.

Thus, the deputy chief of Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Donetsk region Ilya Kiva said that the passage of the car through the checkpoint is 50-150 thousand. UAH. In Russian
In Odessa, 50 "antimaydan" -pensioners tried to arrange a meeting

In Odessa, on Sunday, May 31, the activists of "antimaydana" gathered Kulikovo per share to restore the so-called " Katyn memorial to victims of the Odessa "near the building of the House of Trade Unions.

As of 13:45, about 50 people gathered older. Leaders "antimaydana" announced its intention to start a share in 14 hours. The police surrounded the perimeter of the entire territory of Kulikov field and did not miss anyone, to avoid provocations and clashes, according to "BBC Ukraine".

A small number of participants the organizers explained the religious holiday. The very action took place peacefully, with reinforced police patrol.

At the same time, police detained two young men, one of whom was holding a poster "Saakashvili, go home!". In the hands of the packages they were probably with agitation materials.

The protesters have promised to come to the Kulikovo field and on the following Sunday.

This is not the first attempt of activists "antimaydana" to hold a rally to "restore the memorial to those killed." Earlier, the police and the National Guard under not only did not allow the activists to go to the square, but also becomes a "human shield" between "antimaydanovtsami" and patriots who came, they claimed, "in opposition to the separatists."

As reported by the "Observer", on Saturday, May 30, Odessa Antimaydana activists on the occasion of the appointment of former Georgian president and advisor to the President of Ukraine, Mikhail Saakashvili, for governor, made ​​a mocking flash mob with ties "to Misha" near the building of the Odessa Regional State Administration. In Russian
Terrorists fired on a church in the Luhansk region. Publish photo

Russian-terrorist forces shelled the city of Golden Lugansk region.

This was reported at the head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Gennady Moskal.

Under the fire of the terrorists hit including the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, which is located on the outskirts of the city at the entrance to Katerinovka.

The projectile flew and exploded in the courtyard of the church, fragments of broken windows in a building of the priest and the church itself. During shelling vnutrinahodilis people, none of them was injured and died.

"On the site of the explosion found the remains of shells, - said Moskal. - Judging by the metal wings of the church fired anti-tank missile system" Cornet ".

"His caliber - 152 mm (caliber prohibited use Minsk Agreement), the shell is designed to defeat armored vehicles," - he added.

As reported by the "Observer", March 2 terrorists "Grad" defeated the Orthodox Church of the nineteenth century in the Luhansk region. In Russian
The IMF noted the signs of economic stability in Ukraine

The mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) noted the gradual emergence of signs of economic stability in recent months in Ukraine. This was announced by Head of Mission Nikolay Georgiev, the press service of the IMF.

According to him, in recent months there are signs of gradual establishment of economic stability. "The foreign exchange market remained generally stable. Gross international reserves, although still quite low at the end of April rose to 9.6 billion dollars. USA. Bank deposits in the national currency recovered. Execution of the budget in the first months of 2015 were better than expected, partly due to temporary factors action, "- said Georgiev.

"The authorities also intend to complete the ongoing debt restructuring in accordance with the objectives of the program. This will be the key to ensure a high probability of sustainability of public debt and the continuation of the program in its entirety, which is a requirement for the completion of the review. In a broader sense, financial support for efforts that Ukraine is working to reform on the part of official and private creditors is a vital factor for the success of the program, "- said the head of the mission. In Russian
The Odessa catacombs lost three teenagers

A large-scale search operation conducted in Nerubayske: lost in the catacombs of the three 15-year-olds - two boys and a girl.

Involved 52 people - 20 employees GSCHS, 10 policemen, two dog handlers with dogs, members of the organization "Search" and the Odessa voluntary rescue squad.

The press service GSCHS reported that traces of the children in the cave have been found. Operation continues.

The signal of the loss entered the line "101" on May 31 at 12:30. The girl's mother said her daughter, a student from school №2. Nerubayske, left the house at 14:00 on Saturday and still has not returned.

Police officers found that at 16:00 Saturday trinity seen near the entrance to the catacombs (Engels Street, 17a, behind the church).

Sunday at 14:08 in the catacombs after the first search group. At 15:50 she rose to the surface and reported that traces of the children there, and you need to deploy a full-scale operation. Now Nerubayske are seven groups. In Russian
Self-proclaimed republic says no funds to pay coalminers' wage debt in Luhansk region

Self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic leaders claim there is no money to pay delayed wages to coalminers of state-run Donbasantratsyt enterprise in the town of Krasny Luch in Luhansk region, according to presidential administration speaker for ATO issues Oleksandr Motuzianyk.

"The enterprise employs 4,000 people, and all of them will be dismissed now. This has once again confirmed that the militants are unable to do anything but steal and loot in occupied territories," Motuzianyk said, according to Ukrainian online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda.
Donbas republics are Kremlin’s creation – Girkin

True rebels are leaving Donbas because they can see the snafu there and realize that they are fighting for the criminals-run republics, not defending the Russian World [Putin’s doctrine justifying Russia’s interference in territories populated by Russian-speaking people – Ed.], the one-time leader of Donetsk republic and FSB officer, Igor Girkin (aka Strelok) says, Izvestia reports May 31.

“One must be a fool to imagine the rebels could set up republics in Donbas – they are Kremlin’s creation,” Girkin says.

Ukraine is leading the rebels in the creation of a combat-ready army and will be able soon to tackle the Russian troops, he says.

“In some time, maybe a year or less, Ukrainians will be able to fight against the Russian army,” he says.

The former rebels leader says the level of discipline in the separatist formations is very low. “All of them are drinkers and many are drug addicts,” he says.

“In rebel-held territories the authorities are plundering the local population and stealing the humanitarian assistance,” Girkin says.
Last night [Ukrainian troops] repelled an attack by [Russian] separatists in the area of Nikolayevka - headquarters (NewsOboz)

Terrorists waged a fight for Chastye and fire at Trehizbenku (Ligabusinessinform)

14: 13
As a result of fighting in Maryinka two Ukrainian military wounded (out loud)
13: 47
In the "DNR" said they don't have the money to pay miners (out loud)
[so - they send the coal to Russia, but where does the money go?
Will the miners have the guts to take on the terrorists? Unlikely

Map of ATO in the East of Ukraine (31 May), (the Telegraph)

England would support a boycott of the FIFA World Cup (Фокус.ua)
[The whole world should.
Fifa - scumball robbers - should be replaced. They have destroyed a beautiful game, called football (in all the world, except the US )

In Tr′ohìzbencì in Ukraine continues the fight (Channel 5)

The Economist: the Kremlin changes tactics in Ukraine (Commander-in-chief)
The British magazine The Economist in an article "alternate reality" writes about the new tactics of Russian propaganda, analyzing the Kremlin's rhetoric against Ukraine.
Earlier Ukraine was portrayed as a "neo-Nazi state, where soldiers burned villages and crucify children" in the East of the country. But lately the rhetoric has changed.
Now in the Russian media of Ukraine portrayed as State loser who can't get their debts and violates the norms of international law, which causes the panic of their Western partners.

Refers to this, but you have to pay to view -

Alternative reality
Vladimir Putin concocts a new story on Ukraine, leaving the West wondering what he is up to
May 28th 2015, 14:49 | From the print edition
IN THE original instalment of the “hybrid war” that it launched against Ukraine last year, Russia’s propaganda machine depicted its neighbour as a neo-Nazi state whose soldiers burnt villages and crucified children in the Russian-speaking east.
In English

Russia ban shows sanctions are working, Sir Malcolm Rifkind says
British intelligence and military chiefs, including MI5 director general Andrew Parker, former MI6 chief Sir John Sawers and chief of the defence staff General Sir Nicholas Houghton are reportedly also on the list.
Sir Malcolm said: "This has happened at a time when the oil price has collapsed and therefore a main source of revenue for Mr Putin has disappeared.
"That's pretty important when it comes to his attempts to build up his military might and to force his neighbours to do what they're told.

Russian aircraft head off U.S. destroyer in Black Sea: RIA
"Su-24 attack aircraft demonstrated to the American crew readiness to harshly prevent a violation of the frontier and to defend the interests of the country."

Ukrainian Migrants Fleeing Conflict Get a Cool Reception in Europe
For the thousands who cannot obtain such a visa, even under Poland’s more liberal regulations, asking for asylum is the only option. But the odds are bad.
In English
The lead story on the site at the moment


European Union anger at Russian travel blacklist
The European Union has responded angrily to Russia's entry ban against 89 European politicians, officials and military leaders.
Those banned are believed to include general secretary of the EU council Uwe Corsepius, and former British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.

[Bizarrly, in the Telegraph, I had to look long and hard to find this story.]

EU: Russian travel blacklist is 'arbitrary and unjustified'

[and this from Parfitt, not Oliphant, was even harder to find]
Bloodshed on the frontline exposes hollowness of Ukraine peace deal
[Not a bad report from Parfitt.
Way better than that idiot David Blair, saying that Ukraine is being heavy handed fighting against Putin's 30,000 tanks. Super idiot.
RF soldiers suffer losses at Pesky (Crime. Tv)
The occupiers have a loss in the Donbass region.
This blogger Oleg Yarchuk.
"Mr n.p. Sands 79th Division of GW. reactive artillery brigade (Tver) in promotion to the position of the artillery attack MAT big density. "200"-300 " -12" 9. Damaged 4 u. art. Technology, "he writes.

"Heroes never die": another history of Ukrainian soldier ATO. (
not every person will organize minefields under enemy fire, crazy as it was during the defense of Saur-grave. And believe me, not everyone will go under the fire of the Sharpshooters cleared the crossing, to save the bridge and give our troops the time and room for manoeuvre, "writes volunteer.
According to him, when the field goes "Frenchman", warriors are calm.
At night in the area of Nikolaevka and Troitsko there were fights,-press centre ATO (No censor.)

All night in the zone of ATO were battles — the headquarters of ATO (Perspective)

09: 19
The Christians of the Eastern rite celebrate the Trinity (Radio Liberty)
Sunday, May 31, the Christians of Eastern rite celebrate day of the Holy Trinity, feast, which is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter and is called Pyatdesyatnitseu. [pyat - five; desyat - ten]
This day, temples and homes are decorated with greenery, branches of trees and bushes, so the day of Trinity in the nation is also called Green holidays.
Day of the Holy Trinity is a State holiday in Ukraine, the next day it also closed.
The next day after Trinity believers celebrate the day of the Holy Spirit.
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